The Taurus Birthday Horoscope 2021-2022

Happy Birthday Taurus. What does the upcoming year have in store for you?

Your Financial and Property Stocktake

Taurus, charity, property, business or finance is at the heart of who you are, and what you do with your life. Your personal values and your life budget are at the core of your personality and destiny. Why? You are ruled by Venus, represented by the scales, which are still used today to weigh precious substances. Your zodiac sign rules the Second House of the horoscope in the natural zodiac wheel, which displays your values, and who or what is most valuable to you. Who or what is priceless to you? That’s on display, your entire life.

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12 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica, In your section “Groups and Friends in 2021 and 2022” there may be an error. I may be wrong, but think Jupiter is at 28 degrees in Aquarius starting April 30th, not Pisces. I think Jupiter only gets as far as 3 degrees of Pisces in 2021.

    1. This sounds like a mistake you have kindly picked up, so let me check. Thank you. Jupiter is indeed at 28 Aquarius on April 30th and moves to Pisces on May 14th, a few days later. I will correct.

  2. Hi Jessica, Hope you & your team are well. My birthday is in May, so it’s great to read your 2021/ 22 Taurus birthday horoscope, which I can use for the next twelve months as well!
    Regarding my horoscope factors, I have stelliums in both Taurus & Gemini. I would consider it a fantastic birthday gift, if you could please interpret my chart & let me know what you forecast for my image & investments in the share markets. These are the two biggest issues, I am currently dealing with. Especially Ceres 04 Taurus & Jupiter 13 Aries. Thank you!

    1. Thank you. Sharemarkets are Second House (Taurus) and Eighth House (Scorpio) and 21, 24, 29 Taurus hotspots in your chart suggest you need to think about Uranus (the revolution) going over those places from 2023. You only have transiting Uranus in conjunction like that, once in your adult lifetime, so I hope you are thinking far ahead into the future. Jupiter will also go over 21, 24, 29 Taurus in April and May 2024, which augurs well, as this planet is a symbol of expansion, growth and solutions as much as Uranus is a symbol of the known world turning upside-down. I suspect 2023-2024 is the start of the new one world digital currency/currencies which to date has been outside the reach of most ordinary income earners, but will ultimately become quite a normal way of selling or buying; this will probably come about because we just don’t know what a Euro or dollar or pound is worth any more. We are seeing that even in 2021 with faux money purchasing faux art – expiring as you look at it. This is taking us into the really odd years of the last Uranus in Taurus transit, during the war, when nobody knew the value of German currency from one day to the next. Take a deep breath because you are going to find yourself at the very heart of all this, and if you are looking at the markets you need to remember what the last war did to wages; shares; currencies. We are at war with a virus and a Climate Emergency, not Nazi Germany, but we are still moving through a jaw-dropping phase of rapid change, several economic shocks and a dramatically different world order. I have no idea what you want to buy shares in, or what you own shares in, but your decisions need to be made with one eye on ‘the new money’ and ‘the new banks’.

  3. Hi Jessica thank you for your blog!! I’m Taurus with AQ rising. Looking to relaunch my business but not feeling the passion. Can you guide me generally as to patterns or timelines that I should be aware of, and what you “sense” may be my internal or external blocks to success? Very grateful for your perspective! ❤️

    1. Thank you. In general if you want to relaunch your business, you look to Virgo (work, service, duty), Capricorn (ambition, goals, roles), Taurus (income, banking, business) and/or Scorpio (high finance, company partnerships, taxation). I am not sure what you view your business as, and obviously have no idea what it is. This can make it quite challenging for an astrologer as we don’t know if you just want to make money, or if you want prestige. You say you do not feel the passion. That should ring alarm bells, as you are now moving through the long, long cycle of Jupiter, Saturn and then Pluto in Aquarius, in your solar Tenth House of achievement. This is long haul so try to avoid making commitments to something you cannot stick with long-term, beyond 2023 – even beyond 2030 – actually. The core essence or basic heart of what you want to do should be something you can pursue, even if the nature of the company or business changes. In your natal chart, these transits in Aquarius are also very much about the group; the old friends; the social circles; Twitter; the communities. So you can’t really decide one without looking at the other. Use Your Oracle, The Astrology Oracle and The Tarot on this site for a three-way reading. If you don’t feel the passion that is a huge issue so you need to find out what might call you, and think about life after 2023.

  4. Hi Jessica, thank you for your amazing insights. Your previous predictions have been spot on. I have been “pushed out” of the comfort zone I was in my previous job and got a new job recently. It is a new career opportunity and most of the managers in the department are women ( i remember you mentioning mentoring from older women before). I do however feel that the new place is not right for me and I don’t see myself in the job for too long. I hope to find something more suitable and move on again. Do you think I will get another opportunity this year to change jobs?

    1. Thank you and I am glad the predictions were spot on. If you want to change jobs one more time, try to do so before December 2021, when Jupiter moves out of your career zone and leaves you with Saturn. That is a very hard ask in 2022, so if you want to switch, do it this year. Make sure you read the fine print on the contract if you do switch, particularly in terms of 2022 and 2023, if you are thinking long-term. You would also gain from getting the unwritten truth about the next position, if you do move on, so see what you can pick up from colleagues off the record.

  5. Hi Jessica
    Our family has been expanded with the birth of our new -born grandson, in California, on 13th May , in late afternoon. He is a Sun Taurus with a Gemini stellium, and his older brother is an Aquarian . You have given me great insights in the past about my triple conjunction in Leo, Fifth House of children, grandchildren, niece and nephews, younger generation. I would also mentor, teach and guide them mentally and spiritually. Do you think Abram (his name given by his parents) is blessed with psychic ability because Jupiter entered Pisces @ 0 degree when he was born. And he would also gain from religion, Tibetan Buddhism, spirituality, meditation or therapy. He will develop a sharp mind with education, academia, technology, media. My grandchildren are living overseas and we are trying to connect with them. Do you think I will have more grandchildren?

    1. Abram is psychic with Jupiter in Pisces in his Twelfth House and will expand his spirituality around his 12th and 24th birthday, along with playing his part in a generation shift towards greater understanding of religion – and also progress in religion too – which is still stuck in the 20th century, with its role in warfare (as we are seeing now). So he has arrived at the right time to experience a long overdue reform in religions, ranging from Hindu, to Christian, to Buddhist, to Islam, to Judaism and so on. I guess the clue is in his name. You are strongly Leo and ‘live’ in your Fifth House. So if your life was a sprawling country estate, with 12 homes, you would come to the fifth house, open the door, and find it absolutely packed with grandchildren, children, young relative and all the activities that bind you with that younger generation. It’s a busy house on your estate. You will have more grandchildren, godchildren, nieces or nephews when Jupiter enters Aries, not too far into the future, and makes perfect trines to your Leo stellium. As you know your astrology I will leave you to find the timing on that.

  6. With Taurus at 9- Sun, 8-Moon, 18-mercury, 13-Venus, 19-south node, 20-Ceres and 03-aesculapia I feel like I have to hold on for a crazy ride. Any insight you can provide is very much appreciated.

    1. Strongly Taurus people with an unusually high number of factors in the sign of Taurus the bull, have reached May 2021 with Uranus, the planet of upheaval, radical change, alternatives, revolution and the unpredictable – reaching 12 Taurus at the end of the month. That means you have already experienced Uranus on your Sun and Moon, and Aesculapia too. So you have seen the full impact of the pandemic. And Bitcoin. and money laundering arrests. It may have affected you directly or at a distance. India shuts down, for example, and you get it through six degrees of separation – financially. Feeling as if you have to hold on is normal, as Taurus is associated with stubbornly putting the head down, and the feet firmly in the soil. Actually that does not work on this cycle. You have to be light on your feet, prepared to move fast and break the habit of a lifetime. This is about your life budget. What you will compromise over, financially, and what you absolutely refuse to do, based on principle. You see this a lot in the music industry, where accusations of selling out are rife. You will have your own story going on, but you will be making deals with yourself; bargaining with yourself; for years to come. As you have your Nodes on the Taurus-Scorpio axis, you will have your Nodal Return in 2022, 2023, when some past life experiences return to you. You have been both rich and poor across more than one lifetime. What you remember, what you need to learn, and what you need to collect/repay (spiritually) will be a firm feature of the next two years. As billions born with Scorpio placements will also go through it, the entire world will be rebalancing its books, not least because about half the world population keeps borrowing against the future, from a planet which is depleting. So that’s the highest expression of this Taurus cycle. For you, that will also have an impact, so the faster you can examine paperwork to make sure you are in a flexible position; dispense with borrowing heavily; get mobile and adaptable – the better. You have a nose for what’s going to work for you in a practical way, and always have. The new challenge is to deal with that in a world where people are inventing new valuables, new currency and new values, as fast as they can be invented.

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