The Pisces Birthday Horoscope 2021-2022

For every obstacle you overcome there is a wonderful reward, Pisces. This is part of your image, brand, name or personal appearance relaunch complete by 2022. You change on the inside and it helps your exterior.

Happy Birthday Pisces

Did you know you are completing karma with the family, with your hometown and homeland, and perhaps over your house or apartment, or any property investments, this year? That’s the first thing to say about 2021. By January 2022, just before your next birthday, the North Node will leave Gemini and you will have settled spiritual scores. Until then, not much changes, but the rather stuck feeling or repetition, has a point. It allows you to spin your wheels so that you can take the time to transform your attitude. Your point of view.

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10 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for literally helping plan out my year with this informative article. You are such a gift!

    I wonder if you may be able to help me sort through timing for finding a permanent home? We’ve been a bit caught up in the buyers craze of covid (bidding wars and low inventory) and have not been able to find a house. My husband and three children and I moved into a rental in a happier locale back to my hometown in August 2019. Side note I realized from your article on the Cancer/Capricorn nodes that it was the same nodes when my parents moved us out to the same area in 1981-82!! Amazing!! Anyway that rental house went up for sale, and we scrambled and we moved into another rental in which the owners will be moving back into this June. It’s been a lot of extra work and we are aching for roots and a home to raise them in. We are worried particularly because of the kids, their schools, and the emotional impact on them that we won’t be able to find something in time, and we would like to avoid another rental, but we also don’t want to rush into buying something that won’t work on the long term. I’m wondering if you can see what this year will bring for us and our housing?

    1. Thank you. You are looking for a permanent home. You are renting and want to put the children first. There is karma here going back to 2001-2002 and also 1983-1984. It is karma with the whole family, actually, but also particular towns/cities/regions. By karma I mean, you created ripple effects in time in those years, and are now ‘owed’ spiritually or must settle up. This will be complete by January 18th 2022. You will have come full circle and can move on without constantly feeling that you’ve been there and done that, with family or property matters. Or even your home town, homeland. Jupiter at 29 Cancer in your Fourth House of property will help you and protect you, as it always has. Mars moves to 29 Cancer on June 10th, 11th and in both chart systems I use for you, it’s going to be May, June, July which put you in negotiations. Avoid the eclipses on May 26th and June 10th which are blind spots. Get everything in writing and read the fine print, May 15th to July 7th. You are protected and helped throughout but you’re going to have delays, changes and stop-start with the paperwork or the discussions, May 15th to July 7th, when Mercury Retrograde is with you. This does end up happily though and Venus at 29 Cancer on July 22nd, once it’s all over, should leave you feeling on a natural high. The next set of deal-making and bargaining will either be with the family itself, or the sellers/the neighbours/the council and that will come from August 1st through December 21st, but it looks like a very merry Christmas.

  2. As a Pisces Ascendant, should I be reading this or only my Cancerian report as I am Sun in Cancer? I am needing a reboot this year for sure Born 6/28/53 12:39 AM in Bethesda Md. I am a premium member and i get SO MUCH out of this entire web space,thank you!

    Will I be able to find a sense of purpose this coming year? Retirement has been not as good as I had hoped. I left nursing 7 years ago. Can I make myself get disciplined enough to write and publish the short stories I want to write, for kindle online? Can I boost my work in astrology/tarot? I have been in a slump, isolated with Covid restrictions (not alone,I know.) and just a bit weary and dreary. I had a very rough couple of years,with some illness around my grown son..he is better now but it truly shook my faith—will I ever recover my level of trust in “the Universe??”

    And can I EVER find the “family circle” I crave. I forgot to have more kids lol! So I have a very tiny family circle. And a very quiet husband. Thanks for any encouragement you can offer me.And thank you for ALL of this website!!

    1. Just read your Sun Cancer report and don’t worry about your Pisces Ascendant. Thank you for your kind words, though. You are a former nurse who wants to write a book of short stories, or even a Kindle Single (one story). You are interested in astrology and Tarot. You also had your trust in the Universe shaken by your son’s illness. You also want a family feeling but you have a quiet husband. You will study between now and 2026, being unable to resist the opportunity to lose yourself in a totally different world, probably writing or publishing, but also (perhaps) an area of interest or research that is a holiday from reality for you. You could easily study Tarot or astrology, actually, and answer that question you still have – why did what happen with your son, come to happen? You are going to find the family feeling you want through a group of friend and acquaintances. It will be online, use new technology and be incredibly exciting and exhilarating for you. Again, this is by 2026. Feeling in a slump is a sure sign that you are resisting change. You know you need to change and you will. Use the Tarot on this website, Your Oracle and The Astrology Oracle to give you timing information, but what you learn and who you become friends with, will change your life.

  3. Hi, dear Jessica! My daughter was born on 03012006 and my mom was born 022948 They are two Pisces together in Spain during this Rona situation, waiting for the last step of a very long road, the interview in the USA Embassy that is gonna allow me to bring my daughter home with me again, here in Miami. We are changing our immigration status. We had to leave our country, Venezuela, in 2013. Do you think the stars are gonna help us? I’m a Leo single mom. 081968. Grateful. Much Love.

    1. Your daughter and mother are in Spain and want to move to Miami, to live with you in America. They have karma with Spain and America and it goes back to the year 2002, but also the years 1983-1984. The karma has to complete, before you all know where you stand, and it will do that by January 18th 2022. Try not to have important meetings or paperwork through on the eclipses of May 26th and June 10th. This entire situation with all of you is past life/karmic and you will complete your karma with them, specifically, and America/Venezuela in 2022, 2023. That is why all this is taking so long. It is possible you were together in a previous life during the Spanish Flu and there are some really deep checks/balances to settle on a spiritual or soul level. Deep breath and take the first steps.

  4. Hey Jessica!

    Unable to read the rest of the article as PayPal does not have services in Turkey. 🙁
    Next Monday is my birthday (Feb 22, 1988, 11:15 Istanbul ). Are there any career opportunities abroad for me? Thank you so much! 🙂


    1. Thank you Hande. Happy Birthday for February 22nd. There is a career opportunity in 2021 with a much older man who can promote you, hire you, or give you a good project to work on. Just remember, if you move overseas, you may find it hard to come back to Turkey. It may be too expensive, or too difficult in terms of visas and work permits. Do your homework. But, yes, there is a very, very successful senior male who can help you, if you give him what he wants and needs.

  5. I hate being a Pisces. The world is not geared towards their thinking it’s going the other way. Be tried so hard to love my birth chart and research it and learn from it but in the end I think Pisces are just fodder to be stepped on by all the stronger signs like Capricorn and scorpio especially during this astrological weather. I hate being a Pisces.

    1. The most psychic of the signs. Train your sixth sense through meditation and you will pre-empt people and situations. You will know what is going to happen, before it happens. You will also know the truth about people. Incredible gift. Good sources for Pisces types – Linda Williamson, Margaret Dent, Gordon Smith. You also do very well with hypnosis. Try Paul McKenna on YouTube.

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