The Gemini Birthday Horoscope 2021-2022

Happy Birthday Gemini. What does the upcoming year have in store for you?

Gemini, Happy Birthday! As we go into late May and June (your birth months), you are in the Mercury Retrograde cycle in your own sign Gemini. Just be aware that any new title you acquire, new profile you have, relaunch (or new image) will go backwards and forwards, be held in suspension, and not really find a final outcome until after July 7th, 2021.

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14 Responses

  1. Hello Jessica, I have been reading your blog and predictions for a couple of years now, and finally took the plunge. Some of your predictions whiz by my head, so please explain if I got this wrong. I have Uranus in Scorpio at 7 degrees. Does this mean you predict some major upheaval in my finances and future this year? I am quite worried as every decade I have lost a close family member, parents, brother, unborn twins. So in my 40s, I am wary.
    I am a private tutor in US (currently virtual but usually face to face and one on one class) and love spending time with my students, some of whom I have counseled through hard times. I have this gnawing feeling I want to grow, but am stuck as I don’t know how and or in which direction. Will I be able to make this grow to have a stable income and become financially independent?
    Also my marriage went through a rough time this last decade, especially after I miscarried my twins in 2010. Only recently, I set up ultimatums and my husband (Gemini, DOB June 13, 1977) has agreed to work on our issues. Do you foresee us being successful? Or do you think it’s fighting the inevitable? Any guidance will be helpful.

    Thank you and i hope you continue being safe.

    1. Thank you, I really appreciate that. You are quite right about Uranus at 7 Scorpio in your Eighth House of sex, death and money (it usually means marriage and mortgage, and family inheritance – your Great Aunt’s jewellery and so on). Yes, Uranus is upheaval. You already had this in May 2020, November 2020, December 2020, February 2021, March 2021 and that was the end of it. Your Uranus-Uranus Opposition, they call it. It is possible you set up the ultimatums with your husband during this time. You actually have a few factors in Scorpio: Juno at 15, Fortuna at 11, Bacchus at 8. So, as I reply to you in May 2021, you have also had Uranus with all his upsets/set-ups pass across 8 and 11 as well, making two further oppositions. This can feel really shaky until the ground stops moving and you realise new patterns are possible. You may have to allow things to keep shifting and changing with your husband, but possibly with other financial ties (relatives, for example) until March 2023, which is the last pass of the Uranus transit. Uranus at 15 Taurus will oppose Juno at 15 Scorpio for the final time on March 14th 2023. You also have the North Node and South Node in Taurus and Scorpio in 2022, 2023, going over those degrees. This is a sweeping reshape of your thoughts about marriage and money, but also the big items in the legacy you leave, as well as legacies naming you. It’s very common for people to rewrite their will on such a cycle, or to open up an independent bank account, and so on. You can become financially independent on this cycle, but stable income is more elusive, as Uranus is about the u-words. Unpredictable, unexpected, unprepared, unlikely and so on. This suggests tutoring, which would give you space, and be in high demand, as the pandemic rolls on globally; yet you would have no guarantees, as students would come home, then go back into class again, in quite an erratic way. I am sorry you lost your twins which must have been devastating. Yet you are here to teach other people’s children and with all that water in your chart, as a sensitive and tuned-in teacher. By 2026 you will be exhilarated and excited by new success in very different areas of your life. You will use new technology. The virtual classroom is coming – properly.

  2. Hi Jessica – thank you for the Gemini update. I always like the heads up on future FYI’s. You talk about possible success in 2022 and I’m wondering if you see that in my chart at all? I’m thinking of ditching my Science degree and continuing with my Arts degree in fine art photography. I put my photography on ice some time ago thinking I wasn’t good enough but lately, have had an urge to finish my Art studies and put my work ‘out there’ in a couple of years. My science degree will take much longer to complete and I’ll be in my 60’s before I finish it, even though the area I’m interested in shows some promise of interest in the future with a wider audience, but I was always faced with obstacles. My dream has always been to be a specialist and respected in my chosen field(s) and to reach as many people as possible through my work, however, your timeframe of mid 2022 doesn’t seem realistic to me. Dare I dream big? Thank you for everything you do 🙂

    1. It’s a pleasure. You are contemplating a change in academia on Mercury Retrograde in Gemini, and you are strongly Gemini, with a stellium (unusually high number of factors) in that sign. You may want to look once, twice and three times until July 7th, before you commit to a BA rather than a BSc. I would also suggest that you look for a specific media, internet or publishing focus for either science or photography in this case, as that is actually the point of your chart. You are here to translate and educate. To inform and cleverly regurgitate! If you want a wider audience (very Gemini) then that should really be the core of your thinking, before you finally choose. You can use Your Oracle, the Tarot and The Astrology Oracle on this website to give you second opinions.

  3. Hello Jessica,
    First I see that if you respond I need to read that in the seach engine. I check you sit on my phone and have yet to figure out how to seach something. I have a learning disabilities, hopefully I can figure it out if you respond. I struggle understanding the horoscopes, but love trying anyway. I manage a group home with vulnerable adults. It’s not easy at times and it’s even more of a struggle with my learning disabilitie. I’ve worked with the company for 19 yrs and do wonder over the yrs if it is wear I should be. This yr so far have really been difficult and I just never feel like I am able to figure out what to do. Will I ever truly have that answer, it feels impossible. My other question is wanting to know if I will soon or ever have a relationship that is serious like living together or marriage? I don’t really have relationships and struggling even knowing how to. I have truly only had one and I am 44. When my job is not consuming all of my time and I get to sit still I am sad and lonely. I end up wishing I had someone by my side forever. I spent a brief time (then random hook ups through the yrs) with a guy that I had an intense pull torwards and he with me. He was vocal about loving me in the beginning. I would know throughout the last 7 (ish) yrs that I would always see him again, not sure anymore. His DOB is 4/1/80. We are opposites in so many ways, but I can’t get him off my mind. It drives me crazy. I’m not so good at describing feelings. I struggle understanding and using so many words. What I felt and how it just hit me like a ton of bricks in one moment I have never experienced and I didn’t really like him at first. I thought he was a jerk.
    I love your site Jessica!
    Thank you for your time.

    1. If you have any technical questions, Danielle, please use the Support button. I admire you for sticking with the internet, even with learning disabilities. You also manage a group home for people who are vulnerable, so you obviously have huge stoicism and persistence, which shows in your chart. Mercury 16 Gemini square Hygiea 16 Virgo shows your way with words, images and ideas (Mercury) on particular projects, courses and plans (Gemini) and the need to protect yourself (Hygiea) with health and medical issues (Virgo). The square makes this hard to square, literally, but people with almost exact square aspects tend to work harder on the challenge and do better, as a result. Your life will change from 2026 when Uranus (technological revolution) goes into Gemini, and for years afterwards, you will be first to use brand new inventions which will make today’s computer and telephone, and television, look really old-fashioned. You have five factors in Gemini, which is an unusually high number. It’s called a stellium and it is in your Third House of communication and connection. That is why your entire life will change, becoming quite exhilarating, revolutionary, radically different, liberating – after 2026 – as Uranus will take up residence in Gemini and your Third House until 2033. Okay, so getting married, or living with someone is important to you, as you feel sad and lonely. You had a casual unpredictable sexual relationship for years. As you are strongly Libra, with a number of factors there, you need another person in a duet. The duet does not have to be marriage or involve cohabitation. It can be (agreed) on a timetable that is very part-time. Pilots and flight attendants do it. So do people in the armed forces who are away for months. Your chart actually shows intensity and extreme sexual and emotional connection can be too complicated. At 44 you are right to look ahead as you will in fact have a number of duets in your life. Some will be romantic. Others will be just friends. Some will be purely work. The patterns which unfold in your horoscope in Aquarius and Gemini, for years into the future, make stunning angles to your Libra placements in the Seventh House of double-acts, duets, pairs and couples. You are fantasising about Mr. 4/1/80 because you get the chemical hit, and you don’t have to be with him (because you knew he was a jerk at the start, you have nothing in common, and he never made a commitment to you, even as a part-time lover). Sometimes it’s easier to get the chemical hit from a crush on an actor or singer, you know! In the meantime there is no reason at all for you to feel lonely. You have the gift of ‘two’ and can start making that happen from today. What project, hobby, interest, can you pursue as a pair? What bargain or deal can you strike up with someone else which would make your life easier? This may be someone you can share the situation with, at work, or perhaps it’s about sharing an apartment or house with one other. Try not to place masses of pressure on yourself by only thinking about marriage. Relaxing into all sorts of pairs is easier, takes the stress away, keeps you company, and is a win-win for the other person. It also expands your circle so you will eventually be introduced to someone who suits you really well. Danielle, I have seen this astrological chart pattern with people who found their ‘pair’ by sharing two halves of a house with a friend, and another duet, through a business venture for a charity. Your chart is really about Uranus and Juno in Scorpio in the Eighth House of sex, death and money. The density and intensity of ‘until death do us part’ in church, or the seriousness of legacies and wills between couples, is at the deepest core of why you have only ever chosen to fall in love with someone who could not commit to you, and why you have been single, apart from random hook-ups. It’s really common to pay lip service to wanting some kind of Poldark/Wuthering Heights/Pride and Prejudice outcome with a man, but deep down, to make life choices which make being single the norm. It can take time to realise that what you assume would make you happy, and what makes some other people happy, is not necessarily right. Uranus in Scorpio is really about freedom and independence being forced upon you, financially and sexually, by the universe at large. Juno is a symbol of the prestige and financial security of marriage, but also the total loss of freedom (especially for women). I’ll leave it to you to look that up on Search and in your guides. The future looks bright and the future looks right, but perhaps in a different way to what a Ladybird book might have promised, with sparkling white wedding dress and the ‘just one’ handsome prince.

  4. Oh my. I am binge reading all of these fabulous blog posts. I just finished the one on bitcoin. I have many of the factors you mention in that post and some smack in Scorpio. I am wondering how to apply this to all stocks and crypto that I invest in? How do I find the chart for each one to see if they align with my chart? Which date should I use?
    You are truly phenomenal!

    1. Thank you. Patrice, pull out the Scorpio and/or Taurus factors in your chart and note what degree they are. I can find 6, 21, 19, 19. You have Cupido and Bacchus at 19 Scorpio in the Eighth House of sex, death and money. This is usually marriage and mortgage, or divorce and property settlement. It is commonly the family’s inheritance to you, and your legacy to the family. So, 19 degrees is central to your chart. Uranus, Pluto, Mercury and Chiron also hover around 19 degrees (allow one degree orbs). You can time the new life budget to July-August 2022 with the transiting Nodes at 18-19 Taurus and Scorpio. It’s a long story with you and will require a complete rethink of investments, but also your own private economy. If you spot mid-2022 as a deadline date on contracts (say for shares) then be aware, as Uranus will suddenly, without warning, turn everything on its side, so that you must adapt and adjust very quickly to rapid changes. We also find Saturn at 18-19 Aquarius in September, October 2022, alongside Uranus, still at 18 Taurus. You then get some breathing space to sit with the new arrangements for your money, house, shares, apartment, currency, business, charity – until the final pass with Uranus at 18, 19 Taurus in May 2023. Jupiter moves into Taurus that month and makes an historic conjunction with the North Node at 3 Taurus on May 31st, June 1st, 2nd, 3rd. That is a way out, a way through, and a step up for the entire world after a very (karmically) difficult 2022. You have Panacea at 3 Gemini, so around those dates in 2023, you’ll find an internet, media, educational, publishing or academic option to run with, as an indirect result of what looks like a wildly optimistic new phase with world economies.

  5. Hi Jessica, I’m very new this and was hoping for some help with a career question. I’ve been writing scripts for over the years with the hope of breaking into the industry. It’s a very difficult industry to break into and I spend a lot of my free time at it. I’ve also invested a lot of emotional energy into it, which can be both good and bad. So my question is, should I keep pursing this with the hope of it becoming a paid career, or should I throw in the towel and put my energies elsewhere? Thanks so much.

    1. You’ll do a couple of things which make you successful and fulfilled. You’ll learn more – educate yourself further. You’ll also diversify into different aspects of writing which go beyond the original ambition you had. The vision is to have a film project, sell it for a lot of money and get into the system. Actually you will do better by using the core talent you have, the fundamental idea, and then allowing yourself the luxury of experimenting with different mediums and media. I’m sure you know that the gaming industry is one such. There will be new interactive technology in the film, television, radio, podcast and publishing industries shortly which is fascinating for writers and enables them to explore other ways of telling a story. You are also working with black and white thinking, and we are in grey area times. It’s not throw in the towel or win an Oscar (for example). It’s more like – see what you can juggle, play with, explore, experiment with. I see a wheel and a horse on a psychic level for you. Give yourself some time and space, and lower the stakes, as relaxing about it will help you find who/what you want to work with. You’ll have a bunch of options for your writing. Have a look at what the Japanese are doing.

  6. It feels like 2021-2022 is going to be an exciting year! I wanted to thank you for your response to a query I made on a previous post- some of what you mentioned is already starting to fall into place!

    This might be a silly question but could around October 8-9 be a possible beginning of a pregnancy for some Geminis? We would love a second child. I’ve been too afraid to even consider it, but now I’m starting to think maybe I could try…

    1. I am glad the predictions are coming true, thank you. Yes, October makes sense for conception. The Sun moves into Libra then (partnership) and makes a trine to your Sun in Gemini. The New Moon (Sun and Moon coming together; an astrological conception) is in Libra around that time. You also have Jupiter (opportunity) in Aquarius which will trine the Moon in Libra as she passes through, and the Moon is motherhood. I don’t have your partner’s chart at all, which is obviously half the story, but from your point of view, it’s a useful time of year to try for a child or even to try and pursue the biggest/best for the child you have; or a godchild, niece, nephew. It has that quality.

  7. Hi Jessica,

    I’m wanting to change my career from travel to diversity and inclusion. Currently working in a job that doesn’t fulfil me mentally ( pays the bills)I am starting to get itchy feet to move but I’m not sure if this right direction for me? Eventually I want to be my own boss again but I don’t think now is the time to do it?

    1. Yes, the time is right to switch careers or reshuffle the hours within travel to allow yourself a sideline. You have until July 7th to use Mercury Retrograde to do your research, reshape your original idea, even scrap some of the first thoughts. You’re going to see your business (the travel industry) go through unbelievable chaos in the rest of May, June and perhaps as late as the first week of July. So your instincts are right. Diversity and inclusion is the future, and it will be the future past 2023. Have a look at what turns up now, but just allow yourself a bit of wiggle room and thinking time before you commit properly later in July or August.

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