The Capricorn Birthday Horoscope 2019-2020

From the final week of December 2019 until the third week of January 2021, what is in store for you, Capricorn, from one birthday to the next?

Happy Birthday Capricorn

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Happy Birthday Capricorn. Known to be serious, stoic, patient, cautious and very much wedded to the process of time – you will at last find that time is on your side, after a waiting game in 2020.

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56 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica, thank you for your amazing insights and accurate predictions. As the birthday week is coming up, I would like your insights on 2020 based on my personal chart In relation to what is predicted for Caps in general. Thank you!

    1. You will surprise yourself and others by taking a path you never expected with children, teenagers or young adults. You may teach for example, or date someone with children (I don’t know your personal situation). This cycle is set up in 2020 and delivers by 2025. You sometimes see young nephews becoming part of the lifestyle, but whatever happens, it’s rather startling for you and for those around…it was never on the cards.

      1. I have been connected with a number of my siblings’ children even though they live in other parts of the world recently. Not sure how things will transpire. With so many Capricorn and Virgo factors in my chart, how do you see my career evolve in 2020. The last six months have been good for my consulting and wondering how it will take off in 2020. Thank you as always.

        1. The connection with your nieces and nephews is meant to be and some karma will be completed by May 2020 when the North Node finally leaves Cancer. If you are curious about your consulting career, you will be pleased to know that you will expand into new technology or new methods and techniques/aides in the year 2020, following the huge Gemini-Sagittarius switch of the North Node and South Node (also in May). Consulting is ruled by both these signs, and you may also find you are able to pick up a second language, or use one you already have. The cycle ends in January 2022.

  2. Hi Jessica, I have my ascendant in Capricorn at 23 degrees and was wondering how those 22 degree placements you mentioned above in January may have any impact on me.
    I wrote previously as our finances dropped to thread bare and you kindly suggested I make a list of what I can do and ask spirit connect the dots. Well I did! Babysitting popped up straightaway as I have many of my own children and it’s one of the few things I do genuinely well! I have also sent several pitches to Australian magazines that I personally align with. Will I pick up any work in January as a result of these Cappie placements or is it something else altogether? Many thanks and Merry Christmas to you and your wonderful team. x

    1. You will combine both of those by blogging as you babysit (nannying is also very popular as a search term) and you will find massive changes in the employment sector now through January mean mothers will need help. Don’t overlook websites specialising in parenthood as although the pay may not be great the profiling will. Have a look at The Lady online for inspiration. With your chart you could also expand a childcare role into general help and there will be a huge demand for that in 2020 as the work sector is so volatile.

      1. Hi Jessica, well I just picked up my first babysitting job which I just commenced yesterday! I’m over the moon at picking something up so quickly. It is only a short one but I really need to pick up more jobs asap. I know you’ve mentioned that it is something I’m likely to continue and I was wondering if you had further insights based off my chart , as to whether I would be able to pick up regular work anytime soon. The lovely family I am taking care of discussed the possibility of further jobs through their family and friends. Thank you and happy new year to you and your amazing team. x

        1. Well done – and I am glad the astrology was right. Yes, you can continue. Did you know your soul wants freedom and new discovery? So you will find that part-time or temporary work, using your amazing Cancer cycles now (Fourth House: families) will work out really well. I did mention adding extra skills and you could add (say) catering, cooking and so on – even gardening. You can take this as far as you want to. Try to do it all before February 2nd when Mercury retrogrades. I will pass on your greetings to Alyas, Brooke, James, Justin and Kerry. Have an amazing 2020.

          1. Thank you! Yes I’m getting better at listening to the wisdom of my body and can definitely feel the restlessness stirring in my soul. It’s so validating to hear you mention that. Definitely the extra skill set is something I’m working on. I’m looking to qualify myself as a children’s yoga instructor as a point of difference when marketing myself to families. x

  3. Hi Jessica,

    Your assessment really resonates. I’ve really felt suck in many of the ways you describe, particularly regarding where to establish roots for myself. Also my romantic life has been stagnant. Any thoughts on my chart, particularly around a potential partner from my distant past?

    Many thanks and happy holidays to you and the team!


    1. Lou, the stuck or repetitive nature of your single life or problems with a former partner is karmic and goes back 19 years, and perhaps 38 years, actually – or into past lives. It eases up from May 2020. The future is really about children, stepchildren, shared younger in-laws and so on. That is where the revolutionary changes will be, for the next few years.

  4. Dear Jessica:
    Thank you for the post. My question has to do with my career in US and our family’s life between two continents and two houses. We live in between and there seems to be no hard case to choose one only. My Sagittarius daughter lives in Australia, and is a Capricorn Moon. The past year was very painful for her, super tough in both relationships and work, and this affected my greatly, What do you see for us this year? Will our family end up in one country or another?.
    Do not know why I identify so strongly, may be because her Sun is conjunct my Aesculapila and we feel very connected, almost at a psychic level…
    Thank you in advance—

    1. Your daughter may want to skip February, March 2020 for any judgements about family, location and home but May is the finishing line for a very stuck cycle and after that point you will all/both figure out what to do. Your daughter’s Capricorn Moon has been caught up in the heaviest, hardest cycle in 240+ years and you feel it, because you two are so connected. It will get better for her as 2020 goes on and as I’ve said, May is the finishing line of a great deal of karma you two had to complete.

      1. I also have my moon in Capricorn and have had a difficult couple of years. Today my ex husband said he hadn’t loved me for years and that he had stayed with me for financial reasons. I divorced him because I realised he would never become the better person he said he wanted to be. I am hurt that I was used but am trying to be amicable for the sake of our kids. I hope whatever karma we have to work through will be finished by May 2020 too! Your insight will be much appreciated.

          1. Aries-Cancer-Capricorn needs an ambitious project at home which helps you to keep up with the Joneses. If you are not already a natural decorator or renovator now might be the time to look into it. Gardening is an obvious outlet. Aries needs to compete and be physically active. Cancer rules the home. Capricorn wants to be ‘up there’. Thi sis one way to contain the T-Square.

        1. I am so very sorry that your former husband said such a cruel thing to you, particularly at Christmas. You were not used. You both agreed, in your life between lives, to meet again in this lifetime with a view to settlement of karma. Of course, he has not settled it. It becomes much easier for this to take place once the North Node leaves Cancer (the family) in May 2020. I can’t see his chart but I suspect you both have Scorpio and Sagittarius cross-patterns, as you wanted to educate him and change him (Sagittarius) and he was motivated by the money (Scorpio). That can happen, and it’s not easy, but the children would also be part of the karma, and as souls, may also have volunteered to incarnate with you both, in order to help balance things. If you want to gain insights on the past between you both, or between you all, use your Astrology Oracle and guidebook. Ask what the past life theme was and how to resolve it in this lifetime.

          1. Thanks so much for your insight Jessica! You were spot on about me trying to help him to change, and about our children being a balancing influence. I wish you and your colleagues a very merry Christmas!

      2. Dear jessica:
        Thank you and Merry Xmas. Great to know it is a passing karma, as this period has been really trying for her (DOB Dec 9, 1991). Was focused on a relation to a male Aries Scorpio (lots of Capricorn), Moon Scorpio. Her stellium is in Sag, Cap and Acq. For an unexplained reason, I had an anxious feeling about this relationship, never experienced before in this context… Her North Node is conjunct my Sun. And his. She does have a Venus in Scorpio but is also a Capricorn Moon. And my Moon is in Pisces.
        Do you see her moving in her life to meet her life partner, at which point — I may be released?

        1. Merry Christmas. When you are related to, or involved with, people whose North Node or South Node is conjunct any factor in your chart – or if your North Node or South Node are conjunct another person’s horoscope factors – there is karma going back in 19 year cycles into past lives. That is far more important than anything else in this story. She will make a decision about marriage and partnership after May 2020, and no later than January 2021. Agreements or soul contracts made between lifetimes are well explored by Carolyn Myss, if you are curious.

  5. Through these last few years of following your scopes I have learned a lot about astrology. In my career I’ve taken a lot of things that are “fringe” and have made them “center” and legit. I wonder if I can do this with astrology too, in terms of setting up a business for that. I want to thank you for all that you do, and your messages of hope and environmental awareness. I sure do hope that this cycle will empower the disempowered.

    1. Thank you, I’m so pleased that you have been learning astrology through this website. You can definitely take astrology into the business realm. In fact, it desperately needs professionalism as there are so many amateurs in the field. You will find this easier once the South Node goes into Sagittarius from May 2020, as this is the zodiac sign to associate with philosophy, belief and study. There are millions of people who have been born with Uranus, Neptune or Pluto in Sagittarius who are just waiting to hear the call, which will happen by January 2022. You could help them.

  6. Hello Jessica,

    Love this, Love your work as always, This year has been possibly the most challenging in my life to date 🙁 (thanks to the Nodes and Saturn) like I’ve had the rug pulled out from under me and a death and re-birth of who I am, what I stand for etc. One massive positive I’ve had recently is launching my brand new Alternative therapies business ‘Practical Happiness’ at the beginning of December just in time for Jupiter moving into Capricorn 🙂 I’d really appreciate if you can tell based on my chart whether I have some stability and security headed my way also what I should be aware of, prepare for and take advantage of in 2020.
    Love and Magic
    Tabs x

    1. Thank you, Tabs. You may find that your business Practical Happiness goes through some changes in 2020 as the other people or companies who are competing with you, merge together, lose personnel, or even leave the scene – one in particular will expand, though. Although you have been thinking about yourself as an independent entity, you need to look at the whole marketplace for what you do, and quickly figure out what you like, or don’t like, about what others are offering. You also need to see if there is a market or demographic being missed by what is on offer. You are going into a big Third House/Ninth House new cycle from May 2020 when it won’t just be about the therapy, or your personal experience, it will be very much about understanding the whole range of what people are being offered – what the price points are – and perhaps how to ‘add on’ to your business, so that your customers and clients get more than the original package you had in mind. You could also add on another operator or compatible company. You’ll know more by the end of January 2020.

      1. How interesting I will read up some more on the Third House/Ninth House, Thank you for taking the time to reply, appreciate it, Happy holidays and a prosperous new year to you and your family 🙂
        Love and Magic x

  7. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you, and Season’s Greetings! Toward the end of a difficult 2019, I had a huge improvement in my writing career when I won a prize and then signed with an agent. I’m now working with her on a new book (the ‘compromise’ of Ceres-Jupiter having encouraged me to let go, for now, of an earlier one).

    Your predictions were very accurate for the timing of the above (and helped me to hope). Do you see anything in particular related to my own birth chart that I should know for 2020? (I know you’ve mentioned the South Node in Sag. is key.)

    Thank you for everything,
    LT : )

    1. Congratulations on your prize win, new agent and new book. I’m glad the predictions came true for you. I am sure you have been drawn to books, writing, reading and the world of words, since you were a child – this is your past life coming back to you. In fact you may have had several incarnations at various points in history. In 2020 you will go through the karmic return of the North Node in Gemini, which rules authors, and South Node in Sagittarius, which rules the business of libraries, bookshops and also independent publishing. You have been here before and it all comes very naturally. In fact, you have an instinct for all this. By the end of the cycle in January 2022, you will have gone ahead in leaps and bounds and should not discount selling film or television rights, or exploring multimedia and scripts as well.

  8. Happy Holidays and Happy New Year Jessica (and team)! I’m not sure I’ve been feeling ‘stuck’ since 2011, however I have been very restless for at least 3 years both at work and in love life. Curious to see what advice you have for me as we go into 2020. Thank you and all the best to you in 2020.

    1. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from all of us. The restlessness about work will be resolved in 2020, on three separate occasions, as you realise you do have choices and they are pretty good ways to increase your skills, making you eligible for other roles, or even switch careers. This is too early to call at the moment, but the changes you see all around you in your chosen field, profession or business by the end of January 2020 will mean a chain-reaction three more times next year, ending in a final option for you in November if you haven’t already made a change. As for your love life, it is hard to say without knowing the chart of the other person.

  9. Thank you Jessica for this summary of the Capricorn year ahead, and I’ve just downloaded the full report for next year, which I look forward to studying. On the day that Jupiter entered Capricorn, I was asked by my boss to take up a new position, which represents a major promotion for me from a job that I’ve held for just over a year. I’m excited and terrified, and I would really like to hear your thoughts. In August 2018 I moved to Abidjan to take up the new position and initially only planned to be there for 3 years, so you can imagine that I have been stretched and tested at practically every level of my life. I love working and living there (development), and agreeing to this promotion represents a major long-term commitment to this town and this organization . Thankfully I love what I am doing. I would really appreciate your insights as to whether all this is what I should be doing?

    1. Thank you for ordering a 2020 report. If you accepted the promotion on the day Jupiter entered Capricorn, take that as a good omen. In fact, Jupiter often sends signs to confirm you are on the right path – look for eagles, acorns and oak trees. You could easily be promoted again, or even be head-hunted by a second firm, as there are three powerful Jupiter-Pluto conjunctions in your horoscope in 2020 which you’ve read about in your report. The final one is in November next year, so you really do have almost a year to excel, to prove yourself and to mingle with people who are also at the top. Any issues you have about the actual location, your home, or identifying with the local area will melt away in May when the North Node leaves Cancer.

      1. Wow, thank you so much Jessica. I did accept the promotional the day it was offered. Thank you for your guidance. Wishing you a very merry Christmas and a very blessed 2020

  10. Hi Jessica, thanks so much for all the goodies you give us, in addition to the horoscopes! i am a Cap sun, cancer rising. I spent the past 3 years writing a book. Im trying to land an agent. Ive been single and just met someone. I am trying to leave my job of 14 years and find another where I can do the creative work full time rather than just as a piece of it. I also need to develop an online platform for my ‘side’ work which is metaphysical services. Im trying to start a new chapter clearly! Any indicators in my chart for these moving forward/getting traction or landing an agent?
    Thanks and happy new year!

    1. It’s a pleasure. We like giving presents to Premium Members at Christmas. You will find past-life experience and wisdom helps you with finding an agent for your book, or self-publishing, as from May 2020 the North Node of karma moves to Gemini, the sign of the writer, and the South Node moves to Sagittarius, the sign which rules the book trade, libraries, but also the digital publishing of Amazon and so on. You may have had one or more lifetimes in the world of publications and that will now return to you. The cycle ends in January 2022 so you have plenty of time. If you need specific information on prospective agents, do use your Astrology Oracle cards and guidebook.

  11. I have a Number of Capricorn aspects in my chart. I am forever learning and I think this relates to the nodes. I wonder what karmic relationships I have suck an interesting area I’d like to learn about. Does my chart reveal what karma I have to dea with?

    1. You have a Cancer-Capricorn Node axis, so in a previous life you were made to put your family first and your success and status in life second. They may have refused to fund your studies, for example. In this lifetime you reverse the karma, and find your own path to success, leaving the family behind. It also flips around, as life goes on. So you find you leave your success and status, to come home for a while. It could then turn around again. Sometimes you put the career second and a relative first, for whatever reason – later in life. There are also usually massive issues about home town and homeland, and again it is karmic. So, you may have been forcibly removed or made to leave – war can do that. In this lifetime you are free to return. A lot of people have been going through Cancer-Capricorn Node Returns or Oppositions in 2019 as Great Britain prepares to leave the European Union, for example, and that is also karmic in nature as it brings in prior lifetimes involving battles or wars with all these nations!

  12. Hello Jessica
    Hope you are finding time to relax over the holiday.
    The grand conjunction falls very near my birthday but I really can’t see how it’s going to change very much for me.
    I can read my chart but intuitively I feel it will be same old…
    Any thoughts gratefully received.

    1. Our families are having a wonderful time, thank you. Your Aquarian stellium is far more important long-term and will involve you joining a new group and altering your circle of friends. It happens in stages in 2020 and is real in 2021, making at least one long-held dream come true.

  13. Hi Jessica, thank you so much for the Capricorn general 2020 birthday predictions. I moved house and place this year but feel very ambivalent about returning to somewhere I spent my teenage years, although I have made the move for family reasons,, which I wanted to do. Please could you look at my chart and shed any light on a possible move again. I find it very difficult to feel excited about living anywhere in this country (the UK) and feel more at home in other countries. I can certainly relate to the feelings of being trapped you describe for 2020. Have a happy New Year wherever you are. jessica and thank you in advance.

    1. You could easily go on your own version of a magical mystery tour in 2020, as this story is ongoing – it was never finished in 2019 or even 2018. With Chiron and Mars both making an unusually long stay in Aries in the final six months of 2020, you will find that bigger changes than you, regarding work, employment, exchange rates, property price and availability, business, taxation, visas and so on – play their part. I dare say the light will dawn between late March and late April as the Sun also goes through this zone of your chart and a few things become more obvious to you. Chiron will be with you for many years and so you will find one chance after another to move again, or at the very least spend a good deal of time in another place.

      1. Thank you Jessica. It occurs to me with the new nation’s chart, I might start to feel more at home here in the UK. Lol. On a serious note I hope Australia is now getting the widespread international support it needs to tackle the climate crisis happening there now.

        1. Thank you. It will be interesting to see how you feel on February 1st, 2020 – that chart will tick along overnight. Australia is currently receiving a huge outpouring of donations and affection, which is wonderful – but the Climate Emergency rolls on – and there is still no sign of that one-world co-operation we need on coal. It will come, but in the meantime it’s coal first, koalas second, sadly.

  14. Hi Jessica,
    Happy New Year!! May 202 be fill with much love, tenderness and joy. Thank you for the Capricorn birthday forecast and your accurate predictions.
    I am currently unemployed and going through the process of a divorce. My plan pre-divorce was to retire and continue to live in my current home. Now I am faced with possibility of having to return to work which is not what I want at all. In addition, I have to decide whether I should sell my home or I buy out my husband, which may not be feasible financially. I do love my home and I am having a terrible time reconciling that I may have to leave and return to work. Any guidance you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Thank you so much. Okay, you are in the ideal position to start your life over. There are a number of tools on this website to help you. Download my guide to Life Sweeping and clear your space for Lunar New Year, which is just weeks away now. Use The Astrology Oracle cards and guidebook. Pamela’s Tarot – and the Tarot cards on here. Have a look at the new guide, Your Oracle. This will help personalise your experiences and tailor-make 2020 for you. You also need to print (on 100% recycled paper if possible) the new 2020-2021 Journal. This is quite a tool kit, I know, but I have created it for you to use, as January 2020 was always going to be ‘deconstruct and reconstruct’ month. You will work again, obviously, and although you don’t want that, it will be good for you. Why? The people and contacts made. I am so sorry about your home. You must love it. Does it help to know this cycle will be over in May? It’s Cancer-Capricorn weather and it’s triggering your Fourth House of property and Tenth House of career. Take a deep breath and do what you have to do. I can totally reassure you this is the heaviest cycle in 240+ years and the year does improve, in stages, with the work you do now, on changing your life, paying off from April, when you take a massive leap forward. From May the home and property cycle is over.

  15. Hi Jessica,

    Wish you a Happy 2020! I have been stuck for years now and would like to understand how I can use this year to embark on my life path. I am unemployed all these years and trying to get back to being financially independant!
    Thank you!

    1. Thank you, and Happy New Year (well, we are all trying). You want to work and earn your own money after a long time without a job. This would tally with the very long Pluto in Capricorn cycle which began in January 2008, followed by Saturn going into that sign more recently. Okay, so you are in a cycle that starts in May, which can only happen once every 19 years – regarding education, learning, skill updates and mind expansion. The South Node is moving into Sagittarius and your Ninth House of knowledge. The North Node is moving into Gemini and your Third House of internet and communication. You will benefit from picking up two new valuable ‘asset’ abilities and one of them uses something you were already quite good at, a few years ago. If you stay the course you will be working again, and with at least one income stream – by the time the cycle ends, at the absolute latest, in January 2022. But I think you’ll be on your way in the second half of 2020. It’s up to you. Do use your Astrology Oracle cards and guidebook to get validation.

      1. Hello again! When you say “ assets”, do they point at the skills when I was working? At this point, I am planning to take a couple exams to get back into the same profession I was working in 12 years back! That is the only way I can think of at this juncture! I can schedule the exam for January or April. Earlier plan was January but it has been very stressful few weeks and I am contemplating April now! Looking at my personal chart, could you please throw in some light if I am on the right trajectory? I am confused and trying overcome my fears!
        Gratitude for your guidance! Thank you again!

        1. I’m glad you are taking the exams and going back to your old profession. That is exactly what I was talking about, with your horoscope. April is the perfect month. The Sun in Aries is at a beautiful angle to Sagittarius, which rules your Ninth House of education and Gemini, which rules your Third House of communication. You mention 12 years back – that is your Jupiter cycle. The planet of opportunity goes back to the same sign and degree every 12 years. So away you go…

  16. Dear Jessica,

    Thank you for your very timely predictions. I celebrated my 37th birthday yesterday and felt an enormous shift while out celebrating with old and new friends. It was almost as though I was looking down on myself and seeing the old me represented in my old friendships and then the new ever-expanding me with my newer circle of friends. Even the positioning of my friends seemed synchronised with my experience. I have felt in the past that I need to ensure the well being of others before my own but this year I feel very deeply and rather uncomfortably that this year is about me being seen and showing up in my own life. It was very validating to read this in your forecast, thank you. I have also spent the last 5 days feeling very much like I need to be in my own company only and upon reflection I can see that this has been the beginning of internal processing and shedding. Questions have been coming to me. Questions with an emphasis on where is my place of belonging in the world? Who do I want to be? My heart and belly fills with fire when I allow myself to really imagine the possibilities. I have felt called to explore my heritage and roots over the last few months. It is believed that on my fathers side there is a strong indigenous aboriginal connection. This exploration I feel is key to my becoming in the world.

    Thank you again, your wise and grounded insights are very valuable and affirming.



    1. Happy Birthday, Jacinta. I am glad the astrology is explaining some of the things that have been happening. You are having a massive Cancer-Capricorn transit (karma through family and heritage) and you are being called to explore your father’s indigenous background. this is really important and it may be some ancestors who help you on the quest, so if you have a strong dream or definite signal, that would work with what your chart is suggesting. You will not have this cycle again for 19 years.

  17. Hi Jessica,

    Thanks for such a detailed and significant predictions, i would really like to know what 2020 will mean to me based on my personal chart, is it affecting me significantly or the planets wont touch any points important in my chart this year?

    Thanks a lot

    1. Reham (I think that’s a typo – your name isn’t Rehan) you will find that you are affected by both the Capricorn and Aquarius weather this year. So during 2020 you will gain from changes taking place in your work or university space, or with unpaid work. There may be departures, resignations, demotions, promotions, redundancies which create new opportunities for you, with particular projects and plans. You will either work with better people or find that you can seize the day and create something new for yourself. At the same time, you will gain from throwing your energy into at least one group. This group is composed of very different people from all walks of life, but you come together for a common cause. You will see this most strongly in April, then again in September, and November, December. It change your life in 2021.

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