The Cancer Birthday Horoscope 2021-2022

Happy Birthday Cancer. What does the upcoming year have in store for you?

So lucky to be born under the same zodiac sign as Debbie Harry, dear Diana the Princess of Wales, Prince William and Jennifer Saunders. All the good people. I hope you will put a pin on the map by 2022 and make it your own special place. It has so many special things to offer you, thanks to the people or the location. The time has come.

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24 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica

    Happy solar return to me! And thank you for the year ahead roadmap.

    I agree with being fortunate to be born under this sign. I’m yet to meet a fellow Cancerian I don’t like. You have me quite fascinated about the year ahead and I wonder how it bodes for starting a financial literacy charity and getting grants to deliver programs for free. I am in the pilot stage testing it all before I go cap in hand to ask for funding.

    Warm regards

    1. Sharlene, this financial literacy charity is the start of a long road that will change your life after 2023. Do all you can in 2021 while Jupiter is on your side. After Christmas, it all becomes very much harder and I am not going to beat around the bush. 2022 and 2023 will be an economic replay of the last war. This is worldwide and unfortunately when things are tight, people tend to hang on to their money rather than donate. Having said that, if you can achieve funding in 2021 while Jupiter is on side, and funding that sees you through these two very tough years for the world economy, you are obviously going to expand and develop later on. Even if this is only the first step on the new road, and not the ultimate one, I suspect that if you retain your commitment to non-profits, then from 2023 and actually way past 2030, this is going to make you very powerful indeed. You will attract influential people to your side and become someone with clout.

  2. Hi Jessica,
    I was reading on Twitter that people with 23 aspects in their natal chart will be effected this week. I have a ‘stellum’ of 23s and I am a sun Cancer. Moon Leo, M/C Libra,I/C Aries, Bach Taurus, Minerva Pisces.
    I really hope this means good news for a change. So far 2021 has been tough!
    Kind regards

    1. Thank you Julie. Yes, this is a pretty quick two-day transit, but the flowing aspects at 23 degrees will create ease for you, in those areas of your life where you have anything at 23 degrees. I can’t see your chart but if you have a stellium at 23, then you are going to find everything falls into place. For example, I just had a reader who has Venus at 23 Gemini in the Third House. For her, this will be about a complicated relationship (Venus) concerning the media, the worldwide web, publishing or education (Gemini). She does in fact have two projects with the same person, online, and having been rejected by a business two weeks ago, we would now expect their concept to flow again. Always look to the sign and thus the house, of whatever you have at 23, on a transit like this.

  3. Hi Jessica, it feels as though you wrote this whole forecast personally for me knowing all too well what I have been thorough the past year! Thank you. I know it’s for all the cancerians out there but I feel “seen” by you just by reading this, so thank you so much for that. My question, as I get ready for my birthday and new solar trip around the sun is what will the year bring in terms of career. Will I change what I have done for so long and will I ever find my calling? I have been craving being happy at work as I once was a long time ago in my career. My birth time is not accurate so any psychic message you can share is greatly appreciated! Thank you as always! Xx N

    1. Thank you so much, I appreciate your kind words. Okay, so you have a Virgo stellium in your Sixth House of service, duty and perfectionism. Virgo also rules attention to detail, artisan craftsmanship and a commitment to daily routine and method, all of which makes for the smooth running of a work place, a household, or even a large organisation. You are a Sun Cancer with a big Virgo signature and so the perfect employee, actually. We see Prime Ministers, Presidents and leaders with Virgo stelliums who lead, but serve. Their defining quality is their total commitment to the people who voted for them and even those who did not. Barack Obama has this and Obamacare is his legacy. Yes, you will be very happy at work again. Your birth time is not a big deal as the Virgo factors in your chart would be there anyway, no matter if you were born at midnight or breakfast time. You will be promoted, find a new and prestigious position, or see massive improvements in your existing workplace, once Jupiter enters Aries, so you don’t have long to wait. Until then, try to get to know your Virgo side better. You can use Search on this website and also the information in the guides that come with membership, to do that. It is an honour to be so strongly Virgo, but you have Saturn in that sign as well as Jupiter, so it’s a road full of obstacles for you, even though it leads to fantastic outcomes. All you do in 2021, 2022, 2023 will pay off. In fact it may pay off years into the future. You’ll use everything you’re trained for, or achieve.

  4. Hi Jessica,
    Thanks for this – a lot to absorb. Very much appreciate such a detailed heads-up.
    My year ahead feels a bit daunting. I feel like I’ve been treading water for so long, trying to keep looking for the silver-lining, seeing it most of the time, and telling myself that I’m near the finish line. That soon, I will have time to work on the things I want to work on, to improve my situation, be more financially secure and have my creative life be my avenue to good things. That my relationship won’t be a mess anymore, and that all of my hard work on that will be to improve our household energy and happiness – But – every time I turn a corner, there is another long stretch to another corner. How many sides does this thing have?!
    I have been doing the inner work, I have been working hard. Looking into darkness, trying to repair negative patterns and atone for past sins.
    Trying to make the lives of my kids as happy as possible. But I feel like I am trapped, whatever I do. I feel like I am learning lessons, open to learning more, but I am with someone who doesn’t not want to know anything more. I can see patterns being repeated, I understand why I have made certain bad choices, but its like I can’t move on from them, because my partner refuses to see too. Can I be kept in a pattern by someone elses will?
    What am I missing? I know my guides are trying to help, of course, and I have been getting some very helpful insights from them, in dreams, in synchronicities – but there is a block.
    My partner is an Aquarian. I am Cancerian – 6 factors in Cancer. I am partnered, but feel alone. Like I don’t have a ‘life partner’, like I don’t have someone who will catch me if I fall, or even notice if I’m near danger.
    There is so much in your post. I am just trying to let it sink in. I don’t know where to begin with finances. I’m really on my own with that side of things.
    I don’t have dreams of being rich or famous or anything, I just want to be happy and loved and safe.
    Thanks so much for your work, and insights.
    DinP xx

    1. Okay DinP, you are basically on the road to massive life change and this is the lead-up to it. You were born with Mercury at 27 Gemini in the Third House. You were born to be a messenger – even a professional communicator – which may be your creative life. You have Uranus at 28 Libra in the Seventh House of marriage, partnership and also work partnership. It is the house of duets and duels, as sometimes the one-on-one relationship is a battleground. Uranus is a symbol of where we reject others. How we push away and distance ourselves from him, her or that. Eventually there is an upheaval, as the rejected person rebels and leaves. This can work both ways. So, in the future, this may be you, quitting the relationship, or the father of your children. The two stories are linked in your life. The need to write, to broadcast, to podcast, to use a microphone, to use images to get a message across, to act/sing and the rest – and this constant source of uncertainty and upheaval within a partnership, because there is the most tremendous craving for freedom and independence here, perhaps on your part, perhaps on your partner’s. You have the North Node at 29 Scorpio and South Node at 29 Taurus. Scorpio rules sex, death and money. Usually, the marriage and the mortgage. Frequently ‘until death do us part’ in the marriage vow. There are variations on this theme. You make out a will naming your partner, and he does the same for you. The North Node shows a karmic loop. Every 19 years or so, you hit the loop, in order to pay and receive karmically. The South Node in Taurus is similar. Taurus rules your own money, house, apartment, valuables, charity (not the other person’s). Taurus rules your values and life budget. Again this is on a repetitive loop, about every 19 years. The point about this information is that everything is linked. Here we have a major pattern at 27 Gemini, 28 Libra, 29 Scorpio, 29 Taurus. So whenever you get transiting or travelling factors going over 27, 28, 29 you have this constant tension about the relationship. You are strongly Cancerian and so are here to create a home for yourself and the family, which is what you have done, and why you have stayed and keep trying so hard to make things work out for the children in particular. Yet, here we have something outside that, which is currently very close to being triggered. Pluto, the slowest-moving planet in astrology, will cross that sequence of 27, 28, 29 degrees in his sign of Capricorn, between now and 2023. So we are talking a three-year process of profound change for you. You will be helped along the way, as Jupiter goes to 28 Aquarius on 11th August, opposing Mercury at 28 Leo. On 20th August Jupiter, the planet of solutions and opportunities, goes to 27 Aquarius opposite the Sun at 27 Leo. Then we have a really decisive Full Moon for you on 22nd August with the Sun at 29 Leo and Moon at 29 Aquarius. I am beginning to wonder if the father of your children, or the children, might also have this 27, 28, 29 degree pattern. In any case, the end of August is like you pushing away from the side of the swimming pool. You say you are ‘learning lessons, open to learning more’ but you are with ‘someone who doesn’t want to know anything more.’ That is your Mercury in Gemini complaining. Quite right, too. You have to be who you are. I think the end of August will help you make the big move towards either a complete reorganisation of the family, with a counsellor, or a separation. As I said, it’s like pushing away from the edge of the pool, for the final laps. If you want to work with your chart, use the Tarot on this site to validate what you see, and begin looking at those patterns I spoke about. You are caught in cycles which cross 27-29 quite slowly. Pluto goes there by 2023, but Neptune will also eventually go there too. I suspect that it will be the arrival of the transiting (travelling) North Node at 29, 28, 27 Taurus and the South Node at 29, 28, 27 Scorpio – which begins in January 2022 – that will be the clincher for you. This is going to be about finance. I suspect at some point you are going to have to put a value on your Mercury in Gemini, and think about a different sort of life budget. You will have your karma then, with this man, and it will also help you to look up North Node, South Node to find out more, once again using the Tarot on this site to validate. You would make a good part-time online tutor or teacher with that chart, if you are not already pursuing that, and of course people with those skills are at a premium, during a pandemic when children and teenagers are being sent home from school. Just a thought. But – what you are feeling is the pre-change period build-up which is why it’s so tough. This can and does get better but you are going to see a huge transformation.

  5. Hi Jessica
    Thank you so mum for your reply
    I understand 23 Aries is about my image, 23 Leo is about children in the family and Libra 23 is about relationships but what do you think 23 Minerva Pisces and 23 Bach Taurus is about, that was the two I got stuck on. It is my birthday very soon and I think I will become a premium member as a gift to myself. Looking forward to learning more
    Kind regards

    1. Julie, Minerva in Pisces in the Twelfth House is your wisdom about religion, Tarot, spirituality, dreams, hypnosis and the inner world. Bacchus in Taurus is about the pleasure principle in relation to money, shopping, charity, business – you give and receive pleasure through these.

  6. Hi Jessica, thank you for this incredibly detailed birthday-scope! I especially appreciate the advice you give us in “Do it now” and “Christmas 2021.” I switched to a more fulfilling line of work just after the July 2017 solar eclipse (conjunct Asc), and two exciting projects have come up for this year and next. If successful, they will help me achieve my dreams/life purpose. However, these projects will require partnering up and debt, so I’m wondering if my 2nd, 7th and 8th houses are supported during this next year given you’re seeing a hard 2022-23 ahead for us. At the Saturn-Jupiter conjunction, I think I had two kites (one with my 10th house at the top and one with my 2nd, using a 10 degree orb), so I’m wondering if that is meaningful as well. Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you so much, and always love your forecasts – they are superb!

    1. Thank you very much. You need to be aware that you were born with Venus and Aesculapia at 26, 27 Taurus in a conjunction in the Second House of business. Together, this suggests complicated relationships involving your finances, which involve something/someone coming back from the brink, or being pulled back from the point of no return. That by itself is not hugely difficult, but you are going to run into the North Node and South Node at 26, 27 Taurus-Scorpio as soon as 2022 begins, and that hasn’t happened for about 19 years. The Nodes work as opposite pairs, as you probably know, and this is an opposition from the transiting South Node to your Venus-Aesculapia, which will be a really big stretch for you. We’ve also not had this cycle since the war (the Uranus in Taurus cycle with all its economic uncertainty and day-to-day financial and shopping instability). I’m sure you can also see the parallels. In the Forties the constant lack of security came from the never-ending uncertainty about Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, Hirohito and the rest. In the Twenties, now, the lack of certainty comes from a rapidly mutating virus and the incompetent management of that, by politicians. The sudden announcement of lockdowns, sometimes with very little notice, when all business shuts down, is a good example of that kind of Uranus in Taurus instability. So, into all this comes the Nodal cycle of 2022 and 2023, in the same signs where we found the Nodes before, and with Uranus in Taurus making a comeback. For you to be in debt is putting you at risk. The issue may not be you, yourself, personally but perhaps a partner. Venus rules partnerships, as she rules Libra in the natural zodiac. She also rules Taurus and so, financial partnerships. If you have your eye on a long-term outcome you would need to be aware that even after the opposition from the South Node in Scorpio has passed, you will ultimately meet Uranus at 26, 27 Taurus which will turn that prospective business partnership upside down. Uranus always turns everything upside down! You have a lot to think about here. I suggest you use the Tarot for validation on all I’m saying and look at the opposition in 2022 and then, the long-term, with that transiting Uranus conjunction.

  7. Hi Jessica
    Thanks for this blog post. It is very helpful. Well, I have left my country to return to a country I lived a few years back. I have left behind some unpleasant situation that I hope doesn’t come to haunt me and I am looking to start a new life. My husband and I created a business here and rented our residency but our attorney fell short on some needed paperwork and we are back to the drawing board and looking for someone more competent. I hope this all works out. We are starting to settle in and get things going but we were just offered an opportunity to run a hotel and restaurant in this same country but it would involve uprooting yet again and giving up a-lot of what we currently have going on and there are no real guarantees. We have decided we would put our demands in writing so it is clear because vague answers don’t sit well with me. Although it would be a great opportunity I feel the owner is asking more from us then he is giving. We are well schooled in this business and he is not but thinks he is, lol. Anyway, I would so appreciate if you can you take a look at my chart, tap into your well honed psychic abilities and give some clarity or info on what you may see…….thanks so very much!

    1. As a rule of thumb, avoid Mercury Retrograde periods to negotiate anything, with anybody. People go back on their word. You may find yourself back-pedalling, or in this case, the man in question is back-pedalling. Perhaps you or he, even rides a bicycle! Mercury is really about merchants and merchandise and the root ‘merc’ in the word is ancient, taking us back to other words like mercantile. The idea of someone being Mercurial or changeable (like liquid Mercury) is also part of this story. So you have been offered a hotel and restaurant business when the planet Mercury in Gemini is going backwards and forwards in the horoscope. The attorney who fell short on paperwork is also part of this cycle of back-pedalling. This is a very good time to go back and forth with questions and answers, treating the entire period (until July 7th) as a rehearsal or beta test. I am sure you know this if you are a regular reader. After July 7th you will have a firmer idea of where you stand. You don’t say which country you now live in, but given the nature of the business in question, you have to be a realist about the impact of the pandemic, long-term, on shared-space ventures like a hotel. There is a huge amount of denial and evasion going on with COVID-19 and the latest government data from the United Kingdom clearly shows that even two vaccinations do not work against the new Delta variant. The new Delta variant from India can also be passed in seconds, just by inhabiting the same space – that information comes straight from Sydney, Australia. So, long-term, there has to be a shrewd assessment of what is likely to happen to any business model. This does depend on where you live. If you live in Australia, for example, where Tasmania (where I live) has a tough policy on borders and quarantine, it would be less of an issue than residing in, say, Britain or America, which have been weak on both. I usually tell people to look up astrological information on Search and I would suggest Mercury Retrograde to you, but I am also going to suggest you look at the epidemiologists and their views on the latest data coming in on real-world tests of vaccination against Delta Covid. This may well mean a complete overhaul of the rules on tourists, worldwide, in particular and of course closed-door businesses.

  8. Hi Jessica,
    I am a loyal follower and very excited about the birthday horoscope that you just posted. I have a very big birthday this year and want to know if I am going to meet a fulfilling new life if I do make the move to a new country. Can you clarify my chart for me?

    1. Thank you. Chiron and Ops at 28, 29 Sagittarius are in conjunction in your natal chart, in the Ninth House of emigration, foreigners, foreign countries and tourism. You are making the decision to relocate on the South Node in Sagittarius cycle, not possible in 19 years, so this is a rare crossroads. It’s possible there is a story here, going back around 19 years, with the place or the people. You are making the decision with good astrological timing, as Jupiter will go back into the final degrees of Aquarius, making a sextile aspect with Chiron and Ops in your chart. Jupiter is always a booster. Long-term, you will hit issues with freedom of movement but I am sure you know that already, as the pandemic is not going away, and the Delta variant is evading the vaccine, according to epidemiologists. The chart shows blocks to freedom of movement (perhaps the expense of air travel in the future, or just the restrictions of mandatory quarantine) because you are going to run into Neptune in Pisces square your Sagittarius factors, which shows what cannot be ‘squared’. You are also going to run into Saturn in Pisces over the next few years, doing much the same thing. Eventually Uranus goes into Gemini after 2023 and over the very long term of your life, will oppose that Sagittarius combination in your Ninth House. That does what it sounds like – it opposes you. So, I guess the question is, are you prepared to commit and stay put? That’s a bigger deal with this chart. In general Chiron in Sagittarius in the Ninth House wants to see what she can get away with. She wants to experiment with the so-called impossible, and with travel and emigration too. Ops in Sagittarius is forever the optimist, finding practical solutions to major problems. That makes you an explorer by nature who needs a quest. So far so good, but we are in mutable sign weather for years, affecting billions of people born with outer planets in mutable signs. As you might expect this means a mutating virus. It also means life is changeable for many years too. If you look back at just how much the global position on what used to be a ‘Wuhan virus’ in January 2020 has altered, you get some idea of what is next. Use your Tarot cards on this website to give yourself another point of view, but in general, that is what the conjunction in Sagittarius in your chart reveals. Once you’ve moved, there’s a fair bit of obstacle climbing to do, should you want to move again, or should you just want to fly backwards and forwards.

  9. Thank you for the exciting overview, Jessica! It feels like I some really charged weather patterns, I’m hoping you can help clarify what’s possible in a couple themes.
    My husband and I have been trying to relocate from the States to Europe for years – Scotland or Portugal. I am not surprised we’ve hit some big obstacles during retrogrades and of course the pandemic, but nonetheless it’s hard to keep hopeful. But based on your forecast, am I right to think this is the year it finally clicks, despite everything?
    And in terms of career or how I might contribute more to society – I have been prepping some big ideas I am very passionate about, but it’s in a technological space where I am very much self-taught and not especially confident. Is it a good time to be daring, or are these dreams better off on the shelf?
    Thanks again for everything.

    1. Thank you so much. You want to leave America and move to Scotland or Portugal. You also want to give back. It should be possible for you to combine that, but you may want to use the Tarot on this website to consider Scotland or Portugal as locations. You have until December 2022 to accept an opportunity to emigrate. The application may be approved in April 2022 or you may find the door opens that month. Just be aware that long-term it may be prohibitively expensive or actually impossible to travel back and forth. We are in mutable sign weather for years, blocking and stopping the billions (born with factors in Sagittarius, the travel sign) from flying or sailing. It began in 2020, right on time with the pandemic, and stays past 2026. Giving back will not be a problem and you will find success with one or two roles, actually, in 2022.

  10. Hi Jessica, I hope you are well. If you have time to answer, I would like to know about my love life. I have been single for many years now and I am hoping it will change soon (not easy to meet your soulmate during a pandemic though!). Many thanks. Namaste!

    1. You have Jupiter and Uranus at 0 Libra and are a Moon landing baby. I just recognised the pattern. This actually helps you understand yourself better and why you have been single for years. First of all, there is no such thing as a soulmate. There are people who have past life karmic ties with you, who do turn up, but it is not always a walk in the park, or even a picnic at the beach. Karmic ties can be really hard work. The notion of a perfect match for life does not really exist in astrology. The Moon landing itself was the story of a duel and a duet, which is what it means to have Jupiter and Uranus in Libra. The two American astronauts, Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong, had to live with the fact that one of them would make history by being the first human on the Moon and the other one would be forever in second place. Yet to make the lunar mission successful they had to work as a pair. At the same time – the Space Race was on. The duel was between America and Russia. Whose flag would be planted on the lunar surface? I hope you can see what I am getting at here. You can and will be in another duet, but it ay also have elements of a duel. A contest or competition. Your love life is never going to be peaceful and ho-hum. It will also be exciting, though (as exhilarating as the Moon landing was) and it will be unique. Your future partners, in love, work, business, or just for fleeting sex – will. be a combination of Russia-America and Aldrin-Armstrong. A two-way street with a fair bit of friendly friction. These pairings, or the life chapters, may not always last. Russia and America dropped the Space Race and eventually Armstrong and Aldrin led their own lives and the Moon landing was literally history. So, try to ditch the idea of a white wedding and perfect lifelong marriage with a white picket fence. Yet, you will have incredible adventures with all kinds of ‘other halves’ throughout your whole life. The next opportunity is Christmas 2021 and New Year 2022. Jupiter (the planet of open doors) goes to 0 Pisces then and makes a perfect quincunx to your ‘Moon landing’ pattern The Nodes also move to 0 Gemini and 0 Sagittarius as New Year rolls around so I would be amazed if you were not having, at least, a decent NYE snog.

  11. Hi Jessica, thank you for writing this post. So much of it makes sense already! Your words/forecasts really help me and I’m excited by your report yet nervous at the same time. I’ve made progress in terms of ‘home’ and I’m much happier where I am (albeit it’s not permanent). However, I’ve felt very unfulfilled in terms of career for a long time but it feels heightened right now and I owe around £4K in debt. Would it be possible to expand on how the ‘Do it Now’ aspect may affect me? Thank you so much for everything you do.

    1. Thanks so much. Okay, so you will be given one opportunity after another to clear your debt, starting on 29th July until 29th December. That is five months of possibility. Say yes to every chance you get and act on it. You will find 2022 is a test, financially, with Saturn in charge of your chart, and it may not be until 2023 that you get a break. On the work side of your life, from May 11th 2022 there are good career options (never mind your financial tests) which open big doors for you, professionally (or – you may study). You’ll be given some fantastic options in 2022, so do all you can May 11th until October 28th that year. There will be vacancies at Christmas 2022 which open up the chance of promotion or a new job for you, carrying you into 2023, and you will be given the chance to pull off something exceptional and also highly adventurous (to put it politely) in March 2023, again in your career. Getting away with it, I think it’s called.

  12. Hi Jessica, thank you so much for this nice birthday present. I feel my life like a pond, a swamp. My job is frustrating and the rest of my life flat. I can’t imagine what could change and how. Can you please take a look at my chart? It will change anything?
    Kisses and thankssss

    1. Happy birthday. When people say they feel as if life is a pond or swamp, they are talking about transiting Neptune, or transits to natal Neptune (Neptune rules all water). Drowning, feeling bogged down, feeling in over your head – are sure signs of Neptune issues to fix. Neptune is at 23 Pisces in June 2021. You have Venus at 23 Gemini in your Third House of internet, commuting, short journeys. The Third House also rules the media, education and publishing. It’s rather like having a chauffeur who has no boundaries, messing with your head, during endless rain, when everything is soggy and never dries, while your phone is not working properly ad you are struggling to make sense of a poorly designed website that your teacher requires you use for a new course. I would say that the fundamentals of getting from A to B, travelling (local holidays – hopefully you are sensible enough to avoid anything more than that) and even your use of the web, are currently ‘swamped’ by Neptune. The transit ends on July 23rd but there are things you can do until then. Try to make things watertight with the computer, the phone, the transport, the travel. Put boundaries in and be firm, if you are dealing with others who are muddled, and muddling or ‘all over the place.’ Even if it takes you a few hours on the weekend to sort out the phone/computer/communication/transport – it will be in place and you will have built a sea wall to contain and control Neptune. The cycle returns in March-April 2022, so next time plan ahead. It is also there September-October 2022 and January-February 2023 before ending forever. Plan in advance for those Neptune-Venus squares. Complicated relationships are a particular target for Neptune and I strongly recommend looking at anyone you pair up with, in terms of the internet, or the microphone – and follow the rules. Do not let boundary creep sneak in. So, for example, don’t stretch the boundaries of a friendship into a professional partnership without being sensible about what might become confused. Get it all in writing and make it non-Neptune (not vague, or fuzzy, or hazy – or crossing the line in any way, where others are concerned). You have Neptune at 15 Scorpio natally in your Eighth House of finance, but I do not see any transits at 15 degrees that should bother you. So what you are experiencing is transiting Neptune square natal Venus, if you also want to look this up elsewhere. Just manage for a few weeks, then it goes, for the most part.

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