The Aquarius Birthday Horoscope 2021-2022

Your astonishing birthday year, with both Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius, will be focused on your appearance, image, reputation and public profile now.

Here comes the big bubble, Aquarius, as Jupiter joins Neptune in Pisces, in your zone of finance, houses, apartments, business, charity and possessions. This life-changing cycle begins in May, when you will be given opportunities and solutions not possible in 12 years. The biggest and best bubbles. There may be a government cheque; a property investment gain; an inheritance; a currency exchange rate you love – or a flowing income stream.

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22 Responses

  1. Dear Jessica

    I have been inspired by your recent writing on Aquarius and the new age. It has found its way into a song. Most people won’t know what on earth I’m singing about but of course you will.

    best wishes and keep up the good work.
    anton flint 28/7/67. 2pm middlesbrough

  2. Hi Jessica, thank you for the birthday horoscope! I am sensing I have a big year ahead? I feel hopeful for the first time in a long time. And I have noted that this year’s new and full moon and zapping some key points in my chart –

    Jan 13 new moon 23 Cap (my Saturn in Aquarius 23 degrees and I have Panacea in Cap at almost 22 don’t know if that one counts or not)
    Jan 28 new moon 9 Leo ( I have Mercury, Mars, Uranus, and Fortuna @ 9 degrees)
    Feb 11 new moon 23 Aquarius (exact on my Saturn)
    Feb 27 full moon 8 degrees Virgo (exact – I have Ops at 8 Virgo)

    I’ve had an interesting opportunity that presented itself out of the blue on January 12th – some work with a startup in the pet care category. I am meeting the head of the company on January 27. I am crossing my fingers that this results in some sustained work – I need it!

    And I am carrying on with my yoga.meditation/mindfulness work this year, which is continuing to blossom slowly but surely.

    Thank you for your guidance, Jessica 🙂

    1. Happy birthday. All those New Moons and Full Moons are important. Allow 72 hours across them. You already had your career startup opportunity on the first New Moon in Capricorn which triggered your Saturn and Panacea. (She does count). So the astrology is working. The January 28th New Moon is an important new beginning involving the next generation, or a relationship which brings them into your life. Uranus suggests freedom and independence from (insert word here) or through (insert word here) and it would happen out of the blue. Jaw on the floor. Try to slow down and cool down if you possibly can as Mars is involved (heat). February 11th is extremely important for your friendships and groups and you will go through a green light then, but with one foot on the brake. A few days later that Full Moon is really about lifestyle, workload, mental health, physical wellbeing, commitment to ‘the job done well’ but also your daily routine. Give yourself time and space then – there is no perfect solution. Don’t risk your wellbeing in any way whatsoever – don’t fly then, not that you probably are, anyway. I’m sure as a regular meditator your instincts are spot on.

  3. Hi Jessica,

    Many thanks for the beautiful and detailed post.

    I am a libra but Aquarius ascendant, so believe this is still relevant.

    I have been through very tough 2-3 years. Decided to walk out from my 20 yr partner (Husband for 12 yrs)- All these 19-20 years I have been putting up with lot of emotional pain. I am in a country which is away from my parents and home country . (migrated here because my husband wanted to)

    Now in a bit of vacuum in terms of career and love both. I have never known any other person whole my life.
    Do you think I will be successful in here (away from my home country) in terms of career or Love. I did start a university higher degree here and feel going back to motherland will be stressful as a single woman. More so, I feel I was putting up with this relationship for 19 years where I was never in love, never felt I was loved. I wanted to start my life, I am 39. Do you think its best to go back to my motherland or stay here- Do you think will I ever find love.


    1. Thank you very much. It takes courage and strength to leave a marriage after two decades. Well done. It is also really hard when you away from your own homeland and your parents. You’ve begun a higher degree and are almost 40, which is the perfect time to start again. You want to know if you should go back to your motherland or stay where you are, and ponder the chance of new love. The first issue is money. Are you able to access money from your former husband, or not? If not him, then perhaps this is your father, a bank manager, an employer or a potential new lover. Negotiating your way into a better financial position in 2021 is the key to so much and you need to look at what this man wants; how he thinks; how he regards his money. He is open to change if you see it his way, persuade and convince him, and it should be possible to cut a deal or strike a bargain of some sort. Money changes everything, to quote the song. From there you can figure out where you belong, how to achieve that – and make decisions based on the available potential new men you see, and most of all, what your heart is telling you.

  4. Dear Jessica,
    I was just hoping to write to you to ask whether it would be at all possible to draw a tarot card to help in navigating through this moment. I’m unsure whether I am in the right place and questioning if now is a good time to depart or have I missed a good time to do so. How can I regain a sense of trust in my intuition as I sometimes feel the astrology says yes, intuition says yes, and yet I remain doubtful and miss a opportunity or take an opportunity only to feel somewhat misaligned. Do you have any guidance on how to regain a sense of balance again at all?
    Sorry if I may not have explained my experience well but any advice or guidance you may wish to offer would be much appreciated.
    Take care,
    Kindest regards,

    1. Bea, your Tarot card is Temperance. If you look at this card, in the Smith-Waite deck, you will see it is about an angelic figure whose feet are in the water, but pouring water from one jug to another. This is Aquarius. You are being told to take from friends and groups, but also give back to them, in 2021. This brings calm and peace. Your feet also need to be on the ground. These feet are not quite earthed. Do you know about grounding, and walking, as therapy? There is also another way to ground and that is to meditate using the base chakra and aligning with the earth. There are some great free videos on this very subject on YouTube. Your balance will come back when you get your feet on the ground and come out of your head. The crown, third eye and throat chakra are often heavily over-used by people, and they forget that they exist on the bottom half! Your feet and base chakra in meditation or walking meditation can quickly earth you.

  5. greetings jessica,
    i am studying the aquarius for the year as that’s me! plus rising, mercury, chiron, ceres & aesculapia.
    a lot of aquarius…..except i’ve progressed into taurus as the wheel of life turns to age 65.
    my question is this: can that progression that brings in so much earth energy override all this aquarius?
    i enjoy reading your posts & love when it feels like deciphering a riddle; however most of the aquarius lately doesn’t seem to resonate.
    thank you for your great work.

  6. Dear Jessica,

    I have been following your posts since a few months and I purchased the membership for a few days and then discontinued the same because I have been learning Vedic (moon) astrology since a few years and the method you follow is sun astrology and that led to confusion in my understanding of the entire system.

    One of the biggest confusions has been that according to moon(Vedic) astrology Jupiter, Saturn, Venus and sun and currently in Capricorn and as per sun (western) astrology the same planets are in Aquarius and yet predictions are correct on both cases.

    I have been following predictions made by you and cannot deny how accurate they are and at the same time there are predictions which are true based on the Vedic system as well.

    Would really appreciate if you could help solve this confusion so that it would be easier for me to follow your explanations in more detail.


  7. Hi Jessica,

    I actually can’t believe the report have sold so quickly. I click on the email and discovered that they have all sold. I hope everyone who managed to get a report really enjoy it. I last time I purchased one it was a great experience, and I still apply your words of wisdom.

    1. Good news – we can now offer a 2021-2022 Astrology Report (but without forum access) so that nobody is disappointed, and we’ll pass the news on, next week. Thank you very much R.

  8. Dear Jessica,

    Thank you for your reply. I’m sure all methods work but still not able to figure out a very small difference: as stated by you planets Saturn, Jupiter, Venus, sun, pluto are in Aquarius whereas even if I turn on my sky view app and look at where the planets are placed – it shows Capricornus constellation.

    According to the placement of planets in the night sky – what you say are conjunct in Aquarius are visibly conjunct in Capricorn! Is there a different approach you use to analyse the same that they appear to be in Aquarius ?

    Is it possible to connect with you one on one?


    1. Thank you Aman. I’m afraid I don’t do personal consultations unless for charity auctions, which are pretty rare. You need to choose which divination system to use. If Western, use Aquarius. If not, stick with the other system, but try not to chop and change.

  9. Dear Jessica,

    Thank you for sharing all this.

    I am an Aquarius and the last 3 years have been full of bad luck with a series of delays and treasons (plus the Covid crisis that we are all experiencing).

    I end up this 3 years with a total loss of confidence and questionning myself -as well as my past choices- on every aspects of my life.

    Reading your post, it seems that things are about to change in 2021. Or am I over-interpreted your words ?

    Thanks !

    1. Hello. I just looked at your chart and it’s carrying the wrong birth date and year – you were not born in 2021! Please ask Support to help you, and create your profile again (or maybe you can fix it by yourself) so I have the right date, time and place to work with and can look at your full personal birth chart. I suspect you have Capricorn planets and if so, yes, the last three years would have been impossible – but I can also predict for you the worst is over.

  10. Dear Jessica, the date has been fixed properly. Would love to get your views. I have some 2 Capricorn planets, does it explain all the negativity I felt over the last 3 years ? Thanks again

    1. Having even one or two factors in Capricorn has been so very, very tough as Saturn, Pluto and the South Node were all in that sign, all ‘sitting on’ your chart for a very long time. You are now well and truly over the worst. Over the next few years, you will become more interested in groups, circles, clubs, communities, teams and networks of all kinds, both online and in the real world. Understanding what makes them tick and figuring out what part you must play, will change your life.

  11. Thank you Jessica for taking the time to answer. This is good news indeed and I really look forward to connect more to others !

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