The Aries Weather 2021-2039

The Aries cycles that began in 2011 peak in April 2021 and bring wonderful breakthroughs in 2022 and 2023. In fact, they will be with you until 2039. Which area of your life is affected? Your usual horoscope and personal astrology chart reveals the potential.

The Aries Weather 2021

The Aries weather of 2021 finds the Sun, New Moon, Vulcano, Venus, Ceres, Mercury and Chiron all in the sign of Aries. All in one area of your life. A cycle that began in 2011 will take you into 2039. Which area of your life? Your Sun Sign or solar chart tells you.

Jupiter in Aries is Ahead
Jupiter (expansion, growth, hope, optimism, solutions, luck, good fortune) is in Aries from May 11th 2022 until October 28th 2022. He then returns in Aries December 21st 2022 until May 16th 2023.

If you want to gain the biggest and the best start now. Work with the Aries weather and look back at your past so you can improve the future.

Which Area of Your Life is Affected?

ARIES Image. Profile. Name. Title. Appearance. The Aries weather falls in your First House of presentation.
TAURUS Secrets. Subconscious. Mysteries. Depths. The Aries weather falls in your Twelfth House of spirituality.
GEMINI Groups. Friends. Teams. Networks. The Aries weather falls in your Eleventh House of communities.
CANCER Career. University. Volunteering. Caring. The Aries weather falls in your Tenth House of achievement.
LEO Travel. Publishing. Web. Education. The Aries weather falls in your Ninth House of travel in the mind.
VIRGO Finance. Property. Business. Charity. The Aries weather falls in your Eighth House of inheritance, wills.
LIBRA Partners. Exes. Enemies. Relationships. The Aries weather falls in your Seventh House of duets/duels.
SCORPIO Work. Body. Routine. Lifestyle. The Aries weather falls in your Sixth House of service, duty, health.
SAGITTARIUS Children. Lovers. Youth. Babies. The Aries weather falls in your Fifth House of younger faces.
CAPRICORN Home. Family. Household. Property. The Aries weather falls in your Fourth House of homeland.
AQUARIUS Communication. Media. Web. Writing. The Aries weather falls in your Third House of television.
PISCES Cashflow. Values. Property. Business. Charity. The Aries weather falls in your Second House of finance.

For a longer and detailed explanation of the horoscope houses, including the one which belongs to your sign on this Aries weather cycle – look here.


Light a Candle. Use the New Moon on 12th April 2021

kml31bzp9qq 373x600 - The Aries Weather 2021-2039Do use the New Moon in Aries on 12th April to launch or relaunch – a diet, a budget, a website, a bathroom – and so on. What results do you want, from that list above? The New Moon falls with the Sun at 22 Aries and Moon at 22 Aries. According to the area of your life where you have Aries weather – choose something to begin. Or begin again. For example, if you are a Leo and you want to relaunch your travel book series and website, you will use the New Moon on April 12th. By the way, that’s me. We are relaunching Holiday Goddess, our HarperCollins travel guide series and site. 

Use a Journal and Shape Your Future

Bearing in mind that the New Moon of April 12th 2021 is ripe for a fantastic new beginning, use the dates below to shape your future. If you are a Premium Member, look at your personal birth chart, to see if you have anything in Aries, at these degrees. If so, it’s a big day for image, brand, appearance, self-promotion, packaging. You can use the dates below for cosmetic surgery, weight loss, branded launches, haircuts, public relations and so on. Some days are for management, some days are for moving forward. Your Premium Member guidebooks and this website will give you any information you need.

Dates to Act in 2021

If you have Aries factors in your personal chart, these days are for moving forward and also micro-managing your image.
For everybody, these dates are crucial for dealing with issues, or plunging in, according to the life department (horoscope house) I mentioned above – ruled by your sign. So if you are a Leo, you will relaunch your travel website on April 12th following a few obstacles on April 4th and 6th. If your personal birth chart does show Aries planets, Nodes, asteroids or points, then this special feature from Stephanie Johnson (below) should help explain that in more detail to you.


When to Move – When to Manage – Aries Weather 2021

April 3rd
Sun 13 Aries conjunct Vulcano 13 Aries
Venus 16 Aries conjunct Ceres 16 Aries
April 4th
Venus 17 Aries opposite Aesculapia 17 Libra
April 6th
Sun 17 Aries opposite Aesculapia 17 Libra
April 7th
Sun 17 Aries conjunct Ceres 17 Aries
Mercury 5 Aries conjunct Salacia 5 Aries
April 8th
Venus 22 Aries opposite Panacea 22 Libra
Vulcano 16 Aries opposite Aesculapia 16 Libra
April 9th
|Mercury 9 Aries conjunct Chiron 9 Aries
April 11th
Sun 21 Aries opposite Panacea 21 Libra
April 12th
Sun 22 Aries conjunction Moon 22 Aries
April 12th
Mercury 16 Aries opposite Aesculapia 16 Libra
April 14th
Mercury 20 Aries conjunction Vulcano 20 Aries
Mercury 20 Aries conjunction Ceres 20 Aries
April 15th
Mercury 21 Aries opposite Panacea 21 Libra
Ceres 21 Aries opposite Panacea 21 Libra
April 16th
Vulcano 21 Aries opposite Panacea 21 Libra
Vulcano 21 Aries conjunction Ceres 21 Aries
April 19th|
Sun 29 Aries conjunction Mercury 29 Aries

Do You Have Personal Horoscope Aries Factors?

Checking your personal birth chart, if you have anything at these degrees of Aries, then the year in question will deliver a rebirth, relaunch, renaissance. Your repackaging will confront and challenge you. And others. You will experience a conjunction from transiting Chiron to whatever factor you have in Aries. That’s rare. It’s big.

2021 – Chiron at 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 Aries
2022 – Chiron at 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 Aries
2023 – Chiron at 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19 Aries
2024 – Chiron at 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23 Aries
2025 – Chiron at 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27 Aries
2026 – Chiron at 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29 Aries


All About Chiron in Aries Weather – The Adventure to 2027

You have had this cycle since April 17th 2018. You will have it until April 14th 2027. For four or five years now, you have been ‘trained’ by the universe in how to get away with the so-called impossible. How to get away with what others say is outrageous or unthinkable. All in respect of the area of life listed next to your sign.

rfec rq6rjm 600x400 - The Aries Weather 2021-2039
Ása Steinarsdóttir Unsplash

These are the dates the cycle began and will go onto:

April 17th, 2018 to September 25th, 2018.
February 18th, 2019 to June 19th, 2026.
September 17th, 2026 to April 14th, 2027

Learning How to Experiment
Chiron is a symbol of extreme experimentation! He was, among other things, a music teacher in the ancient world. Our most famous image of him, shows him teaching the lyre – even though he is half man, half horse.

Chiron was the centaur who tried everything from herbal medicine to archery, and he confronted and challenged everybody who came across him.

So, in the areas of life you’ve seen (above) according to your Sun Sign, you will find Chiron asks ‘Can you get away with this? Dare you get away with this? Who says you can’t get away with this?’

Your Life Education
The Education of Achilles by Peter Paul Rubens (The Museo del Prado) shows Chiron as a maverick teacher. In this cycle, you are mentored, tutored, guided and taught but by people organisations or situations which are outsiders.

Erasmus wrote, “Chiron taught his pupils to play the lyre, but he taught them also the fierceness of centaurs.”

The lyre, a version of the kithara, was the ancient world’s electric guitar. Chiron is like your punk rock music teacher. He doesn’t fit in. But you learn.

Castiglione’s Count Ludovico asked: “Have you not read that music was among the first accomplishments which the worthy old Chiron taught Achilles in tender youth…?”

Chiron in Aries and Students of Life
A Chiron cycle will make you feel like a student of life. It will make you feel young again, no matter how old you are. Why? Because you’re learning all the time. The teacher/s can come in disguise but by the time Chiron in Aries is over you will have come ahead in leaps and bounds.

Chiron Expert Zane Stein

Zane is known as Mr. Chiron in astrology. He calls Chiron a maverick. Zane Stein comments, ‘This word came from Samuel A. Maverick, an American pioneer and rancher who did not brand his cattle, unlike all the other ranchers around him.”

Learning What is Unacceptable or Unthinkable

Chiron, as a half-man, half-horse, could not exist and should not exist. Yet (at least to the Romans who gave us our astrology) he was the best of all teachers.

Chiron’s lessons in the sign of Aries, with one area of your life, are about anything or anybody which more conservative or traditional types think is outrageous. In your Sun Sign or Solar Chart it’s the area of life at the top, just mentioned.

In your personal or natal birth chart, it will always be the First House. If you have Aries factors then it’s about image, branding, reputation, style, name, title, and what they call ‘optics’ in marketing. Think of Chiron as your vehicle (below) but also, your guide, as he will help you navigate in new ways which are supposed to be impossible.

The Education of Achilles 498x600 - The Aries Weather 2021-2039
The Education of Achilles by Rubens

Matching Your Two Charts
In astrology you put the two cycles together for an accurate reading. So you can be a Leo learning from gurus or mentors, about travel – but if you also have Aries factors in your personal birth chart in the First House, it’s about you, you, you and your image! So, you may become a tour guide for sacred stone circles. Maybe, a Zoom French tutor.

Foster Fathers or Father Figures

Chiron in Aries will present as a foster father, or father figure, to tutor, mentor, guide and coach you. What Sir Laurens van der Post was to Prince Charles, various Chiron people will be – to you. Louise Brown, the world’s first test-tube baby was ‘fostered’ in a laboratory in 1977 by scientists. Chiron was found in 1977.

Chiron brings brother, father, uncle or grandfather figures who show you the way. You get to see what absolutely can be done, as opposed to ‘Never going to happen’ over a number of years.

Chiron and Charlie Kowal

Chiron was found by Charles ‘Charlie’ Kowal in 1977. He was an outsider, not an astronomer. Yet, astronomers themselves, described Chiron as ‘a loner with little respect for conventions. It was an unauthorised intruder in the territory of the solar system.’”Chiron is an outsider, maverick teacher, tutor or guide. You can read more about Chiron in Aries here.

Uranus in Aries 2011 to 2019 – The Past

To understand why the Aries climate change in your horoscope is so life-changing over so many years, you need to go back to Uranus in Aries, from March 11th 2011 until March 6th 2019. That’s transformed you. It was a revolution. It liberated you.

Rejected and Rejecting
In the area of your life ruled by Aries, this was where you were rejected – but you also rejected others. Through that rejection dance, you found freedom and independence. For example, Libra people were rejected by their partners, but also rejected them, 2011-2019. A lot of Libra divorces and separations date from these years. To give you another example, Cancer people were rejected in job interviews or turned down for promotion from 2011-2019 or found themselves with redundancies or just simple job loss. Your sign (at the top) reveals which area of life you were rejected in. And also, where and what you rejected! You’re free today, as a result.

So when were you affected?

The key dates were:
March 11th 2011 to May 15th 2018
November 6th 2018 to March 6th 2019.

gbypufvg0ii 400x600 - The Aries Weather 2021-2039
Mitchell O’Rourke Unsplash

Neptune in Aries 2025 to 2039 – The Big View

The Aries transits or cycles, extend far back into your past, triggering one area of your life, and go all the way into the distant future, 2025-2039.

It’s time to talk about life until 2039 as part of this Aries weather pattern, which goes way back into your past and takes you far, far into the future.

Escapism and Alternatives

Neptune, the symbol of escapism and alternatives to reality (holidays from the real world) will be in Aries, in the same zone of your chart, as follows – now you can see why this area of your life is such a big deal, for such a long time.

March 31st 2025 to October 23rd 2025
January 27th 2026 to March 23rd 2039

Saturn in Aries 2025-2028

This cycle deepens as Saturn joins Neptune in Aries, again in the same sector of your horoscope, as follows: 25th May 2025 to 1st September 2025 and 15th February 2026 to 14th April 2028. Saturn is a symbol of method, order, defence, fear, protection, warding off and frequently, paranoia. Saturn is about what we do to shield or defend ourselves against that/them ‘out there’ which we feel threatened by. Watch the historic conjunction of Saturn and Neptune at 0 Aries between February 15th and 22nd 2026.

That will bring a hard reality check (Saturn) at the same time that Neptune wants us to escape from reality. Again this is in the Aries-ruled house of your chart, so you will find that February 15th-22nd 2026 is a milestone, for that matter. Closer to the time I’ll discuss it on this website.

Amy - The Aries Weather 2021-2039
Amy Winehouse Creative Commons


Examples of Aries Weather Cycles and Famous People

Amy Winehouse, a Virgo, had Aries weather in her Eighth House of legacies, wills and inheritance. She passed away on 23rd July 2011. Prince Harry, also a Virgo, has Aries weather ongoing, in his Eighth House. As he told Oprah Winfrey, his family cut him off financially in 2020. He is living off his inheritance from Diana, Princess of Wales. Kate Middleton, a Capricorn, has Aries weather, ongoing, in her Fourth House of family, property, town and country. She married Prince William on 29th April 2011. Michelle Obama, a Capricorn, has Aries weather too, in her Fourth House of home and family, city and nation. She and Barack Obama bought a Martha’s Vineyard home in 2019 following the aftermath of the family’s departure from the White House.


The Age of Pushy Self-Promotion
The Aries weather has delivered pushy self-promotion. In your face. On Facebook. The technology has produced narcissism. You can blame the Aries transits on Social Me Me Me Media for these self-promoters.

Psy and Gangnam Style
Kim Kardashian
Miley Cyrus
Donald Trump
Meghan Markle

The Age of the Lone Gunman
The lone gunman, solo ‘soldier’ or killer, has been a deadly example of Aries weather. The Manchester bombing, for example. Unfortunately the negative expression of Aries is solitary male violence. Sylvester Stallone/Rambo is an unfortunate Aries archetype. This sign, Aries, is ruled by Mars, God of War. From the Paris attacks, to ongoing violence in America (like the Las Vegas shooting), to the Christchurch Massacre, Aries cycles have delivered mass murder on live stream. When we see difficult astrological transits involving Aries, we see problems. At his best Aries is the hero in uniform; a saviour. At his worst, Aries is the lone wolf killer. When Neptune goes into Aries we will see new violent virtual reality war games. Neptune rules unreality.

 The Arrival of Zoom
As soon as our new Aquarius cycles began, the Me Me Me of social media became less about one person, and more about the group. Zoom is a really good example of Aries and Aquarius weather working together. It’s about you. But it’s about all of you. Hundreds of heads in boxes. So, Aries when aligned with the right transits in other signs can be a fantastic thing.

Aquarius and Aries Weather
What we’re going to see 2038 is Pluto in Aquarius and Neptune in Aries together, so the pushy, self-promoting, loud narcissism is gone from 2023 when Pluto changes signs. We then go through a really interesting cycle of Aquarius-Aries transits.

You Become a Hologram

I am looking 27 years into the future here, but that will bring us hologram, interactive, identities online and in our homes. That is Neptune in Aries. You will be represented by a range of ‘selves’. Star Wars was right.



Psychic Astrology Predictions to 2038

We will see sport in particular played with ‘selected outcomes’ as you watch football or tennis with any number of different endings, played by virtual athletes.

The Pandemic and Virtual Gatherings

As I predicted in 2019, a virus would change the world. In October 2020 I also predicted in The Daily Mail that there would be no vaccine. There are attempts at vaccines, but the pandemic will not stop for them. That is why we are going to see ‘fake me’ represented so realistically at big virtual get-togethers. Even today, April 2nd 2021, The Guardian has admitted that the COVID-19 variants in the United Kingdom mean, vaccines like Pfizer and AstraZeneca will not deliver. So, we don’t really have a silver-bullet ‘vaccine’ then. And we have to adjust.


Meet Your Hologram
Virtual gatherings with ourselves present as holograms or 3-D televised ‘selves’ will be quite normal by 2038. These social gatherings or group events will be large (music fans) or small (you and your Covid bubble). Zoom will look awfully primitive by 2038 but it will prove to have been the beginning of digital socialising. You will select your hair, face, body type, clothes and so on for these gatherings. It’s like Second Life, but so far beyond the 3D virtual world of 2021 we will not recognise it.

My 2021 Events With You – Free

I will talk more about Aries Weather, your zodiac sign, your personal birth chart and future global predictions at free events in April 2021. Come along and ask questions. You can join me live in person in Sydney, or on Zoom and on YouTube (globally, free) with Tara Buffington, Natalie Delahaye and Stephanie Johnson.

YouTube Premiere and Zoom After Event
10pm Hobart
Friday 9th April

Sydney In-Person Event

2pm to 4pm
Saturday 10th April
The Thomas Keneally Room
280 Pitt Street

YouTube Premiere and Zoom After Event
Friday April 9th

YouTube Premiere and Zoom After Event
Friday April 9th




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  1. Hi Jessica,
    Thanks for all your work, I do enjoy reading it.
    I don’t recall a Auckland Massacre, perhaps you mean the Christchurch shootings at the mosques?

  2. Hi Jessica,

    I just want to say thank YOU so much for the huge amount of knowledge that you shared to us . Your generosity and kindness are the gift and much appreciated Jessica .

    Please come back to Brisbane one day .
    I have missed the last time you were here due to my work commitments .
    And I’m still mess about it .

    Much love from Brisbane xxxx

    1. Thank you so much. I will come to Brisbane once we are back to Zero Covid from Hobart to your lovely city. The bubble is not too far away so I will add an event in Queensland, to the usual YouTube and Zoom sessions on Meetups.

  3. Good Evening,
    This is very interesting article.
    Jupiter in Aries is in my chart coming up in 2022.
    I tried to translate the past to plan the future but got lost in translation.
    Please help me understand. Thank you!

    1. May 4th 2022 begins a new wave of cosmetic improvement for face and body; innovations in the hair care world for issues like baldness; new techniques for weight loss and cellulite; fitness and exercise industry enhancements; tremendous breakthroughs in our understanding of ageing and appearance which make it easier and more affordable to look better, sooner. We will also see long overdue improvements in the fashion industry worldwide. You will pick up on some of this by May 16th 2023 and be very happy with the results.

  4. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you as always for your anticipations. Excellent work. Could you please tell me what does the IC factor in Aries mean in my chart? Thank you. Best wishes.

    1. Thank you. The IC or Immum Coeli depends on a strictly accurate birth time. If you have it, then the IC in Aries describes your family tree, ancestors, culture and heritage. Aries is ruled by Mars, a symbol of war. Aries is an action man sign. You have inherited abilities, talents and gifts from (say) a grandfather on either side of the family; great-grandfather; great-uncle and so on. This man was in the Army, Air Force or Navy. Perhaps, in a rebellion or revolution. You may look a little like this person or have an instinct for the fight, even if it is in the name of peace activism. It takes time to see, but over the years you will realise how very much like one family member you are, and how you are continuing that birthright.

  5. Hi Jessica.
    As usual a fascinating & enlightening read. I have 5 planets in Aries, in particular Chiron at 5%. Just curious as to what this may mean for myself?
    Thank you in advance for any response.

    1. Thank you, Peter. Chiron, Venus, Bacchus, Psyche in Aries reveal four of you. So, four versions of yourself, all interested in being upfront, front-and-centre and out there. Aries is the sign we associate with the battering ram. Pushing through and breaking through. Aries the ram is masculine, ruled by Mars, another masculine symbol (the Roman God of war) and is never backwards about coming forwards. If this was the Forties you would be in the Army, Navy or Air Force and have signed up on the first day. In times of peace, people who have packed Aries/First House patterns still need to wear some kind of uniform, charge into battle and fly the flag for something, but it can end up being politics (suit and tie, parliament) or business (also suit and tie, corporate battles) or activism (T-shirt and banner). The Aries weather is going to re-introduce you to yourself so you find a new way to be the Aries stellium man you are. In fact, it’s a relaunch. You’ll find fame (or more fame) when Jupiter goes into Aries shortly, but I will talk more about that at the YouTube event.

  6. Hi Jessica,

    I have Chiron in Aries and my ASC and north node are also in Aries? How would you recommend I use this time or these factors to my advantage … if they are to my advantage?

    Thank you

    1. Alicia will pick up your question for the Zoom event after the YouTube Premiere, but in general, you need to relaunch with a new look and find one or more new platforms on the internet to promote yourself. Thank you.

  7. Dear Jessica – this sounds like a really big thing!! I have got 3 factors in Aries: Northnode (9 degrees), Saturn (21 degrees) and Vesta (27 degrees) Does this now mean that I’ll have kind of relaunch/ rebirth in 2021, 2024 and 2025? You write that 2021 is about duets/ duels / relationsship – what do I have to expect from the other years?
    My life is changing a lot at the moment – or better it looks like it’s gonna change (nothing is fixed right now) – possibly new country to live in, new job, perhaps also a new relationship (does it finally work with my Cancer candidate (born 10.07.71 in Liverpool) or is he still to scared to make some decisions…)? Can you give me some tips/ clues which could help me a bit?
    So appreciated – thanks a lot !!

    1. Yes, there is a relaunch and rebirth coming over the next few years, to follow the renaissance you had 2011-2018 with Uranus in Aries. It sounds as if you have a lot going on with choices about home, work and relationships. You will move by 2023 at the very latest. This seems likely in December 2021, January 2022 when all the factors line up together at the right time. Love, sex, relationships and marriage brings years of learning and experiment, either with one person, or a whole range of partners. Neptune in Aries will be with you for years and what or whom you ultimately end up with is an escape from the real world. Work becomes far better for you from May 2021, and you will have opportunities to clear up and sort out what has been a very confused and confusing situation with your working life, lifestyle and daily routine for years. A new role is very likely, new project or helpful reorganisation at your old workplace.

  8. Hi Jessica – fascinating as always. I don’t have any Aries in my chart so how will it impact on me then?

    1. Thank you. You still have the transits in your First House (birth chart) so in a general way you have been affected by the arrival of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram (self-promotion and presentation industries) and the ‘me’ of social media. In your solar or Sun Sign chart the Aries traffic has been in your Fifth House, which rules pregnancy, step-parenting, adoption, babies, infants, children, teenagers and younger people. Every Sagittarius Sun person is unique in terms of choices about that, and so are you, but in general the quite radical revolution that changed everything 2011-2018 is now part of who you are, and at the foundations of your world. What follows in April 2021 is a logical next step, and moving forward into the future, you might expect (say) godchildren, or other young relatives – or perhaps a role teaching or mentoring younger people – to be another leap.

  9. Dear Jessica,
    I have Sun at 9, Moon 23 and Mercury 11 degrees in Capricorn and a stellium in Aries with Saturn at 6, IC 16, Diana 5, Proserpina 20 and North Node 24 degrees. I have experienced good recognition for my work and efforts in the last 2-3 months, for work that I completed in 2020. I felt this would not only lead to recognition and awards, but also to a possible change in roles and promotion. While there have been conversations about it, I feel I continue to face obstacles that thwart my progress and growth in the company. I am concerned about missing an opportunity and remaining where I am at, in my position. Do you see any possibility of progress on this end? anything I can do to remove these obstacles?
    Thank you, much appreciated.

    1. You feel thwarted in a company where you should be promoted. This is frustrating for someone as strongly Capricorn as you. The issue is not you, it is the structure of the organisation. This ends in 2023. So long-term you can and will be very successful. What you are learning is people politics. You are being shown what it means to be successful and how to get there. (Hard work is the boring answer). You have been in the odd position of having rather a lot of power over other people’s lives – influencing what happens to them at a core level – but also feeling that you don’t have any power. This has taught you about being controlling, and being controlled as well. It all feels rather heavy but actually the worst is over. You did ‘the worst’ in 2018-2020. Now, the challenge is to respect other people’s power, particularly if they have earned it the hard way and understand that they will gladly help and empower you, if you back them. If you can’t do that, for whatever reason, then you need to think about other ways to be successful of your own accord. Yet, this intense cycle does end in just 2-3 years so life will feel very, very different later on. No politics.

  10. Dear Jessica,
    I have Saturn 12 deg Aries, and Diana at 14 deg Aries. How do I interpret the presence of Chiron in Aries for 2021, 2022, 2023 and 2024 (with one degree orb). Any other aspects I should be aware of? Much thanks for your insight.

    1. You are strongly Aries in Aries weather, long-term, so have already learned a great deal about ‘never judge a book by its cover’ because people judge you all the time, by just that. Understanding what happens on the internet when people react to your headshot, your face, your title or name, is the key. Image, name, voice, accent, clothes, hair, body shape – all of that – is an ongoing education for you. In April 2021 you will be shown how to overcome a fear and break free, in regard to that.

  11. Thanks for this interesting article Jessica. I have a stellium in Aries including Jupiter at 23 degrees and Chiron at 28 degrees. They connect with factors in other signs including my Sun in Cancer and Uranus in Libra. My understanding is I’ll have a personal rebirth/relaunch and a relaunch in my career. Your insight would be appreciated. Thanks.

    1. Yes, you will have a rebirth in April 2021 and in fact have a series of relaunches beyond 2030. You may become rather well-known, actually, and might want a role with a very high profile, for some years. It’s your call, in the end.

  12. Evening Jessica,

    Yet again, I found myself re-reading blogs on your little side of the internet this evening. I have Chiron at 12 Aries and the DC at 20 Aries. I would love a translation of what this means for me please. I’ve got an Aries ex, so i tend to have a mental block on all things Aries. I’m working on it. We have an Aries pooch born 10th April 2020 – so I’m embracing more Aries in my life that is a positive influence versus what was been hell. I’m focused on branding, brand, launching and all things image in the next 3 months.

    Have an amazing April. xx

    1. Thank you. Your DC is your Aries ex. The DC or Descendant describes the mirror image of you – as reflected by a former, current or potential partner. Your AC or Ascendant is who you see in the mirror (your own image of yourself). The Descendant is the mirror, facing the mirror. Chiron in Aries is about a lifetime quest to see what you can get away with, in terms of your appearance and reputation. This is the person who experiments with cosmetic surgery, hair colour, weight, wardrobe, the lot. It can manifest as getting away with a second identity or pen name, or an avatar. Your Aries dog may be part of your image, of course.

  13. Question for Aries Weather Event:
    Hi Jessica, another very interesting article. Have Sun 10° Pisces, Venus 22° Aries and DESC 28° Aries. I have a stellium in Pisces; Chiron
    02° Pisces, Vesta 18° Pisces, Ceres 24° Pisces, Bacchus 09° Pisces, Apollo 15° Pisces, Vulcano 25° Pisces and SouthNode 06° Pisces. So does that mean I will experience a rebirth, relaunch, renaissance in 2024 and 2026 respectively which will challenge and confront myself and others? Will it be a repeat of what happened in 2011-2018? I hope not because I lost my job in 2017 and I have not been able to work since for health reasons. Looking a doing a rebuild of our house as structurally failing and a rebuild is a better use of our funds instead of renovating. It has taken us 5 years to get to this decision and now we are getting nowhere with the design people. Have been waiting since the end of January 2021. We only have a modest budget and will need to borrow money, which means we have a mortgage until we are 90 years of age. My husband has Sun in Capricorn, don’t know the degree. Not sure if this is a message from the universe that we should be looking at another option. But not sure what this option could be, because if we sold our home as it is we would only get land value. Thanks in advance is your are able to offer some guidance. Regards Bettina

    1. Thank you. You have been unable to work for health reasons and your house needs renovations. You are looking at a mortgage into old age, Bettina, and your Capricorn husband is also involved in the choice to sell the home – or not – as you would only get land value. Your husband is in a very good position in 2021 and should use this year, more than any other, to make money or save it. There will be one opportunity after another to fix the problems, until December this year. You will return to work slowly, part-time and quite possibly online. There are many options beyond a long mortgage and 2021 is the year to look for them and act on them.

  14. Hi Jessica, I am an Aries with several planets in Aries. I am excited about the possibilities. I have no idea how I might be affected if you could shed light. I may be moving? I think I am too old to become a punk rocker but super fascinated with Rockin it lol – I just sold a house but have another one falling down I wish to make a haven. I am on road to becoming a personal coaching guide end of April and I see my mother-in-law may need some aid in the coming years…and Boy, have I been dreaming a lot. A wild adventure, I wish we could move to a new location and start fresh. All new! any chance that’s lovley?

    1. You will experiment with houses, money, renovation, apartments, property, accommodation until 2026 as you realise there are 99 new ways to own property or live in it, which others have not even contemplated. In fact your relationship with money will be a revolution, within five years and you will shake your head at the departure. You are already departing the old in favour of the very, very new – when it comes to finance, charity, business, property, shopping, owning, selling. Becoming a life coach may be part of that. You are looking at salary with different eyes. And yes, helping your mother-in-law will involve spending money too. If you are going to move, it would be no later than January 2022 and it would be to a place you know from the past, or from a past life.

  15. Question for Aries Weather event:

    Thank you for considering my query!

    How could Chiron transit in Aries affect those having a Chiron return?
    (For example, natal Chiron at 11 58, Mercury 8 42, and MC 10 16 Aries.)

    Another question, would Chiron transit in Aries be characteristic of any type of meteorological pattern in the northern and southern hemispheres?

    1. Thank you. Chiron in Aries has nothing to do with the actual weather (meteorological patterns) but it does show up in ‘human’ weather. Your Chiron Return in Aries is about returning to the past, in terms of how you used to dress, how you used to present yourself on the internet, or in the media, or in public speaking. Perhaps, in a job where you had to be upfront and wear a uniform. Chiron in Aries is also about title, reputation, profile – how people see you from a distance. Again, you will be returned to the past. Chiron in Aries in the First House is about seeing what you can get away with, purely on an image basis. You had a mentor, guide, tutor or unofficial teacher in the past, who fostered that. Well, it’s coming back. Long-term, you will be amazed at the number of years you can spend just dealing with questions about your online profile.

  16. Hi Jessica– thank you so much for this, and for the free event, which I’m looking forward to. I have an Aries stellium and am curious to see how this will play out in my own life! Also, I’m very curious about your long-term outlook for Neptune in Aries, and Saturn as well — I have seen other astrologers talk about this in relation to climate change (and the rise in extremism, which you touched on) and am wondering what your take would be? Thanks.

    1. Thank you. Vesta, the MC, Minerva and the North Node are all in Aries in your chart, so you do have a stellium. The MC or Midheaven depends on an accurate birth time, of course, but the North Node is the real story here, as it is about past lives and karma you have agreed to complete in this lifetime. The South Node in the opposite sign of Libra is about duets and duels. Aries of course is about the duel. You can safely say you have had at least one lifetime and possibly more in the Army, Navy or Air Force and on a personal level, may have been at war with a former partner. You come into this life determined to resolve issues about battles/fights but also making the peace and keeping the peace. As you have three other factors in Aries too, you’d have to say this is a constant recurring theme. It is your mission to push forward, be first, compete with others, and sometimes ‘fight the good fight’ when you have to. You can’t really deny that Aries side of yourself. However – there are ways to express Aries and ways to avoid. April 2021 is an eye-opener in that regard. As for Neptune in Aries, and Saturn as well, that has nothing to do with the Climate Emergency, but everything to do with extremism. What we probably going to see is the rise of fake war/cyber warfare/virtual reality violence. Neptune is about escaping from the real world and in Aries, the sign of the soldier, sailor and pilot (in battle) it is expressed through film, television and most of all VR headsets. The Rambo fantasy is another way of describing it.

  17. Hi Jessica,
    I have Mars at 28, Chiron at 17 and Aesculapia at 2 in Aries, my sixth house since I am a sun sign Scorpio. How will these effect me in the Aries weather? I am really tired after a rough period since 2018? Please let me know, thanks

    1. Yes, you are a Sun Scorpio with Mars, Chiron and Aesculapia all in Aries. Using both chart systems to read for you, at the same time, I can talk to you about appearance, image, face, shape, hair, teeth, wardrobe, style – the appearance – and also fundamental health, wellbeing, mental health. The two go together, don’t they. I am sure you are tired, given what you have been through. April 12th is a reset. What you will find is that nature conspires to put you on a new path with your mind, body and spirit. This also involves thinking about your work in a new way. Not just paid work, but also housework, and unpaid work (volunteering or caring for other people or animals). It’s a whole system actually, and you can’t separate how you present to a doctor, with how your soul feels about serving, or doing your duty. Mars is about action, competitive spirit, speed, impatience, sometimes anger. Mars pushes. Chiron is about seeing what you can get away with and teaching, mentoring or guiding others in the process. Aesculapia is about coming back from the point of no return. All in your First House, this is about your reputation, title, profile online as well as the way you physically look and present. So you were born with that, and you now have Chiron himself returning to your First House by transit. Something you can do in April which will help you for years into the future – think about where you fit in, in terms of serving others and being of service – you can’t get away from doing that on this cycle. You have to do it, even if you are the CEO or the future King of England. Yet, there are some acts where you put others first, that agree with your soul, and others which do not – at all. So you have to be honest without yourself about that. Talk to yourself in the mirror. Really look at yourself in the mirror. Even things like body language and posture. It is time to recreate and reinvent yourself using healing, the right food and drink for you, the right daily lifestyle and routine, the right sleep or meditation, exercise and fitness. It’s the same with your hair or wardrobe, perhaps, or your skin. Take a deep breath because April is the month. Anything out of synch with your soul will make you tired. So it’s a useful month to sort things out. You can use Your Oracle, The Astrology Oracle and The Tarot to do that too.

  18. Hi Jessica
    Can you please have a look and tell me how this will impact my Aries factors? I am moving. On April 10 to another country. Thank you

    1. Your timing is terrific as May-July, December 2021 and April 2022 are so rewarding for you, with the local culture, history, language, art, buildings, cuisine. This is more than just relocating. It is actually relocating your mind as well. You will be delighted with what unfolds May-July and sense it is the start of something so much bigger. It really is and just before Easter 2022 is a highlight. One of the advantages of the place you have chosen is the easy access to regional travel in and around…this is an eye-opener. As the world eventually sorts out quarantine and border control properly, you will also find that your new airport is a great hub for more exploration.

  19. Hi Jessica

    So excited to be attending your event in Sydney. I have a few factors in Aries Venus at 23 MC 28 and Ceres 28 not sure how these will impact me personally. I am about to commence a building project in regional NSW which I am excited about.

    Also really excited about the Youtube event tonight as well. You and your colleagues have been extremely generous with all your events and I appreciate it.


    1. Thank you Linda, I look forward to seeing you later today. Your building project is really well timed. In fact it will be quite empowering and teach you how to gain the upper hand by taking the reins and running your own life. You have had a couple of educational years, 2018-2019 in terms of that. Willpower has made you pretty powerful. You can watch the YouTube event again later to look at your Tarot card again but you will also take home personal Tarot cards from today.

  20. Hello Jessica
    I am a very new subscriber and I do not know much about astrology yet however I know that your predictions have been so on point. I am connecting to the zoom session this evening and this will be my first too. I have nothing in Aries as per the birth chart so would love to know what this means for me.


    1. Thank you Jordan. There is a project, plan or concept that needs to be planted or it will wither on the vine. This may be in your hands, but you have done nothing about it. It may be with a man who is motivated but paralysed for some reason. If you go back to the YouTube video you will see your card is King of Staves. If nothing is made real, nurtured and tended to, it tends to just evaporate. So the New Moon on April 12th is about you deciding to be practical, or to be of pratical assistance to someone who needs a collaborator. The project may be a course (taught or studied) but it is usually a brainwave, like a website or architectural design, for example.

  21. Wow, I wasn’t expecting that Jessica! I’m a pretty private person and I steer clear of social media so I can see why you’re saying it would be my call about a high profile role. Is it likely to be in my current field (education) or another one? Thanks! Looking forward to the zoom event tonight!

  22. Hi Jessica,
    Your article gave me a powerful insight into my life. I can’t help thinking about “travel in the mind”. With Covid, we’ve have to adjust to the notion of travel. I was traveling a lot between Canada and France and to other foreign countries. For the last 1à years I have had a sense of bewilderment. Where should I settle, where should I live ? The pandemic has forced me to adjust.
    I have been traveling in the mind for the past year now.
    I have been using my mind to understand myself. I have been giving mediation classes to teenagers and have also been giving yoga classes with a long meditation at the end and a lot of breathing exercices.
    I feel that after looking for a “home” in the world : meaning looking for a physical place to settle, that I have finally understood, that it’s not the right answer. It’s about being at home with myself no matter where. Finding an equilibrium mind body soul.
    This powerful Aries weather really speaks to me !

    1. Thank you. Yes, Canada-France is over in 2021. Your travelling is within. Teaching yoga and meditation also means learning them, ongoing, so you are now transmitting, not just receiving or sending. Quite right about finding home, within, as well. You are doing really important work in a time when people need it.

  23. Hi Jessica
    With so many factors in Aries, please let me know when will be my best dates for creating my future success? And how else will this coming season manifest?

  24. Dear Jessica,

    Thank you so much for sharing all of this fascinating information. I have Virgo Sun, Leo rising. Pluto is doing a merry little dance opposite my Moon and Jupiter which are both at 27 degrees Cancer and I am wondering how the Aries weather squaring them will help or hinder?

    On a whim I gave up my job last year, after working for the same organisation for 34 years. I am single, (well…a very long time divorced). Apart from work, my focus has been raising my now grown up sons on my own and at present being available to help my very elderly mother ( I have unaspected Venus in Virgo conjunct the ascendant) . I suppose I’m a bit lost and would be grateful for any insights you may have.

    So looking forward to this afternoon’s event. I hope you have a wonderful day!

    1. Thank you. Your path, as you will see on the YouTube program, is to sort out your lifestyle, wellbeing, fitness, mental health. That is ongoing. You cannot do that unless you have your budget sorted out. To do that you need your life budget, reviewed. What price do you put on being independent, for example? What value do you place on being able to pursue who and what you want, even if it costs you economically? You also have to choose in line with your values. This applies no matter if you are talking about business ethics or a charity. You have family obligations which are virtually a job. You also have a Pluto opposition. That suggests this Aries New Moon is about reviewing your life budget again. What you are paying for X and what is Y costing you? The priceless thing here is your own health on every level. You cannot serve others if you are not serving yourself and that means a budget adjustment.

  25. Scotland is going/ has been going through massive events in the run up to May 6 Election, including the important emergence of a new party ALBA on March 26 2021. Is there a good outcome?

    1. Depends what you mean by good! If you do a quick search on Scotland you will see I predicted independence for her many years ago, at the time of the first vote. What will ultimately result in Scotland’s separation is that combination of Brexit and Covid.

  26. Question for Aries Weather event:
    Dear Jessica, really looking forward to the event. You mention a couple of dates above this month involving Aesculapia and Panacea. I have noticed they have been retrograde for a while now and read somewhere else that when that is the case it is hard to find solutions or remedies. What are your thoughts on that and especially in relation to the shortly upcoming dates mentioned above?

    1. Thank you. The Aries weather is caught up with the backwards-forwards nature of the astrological climate, but going back to 2011, actually. You are being asked to look at the past, even memories you would rather forget. The universe will be sending you quite a few clues and signs at the moment, so the smallest thing (stumbling across a book you did not know had come out) or really big things (quite dramatic issues about self-promotion, or others promoting themselves) are here for you to sort out. April 2021 is like a wake-up call. You are in a position to take a deep breath, step back from all the ‘me’ questions and find out what you need to do next. Confronting yourself as you really are, in the mirror, but also how you are seen online. Aries can be pushy. If you are around pushy people then you need to make new rules for yourself about boundaries. It’s on that level.

  27. Question: dear Jessica
    Please could you enlighten me on what it means for me being a Virgo 26/08/1983 born at 7:30pm to have the 07 moon in Aries “43,30” please and what so I need to prepare or look out for and how to make my life and situation better please thank you.

    1. Thank you. Well, Temperance was your card in the YouTube Premiere and also on the Zoom, and Temperance is the very image of the Virgo maiden. The message is that you cannot really sort out your mental and physical health, your peace of mind and spirituality, until you have both feet on the ground. So you have known this since 2011, and realised that you are an earth sign. You need the fundamentals, financially, to keep you on terra firma. Only then can you feel secure enough to try meditation, or being vegan, or quitting alcohol, or seeing a therapist. You have also been shown that you cannot buy good health or peace of mind. You can achieve those free of charge or at a low price, by using the masses of free resources available to you. Water is free and apples are cheap. Meditation and yoga are free on YouTube. So this entire transit since 2011 has been about figuring that out for yourself. You now go into the next phase of your life, as your Aries Moon also takes you forward (you have a Lunar Return coming up now). This is about the second message. Appearances do matter. Your body type and shape, how you project yourself online. Yet, you can’t just wear a costume. This has to come from what you put into your body. It also has to come from a core soul message that just naturally transmits through your general approach to life. You cannot fake ‘pure’ can you? It has to be within.

  28. Hi Jessica. I’m a premium member and would love to find out a bit more about what Aries means for me this season. I’ve got my North Node and Vesta in Aries (2nd House). I’ve also got North Node at 21 degrees – new moon is on 22 degrees this month – so I wanted to find out from your perspective if there’s anything I should be mindful of this season. Thanks so much, Eleanor x 

    1. Thank you. You are not logged in, Eleanor, so I can’t see your chart, but I can use that information. Aries rules your First House, not your Second House, in the Natural House System. So it’s about image, branding, presentation, packaging, self-promotion – not money. Having taken quite a long journey with yourself since 2011 you have learned a huge amount about appearances. So this may have been your hair. It may have been your weight. Beyond that, title (how you are seeing according to your married name, say, or your job title, or the awards you win). And further still, reputation. How people see you, judging a book by its cover. You may not have rated any of that before, but since 2011-2018 you have realised just how staggeringly important it is, as the internet has kept pace with us, and it is our faces and self-promotion on, say, Twitter, that tells the big story. This will be with you beyond 2030 and you may work even harder to really create an image for yourself, or relaunch yourself.

  29. Hi Jessica

    With a stellium in Aries (Chiron, Sun, Psyche, Mercury, Venus & Bacchus) and Psyche at 9 Aries, what does this mean today with Mercury conjunct Chiron at 9?

    Really looking forward to this

    Thanks as always

    1. Mercury and Chiron in conjunction in Aries in the First House of your birth chart is about seeing what you can get away with, in terms of self-promotion, branding, your appearance and first impressions. It would have been more than a new lipstick or Twitter post, though. We only see this aspect once a year on average, and so given that Chiron is always about the experiment, and Aries is quite fearless, this is ‘the bold experiment’ with your own mirror reflection, or internet reflection. It is also more important long-term, as you have Psyche at 9 Aries, and Chiron has made the quite rare trigger to that, so what lives forever about yourself, particularly online, is also a statement about the so-called impossible or unthinkable. The so-called outrageous or ‘out of the question.’ It is usually online but it can be an oil painting or cosmetic surgery, or the use of a second name. Over the course of the next few years you will realise how crucial it is to clearly state who you are, and show that, to appeal to a particular market or demographic. Your career, unpaid work or studies are shifting until 2023 with a particularly big change in December this year, January next year. That does involve questions about how you are seen and who you appear to be. April 2021 is a part of that journey.

  30. Hi Jessica, thanks for the live Aries session just. Brilliant as always. I’ve been thinking for some time about a side hustle running a well-being /interior design business and have some great ideas. Is now a good time to get in and launch something. Also I’m also hoping to be recognised at my day job in terms of promotion into a more senior role or role where I can make a difference by bringing issues of diversity, wellbeing and learning & development into the workplace. Is this likely to happen. Thank you

    1. Thank you so much. You want either a wellbeing or interior design business on the side, and also a promotion. As you saw in the YouTube event and perhaps on the Zoom, you are coming out of a period of many years when you had to decide on your life budget. This is different to an actual budget because you must hang price tags on what money cannot buy. So, peace of mind. Perhaps, self-respect. Maybe, time off work. The family, if you have one, or a child if he or she is priceless to you. All this ‘costing’ continues in April 2021 and as you are ruled by the Moon, that New Moon on April 12th is very important. You will be on a new path then, fated to some degree, but also chosen by you. It will involve either of the three options you mention and maybe all of them, depending on how hard you have been working since 2011. Your career, role, position, status, ambition and mission is assured over the long-term, and therefore any choices you make about what you want to do, and who you want to be, have to be with life beyond 2030 in mind. Every long journey begins with a single step around April 12th. Have a look and see who or what comes up for you then, as that is your big clue.

  31. Hi Jessica. If it’s okay with you, could you please tell me more about having an 8th house in Aries at 24.4 deg? I’m a Cap/ Virgo Asc / Pisces moon. How will the Aries weather affect my career/finances, relationships, and family? I’m starting a new job next week and moving to a new place in June. I’ve been under quite a bit of stress and just want to be at peace in all aspects of my life. Thank you.

    1. You use an astrology system that gives you Aries on the Eighth House cusp, but I work with the Natural House system, which gives you Aries on the First House cusp. You have been under strain and are moving jobs and homes by June. Well, that tells you the whole story, because the First House is about your title, wardrobe, image and reputation. You are being relaunched. The new home will also say something about your image as people are so often judged by their address aren’t they, or the apartment or house they are found in. At the same time, in your Solar Chart (as opposed to your Natal or birth chart) you are a Sun Capricorn, and if you go back to the YouTube Premiere you will see me talking about the family tree being made to change. That is true but you are not being uprooted. It is not that dramatic. Just some ‘dead wood’ as they say which needs to be released and swept away so new growth can happen.

  32. Thank you for an interesting event on Aries weather. I tried to post a question during the event, but it got so busy. Is it possible to see what the Aries weather mean for me. I have so many placements in Aries and I believe I have my nodal return. Is that karmic in nature? I will for sure light a candle on the April New Moon on the 12th. Thank you.

    1. Thank you. Yes, we had hundreds of questions in both the Zoom and the YouTube so fortunately I can answer you here, now. You are strongly Aries and do have your Nodal Return as well, correct. Essentially this New Moon on 12th April is your excuse to review the past, going back as far as 2011 (so about 10 years ago) and looking at the different relationships you have had with powerful authority figures in your life – male – likely, your father, your husband, your employers. Perhaps it’s just been about one man. This has been the result of Pluto in Capricorn in transit, but also Uranus and Chiron in Aries. You have hopefully learned about empowerment from this man. If you have willpower and self-control with him (or had it) then you felt more authority yourself. More confidence. More certainty. You may have learned about the system from him. The corporate or business world; the academic or professional sphere. He may have also taught you about the social pecking order; the establishment or the hierarchy. You have learned so much about if you want that or not; if you respect that or not. Now, we find. you making choices again about matters of identity, image and your own place in the grand scheme of things. Over the next few years, increasingly, you will come to understand that it is the impression you make, the message you send with your ‘optics’ as they say, and the aura you create, which does all the work for you – at work. Or in High Society. So, no matter if this was one male or one of many, you have in fact been given An Education.

  33. Hi Jessica, I came “late to the party”. Wanted to thank you for lovely Zoom session and new to all things astro.
    Best wishes,
    Eva in NYC

  34. Hey Jessica, thanks for the Youtube and the Zoom meetup, it was good and thanks for the advice from last year as well.

    Your readings hit too close to home in an accurate sense as a Taurus. My circle of friends has been getting smaller and fractured. One, I’ve lost my art commune studio recently due to the change of ownership of the property, where we had to hand over the keys. I haven’t been seeing them much nor have space for me to work on my own projects in peace due to the chaotic environment at home. This week I’ve recently broken away from another group after we had… some disagreements about personal matters, which is an understatement. Straight after that, I’ve learnt that one of my friends had diagnosed with serious medical issues that we didn’t know until recently.

    My current circle of friends are getting smaller and fractured. I’m a bit concerned I might lose social connection and networks, which leaves me marooned with my toxic extended family and their circle of friends, which I’m too tired to deal with them any further at this stage of my life. Especially when I’m about to start my career and currently trying to grow my relationship. I’ve kept it a secret from most of the members of my family out of fear they would sabotage all my efforts to be independent as I get the feeling they would feel threatened. I’m curious to know how the Aries weather would affect me, especially when I have Aries factors in my chart hitting the same degrees, such as Mercury 9 Aries and North Node 29 Aries?

    1. Thank you. The groups in your life are fracturing, and you are a Taurus. That sounds about right, given the Neptune transits in Pisces. What can you do? You are strongly Aries. I mentioned in the YouTube Premiere and the Zoom that you needed to look inward. Under the surface of the tribal differences between each person. If you all go on relating superficially by judging a book by its cover, nothing will be sorted out. If you can take just one other person in the group and try to draw closer to them, one on one, relating on a soul level, not from surface appearances, that will help. The two of you would need to then get closer to a third person, and so on, until you have slowly found the core bond you need to share. Remembering the larger group goal is the thing. If you have all lost sight of the communal goal, that is half the problem. Getting back to people power for a powerful purpose will assist. If that goal has gone though there is not much you can do. Assuming you all can still see the potency of community for a goal, you may also want to play with the idea that the most troublesome person may leave the scene. There may be 1-2 people who are too loud, too self-centred, too caught up in themselves. Try to see the different possible positive outcomes.

  35. Question that I was unable to post during the Aries weather event (thank you for that): I am a premium member (Aries Sun). You pulled the Emperor card which I recognized as my ex (Scorpio born 1958), we have been apart since 2013. It was a difficult marriage. He has not cooperated with divorce. I believe it will happen this year – wondering if we will end up going to court, and anything you might be able to tell me.

    1. Thank you. The Emperor card is about your former partner, whom you recognise and he will not divorce – though you hope to get to court in the end. You have been apart since 2013, which is a long time. He is alone, inaccessible, very much invested in his career or social position (having made it to the top) and quite hard to reach. So you have to communicate on his terms. You may need to send a go-between to negotiate with him, if you cannot reach him yourself. I would suspect the issue for him is being divorced. He does not want that around his neck. Despite the fact that so many famous and rich men of high social position are also divorced (Charles, Prince of Wales) he is very mindful of his position in life. If you can send an intermediary so much the better. There has to be something in it for him, for this to end. I am not sure what that would be, but perhaps you can come up with something. He is open to making a deal with you, if the deal benefits him. Of course the other possibility is a new woman enters his life. If you can imagine that, and accept that, then this may be the reason he cuts the cord.

  36. Darn it. I missed out on this event. I had a fever in reaction to my covid shot and wasn’t up for much else.

    Perhaps you will cast your eye over my chart, Jessica. As I understand it, the sun and moon will conjunct my 21º Aries moon and trine MC 23º Sagittarius on or about April 12th. I’m guessing that I’ll be lit up somehow.
    Always grateful for your observations and refinements.


    1. I am sorry you had that reaction to your COVID-19 vaccination, Patrick. The video will be up permanently on YouTube. Your Moon in Aries is certainly trine your MC, if your birth time is strictly accurate. The MC depends on that. Even without a minute-accurate birth time, your Moon at 21 Aries is at the heart of ongoing Aries weather, in your First House of self-promotion, your personal appearance (from hair to weight), your reputation (how the world sees you, rightly or wrongly), your name and title, and so on. You project the Moon. So, you appear to be a caretaker figure or a parental figure. The Moon is mother. So you appear to mother someone/something – as far as the rest of the world is concerned. In Aries, you are paternal, perhaps, or you fight hard for others, rather protectively. You push for who and what you believe in, because it matters to you emotionally. Aries is often linked to the armed services. The Moon in Aries can be very, very quick to respond to perceived threats and in fact many first responders’ charts show that Moon, because they are forever in uniform, first on the scene, ready to help. You will explore every single facet of the Moon in Aries to come beyond 2030. You already learned so much about image in 2011-2018 and now you are ready for the next experiment in projecting yourself out there into the world.

  37. Hi Jessica,
    My Sun Sign is Scorpio (Sun 18° Scorpio 38′ 13″). I have Chiron 13°  Aries 40′ 06″ R.
    What does this mean for me in the years ahead? Thank you, Mariana

    1. Mariana, the Aries weather long-term is really about understanding what it means to serve. You can do that even if you are a CEO or an employer. There is an obligation to serve others, do the work, do the housework, do the unpaid work. To perfect the small tasks of what you are paid to do, perhaps, but also sometimes to volunteer. A sense of craft will be really fulfilling to you in 2021-2030 and God is in the details, for what you end up perfecting. Of course nobody is perfect but you will come close so often, that those natural highs will make the effort worthwhile. The big challenge for you is to remember, constantly, that you cannot serve others without serving yourself. Your mind, body and spirit connection is something you will go more deeply into, over the next few years, not only because we are living in a pandemic, but because you realise just how much impact your soul has, on your physical health or mental health. How your unconscious mind or disallowed self, really steers the bus. That will be a fascinating path of discovery for you.

  38. Hi Jessica, I have stellium in Aries but more so in Aquarius. I’m self employed and am hoping to grow my business this year and beyond but would like to try for another baby and am also planning to move near hills and forests (currently living near London, it’s flat and noisy but seeing hills and hearing sounds of nature make me feel alive). How’s this Aries weather fits in my plans? Thanks

    1. If you are going to move, it will be by January 2022, and the place you move to will be very familiar to you, either from around 19 years ago, or into past lives, perhaps. It’s not so much a relocation as a complete shift in your state of mind, knowledge of the world, and ‘a little local learning.’ Of course you may not go at all, but as this cycle will not be back for about another 20 years, you may find yourself wanting to get a wriggle on. Just avoid Mercury Retrograde around June (you can look up the dates on Search) and avoid the eclipses, around the same time. Yes you will try for another child. Yet your existing child will be at the heart of a wonderful leap forward this year too.

  39. Hello Jessica, Thank you for this amazing article.
    I have South Node 04 Aries, Fortuna 05 Aries and Panacea 11 Aries.
    South Node I would interpret as karma, Fortuna as ups and downs, every high is a low, due to the degree? I took part at the Aries Weather Report and the Zoom meeting and the tarot card for Leo was Fortuna as well, so maybe a double clue. I don’t know how I should interpret Panacea in Aries. Do you have some insight for me?
    Thank’s again, Christiane

    1. Aries rules the First House and that is where we find image, as you have correctly described. Anything in the First House in Aries is personally projected. So if you have the Sun in Aries in the First House (you are an Aries, for example) you shine. You stand out. You illuminate and expose – people and situations. Your very presence, name or face tends to turn a huge spotlight on particular issues. With Fortuna and Panacea in Aries you also project the goddesses. So you may appear to be blindly turning the wheel of fate for others. Have a look at Fortuna in painting and sculpture to see her. Shakespeare wrote about her. Panacea was a goddess of healing, but her cures, remedies and solutions had an ethical component for the Romans. Euthanasia, for example, relieves suffering but is morally questionable. A ‘panacea’ is a cure for doctors today, as it works, but of course the patient is being deceived! You are unlikely to literally portray Panacea unless you are a nurse, doctor or surgeon. But symbolically you project answers, remedies, solutions to people. That, together with Fortuna, suggests you project quite a powerful image; you appear to be one who is in charge of others’ destinies. The South Node there shows you – you have done this before.

  40. Hi am Virgo Sun but i have Chiron return. What should i expect? My natal Chiron is at 9 Aries

    1. Chiron is not a wounded healer, as he is sometimes described. He is a teacher, and not a normal teacher. He is a mentor, guide, influence, instructor, example – from the unexpected side of life. In Aries, in your First House, Chiron comes with you whenever you project your personality online, on television, or to a wider audience (say in public speaking or meetings). The centaur gallops along side when you sell yourself, or present yourself a particular way, particularly if it is just your face (Chiron in Aries rules how you face the world). The return suggests a relaunch or rebirth. This is not the real you. It is your image. Yet, it will matter.

  41. Hi Jessica

    Thank you and Alicia so much for a terrific event today, your generosity of time, knowledge and energy is much appreciated. My first tarot card Nine had an owl (which I love) and was rich with the symbolism of the period of my Uranus in Aries transit. On my way home at dusk, I saw an owl, haven’t seen one for many years, couldn’t believe that synchronicity! Although I’m not really sure of what to make of my 2nd and 3rd cards yet?!
    That Uranus transit was much as you described for me, so much so that the person I thought I was or much of what I identified with has been dismantled. So looking forward and trusting myself to make wise choices is a challenge and perhaps why I’m having trouble with the cards!
    I’m wondering if you see anything that I should focus on in this season?

    Best wishes

    1. Thank you so much. I will pass that on to Alicia. The owl is a symbol for Minerva in your chart. I can’t quite believe you saw an owl at dusk, although nothing surprises me after these events. You have Minerva in Capricorn in the Tenth House of success, ambition, achievement. Minerva is tied into patterns which are quite tight in your horoscope, so she is central. That is your wisdom about career, unpaid work or academia. In fact, your ultimate achievement may well be in a Minerva role. She may turn up as Athena, the Greek forerunner, in your life. The second and third cards will make sense over time; taking the cards home and seeing them like a film, or a stage set, is what it’s all about. Minerva in Capricorn sometimes emerges later in life as an academic; as a senior professional; as the go-to person in a large organisation. In the Louvre in Paris, she holds an owl in her hand.

  42. Hi Jessica,
    I have no Aries anywhere in my chart… but as a sun Capricorn the last 10 years has all been about family and property. My mum died in 2010 – and I bought her business from my siblings in 2011… it has been very successful but this has caused massive family rift. I have split/divorced from my husband and gained an apartment in the divorce… I also bought an apartment with a deposit from money my mum left me… and a third investment apartment in May 2019.

    The properties make me feel financially secure… but none give me the sense of being at home. Will I find home in 2021? My friends call me a gypsy.

    1. You have been through the long Uranus in Aries cycle, from around 2011 to 2018 and are now in a dramatically different place with your siblings, in particular, and of course your husband. The apartments have been the physical manifestation of the ‘moving’ on the inside, emotionally and psychologically. The years of disruption can be put far behind you. You are now free to experiment with what home means to you. In fact, Chiron in Aries is all about trying what you privately think (even to yourself) is really risky, but pulling it off. Eventually Jupiter will move into this same chart zone, as he goes from Aquarius and Pisces in 2021, into Pisces and then Aries, after 2022. So you will finally sort out a place to call your own, a sense of belonging to a space, but also a region and yes – overcome the issues with the family. Long-term Neptune in Aries will bring you a total escape; your four walls and/or garden in future will be your holiday from the real world.

  43. Dear Ms. Adams,

    Thank you very much for your public prediction about the start of the pandemic and your bravery in discussing using precognitive dreams. Thank you very much.

    I, too, have precognitive dreams and was able to ‘feel’ the oncoming of the pandemic in several dreams in late-2019. In fact, for decades now, I have had these pre-cognitive dreams mostly all related to global disasters and disasters for people close to me (including myself which I am able to mostly avoid). I can also generally ‘feel’ time – that is a date when these things will happen and about how long they will last.

    Aside from my mother, I haven’t discussed natural disaster prediction with anyone else before except in this email to you. However, in part because of the severity of this latest episode (pandemic) but also because (1) my belief system which imparts a need for me to accept all aspects of myself (and not continue to repress them) and (2) my general acceptance that I won’t have my mother with me forever, I have come to the decision to look for a mentor and/or group that will help me both (a) sharpen my ability further and (b) share in camaraderie with like-minded souls. This ability has, at times, been a great blessing but it has also at times been overwhelming, disempowering, and saddening. Finally, I have had enough of feeling disempowered and am looking for a mentor and/or group that will guide me to be more in control, more empowered, and more joyful.

    Would you be able to point me to a reputable group, person, or persons where I might want to start on this new journey?

    Even if this email never reaches you or you don’t respond, I know just by (finally) reaching out to someone legitimate – I have begun this new journey.

    Lastly, thank you again for honoring your gift and for your bravery in speaking out.

    Thank you,


    PS. I don’t really know anything about astrology nor tarot – I enjoy reading other’s interpretations of it on occasion but my ability is really around pre-cognition. (However, I try to be open to learning new things.)

    PPS. I have signed up for your premium membership on your website, feel free to look at my chart if that is helpful in showing that I am not bs’ing

    1. Thank you Michelle. If you are having precognitive dreams then it helps to be in like-minded company. So many people are either sceptics, or just do not understand that side of reality. You also get people who are so caught up with money, shopping, clothes – that they do not have any spiritual path any more. That is also quite hard to be around if you are what is known as ‘a sensitive’ to use the old-fashioned term. Then you get people who are clueless about the truth and meanwhile you have this other message coming through your intuition about what is really going on! That can also be frustrating so it can be good to get together with other people who are also psychic, like you. I recommend The Conscious Cafe run by Judy Piatkus and Gina Lazenby. They have fascinating guests and they meet in the real world as well as on Zoom, around the world. You can find them on YouTube and the cafe also has its own website.

  44. Hi again Jessica, Thanks for your reply about the Neptune-Jupiter conjunction (reply button wasn’t working). I don’t think I have a lot of Aries in my chart but wondered if the Aries weather would affect my chart in any way? Am I on the right track to assume it would trine my Saggitarius stellium but oppose my Libra stellium? I’m not exactly sure how that translates though so hope you can help me understand it! Thanks again!

    1. Yes, quite right about the opposition to your Libra placements and trine to your Sagittarius placements. Throughout April you will see this unfold as new doors opening with other cultures, nationalities or countries – a new interpretation of how to make it work – but also big questions about duets and duels in your life. At the biggest picture level the passing of the Duke of Edinburgh, has made the Commonwealth rethink its history and future, and of course we now have a widowed Queen. The duel between Prince Harry and Prince William is also in focus.

  45. Hi Jessica, Thank you for the Aries weather event. Although I missed the zoom part and can’t wait till your team uploads it. One interesting thing during the youtube premier was that you pulled the page of pentacle for Libra and Tara also pulled wheel for me and the synchronicity that both of you used the keyword “change” for me still give me goosebumps.
    I have Hygeia 24° Aries, Vulcano 01° Aries and I expect that my libra factors ( Sun 27°, Venus 05°, Apollo 22°, Cupido 13° in Libra) will make aspects and angles to this long Aries transit. As I am writing this now in the candlelight per your recommendation a lightning just happened in the sky. 11:11 pm EST.
    stay safe,

    1. Thank you. We will edit two Zooms together, actually, covering the Time, Prediction and Dreams event, as well as Aries Weather, Aylin. Goosebumps are usually a sign that your spirit guide has stepped into your energy field and is giving you confirmation. Tara is a brilliant psychic so you saw first-hand what can happen. And you’ve just seen lightning? Great. That is liberation, radical change, freedom, space, independence and a very new sort of life. You are being taken off one fork in the road and put on another. If you had stayed on the other one, you would have been confined in some way. The Aquarius transits now with Jupiter and Saturn in that sign are also aspecting your Aries and Libra patterns, and Aquarius is ruled by Uranus – who rules lightning. It adds up.

  46. Your reply has given me such a lot to think about. I think it will take many sessions of sitting with myself to gain insight, especially regarding my life budget… SO deep! Thanks, I really appreciate you taking the time.

  47. Thank you so much for such a detailed post on Aries Weather Jessica. Apologies, I just felt today I am missing out on my Aries month , as my focus was, since Feb, mainly on health. I did have my bday 21st Mar (’78), but all these days have sped so fast.

    I have never been to the doctor like this so regularly in my life till now, always up and about until the last few months. Now as I am being forced to taking it very slow, I realize I have been , my body and mind, under severe strain anxiety and work since some years ( bad father and his troubles, and the probs he created for the house, family and ppl taking adv of the same and all that. This in addition to questions about my identity , career and life). Now I realize never again am I permitting anyone negative around me although my family (father has passed four years ago) has some matters – which we have to complete calmly. Seriously what trauma can one bad parent can give to children and spouse!

    I am sitting on some email drafts since weeks because I just want to get health ok first. My very good doctor says I have to be calm too which I am learning, it’s just the lockdown again has caused my doctor to also not see patients for some time and that caused me to get tense. But am getting ok now I feel. I am so done with Corona. And living in a place with no proper vaccine and many ppl refusing to wear masks gives such anxiety.

    I have to get to my academic emails. Kindly please if you have some time, why is this health matter suddenly here, although it’s good in a way that these matters came up. At present I see the big planets Pluto sitting on my natal Juno at 26 Capricorn and connecting to Ascendant at 25 Pisces, MC 26 Sag, Hygeia 27 Sag, Jupiter 27 Gemi, and Uranus t 9 degrees is nearly on my Minerva at 10 deg Taurus.
    In Virgo there are Ops 15 , Panacea 14. Desc 25.

    Am an Aries and I do have an Aries stellium Sun at 0 deg, South Node at 5, Mercury 17, Venus 14.

    I just want to get back soon to being perfectly healthy as I was and be up and about as I was, with my life career matters and move from this country forever. If you could spare some time, your insight much appreciated, kindly. Thank you.

    1. I am very sorry you had that one bad parenting experience. We all have something to bear or carry in our lives, and for you it was one parent – being the wrong parent for you. You have learned some very good skills to get through that and are also really lucky with that 25-26,27 chart pattern as in 2021, 2022 you will either be learning or teaching (perhaps both) and going to the next level in an exceptional way. Your health is an issue and you have anxiety. That is your excuse to find the method that works for you. There are several and you need to try them in turn. Anxiety is very common in 2021 because of the stress of the pandemic and the inconsistent response of government and big business. So you are not alone. Everyone feels anxious when they see how people are responding. Yet it is important that you get rid of anxiety or minimise it, because your immunity is your gold passport. If you are not already using techniques and methods daily, regularly, to cope – it is time to start getting them on board. You would gain from keeping a diary, then ripping it up or deleting it, if you have to. You need to talk and be listened to, which relieves your stress, but you also gain a lot from writing it all down then getting rid of it. That’s in your chart.

  48. Hi Jessica,

    I have Sun in 2deg, Mars in 4deg, MC in 14deg, and Panacea in 17deg Aries. Which areas will be changed for me? In the last 1 year I have become way calmer yet bolder than before. I’m looking forward to have financial improvements and feel stressed about my kids’ future education, if I can support them to achieve their dreams.


    1. You are strongly Aries as you know FA and this year you will be very happy with the outcome with one child, perhaps more than one – as there is a stunning breakthrough and long period of potential growth for at least one younger face. Ongoing, the future is about regular relaunches of your title, name, face, style, shape, persona, brand, reputation. Rather like Dr. Who reincarnating!

  49. Hi Jessica, again I really enjoyed the event. I found the death card for Sagittarius quite positive as I’m waiting for the new beginning. I feel so stuck in my own head and energy at the moment. I’m trying to focus on other things and keep busy, but it’s still hard as I’m still at home after a year. I have let my mental health affect me this year. I have Juno 24 Aries and I’m a Sag. You have already assured me on another post I’ll get the answers I want, I just would like some advice on how to break this draining energy and how to move forward while waiting for my news. Thank you xxx

    1. Thank you. Yes, the Death card is about the end of the old, and birth of the new. You have to let it happen and you cannot rush it. So even though you feel drained at the moment, and stuck, you are feeling the lag effect of being at home after a year. That is not surprising as it takes a huge toll on our normal need for the cuddle chemical, Oxytocin – as well as Endorphins, Serotonin. The astrology is very much about Neptune transiting your Twelfth House of inner life, inner reality, the soul, spirit, psychology, psyche. You have been put into another world where your interior matters as much as the outside world. This has been really tough at times but you will in fact be grateful for the skills you have learned, after May. Meditation, for example, hypnosis or Reiki. Perhaps, Christianity or Buddhism. You will use this for the rest of your life. But everything about your chart comes back to transiting Neptune in the Twelfth House.

  50. Thank you Jessica,
    This is all new learning for me but you’re a great teacher and fascinating to listen too.

    Any advice, I want to move. Just not sure what’s next for me. I feel like I am at a standstill.

    1. Thank you Colleen, that’s really kind of you. You will have the option to move, May-July, December and most of next year. It would not just be moving across the neighbourhood, you would feel as if you were travelling into a completely different space. There will be more room to move, a bigger home and/or water nearby, or perhaps a pool or pond. That’s what I am seeing for you.

  51. Hi Jessica,

    I have been following your prediction on Hong Kong being returned to UK.

    Recently, there have been many Hong Kong families moving to UK to start a new life. And with the new immigration arrangement of UK government, there should be more Hong Kongers moving to UK in coming years.

    I am wondering a return to UK is a sovereignty nature or the Hong Kong community move to UK and becomes part of it? As we have a belief that Hong Kong is not a place, it is the people. May I have your thought on that?

    Thank you!

    1. Thank you. It is interesting that you feel Hong Kong is the people, not the place. I was last there to stay on Lantau Island which I loved. We will see a unification of Hong Kong and the United Kingdom. There will be a clear gateway for Hong Kong people to the UK, which is already happening, but it will work the other way too, so expatriate British go into Hong Kong. The gap will close, partly through football and other sport, but mostly through diplomatic relations. So this is not hard violent rule is it? It’s a happy unification and celebration, a reunification actually. The people will go back and forth between both places and eventually the territory of HK will merge with the UK again. It may seem impossible now but that is what I am seeing.

      1. Thank you Jessica!

        Had such thought cause current political situation in Hong Kong looks not favorable for non Pro-Beijing Camp. With your predictions, I will stay positive to witness what’s coming for us!

        Btw, Lantau is really a nice place, beautiful hiking trails and beaches.

  52. Thank you for taking time to reply, Jessica. Appreciate this. Yes, anxiety has to be gone. Health has to get back to be perfect.

  53. Hi Jessica, I am so grateful for this helpful article.
    As a premium member I can see that Hephaestus (Vulcan) is with Hygieia in Aries in my 4th house. I am Capricorn, and the years between 2011 to 2019, especially 2014-2015 (Uranus-Pluto squares), changed my life forever. I lost both my parents from cancer in a 6-month difference, I got fired, broke up with my boyfriend and of course as matters represented by the 4th, House, I moved out. I embraced these sudden liberating changes, I tried to react as if they were invitations to my higher purpose however, I am still recovering from all the traumatic memories. My family house was like the world card in tarot. My mother was a Leo and my father was a Taurus. My sister is a Scorpio and as a Phoenix (eagle) she raised herself and me from all the past difficulties. Jupiter will soon enter Pisces; my sister’s 5th house and I know she and her Pisces partner are trying to have baby. Could 4th and 5th house matters go hand in hand? As a Capricorn, with Uranus in Taurus (and natal north node in Taurus too) I believe that one way to emotionally heal my wounds from the ram battles is through children and my connection with them. Looking at my chart what do you think the future might bring in my life?

    P.S.when you pulled page of Swords for Capricorn people, and saw that breeze blowing once more those family trees I felt the tension and the energy of the past. Hopefully changes will be less aggressive and more positive.

    Thank you very much for your insight.

    1. You have certainly been through a life-changing Fourth House transit. I am sorry both your parents passed with cancer, and your home life was disrupted with both finances and your boyfriend. You are correct about children and Millennials actually. Until 2026 you will be shown quite startling new ways to explore and experiment what a mentor, guide, tutor, parent or substitute parent should be – to a younger person. It can and should be exciting. I am glad the Page of Swords Tarot card spoke to you at the YouTube event.

  54. Dear Jessica,

    Just wanting to express what lovely insightful article you are you have provided to all. Thank you so much for your words – they are always much appreciated =]

    I was just hoping to ask you, I have been all confused on where it is I may best be channelling my energy recently and so were just curious to ask if it may be at all possible to offer some insight as to where may be useful. I’m struggling to read my chart at the moment whilst having to make some decisions from a health perspective. I have recently returned home from such a period and was wondering is it really nessessary to return or try to manage things as they are at home where I feel more grounded albeit the recent changes that are to have presented themselves at home. I hope I can turn things around at home but was just wondering if it is the right time to do so in this period of time. Sorry if I may seem a bit vague but any information of support or guidance you may wish to offer shall be much appreciated indeed.

    Take care,
    Kindest regards,

    1. Thank you Bea. Are you asking if you should stay at home or move? I recommend that you use the Tarot, Your Oracle and The Astrology Oracle in a three-way reading, following the rules, and ask specific questions which matter to you most, using a specific deadline (eg: by Christmas 2021 or in ‘the next five years’ and so on.

  55. Dear Jessica,
    Bless you so much for your response to my recent message, it is much appreciated. I suppose it is partially in reference to this previous question but seems all entangled with so many other questions I think. Have been thinking of various thoughts on purpose and yet cannot seem to feel a specific direction to practice. Health seems to be another question as I have explored astrology to assist in my recovery but have no such qualification to wonder if its time to do so or if its a hobby. Would it be the right time to write? Or something educational based? Would you believe to suggest that the cards are the solution towards finding the guiding light?
    Apologies for my questions but so grateful for your support and guidance.
    Take care, kindest regards, Bea.

    1. Bea, if you are feeling confused about your direction, the best thing to do is give yourself a three-way reading about the present. Never mind the future. Sit down with peace and quiet, still your mind, and look at the Tarot, The Astrology Oracle and Your Oracle to see a three-way confirmation of your life as it is today. Make some notes about that. See what you can change, if you need to change anything. Sometimes just looking at the present is the best way and you are your own best psychic and astrologer, because you know yourself best.

  56. Hi Jessica

    Thank you for an amazing and very insightful event as always. I am a premium member and have looked into my natal chart and see that I do not have any planets in Aries. I am a Gemini rising and cancer sun. Can you please have a look at my chart and advise whether I can expect to be affected by the Aries weather and if so in which areas of my life?
    I have been trying to get on the property ladder over the past year, will the Aries weather assist me with this in anyway?
    Many Thanks

    1. If you are going to buy an apartment, house or other residence, look in 2021 (until December) but be aware that 2022 will be hard work. From that point forward, from 2023 until way past 2030, you will find that the more self-control and willpower you have, the more powerful you become financially. In the end it may not even be the property ladder that interests you as much as charity, or business.

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