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Virgo Monthly Horoscope

Jessica Adams has prepared your monthly astrological forecast for August. Discover what the stars have in store for you this month including your Premium Extended Forecast

Virgo Monthly Forecast

Lifestyle and Health, Workload and Body

Tremendous new options for your body, health, wellbeing and medical situation will appear in this cycle. Don’t miss a trick. I am not saying that they come gift-wrapped with a rose on top. They will come with a lot of hard work involved, and of course we are living in a pandemic, Virgo. The truth is, though, the combination of Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius, in your Sixth House of work and health, does rather suggest a magnificent if very demanding solution. Of course, your concerns with your health may have nothing to do with the virus. You may be thinking about your mental health (insomnia or depression are common at the moment) or perhaps you have another condition to sort out.

I know of no other cycle which opens the doors to new possibilities for healing, treatment – even cure – of conditions you have been stuck with for years. Seek and ye shall find. Sometimes you just need time or money to deal with your problems; if so, that may appear now. Alternatively, you just need medical breakthroughs, scientific advances, hi-tech inventions or new people in your world, who can improve your quality of life. The combination of Jupiter and Saturn is well-known for handing you the most tremendously large key, to a very new door. I suspect that happened in July. And yet, you go through the door and find yourself with a maze of more locks to open. In persisting with that, though, and taking the best professional advice you can find, you open up your world. I would hurry to get cracking with this, though, as the cycle ends at Christmas.

Jupiter says “Have faith, think big, don’t waste this chance.” Saturn tends to concern you, and you are right to have tremendous caution. And yet – I don’t think you want to just let this matter pass you by. It may be weight loss, or hypnosis, or meditation, or medication – come to that.

Given all you went through after December (dashed hopes) you were no doubt wondering when there would be light at the end of the tunnel. In this cycle, it will appear in a multitude of ways. So…explore, experiment, learn, grow. Your options, all this time, may have been far more limited than you realised.

You will get a new job in this cycle, retire, resign, or find your current position is reshaped in an amazing way. If you have full-time home duties you may enter the workforce, or just find that there is a new spin on your life at home which massively expands your horizons. This may involve furloughing for some of you, or job-sharing. There may be study to commit to or advance with. Again, get a wriggle on, as the opportunities close at Christmas, Virgo.

If you want to work in new industries or areas (full time or part time) then start looking almost as this cycle begins, with both Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius again. The idea of the Sixth House, very close to your heart, is service and duty. Being obliged to other people (sometimes animals) from a sense of commitment and dedication. It’s quite pure. Yet, the key message of this transit is that you can’t be good to anybody, unless you are good to yourself. There is now a solution for your health question. It’s imperfect and it’s difficult but it should take you higher.

Long-term, if we are talking about work decisions which dovetail with lifestyle or health matters, then be a realist about 2022 please. This is not just a 2021 matter and you would need to take next year very seriously indeed. From 2023, however, when Pluto changes signs, if you do stay the course then you could be looking at breathtaking power and control up ahead, particularly as Pluto will eventually trine your Virgo Sun. Your personal chart will tell the rest of that story.

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