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Scorpio Monthly Horoscope

Jessica Adams has prepared your monthly astrological forecast for August. Discover what the stars have in store for you this month including your Premium Extended Forecast

Scorpio Monthly Forecast

Ever since Jupiter and Saturn both landed in your sector of property, home, family, town, country, household and ancestors, you have been in the odd position of thanking your lucky stars for blessings, then turning your back on who or what disappointed you so much. Scorpio, this is typical of this unusual dual transit, but now the tide has turned again. August reveals a second excellent opportunity to you – with strings attached.

So should you go for it? Well, you are probably halfway there. August is thus best devoted to getting the details right. Your first thought is never necessarily your best thought during transits like these and it may take a reasonable amount of questioning, negotiation, trial and error to retain what you like so much about a situation and to try and dismiss the rest.

Opportunities to make much more of your home life will appear now, and you could easily move, build, emigrate, make home improvements, decorate or renovate. Whatever gives you a bigger picture in terms of your domestic life (even a more adventurous approach to family or flatmates) will suit your lifestyle now, as Jupiter encourages you to look for more possibilities in your life. What Saturn does, is essentially bring deeper concerns and a loud cautionary note. There is no getting away from the fact that 2022 will be demanding, if you enter down a particular road now. Yet from 2023 if you are still committed to this property or family matter, or to this place – it will transform you and your life. It will empower you.

Your family background or roots will benefit you now. Where you come from will now help you get to where you need to be. Your family can also expand at this time, thanks to new babies, or the arrival of an entire network of in-laws (along with a new partner.) Yet, for all that Jupiter opens doors and apparently removes old issues, Saturn is here to remind you that life is an education. You absolutely need to read the books now. Perhaps, you need to read the online forums.

Sometimes the turning point with property is offbeat. It is not about a standard home option. It’s in the alternative camp.

In order to make the most of your new unusual home, domestic situation or temporary residence, though, you’ll need to expand your perspective. Sticking with the same attitudes, habits and rituals is not going to help you. Try to be open.

You have until Christmas to use this cycle, Scorpio, as Jupiter will be in Aquarius in your Fourth House of belonging, then.

Sometimes this process of expansion can take place without you leaving the sofa! People may move into your home – or enter your circle of family or flatmates – who educate you. Your fellow Scorpio, Pablo Picasso had this cycle on 19th April 1949 when he became a father to daughter Paloma, expanding his family circle. Of course she became part of the family firm.

Jupiter tends to do this. It’s not just a new family member, it’s part of a dynasty or business.

The Virgo Weather

Suffice to say, you will have your work cut out for you with family or home, household or home town, in August. Yet, friends and groups are also central to your plans. Old friendships, your current social diary, Twitter, the clubs (or teams) which affect you most – are all in the spotlight. In fact, what you see reflected back to you so clearly by the final week of August will help an important decision by September. A fresh start. Scorpio, this may be your polo team or your charity; your Best Man or your most crucial girlfriend.

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