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Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope

Jessica Adams has prepared your monthly astrological forecast for August. Discover what the stars have in store for you this month including your Premium Extended Forecast

Sagittarius Monthly Forecast

Siblings and Cousins

The Third House of your chart rules brothers and sisters, cousins and the nature of your relationship with them. In August, we have a new wave of trends in your Third House. Your fellow Sagittarius Britney Spears has a sister who is planning a memoir, while her superstar sibling is caught up in the battle with her father.

How is this cycle affecting you? The return of your ruler Jupiter here, suggests tremendous opportunities for progress and problem-solving, but you also need to be so sharply aware of what could fall down in front of your eyes. Essentially, August is about seeing the potentially great things, and being ruthlessly practical about plans which you trust will protect you against outcomes you already see (in August) you do not want.

Your brother, cousin or sister could be your passport to a bigger, potential-packed world this year. Alternatively, your relationship with them will offer you much more scope for improvement. The relationship with your sibling may be close, distant, good, bad or indifferent. Jupiter doesn’t care! Instead, it just wants to open up your options. The sibling relationship to date has followed certain serious, limiting, deeply concerning patterns or pathways – but over the next few months, all that’s going to change. Jupiter will introduce a whole new set of possibilities into the equation, no later than Christmas.

Communication, Media, Web, Education, Books

The time has come to explore bigger, better ways to get your message across now. A foreign language class could do it. So could new technology – and the latest thing from YouTube or Tik-Tok could give you much more scope to explore the written or spoken word. Your ideas and opinions could travel a very long way at this time, and open up all kinds of doors for you. That speech, poem, blog, script, manuscript or petition which has your name attached to it could be your key to the most intriguing possibilities. The twin combination of Jupiter and Saturn suggests the media, publishing, academia are likely candidates for this new pathway.

If you can hang on to who/what pleases you so much, after a very lean 2021 to date, you will be helping to reshape an entire department of your life. Yet, you would be mad to just plunge in, given a late July situation which pulled you up short. You need to do your homework, Sagittarius. More research. More questioning. Certainly, a more intricate strategy.

Short Journeys and Commuting

I tend to recommend that clients take every short trip offered to them, at this time – and there will be more than one. Of course, defining ‘short’ really depends on where you live! Are you going from Limerick to Dublin, or from Melbourne to Hobart? The important thing to remember now is that time and money are actually irrelevant. It’s the ‘getting away’ that’s the thing, so a car trip to Glastonbury from Manchester can be just as life-changing as a cruise from New York to Spain once was, before the pandemic.

Of course you can stay at home if you want, but you will not get a chance like this again – for at least another 12 years. You will grow and learn more than you ever imagined, through your getaways now.  This is really a case of ‘local is the new foreign’ for you, Sagittarius. And the new economies which are resulting from the pandemic will help you. Bargains galore perhaps or just new travel options.

Whatever needs to happen to get you travelling, even in this unusual times, Jupiter will provide. Gemini astronaut Helen Sharman became the first Briton in space during this cycle on May 18th 1991. Your own expedition may be to the beach, rather than the galaxy, but Jupiter will still expand your usual horizons. The usual rules with Saturn on board, do apply, though. You will need to take quite strong measures to neatly sidestep what/who you do not want! I am fairly sure you will be aware of that even as August begins. As with the internet, and your siblings/cousins too, it is time to be strategic. Premium? Please keep reading.

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