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Pisces Monthly Horoscope

Jessica Adams has prepared your monthly astrological forecast for August. Discover what the stars have in store for you this month including your Premium Extended Forecast

Pisces Monthly Forecast

Religion, Therapy, Tarot, Spirituality

Let’s talk about your soul or psyche. It’s the private, secret core of yourself which now offers the most room for exploration, discovery and achievement. It has nothing to do with money, sex or work, and everything to do with who you really are, when nobody else is watching. Pisces, the unusual combination of Jupiter and Saturn, both in the Twelfth House of your chart, suggests August is an inward search.

Meditation, which encourages you to turn inwards, can become central. Likewise hypnosis or counselling. So can yoga. Any discipline which encourages you to turn in on yourself will help you grow, develop and learn at an incredible rate.  And yet, Pisces, there is a certain amount of caution there. Saturn alongside Jupiter suggests quite understandable concerns about the opportunities of August. Part of you is tremendously grateful to a benevolent universe for the delivery and timing, but another part of you is no doubt full of questions. This feels heavy, doesn’t it?

Psychologists and Psychiatrists

Staying at home during the pandemic is a springboard for this kind of introspection, of course. Yet some Pisces people are seeing a psychologist or psychiatrist. You may be exploring your psychic abilities too, or mediumship.

The Twelfth House is about your relationship with yourself. It’s about looking in the mirror, or disappearing into inner space (the inner space of dreams, or tarot readings, or horoscopes) and finding out who’s in there. What are you all about, and who are you, really and truly? The search for those answers may take you until Christmas, when Jupiter departs Aquarius.

Even Humanists will find a space for their inward search on this cycle, and it may be your view of ’the Universe’ that draws you inwards. Even your fellow Pisces Einstein, took God seriously. We are living in a pandemic and the death toll is high. Where does quantum reality fit in with that? On quite another note, being at home more often in 2021, may well have taken you to the point where you have to question the substances which go into your system, as they alter your mind too much.

English Sagittarian politician Charles Kennedy had this cycle on January 5th 2006 when he publicly admitted seeking private professional help for his drinking problem. Jupiter in the Twelfth House often cures hidden issues.

The Virgo Weather

You have Virgo weather every year in your zone of duets and duels. It’s really not life-changing, but it does matter, as you must now put your former wife, at the centre – or you may want to sort out your son’s father. There may be issues about your first husband, or about a crush which you feel could become a date.

The duets are not always about love and sex. They can be about professional duets. Platonic friendships where the two of you are in a pair, for whatever reason. Pisces, the final week of August will show you what’s what, who is where, and what matters. You will make a strong decision by September as a result and be off to a fresh start.

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