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Leo Monthly Horoscope

Jessica Adams has prepared your monthly astrological forecast for August. Discover what the stars have in store for you this month including your Premium Extended Forecast

Leo Monthly Forecast

Duets and Duels Which Benefit You

Well, Jupiter is back in your zone of duets and duels, Leo. He joins Saturn, who has given you a fairly hard time for the last few weeks. Now, you can see a solution. If you are single, and open to a new relationship, you will now team up with someone who can teach you about the world, or give you a much larger angle on life – never mind love. H/she may be from a different region, country, culture or belief system, or better educated than you, even if it’s just in the school of life. You’ll realise what a tiny world you inhabited before! Alternatively, you’ll end up with a partner who is keen to move or travel – or study. His or her momentum will also carry you forward.

That was a quote from an astrology book written over a decade ago, about a cycle which has just come to pass. So you can see how your horoscope works, even through the mists of time. Any new lover is a handful and hard work. No doubt about it. Does it get easier? If you are still together in 2022, the honest answer is no. If you are still together in 2023, though, the answer is – it empowers you. You find yourself potentially in a power couple.

If (for whatever reason) dating and relationships are not possible, you will team up with a person who will be your guide in other ways. This man or woman will open the doors, hand you the map of life, through work or business teamwork. You two could be sharing a house, for example. You two may be teaming up on a professional project.

Partnerships and Solutions

If you are already in a partnership which is basically good for your growth and development, it will take you even higher now, in terms of solutions and answers. Travelling locally, having children, moving, starting a business, marrying or moving in together, are all common outcomes as this is the cycle which answers the problem with the most tremendously hopeful, big-thinking answer. If you are married or in a professional partnership, for example, if may be that you have been absolutely stumped about what to do, but since July, the answer has become clear.

If your marriage or relationship is keeping you stuck, or stagnating, then this cycle is well-known for presenting you with the chance for an amicable separation and divorce, or very good therapy.  This can happen too, Leo. You’ll get successful counselling, or make breakthroughs thanks to self-help courses, useful books, astrology, religion – whatever it takes. In this case you may end up blessing the problem you began with. The thorn on the rose.

The Seventh House also rules enemies, rivals and opponents. Even someone who is against you can ironically open a huge door for you at this time. The duel, or the duet, is characteristic of this cycle. A weak rival or flimsy opponent can be a tremendous help at this time, for whatever reason, Leo.

Virgo actor Sean Connery married Diane Cilento during this cycle on November 30th 1962. Gemini singer Stevie Nicks married in this cycle, on January 29th 1983.  Taurean actor Sir Laurence Olivier had this cycle when he met his future wife, Scorpio actress Vivien Leigh. Libran politician Margaret Thatcher had this cycle on June 11th 1987 when her easy victory over Labor’s Neil Kinnock made her the first Prime Minister in 160 years to win three terms.

The Virgo Weather

To complete your forecast for August, Leo, let’s just say you’ll have the calculator out this month. You will make a firm new beginning in September, when you turn your attention to your house, apartment, business, charity or possessions and make a fresh start. You are in a fascinating cycle when Christmas suggests a substantial opportunity, financially. This will increase in importance by April 2022 or there will be a second one ahead. Having said that, not every Leo will be aware of a Christmas delivery in August 2021, so rather than deal in guesswork, let’s just say that the future does look very bright for you, and that the choices you make in August take you there.

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