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Capricorn Monthly Horoscope

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Capricorn Monthly Forecast

Saving or Making Money by Christmas

Your old way of earning, saving, investing or managing money will be left far behind in this cycle, as more intriguing possibilities open up. In fact, by the time this cycle is over, and Jupiter is on its way into your Third House, after Christmas, you could be on your way to vast business, property or financial possibilities. If your high hopes are backed up by practical strategies and a sound approach, you will end up richer – or just feeling that way. This is the standard view of Jupiter in Aquarius in your Second House, by the way. Yet, there are some cautionary notes too, as I am sure you realise.

It may be the practical considerations of receiving a new income source when you (say) are behind on your tax returns. Perhaps you are being paid by someone who may not necessarily be there after Christmas – you just don’t know. Capricorn, another example might be the old adage “There’s no such thing as a free lunch” when applied to that relative who is giving you rent-free accommodation. Maybe you are being offered a way to earn more, but are really weighed down by the risk of not delivering.

How on earth can something as glittering as that golden key, to that shiny new door, come with so many heavy concerns? Well, that’s characteristic of this cycle, when your serious ruler Saturn is in the same chart zone as Jupiter. You are happy about the way things just opened up, but at the same time, they feel tightly constricted or rather demanding.

So, a new income source, either through investment, a part-time job, a business scheme, or even a new job – has caveats.

An alternative way to manage your banking or accounting which would open up a lot more options – for example, by switching your mortgage type, or by changing accounts – comes with a wagging finger.

Capricorn, we associate the Second House with ‘cash in kind’ benefits, so it may be that you are offered access to something that would be rather expensive, but is being virtually handed to you on a plate. Uncle Monty’s holiday cottage in Withnail and I springs to mind. And yet, there’s a catch. Just as there was with Monty.

This cycle can only happen once every 12 years so don’t waste it. I honestly don’t think you’ll be put off, just by some obvious concerns in August. Yet, if you are going to stick with something or someone long-term you must be a realist about 2022. You have to understand how much hard work 2022 could be for you. If you do go in for the long-haul, though, from 2023 and beyond you will be offered tremendous control and tempting new empowerment. Financial potency in fact, if you pull it off.

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