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Cancer Monthly Horoscope

Jessica Adams has prepared your monthly astrological forecast for August. Discover what the stars have in store for you this month including your Premium Extended Forecast

Cancer Monthly Forecast

Finances, Property, Business, Charity, Possessions

The money, property, possessions or assets which belong to people in your immediate circle – or big organisations or government departments – is now your key to the future. What is given, paid back, lent or shared could now give you enormous scope, and offer you a new pathway which simply was not there before. I am not downplaying the issues and concerns, as you are living with Saturn in Aquarius now and also next year. However, when Jupiter goes back into this sector of your chart, there is a feeling that the cavalry has arrived. There is rather a sweeping, epic feeling to this aspect of your life in August, Cancer. The future is calling to the present. The year 2023 is actually shouting back to you and so many of the decisions you make now, will put you on a particular path (or not).

Rubik’s Cube Puzzles

Jupiter is giving you an answer. It is also showing you a very heavy, very difficult Rubik’s Cube puzzle to solve. I don’t actually think you will ever solve it, given your chart, but you will do impressive things with it. I think the sense of achievement by 2023, in terms of your life budget, will be solid. You are an emotional water sign and people can talk to you about pounds, dollars or euros until the cows come home, but for you, the price tags are intensely personal and frequently do not add up to other people. For example – the freedom not to work for the man. The integrity of never selling out. The high cost of a child (priceless).

This life budget of yours is right on the line in August and for every solution now, you also have some arithmetic to do. I should have thought Monday 2nd and Tuesday 3rd August or nearby; Wednesday 11th August; Friday 20th August or thereabouts were days to give yourself more space. More time, too, because some calculations about the house, the bank, the objects, the apartment, the good cause, the company – will never be perfect.

You can be outrageously rich and still go through issues on this cycle. Richard Branson is a Cancerian. He has tried to escape while wearing a space suit. It cannot be done. If you were born between late July and late August, then the cycles time reveal some really hard decisions. Basically, you want to keep the great things you’ve just had delivered to you, but do all you possibly can to avoid what has just stumped you. Confronted you. Seriously concerned you!

Big Opportunities

You may well feel inexperienced or unprepared for the big opportunities which arrive now. That should not stop you from exploring your options, though. Others have a great deal to offer you now, and it is through taking advantage of this, or pooling resources, that you will be able to move forward. The Eighth House of your chart rules marriage and mortgage (sex and money) but also family and legacies (death and money). Into this broad arena we might find life insurance, the contents of your own will, but also anything left to you by others. A mortgage is the absolute bottom line of this August cycle.

If you’re prepared to learn rapidly, try everything (within reason), and exploit each deal, arrangement or offer as it emerges, you should take giant leaps into your own financial future now. 2022 will be serious. No way around that. Yet, from 2023 you could become empowered by the outcomes of the roads you choose now, and it looks like there are a couple of them. It very much depends on your self-control and willpower, Cancer.

The Virgo Weather

I’ll end by noting the Virgo weather in your sector of short journeys, the internet, the media, publishing and education. You are proceeding towards a new beginning in September. What gets you there is a process of enquiry, investigation and research. You are ruled by the Moon, Cancer, so the lunar cycle is important to you. The Moon is in Virgo and your Third House of trips and head trips, every 28 days or so, but not like this. Once the Sun changes signs in the third week of September, all eyes are on your words, images and ideas. All eyes are also on how you are getting around these days – these days being pandemic days. Others’ opinions are a really useful sounding board.

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