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Aquarius Monthly Horoscope

Jessica Adams has prepared your monthly astrological forecast for August. Discover what the stars have in store for you this month including your Premium Extended Forecast

Aquarius Monthly Forecast

Image, Branding, Appearance, Reputation

For the five months or so that this final Jupiter cycle operates, you will be able to do more with/about your name, face, image and reputation than you know. In fact, it’s been more than a decade since you had this kind of opportunity. Trade on your outer packaging now, because it’s your passport to all kinds of people, places and possibilities. That means focussing on your CV, photograph, blog, website profile, personal style, presentation and appearance.

You were given a chance (maybe two chances) near Christmas and you have only gone so far with one or two of them. In fact, it looks as if you dropped one ‘me’ option because it was no good. Now, you are turning the corner into August and yet again your horoscope offers you a really tempting choice. This feels like a relaunch or appears to be another debut on the stage of life. I doubt you’ll say no, but it’s also clear that you have some serious and quite justified concerns. You’re unsure. You need more research.

Well, August is the time to get it. You are not going to find perfect or easy, Aquarius, but you will find worthwhile and rewarding. The only real caveat here is that if you commit to something with 2022 in mind, be aware that 2022 will be really hard work. And if you stay the course long-term (say with a new role, or new business bearing your face or name) then from 2023 this is life-changing stuff.  Actors who want to become famous have transits like this.

If there are issues about your face, body and hair then you will be amazed at how many possible solutions appear now.

You can take up more space on the stage of life during this cycle. Some people become better-known when Jupiter passes through the First House – even finding fame, or just greater fame across more channels. Once again, Saturn in Aquarius is the clanging warning bell. You can gain an upfront role on Zoom or YouTube, for example, but realise it means being on a really tight leash.Saturn tends to show you the extreme limitations of a situation, person or organisation.

The Virgo Weather

A final note, Aquarius. In August you hit Virgo weather, which will help you to save or make money in a substantial way after Christmas. You may be seeing your accountant, paying overdue tax, buying or selling property, starting a business and so on. Really focus on the numbers from the final week of August and there will be a fresh start in September, but it will not be until Jupiter changes signs in December that you start to see how terrific 2022 could be.

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