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About Jessica

Jessica Adams B.A.

Jessica Adams B.A.. has written horoscopes for Elle, Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Bloomingdale’s and Marie Claire during a global career as a professional astrologer. Her astrology books include Astrolove, Handbag Horoscopes and 2020 Vision (Penguin) and the #1 Amazon bestseller 2020 Astrology – Your Five Year Horoscope Guide. Jessica is also a novelist published by Penguin. She lives between Australia and Britain and edits The Holiday Goddess Guide to Paris, London, New York and Rome (HarperCollins).

Jessica Adams’ online free horoscopes are read by more than 3 million people every year on her website: which has been operating since 1996. As at December 2019, the site lists among the Top 20 Astrology sites globally according to industry search index tool Alexa and ranked in the top 0.41% of all websites globally. In 2014 Jessica Adams launched new premium content services including the Eastern Astrology forecast Asianscopes and her divination tool The Astrology Oracle. In 2020 Jessica launched her Youtube Channel – Jessica Adams Astrology.

She is also listed on the Tasmanian Government’s index of Significant Tasmanian Women and is listed in The Who’s Who of Australian Women.

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1998 350x120 - About Jessica

Jessica’s first astrology book Astrology for Women is released in Australia and the UK.


2000 350x120 - About Jessica

Fiction release Single White E-Mail and astrology series Handbag Horoscopes. Later the same year the first Girls’ Night In book launches and becomes a multi-million dollar bestseller supporting the War Child charity. The first royalty cheque for £200K is received from publisher Harpercollins.


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Jessica published her In The Stars monthly horoscope column online at Jessica also wrote a childrens horoscope for FoxKids and Visitors to the site could also send Astrological e-cards.


2002 350x120 - About Jessica

Along with the novel I’m a Believer, Jessica co-edited the third book in the Girls’ Night In series. With the name Big Night Out the book includes contributions and recipes from Gordon Ramsay, Jamie Oliver, Candice Bushnell, Joan Collins and many more.


2003 350x120 - About Jessica

Jessica’s bestselling Astrology book New Astrology For Women is updated and re-released.


2004 350x120 - About Jessica

Jessica released Fantasy Futures in February. Jessica’s first blog, The Astrologer’s Diary was launched in November 2004. Much later this would be rolled into the weekly horoscope column on her website. Unlike the blogs of today, it ran on it’s own software called bpblog by Betaparticle.


2006 350x120 - About Jessica

Essential Astrology for Women is updated and re-released in England, Australia, Hong Kong and the Czech Republic.


1994 2 350x120 - About Jessica

Jessica’s first website Rising Signs is launched in Australia months after the world wide web was born.


2021 2 350x120 - About Jessica

London’s Daily Mail newspaper names Jessica Adams as the Astrologer who predicted COVID.  Jessica appears on a number of mainstream television shows and newspapers talking about what she sees for the pandemic, vaccines, and more. The site and membership platform were rebuilt with new features for members. Astrological birthday cards have been introduced as a new feature on the platform.


2020 350x120 - About Jessica

Jessica Adams launched her Youtube channel – Jessica Adams Astrology. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Jessica started offering free Astrology lessons to help people understand the basics of astrology through the website. The Sun Sign School established to pass on the craft of writing astrology for publications continues to grow with new tutors and visiting lecturers.


2019 350x120 - About Jessica

Visitors to exceed 3 million for the first time, accounting for more than 9.5 million sessions. Jessica’s 2020 Astrological Reports sell out within the first 24 hours of release. Alexa continues to report the site amongst the Top 20 Astrology websites in the world based on unique web traffic. Jessica also launched The Sun Sign School, helping interested people learn online from some of the world’s most influential astrologers.


2018 350x120 - About Jessica

Jessica expanded the website to include Tarot features, and introduced the regular feature Tarot Tuesday. Unique visitors to the site surpassed 2 million. Alexa continues to report the site amongst the Top 20 Astrology websites in the world based on unique web traffic.


2017 350x120 - About Jessica

In the 21st year of the website, visitors to surpasses 2.1 million with more than 16 million page views. In September 2017, Alexa reports the site amongst the Top 20 Astrology websites in the world based on unique web traffic. Amongst Jessica Adams’ true astrology predictions made for 2017 were UK election wins and losses, a female Dr Who, and US tax reform.


2016 350x120 - About Jessica

The website at celebrates 20 years on the world wide web and unique website visitors surpass 1.2 million. To celebrate 2020 Astrology: Your Five Year Astrology Guide is released for free download on the website.


2015 350x120 - About Jessica

Birthday Horoscopes return to the site. The Astrology Oracle is updated with in-depth meanings. A Fortune Cookie Oracle based on the i-Ching is launched. Birth Chart and Ephemeris features allow members to calculate their birth chart with all 34 horoscopes factors on the site. Current Planetary Positions allows anyone to see where the planets are at any given point in time. Jessica produces a Horoscope Journal for members to print and document their updates, revisited every 3 months. Website visits surpassed 1.5 million unique visitors to the website.


2014 350x120 - About Jessica

For the first time, Daily Horoscopes are published on Jessica launches astrology features for Premium members, including The Astrology Oracle and a Chinese horoscopes column called Chinascopes. Over 1.1 million unique visitors to the website were recorded during the year. Jessica supports Australian music history with the launch of the Australian Music Museum Project (AMMP) website.


2013 350x120 - About Jessica

Birthday Horoscopes are first featured in Harper’s Bazaar. Jessica Adams speaks at The Astrological Lodge of London on the topic of Asteroids. Jessica speaks to readers through regular online events at Get The Gloss. In the background the website team are preparing to launch membership content on the website.


2012 350x120 - About Jessica

The Holiday Goddess Handbag Guides are released on iTunes as four separate eBooks for Apple devices.


2010 350x120 - About Jessica

Girls’ Night In 10th Anniversary Collection launched in 2010 with the worldwide anthology series raising more than $3Million for the War Child charity in the 10 years since launch in 2000. Jessica’s website relaunches on WordPress and introduces audiobooks and a new monthly Psychic Astrology podcast.  Website visits for the year topped 600,000.


2009 350x120 - About Jessica

Website visitors to surpass 400,000 while the site wins a Top 10 website award from Hitwise for the period January-June 2009.


2008 350x120 - About Jessica

Jessica launches her first podcast Astrology for Beginners on iTunes. Daily forecasts appear on Cosmopolitan for the first time in the UK. The new astrology book 2020 Vision is released in Australia and the UK. Jessica joins Twitter with the handle @jessicacadams. Nearly 300,000 web visitors this year as we start recording statistics with Google Analytics for the first time.


2007 350x120 - About Jessica

A new Astrology book from Jessica Adams’ called Astrolove is launched in Australia, Japan and the UK. Weekly Horoscope columns first appear on the website as seen in the Sunday Star Times in New Zealand.

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