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Supermoon and Full Moon 2021 – Gemini Weather!

Between May and July 2021 we will see chaotic Supermoon and Full Moon Gemini weather as travel, commuting and tourism are hit by rescheduling and reversals. There will be a domino effect on schools, publishing, universities and colleges. Plus - How 1964 is coming back, with new findings on the assassination of JFK and a crossroads for the BBC. Mercury Retrograde is not always bad news though, just ask The Sex Pistols.


The Gemini Loop with the Supermoon and Your Sign

We are seeing an unusual loop in Gemini, between May and July 2021. It’s like a broken cassette tape or a stuck record. And it goes all the way back to 1964.

The past will repeat, short-term (within weeks, as May-July 2021 catches you in a loop) and long-term (going back decades). We have Mercury Retrograde in Gemini. The North Node (which works backwards) in Gemini. Eclipses in Gemini (which also work backwards).

Going Around in Circles in Gemini Weather

Our lives will go around in circles. For some people reading this, that is already the case. Is the usual reversal of Mercury Retrograde a bad thing? No. Just ask people who collect Sex Pistols singles (more on that later).

For now, let’s look at how your sign is affected, before we look at the strangeness of Mercury Retrograde and the music business. And how to use the Gemini weather of 2021.

How Your Sign is Affected

Delays, rescheduling, instant repetition, and karma from years ago (perhaps even before you were born) come back to you in May-July 2021. Using your solar chart, this is where delays, deja vu and u-turns will take place.

Gemini Image, brand, appearance, self-interest, self-promotion, profile, reputation, publicity, packaging.
Taurus Money, business, charity, value, communism, socialism, economy, possessions, property, charity.
Aries Multimedia, publishing, internet, words, ideas, images, journalism, books, public speaking.
Pisces Mothers, home, family, home town, country, patriotism, roots, heritage, houses, apartments, home exchanges.
Aquarius Children, babies, young adults. Youth projects. Junior generations. Lovers who could make you a parent/aunt/uncle.
Capricorn The Body. Daily routine, lifestyle, work ethic, service, duty, food, drink, drugs, doctors, healers, surgery, exercise.
Sagittarius Partners. Partnerships. Former, current and potential partners. Enemies, rivals and opponents. Lovers or foes!
Scorpio Power and money. Sex and money. Death and money. Basically – property/finance in power-based ties.
Libra Travel. Travel in the mind. Academia, education, publishing, beliefs, foreign or regional ties, the internet.
Virgo Ambition. Social climbing. Social status. Achievement. Being at the top of the hierarchy. ‘Making it.’
Leo Groups. Friends. People power. Clubs, societies, associations, political parties, bands, teams, Twitter networks.
Cancer Drugs and alcohol. Meditation. Mediumship. Secrets. Operating behind the scenes without any credit/visibility.

The Gemini Eclipses of 2021

Wednesday 26th May Total Lunar Eclipse
Sun 5 Gemini opposite Moon 5 Sagittarius

An eclipse is always a cover-up and blind spot. This one falls with the Sun in Gemini (short flights, train journeys, cars) and Full Moon in Sagittarius (long flights). It can take us months or years, to wake up and realise what was really going on, at the time. Image: Patrick Hendry, Unsplash.


mlocvgvacxi 600x400 - Supermoon and Full Moon 2021 - Gemini Weather!

Which Countries Are Affected?
These countries will either conceal and cover up, or be hoodwinked, during that eclipse. The issues will be Gemini-Sagittarius, so airlines, borders, passports, visas, foreign trade, shipping and so on. That is why astrologers advise avoiding eclipses for major judgements or action plans (allow a day either side for the world to catch up with itself). So, May 25th, 26th, 27th 2021 – will obscure the view, blot things out, conceal what is there – in  relation to travel and transport. This is especially important in a pandemic when unethical corporations put their profits before our health. Of course.

Countries Hit by the 2021 Eclipse

China – Chiron 5 Sagittarius
Bangladesh – Jupiter 5 Sagittarius
Nepal – North Node 5 Sagittarius

The 10th June Solar Eclipse

This is another cover-up and blind spot so be aware. Again, it is in Gemini, so this is about cars, commuting and short journeys. It will not be until months or years later that we realise how the truth was hidden in plain sight. Don’t be caught.

Sun 19 Gemini conjunction Moon 19 Gemini
This eclipse at 19 Gemini is part of the Metonic Cycle taking us back to 1964. The Metonic Cycle shows an exact repetition. The eclipse falls at the same degree and zodiac sign, as one in the distant future.

Wednesday June 10th 1964 is a mirror for 10th June 2021, with an eclipse falling alongside the New Moon, with the at Sun 19 Gemini in conjunction with the Moon 19 Gemini

How 1964 Repeats in Great Britain

In 1964 we had Saturn in Aquarius, the North Node in Gemini and an eclipse at 19 Gemini. In 2021 we have Saturn in Aquarius, the North Node in Gemini and an eclipse at 19 Gemini. Image: Lewis Parsons, Unsplash.

jfyyyjfcaao 600x338 - Supermoon and Full Moon 2021 - Gemini Weather!

Eurostar and May-July 2021

I already predicted this back on 26th April 2021 because I didn’t want readers to make a mistake by booking Eurostar at the wrong time. This is what you read: “Ignore what you read or hear about the world’s most famous train, Eurostar, during Mercury Retrograde May-July 2021. It may be its collapse; takeover; revamp – but nothing will stick – according to all the laws of astrology. Eurostar was born with its official opening on 6th May 1994 and as you might expect, a Gemini signature.”

When Eurostar News Is Not Final 

On 19th May, The Guardian reported that Eurostar, the train which runs from London to Paris through the Channel Tunnel, had secured a £250m refinancing deal. So this is in motion. Backwards.

The astrology is really clear about Eurostar. Question everything you read and hear by July 7th 2021. Not only because of Mercury Retrograde, but also because we are sent back to the 1964 Gemini Eclipse. On 6th February 1964 the Channel Tunnel itself was given the green light by the British and French governments.

The 1964 Gemini Eclipse and 2021

What else is going to come around again, with the usual blind spots and cover-ups?

*Trains and train lines across the United Kingdom are in question. Back in 1964 Richard Beeching resigned as Chairman of the British Railways Board. He closed a number of railway lines.

*The Post Office Tower was completed in 1964 on a Gemini Eclipse year. Watch Royal Mail in May-July 2021.

*The Sun newspaper began in 1964 during Gemini Eclipse year. Watch The Sun in May-July 2021.

BBC Lies 429x600 - Supermoon and Full Moon 2021 - Gemini Weather!
The BBC and Diana, Princess of Wales

BBC2 was launched in 1964 on a Gemini Eclipse year. On exactly the same degree eclipse in 2021, we find the Panorama BBC interview with Diana, Princess of Wales, has triggered a backlash, in a crisis for the organisation. Prince William is among its critics. As the Daily Mail reported: WILLIAM: BBC LIES RUINED MY MOTHER’S LIFE.

John F. Kennedy and the 2021 Eclipse

The Warren Commission on the Assassination of President John F. Kennedy took place across that date in 1964. President Kennedy was a Gemini and had been murdered the previous year.

Eclipse cycles take us back to the original cover-up. On 18th May 2021 The Daily Mail reported a new book claiming that J.F.K. had told his secret service agents to stay back and keep their distance – on the day he was assassinated. Why? Eclipses conceal, they never reveal, and even after people have left us, we tend to find that chains of eclipses surround mysteries regarding famous puzzles and famous people. John F. Kennedy was himself killed on a year of total eclipse. It hit his chart, exactly. An eclipse is an unnatural, rare event when what is normally visible, is not. We are left in the dark.

What we’ll see on this 2021 Gemini weather is the repetition of eclipse patterns from 1964, including the enquiry into the assassination of President John F. Kennedy (the May-born Gemini President, below) – but also an examination of the BBC, whose second key channel launched then.

JFK born 29 May 1917 - Supermoon and Full Moon 2021 - Gemini Weather!

Your Personal Birth Chart

The stuck Gemini weather of 2021 affects everyone around the world with a tremendous state of flux in business, because Mercury rules merchants and merchandise, but also the cornerstones of media, the worldwide web, planning and preparation – for just about everything. If for some reason you think Mercury Retrograde only begins on Saturday 29th May, you are missing around ten days of the cycle, as the pre-shadow began earlier. This really matters if your personal birth chart is triggered at 16-24 Gemini, as May 15th-June 3rd is phase one.

Factors at Gemini/Sagittarius 5 and 19 Degrees?
If you have anything at Gemini or Sagittarius at 5 degrees, or Gemini or Sagittarius at 19 degrees, the eclipses (in the signs of short and long-distance travel) will directly hit your horoscope. Be extremely cautious on those dates and allow 24 hours either side. Gemini rules the Third House of communication and connection. Classically, the worldwide web and the post office, as well as short journeys. Sagittarius rules the Ninth House and international travel; foreign people and places; publishing and academia. 

Mercury Retrograde in Gemini

Mercury Retrograde at 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24 degrees of Gemini began on Saturday 15th May 2021 with the pre-shadow. The Retrograde turn is Saturday 29th May. This planet (which rules the internet, media, travel, transport, education, publishing and computers) then twists and turns, taking you backwards and forwards.

Mercury Direct

Mercury turns Direct on Tuesday 22nd June. Mercury completes the post-shadow on Wednesday 7th July. Allow 24 hours either side for world time zone differences.

The day that Mercury turns direct is often celebrated as some kind of thrilling end point for the rescheduling by amateur astrologers. No such thing. It’s part of a long zig-zag when you are going to see cancellations, delays, gridlocks, reversals – affecting those areas of life ruled by Gemini, I mentioned above.

Your Personal Birth Chart and Mercury
If you have anything at Gemini 16-24 then this cycle will have an impact on your Third House, in your personal natal chart. That means books, magazines, radio, television, trains, planes, ferries, cars, yachts, cruises, the worldwide web, computers, telephones and/or the postal system. On the day that Mercury zig-zags forwards, backwards – across anything at that degree in your chart – so will life. Read the fine print on paperwork and have Plan B, C and D.

The Mercury Direct Standstill
Direct means a standstill. So life stands still. Please ignore sixteen-year-old astrologers on the internet telling you that Mercury Direct is some reason to move forward. Mercury will stand still, direct, at 16 Gemini on June 18th, 19th, 20th, 21st, 22nd, 23rd, 24th, 25th, 26th, 27th 2021. He stops. So will our lives.

Predictions for June 18th to 27th
Astrology predictions help us minimise issues and lower the stakes, before they come to pass. Just knowing that we have eclipses (cover-ups) and Mercury Retrograde (rescheduling) means we can keep the issues really small. In a moment I’ll look at how Australia is caught up in a standstill on June 18th to 27th 2021, involving cars and/or airlines.

Countries Affected by Mercury Retrograde in 2021

Do watch this list for issues with travel or commuting from June 18th to 27th. (All country data in this feature: The Book of World Horoscopes, Nicholas Campion, The Wessex Astrologer 2004).

Vatican City Sun 16 Gemini
Cyprus North Node 16 Gemini
Australia Pluto 16 Gemini
Germany Sun 16 Gemini
Brazil Chiron 16 Gemini

Italy, the Vatican and June 2021
The Guardian reported Italy would re-open to foreign tourists (which is the Vatican’s mainstay) from mid-May, or, the first day of Mercury Retrograde. Problem. The astrology says this decision will be rescheduled or revoked June 18th to 27th.

Mercury is Neither Good Nor Bad
Mercury Retrograde is neither good nor bad. It depends on the aspects it makes to other transiting factors, but also to your own chart – perhaps, to your country’s chart.

Glastonbury on Mercury Retrograde

For example, the Glastonbury 2021 live concert website crashed online, thanks to an invalid code message, with Coldplay, P.J. Harvey and Jarvis Cocker. Glastonbury immediately became free to all. Mercury Retrograde can work out well, depending on your chart. If your chart shows Gemini factors in difficult places, though, be extremely careful with airlines,

Image: Fidel Fernando, Unsplash.

gh0r0zu zuu 1 600x400 - Supermoon and Full Moon 2021 - Gemini Weather!


Australia-India on Mercury Retrograde

Following a ban, flights between Australia and India returning Australians to the country began on 15th May. This is a problem, as in two of the charts we have for Australia, Mercury Retrograde lands on key places.

As we know, Mercury rules airlines and Gemini rules short-haul flights. By all the laws of astrology that plan will be scrapped, or be suspended, from June 18th to 27th. As Gemini also rules domestic flight within a country, it may be that not only the India-Australia repatriation plan is pulled; we also see rescheduling or cancellation between states.

Kia Cars on Mercury Retrograde

Kia cars were recalled in Australia as a fire hazard on the 16th of May, as Mercury Retrograde began. That is a good example of the ‘re’ prefix on words, during Mercury Retrograde.

Mercury Retrograde and the Re Prefix

Flights resume and are rescheduled.
Statements are retracted.

Product recall unfolds.
Election recounts take place.

What Mercury Retrograde is Good For
It may take a long time, with stop-start progress, but Mercury Retrograde suits these activities:


Re-reading books
Reassembling furniture
Rebuilding houses

Maharishi and The Beatles in The Observer - Supermoon and Full Moon 2021 - Gemini Weather!

Mercury Retrograde in Music
Mercury Retrograde works well for musical rehearsals or songwriting, which incorporates several drafts. The Observer’s feature on perhaps the most famous, productive and creative Mercury Retrograde songwriting session in history (left) captured a classic astrological experience for Paul McCartney, John Lennon, George Harrison, Ringo Starr and their entourage. The tale has also been told in book form many times, most recently by Craig Brown in One Two Three Four. “Free of hard drugs – none were allowed or available in the ashram – he (John) threw himself into meditation.” Lennon wrote a song called Child of Nature during his Mercury Retrograde holiday. He later kept the tune but ditched the lyrics. It became Jealous Guy. 

The Beatles in India

On 15th February 1968 The Beatles left England for India, with Mercury Retrograde at 26 Aquarius. Their stay with the Maharishi would not run to plan, but it did produce great songs

For John Lennon it was personal. Drugs were banned on the trip. He was also given vegetarian food. Lennon was born with Neptune at 26 Virgo in the Sixth House of medication and diet, so Mercury at 26 Aquarius was quincunx his Neptune on the day he flew out.

Eighteen first draft songs written there were recorded for The White Album. Ringo Starr left on 1st March, after ten days. McCartney left later in March. Harrison and Lennon departed abruptly on 12 April following rumours of the Maharishi’s inappropriate behaviour towards Mia Farrow. Mercury Retrograde worked well for rewriting songs like Blackbird. Not so well for the original schedule. Really well for Jealous Guy.

The Sex Pistols and Mercury Retrograde

The Sex Pistols released God Save the Queen on Mercury Retrograde, on the Virgin label, on May 27th 1977 while the planet stood at 10 Taurus. The BBC refused to play the song, which was #1 in the NME and likely #1 in the UK Singles Chart, though never published.

Golden Bullet AM Sack on March 16 1977 Saturn 10 Leo 478x600 - Supermoon and Full Moon 2021 - Gemini Weather!The single was never going to run as planned. In fact, two months earlier, on March 25th 1977, the song had been put out by A&M and withdrawn. Sacked by A&M, the band saw its song taken off sale.

The Sex Pistols were founded on November 6th 1975 with Neptune at 10 Sagittarius and Pluto at 10 Libra so Mercury made exact aspects to both.  And as if that wasn’t enough, Saturn was at 10 Leo when God Save the Queen was released the first time. Those A&M copies which survive now fetch £13,000.

Mercury Retrograde in Football

The 1966 World Cup on 30th July 1966 was played with Mercury Retrograde at 4 Leo. It was always going to involve the ‘re’ word, and the television coverage contains the most famous retracted statement in sport.

The United Kingdom chart was hit exactly, with Chiron at 4 Sagittarius, the sign ruling foreigners, in the chart set for 1st January 1801 at 00.00 LMT in London.

The controversial third goal awarded to England still divides people. Did the whole of the ball pass over the goal line or not?

Modern studies using film analysis and computer simulation have shown that the whole ball never crossed the line – only 97% did. England went on to win the match 4–2.

The final goal gave rise to one of the most famous calls in English football history, when Kenneth Wolstenholme said:

“And here comes Hurst…Some people are on the pitch. They think it’s all over. It is now! It’s four!”

His commentary was used in the tape-looped coda of an early version of Glass Onion, which takes us back to The Beatles and Mercury Retrograde. The planet of media commentary and particularly live sports reporting, going backwards, at a ‘forever stuck’ moment in football history – later sampled by a band who seemed to make a habit of drafting songs on Mercury Retrograde.

1966 World Cup BBC Queen - Supermoon and Full Moon 2021 - Gemini Weather!

Gemini Weather in 2021 and Beyond
Never mind 1964. Or even 1977. The reason the Gemini weather of May-July 2021 is so important, is written in the distant future. From July 7th 2025 until November 8th 2025, Uranus will be in Gemini. Uranus continues in Gemini from April 26th 2026 until August 3rd 2032 and December 12th 2032 until May 22nd 2033. This is the electric car and bicycle revolution, and likely the electric plane revolution too. The seeds of this will be sown in May-July 2021.

Mercury Retrograde is great for creative people. Not great for tourists. The Gemini Mercury Retrograde, Eclipse and North Node repetition in Gemini (the North Node always goes back in 19 year loops) will keep us stuck in the past, which will trigger a radically different future – particularly for travel – from 2025 onwards. Is your chart affected? Watch this space.

Main image: Daniel Schludi/Creative Commons. 
Other images: Fair Use/Wikimedia Commons

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34 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica,

    Mercury retrograde always makes me nervous. But I don’t have anything in my chart in Gemini, and only Sagittarius at 2˚Fortuna…does this mean I somehow escape the shadow?


    1. No need to be nervous about Mercury Retrograde. Just have Plan B, C and D. Only for Gemini-ruled things as well. So, short journeys, the car, short-haul flights, the internet, your telephone or fax machine, your computer, the post. We are all caught up in it. You can’t really avoid it, as the chain-reaction of delay and reversal, rescheduling and so on, begins with usually a few hotspots worldwide, and gets all of us. So Queensland, Australia had a power failure and Melbourne, Victoria, has a COVID-19 stay-at-home order. Another state, like South Australia, shuts borders and cancellations roll. It goes on around the country and then to the world! Yet if you were using astrology then you would have read my warning about Mercury Retrograde a good year ago now, and a) not booked travel and b) had Plan B, C and D for any major events in your life. Astrology is all about lowering the stakes, Chrissie.

  2. Hi Jessica
    I have loved reading your articles during lockdown and I thank you for your guidence. Would you mind having a look at my chart as I have a lot of planets at 5degrees and am getting a little confused. I also have saturn in Gemini. When there are a number of pings in your chart, how do you avoid overload when trying to dicipher?
    Thanks again for sharing

    1. Thank you so much. Deciphering a chart is about taking it apart, and it takes years of experience for a professional astrologer to be able to do that, so nobody is expecting you to be able to do that, right now. Sometimes you will get quite a lot from just one ping or trigger. You can take it apart and really drill down into it quite deeply. As a rule of thumb if there is an eclipse at 5 Gemini or Sagittarius you go there first to see if you have anything there. You have Pluto at 5 Libra in conjunction with Proserpina at 5 Libra. So, nothing on the Sagittarius-Gemini axis, but you would still have been eclipsed. Hoodwinked. Blind-sided. This is very much about a duet or duel in your life. Libra rules two. So it can be two gardeners. Two people in a busking duet. It can be husband and wife, or a widow and the presence of her husband in spirit. You get the picture. Pluto is your need to totally control partnerships but also combat – duels. Proserpina is your ability to go between two sides; to see both sides; to be the piggy-in-the-middle in a marriage (say) or between legal partners, or business partners. So you have this funny combination of Pluto and his wife Proserpina both in Libra, the sign of the scales of fairness, balance, symmetry, sharing, justice, compromise, harmony – in the heart of the eclipse. It will not be until September that you realise the truth was hidden in plain sight. The real story was not where your eye was being distracted, or diverted, but it was hidden in the midst of it all. That is why you were right to sidestep judging or acting, yesterday. Which I assume you did. Eclipses really only trip us up, if we go plunging into marriage, or job resignation, or some big work trip – on them. Try not to take any path offered while they endure. Later on you will realise why you were smart to sidestep big choices.

  3. Hi Jess,
    Thanks for the Zoom event last night, it was really good. It was kind of you to run overtime when you were literally working in the middle of the night in your time zone.

    I would like to ask about the lunar eclipse tomorrow. It will be sitting smack on my Mars at 5 deg. Gemini. It will also oppose my Ascendant at 6 deg. Sag and Cupido at 4 deg. Sag. I have a few other things at 4 and 6 degrees, but have named main ones. At the moment, touch wood, I am not mid-argument with someone, which quite frankly is a miracle! As far as Cupido is concerned, there is not a potential fling on the horizon either. Please could you give your interpretation as to what might be concealed? Thanks.

    1. Thank you. It’s always a good idea to come to the website feature after these events, as there is more time and space for questions. Okay, so you are correct about the Full Moon Eclipse, in conjunction with your Mars at 5 Gemini and in aspect to your Ascendant (though that does depend on a strictly accurate birth time) and your Cupido, in Sagittarius. Gemini-Sagittarius translates as a couple of things. One is travel abroad. The other is translating language. You were quite right to avoid judging or acting while that dramatic eclipse took place as it was a slow but steady cover-up. Mars in Gemini pushes, thrusts, competes, pioneers, in the field of communication, information, transportation and education. It will not be until September that you realise what you were not seeing. The Sagittarius factors are similar, relating to publishing, academia, foreign places and people. Cupido is not necessarily sex. It is passion. So in Sagittarius you can be passionate about books (say) but also inspire passionate readers. You can be infatuated with foreign cultures or nationalities, and also inspire great lust in those from other countries. As these are all entwined in your chart, and as we are in the middle of the biggest crisis for globalisation and tourism this century, you would have to expect a lot of cover-up very high up the chain, but it rattles your own. Eclipses are not skyfall, by any means, but the people who do best with them, keep their judgement suspended and their action plans on hold. This is very much about a pin on the map or people from that part of the world. You’ll see why in September.

  4. Thank you, Jessica for another great article. Can you tell me what to look out for with my north 19 degrees Sagittarius and south node at 19 Gemini during this eclipse? Thank you.

    1. Okay, so I hope you bypassed the eclipse for major decisions or judgements. Especially regarding foreign countries and foreigners, which Sagittarius rules, and perhaps travel and transport, which Gemini rules. As you have your Node return in 2021, you may find that the less you do about moving around the world, the better. I am sure you are sensible and responsible enough to be avoiding that anyway. As the epidemiologists tell us, vaccines ranging from Johnson and Johnson to Astra Zeneca all fail to stop the virus, in its many variants, so flying is really asking for trouble. The airport, aeroplane, airport-city transfer is hardy safe, even with ‘the jab’ as people keep calling the many attempts at a vaccine. What you’re going to find in 2021 is that you were right to leave travel and travellers alone in May, and from January 2022 you will be out of a rather stuck loop. Nothing much is going to change this year, and you’re going to see repetition. The ‘repeat, repeat’ scenario is people ignoring the science, spreading the virus around the world, and the virus mutating – and the vaccines being only partly effective – so it goes on. And on. As an astrologer I have to tell you, your chart puts you in that circuit, even if it’s only other people who affect you, while you stay put – but a coming global economic reality check in January 2022 will put paid to those kinds of holidays.

  5. Hello Jessica!

    As always a BIG thank you for this wonderful article.

    May I have from you a view on my natal chart and how working with this period for the best outcome please ?

    Thank You!


    1. Sure. For all that you have been frustrated with foreign places and people, and perhaps the whole issue of travel, visas and so on (nothing to do with Covid, everything to do with your chart) – you should stick with the idea of expanding your mind through exploring different nationalities, cultures, parts of the map. You have been learning the hard way and had one obstacle after another in 2021, but it does get better from August, and by December I hope you will have snapped up an obvious opportunity in another place, with faces from other places too. It may be wholly online but that’s okay. Later on, beyond 2023, you may find it becomes a real gateway for you and 2021 will have proven to be a bit of a blessing, for all the frustration.

  6. Hi Jessica, I attended Astrological Lodge of London zoom session with you yesterday. Always fascinating to hear and learn from you. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and your generosity. As a ‘bendy’ Taurus with a stellium of six Gemini factors, 2 Hygeia,16 Diana, 16 Proserpina, 21 MC, 24 Fortuna and 28 Venus. I need to pay attention! I have been practicing my new sound therapy and muscle release therapy offering to family and friends from home and have had wonderful feedback from them. I am working on my website and wish to launch soon. Best dates from the 7th July onwards for this I understand. The services I offer are physical I am asking if providing an online service in addition is an option especially, with rona with us constantly. As I have Virgo and Pisces mutable stelliums and factors I feel comfortable in the Ether, however, I am quite shy and find pushing myself out there and promoting myself awkward if I haven’t met someone in person initially. In the future with technology will offering an online session become more interactive and even personable? Do you see me navigating the online option? I love this work and how it can assist people and animals. I also have 16 sun Taurus and 16 Neptune in Scorpio. Namaste, Melanie

    1. Thanks so much for coming along to the Astrological Lodge of London. You are strongly Gemini and will enjoy teaching/guiding/tutoring/mentoring for many years. So although you are interested in treatments, as you go along, you may find yourself training people how to use muscle release or sound therapy, for example. Yes, you would need to go wholly online. I think you will expand actually as you will yourself be studying new modalities, and beyond 2023 be able to educate others in how to use them. Melanie, there are plenty of animals and people who need help, and need something to do at home. Self-promotion will not be a problem as you will take your place within a group of like-minded people on one website. You are at the very early stages of a new career, but you are quite right to want to try new things. If you stick with the idea of learning and educating others, then you may well find it becomes your entire life path, as you have the kind of chart where you are not in it for the money, you are in it for the whole life experience. Namaste.

  7. Jessica. kindly please, if and when you have some time, what insight do you see – this eclipse on 26th is on my natal Vulcano in Gemini 5.47 deg, as well on my Aries SouthNode Libra NN 5.54 degree.

    Jupiter in Pisces is at 0 / 1 degree which touches my sun at 0 Aries and Diana at1 Sagittarius. Am quite a bit uncertain in my career and academic matters. Not sure how Pluto sitting on natal Juno 26 in Capricorn is working?..Just too much present but health matters unexpected have made me slowly go back to my yoga mat. Just resumed a week ago. Couldn’t do it for @ sensibly 3 years bcz of stuff but now I have to. Hence so.

    Only thing on my mind, the priority, is leaving this country forever sensibly thru acads and funding and matters these. Nothing else. But health is making me see this also to be taken care of – by yoga and eating well and being healthy always. Kindly, if you have time Jessica please, what do you see. Thank you.

    1. You won’t actually see what was really going on in May, until September. It will take that long for you to realise you were looking at a jigsaw puzzle with missing pieces. You were also looking at the wrong picture. Eclipses always conceal, they never show. Yours fell on the Aries-Gemini-Libra angles of your chart, so it was about your profile (Aries) online (Gemini) connected to a duet or duel (Libra). It may be something as silly as a person with the same name as you, on a dating website, for example. However, I am assuming that you didn’t do anything drastic on the eclipse anyway. People only really get problems when they make massive choices on an eclipse, like resigning a job, or getting married, or deciding to fall in love and pursue someone new. The yoga will work really well for you and reward you repeatedly into 2022. Best cycle for 12 years for the pursuit of spiritual practise.

  8. Hello Jessica,

    You often make my day with your repeatedly accurate predictions. Make my day again and tell me that the onslaught of evidenced truth coming from Dominic Cummings as I write this, will bring down this murderous UK governmet who will, at some point, be charged with corporate manslaughter not only for the 100, 000+ who died of Covid but especially for the 1,000 NHS workers who died because of failure of the government to supply PPE, leaving them using makeshift cling film masks and gowns made from shower curtains for protection while they treated Covid patients.

    I’m as mad as hell as you can guess. Many thanks

    1. Thank you Ginny. Yes, a lot of readers here are enraged at what has happened in Britain. An eclipse always conceals, it never reveals. So everybody is staring at Cummings and Johnson and missing the hidden face. Actually, hidden faces plural. This decision to go public with an attack on the Conservative government by one of its own is not random. If you really think about it, everything Cummings has ever done, has been over-thought, highly researched and bang-on. So you have to ask yourself what is really going on here. September will reveal to us how much we did not know in May. I would go back and look at that whiteboard, actually. On an eclipse the truth is hidden in plain sight but we are completely diverted/distracted by the stars/of the show. I am always amazed at how much people have forgotten about the very start of COVID-19, or the Corona Virus as it was called then. Think back. It felt like a stage show from January-March and not a particularly good one.

  9. Hi Jessica,

    What are your thoughts about starting a new relationship during this time of an eclipse and mercury retrograde pre shadow?

    1. The Gemini-Sagittarius axis has nothing to do with love, sex and relationships unless you are with a foreigner or the two of you are in a long-distance relationship. So you’re in the clear, but there may be some really unclear issues here which involve other countries, nationalities or cultures – perhaps a side story affecting one of you. You’ll find out in September.

  10. Hi Jessica
    Can you tell me where the blind spot is for me with this eclipse? What areas of my life are affected? Is it a tough or nice eclipse for me?
    Aquarius Dreamer

    1. Well, you’ve had it now. The eclipse is far behind you, but what you were not seeing – concerned local and international travel. You’ll find out in September. In general you may want to avoid travelling, in May, June and early July as we also have Mercury Retrograde. The pandemic is a moral consideration, of course, but beyond that, there are astrological reasons for sitting tight.

  11. Hi Jessica – I have IC at 20 Gemini and Ops at 22 Gemini – how would that impact me as I may be starting a new role on 17 June?

    1. Okay, so if you do start the new role, read the fine print on the paperwork and do some extra research and asking around. You will find that what is discussed or in writing does not stick; it will change or be delayed. From July 7th it should all be done and dusted.

  12. Hello, lovely Jessica!

    Just wanted to thank you again for the excellent Gemini Weather Event on May 24th – the link to the talk has now been sent out and I’m very much looking forward to re-watching it and picking up on any vital nuggets of information that I may have missed the first time around (as you said that Mercury Retro is good for going over things….!).

    So incredible about the Dominic Cummings “bombshells” on the very day of the eclipse! And now Boris has just married Carrie in a secret ceremony between two eclipses, as well as Mercury Retro-shadow – what might this mean for their marriage, I wonder? Something being concealed, like with Prince Charles and Lady Diana? (Given Boris’s romantic and marital history, I wouldn’t be totally surprised…!)

    On a personal level, I’m hoping to get answers to some important questions soon, but I was wondering if it would be better to wait to ask them until after the Solar Eclipse has passed (and if so, how long afterwards would you recommend?) – I’m pretty sure that the person concerned would not deliberately lie to or mislead me, but I am concerned the general vibes could lead to partial concealment of the truth, not getting the whole picture, etc., which might be worse than not knowing anything!

    I’ve also been doing an excellent online healing course and it is possible some of us will set up mini-healing-groups, to practice what we have learned. At the moment, we’ve just pooled our contact details and are looking for compatible time-zones, etc. I was wondering whether setting up such a group at this time would be OK and likely to be a success or not, given that Mercury rules Virgo and Healing?

    Thank you in advance for any insights.

    Lots of love, light and blessings to you,


    1. Thank you so much. The Cummings bombshell on the eclipse (the anti Johnson attack) is typical of the Sun-Moon covering and overshadowing. All eyes go to the two stars of the show; the two protagonists. The real story is lurking, unseen, in the background. That person or organisation will show itself later, in September. The Johnson wedding was poorly timed, unfortunately, but I don’t think that the PM has ever followed astrology. You want to start a healing group and have questions about your life. Do wait until the eclipse has well and truly gone, Angelina (so, now). You can use the Tarot on this website, free, to find answers.

  13. In the weekly horoscope for May 31 – June 6, you mention 10 Gemini and 10 Sagittarius. I have factors at 10 Gemini and 9 Sagittarius. Am not sure if 9 Sagittarius is close enough. In a number of postings you refer to what happened 19 years ago and perhaps 38 years ago. It is difficult to recall what happened 19 years ago which may be relevant – except that I graduated law school, sat for the bar exam and passed it in 2002. I do not understand why that may be an issue now. Can you please look at my chart and provide some guidance? 38 years ago, I was working in public accounting but that job began in 1982 after passing the CPA exam in 1981. CPA is certified public accountant.

    Thank you!

    1. Yes, we have the North Node at 10 Gemini and South Node at 10 Sagittarius. You have Cupido at 10 Gemini so this is exact. You inspire passion through your way with words, ideas and images. Online and offline. You also love books, perhaps, or the spoken word. Short journeys a few hours from your home are also where you love life most and inspire a lust for life in others. That position of Cupido is triggered by the opposition of the South Node in Sagittarius now, which rules academia, education, publishing, foreign people and places. It’s the ‘walking/talking’ position of Cupido in your Third House of contacts, connections and commuting. What happens when the Nodes form a conjunction and opposition takes you back 19 years or so, to the last time they did that – and the time before, another 19 years back. So, September and October 2002 – when you graduated from law school. That’s an exact expression of Gemini-Sagittarius karma. If we go back to the time before that we end up in March 1984. (The 19 year cycle is approximate) so once again you would expect to see the world of words, ideas, images, academia, education, publishing show up. The karma is ‘meant to be and properly received’ and it may be what you are owed, or what you owe. For more on this have a look at Gemini, Sagittarius, Third House, Ninth House, North Node, South Node, Cupido on Search as that is what you are going through.

  14. Hey Jessica,
    Thankyou for your wonderful work. I enjoy checking my horoscope each Sunday and reading your words of wisdom. I was born in Ballarat Victoria, 1981 at 12.08pm. I am feeling challenged by life atm, and would be grateful of any insights you can provide in all areas especially work. Thankyou in advance


    1. Born with the Sun at 10 Leo, Melinda, you have been going through Uranus at 10 Taurus, exactly square to your Sun, as late as the first week of May. So that has been an obstacle course, only possible once in your life, which is now over for a while, giving you a break. Your last square is January-February-March 2022 then you can say you’ve done your dash. You are not alone as these transits with Uranus (economic shock, unpredictable shopping/retail/business/hospitality) are hitting everyone at the same time. If you are still in Victoria, for example, you will have been sent home again for a further 7 days. However deep breath – you are in the highest potential money-making and money-saving cycle for 12 years and it’s here now. Do use it. Money isn’t the answer to everything but it will make a great deal else so much easier for you by 2022, with a peak moment in April.

  15. Hi Jessica!
    Great article. My ascendant is at 15 Gemini and my moon is at 25 Gemini. I find it interesting that my ascendant and moon border this Mercury Direct period from 16-24 Gemini. What does that mean for me? I am planning to move from New York to Florida at the end of June and am also trying to have a baby, which I mention because this transit affects my moon. Any advice? Thanks!

    1. Gemini rules media, internet, travel, relocation, information and communication so you are in fact moving on a backwards cycle in that sign, and will come across delays and second attempts. The Moon in Gemini will have nothing to do with pregnancy; look at your Leo/Fifth House transits.

  16. This is so fascinating! The latest U.K. news channel ‘GB news’ launched on 13 June 2021 – quite close to the eclipse and during mercury retrograde.

    From the start, It got quite a lot of backlash from people who disagree with the channel. Problems with sound and technical issues from the get go. I hope they’d check the timing before launching the channel and hope it would stay as long as it could. It’s a breath of fresh air to hear different views in the news these day.
    What do you think about their timing, Jessica? Will they last?

    1. Yes, I saw GB News launch on Mercury Retrograde. When will these people ever learn to at least glance at an astrology website? I saw the technical issues too, like you, and thought ‘Here we go.’ The backwards direction of Mercury (the media) in Gemini (news) will likely involve a relaunch for the entire operation. Mercury retrograde does not necessarily mean the end of a venture; it is far more common for that venture to be pulled, then to reappear in a new format.

  17. Hi Jessica,
    I have been wanting to make some life changes for the last 2 years but however am still stuck and unable to come with a fruitful decision.
    This corresponds to some of your predictions and blogs on Scorpio zodiac born people and also to the mercury retrograde here.
    I am stuck and am looking for a career change. Is there any particular field of work you can spot in my personal birth chart ?
    These are my factors
    Nov 11 1986
    Sun 18° Scorpio 15′ 20″
    Moon 14° Pisces 09′ 37″
    Mercury 23° Scorpio 24′ 37″ R
    Venus 09° Scorpio 26′ 27″ R
    Mars 19° Aquarius 56′ 42″
    Jupiter 12° Pisces 58′ 47″
    Saturn 09° Sagittarius 26′ 10″
    Uranus 20° Sagittarius 35′ 07″
    Neptune 03° Capricorn 54′ 05″
    Pluto 07° Scorpio 44′ 04″
    Chiron 20° Gemini 17′ 32″ R
    Juno 23° Sagittarius 05′ 58″
    Vesta 02° Aries 47′ 11″ R
    Ceres 13° Scorpio 26′ 08″
    MC 04° Leo 15′ 21″
    IC 04° Aquarius 15′ 21″
    ASC 03° Scorpio 30′ 22″
    DESC 03° Taurus 30′ 22″
    Diana 22° Scorpio 07′ 41″
    Fortuna 00° Gemini 47′ 02″ R
    Minerva 01° Aries 21′ 23″ R
    Bacchus 13° Capricorn 34′ 46″
    Apollo 07° Virgo 55′ 03″
    Aesculapia 27° Leo 14′ 30″
    Hygeia 01° Cancer 34′ 44″ R
    Panacea 18° Taurus 12′ 22″ R
    Ops 03° Pisces 15′ 33″
    Salacia 19° Aquarius 22′ 23″
    Proserpina 23° Virgo 26′ 36″
    Cupido 23° Sagittarius 26′ 18″
    Vulcano 23° Virgo 54′ 42″
    Psyche 09° Virgo 22′ 48″
    NorthNode 20° Aries 40′ 44″
    SouthNode 20° Libra 40′ 44″

    I always feel something else is waiting for me.


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