Chiron and Jupiter in Aries 2022-2023

Are you curious about what it means to have Jupiter, the planet of abundance, growth, expansion, optimism, hope, breakthroughs and luck, in Aries? Read on….

Chiron, Jupiter and Aries Weather

Between May 10th, 2022 and October 28th, 2022, you will have your first chance in years to find out what it means to have Jupiter, the planet of abundance, growth, expansion, optimism, hope, breakthroughs and luck, in Aries. Jupiter will join Chiron in Aries in 2022 (May, June, July, August, September, and October) and turnaround an area of your life which has been under construction since the year 2011. It’s going to be remarkable.

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32 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica,
    reposting my original question as things in my life have escalated and I’m struggling.
    I am estranged from my sibling (30th Dec 1982), due to her narcissistic tendencies towards myself and others (although they enable her to a large degree). She is playing a victim mentality to involve other family members who can’t see the wood for the trees.
    My mental health has taken an immense nose dive over the past 2 years and I feel already so much better for not having her in me or my family’s life. However, she is persistent and manipulative. Can you please offer me some perspective on whether I will finally be able to have a peaceful life without her? I need to close the door to toxic people in my life before my mental health struggles become decidingly worse.
    Thank you. x

    1. It takes two to tango. Your sister is a narcissist and wants the tango to continue. You have answered your own question. You need to close the door to toxic people before your depression or anxiety increases. You have a big Gemini chart signature which indicates siblings. It can be very hard work. Resign from the dance. If you close the door, don’t do it for the revenge or the higher moral ground or the drama. Perhaps you need to close it quietly. There are some wise ways to extricate yourself from a vain and manipulative sister; you’re strongly Gemini enough that you could make some clever notes about different ways to do it. As I said. It takes two to tango. Pull back and ask yourself what you are getting from this. Be honest. Sometimes we get attention. Sometimes we get sympathy. Sometimes we get a more full and interesting life! Sad but true, but we are all only human. Try to be practical about this. Why is she renting a room in your head? How can you move her out and what will you replace her with? The time is right. This week is great for new beginnings.

  2. Hi Jessica,

    If you have time, I was wondering if you could please provide some insights into my chart? I have the following Aries placements.

    Jupiter 28° Aries
    Chiron 25° Aries
    Vesta 29° Aries
    MC 28° Aries
    Diana 04° Aries
    Proserpina 05° Aries

    The timing of this upcoming transit is not a coincidence. I’m in the process of looking for a new job because I’m overworked, underpaid, and sick of constantly having my judgment questioned by people (mainly men) who don’t have my expertise. I’m in the process of speaking with recruiters, some of whom have my resume, and am speaking with a colleague this Wednesday about a job at his firm.

    Any insights you have, would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, and stay safe.

    1. You are heading in the right direction, with Chiron in Aries, then Jupiter, from May 2022, into 2023. You are born to self-promote, be the message, publicise your brand/company with your own face, name, style, shape and image. You are sick of being worked too hard, not paid enough, and being insulted by others who lack your expertise but question your judgement. This is also partly the Taurus weather. May-June 2021 are times to realise how much you are worth. What you pay, why you pay it, and what you receive for that. If you are being short-changed or even cheated, it is time to show others the mirror, and then the door. Time, energy have value as does income – of course! So you are becoming who you are. Extremely Aries, so fierce and firm and forthright – and using the Aries-Taurus weather to reject being priced down by people who are frankly not worth what you are. Be aware we are going into Mercury Retrograde in Gemini, so there will be disorder mid-May to early July with cancellations, delays, rescheduling, reversed decisions. Yet beyond that your instincts are right. Whatever you do for a living, think about a sideline being yourself, promoting yourself, with a long-term plan.

  3. Thanks Jessica for this great post.. I am a bit confused on how to navigate this Aries weather. I was really hopping for a change in 2021 with Jupiter coming in but this change does not seem to happen. I am still experiencing setbacks, brutal changes and even betrayals in my professional life. It has been like these for the last 3 years while the 2011-2018 period was great. I have only one factor in Aries. Could you please help me better understand the setting and the options for me ? Thanks

    1. Thanks so much. You are talking about some awful situations in your professional life in 2019, 2020, 2021. This makes me look for Virgo and Capricorn in your chart, the signs ruling work and success. You have Pluto at 29 Virgo and transiting Pluto is moving towards a trine, at 29 Capricorn. That is momentous. So, nothing to do with Aries, but everything to do with Virgo and the Sixth House and Capricorn and the Tenth House. The rotten experiences were down to Saturn at 29 Capricorn, trine your Pluto – particularly tough in December 2020, which is of course when you see reshuffles, demotions, sideways moves, departures and so on. (Or you did). All of this makes sense long-term because you would not change without the provocation. You are supposed to be reinventing and relaunching yourself in a totally new interpretation of ‘service and duty’ which is your Pluto in Virgo birthright. It happens twice. Jupiter goes to 29 Pisces in May 2022, and Pluto goes to 29 Capricorn in February 2023. That is a complete turnaround in your professional life, and it will enable you to understand that serving others; doing your duty; perfecting your craft; paying attention to tiny details; honestly wanting to do your best by people – is the key. It is a golden key and you are going to end up in a really powerful position. Lots of influence and clout – lots of genuine effect on others. It takes time for Pluto/Pluto trines to take shape but you will gain by knowing more about this planet. Have a look on this website and in your guidebooks. The worst is over, though. That’s for sure.

  4. Hi Jessica, I hope you are doing well – thank you for yet another great post!
    My only Aries placement is Chiron but I’ve been reading up on it and it seems quite a heavy one…
    What do you see for me with the upcoming Aries weather?
    Many thanks! xx

    1. Thank you. You have Chiron in Aries in your First House of presentation, image, wardrobe, shape, style, title, name, brand and reputation. So you are an experimental window-dresser who wants to see what she can get away with, as a lifelong pattern. This may be playing with your hair, face or clothes. It may be trying out different names, or lurking online anonymously. Chiron himself, moved into the First House a few years ago, so you have been living with this maverick mentor, for quite some time. People who guide, tutor, teach or set an example (who foster you) have shown you that the impossible, is possible. So this may be a YouTube hairdresser teaching you how to cut your own fringe, when you are at home – or it may have been a publicist with an eye for the outrageous. Your Chiron Return will appear at 23 Aries in July and August 2024. That is significant because it sets up May 2025, when Jupiter at 23 Gemini forms a perfect sextile and Chiron again, in motion, retrogrades back to 23 Aries again. That is your Chiron Return, twice. Find out more about this galloping centaur by looking him up on Search and in your guidebooks.

  5. Thanks Jessica for taking the time to look at my chart. I will welcome that change for sure !

  6. Hi Jessica, Thank you so much for all your amazing posts and predictions. They have often given me much insight and hope! I was wondering if you have a minute to look at my Aries weather for some further guidance. I must admit I get a little confused sometimes with the astrology terms and placements. Personally I am a bit lost at the moment, wanting to start something of my own professionally but not knowing how or what exactly, I feel held back for some reason. This Aries Weather could really work for me I think as I have quite a few placements in Aries but was hoping for a little more clarity if possible. Thank you in advance for any further information! xx

    In my chart:
    Sun 27°
    Chiron 17°
    Minerva 28°
    Mercury 01°
    Venus 29°

    1. It’s a really good time to research your options for career, and you could easily be a sole trader or become the brand of your own business. In the immediate present, Mercury Retrograde is with you until July 7th so this is an excellent time for research and homework, as the world returns to a state of emergency in so many countries and cities, and we once again see airports shut and cruises landlocked. In other words, standard Mercury Retrograde in Gemini, which rules commuting, short journeys, the internet, the media and Silicon Valley. So while the Merry-Go-Round stops for a few weeks, you can pause for thought and find out what you really want to do. You have a very long Chiron in Aries transit here, going to 17, 27, 28, 29 after 2023, and changing your life in 2026. You will acquire guides, gurus, mentors and teachers who show you how to step over the line and make it work for you. What the establishment says is out of the question or beyond the pale, you can do. In fact, with Jupiter in Aries in 2022-2023 if you want to use that with image, branding, title, reputation, appearance you can break the mould. So, I don’t know what your business is. But if you think about Sun Aries Vivienne Westwood and how she became the brand, you can see how it all works. Firebrand, too.

  7. Can you please comment on how I can prepare and get benefit from the upcoming Aries weather. I’m Libra and my spouse is a hardworking Aries in tech field. She is waiting for a promotion in next year review cycle. We have two daughters, a Gemini teen and a 20yr Aquarius. Thanks for your time.

  8. Can you please comment on how I can prepare and get benefit from the upcoming Aries weather. I’m Libra (with stelliums in Taurus and Scorpio) and my spouse is an Aries in tech field. Hope the Jupiter in Aries will help in her career, she is waiting for a promotion in next year review cycle. We have two daughters, a Gemini teen and a 20yr Aquarius. Thanks for your time.

    1. Jupiter in Aries is a good sign for promotion, with a view to a more important new title and more impressive new business card. If your wife is a Sun Aries then Jupiter will be in conjunction with her Sun, at any point from May 2022. In fact, Jupiter in Aries from May 2022 is good for your Gemini teenager and the adult Aquarian child too. For you it is about the marriage, but also a possible second duet or double-act. Jupiter enters Aries on May 11th 2022 and is there until the end of October, in the first wave. You should all use that.

  9. Hello Jessica,
    I am a new member and excited to get started with your work!
    I wanted to ask if there’s any signs of decisions I should make around my marriage?
    Or should I just focus on finding my path with career and hope home life improves. I have a background in mental and public health but perhaps I should change direction. It feels like I’m spinning a lot of plates with young children so I’m not sure which area of life to focus on… any suggestions would be greatly appreciated?
    Best regards
    Ps I have ceres in cancer and mother in law is a major issue!

    1. Thank you for becoming a member, I hope you get all you want, from membership. You’re married with young children, having issues there, and graduated in mental and public health. You also have a classic problem mother-in-law, with Ceres in Cancer in the Fourth House. There is a lot going on (too much actually, in terms of overloading your thoughts) and so the core change must be lifestyle. Daily routine, your own peace of mind, your own physical fitness and wellbeing, the food and drink, the housework and paid work, and so on. You have been doing this for years, ever since 2008, and it must seem as though ‘routine’ never happens for you, but with massive self-control and self-discipline, you can create it. The fundamentals have to be sorted out, even in a pandemic, and if it is not your fault that a strong lifestyle has escaped from you every time you try to nail it down – that’s okay. You are in a really important cycle for sorting out daily exercise, for a start – and the rest. This is the anchor that holds the rest of the ship. Your ship will sail in a totally different career direction until 2026. You could go back to a forgotten skill or piece of training and revive it and be exhilarated by what you achieve. It would be unexpected and unprecedented and it would come together very quickly; if you feel excited you will be on the right track. Your marriage will be tested in 2022 and beyond but you know that. That is why it is so important to get a routine that works for you and the children, and to try and keep stability and consistency, even if it’s just a walk at the end of the day, or whatever. You will be asked to do more hard work emotionally next year, and particularly from 2023, where you and your partner have to choose. Are you going to become a power couple or are you going to let questions about who has the power, affect the marriage? Your mother-in-law needs to be taken seriously, by the way. She feels relegated or sidelined. She also needs to learn to share, as do you. That’s what Ceres means in Cancer. This brings us back to routine and the need for some kind of timetable so the children and her son can be accessible to her. It may take time for a system to emerge which you can both/all stick to, in a practical way, but it can be done. From May 2022 (Ceres Return in Cancer) it becomes really important and a new deal will be done.

  10. Hi Jessica, Aries is prominent in my chart and from what I can see in my 4th house? 24 Jupiter Aries and 28 Chiron Aries. I would be grateful if you had time to look at my chart and explain how having Aries in both Jupiter and Chiron impacts me.
    Thank you Katie

    1. Using the Natural House system, your Aries stellium is in your First House of publicity, image, reputation and self-promotion. Katie, as Jupiter begins his transit through Aries from May 2022, you have some time to think about the sort of relaunch you want that year, as you will be given the opportunity to boost your signal, as they say, online and in the real world too. And you may want a particular look or style, to do that. Always with Aries in the First House, ask what the point of the publicity is, or the point of the look, or the visual impact. Liberty does not dress its windows for no reason: it wants to sell, on some level. Just knowing that you have this transit coming up can help you get the most from it.

  11. Hi Jessica,

    I am a Capricorn Sun and have an Aries rising, and also Fortuna in Aries, does this mean Id get a double hit of the Aries weather?


    1. If your birth time is accurate then your Aries ascendant is part of your armour or wardrobe, and you go out into the world, front-and-centre, quite unafraid to fly the flag or wear the badge for whatever you believe in, or whatever you are. Aries Rising people are unmistakeable as they dress the part, ready to be first in line, or first to challenge others – they don’t just have clothes they have costumes. Fortuna there too suggests that you influence others with your appearance, profile, look – so online you have quite an impact, even though you would be unaware of that. Jupiter crossing both points in your chart is a terrific boost and you’ll be out there, upfront, from May 2022.

  12. Dear Jessica, thank you so much for your reply and insights. Overloaded thoughts sounds about right! But thank you for providing an outline of what to focus on .. I had a recent warning from the doctor to get sugar under control so it fits with creating a strong lifestyle of me and my kids. I appreciate your insights regarding mother in law too- all eerily spot on and I take the advice tom me on board too.
    It is slightly intimidating to think things will be more testing in 2022 and 2023, I suppose transits are like that, is there anything I can do that will ease the emotional intensity? I wish I knew if I was with the right partner but the problems feel overwhelming.
    Thanks again for your time and all the best to you in Tasmania.. I spent a few weeks on an Alpaca farm there when backpacking many moons ago.. beautiful laid back place… keep well and all the best, H

    1. Thank you. Your doctor and the astrology are on the same page – ditch sugar. You will be amazed at how much more manageable things are in the marriage and with the children once you are balanced – physically, mentally, emotionally. I am sure you’ve seen all the documentaries about what sugar does to us. Not to mention what it does to anybody under the age of 13. You have as much going for you, in terms of reshaping the marriage, as you do for parting company. It depends on you, really, and there is no ‘right’ partner. Just someone to grow with, as I’m sure you know. Waving from Tasmania (no alpacas but plenty of chickens, here).

  13. Hi Jessica please take a look at my chart as i have Saturn in Aries, please let me know your thoughts on what will happen. Thank you.

    1. You have Saturn, the IC and Diana in Aries in the First House. If your birth time is strictly accurate we would definitely use the IC (Immum Coeli) but if you’re unsure, we’d just use Saturn and Diana. Basically you are rather vulnerable, exposed and quite rightly cautious about your image. This embraces your reputation, your physical appearance, your title, and who you appear to be online. Your portrait or profile. This is lifelong, and over the years you have had good reason to be pretty defensive and self-protective about how you appear and how you are seen. The forthcoming transit of both Jupiter and Chiron in Aries is really helpful as you will come across people, organisations or trends which fix so much for you; call it repair work, or redemption, or relaunch. For example, if you have a stammer, or if you have a birthmark on your face, or you are overweight or you have reputation issues (I doubt any of this is your concern but I’ll use them as examples) you would find just the right solution to take care of things for you, over the 12 months or so that Jupiter is in Aries in your First House.

  14. Thank you for this! I have Jupiter conjunct Chiron in Aries in my natal chart, in the 10th house. I am curious about how this transit will impact my chart. Thank you.

    1. It’s unusual to have Jupiter in conjunction with Chiron, so if they do fall at the same degree, you are fortunate. This is in your First House of image, not your Tenth House of career, using the Natural House System. So it’s a relaunch. As Jupiter moves around to the same degree of your original Jupiter-Chiron conjunction you will experiment with your appearance, name, title and reputation. It’s rather like John Lydon, in 1977, deciding he wants to become Johnny Rotten.

  15. The only thing I have in Aries is my moon at 12 degrees. I didn’t see degrees mentioned. Does degree matter for this or is it just anything in Aries for the entire time of this transit?

    So this Aries weather is all about my house/home situtaion. This is a bit scary for me. I had to leave a home I LOVED DEARLY in 2014.
    Then I was a live in caretaker for a family friend for a year, then I moved in with my mom when she suddenly become ill and was with her until she died in May 2015, after that I lived with my daugther until Nov 2015 taking care of her new born son. Nov 2015 her family moved in with me once out of the army until they bought a new home. In 2019 I sold my home to move in with my daughter to still care for my grandson (LONG STORY). So I just wonder will I ever find “HOME’ ugghhh.

    1. Chiron is in conjunction with your Moon at 12 Aries now. You need to be needed, by being first; pushing forward; being upfront; battling something or someone. This is exaggerated in June. As for your home, there should be no fear here. You feel as if you have been on a search for a true sense of home for a long time. You will actually find it, when you realise that true (forever) home is in your own mind. You do have a classic family army chart, have to say. Have you ever seen the film Plenty? A war heroine has to deal with civilian life after it’s all over. The reason I mention home being in your own mind, is that you are about to enter a spectacular cycle for hypnosis, meditation, cognitive therapy, dream coaching and the like. You build safety and security in your own mind. Of course you will get the abode you require; you can get to safety and serenity faster by using Neptune’s transit of your Twelfth House to create a sanctuary within. It’s really just finding the right video or course, but this transit with Jupiter is rare and given your chart, a little life-changing.

  16. Thank you so much for this response. And that is wild because I have been contemplating taking on a different name for work for a little while (also to symbolize a new major chapter) but nothing has clicked just yet. Guess there’s time:) I am going to research Johnny Rotten. Thank you kindly.

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