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World Karma in Astrology May-July 2021

The Iraq War, the EU expansion and the Bali Bombing all took place in 2002. Karma that year is back May-July 2021.

World Karma From 2002 in 2021

Between May 7th and July 13th 2021 we will see karma from 26th September to 15th October 2002 return, for the world. Old scores will be settled. Those who are owed, will be repaid. Those who owe, will pay – spiritually. The North Node and South Node have always been associated with debts and credits in astrology. Now, they go back exactly to the places they occupied during the Iraq War, Bali Bombing and EU expansion.

Gemini and Sagittarius Nodes

The North Node at 10 Gemini and South Node at 10 Sagittarius are specifically about trade, tourism, travel, immigration and international relations. So, this May-July 2021 period means a time of reckoning for the European Union. For America, Britain and Iraq. For Bali, Indonesia and Australia. As always, we allow a one-degree orb (one degree’s difference). May 7th to July 13th 2021 is a time of reckoning for what happened back in 2002. World karma in astrology shows us specific dates.

The End of the EU and the Euro

As you saw on this website, astrology predicted the end of the European Union and the Euro as we knew it, six years ago on 5th July 2015. We had not even dreamed of COVID-19 back then, and Brexit was not even a word. Now, the Schengen Zone and the Euro are threatened by this fast-mutating virus, COVID-19, moving faster than vaccine updates – through all the airports and ports, and road entry points in Europe.

The rise of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is another factor in the end of the Euro and thus the EU as we knew it. The EU bail-out of countries like Greece, Italy and Spain (struggling to survive financially through COVID-19) is part of the 2021 story. This is the original prediction, here. I saw that Greece would vote to stay in the EU, but eventually leave. The astrology says that will happen, along with a long farewell from Italy. The British have just announced Britcoin; a UK digital currency.

y4yynra1pp8 600x400 - World Karma in Astrology May-July 2021
Astrology, karma and the EU (Ethan Wilkinson, Unsplash)

Astrology, Karma and the EU

Between May 7th and July 13th 2021 we will see EU karma that took place between 26th September to 15th October 2002 return. This is all about the balance sheet between countries. Back then, the EU allowed Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia in the door. It increased the size of the EU from 15 members to 25, at the time. All of these countries have hotspots, on or near, the place where the North Node at 10 Gemini and South Node at 10 Sagittarius stood, back in 2002. (Data: The Book of World Horoscopes, Nicholas Campion, The Wessex Astrologer, 2004).

World Karma and Astrology Charts

16th August 1960 00.00 EET Nicosia
Moon 11 Gemini

Czech Republic
1st January 1993 00.00 CET Prague
Sun 10 Capricorn

20th August 1991 22.10 GMT Tallinn
Uranus 10 Capricorn

23rd October 1989 12.00 CET Budapest
Jupiter 10 Cancer

21st August 1991 08.25 GMT Riga
Uranus 10 Capricorn

11th March 1990 22.45 EET Vilnius
Uranus 9 Capricorn

21st September 1964 00.00 CET Valletta
Mercury 10 Virgo

24th August 1989 13.05 CED-2.00 Warsaw
Neptune 9 Capricorn

1st January 1993 00.00 CET-1.00 Bratislava
Sun 10 Capricorn

Slovenia (Former Yugoslavia)

14th March 2002 11.00 CET-1.00 Belgrade
Mars 9 Taurus
Saturn 9 Gemini
Neptune 10 Aquarius

Tracking the Sagittarius Node Karma

The South Node at 10 Sagittarius in the same time-frame (the North Node and South Node are always exactly opposite) tells us more about the United Nations, the EU, WHO, border control, tourism and immigration. Poland has Mars at 10 Sagittarius. Yugoslavia has Venus and Pluto there, also at 10 degrees, in two different charts. What we are seeing here is the early stages of a revolution in Europe which will come to pass after Uranus (shock, the world turning upside down, freedom) moves to 10 Gemini, some five years from now. The year 2021 is a preview. The North Node in Gemini (the twins) and the South Node in Sagittarius (the archer) move backwards through the 12 zodiac signs and arrive at the same spot about every 19 years or so. So, the North Node having been in Cancer the crab (see illustration) now moves anti-clockwise, backwards, through Gemini.


Horoscope IStock 600x545 - World Karma in Astrology May-July 2021
Astrology karma (iStock)

When Will the EU Finally Break Up?

Between May 7th and July 13th 2021 the European Union will show strong signs of a future break-up in the year 2029. This will come as no surprise, but the chart for the Euro currency shows the Sun at 10 Capricorn and Uranus at 10 Aquarius. That gives us timing.

Euro Crisis May 7th to July 13th 2021

The Euro was born on 1st January 1999 at 00.01 CET in Bruxelles, Belgium. Pluto is at 9 Sagittarius in the chart for the Euro so this tells you exactly what is going to happen to the currency from May 7th to July 13th 2021. This is the first step into a crisis for the old currency.

The EU in March and April 2029

In March and April 2029 we find Pluto at 10 Aquarius, Neptune at 9 Aries, Uranus at 11 Gemini, Saturn at 10 Taurus, Ceres at 11 Aquarius, the North Node at 10 Capricorn and South Node at 10 Cancer. That’s history being made, as we watch. March and April 2029 will be the final tipping point for the European Union and the Euro, and the old countries involved will form themselves into new groups. I am writing this on 24th April 2021 so looking eight years into the future, but 2029 will get rid of the last remaining traces of what used to be the EU and its own paper and metal currency.

Iraq Karma From October 11th 2002

America, Iraq and George W. Bush were front-page news back on October 11th 2002 when we saw the North Node and South Node in Gemini and Sagittarius, in the same places they move back to, from May 7th to July 13th, 2021. The United States Senate gave war powers to President George W. Bush, on that date. Well, a lot of lives have been lost, and world astrology karma is returning.

Karma for America and Britain From 2002

There is some considerable balance sheet settlement here for the United States of America – and her old terrorist enemies. America has Uranus at 9 Gemini in her USA Proclamation Chart set for 8th July 1776 at 12.00 LMT in Philadelphia. The Civil War chart for America shows Uranus at 9 Gemini, in addition, as does the First Salute chart. So this is the old nation.

Shoulder to Shoulder

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland was America’s partner in the Iraq War and you would expect to see factors at 9, 10 or 11 Gemini in any of her many charts. The two nations stood ‘shoulder to shoulder’ under Tony Blair and George W. Bush. So what do we find?

Oliver Cromwell’s England

The UK House of Commons chart, the UK Reorganisation chart, the Republic chart all show that hotspot for karma in 2021, with Saturn at 11 Gemini in the UK Republic chart, set for 27th March 1649 at 12.00 LMT in London. This was the ‘destruction of the Monarchy’ version of England, so the nation under Oliver Cromwell, after the end of King Charles I. This is interesting, because of course Prince Philip has now passed and today’s future King Charles III (assuming this happens) is part of the story.

Iraq and Balance Sheets From 2002

We have three charts for Iraq, thanks to Nicholas Campion and The Book of World Horoscopes (The Wessex Astrologer, 2004) which is astrology’s primary source of data. The Kingdom of Iraq set for 23rd August 1921 shows Pluto at 9 Cancer – very close.

The Iraq Independence Chart

The Iraq Independence chart set for 3rd October 1932 shows the Sun at 10 Libra, so what happens to Iraq from May 7th to July 13th is about partnership for her, but also a peace agreement. The North Node at 10 Gemini and South Node at 10 Sagittarus will form stunning trines and sextiles to her Sun. The final Iraq chart is the Republic of Iraq set for 14th July 1958 and here Uranus is at 10 Leo.

Iraq’s Big Leap Forward

This is a clear hook-up with all three versions of Iraq, as the North Node in Gemini will also sextile her Uranus in Leo (the liberation of the next generation) and the South Node in Sagittarius will form a perfect trine. We will see how America and Britain play their roles, May 7th to July 13th. This looks like a fork in the road for Iraq, America and Britain in 2021. You might say it is written high above, in the stars.

1lfi7wkgwz4 600x400 - World Karma in Astrology May-July 2021
World karma and the USA (NASA)

Bali Bombing Karma

On October 12th 2002 a car-bomb outside a nightclub took 182 lives and injured 210 more. I knew one of the people who died; she worked in the office at Pan Macmillan, my old publisher in Sydney. This disgusting terrorist attack set up immediate karma with Bali, Indonesia and Australia. It was said to have been an attack on Australian tourists because that country helped to liberate East Timor. Then, Indonesia’s defence minister blamed al-Qaida and its allies.

Australia and a 10 Degree Hotspot

There are several charts for Australia showing triggers at 10 degrees or nearby. Thus, we would be watching Australia closely from May 7th to July 13th, 2021 as the North Node and South Node return to their original positions at the time of the Bali bombing. Every chart I have found for Australia shows a pattern.

9th May 1901
Mercury 11 Taurus. Ops 9 Cancer.

26th January 1788
Mars 11 Cancer. Cupido 11 Scorpio.
Minerva 11 Libra.

1st January 1901
Venus 10 Sagittarius, Bacchus 9 Aquarius,
Cupido 10 Cancer, Salacia 10 Libra.

7th February 1788
Minerva 11 Libra, Psyche 9 Scorpio, Vulcano 11 Scorpio.

27th May 1967
Saturn 9 Aries

Indonesia and the 10 Degree Hotspot

Indonesia has a number of birth charts. The Republic of Indonesia chart set for 17th August 1945 works best. Independence Day is still celebrated on 17th August every year.

In this chart Indonesia has Pluto at 10 Leo. So you can see how the Australian charts and Indonesia charts are timed, karmically, from May 7th to July 13th 2021. If you want to know more about the North Node and South Node, listen here.

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23 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica !

    SO SO impressed ( and still !) by all your GIFT from Heaven.
    It helps me SO much in all areas of my life.
    As a Gemini, I deeply feel in harmony with your predictions.
    I’m just beginning all concerning CRYPTO and bitcoins etc. ( I have you can see factors in Scorpio Taurus…)
    It’s like a REVELATION for me.
    Any advice please for my journey?
    I’m also a flight attendant for a Big French company.

    Love you so much feel like you are kind of Guardian Angel for me.

  2. Hi Jessica – could the loss of the Indonesian submarine be part of the karma you write of above?

    1. The Indonesian submarine is such an awful event, isn’t it? It’s too early for the karmic return that is coming up, but it is possible that it is linked to what is to come. I respect astrology timing too much to go early, and we have to wait. Perhaps it will somehow trigger a peace accord between Australia and Indonesia. If not, it may well precede another round of a very long and troubled history.

  3. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for your predictions. Having sagittarius ascendant and south node, what can I expect ? Difficult start of year, one more, since 2019, with communications and internet, when does it end ? Thank you

    Best wishes

    1. Don’t worry about the Ascendant so much, it is only your image or appearance, and it is frequently miscalculated by people as it depends on a strictly accurate birth time. The South Node in Sagittarius and North Node in Gemini (which you would automatically possess) are far more important and it just means that you are part of the global story with quarantine, border control, visas, passports, immigration, tourism, travel – all ruled by Sagittarius – until January 2022. The reason all this is so difficult in 2021 is that billions of people are born with Sagittarius factors, owing to a quirk of history, and they are all being hit, or opposed by, the North Node in Gemini, one after another. So despite what big business tells you (Sir Richard Branson and Virgin) for example, 2021 is a bad year to be flying internationally. I guess one look at the Indian and South African variant of COVID-19 will tell you that.

  4. Hi Jessica,
    I am wondering whether you have any thoughts regarding Turkey?
    Thank you.

    1. Turkey is a Scorpio nation, born on 29th October 1923 at 8.30pm in Ankara, according to The Book of World Horoscopes by Nicholas Campion (The Wessex Astrologer, 2004). No surprises here. This is an economic revolution, as Uranus moves across Taurus (the radical change and the money) and opposes Turkey’s Sun at 5 Scorpio, Venus at 18 Scorpio and Jupiter at 24 Scorpio. Not since the last war has Turkey seen anything like this. August 2022 looks like the month Turkey must choose everything at once; currency, trade, and her core values as a country. The North Node at 18 Taurus and South Node at 18 Scorpio suggest family trusts; marital property; the bigger picture of the dynasties and clans in the country, and their assets or debts. There is karma here and it goes all the way back to the start of the last war. We also have Uranus at 18 Taurus in August 2022, which is so rare that the Full Moon at 19 Aquarius on 12th August 2022 seems like the tipping point for a revolution. This is going to affect the political parties, but also the youth of Turkey, who will realise that their best bet is each other. In groups.

  5. I have Venus & Descendant at 10° ♊️ I remember exactly where I was in 2002. I’d abruptly left Australia with a view not returning but nowhere to go particularly. I was very very angry & distressed. After I spent 6 weeks working (volunteer) in a school in Vancouver I arrived in Brazil on 15 October to help some Brazilians I’d never met (many still friends) start a new socially & culturally inclusive school! It was both an exciting and open ended time. We started the school and I returned to Australia unexpectedly 6 months later. I was at a terrible lose end and haven’t really ever settled. I’m interested to see what this time will bring.

    1. The world is turning upside down until 2026 and in fact Australia and New Zealand end up on top. They already are, as they have achieved Zero Covid, which I find very few people in places like London really understand. I’m sure you do! We’re going to find the entire local region clustered around Australia and New Zealand becomes its own entity eventually; once Uranus goes into Gemini from 2026 and opposes the Sagittarius placements in so many billions of horoscopes, the old days of total globalisation are pretty much history. If you are still in Australia you’ll be part of the new world – it’s smaller and localised.

  6. Hi Jessica, I see that Lithuania, Latvia and Poland are listed, but not Russia. I would be very interested what you might see unfolding for Russia. Kind Regards Veronica

    1. Russia has 20 charts, believe it or not. The Book of World Horoscopes by Nicholas Campion lists them all. The last one we have is 1991, 25th December at 5.45pm in Moscow when the flag was raised! I was in Moscow myself not long after this and did not enjoy it. This version of Russia is very Capricorn/Scorpio and quite heavy. You can see the oligarchs in the Scorpio placements, with Venus at 22 Scorpio and Pluto at 21. That tells you all you need to know about the biggest economic revolution since the last war. When Uranus goes to 21, 22 Taurus we have a radical change to the currency and the economy. That’s June to October 2023 and again, April-May 2024. I should have thought the Magnitsky Act on Money Laundering will come for Russia at that point, especially as Scorpio can be so dark. A quick inspection of the other 19 charts and we find Uranus (upheaval) at 21 Aquarius in 1917, so there is a feeling of Leningrad about what is to come in Russia, in 2023 and 2024. This triggers the generation born with the outer planets in Aquarius, so the youth will rise up at that point and the country will be turned upside-down. These are the teenagers who were babies in 1999 when young Vlad began his rise to power. The Russian charts suggest that if you are the aristocracy or act like it, sooner or later you are in serious trouble. The 1922 chart shows the Moon at 23 Taurus and the 1991 chart has the Moon at 24 Aquarius, so that is the same story told again. Starting in 2023, 2024 this is the most radical shift for younger people, the economy, the currency and the leadership seen in decades.

  7. Hi Jessica!
    In this article, you indicated 2029 as the final for the euro currency, and in the article “The Astrology Of Greece – Goodbye EU, Goodbye Euro” – you indicated 2026 as the last year for the euro currency. Where is the truth? Until 2026, can I be calm about paper euros under my mattress? Thank you, you are a very talented astrologer!

    1. Too funny. The Euro, in relation to Greece. I think the original article was about Greece and the EU and the Euro. The entire European Union and her currency is a little longer to fall apart and so we are talking around three years later. So 2026, then 2029.

  8. I am so worried about the UK regarding Covid . It appears lockdown is being eased for many. We have been isolating for over a year because I am shielding my Husband. We now go out occasionally but so many people think it is back to normal, not distancing or wearing masks. We have had both vaccines but that is not 100% immunity. I’m a Gemini 2002 -2005 wasn’t good. Hope it is not the same sort of karma.

    1. You are not alone in being worried; one look at the comments here, and I can see people in Britain with just the same concerns as you. The good news is, you are doing really good things for your self-protection. You are shielding your husband, and mostly indoors, and have been vaccinated. That immediately really helps you so much – no matter what risks others are running or generating. Whenever we talk about COVID-19 we have to talk about Virgo and the Sixth House. Vesta, Proserpina, Cupido and Psyche are all in Virgo, all in your Sixth House of mind, body, spirit, health, mental health, fitness, wellness and so on. So you are very strongly Virgo. Most people have 2-3 factors at most, on average. I’m not denying that this cycle is challenging for you. Yet, you are also going to learn so much about your immune system. I was talking to the astrologer Debbie Frank about this, last night. COVID-19 is making us (ironically) healthier than we have ever been. Why? We avoid supermarkets and shop at local greengrocers. Small local shops with good, locally sourced (in season) food – that we were always meant to eat. We are indoors so much more that we are forced to learn home yoga, meditation and so on – to get through. It ends up becoming a good habit. Even walking – or wild swimming – are things people are doing more, because they value their outdoors time more. This is all pretty classic stuff for the cycle you are going through, and even though you are quite right to be anxious, you are also in a really amazing position to turn your life around. I expect you already did, but there is more to come. Do you keep a diary or journal? You should. It would help you enormously.

  9. Dear Jessica,

    My NN is at 9 Scorpio and SN in Taurus. I’ve had an atrociously difficult time at work. I’m at a cross roads and thinking about leaving my job. I’m wondering what might be in store for me should I do so. Thank you

    1. You have a huge pile-up at 9 degrees of the zodiac signs, including Scorpio/Taurus (your salary) and Virgo (your work ethic). In May 2021 you have just. been through Uranus at 9 Taurus, in April, so I suspect the previous month was the spark that lit the fuse. The clincher will be Ceres at 9 Taurus on June 1st-3rd. That is a new deal either within the current work place (new rules, new compromise) or you will quit. There is more to this than meets the eye. It is not just an atrocious job situation, it is actually about who you are, as you rightly suspect. I quite like Jupiter (opportunity, breakthroughs, solutions) at 9 Pisces in February 2022 and Chiron is very close, at 9 Aries, also in February. So the future looks good. Karma calls sooner in July 2021 with the North Node at 9 Gemini and South Node at 9 Sagittarius. As your situation is partly based on the drive to serve; to. be of service; to work perfectly towards a role/goal of attendance and obligation – and the anger that comes when the system fails you – have a look at that part of your chart. Look at Mars in particular. Would you get another job? Of course. I think the real question here is, what are you actually looking for and who/what is the problem? Dig deeply into that and you will get a better answer. It never rains but it pours for you, with that chart pitched at 9 degrees, so although you have had it very, very bad – you will have it very, very well as Jupiter comes around. This is more like therapy or counselling than anything else, it goes beyond saying ‘dud job’ or ‘awful people’ and into issues about your own values, worth, needs, wants and general core mission. So it’s a big one. Use the Tarot on this website and Your Oracle, as well as The Astrology Oracle, to help.

  10. I’m originally from Latvia. I immigrated to the US in 1998. I can say that Latvia is the shittiest country there is. It did not respect human rights and it’s as corrupt as Russia or even worse. I know it first hand. My friends house was burnt down and she had to run with her family to Germany. Latvia is laundering money for Russia, so all the aid that US sends there goes to fill Russian pockets. I haven’t been back since I left and I don’t even miss it.

    1. Thank you so much for your point of view on Latvia. It literally turned up as one of the nations on the list, ahead of these transits. I’m sure you’ll be watching it closely!

  11. Dear Jessica!
    You write about the end of the euro as a karma for the European Union. But nothing was said about the US dollar, in the context of US karma. Can we expect the dollar to crash in the next 3 years as US punishment for the war in Iraq and elsewhere in the world?
    Thank you very much for your comment.

    1. You’ll find America has spiritual debts to pay from the last war, and these come around in 2022-2023. She obviously did not enter the war until Pearl Harbour. These spiritual debts do translate into money as the Nodes are in Taurus-Scorpio. So what we are talking about here is not Iraq, but the Nazi Germany invasion of Poland at the very beginning, when we saw a rare line-up in Taurus. Whatever America did, or did not do, in that last war, will come to a financial reckoning in 2022, 2023 as a very old cycle comes back. I don’t have the chart for the birth of the US dollar, but it may be worth your while looking at that for specifics.

  12. Dear Jessica, thanks for the valuable information. Until 2022, I will convert my dollar savings into another currency, for example, Chinese yuan or buy a small apartment in Ukraine.

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