Conscious Cafe Psychic Paw Readings

We had so many cats, dogs and people at our Conscious Cafe Animal Astrology and Psychic Pets event in April 2021, that time did not allow for a psychic paw reading for every animal friend. Did you send us a photograph of your pet's paw? Catch up an exclusive reading now.

Animal Astrology and Psychic Pets

Ahead of our new book, Animal Astrology and Psychic Pets – Rachel Wells and I joined the psychic and author Paul Fenton-Smith at The Conscious Cafe, with host Gina Lazenby, for a packed event online in April 2021.

There just wasn’t enough time to read for every lovely furry face, but as promised, all the photographs you passed on to us, are now here – with a reading.

Zara the Leo Shelter Dog 

Zara is a Leo, adopted by Doenja Snijder in Amsterdam on July 25th (you can use the adoption date for a dog, if you don’t have her/his birthday). Zara brings in a wonderful Neptune cycle for money, from May 2021 until July, then again in December, peaking in April 2022. So this is a lucky adoption for you, Doenja. Because food was not exactly scattered around the shelter, or in her previous life before she met you, Zara is very careful with her ‘money’ herself (her toys or bones). Like Zara the famous fashion and homewares store, Zara the dog enjoys beautiful things.

She loves a rabbit and if you take her away from the beach and into the countryside, she will scent a bunny and drop everything, Doenja. She loves nature, so it’s great that you can let her romp around in the great outdoors. She’s a good influence for saving and investing in your household.

Zara adopted 25 july 2017 Amsterdam Netherlands image1 450x600 - Conscious Cafe Psychic Paw Readings

Jane’s Dog Blossom (and Paw)

Blossom is a Scorpio dog, born on 31st October 2007. She has a strong sense of hierarchy in the pack. The ‘top dog’ in the park, or in the household, or in her own litter, really matters to her. If she cannot strike out and be top dog, she’ll make sure she runs with the pack, behind the leader. There may have been a promotion, departure, new appointment or other upward-downward shift in the family when Blossom came into your lives, or perhaps a new order starting in the family or household. She’s tough, energetic, decisive and smart. Scorpio dogs are all having the same cycle at the moment, which is very much about service, duty and work. They need to know who stands where in the pecking order and who’s at the top. This is true for the humans around Blossom as much as the other dogs or animals.

Blossom Janes dog pic 1 450x600 - Conscious Cafe Psychic Paw Readings

Angus – Melanie’s Joy Dog

Angus is a Standard Poodle, owned by Melanie, and described by her as a ‘Joy Dog’ which is common to hear about Gemini animals, born May 31st,  2017. Angus is one of those dogs who are fated to face a fork in the road every so often. He has a ‘destiny’ horoscope which means life will always hold changes for him. You can even see this in the paw. Some toes are turning West and some toes are turning East. There will be at least one, if not more, house or apartment moves for Angus.

Melanies dog Angus DOB 31st May 2017 600x450 - Conscious Cafe Psychic Paw Readings

Judit’s Black Cat Companion

Judit’s black cat companion has a prominent first toe. This is the Fire Sign toe and relates to Leo, Aries and Sagittarius. Fire sign cats usually go on a ‘slow burn’ and this black cat looks as if he’s warming up to it, in this photograph. This cat at full speed is something else. Once the slow burn has taken hold, this cat is red hot, and will race towards the goal. It might be a mouse. It might be a dog. It might be another cat, or just your ankle. Energetic, impulsive, fiery cats like this often accompany big family changes. This may be the cat’s own family, split up into kittens, or there may be a shift within the owner’s circle of relatives.

Judit Antals pet paw. 449x600 - Conscious Cafe Psychic Paw Readings

Charlie the German Short Hair Pointer

Charlie was born on June 24th and so narrowly makes it as a Cancer dog, born just after the cusp. Cancer animals are protective, caring and close to their dog families, their breed and also their human families. Charlie is strongly influenced by the Moon, as Cancer the zodiac sign is ruled by the Moon. He will be more out of routine on a Full Moon, and more distracted on a New Moon. He finds it hard to choose. He procrastinates. This may be about choosing loyalties between one member of the family or another, for example. Perhaps he finds it hard to choose between two places – two homes, or home and the beach. You’ll often see Charlie stop and stare, or stop and stand, because he’s finding it hard to make his choices about life. He can be quite defensive, always ready to protect himself against what he sees as threats. This may be lawnmowers, the Dyson or another dog. He needs quite a lot of reassurance and settling. He needs time out, so soothing Dog relaxation music and a nice swim.

Charlie who is a German Shorthair Pointer 450x600 - Conscious Cafe Psychic Paw Readings

All About Ted – Born 22nd July at 4.00pm

We have not only a real birthday for Ted, but also a birth time, of 4.00pm. Dogs and cats can have full birth charts, as people do, and you will need the birthdate, time and place. (You can try this using the Family and Friends chart option on this website). Ted is a champion. Does he come from an award-winning family, or have you entered him into the local dog show? He has wonderful posture and trots along with a nice straight back and winning style. He’s Crufts-worthy, put it that way. Other dogs can only look on and wonder (though some will be a little envious). He’s good with horses, too.

Ted Galias dog 450x600 - Conscious Cafe Psychic Paw Readings

Jordan and Libby – Psychic Photograph Reading for Owner and Dog

It’s possible to read a body photograph of owner and dog and this is Jordan and Libby. This is a spiritual or religious household. For example, there may be a Buddha in the bedroom, or perhaps a Bible on the shelf. There is a strong belief in God, the Universe or perhaps something more mysterious, like astrology (of course). This is the kind of home where everyone knows the rules and you don’t mess with them. One last thing, this is a dog who loves to sit on your head, like a crown! Maybe on the pillow, anyway. This household is very close to ‘the divine’ and there may have been prayer involved in obtaining the dog, or a strange spiritual twist in the tale – or the tail.

admin ajax - Conscious Cafe Psychic Paw Readings

All copyright on all photographs remains with the owners – 2021

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