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Brazil Astrology Predictions

Brazil astrology predictions for 2021 and beyond have to begin with the COVID-19 crisis of April. Using the Brazil horoscope, why is the end of globalisation and fossil fuel cars coming - and when? How can we see Brazil's national personality in her astrology chart? And her fate with the pandemic? And The Amazon? An election is coming. And how.

In April 2021 – Brazil has a COVID-19 crisis  triggered by a variant  of the virus. As NBC News reports here – The death toll worldwide is now 3 million and Brazilian hospitals are in trouble.

The Brazil Astrology Chart

There are several horoscopes for Brazil. The most recent, modern chart works best. Brazil was ‘born’ with Saturn at 26 Sagittarius and Uranus at 27 Sagittarius. Sagittarius rules foreigners and foreign countries, so that’s a statement about her place in world trade, in the United Nations and with WHO.

That is an exceptionally extreme chart pattern for foreign relations. It also shows that Brazil is driving away from fossil fuel and towards electric cars and electric public transport. This begin in 2021 and is a reality from 2026. It also shows Brazil turning away from ‘global’ and towards ‘local’ – so around her part of the map. We are going to see some smart negotiating by America and the rest of the world on the Amazon. Yet it is COVID-19 and the Brazil variant of the virus that is the biggest story.

New President for 2022?

Using the Brazil astrology chart, given to us for the first televised broadcast for the then-new Constitution of Brazil  on October 5th, 1988 at 3.49pm in Rio de Janeiro (The Book of World Horoscopes, Nicholas Campion, The Wessex Astrologer, 2004) we find a new-style leader for 2022.

General elections are scheduled to be held in Brazil on October 2nd, 2022, to elect the President, Vice President and the National Congress. In astrology, we line up the dates to see the exact patterns, to predict the future.

Whenever you see Pluto, you always see a change in the balance of power. It’s coming. We’re either going to see the end of President Bolsonaro or a transformation in his attitude and policies, which to date have been disastrous with COVID-19 (statistics show) and the Amazon – and the environment (according to Greenpeace).

Destiny, Bolsonaro and the Brazil Chart
The astrology chart for President Bolsonaro shows Neptune at Libra 27. This fits with the national chart which has Saturn at 26 Sagittarius and Uranus at 27 Sagittarius.

How  October 2nd, 2022 Changes Brazil

On October 2nd, 2022, when Brazil votes, Pluto is at 26 Capricorn. Perfectly semi-sextile to Saturn in the Brazil horoscope and just one degree away from an exact semi-sextile to Uranus. Almost square Bolsonaro’s Neptune.

The Moon will move to 26 and 27 Sagittarius at that time. This is a change in the balance of power in Brazil which goes far, far beyond the end of President Jair Bolsonaro (who is going, going, gone, even if he transforms himself and wins in 2022). It’s about the end of extreme globalisation and Brazil’s part in that.

Bolsonaro did not pursue Zero COVID-19 (local economy, closed foreign borders) like Australia and New Zealand. He trusted one vaccine. He’ll pay for that, but this shift at the top in Brazil goes beyond him. It’s about the rise of the electric car and bike. It’s also about the end of his Amazon policies and those who vote for them. Brazil, you see, has to fit into the larger world picture. And with that 26, 27 Sagittarius pattern it’s no surprise to find that when the North Node moved to 26, 27 Gemini and South Node moved to 26, 27 Sagittarius (for the first time in 19 years) on Thursday 13th August 2020, Brazil experienced the worst start to the Amazon fire season for ten years. The world reacted. Sagittarius rules foreign people and places – for Brazil.

The Amazon, Joe Biden, America and Brazil
Fast-forward to April 2021 and we see the pattern triggered again, as Joe Biden offers money in exchange for some control over the Amazon. Pluto at 26 Capricorn, Jupiter at 26 Aquarius both trigger that crucial 26-27 hotspot in the nation’s chart and the President’s. This tells us really clearly that the U.S. will have a huge say over the 2022 Brazil election.

The World Economy and Electric Transport

7oxbwm7668g 450x600 - Brazil Astrology PredictionsYou can be a beginner in astrology and instantly see that electric cars, buses and bicycles take over the world from 2026. Why? Uranus, the symbol of new inventions, revolution and electricity, moves into Gemini – the sign which rules public transport, commuting and short-haul journeys. Nothing comes from nothing in astrology, though. So why does Brazil play her part? Partly because an opposition from Uranus at 26, 27 Gemini in the year 2032 wipes out the old fossil fuel car industry there, forever. That is a very long way into the future as I publish this in April 2021, but as we also see Saturn at 26, 27 Gemini in the same year – that is the beginning of the end for Brazil and her old, 20th-century car industry. Also, her tourism and foreign trade – as it was.

The End of Crude Petroleum Export in Brazil

I’m not going to repeat predictions about Global Financial Crisis Two, as that is old news now, and we’ve known it was coming a long time before Uranus went into Taurus in May 2018. Again, though, we have to ask where that comes from. Brazil provides clues. So does the 2022 election.

In 2019 Brazil was the number 9 economy in the world in terms of GDP (current US$), so her slide, triggered by COVID-19 and the new Brazil variant, is the world’s economic slide as well. Her second biggest export is crude petroleum. She is also guilty of exporting wood pulp. So Brazil is also a major contributor to the Climate Emergency.

You can see that in the chart. You cannot separate Brazil from the world, with that Sagittarius hotspot (Sagittarius has always ruled international trade and global relations). It’s also tied to the President’s chart.

We are going to see years of mutable sign (Pisces, Gemini) transits hitting the Brazil chart and also the current President. That’s like a long, sustained and critical change. The old nation is disappearing.

India and Brazil – The End of Fossil Fuel

At the same time that Brazil has a COVID-19 mutation or variant that is threatening hospitals, so does India. In April 2021, the two nations have different ‘birth’ horoscopes but show the same pattern. The Indian COVID-19 variant is also shutting down her infrastructure and economy. One of her biggest exports? Fossil fuel. So, the world is temporarily closed, thanks to Brazil and India – by 2022. Ongoing, both countries will see massive changes to their trade and economies, because the new reality after 2023 is that the UN and WHO will finally get some teeth.

The COVID-19 Mutation That Will Not Go Away

I was asked by The Daily Mail in October 2020 if there would ever be a vaccine. I said there would not. There is no single silver bullet vaccine for every mutation of COVID-19. There will be many attempts at ‘a vaccine’ but the search will go on for years.

In Brazil we have a COVID-19 mutation that will not go away. Whenever you look for public health in a country’s chart, you look for Virgo and the Sixth House. Brazil was ‘born’ with Venus moving into Virgo, from 0 to 1 degree, in quite a fated way. The South Node, also fated, stands at Virgo 13 degrees. That is really useful. We have two hotspots.

The Astrology Behind Brazil’s 2021 Pandemic

Transits to Virgo around 1 and 13 degrees trigger major questions about hospitals, health insurance, pandemics and so on. So here we are in 2021. Back in January, Saturn was at 1 Aquarius. January 2021 was undoubtedly the start of the spread of the new ‘Brazil’ variant.

What we’re going to see, with these patterns triggering Virgo (public health) in the Brazil chart, is an overturning of what WHO thought they knew about COVID-19. It’s not something that comes for older people. It can take babies. In Brazil, infants are being hospitalized.

q8m8clkryeo 600x400 - Brazil Astrology Predictions

How Rare are the Brazil Astrology Cycles?

These astrology cycles building around Brazil are rare. Historic. By the time we got to February, 2021, Jupiter was at 13 degrees. Remember, 1 degree and 13 degrees are the hotspots.

It takes Saturn 29 years to do this. It takes Jupiter 12 years. These are historic, nation-changing cycles.

In March 2021, the North Node moved to Gemini 13 And South Node moved to Sagittarius 13, creating a Grand Cross (a critical crossroads) with the South Node in the Brazil chart at 14 Virgo and the North Node at 14 Pisces.

This is a picture of a complete transformation of the place and its people, and its politics.

aanirjifrke 600x438 - Brazil Astrology Predictions

Watching June 12th and 13th, 2021

We then go into April 2021 and find Saturn moving to 13 Aquarius on April 29th and 30th. Saturn stays at 13 Aquarius from May 1st to June 18th, 2021. We also find Uranus moving to 13 Taurus from June 13th to June 30th, so that window of June 13th to 18th 2021 is dramatic. We can narrow it down more to June 12th and 13th, 2021, when Ceres moves to 13 Taurus.

A United Nations Drama on June 12th, 13th 2021

This looks like a United Nations drama for Brazil (involving America) involving a critical world economy and climate emergency. On June 12th and 13th, 2021 the COVID-19 pandemic and a collapsing trade agreement means that Brazil will force the planet to look at the end of petrol and the rise of the electric car, bus and bike.

It’s more than that, though. This is the end of tourism as we knew it. Of immigration as we knew it. The transits show a rolling series of squares, oppositions and T-Squares to Sagittarius, the sign ruling all of this, in the world chart. And in the charts of billions of people. At this point, it becomes clear that America and the Amazon are huge issues.

crn276hbbyu 600x338 - Brazil Astrology Predictions

The World Cup and Brazil

The modern chart for Brazil works repeatedly when tested against World Cup victories, as Brazil is arguably the greatest national football team in the cup’s history. Every year that she wins the World Cup, she goes through triggers to her Saturn at 26 Sagittarius and Uranus at 27 Sagittarius conjunction. This brings not only victory but of course huge business benefits.

Whenever we see the slow-moving outer planets, like Jupiter, or the North Node (also slow-moving) in the air or fire signs, which are most harmonious with that extreme Brazil pattern at 26-27 Sagittarius, she wins. And her economy gains.

1950 – Jupiter 26, 27 Aquarius (March, April, October, November)
1958 – Jupiter 26, 27 Libra (April, August)
1958 – North Node 26, 27 Libra (July)
1962 – Jupiter 26, 27 Aquarius (March)
1962 – Uranus 26, 27 Leo (March, April, May, June)
1970 – North Node 26, 27 Aquarius (November, December)
1970 – Jupiter 26, 27 Libra (May, June, July
1994 – Saturn 27 Aquarius (January)
2002 – South Node 26, 27 Sagittarius (January, February)
2002 – Uranus 26, 27 Aquarius (March, April, July, August, September)

Brazil and the New World Cup

You would say this without astrology, because social distancing for airborne COVID-19 makes massive football events impossible. It’s not just the crowds going down; it’s the teams and the players.

Yet, whatever comes out of this crisis for the World Cup, Brazil will take her place in shaping the new version of the beautiful game. From 2026 it’s literally a whole new ball-game that we cannot even imagine now. New rules, new technology, new football business. We can narrow down the start of this World Cup shift to August 15th-21st, 2021 because Jupiter (the opportunity) goes to 26, 27 Aquarius (teams) on those dates.

raphael nogueira CErddu JwKw unsplash 600x400 - Brazil Astrology Predictions


All images courtesy of Unsplash.com.

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22 Responses

  1. Wow, can you please predict Kenya? Alot if chaos hapoening here at moment politicaly as we are heading to general election in 2022.I am so Curious to read your prediction before election.

    1. Kenya is a Sagittarian country, so tied to foreign people and places, founded on 12th December 1963 in her modern form, at 00.00 in Nairobi. She also has Uranus at 10 Virgo (public health) and Pluto at 14 Virgo. What Kenya is going through in 2021 is really rare. She had a T-Square from the North Node at 14 Gemini and South Node at 14 Sagittarius last month, March 2021. That is massive pressure on public health owing to local travel (Gemini) and globalisation (Sagittarius). The Nodes move on to 10 degrees of Gemini-Sagittarius in May 2021. Same problem. At the same time we find Uranus at 10 Taurus, making an exact trine, in the sign of the economy, foreign trade and currency. This is an extreme situation for Kenya and she will either need her existing leadership to make radical, extreme changes, or the people will throw out the current leadership in favour of something far more revolutionary.

  2. Dear Jessica, brazilian Constitution was not created at Rio de Janeiro, but at Brasilia (Brazil’s capital), very far away from Rio.
    And Brazil’s “birth date” is the day of its independence (September 7th, 1822, São Paulo-SP).

    1. There are three charts for Brazil. They show the three faces of Brazil today. The Brazilian astrologer Antonio Harries gives us the first one, set for 22nd April 1550 at 5.34pm in Bahia. The second one is set for 7th September 1822 at 4.30pm in Iparanga. The third one is set for 5th October 1988 and the new constitution. That was signed at 3.49pm and it’s used by Nicholas Campion in his Book of World Horoscopes: the information came from Antonio Harries who timed it for 3.49pm based on a television broadcast in Rio de Janeiro. The question is, which chart shows the pandemic? The third one.

  3. Thank you Jessica, very impressive. We have election in France also in 2021, with the risk of extreme right taking the power. What are your predictions ? Thanks a lot,

    1. Thank you. France has so many astrological charts. Eleven, to be exact. Fortunately we can check the relevance of them by looking for something as obvious as the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020-2021. Which chart tells that story? I think the Vichy Republic chart set for 16th June 1940 at 22.00 in Paris (The Book of World Horoscopes, Nicholas Campion, The Wessex Astrologer, 2004) is worth taking seriously. This was of course the wartime France but because that has had such a massive impact on the politics and the landscape ever since, it does seem to work. This chart shows Neptune at 22 Virgo, and Uranus at 23 Taurus. Here we have an exact hit from the transiting North Node at 22 Gemini and transiting South Node at 22 Sagittarius (in the signs of travel, Eurostar, global trade, European borders, the EU) in October 2020. At the same time Pluto at 22 Capricorn was crossing the chart, which is rare. As we look at 2021 we find Neptune at 22 Pisces, so France is having her Neptune-Neptune opposition in Virgo (public health) and Pisces (religion). The French and their religious belief will have an unusual impact on the election. The economy is simultaneously shocked, because France has Uranus (revolution) in Taurus (trade) and that goes along with these other transits which clearly show the trade/transport issues, but also the public health system itself. We are not free of these transits at the hotspot of 22 and 23 degrees until we get to February 2023, by which time you would expect France to have a completely reshaped health system and economy, as her Virgo (hospitals) placement and Taurus (money) placement are well and truly under transit from Neptune. If you are talking about racism and the Far Right, then you’re really looking at Sagittarius (foreign people and places) and that particular pattern of transits in the chart falls away on January 18th 2022. It’s so typical of astrology that it takes us all the way back to the Vichy chart under Nazi occupation. There is some very old karma there to be worked out, as the transiting Nodes always show spiritual debts and credits. They also show past lives. Thank you for asking this question. Of all the 11 charts this one is really resonating.

  4. Your forecasts for countries are fascinating. Would you consider looking at Canada’s horoscope? Our country is dealing with another surge of cases including the variants and it’s frustrating to see so many people travelling to and from our country. The housing situation is crazy and I worry about our long term prospects for financial stability.

    1. Thank you. Canada has two ‘birth’ charts. One set for 1st July 1887 at 00.00 in Ottawa and the other set for 3rd July 1608 at 12.00 noon in Quebec. I understand your frustration at the travel in and out of Canada while we have these new variants (India and Brazil in particular). Canada has some ancient karma to work through with her public health system, which ends in January 2022. The endless circuit/loop stops next January. The partnership and rivalry (both) with America ends in 2023. That is half the problem for Canada at the moment. There is a total transformation in the Canadian economy from 2023, after a tough 2022 – which the world shares with you. From 2023, way beyond 2030, Canada will reposition herself in the global economy. As there are so many votes in homes, property and particularly families, don’t worry – politicians will roll out the offers and options in time for your next election. The new boom in Canada is education at home, by the way, at all levels (college to informal). New technology by 2026 will make learning and teaching the ultimate holiday from reality – at home.

  5. Thanks Jessica. I wonder why you call Brazil a she. Brazilians refer to their country as a he.
    It would be great if you could have a series with other countries. Your insights and predictions are truly appreciated. Cheers!

    1. Too funny. I suppose I think of my boat as a ‘she’ and so all countries are also ‘she’ – it’s a British expression. Thank you so much. As people ask for different countries, depending on demand, I’ll look at the charts.

  6. I’m fascinated by the accuracy of your predictions Jessica, would you have any information on Wales? Will it ever become independent? What is in store going forward? Would it be tied entirely to the English chart?

    1. Thank you. Charts for Wales in astrology are always mixed up with charts for the United Kingdom as a whole, and as for practical reasons we’d be looking at an independent Scotland, reunified Ireland and separated England too – we look at the whole chart. Also for practical reasons we’re looking for Gemini transits, which rule local travel, be it trains to Cardiff or Scotland having border control at her ports and airports. We have to go all the way back to the Tudors (a Welsh family) on 22nd August 1484, believe it or not. Yes, Wales will become independent. There is a huge amount of denial and fantasising going on about COVID-19 and the various vaccines. In the end, politicians will realise their popularity or downfall utterly depends on not sending people inside again, and borders will close. That means necessary debates about who controls what, which is where Wales comes in.

  7. Hi, Margarethe here. Dear Jessica, I just spent some time in Brazil after crossing the Atlantic on a sail boat here. I have never been to Brazil before and I can add the following observations: Brazilian folk is in a horrible mentality, totally surrendering to the political situation and crunched by their incapable leadership. Nobody even tries to change anything anymore. It is mirrored in the garbage situation. Litter everywhere, very little education on maintenance of nature, recycling and the inside equivalent: thought hygiene and having good energy. It is dangerous AF here. Physically, and they practice black magic in various forms after different immigrant inheritances. Its a mess.
    Since years, this rich country (in raw materials, nature, flora and fauna) can’t lift their poor violent favelas into smoother states. Simply because politicians keep people poor on purpose. Promising a community food for a month buys easy votes. It is wanted this way. And its not a pretty condition in the favelas.
    Pandemic has people on their knees, despite beaches etc. People do everything for money now. Especially women trying to get out of the country.
    I have not seen a single electric car here, and rental bikes are non-electric. But, there is hope. There is some bright wonderful young people who work on oil tankers but dream of greener careers.
    The US fucking with Amazon is ironic. They don’t even let people from Brazil transit through US airports anymore. US consulates are not working since March 2020. No visas, even fiance-visas, get issued to Brazilians anymore since then. Why don’t they leave the Amazon alone…?
    Lastly, I don’t see crypto being very popular anywhere around here. I know some smart Brazilians though. They think international. Will they be able to save this country? I don’t see it surviving as a whole, it is simply too big to be governed centrally.
    Thanks for your country analysis. Always good to keep in mind the economic heavy weight. Kind regards x
    (I wrote about visiting a favela here: patreon.com/mg_ventures)

    1. This sounds terribly sad about Brazil, as you tell it. The black magic is a worry. That attracts the lower astral and it’s rather like pollution. As you say, litter everywhere, but also etheric ‘litter’ as people stoop to low practices. I think you will be surprised at what happens after 2026 in Brazil. Electric transport is coming; the means of production will be there. I also think you’re going to see America clinch quite the deal over the Amazon. We will in fact move to a central world e-currency (not Bitcoin as it will be for the whole community; affordable) in 2022, 2023. If currencies plunge or collapse you may well see younger Brazilians in particular experimenting with that online.

  8. dear Jessica,
    thank you for the article
    as a brazilian who study Astrology I see the important moment this country is going through.
    I must say though that Brazil didnt win World Cup 1950 it was Uruguai that won and the event was held in Brazil ….
    thanks again and let’s hope we all build a better future


  9. Dear Jessica, could you please give a short outlook regarding the political and economic future of Austria in central Europe. I agree with what you wrote about the future of the European Union and I wonder how Austria´s economic and political situation might evolve in the coming years. In what way will it be tied to the fate of the European Union? I feel the pressure of Russia is growing and also the possibility of a military conflict in the Mediterranean. Thank you and best regards, Elly

    1. Thanks Elly. Austria was born on 12th November 1918 at 4.00pm CET in Vienna. She has Uranus at 23 Aquarius in the Eleventh House of groups (the European Union) so she has always been fated to turn her own world upside-down, every time she takes her place in a circle or community of nations. Uranus can be so unpredictable in a chart, because it reveals where one rejects the others in the group, and pushes them away, and distances herself – but is then disrupted – with the result being that there are regular upheavals and regular pushes for fierce independence, freedom, liberty and liberation on all sides. This is a really easy prediction to make because in 2021 and 2022 we have transits in Aquarius. Jupiter will be at 23 Aquarius from September 16th until 28th and Pluto is really close by; at 24 Capricorn. This transit can only happen in this particular way, every 12 years, with Jupiter, and every quarter-century, with Pluto, so it looks like an opportunity for Australia to suddenly break with her allies or EU affiliates. It’s a good one, because Jupiter is always good. The Romans called Jupiter ‘Optimus Maximus’, so greatest and best. This will come from nowhere and Austria may find that her rejection of particular nations, or particular political groups (Aquarius also rules specific parties and movements) erupts into a few days of quite radical change. You would expect departures, reshuffles, promotions, demotions in Austria then, as Pluto is involved, and he always accompanies a change in the balance of power. We then go to Saturn at 23 Aquarius, April 13th to 26th, in the year 2022. Neptune is very close by at 24 Pisces. We also have the North Node at 23 Taurus and South Node at 23 Scorpio that month, April 2022, so this is the world economy. At that point the European Union and Austria are front-page news. There are 20 charts for Russia. The Book of World Horoscopes by Nicholas Campion (The Wessex Astrologer, 2004) shows an awful lot of charts for a very complicated country. She chimes at 23 degrees in six of them. What happens to Russia when Austria deals with her allies, as well as her domestic political parties? Watch the women. There is a celebratory wave of feminism and sisterhood in Russia as this arises. Pussy Riot with real power.

  10. Dear Jessica, thanks for sharing your wonderful knowledge so generously. Please, if you could tell us your predictions for Spain, that would be great. Thanks so much, your predictions are most interesting, congratulations!! I wish you all the best!

    1. Thank you. Spain is represented by two charts in The Book of World Horoscopes by Nicholas Campion. One is set for 19th January 1479, using 12.00pm and Madrid. The other is 22nd November 1975, at 12.45pm, also in Madrid. I don’t need to tell you that Spain is going through a historic period in 2020, 2021 with the South Node in Sagittarius, going over the Moon in Sagittarius in one chart, and Neptune in Sagittarius in another. That rules tourism and immigration. So, Spain has seen all this before, going right back to the Black Death. Plagues cross borders. Long-term, Spain has Uranus (radical change, revolution) moving into Gemini, right opposite her Sagittarius factors in both charts, and that is the end of the foreign relationships she used to have. So, the end of the European Union for her – and also the end of the tourism industry as she knew it. This happens from 2026 and takes Spain beyond 2030. The economy will shift dramatically and so will the currency. The only thing both charts really have in common is this Sagittarius streak and what you’re going to see is ‘the new local’ so beyond 2026, the end of constant cross-Europe people movement and the beginning of different kinds of transportation (electric bikes for example) and a move away from the old economy.

  11. Would you ever do an article like this for China? I’m very interested in what the future holds for China, especially after 2020 happened.

    1. Jodi has just finished designing a story about the Tarot for China, which might interest you. It should appear on Search or on the front page. Thank you.

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