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India Astrology Predictions 2022

India is heading for a COVID-19 and economic crisis in 2022 which will affect the whole world. What can she do now in 2021 to minimise the problems and why does the Indian astrology chart show the chance of a one-child policy and female-led revolution? Astrology, India and fate combine.

How do you stop COVID-19 in India, which has 450 people per square kilometre? The virus is spread through the air. How can social distancing work in India?

India’s neighbour Bhutan recently used astrology to organise one of the world’s most successful COVID-19 vaccinations. Could the India astrology patterns now, help us minimise the coming crisis of August and October 2022?

Vedic Astrology and Indian ‘Birth’ Charts

There are many experienced Vedic astrologers including my friend Sonal Sachdeva who use their own Indian system of ancient stargazing. India herself has two more charts; one set for the Indian Empire on 1st January 1877 at 00.00  in Delhi and another for independence on 15th August 1947 at 00.00 in Delhi. The only chart showing the 2020-2021 pandemic is set for 26th January 1950 at 10.15am – some eyewitnesses use 10.18am.

The Recession of August and October 2022

One look at this astrology chart for India and I can see that India will have a recession in August and October 2022. This particular India astrology chart is set for 26th January 1950 at 10.18am in Delhi below.

India A - India Astrology Predictions 2022

Astrology is about knowing in advance how to minimise that recession. Later on in this feature I will look at why India should commit to electric cars, bicycles and motorbikes to do that. Why? Well, Uranus (the revolution) is in Gemini (commuting) from 2026. But let’s start with the chart. And it’s time for India to think local, not global. And to think about education and particularly language education. All these are Gemini aspects of life.

An Extreme Astrology Chart for India

The astrology chart for India is extreme. It is set for her modern birth, January 26th 1950, and the beginning of the Republic of India.

The Indian astrology chart (for the modern nation) shows Pluto at 17 Leo. Neptune at 17 Libra. Mercury at 18 Capricorn. Finally, Saturn at 18 Virgo. From this we can see that 2022 will bring the end of marriage and family life as India knew it.

Pluto at 18 Leo in Modi’s natal chart tells you the rest. India’s Grand Cross in 2022 is also his. He will be lucky to survive.

August and October 2022 in India

Leo rules parenthood. Libra rules marriage. There also be will be a severe COVID-19 crisis in August and October 2022, with the possibility of another virus mutation, in addition to the double mutation we are seeing in April 2021.

India has Saturn (tests and trials) in Virgo (public health). She also has responsibility (Saturn) for producing the world’s pharmaceuticals (Virgo) in a time of desperate need for vaccines. But what about India herself? And her people?

The last time we saw anything like this kind of line-up was in China in 1977 when over-population was such an issue that  her One Child Policy had to come in (it did so, in 1978). We are looking a steep decline in the birth rate here (Leo rules children and teenagers) or regulated family size. Watch August and October 2022.

mxf6x11icws 1 600x400 - India Astrology Predictions 2022

How the Grand Cross Leads to the New India

In August and October 2022, India goes through a critical Grand Cross, with the North Node and South Node at 17 and 18 Taurus and Scorpio, and Saturn at 18 Aquarius. The sharp end of the cross is India’s Pluto in Leo. The children of the nation. Remember, Modi’s own chart ties into this, with Pluto in Leo at close or exact degrees.

This is a recession that will affect the whole world. Why? So many other nations have patterns at 17 and 18 degrees too. Like any Grand Cross, though, this will involve a rebirth and restart for India. From this economic world crisis led by India, will come the new planet. The new world economy.

Why the United Kingdom is Hit by India’s 2022 Crisis

Several trading nations are caught up in this Grand Cross in August and October 2022. The United Kingdom is one. New Zealand is another. What does New Zealand import from India? Pharmaceutical products.

  • New Zealand has her Moon at 16 Taurus in the chart set for September 26th, 1907 at 00.00 in Wellington.
  • Neighbouring Pakistan is also tied to trade and business, and economic impact, with India.
  • The Republic of Pakistan has Venus at 17 Taurus in the chart set for 23rd March 1956 at 7.05am in Karachi.
  • Russia is another nation with Taurus and Scorpio (finance) patterns caught up in the Grand Cross. Again, India exports pharmaceuticals to Russia. Singapore is a major investor and trade partner in India. She has Neptune at 17 Scorpio  in the chart set for 9th August 1965 at 4.15pm in Singapore.

The United Kingdom Act of Union chart set for January 1st, 1801 at 00.00 Westminster reveals Neptune at 18 Scorpio. In April 2021, PM Boris Johnson wants a 2021 trade deal based on the export of British cars. A leaked Government document indicates India is likely to use the talks to try to secure greater access to UK visas for university students and workers.

So will Boris Johnson get his £50 billion Brexit trade deal with India by April 2022? This looks like a crisis for the UK too. Neptune in Scorpio hit by India’s Grand Cross in Leo, Aquarius, Scorpio, Taurus is a bubble bursting.

unfold memory 4xhVeaz yi8 unsplash 600x400 - India Astrology Predictions 2022

Pluto in Leo and Durga

The goddess Durga and her lion is shown by Pluto in Leo in the India horoscope. In fact, YouTube is full of programs showing the famous, all-powerful mother goddess of the nation. Indira Gandhi was identified with Durga. Seeing Pluto in Leo in the Indian horoscope under the severe challenge of a Grand Cross in August and October 2022 suggests a crisis for the Nehru–Gandhi Family from which Indira hailed. The family itself is very Leo in nature. Indian royalty. Here she is on YouTube.

The Nehru-Gandhi Family and Pluto in Leo

The Guardian wrote in 2007, “The Nehru brand has no peer in the world — a member of the family has been in charge of India for 40 of the 60 years since independence. The allure of India’s first family blends the right to rule of  British monarchy with the tragic glamour of America’s Kennedy clan.

Will it be the 2021 double mutant variant of COVID-19 in India that calls for the dynasty, or just the massive political fall-out? Thanks to my friend Lakshmi on Twitter for introducing me to Durga, with whom Indira Gandhi was identified. Pluto in Leo.

The Grand Cross in the India Horoscope

This is the first time in her modern history that India has gone through a Grand Cross, of this particular type, in the Fixed Signs. This country will never be the same again. The Fixed Signs are Leo, Aquarius, Taurus and Scorpio.

The Fixed Grand Cross of 2022 is also about a tug-of-war in the global and international economy, thanks to the focus on the money signs, Taurus and Scorpio. (Chart: Astrodienst).

India 1 407x600 - India Astrology Predictions 2022

The End of Family as India Knows It

1.3 billion people in India, according to the BBC, have about 4-5 people in any family, often in a two-room home. The nation travels by train. It has a crowded religious festival culture. That’s a COVID-19 disaster waiting to happen (where everything depends on social distancing), and in Delhi right now – it is happening.  Prime Minister Narendra Modi has failed to stop the crisis. The cremations are on the streets.

Destiny in India’s Hands

These transits at 17, 18 degrees in the Indian horoscope, do not stop in 2022.  A radically different destiny is in India’s hands.

These cycles at 17, 18 degrees stretching into the future from the critical year of 2022, hit the India chart repeatedly in signs related to fertility, pregnancy and parenthood (Leo) and marriage (Libra). Sexuality and the family dynasty are Leo matters. Most Indian men do not take responsibility for birth control. That’s going to change. The Grand Cross involving Durga (Pluto in Leo; the Gandhi-esque mother goddess in the dynasty) suggests everything from abortion to condoms will be in the debate.

dypfnxxuhyk 600x473 - India Astrology Predictions 2022

New Prime Minister, New Nation

The patterns showing the radical shift in India also bring in the old and new Prime Minister to come (Capricorn) and also India’s production of medication for the world (Virgo, again). Modi’s Pluto in Leo (his power and control of younger voters) is in the crossfire of that critical Grand Cross. Young India. The children and teenagers. The Millennials. Modi struggles to survive the year 2022.

Yet, this isn’t just about India. We’re all affected. How big this new economic crisis becomes, depends on what WHO and the UN do in April 2021. Yet, the world should brace itself for a new, India-led downturn in 2022 in August and October.

Solutions for India – Singapore’s COVID-19 Filter Plants

When you see a long cycle like Uranus (revolution, new inventions, radical changes) in Taurus (plants, trees, flowers) until 2026 and you also see a country like India with a big earth sign signature (agriculture and gardens) – you can guess where change will come. As The Straits Times reports, Professor Loh Xian Jun in Singapore is leading the way in April 2019.

Screen Shot 2021 04 25 at 8.55.32 pm 600x222 - India Astrology Predictions 2022 Screen Shot 2021 04 25 at 8.54.30 pm 600x176 - India Astrology Predictions 2022

India and the Electric Plants

Amazingly, plants fitted with electrical devices can reduce aerosol particles in a room from 4000 per cubic centimetre to just 100 per cubic centimetre in six minutes. We all know COVID-19 is airborne. In April 2021 this is looking like a possible new wave of growth for India by 2026; Singapore is a near-neighbour. Uranus has long ruled electricity. Taurus rules plants. From an astrological point of view, Professor Loh Xian Jun’s work looks like the future – along with other COVID-19 deterrents.

The End of Petrol

What is coming in 2022 and beyond, because of the crisis shown in the India horoscope, is the end of petrol (refined petroleum) and jet fuel, as the supply chain will be hit from Delhi to Mumbai.

Electric cars and bicycles are on the rise, anyway, so India’s export of cars could be turned into an alternative transport boom –  – but what about the fact that India also exports medication ingredients? And produces vaccines? India’s problem is the world’s problem in August and October 2022.

The Repeat of the 1991 Economic Crisis

The issue for India, as you can see in the horoscope,  is her chart patterns at 17, 18 degrees. She was hit by Pluto at 17, 18 Scorpio and the North Node at 17, 18 Capricorn and South Node at 17, 18 Cancer back in 1991. Her big economic crisis.

That 1991 crisis radically changed the Indian economy forever. So will the year 2022. Here’s how –

One-Child Legislation

One-child legislation is coming to India from 2022.  This will also accompany a steep drop in the birth rate of India. The nation is slowly moving up to a Pluto-Pluto opposition, in Leo. That is the end of dynastic thinking. It is also a natural decline in the number of children being born. A Pluto-Pluto opposition from Aquarius to Leo (childbirth) is extremely rare. It’s coming.

India Set For a Revolution

Expect revolution in the air  in India and the risk of riots on the 1st and 2nd of August 2022. There will be a second crisis in October and if Modi has not been either utterly transformed politically, defeated or even taken off the political stage by then, he soon will be. It’s hard to see how he can get through that Grand Cross.

The Twenties Revolution

India continues the revolution for years to come, because there is no ‘silver bullet’ vaccine to magically get rid of the ever-mutating COVID-19. I told The Daily Mail that in October 2020.

From the year 2026, when Uranus goes into Gemini (local thinking) India will split into new territories with closed borders, quarantine and local economies. Her train system will transform. Her relationship with Pakistan will change. Her part in globalisation is already finished by January 2022, but from 2026 ‘the new local’ is everything.

0327df8072c3f8d5cf2cfeddeed83345 480x600 - India Astrology Predictions 2022

Sari Face Masks and Demolition

This India horoscope is about to explode. On a psychic level, I am seeing sari face-masks and millions of walls being knocked down in apartments to create new homes – one apartment where two used to be. I’m certainly seeing ‘electric plants’ currently being explored in Singapore.

In India in 2022 ,we are  going to see literal deconstruction and reconstruction.  What are you seeing, Indian friends, and friends of India? Are you also seeing, like me, the rise of a young Indian female politician who once and for all, ends the low 14% representation of female MPs?


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32 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica! I’ve been looking into the Taurus/Scorpio nodes at 17-19 degrees in 2022.
    I have quite a few factors at 19 (Chiron in Taurus and plenty in Libra) and my ASC / DES at 17 degrees. I believe it is:
    The North Node will Square my 7th house aspects and the
    North Node conjunct my natal Chiron.
    How will this affect me?
    Thank you!

    1. Chiron in Taurus is the key to everything. In fact the symbol for Chiron resembles a key. You are here to show other people what they can get away with, financially. With property or charity. With business or valuables. We see Chiron in Taurus in the charts of people who are cunning jewel thieves, as much as we see really impressive philanthropists, doing astonishing fundraising. So it’s really your life path and your choice (but I don’t think you’ll ever want to run a heist on the Crown Jewels, of course). Your Chiron is waking up. There may be a tie to India, actually – long-term.

  2. Hi Jessica, This posting is quite serious and something that I have already been thinking about. This reminds me of what occurred in Texas in the U.S. the lack of preparedness and imagination cost then to lose power for 2 weeks in February because of weather. The ramifications hit everyone there like a ton of bricks. So, it seems the fact everyone thinks the virus is over with the vaccine is the ton of bricks that we all will feel – especially from your posting India.

    So, I am wondering if you are writing this now in April 17, 2021 and the eye of the storm likely is August to October 2022, what happens between now then then? Are there any important dates this year that could tell us what could happen next year? Because India is already seeing 200K+ cases a day today.

    Also, when will the rest of the world realize that the virus is here to stay, at least for the next couple of years.

    This virus is man-made and naturally occurring. Even the former CDC head said so, now that he can talk.

    Thanks again for this posting.

    1. Thank you. Yes, India has general pandemic and economic problems throughout 2021, 2022 and all I have really done here is single out the peak moments; those forks in the road, when you see politicians or big business rise or fall. The destiny of India rises and falls in those same months. You really have to put India (and Brazil) in the context of whole-planet changes. The biggest shift since the war is here. Uranus in Taurus. That means the end of the world economy as we knew it, dependent on globalisation and fossil fuel. It’s the end of the old currency – we are moving towards competing but also one-world digital currency. The old economic model of environmental destruction (‘development’) which has landed us with a Climate Emergency is also over. The rule with Uranus transits is, the world turns upside-down. What you thought was there forever, is replaced, in quite a shocking way, very quickly. Well – that is COVID-19. Later on it will be visible signs of the Climate Emergency, just as you said – in Texas. When we get a transit like this it is dramatic, extreme, intense and goes on for about 7 years. Afterwards the world is a better place, as it was after the war – the United Nations was formed. What brings us to the end of globalisation and fossil fuel economy is extreme, and we are already seeing the losses. It is only when people vote for leadership that is all about local economies, local travel and tourism, local transport, the region, the neighbourhood (not globalisation) that things will change. Pretty sure I predicted this several years ago, if you want to look up Generation Sagittarius. India and Pakistan will strike a new arrangement after 2026. Strange but true.

  3. Hi Jessica,
    Can you do an Iran astrology, please? I have read the previous ones. I just wanted to see if “people” are going to be free from the government and the regime (fingers crossed?)

    1. We have three charts for Iran, set for 7th October 1906 at 12.00 in Tehran; 1st February 1979 at 9.33am in Tehran; 1st April 1979 at 3.00pm in Tehran. They all work, and show different faces of your country. I completely understand why you want change. The Ayatollah Khomeini is shown in the third chart, by Mars in Pisces. That’s militant religion. (Mars rules the army; Pisces rules religious belief). Mercury is also in Pisces, really close by. So here we have a chart signature at 25 and 27 Pisces, and nothing is going to change until that is hit. You also have Jupiter at 29 Cancer which is patriotism, family, roots, heritage, culture – again, that brings in religion. I think what you are waiting for is transiting Pluto in Capricorn to reach 25, 27 degrees then move on to 29 degrees. Pluto is always a change in the balance of power. This also picks up Venus at 25 Sagittarius in the 1st February 1979 chart, and as Sagittarius rules foreign people and places, this looks like a moment of truth. Your best bet for a change at the top is thus July, August 2021 – then December 2021 (particularly December 1st to 5th) and January 2022. When I say ‘a change at the top’ it can be illness; political defeat; some other removal. Pluto then goes to 27 degrees in February 2022, another crucial month for Iran. In fact that is a fated moment in Iranian history, as the people choose. You also have the North Node at 278 Taurus that month and the South Node at 27 Scorpio. This is everything at once – economy, religion, leadership, family, history. If anything is going to shift, it’s going to shift then. February 2022.

  4. Hi Jessica, thanks again for another fascinating post! I was wondering if you could please elaborate on the “sexually transmitted” COVID factor that you mentioned in one of your tweets. No epidemiologists nor virologists have ever said anything about this possibility. Another question if I may: what about France where I am currently living? The situation is very bad here and the government is adamant to let the virus circulate instead of implementing the zero COVID strategy which seems to be the only viable option in terms of economy recovery and protecting people and health systems (as you said many times). Why can’t governments see that and learn from NZ, AUS, South Korea, Taiwan…? Many thanks. Namaste!

    1. Namaste. I am sorry you are enduring bad leadership in France. What you will find happening in France, is exactly what just happened in Australia. Leaders (within states) who pursued Zero Covid had massive spikes in popularity, to the point where the Premier of Western Australia and his party actually wiped out the opposition. Technically they no longer exist. Eventually French politicians will realise that he/she who eliminates COVID-19 in 28 days and stays there, changes voters. I just answered another question about France and using the Vichy chart (she has 11 charts) you can clearly see that she rethinks borders, cars, airports, ports, ferries from 2026 in a radical way – the French Revolution after 2026 will be her relationship with other European countries and the United Kingdom. We have not seen anything like this in France since the war. Okay, onto the next issue of sexually transmitted COVID-19. Nobody wants to talk about this, but in fact the cycles are really similar to HIV-AIDS in the Eighties. Of course, COVID-19 is in the air. It’s not just about a condom. So, this raises big new questions about married couples, testing, new relationships (more testing) and bubbles. There are billions of people on the planet with factors in Scorpio because of the Uranus, Neptune and Pluto transits in Scorpio affecting whole generations. Scorpio rules sex, death and money. We currently have Uranus (the shock, the revolution) opposing every Scorpio factor in every chart, until 2026 – very slowly. At a certain point we have to get real about this. Covid is an STD as much as anything else and that means a huge amount of new questions for lovers, partners and spouses.

  5. Dear Jessica, OMG! reading this article makes me wonder how one of the oldest civilizations would change given how the globalization has changed India over the last decade. You are amazing and I have sent this article to others in India to read. On a personal note, coming from India and living in the US, I cherish both cultures even though US suits me for my independent life style ~ wonder if Diana in my chart and Sag factors have something to do with it. However, my link to India is strong with my family given I got to cherish what I had after I gave it all up. Reading this article, I would like your insights if I should be better off disposing off half an acre of land that I have and get the funds into the US where I live. I have offers now and have been wondering what to do ~ if I should take care of it now or push it forward into the future years as I really don’t need to sell anything today. I would be obliged if you can view my chart and provide your input. Thank you, as always and hoping my request get read and responded to among the numerous requests coming your way.

    1. Thank you. And thank you for passing it on to friends in India. You have half an acre of land in India and wonder if you should get the money into America from its sale. You have offers now. I would sell it no later than Christmas 2021. However that is just my opinion. Give yourself a Tarot reading, Astrology Oracle Reading and Your Oracle reading and use my opinion as the fourth. You have to make up your own mind about this, not me, but I think you should at the very least start seriously thinking about your options now.

  6. Hi Jessica. Thank you so much for posting about India, it’s absolutely heart breaking. I’m curious about what you’re seeing (psychically and astrologically) for the time table of countries getting to zero Covid. Who is next to follow the New Zealand/ Australia model? And what are you seeing in regards to the US and Covid — I’m particularly interested in New York and California — I’m sure this ties into our Pluto return coming up in 2022. Revolution is in the air. Love from Brooklyn xxx

    1. Yes, it is heartbreaking to see two people in a hospital bed with COVID-19, and to see the furnaces melting under pressure at the crematorium – and cremations taking place in car parks and fields. I cannot believe this is Delhi, having only just been there in 2019. You want to know who will go Zero Covid next, on the world map. Will America do it, specifically New York or California? We have to take the charts apart to find out. Globalisation is Sagittarius (foreign people and places) and Gemini is local travel, local tourism, local everything. In Brooklyn, which I have really fond memories of, you would even confine it just to where you are; forget Manhattan. Gemini is that local! It will take years, but from 2026 when Uranus goes into Gemini, the United States and Canada will begin to completely reform their border control, quarantine, public transport and cars. Part of that is the crisis with the supply of fossil fuel from countries being devastated by COVID-19 in 2021, like India and Brazil. So there’s a rethink of everything. How dramatic is the change? Well, we have to go back to the war. Uranus in Gemini in the 1940s permanently transformed world borders. The United Nations was invented. Germany split in two. By 1947 you are starting to see a lot of the wartime technology go into what will be the new cars/motorbikes of the 1950’s. What also happened in the 1940s was the birth of local tourism. How could any American fly to Paris when Paris was in ruins? She stayed home. All that is coming back to America in the near future, but not because of war; because of a pandemic for which there is no silver bullet vaccine.

  7. Hello Jessica,
    Thank you for this post. I’ve been SO curious about what’s really happening in India, especially since NZ has banned all flights from there as of last week. My Indian friends seem tense, but optimistic. Since 2016 I have been working with Asian Development Bank on a project in Assam State. We prepared a work plan for another phase of work for river water quality restoration back in February (during Retrograde Hg) and I haven’t heard a peep since. India has such severe environmental problems, and despite the stodgy and corrupt local politics, I always held out hope that the desire to clean the country would prevail, and that I could add technical value through my own work. Do you see India restoring the state of her environmental health, along with women’s revolution? Is it possible that I can continue to do my work there, at least remotely for the time being?
    Thanks again!

    1. Thanks Kris. Your work with the Asian Development Bank in Assam State has been held up by stodgy and corrupt politics and you are wondering if India will fix her environmental problems and her issues with equality. You wonder if you can go on doing your work there, as India falls to a new variant of COVID-19. All you can really say about a Grand Cross in Leo, Taurus, Scorpio and Aquarius (and it will dominate 2022) is that the old economy will no longer work. Taurus and Scorpio rule India’s trade agreements and they are not going to survive that Grand Cross. As these were based on environmental destruction, they have to go. This fits into a wider world pattern of a global economic revolution. That revolution is actually the end of globalisation. It’s going, going, gone. The leadership will not last. The transits are bigger than India and along with Uranus in Taurus (the end of fossil fuel based globalisation) by 2026, we are also seeing this massive new transit in Aquarius, the sign that rules community, equality and diversity. That means women. That Grand Cross also means the end of the boys’ club in India. In fact, cricket in India will be a casualty of the Grand Cross too, in August and October 2022. Hang in there with your work, but it will take time. From 2023 the old leadership is history and women start to come through.

  8. Thanks for the look at India, Jessica. I understand that Canada also has Saturn in Virgo. Right next door at 17º. What do you see in store for your Canadian cousins, come the time?

    1. Canada has two charts, and she has Mars at 5 Virgo in one, in the Sixth House of public health, and in the other she has Neptune at 13 Virgo, similarly. From that, you just know that the critical months for Canada and COVID-19 will be the T-Squares involving the North Node at 5 and then 13 Gemini, and the South Node at 5 and then 13 Sagittarius. A T-square as you probably know is unusual, tense, tight and forces difficult decisions. This is about the borders. Gemini rules travel from Canada to the US and Sagittarius rules foreign people and places, like Brazil, South Africa and India, where the virus is fast mutating. You had your first T-Square at 13 Gemini-Sagittarius in March 2021. The second one is due September 2021. Fortunately Neptune is way past the opposition (at 21 degrees and moving on all the time) and you’d have to expect Canadian leadership to take a stand after September. This would make sense as Fall/Winter is on the way. The bigger issue for Canada is the relationship with America and within her own territories, so local travel and trade (Gemini) and that goes through a radical, permanent change from 2026.

    1. Thank you. There are a few birth charts for America, and my favourite is actually left out of most American astrology websites and books. This chart showed a Robin Hood President for 2021, which has turned out to be Joe Biden, who is coming to tax the rich.

  9. Hi Jessica, thank you for writing about India. Yes, the situation is bad in Indian cities, but there is much good that is happening in India and that always gets lost in India’s problems. The solar energy revolution is one. India is among the few nations that has done the right thing by climate change even though historically it has not been a major contributor to the problem.
    The recent farm laws that got such a bad press the world over really need to happen to help the Indian farm sector move forward. The bankruptcy reforms of the last few years put the corrupt oligarchs on the back foot. And there are a slew of high profile cases in the courts. In UK courts too.
    The large scale digital linkages in payments and government benefits allowed many poor people to survive the harsh lockdown. India is also vaccinating the equivalent of an Australia every week. The scale and the population of India are both its strengths and its weaknesses.
    The Indian Govt has been running a Programme which can loosely be translated as self-reliant India. Moreover, the Govt has been conservative in its spending. Do check the vibrancy of the Indian tech unicorns. There in global innovation happening here.
    And the Indian people have by and large been quite disciplined in wearing masks. We managed the first Covid wave rather well. Statistics bear that out. Yes, there is Covid fatigue now and India has been blindsided by the second wave… But really who has managed well? No country the size of India.
    Maybe because I am based out of India, I think, these challenging patterns may really be the making of India. We’ve been working hard at solving many of our hard problems these last few years. In 2019, one of the key problem areas with Pakistan, the Kashmir issue was cut almost like the Gordian knot.And talking of UK, it has karmic debts to settle with India for the colonial years.
    India has incredibly tough problems, but it is a positive and extremely young country. It is literally made up of youngsters. If a Covid variant strikes at this demographic that may be problem for us. Health and education of our people have been weak links for us. One of these is getting fixed in this horrible pandemic. The Covid protocols have brought back much traditional knowledge back into preventive healthcare conversation.
    I do not know what pattern is responsible for this passionate defence of my homeland, but I just felt that there is an alternate narrative here.
    This incredible 17-18 pattern locks quite closely into my chart. I have started a new website, but it seems to be in a long gestation phase. And most progress for me over the last year has been in terms of attitude and not in terms of material benefits. I am fine with it, but I feel like I am floating in a bubble as regards money, not being real enough. I try to come to my senses, but mostly continue dreaming. And I do not know how do I walk out of this daydream.
    Thank you once again for writing about India. And thank you for being you.

    1. Thank you for your kind words. The 17-18 pattern locks into your own astrology chart, so you are part of India, and India is part of you. As the new nation is being reborn you may well find yourself being drawn into that rebirth. The 26th January 1950 chart for Delhi shows the Sun, Jupiter and Venus all in Aquarius, all in the Eleventh House of people power and communities. Aquarius is about equality, diversity, community as I am sure you know. None of this falls at that peculiar 17/18 pattern with Neptune, Mercury, Saturn and Pluto but it does matter very much from 2023, when Pluto goes into Aquarius. From 2023 onwards, Pluto (the end of the old and birth of the new) will form a conjunction to India’s Sun, Jupiter and Venus and this looks like a complete transformation in the class system, the social structure, and the hierarchy. A sweeping change in the balance of power in the political parties (ruled by Aquarius) but also India’s cricket team. As Pluto moves on, younger Indian people who were all born with Uranus or Neptune in Aquarius will come into their own and this is where I think you are going to see women breaking out and changing the nation. What takes India to that point is a very tough Grand Cross, but you’d have to expect solutions to come from pressure. They usually do. We’ve not seen a national chart like this in a long time; watch that long Pluto transit. As it literally goes over the Sun perhaps that is where your prediction of a complete solar power transformation comes from.

  10. From the year 2026, when Uranus goes into Gemini (local thinking) India will split into new territories with closed borders, quarantine and local economies. Her train system will transform. Her relationship with Pakistan will change. Her part in globalisation is already finished by January 2022,

    What is the meaning of part in globalisation is finished . World is going to quarantine India, are we all going to die?

    1. Globalisation is finished, because globalisation is Sagittarius, and we currently have the very start of a sequence of squares and oppositions to Sagittarius planets in the charts of billions. Most people you know will have Uranus, Neptune or Pluto in Sagittarius. It’s generational. What is happening in 2021 is the beginning of the end of constant travel and people movement; the particular world order of trade; the old rules on tourism. India is part of this in a very direct way because her chart is pulled into the wider story. Of course you’re not all going to die! I assume you are in India. What you are going to see is New India. Be part of that.

  11. Hi Jessica,
    I have a real draw towards India, I hope to further develop my yoga trainer there in the future.

    May I ask about my sons education, Jessica. He was rejected by his independent school which was mortifying at the time but I hadn’t realised how trapped we were. He is now enrolled in a virtual classroom, working from home. It seems radical to some but the in school environment was not working out. His dob 19.11.06 @ 03.50.

    1. I am sorry you and your son had to go through the rejection process. However, you now realise how trapped you would have been. This is standard with Uranus transits. There is the shock of hearing ‘No’ when you expected ‘Yes’ and then the adjustment. Later on, months or years later, you see what a narrow path it would have put you on, and life has more to offer your son and yourself. The virtual classroom sounds great. There is destiny at work here as your son has Venus at 2 Sagittarius in the Ninth House of global education and foreign academia. For the first time in 19 years, the South Node moves to 2 Sagittarius in October 2021 and that is when a very important connection in the virtual classroom (or as an extension of it) will appear. He also has Pluto at 25 Sagittarius, again in the sign of worldwide learning and teaching. You will not be surprise to hear that he has just been through karma there, too, as for the first time in 19 years, the South Node went to 25 Sagittarius, back in September 2020. The Nodes work as a pair, so whenever we have conjunctions from the South Node to Sagittarius factors in his Ninth House (karmic knowledge exchange) we also have oppositions from the North Node in Gemini (language, literacy, public speaking, handwriting). So 2020-2021 is historic for him, in terms of education. It will change him, obviously, but he will also change the other students and some of his teachers. From all of this comes his quite remarkable future in translation, languages, emerging technology, from 2026, when Uranus goes into Gemini.The world will have new challenges to face then with communication and comprehension and he will play his part in that.

  12. Hello Jessica,

    Thank you very much for kindly sharing your insights about the current explosion of COVID cases in India. Considering the way India works / doesn’t work, it will be extremely difficult or next to impossible for India to pursue the COVID zero approach if that is the only solution to handle the crisis. As someone who is originally from India but now settled in Japan, it is very painful to see the way people are suffering in India. And this is just the beginning as the worst is yet to come. All I can do is pray and hope for the best.

    On the other note, I would request if you could take a look at the chart of Japan. Somehow Japan hasn’t been very successful in handling the pandemic so far. Despite of having resources and highly disciplined population, the government has been pursuing half-baked strategies that have not worked. Being an island nation just like Australia and New Zealand, I think Japan can successfully pursue COVID zero approach if she determines. With stagnant economy, aging population and declining birth rate, and being prone to natural disasters like earthquake and Tsunami, I am really curious to now what the future has in store for Japan.

    1. Thank you. I understand Japan is now in a State of Emergency so I hope you are feeling as okay (as it is possible to feel). It is very hard to see what is happening in India for you, because you know it all so well – and sometimes we have to switch the news off. Japan has three different astrological charts set for 11th February 1889, 3rd May 1947 and 28th April 1952. Something like a State of Emergency should show up exactly in at least one of these charts and we have transiting Uranus (shock, radical change, revolutionary situations) at 10 Taurus, exactly sextile natal Uranus at 10 Cancer (family, households, nationality, residency, the property market, the country) in the chart set for 28th April 1952 at 1.30pm in Tokyo (independence) – the source for this is The Book of World Horoscopes by Nicholas Campion (The Wessex Astrologer, 2004). This looks like a second independence day, to me. I understand your frustration at the half-baked policies of the government. In Australia our Prime Minister was on the same track but the states and territories used their legal privilege to govern themselves and defy what he wanted to do. They won and in places like Tasmania where I am now, we have been Zero Covid for several months. Let’s look at this Uranus sextile Uranus transit again as it’s rare (it has not happened in Japanese modern history) and we are also going to see the transiting North Node at 10 Gemini and South Node at 10 Sagittarius hit the chart, May 7th to July 13th. Now, that is very much about local travel within Japan (Gemini is short journeys) but also international tourism and emigration (Sagittarius is foreign people and places). Put all that together and you’d have to expect Japan to break free and go her own way, in terms of her immediate neighbours, but to also be part of a radical rethink of the car industry (Gemini rules cars, Uranus rules electricity so this is clearly electric cars) and the whole business of her place in the world. This goes on. Uranus returns to 10 Taurus on December 30th and remains there until February 7th 2022; the high hopes for a new country and better future are there with Jupiter at 10 Pisces, February 13th to 17th, making a perfect trine to Mars in the Japanese chart. This is about identity; history; roots; culture; heritage; history – reborn. The physical housing – the architecture and buildings – the use of the land and the approach to (as you said) earthquake and Tsunami planning will be part of the change, along with the new wake-up call about the virus. It is airborne, aerosol-transmitted, and thrives in crowded high-rise apartments along with spaces with circulating air-conditioning in confined quarters, like restaurants. All of this will be part of the Japanese push for separation from the past, but also separation from other countries. It’s a good question, thank you for asking it.

  13. hi Jessica,
    thanku so much for this eye opening post on India. can u please tell will india pakistan and china ever have peace together? i m curious on what u said in regards to change in borders?? will this make new countries of it?? i m also curious to know coz i have many factors (saturn, venus, sun, and moon) in scorpio and i m a finance teacher will this affect my career and teaching?? what can i do be least affected of this transit?

    1. Thank you. We are approaching the Uranus in Gemini transit of 2025-2033 now and Uranus is ‘the last thing anybody ever expected to see’ and Gemini/Third House is short journeys, neighbours and local commuting and communication, Sonia. So yes it seems very likely that Pakistan and India will strike up a new relationship as they begin to deal with COVID-19 in a different way. You are a finance teacher; you will use new inventions, innovative technology and quite radical and revolutionary online and offline communication to get your message across, from 2025.

  14. Thank you for your India predictions- we are currently in such a dark place and there seems little hope.

    I’d like to ask you – what do you see the New India as? You say that by 2026 the country will have borders within its boundaries- does that mean it will become more federal? Will North India and South India become separate entities as their languages, cultures , development models, are so different?

    What is your prediction as to whether our economy will recover from the effects of the pandemic? Will our young (I have a 21 year old and an 18 year old) thrive in the new India or should those of us with families overseas, send them away?

    And how do you see the institutions of marriage and family changing as you’d predicted they would by 2022 ?

    1. I am terribly sorry that you are being put through this. There is hope. What we are seeing is so rare. A perfect storm. India is approaching a Grand Cross, and it is very much about the children, the teenagers and also the whole approach to love, sex, family and marriage. You are directly affected as your children are 21 and 18 years old, and you are wondering if you should send them away. To answer your first question, the entire region will become localised – connected by new modes of transport and new language translation/education. As you say, North and South India are worlds apart. Yet, from 2026, beyond 2030, that whole region begins to feel much more like Europe, in the sense that travel and trade becomes confined to the whole. There is less concern with overseas territories and much more interest and excitement about the local region. India will embrace electric cars, bicycles, motorbikes and also solar – at a level unseen. Agriculture will also transform. You have to wonder ‘Why India, why now?’ and of course it is about your election. It is uncanny that Modi’s chart fits India’s, and that the Grand Cross affecting the nation, affects him. He is yesterday’s man. Your children are very unlikely to find what they seek from the past and will have to invent the future. They don’t have to move away to do that. There are three facts of life in India in 2021 that will be unrecognisable by 2026 when Uranus finally leaves Taurus. One is mass religious gatherings. Another is mass political rallies, tied to religion (and even astrology). The third is the dynasty model of family life. What is coming is as radical, liberating, odd, unusual as the French Revolution was, but you can and will make your way through – all of you. And invent the new India. This is the land of chakras and the aura; it is the land of tremendous and quite miraculous healing. Something of the old India is going to come rocketing back. Do not be afraid to talk to your ancestors and family in spirit.

  15. Hi Jessica,

    Your prophecies really do speak to great shifts taking place in our finite and fragile world, my dear. I’ve been looking into the work of the brilliant Indian-British economist, Professor Sir Partha Dasgupta, based at the University of Cambridge who has come up with an incredible new economic model based on costing and restoring the world’s biodiversity. He has presented his work to the UK government and many more heads of reserve banks etc, and these politicians and economists are listening. He speaks their language whilst providing them with a new and more hopeful language/paradigm to work our way out of the mess of our ruination of the planet. He talks among many things about Indigenous knowledge with village education in India for targeting family planning as one example, which echoes what you have mentioned here on your website on the same topic. If you haven’t already come across his work, you can find the full 600 page Dasgupta Review and an 100 page abridged version on the UK Gov website: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/final-report-the-economics-of-biodiversity-the-dasgupta-review. I’m very positive that the good karma he draws on from his lineage of world-leading economists and his high caste Baidyas in the Hindu religion will be good not only for India and Britain but for the whole planet.

    1. This is really interesting, thank you. Village education rings bells. Gemini rules ‘the village’ and the local area; the community and neighbours. We have the North Node in Gemini in 2021 so many readers are feeling pulled back towards the local region. Developing a deeper understanding of, and respect for, the area 5 miles from their front door. And their home town, and so on. Later on, when Jupiter goes into Gemini in 2024, then Uranus in Gemini from 2026, not only India – but the entire world – will go local. Globalisation is over from that point.

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