Harry, Meghan, Oprah Predictions

Some of my Harry, Meghan and Oprah psychic astrology predictions from as far back as 2017 are coming to pass. Read on to find out why the real story in 2021 is about Meghan's investments, promoted by Oprah Winfrey.

I’ve had so many questions about Harry, Meghan and Oprah since the CBS interview on Monday, March 8th, 2021, that I don’t know where to start. Archie? The new baby girl? Meghan’s father?

The ‘recollections’ (as Her Majesty the Queen called them) that Meghan has about alleged racist remarks from one of the family?

The news that she apparently had suicidal depression but was not helped by anyone in the family, staff or presumably anyone at the hospital where she gave birth to Archie?

Honestly, if you work as an astrologer and psychic, you just don’t know where to begin. Rescue chickens? Her Majesty the Queen making a Russia joke, in a highly entertaining interview? The stars have aligned for an astonishing mystery.

0 OPRAH WITH MEGHAN AND HARRY 585x600 - Harry, Meghan, Oprah Predictions

The Story Everybody is Missing – Meghan Markle Invests in Clevr and Oprah Winfrey Promotes It

The best place to begin with all of this, is with a really obvious fact. And it’s the story that most of Meghan’s American fans, like President Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton, apparently seem to be missing.

Here is Oprah Winfrey recently promoting Clevr, the American drink company Meghan Markle bought shares in.

What I Predicted in The Daily Mail – October 19th, 2020

“There will be no reunion for Prince William and Prince Harry.”

Well, we can see why, now! As predicted in the Daily Mail interview with me on October 19th, 2020.

This seemed to be a small detail, back when I made the prediction. It turns out, it isn’t.

19 10 2020 B - Harry, Meghan, Oprah Predictions

About Oprah:

And Oprah Winfrey will become centre stage in a very different way to her usual TV role.”

I had my tongue in my cheek when I wrote that prediction about Oprah Winfrey. I’m sure all you natural psychics reading this, will know exactly what I meant.

Meghan’s Clevr Alternative to Coffee and the Handsome Businessman

Meet Roger Coppola and Hannah Mendoza from Clevr.  He’s the handsome businessman I saw, psychically. At the time of the front-page interview with The Daily Mail, nobody knew that the Oprah endorsement of Meghan’s investment was coming.

Clevr is the alternative drink, to coffee and chocolate, that I predicted  on October 19th, 2020. And here we are on March 13th, 2021.

What is really interesting is that Oprah Winfrey (who the media alleges collected $9 million for the CBS special with Harry and Meghan) promoted Clevr lattes in such a spectacular way – free of charge – for Meghan in 2020. As some media have commented, a free promotion from Ms. Winfrey is worth millions by itself.

Roger Coppola and Hannah Mendoza 600x503 - Harry, Meghan, Oprah Predictions

The Astrology Chart for Clevr Blends

I asked my friend, the financial astrologer Olga Morales to have a look at the astrological chart for Meghan’s investment, Clevr Blends.

I know a lot of professional astrologers and psychics will be reading this story, as I’ve had so many questions on Twitter. You’ll immediately see Saturn 19 Capricorn, Venus 20 Capricorn, Pluto 21 Capricorn. The data comes from a business search in California.

That line-up is historic. There is more to this than oat milk lattes.  The chart locks into several national horoscopes, for a start, in The Book of World Horoscopes by Nicholas Campion (The Wessex Astrologer, 2004). Among them are Russia, Great Britain and America.

Clevr Blends 600x347 - Harry, Meghan, Oprah Predictions

Her Majesty’s Little Russia Joke

In the same week that various astrological charts for Oprah, Meghan, Harry and the Clevr company were all triggered, we also saw more triggers. Some were for Russia, America and Britain as I’ve mentioned. The final astrological chart to chime belonged to Her Majesty the Queen. This is her little Russia joke made to everybody’s favourite Pisces astronomer.

The Meghan Markle Horoscope, Taurus and Money

As you read on this website here – way back on December 16th, 2017, Meghan Markle is a Leo, but she has a strong Taurus chart signature, which is always about money.

  • “Harry and Meghan, for Richer, for Poorer. What about Harry’s horoscope? He has his Moon in Taurus next to his future wife’s Chiron. Meghan will either cost him a fortune, or help him make one, so let’s hope Meghan’s long-time connection with World Vision (as global ambassador) or the United Nations, will see the benefits. It is all or nothing, financially, for Meghan and Harry.”
  • “She could either help him clean up his financial act, or take him to the cleaner’s. In any case, Meghan’s horoscope shows a fantastic new role involving children in 2018. This is also the year that a special child will come into her life.”

Cleaning Up Harry’s Financial Act?

The special child was baby Archie and the future will reveal if Meghan helps Harry clean up his financial act, following her investment in Clevr latte drinks, promoted by Oprah Winfrey. Or if Meghan and Harry eventually divorce after their mission in America has finished and she does, in fact, take him to the cleaner’s.

Will she make a fortune for charity or will the Charity Commission of the UK have a problem with her accounting?

When you see a chart like this, as I did with Meghan Markle, it can go either way. Yet, if you think there is more to all this than a former actress in the TV ratings episode of her life, though, you are quite right.

Two Years Ago – The 2019 Harry and Meghan Prediction

This is what you read two years ago, back in 2019, on this website, about Harry and Meghan predictions.

  • “It must be so hard to be Royal. You have an expensive life. Yet, you cannot operate by the normal fiscal rules. This comes into sharp relief with the presents Archie receives. All of which are charity based. This in turn points us to lifelong questions about Archie and his accountant.”
  • “What we are seeing here, long-term, are major questions about how the British royals must operate as a business. Flying the flag for Britain after she has left the European Union on the world stage – and particularly in relation to America. It’s really about The Special Relationship, showing up in other kinds of special relationships. Meghan and Harry. Meghan and her son.”
  • “The two ‘archers’ in Archie’s astrology chart – his dominant Chiron, the centaur/archer in Aries – and the prominence of the sign of Sagittarius the Archer – tell a big story about his life, later.”

An International Young Royal

“This is an International Young Royal for a Global Duet. The Duke and Duchess could apply for their child to have dual US-UK citizenship and the horoscope suggests this will unfold. You’ll remember Princess Margaret was one of the original 1970s jetsetters, more at home island-hopping and cruising the world, than staying in rainy Britain. This little boy will be the same, as a restless and adventurous young man of the future.”

Having looked at Archie’s horoscope again, I now think he will be forced to go between Great Britain (where his family is) and other countries along with his sister. Yet, the House of Windsor has a funny way of getting what it wants and he may turn out to be an asset for the United Kingdom in the end.

Three Years Ago – The  2018 Harry and Meghan Prediction

This is what you read on this website back in 2018. This was published before Harry and Meghan’s wedding.

  • “The larger message is really about the cost of the Royal Family to taxpayers. These people are paid by the people. Beyond that, there are deeper questions about values. Ethics. Morals. The cost of things and the price of things! The Royal family manage their inheritance because they produce the ‘heirs and spares’ who rule Britain and the Commonwealth.”
  • “A T-Square in astrology is shorthand for ‘tense’ and ‘troublesome’ so it’s not really what you’d like to see in a royal wedding chart, but Meghan has it.”
  • “The public are seeing a big message about values. This may be about offshore tax, the cost of the nuptials, the state of the royal purse and other big question marks that classically come up when Uranus in Taurus is around. Meghan may have her own taxation or financial story going on. They obviously both have major involvements with charities.”

Harry, Meghan and the Future of the Royal Family

I’m going to finish with what is sadly, a 2017 prediction about William and Harry at war. I don’t see peace. Do you?

We’ve seen a paparazzi photograph of Prince William in his car, after the Oprah Winfrey show, in tears. This goes beyond politics, even though President Biden and Hillary Clinton have made sure they are prominently involved. For poor William, it’s intensely personal.

Predicted – The Harry-William Split

The headline you read here four years ago was The New War of the Rose – The Male Windsors and you might remember it from a long piece about the Leo eclipses and the cover-ups involving Buckingham Palace.

“A complete split is possible between the male heirs in the United Kingdom with one male Royal breaking away by himself, in search of post-Brexit horizons.”

In the same story, I wrote about Bill Clinton and also Vladimir Nabokov, author of Lolita. We also talked about the fateful, fated Great American Eclipse on August 21st, 2017. Four years ago now.

Lastly, you also read comments about Prince Andrew in the same story. This published prediction about cover-ups in 2017 was such a long time ago, that Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein had not even been thought of. Meghan Markle was still a Hollywood actress.

Meghan and Harry: The Key Predictions

We know the Winfrey story (above). There are several more. As I told The Express in London three years ago, in May 2019, Harry and Meghan will attempt to adopt their next child from abroad. Following in the footsteps of other American celebrities like Madonna, Harry and Meghan will look around the map. It will suit the narrative that they very publicly seek a baby who is not white.

Express 600x402 - Harry, Meghan, Oprah Predictions


Meghan’s Psychic Richard Win Also Saw Adoption

Meghan’s psychic in Los Angeles, Richard Win also predicted adoption, according to The Sun.

Diana, Princess of Wales and Her Astrologers

The amazing Debbie Frank and Penny Thornton, occasional guest tutors at The Sun Sign School and friends of mine, have made some strong astrology forecasts about Meghan and Harry. Diana, Princess of Wales, relied on both women for astrological advice and friendship, as Andrew Morton reveals in what is essentially Diana’s autobiography.

Debbie Frank believes Leo Meghan has made Virgo Harry, her servant, as she tells The Sun.

She also believes the pair are acting out karma from The Abdication. So, Edward and Mrs Simpson are at the heart of the events of 2021. Debbie successfully predicted the second child, back in June 2020.

Penny Thornton at Astrolutely: “The monarchy has withstood hurricanes of scandal over its one thousand years of existence, and it’s going to take a lot more than the combined efforts of the Sussexes- unintentional though they may be – to see it written off in the next couple of years.”

What Diana’s Medium Predicted

Simone Simmons, back on October 8th 2018, predicted problems for Harry and Meghan and one or two children. She worked as a psychic medium for Diana, Princess of Wales and wrote a book about her experiences: Diana, The Last Word.

Simone is the second of Diana’s psychic mediums I’ve had the pleasure of talking to, over the years (Rita Rogers being the other), and she’s always proven herself to be an accurate and rock-solid reliable intuitive. This is the video, which originally ran in 2018 on Entertainment Tonight. Judge for yourself.


Stripped of Their Titles – No Sussex Socks?

What you read a year ago on January 15th, 2020, on this website:

“Meghan Markle will lose the title, Duchess of Sussex. They will be offered the same status as Princess Anne’s title-free son, Peter Phillips. There will be no Sussex Royal Socks.” (Meghan and Harry were even attempting to trademark Sussex Royal at the time, allegedly, according to some media – for socks – if you can believe that!).

You can read the original prediction here.

2021-2022 – Enquiries Into Meghan and Harry’s Charity and Finances

The Charity Commission announced it was making an enquiry into Meghan and Harry’s affairs in March 2021. This follows the predictions you read here at the time of their wedding, that there would be major questions about the couple’s finances.

I saw this last year and told Gina Lazenby at The Conscious Cafe, that Christmas 2020 was a critical time for Charles, Prince of Wales and Her Majesty the Queen, in terms of the finances of the entire royal family (including Harry and Meghan). I told Gina it would be covered up. I believe it was. You can see the video here; fast-forward to the end of the program.

Media attention in 2021 will turn again to Oprah Winfrey and her stunning promotion of Meghan’s shares and investments in the oat milk latte company, Clevr. More questions will be asked.

Book Deal For Meghan

Meghan will be tempted to sign a lucrative book deal to write her autobiography. Andrew Morton will update his own book about Meghan. You would expect this to take place by Christmas 2021, according to the astrology.

The financial astrologer Kate Silas (Profit With the Planets) has pointed out that the astrology chart for Clevr, Meghan and Oprah’s favourite oat milk latte company, will be hit by an eclipse on Thursday, June 10th, 2021.

That’s a cover-up. We don’t know why, or for what reason. If you ran that company, you would be vigilant then.

The eclipse falls with the Sun at 19 Gemini and Moon at 19 Gemini. This exactly aspects Saturn at 19 Capricorn in the Clevr astrology chart. There is no point in talking about Thursday the 10th of  June 2021 as a day to watch. Eclipses blot out; they conceal. We are left in the dark. Later on, though, that date will become significant.

Oprah Winfrey and Clvr

You need good astrology software to narrow down the future to a single day, and my friend, the astrologer Stephanie Johnson, kindly created two charts for me, using AstroGold. One is for Oprah Winfrey and one is for Clevr. I am sure you can see that Oprah has Mercury at 19 Aquarius and Clevr was founded with Saturn at 19 Capricorn. There will be a cover-up involving both during the eclipse at 19 Gemini on June 10th, 2021.

Oprah Mercury 19 Aquarius - Harry, Meghan, Oprah Predictions   Clevr Saturn 19 Capricorn 551x600 - Harry, Meghan, Oprah Predictions

This is followed by Saturn at 19 Aquarius in conjunction with Oprah Winfrey’s Mercury at 19 Aquarius (something that can only happen about every three decades and is extremely challenging) between March 3rd and 11th, 2022.

  • March 3rd,2022  – We can even narrow it down further to Thursday 3rd March 2022. Mercury is at 19 Aquarius then, so this is Oprah’s Mercury Return. Mercury of course rules television, the internet and media. Aquarius rules groups and friends. This is a good fit for Clevr. It is also a very good fit for the Democrats, and of course Winfrey has had a connection with that political party in the past. As the company Clevr also has Saturn at 19 Capricorn, this is a double Saturn moment for both. It’s a tough one. This has a sequel too. In fact it’s a three-part drama.
  • September 11th to 30th, 2022 – Saturn goes back to 19 Aquarius from September 11th to 30th, 2022 and this time we have a sequel with a twist. Uranus, the planet of shock, radical change and u-turns is then at 18 Taurus, so extremely close. Just one degree away.
  • November 15th to December 3rd, 2022 – We end this story with Saturn at 19 Aquarius for the final time and notably Mars at 19 Gemini from the 28th to 30th of November, 2022. This takes us into the year 2023 (two years into the future as we publish this) when we find Mars at 19 Gemini again on March 1st-3rd 2023. The final double pike and twist in the tale. That is when that old eclipse will really make sense.

210309 think diana meghan royals 600x336 - Harry, Meghan, Oprah Predictions

Meghan Copying Diana – The Second Story

Meghan has been accused of copying Diana, the Princess of Wales, for years.

The story goes, Meghan is deliberately copying not just the wardrobe, but also the life of Diana, Princess of Wales. It’s rather like a Hollywood TV actress studying a character. ‘Getting into character’ it’s called, before the script arrives.

So, what do you think? Right or wrong?

There has been huge interest (1.88 million Tweet interest) in these stories. For as much as you wish privacy for people who have survived mental health issues, it’s very hard to offer it, when the person in question has chosen to face the world, on every television channel, in every nation.

Below, the huge spike in Twitter impressions from my Analytics on March 9th 2021 shows one tiny part of global Twitter traffic for #Meghan #Harry #Oprah.

Screen Shot 2021 03 10 at 11.54.53 am 600x499 - Harry, Meghan, Oprah Predictions

Psychic Tara Buffington and Meghan Predictions

As a psychic and astrologer, I am clear that the real issue is the unreleased ‘Part Two’ of the Oprah, Meghan and Harry Show. The story was never actually part one. It was always the ‘withheld’ part two.

This is the crucial footage that the public has been tantalised with. The footage, perhaps, where the pair talk about Prince Andrew and the Epstein-Maxwell story. The footage where Harry talks about the death of Diana. We can only speculate and that is exactly what we are being encouraged to do.

I’ll be really curious to know if your instinct tells you, the unseen film will ever be released. I expect that outcome very much depends on Ghislaine Maxwell, now, in jail. Her astrological chart is also singing in 2021.

Tara Buffington 2021 600x579 - Harry, Meghan, Oprah PredictionsMy psychic colleague and friend Tara Buffington, in Texas, wrote:

“I didn’t watch the interview. To me, Meghan Markle has *never* appeared as she wishes to present herself. The wend won’t be pretty and Harry is in danger. Saw #TheWedding and been saying all along that something isn’t right with MM (Meghan Markle). #MarkMyWords.”

Tara is a gifted psychic and I am sure you have seen her YouTube channel. In fact, we will be working together this weekend, in a special on prediction.

But…what are you feeling about all this? Whenever I have run features on public predictions in the past – like Brexit, the failure of Donald Trump or COVID-19 – I have always found that what you tell me in Comments brings new facts to light.

At a certain point, I can only turn to old predictions so often, before I look to you readers for new insights.

Join Tara Buffington (pictured) and me for a YouTube Premiere on Sunday the 14th and Monday the 15th of March across all time zones from New York to London and Sydney.

We’ll be taking live Tarot readings for you, during the premiere. You can subscribe to my YouTube channel now or join Meetups to talk to us. It’s always free. Join us for the Zoom After Show too. Feel free to ask me about Harry, Meghan and Oprah. It’s in the stars. It’s in the cards. It’s certainly in these two charts, timed in a fated way, at 19 degrees.

Prince Philip and Piers Morgan

When I left a message for Piers Morgan about the hospital address for the Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Philip (so you could all send flowers and Get Well cards) I was inundated with thanks on Twitter. Even from Australia, where there is much muttering about a republic, given the awful drama being played out on American television.

How do you feel about Meghan and Harry’s decision to go public with their allegations at a time when Prince Philip was in hospital following a heart condition emergency?

Important: If you have been affected by this story and need to call a helpline, the ABC in Australia has compiled an excellent list of numbers. Thank you. 

The Samaritans in your city are an excellent resource worldwide.

Astrological charts – Stephanie Johnson, AstroGold.

Images courtesy of various news and pinterest sources.

Thanks to astrologers Kate Silas and Olga Morales and psychic Tara Buffington.














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144 Responses

  1. Honestly, you are incredible. I remember reading all of your predictions at the tome and this follow up after tell all is very interesting. I was watching the (Oprah) H/M interview like every one. It’s seemed even for a double Pisces so hard to get a fix on what was true, authentic and evolved and what was purely presentation and why… Appreciate your insights.

    1. Thank you. Long after this is over, the one thing people will remember about Meghan, Oprah, Harry and CBS is that they chose to air this show, when Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, was in his third week in hospital, following a heart condition emergency. Meghan, Oprah, Harry and CBS could have put this to air any time. They chose his illness to do it. That will go down in history.

  2. Sometimes it feels like we are being sucked into a very surreal world. People are dying, people are losing their incomes, many people are trying to deal with mental health issues with no help whatsoever (my son included) and yet with all this going on we put our attention on Meghan and Harry’s woes. I feel sorry if the ‘Firm’ has been unhelpful or slighted them in any way but I feel they have lost touch with the very real suffering that so many are going through at the moment. So many saying that Harry and Meghan are victims but I don’t think we will ever see them queuing up to use the food bank. I’d love to know your thoughts about what is in store for the Royal family in the future.

    1. A lot of people are saying the same thing, according to the Daily Mail survey. In fact, they are angry. The House of Windsor will survive and thrive. You will find that MI5 and MI6 become involved from this point. James Bond was not a joke!

  3. What is Meghan’s relationship with Kate like according to their birth charts? Will their relationship still be okay after what Meghan said about Kate?

    1. Kate is our future Queen and has been trained to deal with this kind of thing, as part of her career. She has three families – her own, with the future King – her own family, the Middletons, and then the House of Windsor. All three are behind her. Meghan is less fortunate.

  4. Thanks for the Harry and Megan info – but I really want to know what this means for Charles/William/Catherine and the queen – and possibly Prince Phillip. It’s a worrying time for the ‘firm’ and how will THEY come out of this? Will Megan and Harry keep turning the knife? How will they respond to lack of titles (which seem to mean so much to them!)…. REALLY love your articles on current issues. It is amazing and SO revealing. Many thanks to you

    1. Thank you. The House of Windsor will be perfectly fine long-term, but Meghan’s future without any royal associations or British alliances is uncertain.

  5. PS – Harry and Megan – I saw the tweet around retrograde mercury. Is it less harmful than if it was during the start or middle rather than the fading part of the cycle? What could this mean in real life examples? Many thanks again

    1. Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius is completing a cycle in Meghan’s Seventh House of marriage – this includes her first husband as well as Harry. I expect we’ll hear from him, or the people close to him, next.

  6. Hi Jessica
    Thanks for all this and it is comforting to see the likes of yourself and gifted psychics shed light on this issue. As it happens, I also had a very bad feeling about this right from the start, and I am also pretty intuitive, my mum was a gifted psychic, so I have inherited some of her sensitivity.

    I notice that Harry and Meghan also chose Commomwealth Day 8th March in the UK 2021 to air the interview, which as far as I am aware, is more about friendship.

    Did she not also announce Megxit to coincide with Kate’s birthday? Interesting.

    They announced they would be splitting their joint charity with William and Kate on 19th June 2019, Royal Procession Day.

    They chose 14 th November 2019 which is Prince Charles’ birthday, to announce to the whole world they would not be spending Christmas with the Royal family. They just couldn’t keep that matter to themselves, not even for an extra week. They could also have announced it the week before.

    They announced they were expecting a baby on Princess Eugenie’s wedding day. Not the week after, or on a ‘quiet’ day. It was also Sarah Ferguson’s birthday.

    On 20th April, the day before the Queen’s birthday last year, they wrote to all the tabloids to let them know they would no longer cooperate with them, but the next day they let the whole world know they had a videoconference with the Queen so that Archie could wish her happy birthday. Almost as if the Queen’s birthday also had to be about ME-ME-ME-Meghan and her accessories.

    The launch of their book on 11th August was interesting timing, since Diana was killed on 31st August, so it’s close enough to serve as a reminder, without being quite so obvious as to be completely transparent. Yet the book must have been in the planning for some time.

    I think the Royal family have been extremely tolerant of MEghan and Harry. It is hard to not suspect the timings are as deliberately schemed as Meghan’s copying of Diana’s outfits. I think the Brits mostly see through her, unless you happen to be a Guardian journalist and have fallen for the performance of a D list actress. I am disappointed with Harry but also not surprised! I could never understand why he was so popular, I felt he was reckless, something many taxpayers don’t appreciate.

    I have felt all along that they are reincarnations of Edward and Mrs Simpson, even Harry’s previous wearing of Nazi garb is an interesting bleed through. Their completely unconscious disregard of the real hardship and suffering going on in the world, whilst they pontificate and berate us for OUR privilege, telling us how to behave and what we should do to save the planet whilst they jet around for the sake of a meet-up for lunch, is utterly deplorable, but common among that type of egocentric out of touch celeb class. Frankly the pair disgust me.

    I wish the media would draw attention to some of the interesting date choices of the Sussex pair. I suspect they are being cautious after Megzy played the race card, but frankly they should do the opposite. There is nothing wrong with reminding the world of their behaviours. Frankly I wish it would back fire on the pair spectacularly.

    1. Wow. You have done some amazing research there. I had no idea, but you are quite right. The timing has been more than coincidental to say the least. The date choices are just extraordinary; I will pass this on to some friends I know who work in the British media. As far as I know nobody has picked it up. It is possible they are Edward and Mrs Simpson returned to us. It is also possible that either Edward and/or Mrs Simpson is around the situation in spirit. There is something very wrong here. It goes beyond the couple or Oprah Winfrey and CBS. It goes into The Special Relationship between America and Britain, and it’s tied to Maxwell, Epstein, Clinton, Trump and Prince Andrew. I’ve mentioned this to some other readers. Thanks to all of you for bringing it to my attention. We’re all asleep. Or we were.

  7. Hi Jessica, something else I just thought of: the timing generally.

    It is often said that the Covid situation in economic terms is a little like the war years in it’s effects. I am reminded of the film The King’s Speech, where Edward (Harry) is being criticised by the responsible Bertie (William) for buying pearls for Wallace whilst making people unemployed at a time of hardship for the country.

    I suspect there may have been some truth in that particular scene!

  8. Hi Jessica

    Sorry, it’s me again! Just wanted to make a further point.

    Whilst Meghan was supposedly feeling suicidal, where was Harry? Why is it everyone else’s fault? What was Harry doing?

    I really wish the press would turn the tables instead of pandering in fear, which ultimately makes it collectively “our” fault. It is not!

    If Meghan really was suffering as she claims, perhaps she should be thankful of her luxury. Even if Harry, as a grown man and her husband was not up to giving the support she says she needed, why did he not ensure she gained it, instead of jetting here there and everywhere for lunches etc? If it’s all true, Harry is the failure in this case, not the Firm.

    How about mother of 2, Polly Ross who killed herself while depressed. Where was her support mechanism?
    There are plenty of such cases, including deeply depressed mothers who kill their children too. It’s awful, because they really cannot get the help they need. These people really ARE on their own.

    I hope you can forward some of these views to your press contacts Jessica. I also think that now we know their wedding was a sham they should pay us back.

    Good riddance, I will save my compassion and prayers for those really suffering, who really need it, and my positive thoughts are with the Firm, and especially William and Kate and their children.

    1. Actually the British press have been critical in their questioning. Most obviously, the Daily Mail and the Sun, which carried my predictions in October last year. There has also been a real backlash from British readers that I can see, and in fact people from Commonwealth countries, who resent the implications of racism and the allegation that Meghan was not welcomed by the taxpaying public. You are quite right about depression and motherhood and yes, people with no resources and money really are on their own. That is a bigger tragedy. I have read a lot about this since it exploded and I think Tony Parsons of all the media, has expressed what millions are thinking and feeling. He has a mixed-race family. Have a look.

  9. Was just scrolling around the web when I remembered your eerily accurate takes on matters and rushed to the website to see this! Ha. Thank you for your analysis, as usual thorough and fascinating.
    Saw the interview, my main takeaway from it was ‘where is the proof for the more incendiary claims?’ And ‘why isn’t the interviewer being more forensic about these damaging claims?’ Give me proof damn it. The suicidal ideation is horrendous however. Wondering whether MM’s chart at the time showed relevant stressful transits?
    Overall, and I am in no way physic or perceptive , but Harry looks very conflicted…

    1. Thank you. The interviewer was not forensic, because the interviewer had only recently been promoting the oat milk drink invested in by the subject. It’s pretty funny. Well, it would be – if it wasn’t so desperately sad. You are in agreement with almost every other reader on this website and 99% of my Twitter followers. Where is the proof for the claims against the family? And of course, the issue of depression – which would likely best have been treated by the professionals at the hospital where the baby was born and they took such great care of the family – if not the other experts who serve the House of Windsor and are presumably a telephone call away. There are a lot of questions. Prince William has been photographed in tears. Many, many questions.

  10. Thank you so much Jessica for sharing ‘your truths’. I wholeheartedly concur with them.

    It does strike me that Royal ladies need strong support from their birth families. Both Diane and Sarah came from broken homes and found marriage difficult; Camilla and Catherine on the other hand were raised in loving home environments and developed inner qualities which have enabled them to ride the storms of life.

    At the centre of this particular storm is the ‘marriage’ of Harry and Meghan. it simply doesn’t work. For example, if Meghan was undergoing trauma to the extent she describes, why was Harry unable to help her? But then why were Meghan’s friends also unable to help? And why were her parents not there for her? Does she keep everyone at arm’s length – merely acting out a closeness which she doesn’t actually feel.

    Quite frankly I and my associates saw that lack of true intimacy in the engagement film and we now see it in the Oprah film. Can it be explained in Meghan’s birthchart or is it a result of her life experiences?

    Again many thanks for your astonishing insights?

    1. Your question about Harry seemingly being unable to help his wife with her depression is repeated by so many readers here. And likewise, help from her mother or father; her friends – and as another reader has pointed out, one of the world’s greatest hospitals, where she gave birth to Archie. Meghan’s astrology chart shows some of the story. Her interviewer, Oprah Winfrey, assuming the role of journalist, was also promoting her share investment in a startup drinks company a few months earlier. The bigger picture is actually America, Britain, Epstein and Maxwell. I’ve posted on that, in response to another reader. People have missed a few tricks there and this all goes back to the Leo eclipses of 2017. It’s big.

  11. I can not help feeling this interview was staged to promote themselves to the American people – enhance their reputations. This is where they are working their brand, as they are done with Britain. They carefully gave praise to the Queen and first thought that came to mind whilst discussing Kate Middleton in the interview, was a pay back to Kate and Meghan competing for public approval against her. Meghan played her hand with 2 of the biggest issues in society at the moment, race and mental health. I can not help feeling Meghan is not as genuine as she makes out. Am I right to think like this, or is she compassionate and kind as she promotes? Will they ever return to the UK? Even to visit Harry’s family?
    I hope anything I have written above does not offend anyone.

    1. Thank you. The American side of the story has been in the charts forever, and in fact I remember filing a story on the Leo eclipses (Leo rules royalty) and hidden plots and plans, some years ago. We really need to look at the CIA, FBI and the Epstein-Maxwell story. Of course this pulls in Prince Andrew, but it also pulled in Bill Clinton and Donald Trump, by association. Epstein was American. Maxwell is British. I would say there is a high level of politicking going on, here. It’s about The Special Relationship between America and England and the problems with that created by the alleged suicide of Epstein and the imprisonment of Maxwell. And the very big names at the top. So this goes beyond Oprah Winfrey and the chickens or even that old advice to ‘Follow the money.’ President Biden backed Meghan. That is an astonishing thing to do. Track what Hillary Clinton says/does on this, too.

  12. Jessica, I love love love reading your articles where you outline what predictions came true. I’m watching The Crown on Netflix and thinking to myself that this must me the end of them. We are in the era of Aquarius, and they represent everything that Aquarius is NOT. Go MM and Harry and Oprah!! I cheer for them!!

  13. Oh dear! Harry piqued my interest on two points. He neglected to mention important information about their security situation while there were living on Vancouver Island. His comments appear to be poorly informed or disingenuous.

    His claims of being cut off financially, don’t seem to reconcile with their Jan 8th 2020, announcement “to step back” and to become “financially independent”.

    Stepping back meant that he was no longer designated as an internationally protected person (IPP).

    Too much of what they said, didn’t add up. As a minor point, have a quick image search to see how true his claim of never having been on the back of the bike with his father.

    Thank you for your intriguing work, Jessica

    1. That’s really interesting to see in The Vancouver Sun. Thank you. And I will have an image search on the bike claim. I am just shaking my head at this.

  14. Thank you for these amazing predictions Jessica. I remember reading them at the time. I have never really taken to MM and I promise you it’s nothing whatsoever to do with her colour. She’s a beautiful woman. I could only watch part of the interview (hatchet job) as I found it sickening. To use racism and mental health to attack the Royal Family is despicable. For Harry to wade in against his own family was just appalling. Our poor, devoted to duty Queen deserves so much better than this.

    There’s probably more you could say Jessica but thank you for doing this as it’s given me comfort as I have been so angry that others can’t see through this manipulative pair.

    1. You are another reader who could not watch the Meghan, Oprah and Harry interview. I find that really interesting. You are quite right that others have not seen through the whole story. I would say, looking at Twitter, that the younger people are, or the more anti-Monarchy they are anyway, the more likely they are to have accepted Meghan and Harry’s story without questioning it. The astrology has always said something else, as you can see, and that is why it is so useful. The phrase is ‘follow the money’ and when you have a really big Taurus story in these charts, that is always what must be done. The anger you feel is felt by a lot of people. Read Tony Parsons in The Sun. He has a mixed race family too and has been furious on behalf of the House of Windsor.

  15. Intriguing article. Admittedly, a few days before the interview was broadcasted, I had a strong feeling that this was the beginning of the end for Oprah, CBS, Meghan and Harry. Although I didn’t watch it myself, I did sit down to listen to Lady Colin Campbell dissecting and contextualising the interview with the ‘royal’ pair on her youtube channel yesterday morning, ( – the contents of which I found enlighting and most interesting indeed.

    If rumours are to be believed, can I ask (a) if the truth about Meghan’s unkind behaviour whilst on tour in Australia, towards her staff in the Palace,
    and the royals etc, will ever be made known to the general public; and (b) will the fallout from this interview change Britain’s constitution for ever?

    1. Thank you. It is really interesting to see how many readers here did not watch the interview, but preferred to look elsewhere for the information. Lady Colin Campbell is an expert on the House of Windsor of course, and I’ll watch that later, on YouTube, to catch up. Was Meghan unkind to staff, behaving badly in Australia? Will we ever know proof of that publicly? Will Britain’s constitution change? Yes, we’ll see the media interview people about her behaviour and go on the public record. Not immediately but closer to Meghan’s birthday. We’ll see praise as well as criticism then, it will work both ways. The bigger question is The Firm. We’ll now find that MI5 and MI6 are much more involved, as President Joe Biden has made this a political, global issue by praising Meghan. You will see tremendous changes as the Firm, firms up!

  16. Wonder.Is Harry really aware of.what he has said.Harry has really hurt the Queen,uncunsiansly.M in her way.
    Low level.Id like to se Harry 10 years or longer ahead.Why did I?
    Granny,looked after me,the best she could.
    Charles,had nothing to give to his sad ,sad boys.Its heartbreaking.
    I just say,Long live the Queen❤️

  17. Your previous explanation on the taurus streak in Meghan’s chart showing a deep desire for lucre in comparison with the Queen’s taurus sun which expresses genuine charity was fascinating – we are now seeing the lucrative deals you mentioned in action. The accuracy of your predictions is incredible.
    You also stated the possibility of a separation with Harry by 2025. When do you think they might lose their titles? Many thanks.

    1. Thank you. I expect the pair will lose their titles no later than 2023 after the next North Node Taurus/South Node Scorpio cycle. Thank you for your comments. Yes, as you say, ‘lucre’ is the key. Taurus has always ruled the Second House and in fact in old astrology, which uses Latin, we have some books going back to the 1600’s which call the Second House, the house of ‘lucre.’ So you are bang on!

  18. Thank you Jessica … your predictions continue to blow me away! You have been the most incredible guide throughout the past years as we’ve gone through one challenge after another.

    I have been quite shocked at how this interview has affected me (originally from England but living in Australia (dual citizen) for decades) I found it very disturbing. Without sounding like I’m jumping on the bandwagon I’ve always ‘seen’ something else with Meghan, right through from the engagement. It’s like there is a ‘shade’ underneath the self that she shows us. Also a sense of uneasiness that there is a bigger game being played. I have had dreams and strong intuition about things in the past but with Meghan I’ve kept quiet and hoped I was wrong. This week I’ve felt like my head would explode every time I saw her – sounds nuts I know and there really is no one to express this to!

    On a practical note, with the mental health issue, which is seriously very concerning, I find it strange that she received no help from the gynaecological team at The Portland Hospital. She was able to pick her own “team” of health professionals at arguably one of London’s most expensive private hospitals which specialises in the care of women and children. Surely they were involved throughout her pregnancy and would have given her good counsel in every aspect of her health.

    I should also point out that I live in a mixed race family and both my partner and dear sister-in-law are far darker of skin than Meghan.

    Thanks for all you do and keep on shining a light
    Jules xxx

    1. Thanks so much Jules. You are not the only person on this website, or on my Twitter account, to have been uneasy about Meghan. When you thought your head would explode every time you saw her on television, you are echoing what two mediums I know, have said to me. Both these mediums have told me that they are feeling Diana’s anger. The Princess of Wales is active in spirit because of her ongoing charity work on that side of life. She was apparently enraged at the wedding and is further enraged now, because of course William has been left in tears and separated from his brother. So I’m passing that information on to you. One of these mediums has her own radio show and is very good, and the other has had close contact with the House of Windsor in the past. I agree with you about The Portland Hospital. One of the most famous in the world. Why would you not pick up the telephone and ask for help, from those professionals? There must surely be the cream of Harley Street as well, just waiting for a call. I find it interesting that you are saying all this and come from a mixed race family too!

  19. Hi Jessica

    Watching their interview was hard but reading people’s opinions in social media was much harder to swallow. Many are now questioning the existing of commonwealth and the Royal Family. Do you think this interview can break the commonwealth and whether (prince?) Harry will rejoin the new king later this year?

    1. Yes, Harry and Meghan made sure the show went out on a day when the Commonwealth was being celebrated. It wasn’t an accident! That is likely why there was no postponement even though the Duke was seriously ill in hospital. The question is, will Meghan and Harry’s accusations of alleged ‘racism’ hurt the monarchy’s role with Commonwealth countries? Australia has indigenous people and New Zealand has Maoris, and that is just two. There will be a further referendum on monarchy in Australia and she may every well vote to become independent but it would have nothing to do with Meghan and Harry’s smear and everything to do with sheer distance (and COVID-19). Kate and William are hugely popular in Australia but nobody can jet around the world as they did. I have been looking at Harry’s chart. If he does not go back in 2021, which seems very unlikely, he could go back in 19 years.

  20. Can Megan and Harry chart predict that those two are sick especially Megan and they look like lying…
    Wow what type of people don’t care for the loved one in hospital… I think very crazy ones in their head…

    1. It’s Prince Philip’s hospital stay that has drawn more comments than anything else on my Twitter account. Meghan, Harry and Oprah are rich and powerful enough to organise scheduling on CBS when they choose. There must surely be clauses in the contract (if we assume the reports that Oprah Winfrey received $9 million are true) that make it possible to postpone, on account of illness or other unforeseen circumstances. Or, just sacrifice the money and cancel the story, correct? A man’s life is more important than money, surely. Especially a man who has served his country as the Duke of Edinburgh has!

  21. Hi Jessica,

    I have reading your articles for a long time and I can’t believe how accurate you are about almost everything. I am an Indian and as you must be aware, we believe in karma. I am also a health professional so to me it is very obvious that Meghan is a very manipulative and destructive narcissist who lies a lot and destroys every relationship. As narcissists are wont to do, she has now isolated Harry too from anybody who could support him and made him completely dependent on her. I didn’t watch the interview but I have read about it and I, for one, do not believe a word Meghan said. Nobody dislikes Meghan because of race. People dislike her because if you have any intelligence or wisdom, you can always see through her lies.

    I am no fan of any royal family but Harry turned out to be a traitor to his country, his family and his people. My question to you is, will Meghan get what she deserves? Will she get her karma? Or will she keep making money by uttering falsehoods?

    1. Thank you. Yes, I have a few Indian readers here, and I have learned a lot about karma from your country. Indian (Vedic) astrology is obviously based on karma. It’s interesting that you are a health professional and find Meghan has narcissism. The theory that she has isolated Harry from his family and friends in Britain is really interesting – I had not seen that before, but you obviously have a professional opinion. You want to know if Meghan will get her karma. Okay, so we have to look at what she’s actually done – judging actions. I think this goes back to the wedding. Her father Thomas Markle was diagnosed with a heart condition, but he was treated rather heartlessly – it must be so awful for him to constantly see the video and be reminded he was replaced with Prince Charles – and not even invited. He’s not seen his grandson Archie, he says. Then there is the half-sister who was also shut out by Meghan, she says. Finally we come to the other family story, which is Meghan’s choice to go ahead with accusations of racism (and more) which must be a shock to any family, at a time when the Duke of Edinburgh is in hospital with a heart problem and Her Majesty the Queen is dealing with that, as he is in the final years of his life. That is a *lot* of karma. Meghan will deal with it in 2022, 2023 when the transiting South Node goes into Scorpio, which is a huge trigger in her chart, but also that of the family as a whole, back in Britain. Those two years are a reckoning that can only happen every 19 years, and of course the North Node is also in Taurus, then. Her Majesty is Taurus, Charles is Scorpio. It will be financial.

  22. Hi Jessica,

    From your comment : ‘You will find that MI5 and MI6 become involved from this point. James Bond was not a joke!’, see today’s Daily Telegraph – ‘He is the real-life spy master who oversaw British intelligence at the height of the 2017 terror attacks and the Salisbury poisoning a year later.
    But as he prepares to become the next Lord Chamberlain, the most senior officer in the Royal household, Andrew Parker, former director-general of MI5, can expect to have his work cut out. For when he replaces Lord Peel on April 1, the Cambridge-educated amateur ornithologist is going to have to make an eagle-eyed assessment of the fall-out from the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s interview with Oprah Winfrey. While the Queen may be intent on addressing the “serious” issues raised privately with her family, according to Tuesday’s statement, behind palace gates “the institution” referred to by the couple in their two-hour tell-all undoubtedly also has questions to answer. Described as Britain’s “safest pair of hands”, top of Lord Parker’s in-tray will be allegations that “the Firm” did not provide enough support to Meghan when she flagged her deteriorating mental health to the HR department. The royal household will also have to address claims of institutional racism and a climate where, according to Harry’s assessment, Royal family members like the Prince of Wales and the Duke of Cambridge feel “trapped”. Amid talk of Sir Edward Young, the Queen’s private secretary and Clive Alderton, Prince Charles’s equivalent, being “dead men walking” for their role in the “Megxit” crisis, Lord Parker will be forced to address the issue of how to resolve family disputes in a way that preserves the integrity of the monarchy without alienating its members.’ Another true prediction!

    1. Thank you for this. Sometimes I publish a prediction and it comes true within hours or days. It is amazing that the former MI5 Director-General, Andrew Parker, is to work for the Royal family. We have a chart for MI5 and also for MI6 actually, and the astrology tallies with the House of Windsor. In fact you can’t separate them. You don’t envy Parker his role, do you? Meghan, Harry, Oprah and CBS have given the family so much work to do and of course this goes right into the Commonwealth and Australia, where I am writing this now. One thing is certain, though. MI5 will win.

  23. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for this article.
    Like many people this subject has been on my mind and a topic of conversation in our household since that “bombshell” interview. Although I have not watched the interview I have read articles, summaries and seen clips on the news, and it is difficult not to have an opinion.
    I do wish the Duke of Edinburgh well and as speedy a recovery as possible at 99 yrs. I would love him to celebrate his 100th birthday and to receive an official centenarian message from the missus.

    I was bemused by Meghan’s claim that there was nobody to help her with mental health issues when both William and Harry have been so involved with mental health charities.
    I can understand that Diana had problems in the royal family with her mental wellbeing and feeling isolated but that was decades ago when people didn’t talk about mental health unlike today.
    Diana was also a 19 year old ingenue when she became engaged, not a 35 year old media-savvy wordly-wise Hollywood actress – and that made me think, is Meghan playing the “role” of Diana?
    Diana was world famous for her beauty and elegance. She was the wife of the future King and the mother to the heir and spare. In middle and later life she also became involved with charitable causes she cared about deeply such as AIDS and Landmines where she changed peoples’ opinions and brought about change in a way few other people could have. I’m not surprised that Meghan would like to be like her or her.
    I also wonder if that is partly what attracted Harry to her? I believe that Harry is desperate to protect his family and Meghan in a way he never could his mother. He was 12 years old when she died and was made to walk behind her coffin with the eyes of the world upon him. Maybe he feels that by protecting Meghan he can “relive” and put right his hurt and pain from the past.
    Has Meghan become like Diana rather than being herself and has Harry married someone who reminds him of his mother?
    I know these are unkind and cynical things to say but something is not right. Another unkind thought is to wonder if this is true, then is the behaviour unconscious or deliberate?

    1. You’re not the first person to ask if Meghan Markle, who is obviously a trained actress, is playing the role of Diana, Princess of Wales. And you’re also not the first person to ask, if this is consciously done, or unconsciously! Either way, yes, we could imagine that would appeal to Harry, who went through the trauma of losing his mother as a child. We can compare the astrological charts to see if these women are the same. Actually they are not. No, not at all. In fact, the only member of the House of Windsor that Meghan resembles is Princess Margaret. They have uncannily similar horoscopes. Both married captains. Both were divorced. Both dropped bombshells on Her Majesty the Queen, didn’t they! I filed a feature on Meghan Markle, as she was then, some years ago on this website and went into detail about the Princess Margaret comparison…Thank you.

  24. Dear Jessica, thank you for your reply.

    I have found and read the Meghan Markle article you mentioned. I wonder whether Meghan’s perceived unkind behaviour may be similar to Princess Margaret’s forthright comments. Maybe both can be charming but also sometimes rather blunt in their language.

    I did wonder whether the north and south nodes in Leo and Aquarius may be relevant but I’ll admit my astrology is not that good. I may have been able to draw up horoscopes in my teenage years with compass, pertracter, yearly ephemeris and thankfully a calculator, (so much quicker than log tables), but the interpretation was not my strong point. I sort of abandoned it after discovering the tarot (which I can do). I also used to get really confused with midday or midnight ephemerides, so that didn’t help, being 12 hours out sometimes!

    I didn’t know whether to mention it or not but on a different topic to this, I think the original article “UK COVID-19 Predictions 2021” Oct 27th 2020 will now be closed but you mentioned the word “Douglas” I initially thought it might be to do with the Isle of Man.
    The Guardian published an article on 17th February titled “From Nelly to Doug: nicknames emerge for a growing list of Covid variants”
    The article was about a labelling system for the Covid variants that arose informally amongst researchers. The mutation D614G being a bit of a mouthful became shortened to “Doug” and anything without this mutation was labelled “Douglas” (I assume that is Doug-less)
    N501Y the Kent variant became known as “Nelly” and E484k as “Eeek” Not sure what this has to do with Wales, maybe “Douglas” is the main variant there but I thought I would just mention it in case it was relevant.
    Thanks again for all your work. I, like many others, am very grateful.

    1. I hope you are keeping your astrology up as your horoscope interpretation would be terrific. Thanks also for Douglas as a pointer to the Isle of Man. And of course, Doug as a nickname for a Covid variant. Perhaps I was picking up both, years into the future. I’m going off now to find out more about Douglas and Doug the variant!

  25. Fascinating article. I initially liked and was charmed by Meghan but now also feel that something is “off.” There are rumors that Meghan was an escort years ago. Is this why MI5 might be involved?

    Also, do you think the Palace knows that she is a narcissist? If so, they could seek assistance for how to respond to her better, e.g., not give her “fuel” and the attention she craves.
    Thank you.

    1. This entire episode is way bigger than Meghan’s personality and there is a reason why President Biden commented (why bother?) and Hillary Clinton also saw fit to get involved. Everyone is missing the elephant in the room which is Ghislaine Maxwell. Actually she is the elephant in a jail cell at the moment.

  26. Jessica WOW!!!
    we have heard so much on M&H What can you tell us about Oprah?
    Will she continue to be involved with M&H ? What about this investment in the coffee alternative ?
    This story, these people… seems almost Fiction. Is it?
    Thank you so much Jessica

    1. You nailed it. This is fiction. During the war, Ian Fleming was tasked with inventing the most outlandish missions and strategies. He then went on to create James Bond. This all reminds me of James Bond, but also Maxwell Smart and 99. Have a look at what I wrote about the Leo eclipses way, way back in 2017. That’s the whole story here.

  27. Jessica: Having read these 45 comments my thoughts stray towards how this story might fit as part of a Neptunian mass delusion. Issues of race, gender and mental health have lately been forced in the forefront.
    Rather than raising our consciousnesses we are marshalled into extreme un-nuanced responses. There is clearly room for improvement in all areas but far more unites us all, than divides.
    By almost all measures, humanity is better off than it has ever been. Yet we are faced daily with outrages which lead to hopelessness and polarization.
    So many issues demand a measured approach rather than a knee-jerk response. But now it seems that even to equivocate is enough to demonstrate disloyalty and allegiance the the opposition.

    I can’t help but feel led no matter how carefully I curate the news.

    A relative handful of notable men and women have profited handsomely in the last few years (multi-billionaires gaining billions, is strangely not hyperbole) my mind wanders as to how this came about.

    Thank you for your efforts of thoughtfully exposing pieces of the puzzle.


    1. Thanks Patrick. Yes, there is a classic Neptune delusion at the moment. This is like any detective story. If you want to cut through the confusion, look to see who gains what, and when, and why. This goes beyond money, although money is part of it. Put it this way. No professional psychic or astrologer would be surprised if the much-discussed ‘part two’ of the Oprah-Harry-Meghan interview goes away. It will be kept, of course, as it’s dynamite, but like a miracle, in the weeks ahead, Ghislaine Maxwell will cut a deal; the ghost of Jeffrey Epstein will vanish; Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden will go quiet. Harry has chosen sides and that’s that.

  28. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for your fascinating read. I am a Indian south African woman who immigrated to the UK 11 years ago. I was excited at the thought of Meghan marrying into the Royal Family and it has completely saddened me to see these two taint the image of Great Britain. We are not perfect, but we are definitely NOT what they have portrayed. I have experienced more racism in south africa than i have here. I have had to defend the Royal Family & GB on all my social feeds as it angered me that we were being portrayed this way. I was very disappointed with the press release put out by the queen as i felt she should’ve been more tougher toward M&H. My question is:
    1. will the Americans get to see the real Meghan and will their feelings of her change?
    2. Will they regret the move to US & the interview?
    3. What will Meghans reception be like when / if she returns to visit the UK.

    Thank you so much and love your work

    1. Thank you. You say you have experienced more racism in South Africa than you have in Great Britain, and you are an Indian South African migrant. I appreciate your telling us that. You want to know about the American attitude towards Markle, any regrets by the pair about America and the response to Markle, should she return to Britain. Looking at Prince Harry’s chart, too, it looks like this is a five-year cycle. In the year 2026 he could easily leave America. This is about the same time that Markle will leave her new life as the mother of two (or three), a business investor and I suspect a Democrat asset for the next election in 2024. She will not return to Britain; I doubt she will ever be forgiven for timing the show when Prince Philip was so dangerously ill in hospital.

  29. Hi, Jessica.

    I’ve been depressed after this interview news. I haven’t watched it because I just don’t really like people who only think about themselves. But when opened CNN news site, it was top news and couldn’t avoid to see lots of headlines. They, all of them including media, framed it as a racial issue but then still talking about Diana. It’s really not about racism at all as it happened to Diana in the past! I think that’s very obvious. but most media framed the story in the same way. And honestly, I thought it’s not a top news on CNN. It’s strange. I am very sorry for Prince William. So hard to imagine how it feels like for him. He has such a tough life. They talk about “dehumanizing” of MM but they are so brutal to the family. They are not treating the family as humans. We should voice that all royal families are also humans!!!

    Anyway, do you think the prediction that Joe Biden administration will have difficulty, he may not stay in power for the whole term, is partly tied to this British x USA relationship?

    Do you think even after Harry and Meghan divorced, William and Harry won’t be reconciled?

    These comments are helping me not to get stressed. Thank you,

    1. I feel sorry for Prince William, too. He lost his mother, now he has lost his brother. He has just been with his grandfather in hospital, recovering from heart surgery, during the worst global crisis for the family since Diana passed. The Biden presidency is interesting, because it is all about Kamala Harris. I find it very interesting that she’s not commented on Meghan Markle but Biden, Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama have. That’s a peculiar omission.

  30. “Clevr” or calculating? 🙂

    In terms of timing and lack of empathy, these are classic narcissistic /borderline personality behaviors.

    I did watch the interview. I was physically uncomfortable throughout because MM visibly appeared to me to be acting.

    I do think your friend is right. And I had an overwhelming feeling watching MM, that she is reacting to, or re-acting out if you will, wounds and karma via a bad scenario from a much older, ancient royal family dynamic.

    As is Harry. I do feel there is an opportunity for him to reconcile with his family—about five years from now, but the choice he makes between now and then will determine that path, and that choice is still ahead of him..

    As for the footage—I think it will come out. Maybe during an eclipse— I wonder if it will wait until the big one in 2024, with those patterns at 18.

    Thanks for all your insights as always.


    1. Thank you for your comments on the astrology. You feel five years, and the horoscope tells me that, just because this was a classic Mercury Retrograde in Pisces/Neptune in Pisces show. As I just remarked to another reader, Markle referencing The Little Mermaid is pure astrology symbolism. When this transit ends, it will be in about five years’ time – 2026. The Leo eclipses are behind all this, and the original Leo eclipse positions will be opposed in turn by Saturn then Pluto, from 2023. So we’re on the same page.

  31. Hi Jessica ,
    Thank you for this article.
    I feel so at ease now that I am not the only one ( reading the other comments) that has a strange feeling about Meghan. I watched the interview , but half way through I really wanted to stop … I did not , because I wanted to see how her role will end . She mentions in her “story “about little mermaid story ….
    I feel proud that Piers Morgan had the courage to come out to voice his opinion . It did cost him his job … but in the end … he accomplished his goal … regarding itv and bbc audience …
    I do not understand how she can lie about being taken her passport, keys and driving licence , when in February 2019 flies 10k to three continents in 11 days . This happened according to the interview right after Royal Albert Hall when she wanted to take her life but she could not get any help . I wonder if in her travel , could she not have someone to help her – like in New York where she went to meet her close friends for baby shower , if The Firm couldn’t…
    There are so many stories that don’t match up … but hopefully the time will speak its true …I feel sorry for her … and Harry … .
    Best wishes !!!

    1. Thank you. The Little Mermaid is a symbol of Pisces/Neptune and the show was broadcast with Mercury Retrograde in Pisces, and of course Neptune is also in Pisces. This gives us some clues about the future, as Neptune will move out of this zodiac sign in the year 2026. In about five years from now, there will be a tremendous shift between the Prince and his wife, and between the pair, and the world. Yes, I saw the story in The Daily Mail about the facts about the international travel and passport, too.

  32. Hi, Jessica

    Hope you’re well regardless of what you hear and see.

    I found that Meghan used to consult with a psychic and given she is following what Diana was like, I think she has astrologers and psychics closed to them. I guess they can minimize the outcome of their behavior or maximize it. Do you think they really just want to be heard or deliberately trying to destroy the system runs with monarch, for “equality”?

    This, whole thing is about family/marriage that every single person relates to rather than racism (on the surface of it). But most media framed it as racial issues blindly. That is very strange and that force will create white supremacy or divide society, again, especially in USA. Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton are very shallow in thinking. If they really want to unite USA, they need to tackle trump very quickly and has to be one of priority. But they joined this show. It is strange and I can’t help but think there’s something else and Harry and Meghan is used.

    Thank you for your work,

    1. Thank you. Yes, there are some big questions hanging over this. I think that’s why my Twitter count went over one million, when we all began discussing the Winfrey show. Did Meghan consult a psychic? I don’t know about that. This is something else I need to check, if possible. You also have to wonder what the point of the show was. If the pair wanted an apology from the unnamed family member who made the alleged comment about the new baby’s skin colour, presumably they only had to ask Her Majesty to order it. If they wanted money, then surely the Netflix deal is the way, as the couple maintain they were not paid for the CBS program. So many questions.

  33. Dear Jessica, i must say, that I am oretty shocked and very much disgusted by your mean spirited choice to make MM the guilty Monster in this Situation. Here is a woman, who made a fortune with her profession. She happens to fall in love with a true Prince and then not only is forced to end her career and life as she build it. She suddenly becomes also financially dependend on a family, that does not care for her or her offspring. I love the fact, that she decided to not abide these rules. Especially as she is mixed and it is fact: The british monarchy brought nothing but evil to people of color. So good for her abd good for Harry, because he has a few thoughts about the yellow press as well. And so he should! Also: when will we finally talk about the woman trafficking Prince Andrew and his dear Friend Eppstein? I would say, he should be the hot toppic these last years.
    And when speaking of cooncidential dates? Did you know, that Prince William and Kate chose Hilters Weddingdate as their perfect fit? Maybe give this info to your friends from yellow press as well.

    1. Not sure what ‘the yellow press’ happens to be. Let me check. Also unsure about your claim that Prince William and Kate Middleton married on Hitler’s wedding date. How peculiar. Thank you.

  34. Hello Jessica, I am a long time reader of your blog. Thank you so much for all the astrology lessons and predictions – I have been reading avidly!
    Why has it been overlooked by British press, that M.Markle was using and is using a surrogate? It just has been so strange, seeing her on all front pages of newspapers, and she wasn’t pregnant…What is the connection between her, Maxwell and Epstein? Between her and Democrats?
    Thank you.

  35. As an American, I’m really struck by the structual racism of Great Britian it’s in the structures of government (House of Lords) and culture – the classism, the prejudice against those who don’t have the right accent, the right color of skin, it’s in your economy and history. There is very little social or economic mobility in Britian, so far as I can see, and there’s a lot of “people should know their place” including the royal family and the darker people who marry into it. I’m not surprised you all can’t see the racism in Britian, anyone who is brown or black can tell you all about it. Why not read up on it before you assume you’re not a racist? Here’s a link to get you started –

    The “Royal Family” is a royal farce. Everything they have belongs not to them, but to the people. So much of the wealth is built on colonialism from the first Elizabeth to the present Elizabeth. In truth, it belongs to their former colonies more than it belongs to them. But their racism will never allow them to acknowledge that or return the wealth they stole.

    What do you have the Royal Family for but for projections to divert you from your lives? I see the Daily Mail – Meghan has a tab on the top of the page. She’s sport for you all to hate – perhaps it reduces peoples own self-loathing? The press leads and the people follow their narrative. Meghan is this, William is that. Well, William and Charles are the most boring people on the planet and Kate is plain, dull, and boring. William has a degree in geography – what a joke. The attacks on Meghan were largely made up to divert the attention from Willian’s affair and to lower her popularity which was eclipsing plain Kate’s.

    Have you people ever looked at the difference in headlines between Meghan and Kate?

    You people should wake the heck up and drop your monarchy when the Queen passes. It’s pass time for you all to grow up and take charge of yourselves, you don’t need a fake Royal Family – those Germans. You’re quite able to run your country and improve your lives by taking their land and their wealth.

    My ancestors left Wales with William Penn in 1682. I’m very glad they did.

    As you can tell, I’m not just American, I’m very Capricorn. . .

    1. I think it was Joanna Lumley, the British actress and charity patron, who said she would not watch the Winfrey show because it was ‘hateful’ and increased hatefulness between people. And so it has, sadly.

  36. Hi Jessica, I, like others have followed your work for years and seen prediction after prediction come to fruition. I lost count the number of times I quoted your ‘wars of the roses’ statement before and after it was actually written in the press. Who could have believed they would end up like this!

    I have long believed that somthing was off about meghan, & to an extent, Harry. Having had serious run ins with 2 narccissts I often saw disturbing similarities in Meghans behaviour, but was always willing to be wrong. Since they ‘left’ the uk & royal family I’ve been increasingly fed up with their attitudes and disgusted really. Id not planned to watch the interview as Meghan particularly just feels ‘icky’.. energetically. But given the information and headlines still bouncing around I really wanted to be informed first hand before making an opinion. So I just watched it…

    I’m kind of suprised. Meghan for the most part comes across as more genuine than Id expected (the tell tale phrases and moments of fakery are well hidden but still there). The obvious lies of course. But Harry came off as a spoilt brat quite honestly & I wonder if meghans innapropriateness for the role as a royal was largely his fault.

    Anyway, from a psychic/energetic point of view I am getting major strange vibes. This feels like a glamour. A bizarre version of something that not even we could guess at behind the scenes.
    It doesnt add up with any of the previous narratives & I’m now wondering if thats what you alluded to with some of the comments youv made about the bigger picture?
    The whole thing makes me feel strangely sea sick!

    Amazing info… thank you for sharing your insights here as always x

    1. Thank you so much. A number of readers have talked about narcissists and narcissism as a psychological condition. From the psychic point of view, you feel sea sick. You said ‘strangely sea sick’ and some people who are mediumistic or telepathic do have a physical reaction sometimes. The bigger picture is Donald Trump, Jeffrey Epstein, Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew, Ghislaine Maxwell. The media storm has been about the alleged ‘concern’ from an unnamed member of the family about the future baby’s skin colour. Why has the President of the United States and the former First Lady, Hillary Clinton, both made public statements about Meghan? If you go back to the original predictions (Leo Eclipses) you’ll see the story was also about ‘The Special Relationship’ between the USA and UK. I’m going to go back and search that myself, in every prediction from the last few years, because this thing is bigger than Meghan’s investment in oat milk latte.

  37. Hi, Jessica

    I have got more questions.

    In the past post, maybe in 2017, you mentioned that Royal Family will go through restructuring the firm. Also talked about their finance during the cycle of Uranus in Taurus. Do you think it is, directly, because of this? and will that mean the Royal Family loose this struggle (or fight) that Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton joined? I hate to see it, if so.

    Thank you.

    1. The money laundering question – and taxation status – is yet to become public. The entire House of Windsor will be reshaped and restructured, as the problem is always finance, and given this is a much-divorced ‘firm’ it is highly unusual. For as much as Her Majesty is a traditionalist, the divorces (and also the new arrival of wives who will not follow orders) suggest the 21st century monarchy can no longer pretend it’s the 1950’s. There will be a deep change by January 2022. The House of Windsor’s other issue is Epstein-Maxwell and people are asleep. Bill Clinton and Prince Andrew were both part of the Epstein story, and it has become a highly charged, political situation between the United Kingdom and the United States of America. The timing of the Harry, Meghan and Oprah show is worth looking at. Why go to air and create a crisis when Prince Philip is in hospital with a heart condition? Why go to air when Ghislaine Maxwell’s brother is speaking out on her behalf, behind bars?

  38. Incredible Jessica. I did not watch & I just could not watch…It does not make any sense for these people to risk their reputations by looking so small! What did they stand to gain by this interview? Money? Sympathy? or as you suggest possibly something else altogether? WHY is what keeps coming up for me. Being a Californian I cringe that this took place here! Long live the Queen and may she indeed read a 100th birthday message to Prince Phiilip.
    Thanks to all who write and for all your responses. So interesting…

    1. You are in California too – so this is close to home for you. When you ask what they stood to gain by this interview, I think you’ve hit the nail on the head. Oprah Winfrey obviously gained what some media allege is $9 million. Where are the other gains? As with any good mystery or detective story, you ask why.

  39. Dear Jessica
    Having never been a royal watcher, I did watch the interview as I was interested & supportive in them pushing back against racism in the UK press, but like almost all your readers I was horrified by how Meghan & Harry came across, to me, as disingenuous in the extreme with very misleading statements calculated for maximum damage. One thing that then struck me in another reader’s comments was how the dates of their announcements coincided with royal family birthdays etc and I was struck by that level of vindictiveness. I started thinking about the sheer hatred Harry must be carrying to go to that extreme, & then remembered the old rumors that Major James Hewitt is his father, not Charles. I remember searching this topic years ago and nothing came up and thinking the red hair must come from the Spencer side. Now however, when you google Hewitt & Harry a lot of side by side photos come up, mostly posts from the past 6 months, and the resemblance now that he has matured is unmistakeable. Harry is clearly Hewitt’s son, so not from the royal line. I think if he had this recently confirmed that might explain everything, the pain, anger, humiliation and rejection of Charles & William. I wonder whether you could look at Hewitt’s chart with Harry’s and see anything there? I wonder what the fallout will be if this becomes public knowledge – in much the same way as Ronan Farrow’s clearly being Sinatra’s son and not Woody Allen’s has. The fallout would humiliate Charles but also paint him (in my opinion) in a generous & kind light, and Harry’s motives, his pain and desperate separation from the Firm, his accusations against the family, while no doubt engendering understandable sympathy, would also start to look very different in the public’s eyes.

    Thanks for your work on this, I’ve been surprised by how strong my response was following the interview, and as a vehemently liberal and anti-racist Brit living in the US my response is controversial over here, so you and the other readers comments have been so helpful in helping my reaction feel justified.

    1. Yes, the reader who picked up on the timing of media publicity with personal dates, like birthdays, was making an incredible discovery. You’re also the third person this morning to have mentioned the speculation about Prince Harry and his real father. Charles, Prince of Wales took a stand on this with Harry some years ago but obviously questions are still being asked. We don’t have any confirmed AA rated data for the Major so a horoscope can’t be checked. As you say, you are one of the minority of Americans who is critical of the Harry, Meghan and Oprah show. Yet the majority of readers here are with you; they were, and are, strongly against what was broadcast.

  40. Further to my previous post just now ( my theory about this all really being the fallout from Harry finding out his father is not Charles but Major James Hewitt) I feel that it sheds light on the Queens rather distinctive final sentence in her response: “Harry, Meghan and Archie will always be much loved family members.” It reads to me as coded, speaking very directly to Harry, that he may not be related to her, but she still considers him family. It’s so tragic.

  41. Thank you Jessica for this and all the comments here are fantastic. I think the reason for Biden supporting her is because she has already shown significant democratic political capital urging people to vote in 2020. Clearly the US democratic establishment would want this maintained: their trump card . I say with irony ! Meghan has always been political. It seems that this ambition has no boundaries or scruples. She was never going to bow to royal protocol she is incapable of being apolitical. I think that was obvious early on – she spoke out against Trump prior to being married to Harry and was out of the picture on the Trump visit. Not that you can blame her! The royal family seems to be the most fantastic PR opportunity for her. Which makes me wonder about her future in American politics?

    All this said, I see her as a narcissist- there are too many hallmarks of ‘love bombing’ Harry and the isolating him from his family . Although poor Harry is still in thrall of her, this surely will pall. Or he will stay trapped by the alternative firm of Megan’s creation?

    1. The comments are pretty interesting, aren’t they! Another reader has just mentioned Meghan’s political capital as a Democrat supporter. And of course she’s been publicly opposed to Donald Trump. The key to this pair is money. It’s financial issues in a few years, which will decide make or break and Meghan will either line up huge charity work with Prince Harry or take him to the cleaner’s. It’s a classic Taurus conundrum.

  42. Hi Jessica and Fellow Members,
    I said it once and I’ll say it again: DNA test ,DNA test, DNA test – Please!
    Many believe that Harry is Not Charles’ son. At this point, all royal ‘heirs’ should be DNA-tested at birth, and, for those born pre-techonology, they should all be tested now, period. SInce the royal family benefits from public coffers, British law-makers should implement DNA testing into law. Harry’s lifestyle (anyone recall his Las Vegas shenanigans!), education, etc.? The money/inheritance aspects (very Uranus in Taurus) would be done with. We HAVE the techonology!
    Just my commonwealth resident’s two cents.

    1. This is a point of view I’ve not read before. And you are a resident of the Commonwealth, as so many readers are, and so you have a taxpayer’s interest in Prince Harry having a DNA test. I wonder what others think?

  43. Hi Jessica – the article and all the posts are fascinating. One thing that now seems to be playing out and hence the Biden and Clinton comments is that she has been powerful to the democratic establishment, urging people to vote. Her political capital for democrats, is quite clearly significant. Their trump card! In representating the BAME community is powerful politically for her and I sense she will use this at any opportunity. She has always been political, that was clear prior to her marriage to Harry. It was always going to be challenging for her to adopt an apolitical approach. I do wonder if her real ambition is politics – do you see this potential in her chart?

    All this said – she appears narcissistic in the extreme all the hallmarks are there, love bombing, playing the victim and isolating her partner from their family and loved ones. It is sad for Harry and you would hope that he can find a way through this marriage to eventually reunite with his family.

    1. This is really interesting. Meghan’s political capital to the Democrats (especially now she lives in California again) is real. And yes, she was always politically minded, even when very young. Could she enter politics? Yes. She could shock us all by 2026.

  44. I completely agree with Tara, I remember seeing Meghan at an event on the news, and what I seen just made me question her authenticity. I don’t know why but my intuition says that I think growing up she really connected into Diana and she became one of her heroes. She has studies Diana for years and I don’t even believe her meeting Harry and them connecting was fate. Maybe interesting to see what the stars say on the dates they first met etc
    I think she has studied Diana for a long time and I think people will come forward who was in her childhood /life and share that. I do not believe for a second that she knew nothing of Harry or the royals. America has always been crazy for the two boys! I think a part of her does love Harry but he is also a means to an end. I just thinks its a shame, I do feel that the interview has been run like a playbook, ticking off all the hot topics of the day ie mental health etc and a lot of these hot topics people are in a position they cannot be seen to question the authenticty of these stories for fear of blowback but I do feel the full truth will prevail at some point, its just the damage that it creates it the meantime. I am sure these stories will create more fans in one sense as they will see a connection to the couple and buy into what is being sold to them, but I feel they may also lose a lot of longtime fans as well who will be very unsettled with what has gone down. I think with all the suffering and heartache around the world right now, the timing of all of this maybe a welcome distraction to some and an avenue to obsess and use to direct their frustrations, but for me I feel its all been done in bad taste. Everything about it just signals Strategic intention.

    1. I will share this with Tara Buffington. I find it interesting that you don’t think their meeting was fate. You sound like a natural psychic to me. Something I will tell you – every professional medium I know was unaccountably angry at the wedding. Deep rage. It surfaced again during this television show. One medium told me she felt it was Diana, sending a big general message to all the mediums who pick her up. Something was wrong. Passing that on.

  45. I wanted to add to the comments in case it triggered something for you Jessica. I find it fascinating that Meghan has potentially led a weird egotistical coup against the English establishment which if she had read up on history will make not dent long term, the English Royal family is bigger than her. My dad is a Londoner and my granny a poor Londoner through the war with a penny to rub together but they viewed the Queen like a god. Like it not English royalty thousands of years old and the Queen swore an oath to god for life and she apparently felt god/ a higher presence during the coronation at Westminster – this is not celebrity or entertainment. Royalty is very very different to celebrity, although the world knows their names it’s not the same and Meghan says she knows this but she doesn’t. Diana’s butler has been on TV talking about Diana and saying that although she did an tell all emotional interview also it was after 16 years of service to the crown and the people. Meghan has been there for 20ish months! I think Meghan was naive in how she saw the royal family and perhaps wants to do service in ‘name’ only to enhance her brand. I’m so shocked that she threw her in laws under the bus – especially (the future queen!) Kate situation- so silly- doesn’t she want the cousins to be connected and have a relationship? She can’t fight power when Kate will have ultimate power one day as Queen. One thing I want to add here is that I believe race issues/colonisation etc definitely play a part in royal history BUT I feel it is very sad that Meghan had to vilify the family that has welcomed her into it by being explosive and condemning about the issue of Archies skin. As far as I was concerned Meghan was doing far far more for race, integration and modernisation just by being there and being present in her Royal position; sadly she has thrown that away for petty bitching and uniformed power plays. Charles underlined integration and racial diversity and inclusion by getting a beautiful gospel choir for the wedding- why would they not see that as wonderful progress and enrichment.

    Two things though that really interest and confuse me however is Princess Michael of Kent’s tasteless blackamoor brooch that she wore to a Christmas function that Meghan was attending, its a weird image of her driving in with that brooch on and really was in very poor taste and a very insulting choice of brooch – was Princess Michael of Kent deliberately wearing this brooch to insight racial divisions? I also think the timing with Prince Phillip in hospital is a curious issue – he has been quoted as making very racists comments in the past (just Google them) Is the timing of the Oprah interview when he is in hospital some kind of revenge for this? It’s all very weird and murky. I believe Meghans naivety is an issue but also her casual ‘girl next door’ delivery of very toxic facts is really quite strange and disingenuous for me. As I said the issue of race in my opinion was evolving so much more positively through Meghan and Harry being in the royal family. A huge part of me also feels like she had post natal depression and that once the hormones settle in a year or two after these babies – Meghan will possibly regret this bc she wasn’t necessarily thinking clearly…and this is where Oprah comes in. I feel Oprah was a bit of a snake and took advantage of their vulnerability – apparently she hounded Diana for a tell all interview also. I strongly felt too that despite Meghan being semi famous prior to Harry that her ego couldn’t resist that woo-ing of “Oprah”. All that glitters is not gold, they have grasped for the brass ring but the real Crown Jewels are where they left them back in England. Such a sad twist in the tale that this interview ever happened….

    1. I did not know Princess Michael of Kent wore an offensive brooch. That is really interesting. Let me find the photograph! I love my readers, because they are always ahead of the news. I agree with you; the interview is murky. In fact, it went out on Mercury Retrograde, which we call ‘Murky’ Retrograde. I didn’t know Winfrey hounded Diana, Princess of Wales for an interview, either. That is something else I need to research – thank you. I also agree with you; this is desperately sad.

  46. Hi Jessica,
    Thanks to you and all the readers for all these fascinating insights. All this drama with this couple does makes a lot more sense if Harry’s recently confirmed he’s Hewitt’s son. I’m wondering if Ghislaine Maxwell was actually the mutual friend who coordinated the so-called ‘fated’ meeting between Meghan and Harry and if this is one of the many secrets she could be protecting (among all the others)? It would explain why she’s managed to escape justice and perhaps has been protected by both the royal family/firm and the highest levels of US politicians in both the republicans and democrats for so long. Also suspect the end-game purpose for this interview was not only about the oat-milk but also to lay the groundwork for Meghan’s political ambitions: to run for president at a future election with the help of Oprah’s huge influence and platform. This would be loosely following the script of how Oprah helped Obama win the election and another reason why the Democrats would support the interview. Feel this interview was the beginning of the end for this couple though.

    1. The timing is the key. Why hit a man when he is down? (Which is Prince Philip, only today released from three weeks in hospital following heart surgery). This could have run at any time. It would have drawn bigger ratings after the new baby was born. But no, it had to be during Philip’s hospitalisation and within a day or two of Ghislaine Maxwell’s brother claiming her jail conditions are torture. As I’ve just said to another reader: why are top Democrats taking an interest in what is basically a domestic British matter?

  47. Hi Jessica,

    I am concerned for Harry and Meghan, and the repercussions of this interview. It is all very strange and bizarre, the timing and the connection to Prince Andrew and Epstein… a part of me wonders if they are deliberately keeping the media on themselves to keep it off the royals and especially Andrew… in the interview, Meghan said that she said to the establishment … use me as you need to…. that’s an odd thing to say…. or they could be scapegoats in the whole thing…. I wonder if we will ever know the truth.

    1. And now another Democrat has supported Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. Michelle Obama has weighed in. PM Boris Johnson is continuing to refuse to comment but the US President certainly has. The only substantial connection between the White House Democrats (former and current) and the British Royal Family is Prince Andrew, Bill Clinton, Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell. That’s it. Will we ever know the truth? No, because of those Leo eclipses.

  48. Hello, Jessica

    Thank you for your replies and I really hope you have rest and refresh your mind after tackling most of these comments. I also want to thank you that I have a place to say what I felt with this disgraceful tell-all interview.
    I watched Michelle Obama’s interview and I felt relief as she focused on “family” rather than political issues. She said that she felt loneliness while she was in WH but she maintained to push back spotlights as she was there to serve to public, while the interviewer were obviously trying to lead the conversation towards political issues. As you said some where in the comments, it looks like it will vanish very quickly.
    Now that racism against Asian people are on rise, again, in USA not by just Caucasian but also African and Hispanic. I’m surprised that it is happening even in NYC. and I call it the RACISM that needs to be addressed.

    Thank you.

    1. I’ve had some vile comments on Twitter and also on this website, but it’s water off a duck’s back, as my family say. I refuse to be shut down in a conversation about Winfrey and the House of Windsor, particularly as I have been filing predictions about the Royal Family for years. You all want to know – and discuss more – and I am really happy to continue the discussion, as we have 100 comments now. I agree with you. The racism out there needs to be addressed. In New York, in Hobart (where I am) and everywhere. I still question why these top Democrats – Michelle Obama, Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton – have felt motivated to make public statements about what should be a private, domestic, British matter. We all have the right to question!

  49. Thanks so much for the reply Jessica – incredibly insightful, as was the update. It was very interesting to read about Diana’s spirit – I was a contemporary of hers in London (my friend’s daughter was pictured with her in that now infamous shot of Diana as a kindergarten teacher) – I remember we were all horrified at Charles “whatever love is” comment when it first aired in the engagement announcement but their relationship was very complex and I believe she would be horrified at Harry’s current position.

    I was very interested in everyone’s comments, particularly by ‘Moonface’ about Meghan’s announcement timings. We’ve noticed it also. She is almost setting up an alternate competing Royal household (and yes … future American President/Vice-President tilt). The Commonwealth Day interview timing was a particular swipe as Commonwealth Day was the last public event at Westminster Abbey where H & M were not allowed to walk with the Queen’s procession and William and Catherine opted to go in early in sit with them to make them more comfortable. The facial expressions spoke volumes.

    On the Wallis Simpson issue, my Mum also called it. From when Meghan first appeared on the scene my Mum (15 December 1936) has said that every time she looks at her she sees Wallis.

    TRUTH also seems to be a strong trigger here. As someone already mentioned there seem to have been a number of very sensitive issues such as racism. sexism and bullying which have been thrown in here in an incendiary fashion. We are at a time where truths are being revealed almost daily about individuals, institutions, governments who have endorsed or covered up appalling behaviour and there are so many genuine and horrible issues coming to light. There is a difference though between The Truth and My/Your Truth which seems to be a very popular Oprah psycho-babble term. Once someone’s version of truth is out there, especially if it relates to a sensitive issue, it becomes very hard to take an opposing public view. I think Truth and Justice and how they are perceived and presented are key to this.

    I also think Buckingham Palace were very wise in announcing a law firm was being employed to investigate the Meghan bullying claims.
    Thanks again Jessica

    1. You were a contemporary of Diana, Princess of Wales, which gives you a unique insight. I know that kindergarten in Pimlico, as I used to stay a few streets away, whenever I visited London. Debbie Frank and Penny Thornton obviously knew Diana best as she confided in them, of course. So you’ve also noticed the timing of Harry and Meghan’s choices! Incredible, isn’t it? Your mother came into the world when Mrs. Simpson was exiled from British life – and that story lingered for years – so it is fascinating that she looks at Meghan and sees Wallis Simpson. Those of us in the United Kingdom and also in the Commonwealth have a shared stake in the House of Windsor on every level, don’t we? Financial, psychological, spiritual, emotional, legal. That is why we should question what is presented with no evidence. My grandfather was awarded the OBE by Her Majesty the Queen and I am currently feeling the emotional side of this discussion. I feel terribly sad about the Duke of Edinburgh in particular, and that he should be put at risk like this during his longest ever stay in hospital.

  50. Many Americans are Fans of the Royal family! Interesting to also note that Harry says his father never took him on back of a bike… yet we have pictures as mentioned above of Harry with Charles. BUT if Harry was Hewitt’s son, there aren’t pictures of that bike ride. Hmmmm

    1. I saw the article in The Daily Mail, which had obviously been meticulously researched, and the challenges to the statements made by Meghan and Harry about bicycle rides and passports. Small but important details. The photographs tell us the story, don’t they.

    1. Ghislaine Maxwell is part of a great mystery, isn’t she? Those Leo eclipses will keep some of it from us, forever. Eclipses are always a cover-up, as you know, and Leo rules the royal family. It is also Bill Clinton’s Sun sign.

  51. Just a quick comment on Princess Michael’s broach. Lurid press accounts of the time, stated that she wore a figure of a blackamoor with ill intent. It was far more likely to have been one of the magi, considering that she was off to a Christmas event. Many middle European Christmas traditions often incorporate the magi.

    It’s often too easy to assume the worst.

    1. I think you just won the Comments for today. Yes, that was quite possibly Balthazar, one of the Magi. The three wise men, who were astrologers. Thank you so much. She did make a public apology at the time – let me check to see if she mentioned the Magi.

  52. Hi Jessica,
    I have been thinking about Meghans motivation for this interview.
    On the surface, at first glance I thought the motivation for this interview was about revenge on the Royal Family for her perceived mistreatment.
    However having witnessed the endless stream of Democrats that have come out in support of Meghan I am beginning to realise this was the first step in a political career.
    I’m not sure Harry knows this but Meghan will run for office within the next 10 years.
    That’s her goal and I think Oprah and her Democrat friends engineered the interview to raise her profile.
    There’s only one problem, she needs to ditch the the Duchess title because she will not win an election with it. It would be better if she “made” the Queen take the title away rather than relinquishing it. She needs to show the American public that she and maybe Harry are no longer Royal full stop. She and her democrat friends know that America fought a war of independence with the British and the American public will not elect a member of the royal family to office, hence the attack on the Royal Family that has enraged the British people, perhaps forcing the Queens hand, and showing the American public that she is not one of “them” but instead a victim of them. I think the Queen has seen the likes of Meghan before and is a shrewd person and therefore unlikely to play into her hands just yet.
    I agree with Tara there has always been something not quite right with Meghans persona. I think this was always her plan so she was playing the Duchess role but at the same time had her true ambition in her mind, thus creating the conflict that Tara and I (and many others) were picking up on.

    Do you think Meghan will run for office in USA in the future?


    1. Thanks Julie. Meghan is a Democrat asset; true. This may have more than one application, though, and not necessarily in running for office. She will lose her title, which I think is a pretty old prediction on this website. Tara Buffington is an excellent psychic who predicted the Capitol mob attack risk. She feels something is wrong with Meghan’s persona. You agree, which is interesting, as you are seeing this intuitively even though you are not a professional Tarot reader. Tara believes Harry is in danger. I also agree.

  53. Good afternoon Jessica

    I am so pleased your site hasn’t been shut down……………………………….this stuff is fascinating.

    Just a quick note on protocol – which we rather like here in the UK. I have just attended a family funeral where formal procedures are automatically observed in relation to entry and seating arrangements ie bereaved family members first followed by extended family, close friends and then neighbours. Protocols are a matter of courtesy and respect more than anything else and apply equally to weddings and christenings as well as other Church ceremonies.

    Anyway I noticed that, at last year’s Commonwealth Commemorations, the Palace arranged for the Cambridges and the Sussexes to enter together. As the more senior members of the family, the Cambridge car drew up first and William and Kate emerged. However as they were about to climb the steps, the Sussex car drew up but, instead of giving way, both Harry and Meghan rushed up the stairs, greeted the Church officials and started down the aisle.

    Sensibly, William and Kate waited with the officials until Harry and Meghan were seated before processing down the aisle themselves and taking their seats. Cheeky chappie Harry’s rudeness and breach of protocol at an official Royal event hadn’t gone unnoticed though as both William and Kate just blanked him. Well Harry wanted to ‘put his brother’s nose out of joint’ and got what he deserved in my book. Whether Meghan knew or cared is anyone’s guess but her blazing smile after her husband’s childish behaviour must have grated.

    Keep up the good work Jessica and do take care.

    1. This is another interesting comment on the Commonwealth Commemorations. I’ll have to look at this again on YouTube. Years ago, when I was looking at the Leo eclipses, it became evident that the War of the Roses chart was chiming with the charts of Harry and William. It was really on that level, but without bloodshed. What has just come to pass is deadly with its risks, though. A vulnerable older duke recovering from heart surgery is made to endure an attack on his family, from his own grandson, in front of an audience of millions. That, to me, is war without the clash of swords, but war, nevertheless. As I think I’ve said elsewhere; if the Winfrey show had to be broadcast at all, it makes no sense that it go out now; surely the first viewing of the new baby would have delivered a greater advertising dollar spend? Here is a link to a prediction I made about the royal finances (which is what this is all about) at The Conscious Cafe months ago – look to the final few minutes, if you are curious

  54. I am no fan of the royal family and do believe they treated Diana appallingly. The British press too can be quite awful however, Meghan Markle’s blatant manipulation for money, fame and power on this scale is unlike anything I have seen in a while.
    As someone who works in the entertainment industry, I have heard how Meghan Markle had her eye on Harry for a while. She would stake out at Soho House London till she ran into him…even made her way into the exact same charitable causes her worked on in the same geographical areas..and later pretended to have never heard of the royal family. Right after their first date, she returned her engagement ring to the then husband, by Fedex!

    I read most of the comments here, but couldn’t find the answer so I have to ask- will Harry ever have an eye opening moment? Do you see them together for the long haul?

    1. That is quite a lot of information about Meghan Markle I’ve not seen anywhere else. I have no idea if it’s true so will check. I know Soho House quite well. You are wondering if the marriage will last – I guess this is relevant to us as taxpayers, who fund the House of Windsor. Tourism revenue is one of the ways ‘The Firm’ stays firm, and as the pair seem determined to smear that firm, it will affect tourist income within the United Kingdom and particularly from the regions into London. So yes, we have a right to enquire. The year 2026 is the crossroads for these two and for Harry in particular, with the marriage or whatever partnership it has become by then. Harry will indeed feel that he has emerged from a dream, or woken up from a trance. Something nobody ever talks about in relation to him, is Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder following his time in the forces. I feel very sorry for him.

  55. Hi Jessica
    I share the same view as many other readers on this column. I couldn’t watch the interview. It is sickening.

    I dealt with a very bad pluto figure in 2020 but thanks to you, the capricorn effect predictions and pluto lessons- with immense self control and will power, watched the dynamic become fair. This person screwed up and other people came to deal with her. Now I am seeing so much of pluto been played by meghan and Harry is looking neptunian. As a student of life have to say this is not looking good and the road ahead is definitely not smooth. I think more than anything ego got the best of both of them. Meghan is a Leo and don’t get me wrong as I know you are too. But personally I have watched many Leo’s play very bad ego card obviously giving it some other colour. Also meghan’s relationship patterns say a lot about her. No doubt she has a victim mentality even when she is not the victim! If only she could tap into her subconscious mind she would know it is her more than 70% of the time who has upset the cart. She definitely didn’t want a quite life. If she did she would have played by the rules and also had a royal life. Feel sorry for Harry, William and Kate.

    1. Thank you. It’s amazing how many people have not watched the Winfrey show. They have chosen to read the statements in print. Thank you for your kind comments on the astrology Capricorn Effect predictions. The two astrological charts for Harry and Meghan show his enormous burden as he was never really trained to shoulder media, business, charity, fatherhood, marriage – and royal responsibility. His wife has pulled him into Hollywood and that was just not in army training, was it? Harry needs help. I really hope he gets it.

  56. Hello, brilliant Jessica!

    Sorry to be posting again so soon, but I was just looking at Meghan’s natal chart and was wondering about some aspects. I understand that the quincunx can be quite difficult and “oppressive” and I noticed that Meghan has two powerful planets Pluto (21 Libra) and Neptune (22 Sagittarius) pressing on her Chiron at 22 Taurus – I was wondering, do these aspects make it more likely that the person will feel wounded by “delusions” or “paranoia”? It seemed to me that the Royal Family went to great lengths to welcome Meghan (the glorious wedding; special tours representing the Queen, etc.). I also can’t believe Meghan had no help with her mental health in this day and age (Diana’s era would have been very different) – yet Meghan sees only rejection and being ill-treated by almost everyone!

    As you explained that her Chiron connects directly to Harry’s Moon, do these aspects affect him, too? Perhaps creating a feeling of “It is us against the world” or something?

    All so fascinating! Thank you again for your excellent insights!

    Lots of love, light and blessings to you,


    1. Thanks Angelina. It’s a really interesting astrology chart. We have to really look at it in isolation (when she was the divorced, single actress Meghan Markle) and then later, when she becomes the Duchess of Sussex, on her second marriage, and a new mother. Astrology does not show delusions or paranoia. In general, her chart, when combined with Harry’s, is about money and property – right now. It is also about the exhaustion of having so many projects, plans, commitments and responsibilities that it is hard to do more than just blindly move towards the goal. I imagine the goal is Hollywood and other real estate on a grand scale. I have some concerns about general health and wellbeing, as an astrologer, and if these two were your clients you would be talking to them about shedding and delegating at least 50% of what they are taking on board, as the mind, body and spirit can only keep going for so long, before there is an issue. In general, there is a ton of Taurus across these two charts, and that always makes you wonder – is it worth it? Is the rich and impressive destination worth it, if the struggle to get there makes the journey so difficult? There are tremendous questions about values with Meghan and Harry. I wonder if Harry will not lay down their titles voluntarily, actually, beating the Palace to it. The workload of being Duke and Duchess of Sussex when you live in Los Angeles, and all that. Let’s see.

  57. I used to think Prince Harry might be James Hewitt’s son. But only for a brief moment. Prince William has inherited his mother’s eyes. Prince Harry has clearly inherited Prince Charles’ close-set eyes who got it form his father, Prince Phillip. If it was the other way around, I think it would give this Hewitt story more legs. Also, both Princes have inherited their father’s unfortunate family trait of balding in the same familiar pattern, just like Prince Philip. Harry get’s his colouring from the Spencer side of the family. I think it’s obvious Prince Harry is Charles’ son, although that opinion might not be popular. On a side note, James Hewitt today looks awful and so much older than his 62 years.

    There is a deeply riveting video on youtube of Meghan and Harry’s Oprah interview in which some of the world’s leading body language expert’s analyse them both. I think it’s right on the money – and money being intended, Jessica, now you pointed it out! The link is here, if you will allow it:

    I was neutral about Meghan (even supportive at times) before but after the Oprah interview, the woman just set’s my defences on edge. It’s been noted that she has narcissistic tendencies (one of the body language experts actually calls her out on this!) and those dates someone else gave above are very interesting and very much the modus operandi of a narcissist, who just love to take attention away from others.

    I always liked Harry, actually. I don’t think he has ever shown narcissistic tendencies prior to meeting Meghan so i’ll give him the benefit of the doubt. I do think he can be wreckless at times and perhaps he has allowed himself to been consumed by Meghan’s Plutonic energy? Hopefully, he will wake up in time. However, he does have to take some responsability in all this. And now he has children with her (I’m sure they will be used as pawns in all of this in years to come), he will never be fully shot of Markle’s controlling tentacles, so to speak. I think with all this Neptune in the mix right now, we, they, everyone, including our politicians, are being affected. Everyone has a personal opinion in the world right now. Might it be a way of making sense of the Neptunian deluge that keeps changing the landscape? In a few years time, all this will die down to a greater extent, perhaps?

    Great little site by the way!

    1. I don’t think anyone would deny an actress becomes an actress, because she wants the spotlight. You must want attention on some level, or you would pursue another career. If you add a marriage into the House of Windsor to that (the most scrutinised career in Britain) then that’s really pressing the point home about who Meghan is. You are right about Neptune. The Neptune transits until 2026 are basically what this entire saga is all about. As I just mentioned to another reader, Neptune rules distortion. There is a lot of noise. It really helps to come back to the historic facts. What we absolutely know to be true. Thomas Markle has not held his grandson. The Winfrey show was broadcast when the Duke of Edinburgh was in the greatest health crisis of his long life – for a heart condition. Facts are really useful with Neptune!

  58. Dear Jessica,

    Thank you for your reply and insights – so interesting that it is all tied up with money and property for them, at least at the moment. I kept getting the words “emotional blackmail” regarding the interview, but now wonder if it might be even more literal than that! I wonder what will happen if their investments (Clevr, etc.) and property ventures don’t work out? The financial independence they claimed to want could prove more difficult than they thought! I intuitively feel that if the money runs out they could become more dangerous, as selling salacious revelations and more damaging “recollections” could be the most lucrative path offered to them…

    So fascinating that you feel Harry may offer to give up their titles – here in the UK, there are a lot of calls for the Queen to strip the Sussexes of their titles, but I can’t see her doing that at the moment, as it could make the Royals look heartless and unfeeling, especially abroad.

    On the other hand, I can’t see Meghan being too pleased at not being a Duchess, especially as she seems very keen that Archie should have a title (though he wouldn’t be automatically eligible until Prince Charles is King)!

    Frankly, it is all such a shame, especially given how close William and Harry once were – interesting and not too surprising that Diana is furious! Even after William married Kate, Harry was close to both of them. (Do you remember the lovely news clip of the trio visiting a Harry Potter attraction when Kate was pregnant and them all larking about with laser “wands”? So happy and relaxed together…) The War of the Roses prediction is spot-on and seems set to get worse given that Gayle King has leaked details of private conversation between the princes to the world – how can they discuss tricky matters if they don’t respect their own privacy?

    Good to know that you feel the Royal Family will be OK in the long run, but it is a sad business….

    Thanks again. Lots of love, light and blessings to you – keep up the superb work!


    1. Thank you Angelina. I am sure that Prince Harry would feel physically and mentally better if the load was reduced. If the load associated with being the Duke of Sussex, in absentia, turns out to be too demanding by 2022, he may well volunteer to give up the role – as you say, it’s a sad business. It must be exhausting for Harry to marry, then carry. Funny how it all rhymes, isn’t it!

  59. Hi Jessica, I have been following the comments keenly, as like so many, having firstly, been enthralled by the legacy of Diana and full of respect for her, and then the gut feel that something is not as it seems with Meghan. I have seen coming up repeatedly, that Meghan had been married twice before Harry, the first being ended by annulment. Of course I cant verify that, but there is certainly a lot of chatter about it. (would be interesting to see a palm reading of Meghan by an expert). And re Harry, my feel is that all his decisions are influenced by the loss of his mother. My own mother, who lost her mother as a young child, never recovered from it and was torn by the anguish until her death in her 80’s. I wonder how Harrys chart shows his mother. Thankyou V

    1. Oh really? There’s information that Meghan was married twice before marrying Harry, not just once? There is a part of me that thinks, the smart thing to do in this new life within the House of Windsor would have been to take a low profile and bypass so much discussion about what should be a private life, online. We are fortunate to have two charts for Diana, showing the two different times she gave – and Penny Thornton and Debbie Frank have both successfully worked with these two angles on the same person, since she was their client. We also have an accurate, timed chart for Prince Harry. There is a great deal of Neptune in the Meghan and Harry story. Neptune distorts the picture. There is also a lot of noise. That is also distortion. What really helps in such situations is to forget everything else except absolute, historic facts. The Winfrey show was broadcast with a racist accusation against the House of Windsor, when the Duke of Edinburgh, in the final years of his life, was admitted to hospital for heart surgery with William in attendance and Her Majesty the Queen in crisis. Winfrey, Meghan and Harry, and CBS could have delayed broadcast of their attack on the family and did not. Everything else is a story. There is a story being played out that Meghan copies Diana, from wardrobe to life story (the suicide attempt and rejection by the palace, the charity work, the outfits) to ensure Harry’s love. There is another story that the Winfrey show was really about Meghan’s investment in Clevr. We tend to get a lot of stories with Neptune. The real facts are staring everybody in the face. We can thank the Leo eclipses for that. The truth is often in plain sight during eclipses and the sign tells you the story. We had our first eclipse with a Full Moon opposite the Sun in Leo (which rules the royal family) on August 7th and a New Moon eclipse on August 21st in the year 2017. Also have a look at the Leo eclipse Full Moon on January 31st 2018 and especially the July 27th and August 11th eclipses, again across the Leo axis of the world horoscope, that year. I know that you and other readers have eagle eyes so I will leave it to you to look. One thing I will say about eclipses: the truth is hidden in plain sight at the time but nobody sees it. Diana married Charles on an eclipse. The truth was Camilla, who was filmed and photographed, looking at Diana, on her wedding. She was hidden in plain sight and 99% of people were completely deceived. It took the Andrew Morton unofficial ghostwritten autobiography of Diana, for the world to wake up. Over to you.

  60. Very interesting comments here.
    The word is that Buckingham Palace is requesting that Harry and Meghan ‘voluntarily’ give up the titles of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. However, they are approaching this extremely carefully.
    Interestingly, the last noted public appearance of Bill Clinton and Ghislaine Maxwell was at a dinner in 2014. Steve Bing was at that dinner and has since suicided. This whole thing is very murky indeed. I know for sure we will never find out what happened the night Epstein died; and I doubt we will find out much more either. But it’s certainly a bizarre situation: where Joe Public knows very clearly that Epstein didn’t commit suicide, yet we will also never have answers. Just a glimpse into the machinations of the unimaginably wealthy and powerful.
    That Harry and Meghan are eliciting ‘sympathy’ across the globe is another matter entirely – what is the world coming to when we seemingly have lost sympathy for people who need food banks but can muster up Twitter outrage for this pair?

    1. I did not know that Steve Bing was reported to have taken his life, or that he was at dinner with Bill Clinton and Ghislaine Maxwell in their last public appearance. I might have a look at that and update the Leo eclipse predictions which were made years ago. There is some sympathy for Harry and Meghan (I lost 100 Twitter followers and had some malicious comments when I dared to question the Winfrey endorsement of Meghan’s investment). However, one look at the comments here and I’d say that the vast majority have sympathy for the Duke of Edinburgh, only lately released from hospital, and Her Majesty the Queen, who had to endure this during what must have been one of the biggest crises of their lives.

  61. I just re-read your Leo 2017-2019 post. Unlike other posters here, I don’t believe for a second that James Hewitt is Harry’s father. He actually looks nothing like James Hewitt, apart from his (Spencer) colouring, and looks much more like Charles than William does. William looks like Diana. James Hewitt has wide apart brown eyes and a weak chin, nothing like Harry at all.
    HOWEVER, Harry’s actions could be explained, in part, by a belief that Diana’s death was not an accident. And there is certainly some substance for this assertion. This (and obviously Diana’s inheritance, used by Harry to leave) would fit the Saros cycle prediction. If Harry did discuss his theories about Diana’s death with Oprah, that would certainly prompt MI5 and MI6 involvement. Harry’s speech in which he said, ‘If anybody else knew what I knew, be it a father or husband, you would probably do what I’m doing as well’ certainly raised my eyebrows and I’m sure it raised other eyebrows. It really did not sound as though he was just talking about media intrusion.
    Whatever actually occurred, Harry suggesting on international TV that her death was a murder would be a crisis of absolutely epic proportions. But I still can’t understand how Harry can say that he respects his grandmother in the same interview in which he attacks everything she has spent a lifetime building.
    The astrology has always said that Charles will never be king. It also says that George will ascend at a very early age. The rest we may never find out.

    1. You are the first person to raise the question of Diana’s passing in Paris and the ongoing questions about the car crash. It’s the elephant in the room, isn’t it? (Or the elephant in that garden). The suggestion that we are going to see more from the Winfrey show of course makes millions wonder if the next episode will cover Diana, Princess of Wales and the tragedy in France. And of course – Prince Andrew. Quite honestly, those scripts for The Crown write themselves, don’t they? Then again, Shakespeare also wrote about monarchs. It remains to be seen what is in the unreleased footage and if, in fact, we will ever see it. That is the really interesting part. The Special Relationship between the United States and the United Kingdom has been sacred since D-Day and it is astonishing to think it could ever have been endangered, but one look at the world map and you know exactly who wants that partnership to fail.

  62. Hi Jessica

    As a point of interest, your readers might like to know that Debretts is the place to go for information about peerages. See:

    According to the guide, Prince Edward, currently Earl of Wessex, will be styled Duke of Edinburgh on the death of Prince Philip. Dukedoms are hereditary and I can’t see the Duke and Duchess of Sussex being stripped of theirs.

    At present the couple are though still Royal Highnesses but have agreed not to use this designation. I suspect they will however eventually secede from the succession and lose the right to use the official titles of Prince and Princess Harry (just as the Duke and Duchess of Windsor lost the right to use the official titles of King and Queen). All it really means is a loss of precedence at official functions – and no one will be required to curtsey to them. The Dukedom of Sussex will simply become the 25th in a long list of non royal dukedoms in the UK. Archie is currently the Earl of Dunbarton but will eventually inherit the dukedom, just as the Earl of Wessex will inherit a dukedom. Archie’s sister will be known as Lady………..Mountbatten Windsor.

    I so appreciate your commonsense approach to all the gossip and speculation. It is as well to spell out the facts as we know them.

    Take care and keep safe


    PS. At present Meghan is ‘The Duchess of Sussex’. After divorce or widowhood she will be styled ‘Meghan, Duchess of Sussex’ to distinguish her from a second wife of Harry or a wife of Archie.

    1. Good old Debretts. Thank you for this information, Liz. I am wondering if the House of Windsor might not update its policy on the business and charity side of the firm. This is quite unprecedented – for a couple to create a kind of branding or trademark using their title – if those reports are correct. There was an historic hit on the Taurus/Scorpio (business and property) angles on both the charts of Charles, Prince of Wales and Her Majesty the Queen at Christmas. It is possible that we might see new rules, or even laws, come to pass, which prevent another undignified scenario like this coming to pass in future. Let’s see.

  63. Hi again Jessica!

    I thought I would share a few more things I have come across.

    Firstly, a video from 2018 – Diana’s psychic saying that Diana did not approve of Harry marrying Meghan:

    And a more recent and very interesting reading:

    There have been a number of comments on Oprah so I thought I would share a great comment I saw elsewhere:

    “Oprah is worth 3.2 billion dollars but lectures us on income inequality, gives marriage guidance yet isn’t married, gives parental advice yet has no children, has no experience in politics yet tells you who you should vote for, gives weight loss advice yet cannot lose weight herself. Why listen to Oprah?”

    I have no idea whether the above statements are correct since….. I don’t listen to her!

    Best wishes Jessica!

    1. We now have a 130-way conversation about the Winfrey show, from all over the world. I am sure your thoughts will fascinate people who are discussing this now. I’ve not seen Diana’s psychic on YouTube but will check that now. I’ve spoken to both Rita Rogers and Sylvie Simmons, who read for Diana, on the phone in the past and found them so intriguing – and accurate – on other matters. The comments on Oprah Winfrey I’ve not seen before. Yes, I bought the weight loss book. No, I didn’t lose weight either! (Swimming did it, in the end…) Thanks so much.

  64. Jessica,

    I was thinking that true is looking at us in face and we don’t see it… My intuition is telling me that we need to look into question who really introduced Megan to Harry???? Is it Andrew??? Is that possible??? Can astrology reveal that Megan and Harry are not alone and that there is another man in this relationship because according to news Andrew was connected to young girls??? Is one of the young girls Megan??? Was she escort??? Was she that way introduced to young Harry….
    That will be elephant in the room….
    Can you look into that option…

    1. A lot of my readers are natural psychics, even though they are not professional psychics, and perhaps you are tapping into your intuition. Only time will tell. Unfortunately astrology can’t answer those questions that you ask, but if you pay tax to fund the House of Windsor, in particular, you are completely entitled to ask them. That’s all I can really say. But thank you for your comment.

  65. I watched the interview twice, it was very one sided, it did not cover the unhappiness Megan must have suffered from her own family, her father and her half siblings. Her half sister wrote a book , ‘ pushy princess’, and her father sold pictures of himself to a newspaper for money. I understand that M & H, don’t have any contact with Megan ‘s father or her siblings. M & H have cut ties with Megan’s side of the family, probably because they are poor. Yet they focused on the Royal Family for lots of things. So it is unfair that Winfrey did not ask about Megan’s side of the family and the heart ache they must have caused to M&H. Why focus only on the Royal Family and not Megan’s family, they probably caused her more heart ache then the Royals?
    This is not about taking sides, it is a Family issue and should be solved within the family?
    It was Prince Charles who walked Megan to the asile on their wedding day not her father. How can she be ungrateful and forget the kindness shown to her by Prince Charles. For M &H it is all about money, status and power, otherwise they would treat Megan’s side of the family with some support/kindness.
    By the way a vedic astrologer predicted that Harry is going through ‘astrological period ‘, where at the moment he is not able to see things with clarity until 2025. He may change after 2025, as you have mentioned in you article.

    1. Thank you so much for your thoughts on this, having seen the interview twice. I have seen quite a few people repeating what you say – why has a family matter, not been solved within the family? And of course the questions were very much about the House of Windsor, who cannot answer back, and not about the Markle family, who have written books (even). That seems like an odd imbalance. How interesting that the Vedic astrologer also mentions 2025. I would go a little later as you know, to 2026.

  66. Hi Jessica, I’ve been sitting here reading all the comments and your responses. I am surprised yet happy to see I am not the only one to have and instant and almost visceral dislike towards Megan from the very moment I saw her. I’m talking pre royal engagement. I wouldn’t watch Suits. I have actually had arguments with friends and family as they didn’t understand why I just couldn’t like her. I tried to see her as others did, a great hope and a barrier breaker, but all I saw was lies. She is a very pretty woman. But I just see ugliness inside.

    1. This has drawn a bigger discussion than most events in the last 12 months, and I can see 136 comments and 7 in the queue. Thank you for your thoughts. I guess the reality for Meghan is that if you receive taxpayers’ money because of your role in the House of Windsor, at a certain point you become an employee of the people. You do work for them. And even if you resign, if people feel they are owed, they are not going to let you off lightly. Beyond that, there is plain human instinct, intuition, psychic insight – call it what you like. Every medium I know felt irrational anger at the wedding. This went beyond the absence of the bride’s father. There seems to have been, as you say, a ‘visceral’ response.

  67. Hello Jessica

    Prince Phillip has died today and I’m in tears. Don’t know why it’s affected me so much. The first thing I thought of was your comment that people would remember the interview being aired whilst the Prince was in hospital seriously ill. I thought then that you probably knew he was going to pass soon. I was hoping he’d make it to 100 but it wasn’t to be.

    May he RIP and I wonder how his grandson, Harry feels now?

    1. Yes, I also found myself in tears, just before I had to host a live event on YouTube, and a Zoom. I think a lot of people had that automatic reaction, didn’t they. It is the end of an era. So many people wanted him to pass the 100th birthday mark but so sadly for Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth, that didn’t come to pass. I’m not changing anything about this feature. I stand by what I wrote then. Many of you agreed. We will never know how the Duke was affected by the Winfrey show, in the last weeks of his life, but history will record that nobody saw fit to pull it. We have to judge facts in the end, not words – CBS.

  68. Hi Jessica
    I am very sad to hear the death of Prince Phillip. I admire Prince Phillip’s commitment, devotion, and duty to the Queen and the Country for such a very long time. RIP Prince Philip.
    Now I think about Harry and Megan’s interview with Winfrey, was wrong, particularly as Prince Philip was in hospital. You and Piers Morgan were right, the interview should have been phosponed for a later date. Life is not always about money and I have lost some respect for Winfrey.
    Hope that the Queen continues her reign with the help from the rest of the Royal Family.

    1. Thank you so much. I think people are surprised by how deeply moved and saddened they have been by his loss. It’s not personal, because most of us never met him, and it’s not unexpected, because of his advanced age, but his passing has really affected so many readers and people on Twitter. “Life is not always about money” as you say. I completely agree with you. And let’s hope that Her Majesty can find the strength to continue, even though she must have feared this was coming too.

  69. Hello Jessica,
    I have been following this with interest and there is a lot I could say on the subject, which has obviously gripped the majority of your followers too. However, things have moved on, all too sadly. I was in tears yesterday too. What a man, what a life ! Valiant to the end.
    My comment is just to thank you for your ongoing astrological reports on the Royal family and to say how touched I was by your tweet to Piers Morgan about where we could send well wishes to the Duke during his hospital stay.
    Your thoughtfulness reminded us of who & what is really important. It stands out for me, along with all the tributes since his passing, the gracious, kind words of Barack Obama and London cabs lining the Mall out of respect.
    The Duke of Edinburgh will be fondly remembered and sadly missed.
    Best Wishes to you,

    1. Thank you so much, Caroline. Working as a psychic means you never really switch off, and when the Winfrey show went to air, my instinct was for the Duke of Edinburgh in hospital. I think that was the same for Piers Morgan and so many other media, even though they do not work in this field. I saw the footage of the black cabs lined up, in respect, almost to the gates of Buckingham Palace and that more than anything, has moved so many people. It was unexpected and it spoke volumes.

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