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Sex, Australia and Astrology 2021

A Full Moon set to trigger three Australian astrology charts on Tuesday 27th April 2021 brings D-Day for questions about sex, Australia and astrology in 2021. Christian Porter, the Chanel Contos petition, Grace Tame and Brittany Higgins have put rape on the front page. A revolution is coming.

Scorpio, Sex, Business and Death

In March 2021 Australia exploded with denied historic rape allegations by the Attorney-General, Christian Porter, following a reported suicide by the woman who claimed he had raped her.

PM Scott Morrison temporarily replaced Christian Porter with Michaelia Cash.

Grace Tame, Brittany Higgins and Chanel Contos

The Australian of the Year, Grace Tame, who had survived attacks by a paedophile teacher, was also front-page in March 2021, along with an alleged rape survivor at the very heart of the PM Scott Morrison government in Canberra – Brittany Higgins.

In the same month, March 2021,  Australian Chanel Contos went front-page with her petition to have education on sexual consent taught in schools. Anonymous female students from some of Australia’s most expensive private schools put their accounts of rape and sexual assault survival online.

As an astrologer you have to stop and wonder – ‘What is going on?’ As it turns out, the astrology charts for the nation tell us. And this is going to be a revolution.

What’s Historic About March 2021 

The line-up in March 2021 has never happened before in Australian history, since settlement. What March has delivered is Pluto at 26 Capricorn, exactly sextile Proserpina at 26 Scorpio, in one of the astrology charts for Australia, set for 1st January 1901 (Federation).

The last time we saw that was 1777-1778 so about ten years before Australia was even settled in 1788. Pluto is a symbol of powerful men. Capricorn rules the top of politics. Proserpina, ironically, was Pluto’s captive. She became his bride. Scorpio, of course, rules sexuality.

What is really rare about March 2021, in addition, is Uranus at 7 Taurus, right opposite the Scorpio patterns in two other charts, within one degree.

We’ve not seen Uranus at 7 Taurus since May, June, October, November 1936. March, April 1937. Rare.

The Full Moon of Tuesday 27th April 2021

As an astrologer, you go looking for Scorpio in the Australian astrology chart at such times, as Scorpio has always ruled sex, business and death.

We find Scorpio patterns in three of the many Australian astrology charts, erupting in March 2021 and set to trigger a revolution in Australian politics, law and education on a very specific date. The Full Moon of Tuesday 27th April 2021.

The Modern Textbook of Astrology by Margaret E. Hone D.F. Astrol.S was published by L.N. Fowler & co. Ltd. in 1951 and clearly associates Scorpio with ‘Sexuality. Coroner. Detective. Death. Secret Matters.’ (Extract below).

This is part of what Australia has always been, about, according to three of her astrology charts, and massive crisis and change is here in 2021. What has been buried underground is erupting.

Scorpio Margaret Hone 600x400 - Sex, Australia and Astrology 2021
Scorpio by Margaret Hone


Vulcano 7 Scorpio, Psyche 7 Scorpio and Uranus at 7 Taurus

The famous Australian 26th January 1788 chart  has always been popular with well-known  astrologers – and it is set up for January 26th 1788 at 5.10am in Sydney. 

It shows Vulcano at 7 Scorpio and Psyche at 7 Scorpio.  Vulcano rules volcanic emotion. Psyche rules who or what lives forever, after death. I published this comment about Australia on Australia Day 2018, January 26th so a full three years before Christian Porter made headlines. This is what you read…

“The Immediate Problem Was Sex
There is no doubt at all that January 26th 1788 at 5.10am in Sydney produces a strong horoscope. When the First Fleet landed, one of their immediate problems was sex. As in men, women and natural instinct. Saturn is at 28 Aquarius next to Venus at 29 Aquarius in the house of groups and tribes, showing the convict chain gangs, but also the women, separated from the men.”

The Pregnant Sydney Teacher and the Schoolboy

A Twitter friend pointed out that the 7 degree hotspot in Scorpio was triggered when a Sydney teacher at an elite, expensive school became pregnant by a schoolboy. As the ABC reported on 2nd February 2018, the teacher at Sydney Grammar was jailed for sex offences.

The time-frame fits. Jupiter was at 7 Scorpio from November 12th-16th 2017 as the drama escalated. On 25th February 2018, Saturn moved to 7 Capricorn.

Screen Shot 2021 03 08 at 8.53.41 am 600x542 - Sex, Australia and Astrology 2021

Why Tuesday 27th April 2021 Erupts

When you see the same story told three times, three different ways, in three different astrology charts for Australia – all triggered to erupt on the same day, you know you are going to see radical change in the nation’s laws and politics.

The chart set for 1st January 1901 at 00.01am in Melbourne is set for the Federation of Australia. Again this version of Australia shows Scorpio – sex, business and death. We have Proserpina at 26 Scorpio and Fortuna at 27 Scorpio. Patterns not possible in over 240 years triggered that in March 2021 as Pluto went to 26 Capricorn, making a sextile.

Proserpina the Maiden, Abducted by Pluto

I am sure you know Proserpina, the maiden, was abducted by Pluto – taken from her mother by force. Fortuna is the Wheel of Fortune, spinning our fate in quite random ways. What is astonishing about 27th April 2021 is that when we have that Full Moon trigger in Scorpio, we also find Pluto turning retrograde at 26 Capricorn, on the very same day. He stands still.


Australia Proserpina 26 Fortuna 27 Scorpio  - Sex, Australia and Astrology 2021 


The Third Australian Astrology Chart is Triggered

On May 27th 1967, Australia voted overwhelmingly for Aboriginal equality. We have a third chart here. The first one is for white settlement. The second is for constitutional change. The third is for the new Australia.

The chart set for that date shows the South Node at 6 Scorpio, just one degree away from that hotspot at 7 Taurus/Scorpio. Thus, Tuesday 27th April 2021 is underlined again in a third horoscope. This is really important because the outrage is by white people, about white people, in March 2021.

Yet, once you look at the fate of indigenous girls and women in the nation, you see a terrible story – ignored. I’ll go into that more in a moment. First, let’s look at Prime Minister Scott Morrison.


Australia Psyche 7 Scorpio Vulcano 7 Scorpio Uranus 7 Taurus - Sex, Australia and Astrology 2021
Australia Psyche 7 Scorpio Fortuna 7 Scorpio

Psychic Insights About PM Scott Morrison
On 26th December 2020 I published this, which you saw on the website. It’s a psychic insight on the Australian PM Scott Morrison and as you read this on March 7th 2021, it’s about three months old .

“When I look at Australia I see PM Scott Morrison with fish surrounding him. That is the fish of the Christian church.”

Of course, it is Christian Porter who has tested the Prime Minister of Australia. There are also new questions about Morrison’s church, Horizons, however – in the light of the two rape allegations surrounding his government.

I also published this, which you may remember – picking out April 2021 as a month to watch, because of that Full Moon.

PM Scott Morrison Crisis – April 2021
This looks like a leadership spill within the Liberal National Party government or a Horizons church issue. It is a critical month for Morrison and as it is Easter there will be timely questions asked about his chances of a resurrection.

Chanel Contos @MaryLloyd4 600x337 - Sex, Australia and Astrology 2021

Indigenous Women and Rape in Australia

Chanel Contos, a heroine for these times, along with Grace Tame – made the private hell of white girls from expensive Sydney schools – public. Yet these three astrology charts, dominated by Scorpio patterns, are not just about white women.

They are about indigenous people; the first Australians; Aboriginal owners of the land. So, if the nation is heading towards radical change in her politics, education and laws – this is going all the way to the Northern Territory. And here is a really good reason why.

The 14-Year-Old Survivor and the Law

As reported in The Age:  “The Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission plans to intervene in a highly controversial case in which a judge gave a one-month sentence to a 55-year-old Aboriginal man who anally raped and bashed his 14-year-old “promised wife”. A decision by NT Chief Justice Brian Martin QC to sentence the man to only one month’s jail after accepting he was unaware his actions were offences under NT law has created a furore.”

xcjt9z3 0ks 600x400 - Sex, Australia and Astrology 2021

Solutions in Kenya

Kenya runs the successful ‘No Means No’ program of education and self-defence training for children and teenagers. I’m yet to see a politician or anyone in the police force reference this. Here it is. It’s not the whole answer but it is one of many that could be put in motion immediately. The people of Kenya are far, far ahead of Australia here. And it’s done without a ‘consent app.’

The Tarot Card on Twitter

I am lucky to have some brilliant Tarot readers and astrology colleagues on my Twitter account and when I was sent this Tarot card, I realised that the other side of the story about Australia’s 2021-2022 sex revolution, would be indigenous people.

This card has the Scorpio symbol in the top right-hand corner. The message ‘CHANGING’ is clearly about Uranus in Taurus. The figure in the middle is neither male, nor female, but is half black, half pink.  There is so much more to see in this card, and to say, so please leave your thoughts in Comments. Thank you.

@JacqAllen 450x600 - Sex, Australia and Astrology 2021

Dates to Watch in the Australian Sexual Revolution

Given that 7 degrees is a hotspot, Scorpio is the story (sex, death and big business) and we have another astrology hotspot at 26, 27 degrees – what we are looking for are historic patterns in the heavens when all these astrology chart stories are told at once. Loudly.

Judging by my Twitter account, this can’t come soon enough. So let’s look at specific astrology timing.

Millions of Us Are Affected

Why are we all so angry? Well – these Scorpio patterns are shared by so many of us, in our personal charts. This goes beyond politics into the personal lives of millions of Australians.

It raises massive questions about (for example) rape within marriage. About sexual assault within ‘dating’ at Australian parties. About the entire area of consent and en-masse cover-ups.

There is also a huge wave of anger coming from those who support Christian Porter’s categorical denial.

Whole generations of Australians were born with the outer planets Uranus, Neptune and Pluto in that sign, Scorpio. So a huge number of us are being triggered by that Uranus opposition.

We are also looking at aspects at 26 and 27 degrees, which trigger Proserpina and Fortuna in Scorpio one of the charts. So again, this is millions of us.

What this looks like, to an astrologer, is an entire country ready for massive transformation over the Scorpio side of its existence. And as we know from Margaret Hone, in her book The Modern Textbook of Astrology, published some 70 years before Christian Porter met the headlines – this sign has always ruled sex and death, together.

The Eclipse on 19th November 2021

An eclipse is always a cover-up and we have one on Friday 19th November 2021. We will not see, and will not know, what is being concealed from us then.

The Sun is at 27 Scorpio and the Moon is at 27 Taurus. This Full Moon eclipse is like every other Sun-Moon event of this nature. Sometimes what/who matters most at the time, is in plain sight, but obscured by someone/something else taking all the attention. Astrology tells us to be aware, of what we are unaware, on Friday 19th November 2021 – specifically about Scorpio matters – so, sex and the headlines.

High Hopes for a New Country

What we should be really hopeful about, though – as we strive for a new country – is Pluto going to 26, 27 Capricorn in February 2022; the North Node going to 26, 27 Taurus in the same month; the South Node going to 26, 27 Scorpio and Jupiter at 7 Pisces.

February 2022 – The Revolution, Sex and Australia

When are we going to see mandatory education on rape, consent, sexual abuse and sexual assault in every Australian school? February 2022.

When are we going to see the law protect every human being in the same way, indigenous or not? February 2022.

Astrology shows massive reform and system change. Even about something as personal as a nation’s sexuality.

How powerful the revolution ends up being, is up to us. But, these patterns in February 2022 are rare. The South Node is only in Scorpio every 19 years. Jupiter is only in his February 2022 position, every 12 years. Pluto takes over 240 years, to get to 26, 27 Capricorn – again, in the same month – February.

You might say that 2021, 2022 are moments whose time has come, for Australia. And very specifically, April 2021 and February 2022.

Images: Jon Tyson, Denise Jans, Unsplash, Twitter. If you have been affected by any of the issues discussed in this feature, please note the numbers below for help in Australia. Thank you.


Ev8k0p4UUAI12N0 429x600 - Sex, Australia and Astrology 2021

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31 Responses

  1. Thankyou Jessica, I like so many, find myself physically angry at the government and big sectors of the media for their apparent acceptance and indifference of violence against women. I look at your astrological placements with interest, i certainly feel the Scorpio here, and wonder how deep this goes within the govt, and sadly accept a lot will remain deeply hidden. But this anger fortifies us all to not accept the status quo. I hope the Aquarian shift brings more accessible education for all (if Whitlam could return, that would be good), for it seems that the launching pad for this abhorrent behaviour is elite schools (apologies to all intelligent and socially aware people having to put up with spoiled young men in such settings). I see that the Army comes under Scorpio, is warfare or international instability pointed to at any point?

    1. Thank you for your reply. I am sure you know about the March For Justice (March4Justice) which is coming in Australia and that is when we will see the physical anger reveal itself on the streets – expect a massive collective yell – as you say, ‘indifference’ is making people angry. I am very interested in the years 1936 and 1937 as we are seeing an exact repetition of Uranus at 7 Taurus, opposite the Scorpio 6/7 placements in two of the Australian charts. What happened that year in Australian law is still relevant today, in terms of children who have been raped, and the length of time they have to claim financial compensation. Have a look at discussion around that in 2021, 2022 because it’s going to be really important. Elite schools are in the picture as we have this ancient karma cycle in Sagittarius and Gemini (education and academia) coming around again, with the Nodes in Gemini and Sagittarius, so you’d have to expect a massive shift in Canberra which puts the same sex education for all, on the desks of every teenager in the nation. Margaret Hone did put the army under Scorpio, but today we’d put that under Aries. She was bang on about the rest, though.

  2. Hi Jessica,

    I have Venus in 28deg Pisces, Minerva in 28deg Capricorn, Vesta in 26deg Leo, and Diana in 25deg Taurus. How does the transit in April personally affect me?



    1. Watch Jupiter at 28 Aquarius on April 29th, 30th. He stays there until May 5th. Jupiter will semi-sextile your Venus in Pisces in the Twelfth House and also semi-sextile your Minerva in the Tenth House. This Twelfth/Tenth pattern is about achievement, ambition, success and status – linked to religion, spirituality, astrology, Tarot, psychology, psychiatry, mediumship. An expansion (Jupiter) of groups and networks (Aquarius) in your world will have a happy (Jupiter) impact on your ambition to teach or study (Minerva in the Tenth) and pursue your soul or spirit or psyche (Venus, Twelfth).

  3. Hi Jessica,

    My friend’s business partner is embezzling and he is having a hard time getting up the nerve to deal with it. This is having a negative effect on our ability to do our work. This is the part of my work you always call the impossible or the unreal world work which is actually the most important thing we do. I wonder if you have any thoughts on this.

    I don’t know the chart of the embezzler I can try to find out. What are the chart signatures for a thief?

    Thank you,


  4. Absolutely Jessica, fascinating charts there, I was just preparing some tweets on exactly this issue as you posted. Indigenous women need to be more fully amplified in this growing moment in Australia we all palpably feel. They shouldn’t have to wait a moment more. The true Australian story, the true revolution, will always have a black centre.

    Im… intrigued what you make of my chart, with the 4 slowest planets and the Sun at 17 (together with Ceres and Ops, and Moon/Vesta at 18). An activist… stalled by fear and lack of roots? My calculations say the four slowest and the sun at the same degree only happens a handful of times from 1800 to 2100. Or possibly just… once?!

    Btw, April 27 triggers my favourite natal points, as they are outside this complex aspect. Jupiter at 27 Leo and mean node 7 Virgo/Piscies. And Cupido at 7 Scorp, whose never (yet) been free.

    1. Thank you so much. The case of the white judge with the indigenous child is well overdue for attention again as Australia puts rape on the front pages. Your chart is extremely unusual with the line-up at 17 degrees of the signs. It never rains but it pours for you. Virgo, Scorpio, Sagittarius and Libra patterns at 17 degrees in your Sixth, Eighth, Ninth and Seventh Houses will always bring in duets and duels (Libra) which affect your health and wellbeing (Virgo) and impact your money, house or apartment (Scorpio) and likely involve foreign people or places (Sagittarius) or regional connections which feel foreign to you (again, Sagittarius). When Uranus moves to 17 Taurus in June 2022 you begin the next huge shift with a former, current or potential partner – or duelling partner – and the duet may be marriage, professional or any kind of pair at all. August 2022 seems specific, as the North Node at 18 Taurus and South Node at 18 Scorpio will pick up the Eighth House of your horoscope, which is the money, house, apartment, valuables, business or charity connected to family, or partners. Mars is at 18 Taurus on August 1st, 2nd 2022 and so there is an extremely rare line-up as August 2022 begins. It goes without saying that you would have your paperwork fully checked and updated before that takes place.

  5. Thank you for this, Jessica – I’d been looking forward to your take on this and along with so many, feel these changes can’t come too soon. May I ask whether you see any key aspects in my own chart for these transits? I have my Moon at 26 Aqua, and a hotspot at 7 degrees (Pluto in Scorpio, Psyche in Gemini and Fortuna in Aqua, with Saturn in Sag just behind at 6 deg.)

    I’ve been having a rough time with my health and have just had to withdraw from a teaching contract due to the stress caused by the uni I often work for.

    Thank you,
    LT : )

    1. Thank you LT and I am sure we won’t have to wait long for new laws in Australia which put an end to these appalling problems in schools, universities and the workplace. The transits do affect you at around 7 degrees of Scorpio/Taurus (Uranus at 7 Taurus is opposite Pluto at 7 Scorpio in your Eighth House of finance, property and business). You have left a teaching contract at a university after anxiety and poor health, and of course that’s affected your income. The situation doesn’t last but you had to put a price on freedom and you wisely paid it. Pluto in Scorpio wants to control her money, house or apartment with/through family members, partners, former partners. She does not want to just let go and see what happens; she wants to dominate, and her legacy or will is central to her, as is any will or legacy which names her. Uranus in Taurus has come along to challenge you to change. You’ve done that and Uranus will move off 7 Taurus from March 10th, never to return. Saturn at 7 Aquarius squares your Pluto in September 2021, November 2021 then vanishes. That is the last challenge with your house, apartment or money. You will find an alternative way to both learn and teach by January 2022 and much prefer it; it will serve you a lot better and you will reach your potential. I am sorry you have gone through this episode!

  6. Such an overdue moment for Australia…thanks for mentioning that March4Justice event.
    Sexual harassment in the workplace (at the level below sexual assaults/rapes) exacts too high a price in terms of thwarted careers. Would be good to see a new women’s collective emerge to tackle this issue, one that listens to all voices and isn’t just about well-paid white women in the executive suite.

    1. I’m grateful to the Tarot reader in my Twitter group who found that card. It was a wake-up call. One of the worst truths about Australia is legal judgements (like the one made in the Northern Territory) which put a child at risk from an old man after just one month in jail. It’s horrifying and everyone needs to stop and look at that…

  7. Dear Jessica,

    This intrigues me. I have had a strong repeated pull to Australia since I first visited in 2003. Several good friends have emigrated (to Perth in particular) and I’ve often wondered if I have a future or unfinished business of some sort in Oz.

    Please could you look at my chart and explain whether this is simply the influence of my Neptune in Sagittarius, or if indeed I could find myself there (other than as a visitor) in the years ahead? Thank you.

    1. Neptune in Sagittarius in your Ninth House inclines to travel or emigration as an escape from reality, as Neptune describes escapism and Sagittarius/Ninth House rules foreign people and places. What you are experiencing is bigger than you are; we currently have the North Node in Gemini, opposing the Neptune in Sagittarius positions of millions of people, and Neptune in Pisces making the square. There are obstacles all over the place, and I am sure you know Australia has shut borders to protect against COVID-19 infection. The virus will dictate everything until 2026 and so if you wanted to emigrate, it would have to be a commitment. There may be no going back; certainly no to-and-fro with your own country and family. This is what they call mutable sign weather and it is affecting entire generations born with mutable sign placements.

    1. Yes, it will happen when the Maxwell-Epstein story becomes final and America realises that money laundering, child sexual abuse and prostitution, as well as pornography, all share the same space. Some huge names will be involved.

  8. Thank you so much Jessica for your response – it really affirms my decision! And yes, fingers crossed about new workplace laws for universities, schools and other institutions.


  9. Hi Jessica,
    I want to talk about the comments of PM to the March4justice protest.
    Scott Morrison could not even address the protest and then had the audacity to tell the parliament that the women and men in the protest should feel lucky because in other countries protests are met with bullets.
    Someone needs to remind SM that peaceful protest is a RIGTH not a privilege in Australia and that half of the electoral are female. Not to mention the men in the electorate who have daughters, wives, family and friends that have been subjected to violence and discrimination by other men.
    Perhaps PM needed to talk to Jenny about how to handle this situation as well because he clearly has no idea.
    A few months ago I read a post that you thought Scott Morrison would be lucky to survive April 2021. At the time I thought I don’t know because his approval rating was to high, but now I think bring on April. Change will not happen while he is in office.
    What do think about the Scott Morrison‘s future and his replacement?
    Kind regards

    1. Thanks Julie. It’s hard to know what the Australian PM Scott Morrison was even referring to, except Mexico, where women protesting about femicide, were confronted with guns. Mexico is a long way from Australia though. That comment, along with the Christian Porter enquiry, the Brittany Higgins case and – more to be revealed – will indeed make April a crossroads for Morrison. As I think I wrote in the original prediction a few months ago, he will be very lucky to be resurrected in Easter 2021.

  10. Hi Jessica,
    You predicted a Biden win and a trump downfall. Does Astrology see Scott Morrison contesting and winning the next election as PM in Australia? According to his Twitter feed his birthday is 13 th May 1968 (just in case you don’t have it)
    Kind regards

    1. Thank you Julie. I published a prediction about PM Morrison and Australia some months ago (fairly sure it was December 2020, though you can look up his name on Search and find it). I saw that April would be critical for him and that he would be lucky to have a miraculous resurrection at Easter. I’m standing by that. Morrison will be very, very lucky indeed. This is about the Horizons church or the Liberal party (it is a group) and his ability to rise again. Or not, perhaps.

  11. Hi Jessica
    I am born at 11:41 20/11/1991 and consequently, this Scorpio eclipse hits my Sun/Mars/Pluto and will be baked into my Solar Return chart for the following year…. Any words of advice, please? Uranus has mad my Moon/IC very busy, moved 4 times in 4 years. So tired. What on earth could an eclipse in a Solar Return do to a year?
    Thank you for reading my comment.

    1. If you’re tired, look to Virgo and the Sixth House. You have Ops at 24 Virgo in the Sixth House of health, wellbeing, the immune system, your mental health, sleep, fitness, and the body, mind and spirit. Look up Ops and the Sixth House and Virgo if you’re not familiar with them in combination. You have had Pluto at 24 Capricorn trine Ops in 2020 and January 2021 and he goes back to 24 Capricorn in August this year, then September, October, November 2021 – before departing for good. Pluto brings powerful, dominating, controlling people, organisations and situations which impact your work, unpaid work or studies (Virgo, Sixth House) and trigger your Ops, which works hard and waits a long time to see solutions. Pluto’s trine to your Sixth House is also Covid. You have been taken over by a pandemic. To fix your tiredness, don’t worry about the eclipses, the Solar Return, Uranus or the rest. Just work with Pluto at 24 Capricorn trine Ops at 24 Virgo and find creative ways to deal with this until it finishes up. You can use your Tarot, Astrology Oracle and Your Oracle on this website to bolster your reading.

  12. Wonderful illuminating insights , Jessica.

    As a lesbian impacted by the marriage ” survey ” of course I recall November 2017 as the peak harrowing …. as we awaited the fate of our socially voted worthiness.
    There are 17 known deaths attributable to suicides in the LGBT population in the lead up to the supposedly winning result of achieving parity under the law. An ammendment which couldd have been made by the stroke of the pen the way Howard did in 2004 to delegislate it. No hate debates, no bigots espousing our extermination in the media as a form of balanced debate.

    And in all, that parliamentary vote was a deal done with the so-called Christian far right to provide a follow-up legislation that would enact a kind of Taliban force of theocratic law protecting the status of any claim to religious freedom from anti-discrimination law.

    This protected status is, in my view, resurfacing in the face of the volcanic exposure of politically powerful men.

    I have lamented for some time that the drawn out national conversation around marriage equality was a missed opportunity to go deeper and discuss relational ethics, what makes a family and what showed up in the enquiry into the churches ethics and culture on sex and sexuality ….

    I worry the same missed opportunity arrises now with a technical focus on the definition of consent. We could be discussing the depth and breadth of culturally accepting violence and sexual ownership of women and girls , the pornografying of erotophobia and the usurping of consent by theocratic aspirations of the evangelicals and the traditional churches , MRA’s and white supremicism and obviously the political class.

    We are so far from embodying or even a consciousness of a relational ethic in Australia now , with each little vegemite being a ‘ have a go, get a goer ‘ in what is a a market led society rather than a democratic society witj a market based economy that a discussion of consent is somewhere on the planet Pluto…far, far from where we are.

    I may sound like a total woo-woo but when the religious freedom inclusions were drawn up for the constitution of Australia is was to prevent any one dominant religious ethic taking over.

    You’d have to wonder if Christian Porter, in the role of chief legislator, signing off on a pact between all the far right religious of Australia and disregarding submissions countering it because of the impact it would have on anti discrimination law, combined with a Hillsonger at the top job of the country, have we reached peak sex-society-money-spiritual leader rulership yet?

    Because I don’t think , unless it really impacts them individually , many people aren’t aware of this undercurrent showing itself in broad daylight. And if that religious freedom law passes it will impact all women .

    On a personal note I was born in Australia and lived here most of my 48 years and my North node is at 26 Pluto so it’s kinda unavoidable for me to show up to this.

    Thanks for allowing me to comment.

    1. Thank you Kate. This is really interesting for readers who are following this discussion about Australia, sex (and we might add, lies and videotape, who remember the film). There is certainly CCTV footage of Brittany Higgins. This does feel like a bigger conversation about religion, the Horizons church that PM Morrison belongs to, and of course, religious private same-sex schools. You are right that the national vote on marriage equality should have gone further, but perhaps the nation was only ready for one revolution at a time. Australia has a few different national charts, set up for different stages in her evolution and constitution since settlement. Unfortunately none exist for us from the owners of the land, although that may change as we find out more about indigenous astronomy. The charts I have, at a glance, tell me that what former PM Julia Gillard started with her famous misogyny speech, is now snowballing. It never went away. In fact it goes even further back than that to Germaine Greer and Women’s Liberation. Australia is a kind of laboratory experiment, partly because of the charts we have from 1788 when there were already such clear divisions between male and female convicts; literally imprisoned apart. I won’t even go into the rape and sexual assault of indigenous women by white men, because it’s so depressing. However – the charts in combination suggest that PM Morrison and his colleagues have massively underestimated what women are about to do, which is unseat their power and dramatically transform the education system and the law. With Pluto placed like that in your chart you would be a jigsaw piece in the wider picture, Kate. And the picture is being put together now. We will know more, so much more, in April. Watch the play on words – Christian Porter and the ‘Christians’ at Horizons church. As you say, connected to Hillsong. Thank you, Kate.

  13. Hi Jessica,

    I watched the 4corners program last night about the coverup of the Brittany Higgins rape.
    Firstly my heart goes out to that girl. To be the victim of sexual assault is soul destroying but to have that life changing event treated as though nothing happened and erased is …I can’t find a word that is bad enough!
    And secondly how many people in the PMO need to be informed about this assault before the PMO is officially notified!!!
    Even the AFP could not get CCTV footage of the night from the government ( like they are above the law) and Brittany couldn’t even get details of the assault.
    I am truly disgusted and appalled!!! Disgusted that our elected officials could treat a female member of staff with such disrespect and appalled that these are “people” that we elected to run our country.
    How many times has this behaviour been swept under the rug before. How many other women have been assaulted or abused, only to be made to “tow the party line” and swallow their pain!
    Scott Morrison should be ashamed to call himself a leader or a Christian moral person. Leaders don’t hide behind plausible deniability and have to be dragged kicking and screaming to make a change which is morally correct.
    I hope many Australians watched the program last night and now have there eyes opened to the coverup culture that is the government

    Kind regards

    1. I have seen a lot of Twitter comments about the Four Corners program on Brittany Higgins, Julie. Yes, people are disgusted, particularly about the CCTV footage and the steam-cleaning of the furniture. I think Brittany is incredibly impressive and she and Grace Tame are the new voice of women’s equality and justice in Australia. Have a look at what happens at the end of April.

  14. Jessica
    I so LOVE your take on things…so helpful and very interesting .
    Thanks heaps and lets watch Morrison flounder even more!!
    Ive got that Pluto 26 cap in 6th house trining Virgo moon 26 in 1 st house

    1. Floundering is the right word – so much fish imagery around the Prime Minister of Australia. The Capricorn-Virgo trine is well and truly under transit from Jupiter in Pisces, and even an opposition is useful. I have gone into more detail elsewhere with your questions.

    1. Thank you. I will pass that on to Alicia, Alyas, James, Jodi Justin. I will certainly take a look at your page. Just putting the kettle on first.

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