Time, Prediction and Dreams

Time, Prediction and Dreams with Jessica Adams, Jane Teresa Anderson, Tara Buffington and Dr. Maria Kempinska moves you forward with Tarot, Astrology and dreams. What are your questions? This special feature tied into the YouTube Premiere, Hobart live event and Zoom Meetup is your next step.

Time, Prediction and Dreams

From our live event in Hobart, Australia – to global Zoom and YouTube gatherings from Texas to London – I’m here with Jane Teresa Anderson, Tara Buffington and Dr. Maria Kempinska to look at your questions about predicting the future. Join us free on Meetups – just look for our Astrology and Tarot.

Watch the YouTube Premiere 

Watch the YouTube Premiere here. I’ll go into the COVID-19 virus predictions that came true; the parallel universe theory of reality; William Lilly’s Great Fire of London predictions – and more.

Before Tarot Amazon - Time, Prediction and DreamsThe Before Tarot

The edited Zoom session will appear soon. In the Zoom after-show we talked about The Before Tarot and why reviewing the past; rewriting it and ‘re-directing’ the film of your life can be so useful. We talk a lot about using the Tarot for the future, but according to Dr. Fred Alan Wolf, who is also known as Dr. Quantum – reworking your memory of the past can really help with moving things forward in your life. The Before Tarot is a powerful way of doing that. In the Zoom I drew a card for your zodiac sign so you can ‘recast the past’ and take a different angle on an important event. We also spoke about the technique known as Space Clearing, which I first saw in action with Karen Kingston, the million+ selling author, some years ago. I’ll talk more about that in a moment. If you are interested in re-casting the past, though, do consider The Before Tarot.  You can see all the cards I used for you in the Zoom here.

Psychic Tara Buffington

You can be a Tarot professional or absolute beginner and still find out all you need to know, by looking at science – and time itself – as well as the work of gifted professionals. At the YouTube Premiere of Time, Prediction and Dreams, the American psychic and Tarot expert Tara Buffington will answer your questions, live, with one-card Tarot readings. Her YouTube Channel is Hidden Lotus Tarot. 

Tara Buffington 2021 600x579 - Time, Prediction and Dreams

Jane Teresa Anderson on Dreams

 Jane Teresa Anderson  is a dream analyst, mentor and author of one of my favourite books on prediction, The Shape of Things to Come (Random House). Her research on psychics, mediums and her own predictive dreams in this book is boosted by her background in science. We’ve all heard about synchronicity and dreams, but how does it actually work in reality?

Dream It: Do It

You may also know Jane Teresa Anderson from The Dream Handbook (Hachette), Sleep On It and Dream It: Do It (HarperCollins) and Dream Alchemy (Hachette).

She is a dream coach and mentor for personal clients around the world, as well as a regular guest on television. She is our very special guest for the YouTube premiere, Zoom event and live workshop in Tasmania – Time, Prediction and Dreams. 


Jane Teresa Anderson 600x600 - Time, Prediction and Dreams 

Dr. Maria Kempinska MBE

Synchronicity! When you work with time, dreams, astrology and Tarot – you need to know about the ideas of Carl Jung who gave the world a solid scientific foundation for astrology and Tarot. Dr. Maria Kempinska has studied Jung and knows how to make his ideas easy to work with in your life.

Dr. Maria Kempinska 442x600 - Time, Prediction and Dreams

Dr. Maria Kempinska MBE began her work as Britain’s leading comedy club entrepreneur, launching the careers of Stephen Fry, Hugh Laurie, Graham Norton and Eddie Izzard.  After this, Maria became an academic and was awarded her MA in psychotherapy and healing, inspired by the work of Carl Jung. Her PhD is in Psychoanalysis.

As our special guest at the Zoom after-event for Time, Prediction and Dreams, Maria will talk about finding your path in life, using the work of Carl Jung with synchronicity.

Time, Prediction and Dreams – Themes

These are some of the themes I will be exploring with Jane Teresa Anderson and Dr. Maria Kempinska for Time, Prediction and Dreams.

The Dream Handbook Jane Teresa Anderson Hachette 194x300 2 - Time, Prediction and DreamsNothing is Real Until You Look – The Science of Quantum

You can’t predict the future with astrology, dreams or Tarot until you accept that nothing is real – until you look. Accepting that reality is actually composed of endless different realities, helps you broaden your mind to trust the fact that you are doing something as astonishing, as seeing the future before it happens. That’s quantum. When you realise there is in fact a real world, or universe, where that is possible, you can relax into more detailed and specific forecasts.

The Science of Prediction

“What quantum mechanics says is that nothing is real and that we cannot say anything about what things are doing when we are not looking at them.” As John Lennon said, “Nothing is real.”

Experiments at the University of Paris-South in 1982 by Alain Aspect proved there is no underlying reality to the world. (John Gribbin, In Search of Schrodinger’s Cat, Black Swan 1991). What science has found is, simple. Everything is everywhere, all the time, in every possible combination – until you look. Until you measure it. Until you make a decision to peek. Then, you end up with what you get. This is science but it’s a lot like shuffling a Tarot deck or opening up an Ephemeris or clicking the mouse to create a Solar Fire astrology chart. You’re looking. But until you look, nothing falls into place for you. This is the basis of quantum mechanics. Yes, I know it’s strange. But predicting the future is strange. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it, though!

Changing the Past – Space Clearing

Space Clearing is Karen Kingston’s term for the technique she created to de-clutter and reboot your life. She evolved the method while working on a book about Feng Shui. I met Karen some years ago and we visited the offices of Elle magazine, so she could give her diagnosis on the space.

Space Clearing - Time, Prediction and DreamsThe fact is, you live with your past. During the pandemic, we are at home more, so looking into our storage boxes, suitcases, forgotten drawers and cupboards more. What you see around you every day sends you a subliminal message. If you don’t want that message, or it confuses you – get rid of it. The fast way to do this is quickly go through one room at a time, or even one cupboard, and hold objects in your hand, or quickly eyeball them.

Does your energy stay level, go up, or go down? This is an approach I developed with Jelena Glisic and Anthea Paul in our book 21st Century Goddess a long time ago. Don’t spend too long or think too hard about your space. Just pile everything into a big rubbish bag and park it somewhere safe. Leave it for a few months. If you need anything in there, you’ll go back to it. If you have not taken it out of the bag after a few months, give it to the charity shop, sell it or recycle it. By doing an apartment or house edit, or even a computer, telephone or handbag edit, you update yourself. You remove messages about your past you do not want, love or need.

You Influence Reality by Measuring It

If nothing is real until you look (until you judge it, or measure it, which is what an astrologer does) then it stands to reason – you influence reality. I mean this for you, very personally. When you work with your astrological chart on this website, which you can do if you are a Premium Member, or draw a Tarot card, which everyone can do – you are heading into a reality which is really influenced by what you expect. We all have to measure reality. Most people do it with the clock and calendar every morning. In astrology we do it with aspects. In dreams, you encounter possible parallel worlds of the future. In Tarot you also measure reality – by choosing numbers of cards. (Clocks: Alexander Shimmeck, Unsplash).


e5sr26bndpw 600x400 - Time, Prediction and Dreams


Carl Jung and Maggie Hyde

Sun Sign School  guest tutor Maggie Hyde from the Company of Astrologers is a hugely experienced bestselling author,  astrologer and the co-author of Introducing Jung (Icon, 2008). Jung proved that testing astrology through research, only proved that the individual attitudes of anyone doing the tests – skewed the outcomes. He was trying to be scientific about it, but he couldn’t be. Not in the sense of old-fashioned science, anyway. He found that his expectations and attitudes showed up in the results. This ties in with quantum mechanics. There is no objective ‘reality’ to test. Reality is what you expect. By grounding yourself in the science, you can be more confident about predicting the future.

Testing Horoscopes

Maggie Hyde, in her book, describes a famous Carl Jung experiment where he tested horoscopes to see if the Moon in an astrology chart could show marriage. Each person doing the testing, randomly chose horoscopes. The kinds of charts they chose, just reflected their mood at the time.

For example, a woman who was in emotional turmoil, ‘randomly’ chose the horoscopes of couples who had Mars (a symbol of turmoil) prominent in their charts. It worked but it was about her, as much as astrology. Quantum mechanics would say that was true. It’s called The Observer Effect. The observer of an experiment, and every astrological reading is an experiment, becomes part of the story. You can’t separate him or her out.

No White Coats
The old idea that you could put astrology or the Tarot under the microscope and test it by a man in a white coat, in a laboratory, does not apply. What Carl Jung did with his astrology experiments was show that there is nothing objective to test. When we cast a horoscope or a Tarot card we pop a reality. Just knowing this helps you proceed firmly towards a prediction. Science backs you. Why? You’re part of this. There are infinite worlds. You have to choose one of them. By using Tarot, astrology or dreams you willingly put yourself in one, and not another.

Covid Dreams

The dreams we have during COVID-19 can help us figure out our reality (or which reality we are in) and how to direct it. This is more important than usual as we navigate our way through a pandemic. It also raises the interesting question about how you, I and everyone we know ended up in this particular universe. That brings me to Dr. Fred Alan Wolf.

Dr. Fred Alan Wolf

Physicist Dr. Fred Alan Wolf, known as Dr. Quantum, became famous in the film What the Bleep Do We Know?! His book, Dr. Quantum’s Little Book explains reality in a simple way. He says, the world is really not as it seems. (Image: Freddie Marriage, Unsplash). The infinity symbol, below, which you can also see in the Tarot of Pamela Colman Smith, might just be the way time actually works, according to some.


wofdw8uqx6i 600x400 - Time, Prediction and Dreams

The Truth is Out There?

“It certainly seems to be “out there” independent of us, independent of the choices we might make. Yet quantum physics destroys that idea. What is “out there” depends on what we choose to look for.”

“Reality is not just the physical world; it’s the relationship of the mind with the physical world that creates the perception of reality. There is no reality without a perception of reality.” This whole idea of choosing what to look for is key. Most people don’t do that. Most people wake up, have breakfast and put one foot in front of the other. Only psychics, Tarot readers and astrologers predict the future.

And… we have really fixed ideas about technique, and method, and tools when we do that. So we walk straight into a universe where that can actually happen. And where it can come true. If you watch Tara Buffington at work on her YouTube Tarot channel (she predicted the very real risk of the Capitol riot of 2021) you will see that in action.

Parallel Universes
This takes us to parallel universes. Back to Dr. Fred Alan Wolf: “As fantastic as it may sound, the parallel universe theory posits that there exists, as if on a different but parallel layer, another world, a parallel universe, a duplicate copy, slightly different, and yet the same as this one. And not just two parallel worlds, but three, four, and even more – no less than an infinite number.”

Parallel Worlds, Parallel Lives – BBC
If you only watch one YouTube documentary about parallel universes, make it this one. It’s the story of a father and son – one a scientist, one a rock star – who became caught up in parallel universe theory. I love it because it shows how astrology and Tarot (and predictive dreams) work.

Tarot Cards and Parallel Universes
This little Tarot experiment of mine is an adaptation of a famous chapter in Our Mathematical Universe (Penguin) by physics Professor Max Tegmark. It shows how a typical Tarot card reading splits the world into two parallel universes. A lot of psychics read the Tarot reversed. They cut the deck into three piles, turn one upside-down, then put the deck back together. Some cards will come out the right way up, some the wrong way. So that gives us the basis of this experiment.

Quantum Tarot Cards

Let’s say at 10.00am you bet $100 on the Tarot card, the Ace of Coins (showing wealth) being the right way up in your Tarot reading. You cut the deck into three piles, turn one upside-down and reshuffle. Ten seconds later you have the Ace of Coins both the right way up and reversed. Why? The universe is like that, according to science. Until you look, or check, or observe, everything is in at least two states at once. Quantum superposition.

The Ace of Coins

Ten seconds after that, you check what you’ve got in the Tarot. The Ace of Coins, the right way up. You are going to be rich. You are also literally going to be rich because you won the $100 bet. Yet, there is another version of you, according to quantum science, looking at The Ace of Coins, upside-down. So you’re going to lose money. And you literally just lost your $100 bet.

Coins upright - Time, Prediction and Dreams

Two of You

In this thought experiment, the reality of quantum science – shows you being rich and happy, but also poorer and sad, at the same time. Two cards. Two outcomes. Two of you. As Max Tegmark writes about his original card experiment (not about Tarot, just playing cards), your mind is in two states at once.

Your two selves are totally unaware of each other. Your two states of mind are totally unaware of each other. Yet, the state of your mind becomes linked with the state of the card, in such a way that everything is consistent. It lines up. The Tarot card reading has worked.

Physics Impossible

As Dr. Michio Kaku says in his book, Physics Impossible, “Max Tegmark believes that in fifty years “the existence of these ‘parallel universes’ will be no more controversial than the existence of other galaxies.” That is incredibly liberating if you have some idea that there is one world, one future, and you have to go along with it. No. In fact, by developing your astrology, dream or Tarot prediction skills, you can get yourself to the point where you are seeing tomorrow but also choosing it. What you have in your head – be it particular ideas about astrology or Tarot – is what is delivered, when you look. So if you want to be happier, even in a pandemic, you’ll make sure that what is in your head, makes you feel better about life. The astrology or Tarot you have in your mind, if it’s constructive and useful, can help you construct something you want.

Elvis is Still Alive

According to the physicist Dr. Kaku there is a parallel world where the Nazis won World War Two. Another physicist, Alan Guth, has said “There is a universe where Elvis is still alive and Al Gore is President.” Physicists believe in what is called decoherence. All these parallel universes are real but our wave function has decohered from them. It no longer vibrates in unison with them, or interacts with them. So everything really is everywhere, all the time, all over the place, but you’ve tuned it out. Instead you are choosing to tune into – what? What future are you predicting for yourself?

Tuning Into Your Privately Measured Universe

Dr. Michio Kaku: “This means that inside your living room you coexist simultaneously with the wave function of dinosaurs, aliens, pirates, unicorns, all of them believing firmly that their universe is the “real” one, but we are no longer “in tune” with them.”

Astrology, Tarot, Dreams and Parallel Universes
When you look at the world – when you measure the future with the numbers of astrology – when you judge the present with one of 78 Tarot cards – you are not sizing up ‘the world’ or ‘the universe.’

There is no ‘the’ about it. There is not just one, there are many. You are finding your way into one of infinite universes or worlds. And that’s where you end up. It becomes even more real when lots of you arrive at the same universe – or in the same world. Your measurement methods may be different (astrology alone has over 30 different house systems) but if you are on the same journey, you have the same reality. Co-created ‘real’ even though it’s just one of an infinite lot of worlds.

What’s In Your Head?

It’s a really good question to ask – ‘What’s in your head?’ as you proceed with a Tarot card reading or an astrological prediction. Or even, if you don’t want to use either of those methods, the sort of astrologer or card reader you choose to predict for you. What is in your head, dictates whom you choose. On March 28th 2019, I published a prediction about what 2020 would bring. I predicted a virus and a huge change for the US, China, Europe and New Zealand. I predicted it for January 10th, 2o20. It happened. And this is what you read at the time:

Date-Stamped – China and Virus in January 2020

“Between Monday January 6th and Monday January 13th, 2020, there will be a critical change in the balance of power between the United States, China and Europe.”

“It will also involve New Zealand, either on questions of trade or as a major non-NATO ally.”

“We, the people, need to track this before it even comes to pass to make sure the stakes are kept as low as possible.”

“One Last Note – Post-Millennium Bugs, Hackers and Viruses”

“As an astrologer, I always deal with American readers who type day, month and year dates in reverse order to British and Australian calendar dates.”

“Yet, no matter how you key in the date of the eclipse on 10th January 2020, you end up with what looks like a memorable code. I am going to leave this with you.”

“This is not my area. But I need to mention it. Over to you! This eclipse falls right in the extreme Capricorn ‘change’ weather zone. And when keyed in numerals, it looks like this. Very odd.”


The Daily Mail - Time, Prediction and DreamsSo What Was in My Head?
At the time I forecast that, I was researching the astrologer William Lilly who successfully predicted The Great Plague of London in 1665. I was also staying with an epidemiologist friend in Melbourne. A woman who had graduated with an MA in epidemiology – the science of epidemics.

I was steeped in astrology and Tarot and psychic research. Books on epidemics were on the shelves of the office where I was working. This is the rest of the prediction you saw.

The Covid Virus Variant 20201201

The scrambled numbers turned out to be a virus variant code. The one that would shut down Britain. This ran on the WHO website over a year after I saw the numbers.

The Virus Variant Predicted

“On 14 December 2020, authorities of the United Kingdom reported to WHO a variant referred to by the United Kingdom as SARS-CoV-2 VOC 202012/01 (Variant of Concern, year 2020, month 12, variant 01)” This later became known as the UK Variant. The numbers were in fact scrambled in the last line. I asked readers for assistance at the time, but nobody replied. Yet it came to pass.


The First Covid Death, 10th January 2020

The first death from Covid-19 was reported exactly on the date predicted, too. January 10th, 2020. The report ran in The New York Times.

A Whole Prediction Comes True

In fact, the whole prediction about January 10th 2020 came true in the end. The world saw the Microsoft Killer Windows 10 Bug near 10th January. Russian hackers were linked to the Donald Trump impeachment by The New York Times.  The Daily Mail and This Morning ITV both interviewed me about my virus prediction.

Predicting the Pandemic Declaration

I also predicted the date Bloomberg quoted WHO in saying a pandemic threat was real. You saw that on 11th November 2019, so about five months into the future.

“Where is the Chaos in Your Life on Sunday 8th and Monday 9th March?”

“This period is particularly chaotic because we also have a Full Moon in Virgo (organisation and order, clashing with flooding and confusion) and the Sun’s conjunction to Neptune (randomness) across this period.”

“In fact, you can circle these dates in your diary now, because we’re going to see computer and human viruses, and regular traffic, air traffic and shipping affected by wave after wave of rain/flooding.”

The Bloomberg news report from the exact day is here.

True Predictions – Floods and Virus

On March 9th floods hit Australia, Brazil and Pakistan.  Also on March 9th, Italy was hit by a computer virus as well as the real virus.

How Astrology Works

Astrology works with its own language. That is, each planet, sign, horoscope factor and angle (aspect) means something different. It’s like a great, big dictionary. The dictionary has been compiled for over 2000 years by astrologers linking the discovery of a planet, with events in the year of its discovery that correspond to the Roman myth surrounding the planet. Yes, it’s that crazy. But I used that dictionary to make those predictions, above. All of which goes to prove that both you and I are in a highly unusual reality at the moment, where such things come to pass.

How William Lilly Dreamed the 1665 Plague

For whatever reason, we have ended up in a parallel universe where psychic astrologers can, and have, predicted viruses one or more years before they happen. So let’s talk about William Lilly. Is this his world and we’re just living in it?

William Lilly predicted The Great Plague of London in 1665 and The Great Fire of London in 1666.

William Lilly 22 2 21 at 11.27 am 600x400 - Time, Prediction and Dreams

William Lilly’s Pictures
Lilly famously published a woodcut illustration of London in flames in 1651 in his book, Monarchy or no Monarchy in England. He measured reality, or the world, using an astrological Ephemeris. The same sort of book I use today. He also had psychic dreams. The kind Jane Teresa Anderson writes about in her book, The Shape of Things to Come.

The Great Fire of London

William Lilly did not predict The Great Fire of London on Sunday 2nd September in his almanac at all. In fact, his September 1666 observations talk about Europe, not London. There is no mention of fire. Perhaps to avoid problems with the authorities, he skipped it. But 14 years earlier, he had certainly disguised the prediction in a woodcut illustration in his book.  If you are an astrologer, you can crack the code in the drawing. Maurice McCann, the Irish astrologer, certainly did. (William Lilly images: Jessica Adams).

Lilly Rats 22 2 21 at 12.06 pm 400x600 - Time, Prediction and Dreams

Predicting the Plague in 1651

If the King of England and Mayor of London had looked more carefully at the picture of rats and coffins in William Lilly’s almanac the plague would have been different. It would not be until 1894 that the scientist Alexandre Yersin discovered that rats had caused The Great Plague of London. Or, more specifically, fleas on the rats. Nobody knew in 1665.

The woodcut of the coffins and rats appeared in the same book as his Great Fire of London prediction, Monarchy Or No Monarchy. The astrologer William Lilly was about 200 years ahead of science. He was right, the experts of the time were wrong. They thought the plague was in the air. It was in the fleas on the rats. Yet, science goes on questioning astrologers and psychics, and science students go on being sceptical. Why? Maybe it’s because their filter on reality will not let them see the truth. There can and is a universe where these things work.

Scientists who are also sceptics think mediums are charlatans. No. Mediums are the real thing. And they have useful things to say about science.

Seth Predicts the Net and Web
Seth (the spirit guide who channelled wisdom to medium Jane Roberts) said this:

“Science itself must change, as it discovers that its net of evidence is equipped only to catch certain kinds of fish, and that it is constructed of webs of assumptions that can only hold certain varieties of reality, which others escape its net entirely.”

Seth is predicting the internet here and playing with words about nets and webs (his channel, Jane Roberts, passed away in 1984). He had a sense of humour. Yet, the internet or worldwide web is a good analogy for what reality is supposed to be. Isn’t it many worlds within one? Many realities?

Astrology and Tarot

You can only catch what you can from future prediction, with the net that you own, to quote Seth. If your net is the wrong shape or size, it won’t capture what’s out there. Scientists who don’t believe astrology or Tarot works, don’t have the right net. Why would they? They were never taught it at school or university.

The spirit guide known as Seth brilliantly gave us a double meaning with his words, channelled to the medium Jane Roberts, about all these nets and webs and you can read more about him here.

Opening Up to Prediction

Now that we’re further along with reality and science, it’s time to talk about time. Until you are completely at peace with the idea of parallel universes and also the weird nature of time itself, you are not going to have the confidence to predict. Nor will you have the grounding to study Tarot or astrology, to predict – even for yourself. You need to have rock solid foundations to do this very odd thing! I think you also need a moral or ethical foundation to proceed.

You need a mission. I’m clear on that as an astrologer. My view is that William Lilly set the standard. We are here to minimise future problems by ringing the warning bell as far in advance as we can.

Tarot Time and Astrology Time
Tarot professionals and clients, and astrologers and their horoscope readers, have their own time. It’s alternative time. It’s not mainstream. The mainstream uses a clock and calendar and assumes time goes in a straight line, forwards. The arrow of time. You can’t go back, and you can’t predict what’s coming next. Tarot and Astrology professionals, and some dream analysts, say that’s quite wrong. You absolutely can predict what’s coming next. And you should. It’s no more occult or dangerous than weather forecasting. In fact it’s human weather forecasting and human beings have always done it.

Sun, Moon and Time

Astrology is regarded as woo-woo by sceptics but it’s just a variation on a theme. We measure days and nights, by the Sun and Moon. We always have. Time is based on planet cycles. The word ‘month’ comes from Moon and is linked to a woman’s monthly period, which is about 28 days, just like the New Moon’s repeating in the sky, about 29 days.

So, tracking what is in the sky (starting with the Sun and Moon) is a standard way of counting time, or measuring the clock or calendar. Sundials do it.

Astrology is a variation on this. We don’t just tell the time, though, we give time particular meaning. Symbols or themes. Radically, we hold that it repeats. Then we use what we know about history to make predictions. That’s the universe we live in.

Time is What You Want it To Be

Railways ran into problems when trains were invented. Each large city kept its own standard time. Whose time was the traveller bound to? By 1880 a traveller from Nice to Paris would experience three different times as he approached a railway station. Finally in America, in 1883, came the invention of Standard Time. The world followed. When you work with Tarot you work with quirky time. Your time. Not the old railway time, or even GMT. You are in Tarot Time. (Image: Viva Luna/Unsplash).


zu hpwh32wa 400x600 - Time, Prediction and Dreams

Tenseless Time – Block Time
Astrology predictions work because of a theory called Tenseless Time or Block Time. Just as New York, London and Moscow all exist – but not in the same place – so the past, present and future all exist, but not at the same times In her book, The Shape of Things to Come, Jane Teresa Anderson talks about space-time as a patchwork blanket. These ideas are great when we talk about past, present and future prediction. You can imagine time being far more spread out.

The Ephemeris and Block Time

When I read an Ephemeris, a book of astrological patterns, I can flick through 1900 to 2000, and then from 2000 to 2050. I can turn the pages backwards and forwards and see time laid out through little symbols showing planets, degrees (numbers) and zodiac signs. From this I can predict the future. I do this by looking back at the past. That’s how I predicted 2020 would be Joe Biden’s year, way back in 2017. I also predicted 2020 would be a year for women of colour. Then came Kamala Harris.

For me, and so many astrologers, the years 2017 and 2020 are in block time. They are there together in the Ephemeris, a few pages apart. For me, 1939 looks a lot like 2023.

Predicting February 2023
It’s 22nd February 2021 but if I want to predict 22nd February 2023, two years into the future, I can. It’s already there, just as 2021 is here – now. I can see the same cycle we had during World War Two. Rationing and food shortages. It’s coming back. Why? Same cycle. The Nodes in Taurus and Scorpio and Uranus in Taurus are repeating. In the language of astrology that is a radical change in the food we eat. In astrology our dictionary of meaning says Taurus is shopping for groceries and Scorpio is the banks. Uranus is the world turning upside down. It’s coming. Just knowing it’s coming, means you’ll prepare, to minimise the impact. That’s what I am here for.

The Mirror of Time
If you look into the bedroom or bathroom mirror now, you can see past, present and future. They are all tied together in one picture – you. The foreground, ahead of you. The ‘now’ of you in the middle of the mirror. The past or background stretching out behind you.

You can’t separate background, middle and foreground in a mirror. They are all connected. It’s the same with time in astrology. The rationing and food shortages to come in 2023 exist alongside 2021 and actually, September 1939. I can flick the pages now and see these blocks of time existing side by side. They are all connected. What we are going to go through in 2023 owes a lot to 1939. And what was all that about? The division of Europe.

Minimising Problems

If you can’t avoid problems, minimise them by using astrology and Tarot to warn as far in advance as possible. Yes, we’re going to hit food supply issues in 2023. No, that does not have to be overwhelming. Knowing it is coming means you can prepare. When you ask why that is coming (the Climate Emergency impact on farming, as well as pandemic issues in transport) you can become an activist to reduce those problems. That is the universe I live in as an astrologer anyway. You can protest. Sign. Vote the right way. Get informed. Get active.

I predicted a new NSW and Sydney COVID-19 wave in Australia from January 15th as Premier Gladys Berejiklian did not shut down for New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day 2021. For an astrologer, that meant opening up to Mercury Retrograde chaos two weeks later.”

On 17th January, about two weeks after New Year’s Day, Sydney had six cases. What stopped it being sixty cases? Not me. But astrologers and psychics have their part to play in warning and minimising. That is what we do.

Essential Astrology for Women
In 2006 HarperCollins published Essential Astrology for Women which carried this prediction, some 14 years before it happened. “We are up for a crisis where older people are concerned, and at time of writing that may well mean you. How does our society handle responsibility for senior citizens?”

And –

“Corporations will crumble and fall too. Anything with a big pyramid structure and massive skyscraper towers is vulnerable.”

And –

“If there is any period in history when royal families are going to be completely restructured and re-examined, this is it.”

VIRGO Prince Harry 2 476x600 - Time, Prediction and Dreams

Predicting Prince Andrew and Prince Harry

COVID-19 hit retirement homes in 2020.

The Global Financial Crisis arrived in 2007-2008. Prince Andrew was drawn into the Jeffrey Epstein enquiry in 2020, when Prince Harry resigned from the Royal Family. We are in a parallel universe where predictions come true.

Astrology Reality Filters
Within astrology itself there are reality filters, called house systems. There are over 30 of them in Solar Fire software. My own birth chart, calculated in a house system I never use (Koch) appears in our book 21st Century Goddess (Allen & Unwin, 2002) and I ordered the original chart from The Astrology Shop in London, from my friend, Robert Currey. I wanted to see if it fitted my ideas. It didn’t, but it looked beautiful so we put it in the book.

House Systems and Contact Lenses

Each house system like the Koch system used in the book, 21st Century Goddess, is a different circle. Like a contact lens to see through. Each is a different filter. It really depends on what you choose for yourself. People are really shocked when I tell them they can sack their house system in astrology! But of course. It’s not real. It’s just another lens or filter. If you don’t like the horoscope or find it makes you any happier, use a different house system. New filter. New reality contact lens. Remember, nothing is real. Reality is what you measure. If you don’t like what is measured for you (say) in an old computer chart with one house system (one way of numbering your life) choose another one. Try it.

And Yet…We All Measure Reality

This is a really important point. You would not have a live, or a reality, or a world to live in – unless you had measured it. Assessed it. Judged it. Put numbers on it. Put meaning on it. Most ordinary people do that by waking up, seeing 7.00am on the alarm clock and checking the day, month and year. They fall into a universe which fits that. Astrologers don’t do that. They look at the date and see that Jupiter in Taurus is in the Second House trine transiting Pluto in Capricorn. They’re doing their own measurements and end up in their own reality.

Circular Time
In astrology, time is circular. No beginning, no end. Australian Aboriginal people have their own time. That is also circular. You can see it in their art. Time for indigenous Australians is based on seasons, Sun and Moon cycles. So is astrology. Round and round it goes. It’s quite a quaint idea for the majority of people to assume time goes forwards – all the time. In fact, for astrologers, it’s just not true.

Mainstream Time and Astrology Time
This is the mainstream idea about time: Events are always first future, then present, then past. Like a river. They don’t go in the opposite direction. In astrology, time is more like a gigantic joined-up ocean, going in circles, flowing backwards and forwards, around the planet.

The Currents of Time

We push against it, going forward to our destination, but even as we do that, the currents are coming backwards. The future flows into our present and behind us into our past. The past flows into our present and beyond us into our future. Mixed-up currents. The clock and calendar are no good for measuring that sort of time but astrology is. It has its own language. It’s the language of synchronicity.

Mobius Strip - Time, Prediction and Dreams

The Mobius Strip
The particular kind of circular time used in astrology is shown in something called a Mobius Strip. In fact, the Romans knew about it. The Romans gave us the astrology we use today, and they put the strip shape into a mosaic in a mosaic in a villa in Sassoferrato. The mosaic was created in 250 BC. Aion, the god of eternity, is inside a Mobius Strip with zodiac signs. What is a strip? It is a mathematical loop. A loop with a half-twist. It can show time, using something like the zodiac, the planets and so on – twisting back on itself as it moves forwards. (Image: Wikimedia Commons).

The Past Proves the Future

The past, in the astrological Ephemeris, can show themes which repeat in the future. You would expect the first day of the Second World War – the day war was declared by Great Britain and France against Germany – to be a dramatic date in astrology with rare and specific patterns.

The Taurus Line-Up of September 3rd 1939

So it was. On September 3rd 1939 the South Node was at 0 Taurus. Saturn as at 0 Taurus. The Moon entered 0 Taurus at Noon on the same day. It takes the South Node 19 years to do that. It takes Saturn 28 years to do that. The Moon, about 28 days. So the cycles of time clicked into place in a rare combination – like the rings on a safe. It doesn’t matter if you are German or British in the year 2021 when you want to know what the first day of the war was all about, it was about the world economy. And how we do know that? Because Taurus the bull rules bull markets and gold bullion. That’s not rational. But it works. How does it work? Synchronicity.

Synchronicity – When Things Line Up

Synchronicity is the bottom-line truth about astrology and Tarot. Often, as Jane Teresa Anderson knows, dreams as well. It’s a way of describing the non-mainstream time we’ve been looking at.

In her book, The Shape of Things to Come, Jane Teresa Anderson writes that reunion is a common synchronicity theme. “Someone or something from the past will present in the most unexpected circumstances just as the person is on the verge of readiness to handle or heal that area of their life.” That is just one example of how things like to happen together.

Tarot and Astrology Together
This kind of lining up, or matching up, happens when you use a Tarot deck which is based on astrology, like the Smith-Waite Tarot, and astrology itself. You find the images, meanings and illustrations in Pamela Colman Smiths’ cards can show exact astrological timing. The card turns and you see the Ace of Coins. The planets in their courses turn and you see Pluto trine Jupiter in the Second House. In the very month you are asking the Tarot about the future.

Finding Your Way: Time, Prediction and Dreams

By understanding the quantum science of reality – there are many, many worlds – and understanding that time is human-made – you get real grounding for Tarot, astrology and dream prediction. And of course it works backwards as well. One of the most exciting things about Tarot in particular is that you can ask the cards about a past event, or phase in your life, and reframe what happened. By reframing what happened or getting a new angle, you change the mirror of time.

Ask the Tarot now on this website. Ask that you be shown an event or phase from your past that will do you good, and others good too, if you reframe it. If you see things you missed before.

Predicting the Past

I’ve shown you why I can predict the future and why you can too. Now, try predicting the past. We’ll go into this more in the Zoom event for Time, Prediction and Dreams. I suggest you give yourself plenty of time, space and privacy when you do this exercise, because it can be intensely personal and also take more than a day to really figure out. Perhaps your dreams will help your Tarot exercise. Maybe your astrology will give you even more insights. It can change your life. Try it. Given that you can walk into any reality or universe you measure, why not take the measure of the past in a new way?

Fred Alan Wolf suggests remembering what happened to you – maybe something you would even rather forget – and recalling details you missed before. You can go even further. Use the free Tarot on this website to reframe your past. Ask the Tarot about the one thing in your past you can benefit from, by looking at it with new eyes. What did you miss? What you you ‘re-remember’ now that will make you happier and others happier? That card may astonish you. Questions? Remember, if you are a Premium Member, I can see your personal birth chart when you ask! And do try the time-measuring, future-predicting, reality-defining tools on this website. The Tarot. The Astrology Oracle. Your Oracle. Report back! Main image: Jen Theodore, Unsplash.





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23 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica,

    2020 was very difficult, financially. Do you see any respite for me in 2021?
    Also, do you really think the world will go into a war by 2023?

    Thank you!

    1. No World War Three, but we do have ahead of us, the biggest economic shock since the 1930’s. We have to do, what we did then. Make do and mend. Keep calm and carry on. Dig for victory. We need to be satisfied with less. You are really fortunate to have the biggest and best opportunities to make or save money in 12 years, which begin for you on Friday 14th May 2021.

  2. Hi Jessica
    I am mentally exhausted and ready to leave my relationship with the father of my children.
    We are tremendously incompatible and he is also emotionally abusive with terrible anger issues. It’s either his way or the highway. I cannot feel safe expressing my opinion and it’s turned me into a anxious insecure wreck with an inability to trust or honour my needs without feeling guilt or shame.
    Can you please tell me how the likely split will go? I hope for the majority of the custody of my children as I know he is too emotionally unstable (calm one hour and goes off the next at the slightest thing), for my kids to be under his influence for too long.
    His birth data is 21/11/63. Born Sydney.
    Any light you could shed would be most helpful during this immensely challenging time.
    Thank you Jessica.

    1. I am glad you have reached a decision to leave the father of your children and appreciate it has taken you a really long time to get here. It sounds intensely emotional and really difficult for you to be with him, and neither you nor your children need that. You want custody. If there is any question at all about his verbal violence becoming physical, call the professionals and the police. I trust and hope it is not. He will feel quite free and liberated once you leave. Assume no stable second marriage or partnership for him after yourself. Think about that when you sort out the children. He may (for example) have a chain of dates until 2026, or one person but a very unpredictable new relationship. They obviously have to come first, so be a realist about his future situation. Avoid the Full Moon on Tuesday 27th April to make life simple for yourself. If you’re talking money or property avoid the eclipses on May 26th and June 10th. The karma he has with you and the children is about money and it finishes on January 18th 2022. If you want him to end up in the best possible position with a house or apartment (easier for you) make sure you split in 2021 as at least he will feel the roof over his head is what he wants and needs. At some point you will stop thinking about him all the time and make yourselves the focus. Deep breath. Onwards.

  3. Hello Jessica
    Thank you kindly for your detailed reply. Can I ask for clarification though? When you mentioned that he will have no stable relationship, but likely one unpredictable one, are you meaning he may end up dating an unstable person himself? In no way, shape or form do I ever want to risk putting my children in another confusing and potentially traumatic situation with someone who tries to intervene in my children’s life.
    Please can you help me here to understand this better?
    Personally I couldn’t care less if I died single, which is more than likely, but I’d rather suffer with him than put my kids in (further) harms way. They are really sweet children and don’t deserve any of this at at all. Sometimes I just wish he would disappear and not want to see them at all, as horrible as that likely sounds!

    1. There is a strong chance he will date a number of people, or be with one new person, who also delivers instability. That’s why you need to consult a professional about the children. Take heart in the fact that millions of women have gone through exactly the same situation. Be a realist, though; there will be others after you. You need to get clear about child custody and your rights, and their own – which is why a professional can help you.

  4. Hi Jessica,

    I’ve had a tumultuous back and forth, up and down relationship for the past five years that felt very karmic from the first day I met him. In fact, all my relationship experiences have seemed like trial by fire for me. I know I’m a better person for having gone through all of it but golly, does it ever look as though smooth sailing in a relationship is coming for me? Thanks!

    1. You don’t say if you have children or not, but the key to happiness in 2021 is the next generation. This may be your own son or daughter; dating someone who has children; being a godmother; being an aunt or teacher, perhaps a mentor to a teenage intern, or babysitter to a child. That’s the relationship that will bring you the most joy in 2021. A younger face.

  5. Well that’s ironic, no children and won’t be having any. One of the major reasons my ex and I broke up is that he expected me to mother is own children and I refused.

  6. My situation is not too dissimilar to the first questioner. In my mind I am so ready to leave my husband of 29 years, but there are two nearly-grown kids to consider. I feel like my husband and I exist in parallel universes and he really can’t see me as I am. It seems strange to say that after 29 years I find that we are not very good for each other personality-wise. I have moved on and he is happy with how things are (or were, or still believes them to be). “Delusional” is the word that came to mind today. Lately his conversations seem confusing and leave me all at sea. If we have Karma going back 19 years, what is it that I have to sort out to move forward? I feel fearful of the reaction that may be provoked when I reveal what it is that I really want (an ending, to move on). I’m not sure if this is an over-reaction, but I’m sensing a tightening in his hold over me. This month’s Asianscope for The Dog really resonates.
    I asked the Tarot about the one thing in my past I can really benefit from re-framing, and the Queen of Swords (a strong woman with a powerful sense of boundaries) was the response. That’s interesting, because the issue for me seems to have been an erosion of my boundaries over time with this person, such that I have almost none. Jessica, do you have any advice for me on timing of a separation, or communication about same, and any thing I should be aware of to protect myself and my children with this person? Or any redress or balancing of the scales that must be done firstly? I have a very great sense that the time has come, but am unsure of how to step through this.

    1. I really feel for you. I am sorry you are going through this. You have been married for 29 years with two children. You are very unhappy and find him delusional. You want to know what you have to sort out, karmically, to go forward. Don’t worry, you receive as much as you give. In other words, going back to 2002, you are owed – by the world actually – and will find that pans out for you, just as much as you may ‘owe’ spiritually on some level. It may not even be with him. You’ll be shown every step in 2021 and in January 2022 you will realise a circle has closed. Go into that Queen of Swords card really deeply and use a notebook to help clarify. This is you. You can see the children as babies, on your throne. So you, as a mother to two small children or perhaps newborns. You were strong then and had boundaries. You could keep people and situations at bay by a firm but gentle pose of assertiveness. Go back to old photos and find yourself then. This is who you were and you can still be that person. You can have the spirituality (the Queen has a Buddhist bracelet on). Yet you can also reclaim that very strong mother. You protected your children then I think. Children in a bad marriage also need protecting, don’t they? You can get a lot out of that card. It is for you not me, but go back to it and meditate on it. If you can, also space clear/energy clear your home. You can pick up a guide to this as a member. I know you can only do so much given you are living with him but give it a try. You will feel better, once you have done it, and I have also seen it work miracles. Things happen. Obstacles melt away. Good luck.

  7. Hi Jessica, I have recently been accepted to a teaching PGCE in Wales, U.K. This is a huge deal for me. I completed a FE teaching course in 2028, but it hasn’t been enough to get me the job I want so I’m doing the full secondary English one. I’m waiting and waiting to be placed in a school/job offer at the moment and my questions are will I be successful and will I finally become a teacher and get the job I want? It means a lot to me and my family. I’m ready for a big change. Thanks xx

  8. Do you think that the EU will split over vaccines? There are already divisions just as Brexit came to pass over the UK buying supplies and the EU trying to seize them-its human nature to look after your own.There is a lot of news of protests in the EU not being reported on in Germany and Holland ?Do you think Germany will change its politics as Merkle is retiring?

    1. I predicted the end of the European Union (as we know it) some years ago at the time of the Greek referendum. Have a look on Search for EU and European Union. Thank you.

  9. Hi Jessica. love this article so much, and have definitely been feeling the parallel universes lately. I’m going through an intense Neptune transit and have been coming into my creativity (photography, poetry and music) and I feel like this more open channel for this energy.

    I’ve struggled with loss in 2020. My dad and grandpa passed away a month a part, and now we are selling my childhood home. I also graduated university. It really does feel as though my whole world has fallen apart- and I am coming into this new power to really live my life. I haven’t been able to feel like a young person or kid because of my dad’s illness. it felt like for many years any decision I made was impacted by family illness, loss, and I’ve lived with my mom because she’s really been an incredible support system for me.

    I also love helping people and need to be of service to feel fulfilled. (Ive worked as a doula and health teacher) but with everything I’ve been through I haven’t been able to do the work I love because I’ve reaaaaallllly needed to take care of myself.

    I have an interview to work at an art school in California. I do think teaching will be a huge part of my vocation, and life purpose. But I am also in need of major healing. I am my best when I’m working but I need a work/home life balance and to carve out time for grieving. Do you see things moving and shifting for me in 2021? and feeling less heavy and crushing? intuitively I feel like 2022 is going to be another toughy. thanks!!

    1. You have a choice to either go back and rebuild and ‘renovate’ what you had, when your father and grandfather were still here, and your childhood home – or start all over again. I am really sorry you had to go through your Dad’s illness. You have been a doula and health teacher and so in a way, you did the theory and also the practical, but also in an intensely personal way, with your family. You are quite right that you need healing. The art school in California sounds wonderful and you are correct about education as your vocation. You are also right when you say you need time to grieve. Are your friends supporting you? Have you joined a group of people, or rejoined them, who can help you? I should also ask you about Reiki, therapy, counselling, dream interpretation, clairvoyance, spiritual healing too. This is an incredible journey for you, with any of those matters (above) and perhaps astrology too. It’s on that level. The journey begins in May and in 2022 will again change your life. Sometimes a particularly spiritual form of yoga is the gateway. You will find who/what you need in May and never look back. What you discover, to heal yourself, will be incorporated into the teaching, mentoring and guiding you do later. I am being shown a wishing well for you, clairvoyantly.

  10. Thank you so much. I have an amazing support system of friends and family who’ve really helped me get through the losses of my dad and grandpa— but grieving my childhood home feels different. Because it’s my sanctuary space through all the darknesses, so I’m really trying to figure out where to go next. I know I want to be more in nature (I’m born and raised in nyc) and that’s been helping me a lot. I’ve spent some time upstate and really loved it. I do receive reiki every week, I also see an astrologer whose helped me so much and I’m actually reiki certified so I practice on myself a fair amount. I also have my own yoga practice. But I have been looking for more of a spiritual and healing community of other young people. Everything you’re saying rings so true, and I really appreciate you taking the time to hear my story. I absolutely adore you and your sight. So grateful xx

    1. That’s good that you are already in the world of Reiki and astrology. This will blossom and bloom in a bigger and better way for you, after May. In fact, your Spring-Summer has a tremendous healing impact on you. Yoga too. The Jupiter-Neptune conjunction will build very slowly in the sign of Pisces, and come to pass in 2022. You will take a journey through that, and have peak outcomes next year, with Reiki, yoga, astrology and perhaps with another modality.

  11. Thank you Jessica for your words of wisdom and light during this really difficult time of death, transition and rebirth. My first goal is to learn to drive so I can access all the beautiful nature that’s calling me. I’m going to look into healing communities & spiritual centers in upstate New York and start there. Thank you again, and all my love.

  12. Before the pandemic my dream was to go to the UK and go to a drama school, and I had two callbacks for schools but due to covid decided to not pursue it. I’m so torn between pursuing acting here in chicago or going overseas. I’ve been told that I have a tough placement with my sun and moon opposition with my north node conjunct my ascendant and moon. It’s always hard for me to make up my mind. I also haven’t seen my family in two years, so moving overseas in the near future would be difficult because that’s even more time away from them. I don’t ever plan on giving up my dream of being an actress, i would just like to know if staying where I am would be better or if I’d have more success overseas.

    1. Acting in Chicago, or acting overseas? Sagittarius rules emigration and you have Saturn in that sign – tough reality checks. You also have Uranus in Sagittarius – unexpected upheavals. Both Saturn and Uranus are in your Ninth House of foreign relocation. Long-term, you will have transiting Uranus in Gemini opposing both. Hard to see any astrologer telling you to pack your bags and uproot for the next few years, with those transits, but you need to make your own decisions, for yourself. Use The Astrology Oracle, Your Oracle and the Tarot on this website to give yourself a three-way reading and set a time limit. You’ve not said if you were thinking long-term, but I assume you were, as acting is a long-term profession.

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