Introduction to Astrology: Money, Money, Money

Two signs rule money in astrology. Taurus and Scorpio. You should have an average of 2-3 factors in either sign.

If you have more than three factors in Taurus and/or Scorpio, then money, property, charity, business, shopping or collecting is a major part of your life. It describes who you are.

You may be a Socialist or Communist. You can have issues about capitalism, or love it, with these signs dominant in your chart. Yet – money, one way or another, will guide your life, no matter if you work on Wall Street, deeply love shopping – or you give it all away to charity.

Audrey Hepburn was a strongly Taurus-Scorpio woman. She was the Goodwill Ambassador for UNICEF who inspired generous global fundraising for children in developing countries – but also wore Givenchy. Her most famous film is about Tiffany’s on Fifth Avenue. Around one third of her entire chart was about money, property, charity, business and possessions.

Taurus factors in your chart show your personal value system. What you don’t mind selling your soul for – or what you absolutely refuse to waver over. Taurus describes what you put the highest price on. Diamonds or precious principles?

Scorpio is about all of the above, but heavily involving other people or large organisations, like tax departments. It’s about the mortgage you split with your partner and owe to the bank. It’s about your life insurance. It’s about the legacy you leave to your children, or a charity. Deadly serious financial agreements or sexually powerful property arrangements are Scorpio’s domain.

Wall Street

alec favale 9lI7KVWXVX0 unsplash 400x600 - Introduction to Astrology: Money, Money, MoneyBoth Wall Street crashes showed patterns at 12 degrees of Taurus and Scorpio. Why? Because all kinds of money were affected. From the kind tied up in skyscrapers and banks, to the kind husbands and wives fight over, in bed.

The Wall Street Crash of October 24th, 1929, set for 00.00am in London, shows Chiron at 12 Taurus, the North Node at 12 Taurus and South Node at 12 Scorpio. Very close by, were Salacia at 11 Scorpio and Mars at 11 Scorpio.

The Wall Street Crash of 1987 on October 19th, 1987, set for 00.00am in London shows Mercury at 12 Scorpio, in the same sign, at the same number (degree). The odds of that are remarkable.


Olga Morales from the C*I*A* (no, not that CIA) is the expert on financial astrology. She bases her work on Mr. Gann, the mysterious astrologer and financial whizz who disguised his cunning Wall Street techniques in a novel.

I have no interest in playing the share market, but I am fascinated by transits through Taurus (bull markets, bullion) and Scorpio (mortgages and other sexually intimate or deadly serious deals). Astrology says, ‘Look at values.’

See what happened to our values – specifically Communism and Capitalism – when Uranus moved to 0 Taurus between May 16th and June 4th, 2018. This is where the True South Node and Saturn stood at the start of World War Two. The wheel of karma in the world economy will revolve. This is about debt.

We saw radical change for world currencies, banks, taxation and economic systems like Communism. Why? Uranus made a historic move into Taurus, the cash sign, on May 16th, 2018. We were set free from old financial or economic systems that trapped us. The planet will be shocked into a new way of operating.

Uranus describes the revolution that sets people free from who/what restricts them or even utterly denies their own right to live their lives.

You don’t have to be a genius to figure out that the biggest restriction of all is debt. Who and what keeps you in debt? That is where the revolution unfolded from 2018 onwards.

Jupiter, the planet of opportunity, solutions, growth, hope and optimism was in Scorpio, the sign ruling marriage and mortgage mashups – in 2018. Many of you reading this now were born with an outer planet, like Neptune, in Scorpio. Entire generations of people in 2018 stand to gain from what goes down with the banks and our world economies, from May. Your financial holiday from reality will be complete. Just make sure that when you float off in the big bubble, you come back later.

The Taurus/Scorpio in your chart tells you the ‘what’ of your money story and the actual horoscope factors give you the ‘how’ and ‘why.’

austin distel Etxsv8WiFjM unsplash 600x400 - Introduction to Astrology: Money, Money, Money

Richard Branson

Virgin boss Richard Branson was born on July 18th, 1950 at 7.00am in Blackheath, England. He has Vesta at 10 Taurus. She is the asteroid we associate with vestal virgins.

In Ancient Rome, they lived in an all-female community with a male uber-boss, the Pontifex Maximus. Vesta is always about gender politics. Vesta in Taurus commonly describes businesses with one man, being the boss of two or more women. Sometimes the issue is a family where one man has a wife, ex-wife and three daughters and he controls the cash. You get the picture!

No wonder Branson has done so well with the airline industry, where male pilots in their cockpits are outnumbered by female flight-attendants.

On average, Richard Branson should have no more than 2-3 factors in Taurus. He has four. Check the personal birth charts of the biggest business brains, breadheads or charity donors you know. Taurus and Scorpio will rule, by stellium or exact aspect. The nature of the horoscope factors involved will fill out the picture.

When there are stelliums moving through Scorpio and Taurus (transits) and they cross your own stelliums in Scorpio or Taurus, it’s make-or-break time for your money. My website will give you the lowdown whenever this occurs.

Did you have a hard time financially from 2012-2015? Saturn (serious, stuck, slow) was in Scorpio, so this planet may have impacted your own Scorpio factors, which are about deadly serious financial agreements or sexually intimate property arrangements.

jeff griffith PaIDqj8otls unsplash 600x402 - Introduction to Astrology: Money, Money, Money

Horse Racing

I love Phar Lap. He’s totally stuffed these days, of course, but the greatest horse Australia ever knew, is still standing proud and tall in Melbourne.

Some astrologers I know have won the Grand National using horoscopes (I’m looking at you, Julian ‘Giddy Up’ Venables).

The only problem is, if there was a successful formula for winning horse races, then the entire world economy would have collapsed last century.

It’s a bit like betting on the football. If there was some amazing astrological secret that guaranteed a win, don’t you think capitalism would have imploded?

Success on the track is a glorious one-off. It’s all down to the basic rules of astrology. What we do is alchemy! It’s chemistry. You need to line up the charts of everyone involved, along with the transits on the day. For all I know, that also means the jockey’s mother and the horse’s aunt.

The rules of astrology also tell us a fairly predictable truth – that if you want to win on the ponies, you need to be born with a fortunate Taurus/Second House pattern and/or Scorpio/Eighth House pattern. That’s where the cash is.

My predecessor at The Australian Women’s Weekly, dapper astrologer Richard Sterling, had a huge fan base because of his horse racing knowledge.

Richard published a book where he wrote a list of all the key words associated with the planets, so that if a particular planet was prominent on Melbourne Cup day, you could find a horse with a related name and try your luck.

I really miss Richard Sterling. He was an amazing astrologer with a truly exceptional moustache.

Some people have unlucky charts. They have Saturn in the Second House or Eighth House. They were born with Mercury Retrograde in the Second House square Neptune, so they think they’re having a psychic hunch about the race, when they’re actually just a bit drunk. Then they lose their ticket and fall over, so it doesn’t matter anyway.

tierra mallorca JXI2Ap8dTNc unsplash 600x451 - Introduction to Astrology: Money, Money, Money


Money is property – and property is money. The Fourth House and Cancer rule your house, apartment, holiday home, land, caravan or castle. Patterns there in your birth chart tell you the story. When those patterns are triggered, you have some choices to make.

When should you renovate or move to a new house? First of all, try not to do it on Mercury Retrograde, and include the shadows too. If you can move or fix your place at any time, better to be safe than sorry, as there are often chain-reactions of chaos locally, or across your country, at these times which end up getting you where you live. I would also look at Mars Retrograde. Too much backwards action, out there, having a domino effect on your builder.

I’ll give you an example. When politicians call an election on Mercury Retrograde or actually vote on that cycle they end up with a hung parliament, or nobody knows the results for a week. This sends everything into a spin and the domino effect may click all the way down, to your real estate agent or the man with the jeans cleavage who is renovating your kitchen.

Look for useful transits to your Fourth House in the zodiac sign of Cancer, which rules your house, apartment, village, neighbourhood, city and so on. Mercury moving forward is a good one. The New Moon is generally great. You can read the lowdown on all the horoscope factors elsewhere in this book. My website will give you exact timings watch the position of the heavenly bodies there, as they go through the signs.

If you have difficult placements or aspects in Cancer in your Fourth House then be wise and avoid cycles like Mars in Cancer, to move. He’ll just sit on your stuff and turn up the heat. I’m sure you’d rather move at a less stressful time. What do I mean by ‘difficult’? Typically squares and oppositions, so you may have stuff in Cancer which is clashing with Libra, Aries or Capricorn elements in your scope. If Mars comes along and triggers that, you may end up sitting on a packing crate drinking gin, naked.

Who is most drawn to property investment? There is a relationship between Cancer (the Fourth House of property) and also Taurus (the Second House of cash) and Scorpio (the Eighth House of serious finance) in your chart. Horoscope factors in two or three of those, especially if they aspect each other, will make you a natural DIY real estate queen or king.

jason leung SAYzxuS1O3M unsplash 600x400 - Introduction to Astrology: Money, Money, Money

Edited extract from 2020 Astrology: Your Five-Year Horoscope Guide by Jessica Adams.

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16 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica, i have no planets in Taurus or the second house. Neptune in scorpio and Saturn and mercury in the 8th by placidus. How do empty houses/signs impact my chart ? I also have no libra plaents.
    Thanks! jD

    1. Neptune, Panacea and Psyche in Scorpio are all in the Eighth House of your chart, ruling family finance and partnership property. That’s more than enough to keep you busy and the oppositions from Uranus in Taurus will ‘challenge you to change’ as they say, until 2026. You may want to update your will, for example, or book a consultation with a financial professional, about a rapidly altering world. The Full Moon in Scorpio on Tuesday 27th April seems like a crossroads for you. It can be about marriage and mortgage, or the house you intend to leave, to your goddaughter. It’s on that level.

  2. Hi jessica good afternoon
    Can you please tell me having hygiea 17 cancer jupiter 18 Taurus Neptune 18 scorpio what will do I have to look forward with this beautiful combination thank you jessica

    1. It’s a fantastic combination for renovating houses and apartments, and gaining from an increase in their value – you could buy affordably then see the value of your home skyrocket – the trick with Neptune is to keep the unreal, real, though. Borrowing heavily is not a good idea, but you would be mad not to see the massive potential in purchasing land, a home or even an alternative residence. Long-term Uranus at 18 Taurus will radically change what you are doing with property and money, so the challenge is to change, when you meet change – in 2022.

  3. Hi Jessica ,
    Sorry , I have sent another comment … but I think it got lost … Mercury is still retrograde
    I have Vesta at 25 Taurus , Venus 18 Taurus, Chiron at 11 Taurus , Ceres at 04 Taurus and Aesculapia at 13 Taurus . Uranus is at 25 Scorpio , Juno at 19 Cancer and IC is 04 Cancer.
    Do you reckon that I will get in better financial position in the future?
    Thank you,

    1. You have until 2026 to radically change your budget, finances and attitude towards money, banks, houses, apartments, charity, business and possessions. Even if it means abandoning the habits of a lifetime, or a particular set of attitudes, the time has come. In fact you have already started the change. The next few years will be very interesting for you, as you move into a greater and greater sense of freedom, space and independence. Doing your own thing with money and doing it your way – using new inventions and innovations to speed you along. Uranus will form conjunctions and oppositions right across the Second House and Eighth House of your chart, for years. Look up Uranus, Second House, Eighth House and most of all, Ionela, learn to meet change with change. Have such a flexible existence that you can twist and turn, with events. That way you will find the freedom you need, which you cannot put a price on.

  4. Hi, Jessica!
    Not sure if you’re still taking Qs, but I definitely have Taurus and Scorpio in my chart and yes, money is very key to my living. I’m curious of how my chart will play out for my financial security in the near future especially to help support my father who has Alzheimer’s. Also, you once told me I have square Chiron to my Jupiter; how does that make “hard work” for me, what does that mean? Is my “luck” doomed? Any other squares in my chart? Thank you!!!

    1. Too funny, the word ‘doomed’ does not enter into astrology. You are strongly Taurus/Scorpio and of course your father’s will and legacy is a reality; along with the expenses in caring for him. This will work itself out until 2026 through the whole Uranus in Taurus cycle and your life budget will be reframed. Your values will shift. I expect that has already happened; you are supporting your Dad as he supported you. That means a rethink of the price tags you hang on the things money cannot buy.

  5. Hi Jessica,

    I also have a pretty heavy Scorpio chart (7 factors) which is my second house. My family and I experienced lots of financial hardships since 2007 and had to sell multiple family properties due to debt, loans … . In late 2019 things improved a little bit. Besides Mercury, Saturn, Juno, MC, Pluto and Ops in Scorpio, I also have the south node here and in retrograde position. I read in one of the comments that you said nodes in the Taurus-Scorpio axis mean that you had lives both as a rich and poor person ( Do you believe I even read your replies to others comments:) ). So i would like to ask your insights generally about my heavy Scorpio house and specifically about the retrograde position of the nodes in my chart.

    Thank you so much and Happy new moon in Pisces,

    See you tomorrow,

    1. Aylin, I hope you enjoyed the YouTube Premiere and the Zoom After Event. You are strongly Scorpio and it’s actually your Eighth House using the Natural House system. The Nodes show one or more previous lifetimes, and this is an Indian point of view that the West also shares. They are always read as a pair, so Taurus-Scorpio is about property inherited from family, but also fundraising for charity. It is about paying money to other people and generating business, abundance and cash flow – but also having a simple life with few possessions. You will go between extremes in your life, reflecting many lifetimes of vows of poverty (as a monk or priest, or nun) but also former wealth, which enabled you to have the good things in life. This may explain why you like designer clothes and perfume, and the best wine or food, but also need to give your money away to people. Mixed feelings about possessions, money, taxation, houses, apartments, are very common with this combination. It reflects your extreme past lives. You will change in every way with this until 2026, reshaping your life budget.

  6. Hi Jessica, I love your articles…you are so right on everything! I have been struggling with money since 2018…is this going to end?
    I just don’t know what happened…I am so confused.
    All I want is financial freedom and a place to live

    Thank you,

    1. I am sorry you are going through this tough cycle with money, houses and apartments. Your situation eases up from January 2022 and from the year 2026 you will find the financial freedom you want. Until then, you will adjust and adapt. You can use Your Oracle, The Astrology Oracle and the Tarot on this website to give yourself a personal three-way reading.

  7. I was blocked on money and work since 2008 and picked in 2016. Since then am suffering so much. Is this to all Virgos or only to me? 01/9/1970 @ 5:30 am in malindi kenya. When will my life come back again?

    1. You were born on 1st September 1970 with Jupiter at 2 Scorpio in the Eighth House of shared resources and matters of a joint financial nature, but also Neptune at 28 Scorpio, in the same house. You also have Saturn at 22 Taurus in the Second House of valuables, values, and your own money. Ceres is at 7 Taurus too, again in the Second House. This goes beyond being a Sun Virgo person. Suffering reduces when you rethink your values. Try not to use other people’s value system (cars, jewellery or whatever) to figure out what or who is precious to you. You can look up all those placements to find out more about yourself.

  8. Wow so very interesting. I have 11 Scorpio and Taurus combined!!!! Including North and South Nodes… do you tell which are positive and negative? Had tough teen years financially but things are looking better now. The digital realms are interesting……

    1. The North Node is more frustrating but it is very good for you as it forces you to develop a sense of humour, greater self-knowledge, and the wisdom that making yourself respond with extreme positivity, to endlessly recurring situations, is the only way to be happier. It’s rather like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day. He can choose his fate. He can either punch the same irritating man every day, for 365 days, or he can try to find out more about him; see his good side; befriend him. It’s a fascinating film which anyone with a question about the North Node should watch again or at least see the YouTube trailer for. The South Node is easier. That is rather like a retired sea captain watching boats come and go in port. He’s been on them all. He knows every journey. He’s basically written the screenplay and seen the film on rewind several times. It feels easier, more relaxed, more accepting. However this is also where you are least likely to want to repeat yourself. In Scorpio and Taurus you have been both rich and poor, many times. You may have some dreams which reveal past lives to you. You are very, very likely to have been through the Wall Street Crash. Perhaps, The Great Depression. Ring any bells?

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