The Pisces Birthday Horoscope 2021-2022

For every obstacle you overcome there is a wonderful reward, Pisces. This is part of your image, brand, name or personal appearance relaunch complete by 2022. You change on the inside and it helps your exterior.

Happy Birthday Pisces

Did you know you are completing karma with the family, with your hometown and homeland, and perhaps over your house or apartment, or any property investments, this year? That’s the first thing to say about 2021. By January 2022, just before your next birthday, the North Node will leave Gemini and you will have settled spiritual scores. Until then, not much changes, but the rather stuck feeling or repetition, has a point. It allows you to spin your wheels so that you can take the time to transform your attitude. Your point of view.

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8 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica,
    My husband is born Feb 21 1971. I’m trying to file a divorce after 21 years of difficult marriage. Our two children will stay with me post divorce. I’m not looking for any child care support. He is not looking forward to a divorce. Greed for my money is a factor. House is another bone of contention. I believe the house should be rightfully mine.,
    I’m a Taurus born May 3, 1977. What are my chances of an amicable divorce with respect to money and property and which month is favorable? Also, I found this Capricorn man in India, born December 25, 1980. We do like each other. Wondering what is in our future. Would you be kind enough to give me any insight, please?

    1. You will finally figure out where you stand no later than January 2022 and there will be a fair bit of karma for both of you to sort out. This is beyond either of you and goes back to the year 2002, possibly with each other; maybe with other people. The balance sheet of your life is measured in money, going back to 2002, or perhaps a house/apartment from that year, for either of you. In 2021 you will be taken back to the past and do some reckoning up. Perhaps you are owed; maybe you owe, on some level. The good news is, you will not have to spend 2022 concerned with it, you can walk away. Avoid Mercury Retrograde, May 15th to July 7th, but if you must go ahead, get everything in writing and have Plan B and Plan C. Skip the eclipses and the days either side, so June 10th (Solar Eclipse) and December 4th (Solar Eclipse) 2021. There is some zig-zagging to do, but by 2022 you can wash your hands of it and move on. The Capricorn man’s concern will be children, primarily. Does he have them as well as you? You should make the children the centrepiece of discussion as until 2026 this is his issue to work through, rather than relationships, partnerships or marriage. It is about fatherhood and how he feels about it or step-parenting. Not just with you but possibly with a ex or another potential date.

  2. Hi Jessica, I was hoping you might take a peek at my chart for the year ahead? We’re looking for a new place to call home – are there particular times this year that may bear fruit? As I’ve mentioned before my Taurus and I have been very stuck in our current town since October 2017 but we either need a new business to move toward or to take a leap and put a pin in the map! Any advice about my chart would be much appreciated 🙂 Lauren

    1. Lauren you may want to get moving from March 15th with this, and put effort in – as far as May – but June could put you in flux with property so be aware of that. You want to relocate in a year when 2002 and its knock-on effects (karmically) has a bit of a claim on you, so to some extent what happens with houses, apartments, towns or particular countries/regions owes a lot to what you did back then, or what came to pass. These things have a long ripple effect in time but from January 2022 you will be free of whatever had to be settled, spiritually, from 2002.

  3. Thank you! Interesting you mention mid-March until May as we are doing a little working holiday in a coastal town we like the look of on those exact dates. I’m hoping there could be some doors opening – energetically or otherwise! As far as 2002 goes, I was overseas and been for 2 years and making the decision to come back to Australia to go to university in a state I had never lived in. I remember really looking for my vocation at that time – not dissimilar to how I feel now in terms of being ready for the next life chapter I guess? Thank you 🙂

  4. I really appreciate your reply and I apologize for sending basically the same questions, twice ! I thought somehow the first time did not go through.You have given me a lot of food for thought and a lot of encouragement for the writing and research I want to do and AM doing. I also am still searching my metaphysical beliefs to help me have courage should my son’s physical issue (melanoma) come back again.,but I sense it will not.We nipped things in the bud but it shook my foundations at the time. It changed him,too,that’s for sure. He understands mortality a lot better now. I also love that I can create family through my friendships—I am right now honing those relationships and making a few new friends with my interests who I feel will support me, and I will also be there for them! All in all, your answers and more look at my chart and tarot are giving me some very much needed direction in this very crazy year! THANK YOU AGAIN!

    1. That’s all perfectly fine. I am glad you have sorted out your son’s melanoma. Sometimes the brush with mortality happens to make us get our act together and restart our life. He may have had those cycles going on at the time. You will really enjoy April 2022 by the way. It’s a rebirth for him or you. Maybe both.

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