The Sagittarius Birthday Horoscope 2020-2021

2020 has delivered at least one milestone, possibly two, in terms of the paths you take and the forks in the road that find you.

Sagittarius, the biggest news for you is the end of the intense focus on all that you earn, own or owe. You can think about other things, at last, after 2-3 years of relentless transits by Saturn (tests and trials), the South Node (karma), Pluto (people politics) and even your ruler Jupiter (the search for solutions).

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26 Responses

  1. Hello Jessica
    Please can you tell me more aboutit my love life with a cancer 1 décan.. and what about possibility for me to but a cabinet ?
    Thanks a lot for your response and excuse my english…take care of you

    1. Thank you. You will have karma with your past, present or potential partners until January 2022. That karma will come from the year 2002 when a situation was set up where you were owed an apology, owe others a favour, or are owed some kind of favour. It’s big and it’s about your spirit or soul, and theirs. It means putting something to rest, perhaps. It will either be with the actual person at the heart of your love life now, or someone you knew – or could form a duet with.

  2. Hi Jessica
    thank you for my Birthday Horoscope
    I been affecting very much the influence of Saturn and Neptune all my life.. both on the negative way
    Saturn has been very strong to sort out my financials and I did welcome that ,but Neptune(and the virus) has stop me to move to my mother land ..I believe it!
    It’s any good news for the next year ? Saturn changes to Aquarius that transits will be positive? what about Neptune?
    Also I have Jupiter and Venus at Aquarius? How the Age of Aquarius will affect my near future?
    Thank you very much

    1. Thank you Francisco. You will join or rejoin a group near December 21st, possibly as it’s Christmas. You will be shown the challenge with this group, which involves one or more friends, as well as the opportunity. There may be even be more than one group in your sights at this time. Over 2021 you will be rewarded with breakthroughs, solutions, improvements and big open doors, as you experience your Eleventh House transits to the full. Later on from 2023 you will use what you achieved in 2021 to help you move forward. Do not underestimate the power that comes with supplying or ‘feeding’ a group of people as it could take you a very long way indeed. For more, look up Eleventh House on Search, but this is a long cycle and the circle you already are a part of, or one you will join, will change your life in all kinds of ways over the next few years. The trick is to find out what they need and to give it to them. In turn they will give back to you.

  3. Hi Jessica – congrats on a great year for you and on a super website. I’m fascinated that you say Sagittarians will be using microphones in 2021 as I’ve been a broadcaster for 20 odd years yet this particular year things have gone very weird. I’d love to know if 2021 sees a return to regular radio shows, especially covering unusual etherial topics as I used to before the bosses took me off air because too much truth was coming out! My listeners weren’t happy. Also can you see an end to the craziness
    Thanks and keep up the good work 🙂

    1. Thank you and I will pass that compliment on to Alyas, Alicia, James, Jodi and Justin. You will be given a new outlet for your ideas in 2021, soon after Christmas actually. It may be bigger and better than the old show, and perhaps take you into a different medium, like YouTube or Zoom. Every challenge you have in 2021 will have a solution, and the solution will always be so vast in scope, so sweeping and so large that it more than makes up for the obstacle you had to conquer, with the technology, the people or the work – perhaps the audience. Allow for things to go back and forth January 16th to March 13th next year, and you may prefer not to do anything regarding radio, internet, media and so on without Plan B, C and D then. Yet after that you can pick up where you left off around Christmas time and by Christmas 2021 will have achieved great things.

  4. Hi Jessica,
    My on and off again boyfriend is a Sagittarius I am libra sun 8°15’37. We have had a difficult couple of months. We were both were furloughed in April and he was forced to moved back home out of state at that time. Then we both lost our jobs officially at the very end of June both while both being single parents. This has put a terrible strain on our relationship and we have been on a break for a few weeks now since mid October . I’ve read both the libra and sag birthday horoscope and I’m just wondering how some of the influences you described could produce a real reconciliation or positive change in our relationship if at all…

    1. Your boyfriend has karma to fulfil with you and with the mother of his child. That karma ends in January 2022 but until then there will be some repetitive situations which for him, are like a soundtrack that never changes. The song remains the same, to quote Led Zeppelin. He can alter his reaction to things, and control how he chooses to respond, but switching the record is more difficult. Yet from January 2022 the soul debts and spiritual credits he must settle with you and her, are done. Much of what he is going through relates to the year 2002 and karma from that time, either with her, you or another person. You will find the biggest pressure is off you from January 6th 2021 and the tension stops. Either the issue goes away or you no longer care from that point. The children are the key to everything and what you discuss or see from December 21st is a really good reason to hang in there with your child, and/or with his. The year 2021 will reward you for being optimistic, seizing opportunities and taking every solution that comes, regarding your life as a parent and perhaps his.

  5. Hi Jessica, thank you for this post! Before I could finish the last few paragraphs last night, it sent me to look into my ancestors. My paternal side. Because there was a strange connection (which I still can’t make sense of) when my Grandad crossed over in 2002. It’s very odd to explain and sometimes I wonder if it was just my way of dealing with his death because I was so young and pretty much alone when it came to support.
    My family unit is really effed up and I do liken it to the royals in many ways – the princess diana timeline really triggered some stuff for me when I watched the recent documentary. But I’d have to say that I’m over it all and so ready to move on. I feel as though my parents have kept us kids somewhat trapped in a cycle of their ‘stuff’. And it’s exhausting. Especially to undo all the tightly wound uppity bullshit that our Mum was never good enough for them and my father being honoured no matter what the overly pampered, pompous little turd does. Which reminds me, apparently my father had an important game of sport on the day of my birth too. So he just never made it to my arrival. What a jerk! He was probably from the era when women were made to lay down to give birth so the jackass males didn’t have to strain to watch…so this lifetime he just upped the prick level and just never showed up – which is basically his reoccurring pattern this life.
    So anyway, I also ordered a DNA kit about a month ago. So that will be interesting because I just literally woke from a night of reoccurring dreams. My partner and I were moving to Turkey, on a boat/ship. That is odd because I’ve never been but a few years ago when he was there for business he phoned me and let’s just say that there was more than the phone that was “calling me”. So then what was reoccurring over and over, telling me repeatedly was that I need to go back and fix my past life, my Chiron. Over and over. A voice telling me, “You won’t move forward if you don’t fix your Chiron. Chiron 18 Taurus (R). Fix this first.”
    Sorry I know I’m sounding like a kook (nothing new for me:)) but thought this was rather interesting given its timing + my mum’s sun is 18 Taurus. There are more natal chart connections between us women but it’s depressing how much time and energy I have given to my immediate family this lifetime and they’re all happy to never change so I am wondering if this is my time to finally move on? I’ve tried before and they pull me back in but I feel this time is different (I hope). Plus I feel that maybe I have more tools in my toolkit and I can work on my Chiron and channel my energy into leaving a legacy that’s worth it. Oh, something that also arose in my dream is that it was telling me to forget my North Node this lifetime. What would be your advice here though, Jessica? Does this even sound sane from an outside perspective lol? I just awoke and felt compelled to comment. Nonetheless, I would love to hear your thoughts (if you have time) because if there’s some area in my natal chart that I would be better to focus on, then I’d be very much appreciative to hear your advice.
    Many thanks as always, V

    1. The pile-up at 21 and 22 degrees of your chart pulls in the angles – the MC (Midheaven) IC (Immum Coeli) AC (Ascendant) and DC (Descendant. No wonder you are so focussed on Turkey in your dreams, or on your mother and family as a whole. You have been experiencing Pluto at 21, 22 Capricorn – for the first time in about 248 years – triggering that entire complex of angles. The Immum Coeli is about your family tree, roots, ancestry, heritage, culture, home town and homeland. At the same time, you had the transiting North Node at 21, 22 Gemini and transiting South Node at 21, 22 Sagittarius again triggering that entire pattern. October was an historic crossroads in your chart. Pluto is now well and truly off the 21/22 degree hotspot in your chart and the Nodes have also moved on. Hopefully you wrote down your dreams or kept a journal in the second week of November in particular at the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction at 22 Capricorn. The other message you have been seeing about your Chiron at 18 Taurus in your Second House of values, money, inheritance, houses, apartments, charity, the bank, pension-superannuation, life insurance, legacies, wills – is quite right. Neptune is at 18 Pisces until January 23rd next year, and the Nodes are at 18 Gemini and Sagittarius from January 28th next year, until February 8th. Chiron is worth looking up on Search. He is alive and well in your life and personality, and he will be triggered then. If you are curious about the angles you can also look them up on search or in your guides.

  6. Hi Jessica,
    Do I have any chance of success in a love relationship with a 3 decan Aquarius? Is there any possibility of a change of career next year? Thank you for your wonderful work.
    Best regards

    1. The Aquarius must complete karma from the year 2002 about pregnancy, babies or children and it will take until January 2022 for this person to figure out love and sex, in the context of old soul debts or spiritual credits from that year. Ana, you will change careers once or even twice next year, making a decision from the final week of April through to the third week of May which influences your overall path. The path is crazy paving sometimes, but it will set you free. More like roaming than sticking to the pavement. Thank you.

  7. Thank you to you and your team, Jessica I think it was in your response to one of my first comments on your website that you said there’s lots to chew and to chew slowly. Admittedly, at that time, I underestimated just how impeccably timed and divinely precise that advice would be/come and didn’t quite realise its true [node;)] value until today. That said, if I am to metaphorically move mountains (for once and for all … lifetimes!) and reshuffle the deck to a more serving balance of energy – perhaps to what I was called towards 18/19/20 years ago, what approach would you recommend I focus on? Because I believe the key to who I’m meant to become is entwined back there and perhaps now – or eventually soon, I can embrace that energy and bring it back in the light…where it always belonged!

    1. Thank you, I will pass that on to Alicia, Alyas, James, Jodi, Justin and Sarah. Yes, you need to take your time with these transits. You will be shown a project, course or special plan very close to 21st December, that will grow enormously in 2021. It will involve a burden, no doubt about it, but it is also a stunning opportunity. Call it the learning experience that makes you a fantastic guide for others. You could also call it the question and the answer, in one package. Even if you go backwards and forwards with this brainwave, concept or period of study from January 16th to March 13th, give it time and treat that period as a dress rehearsal. It will come good and it will work so nicely for you in 2021.

  8. Dear Jessica, greetings from the Netherlands.
    We are setting up a tech company on 15. December 2020 at 14:57 in the Hague and both Jupiter and Saturn will conjunct MC, with Pluto just a few degrees behind. We hope this is a good timing. Would be great to hear some insights from you if possible!
    Many thanks as always : )

    1. You may want to wait until The Great Conjunction on 21st December with Jupiter and Saturn at 0 Aquarius, if your tech company benefits groups, circles, communities and other networks, or is co-dependent with them. It’s hard to say without knowing what the company does. In general, new technology is ruled by Aquarius. In Rome, an Aquarius was part of the aqueduct system in the Empire which was a very new invention at the time and of course it supplied the Roman baths; community centres for people power. So if what you have in mind is along those lines, you should choose the minute of the Great Conjunction.

  9. Hello Jessica,

    I was born on the 15/12 I have Sun Sagittarius and Sagittarius rising. It has been a tough 3 years. Could you please tell what is in store for 2021.


    1. You’ll be tempted by a new project, course or big idea just before Christmas, Andrea, and then see it roll backwards and forwards January-March which is really a period of rehearsal and beta testing. Later on it starts to come together and by April, with trines from the Sun to your own Sun, you should be on your way.

  10. Thanks for this Jessica! “Uranus is here to make you far more independent, much more of a free agent” resonated particularly strongly with me as the morning of my birthday I fell to the floor and cried about how feel trapped by the unrelenting inescapable demands of late stage capitalism and the realization that my life would never truly be mine if I wanted to be in any way financially secure. I ‘followed my dreams’ at one point in my life (being a classical singer) and it felt jus as much of a trap to be constantly terrified of not ‘making it’ work ($$); so it’s felt particularly hopeless for me these years that I could ever make a life that was mine and took advantage of these beautiful years we have on this planet. Work continues to be the part of my life that I struggle with the most, and I think finding a way to be successful at work but also live a big life would be an incredible development for me.

    I’m also curious at the theme of houses that seems to pop up in all of the horoscopes for me – my home is certainly my sanctuary and home design is one of my passions but we seem to be “stuck” in our current home unable to buy another one. We get very close and something happens every time right before closing.

    1. You made a great discovery when you realised fear of not making it as a classical singer, was as much of a trap as working in another sort of job. That can happen. You’ll have the opportunity to spend more productive and rewarding time online, between now and Christmas 2021 (literally from this weekend) and this may involve your voice in another medium, or on another kind of task. Your ‘voice’ as a writer, or student, perhaps as a mentor or informal tutor for someone, will also take off very quickly for you, with instant gratification in early 2021. A huge opportunity for success comes mid-year and will return in 2022 or be further developed then. Who knows, if you love home design, that may be involved. It really depends on where your passions are next year because you define success as just that – and if I were you, I would light a candle and say a little prayer to your family, friends and guides in spirit, and request assistance, if you really do want to sing.

  11. Jessica, your texts are fantastic, thank you so much for providing an in depth view to my 2021 year. I have a question about interpreting the birthday horoscopes, which house system do i use? Solar sign at the first house or Placidus system? Using Placidus my first house house is almost entirely on aries and i also relate a lot with what you wrote for aries explaining 2020-2021

    1. Thank you. You can take a look at the house systems by entering ‘houses’ on Search and you will see the choices. I use Solar Chart (Solar Sign) for your basic zodiac sign reading, which is a strong human weather forecast. It is as general and broad as a weather forecast, too. For individual and personalised room temperatures, use the natal or birth chart. There are many different house systems for that but after 30 years of experience with magazines like Elle and Vogue, and television work on ITV, I have come to use the Natural House System, which puts Aries 0 on the cusp of the first house and uses whole-sign houses. I hope you like it. Just remember, Placidus was a monk who had nothing to do with women and his house system does not always ‘speak’ female.

  12. Thank you Jessica for explaining it so clearly to me! So the Solar and Birth Chart end intertwining in their predictions, which explain why i see myself going through both of the things described there.
    I asked you this because i have been fearing my transit of Uranus Opposition both Pluto and Mars. I was afraid that i would go through severe economical problems (since this is on my second house on placidus system) and i have been investigating this like an obsession through the last year. You are making me see that i certainly have more to understand using the different house systems and maybe i’m having unjustified fears.

    1. Thank you. The Placidus house system was made popular by a monk who had vows of poverty as well as no contact with women. Years ago when I was the astrologer at ELLE magazine in Asia and Australia, I used to meet readers who had no money and no love life, and they all clutched Placidus charts in their hands. I sacked Placidus years ago. Try the Natural House system to select a different universe. Take notes!

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