UK COVID-19 Predictions 2021

Following on from your questions after an appearance on This Morning on ITV, I've looked into the future of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland - living with COVID-19 in 2021. The good news starts at Christmas 2020.

COVID-19 Psychic Astrology Predictions 2021

After answering some questions about COVID-19 on This Morning in London, I’ve realised British readers have many more. From now, October 27th 2020, until December 31st 2021, what can we expect to see? Well, it’s a new world with a new map.

This BBC map of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, and Ireland, shows how the nation will be so easily divided in 2021. Hard borders for the four nations, to each other and the world – before slowly re-opening to each other, copying the Australian and New Zealand model. That’s what the astrology is saying quite clearly.

United Kingdom BBC - UK COVID-19 Predictions 2021

The United Kingdom is about to take full advantage of her island status, and not for the first time in history. In this, she’ll go the same way as those other islands – Australia and New Zealand – which have brought COVID-19 cases down to zero.

Predicting the 2020 Virus

As This Morning reported, I predicted back in 2019 (a year before it happened) in The Daily Mirror about a virus on January 10th, 2020. That was the day the first person died from what was then being called ‘Corona Virus’ in Wuhan. That’s on the public record.

As I explained to Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby, I work with methods used by Nostradamus and William Lilly, two psychic astrologers of the 16th and 17th centuries. I combine horoscope work with dreams and scrying (gazing into bowls of water for visions). It was in this way that I saw a code hidden in the date 10th January 2020, a year before it happened.

In fact, my publicist Alicia Richardson just alerted me to the fact that this was the day a genome code was sent online. You can read more about that here.

Take a closer look at This Morning With Phillip & Holly, if you missed it, here.

There Is No Magic Wand for COVID-19 in 2021

First, though, the hard realities. What is now really clear, is that there is no magic wand for COVID-19. In fact, in the year 2021, we’ll be looking at elimination (getting new cases down to zero every day) rather than vaccines. Why? This virus arrived on mutable weather in astrology (Gemini-Sagittarius-Pisces cycles, affecting an entire generation of people with Virgo factors). It can and does mutate. But now for some good news. As I explained to Holly and Phillip on This Morning, we’re going to see the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, separate to come together with a highly organised game plan overseen by a brains trust of politicians from all sides. And by doing that, the island will eventually beat the virus.

You don’t think that’s possible? Melbourne, Victoria, Australia just recorded zero new cases and zero deaths. For a second day.

New Government in Britain for the New World

Astrology is all about cycles. History tells us what to expect from 2020-2021, and what we’re seeing is a repeat of the Second World War years – the 1940’s. This means a coalition or war cabinet government. PM Boris Johnson and the Conservative government will ultimately hand over to a shared cross-party leadership. The very first signs of this will begin when Jupiter and Saturn go into Aquarius together on Sunday 20th December, 2020. This is an echo of Churchill’s Great Coalition 1940-1945. It’s where Labour Manchester goes to meet Conservative Westminster (with hand gel). British leadership will have to go across the divides of politics, past battles and traditional rivalry in order to make the cut. Can Boris Johnson do that? Let’s see. But this Aquarius weather in 2021 is about quite radical ‘hands across the water’ leadership, letting bygones be bygones.

images - UK COVID-19 Predictions 2021

Global British Government for 2021

What I’m seeing is new-style world government, with the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland firmly in one corner and the European Union in another. America, Australia, New Zealand and Asia will also take an equal role. The heavy and difficult years 2018 and 2019 were dominated by Donald Trump, who did not cooperate on the Climate Emergency or COVID-19. The new year 2021 is completely different. With Jupiter (expansion, growth and hope) in Aquarius (the global brotherhood and sisterhood; the human family) and Saturn too, we’re going to see a massive shift. Several astrologers have been saying this. It’s a ‘New Age of Aquarius’.

The United Nations has not been the United Nations for a long time. As we also see the South Node in Sagittarius (international connections) that’s going to change.

Italy and Great Britain

I’ve said for some time now that PM Boris Johnson would delay the Brexit ‘No Deal/New Deal’ for months, even years, until Italy decided to leave the European Union. That hasn’t changed. In fact, Italy will play a special part in the new world order.

Learning from HIV/AIDS

Again and again, Britain and the world will learn from HIV/AIDS as countries get to grips with the new reality – COVID-19 without a vaccine. As you know, we have reached the year 2020 and despite a huge amount of time, money and energy being poured into finding a cure for AIDS, every attempt has failed, ever since it appeared in the Eighties.

The latest AIDS vaccine failure cost US $100 million, just this past year. And yet, thanks to a massive effort around the world for the last three or four decades, AIDS has been eliminated or controlled.

Scotland and the United Kingdom

If you’re a regular reader, you will also know that I predicted independence for Scotland many years ago, at the time of her referendum. I predicted she would say “No” to leaving the United Kingdom, but eventually say yes. We’re going to see a huge push by Scotland away from ‘the Union’ as they call it. Her part of the Union Jack looks bright red to me – quite heated – and I believe she’ll be pushing for her own self-control, both of COVID-19 and life after Brexit. Nicola Sturgeon is not giving up. This photograph below by Michelle Heind shows ‘stony’ Scotland. Those are very solid walls and bridges. Expect a drawbridge.

odpsnmh1mei 600x400 - UK COVID-19 Predictions 2021

New Borders for a New World

From fishing rights in the English Channel to firm airport and shipping port borders right around the world, you’re going to see the map redrawn. Your passport will work very differently in 2021. We’ve already seen borders imposed in 2020, of course, but the slapdash approach is well and truly history by the final week of January 2021. That is a critical crossroads when airlines, the cruise industry, the tourism industry, immigration authorities and the rest will get real. The new world is ring-fenced.

Learning from Australia and New Zealand

Everyone in Victoria, Australia has just spent about three months at home, with a 9pm curfew and only two hours to exercise and shop for food every day. Victorians have just become world famous for reducing their daily cases to zero and deaths to zero. The place where I now live and work, Tasmania, has eliminated the virus, by reaching zero daily cases, and holding it over 28 days. In fact we’ve been free of the virus for over two months. The Northern Territory has eliminated. The Australian Capital Territory has eliminated and is on her way to three months without COVID-19.

New Zealand’s Jacinda Ardern has led her country into what is fast approaching elimination. Remember, they have to hold at zero cases for 28 days.

This sounds impossible to some British readers, I know, but the answer is simple. Think local, as well as global.

nbed3yshj6w 565x600 - UK COVID-19 Predictions 2021Victoria has 6 million people. Ireland has 5 million, Scotland has 5 million. Wales only has 3 million residents.

Within England, London has 9 million people and could be separated by road and train borders from the rest of the country. Nothing is impossible in this scenario. Now, let’s zero in on Wales, Scotland, England and Ireland.

The Future is Local Not Global

I was talking about this at The Conscious Cafe recently – the hard push back against globalisation. It really comes about because of that mutable weather I was talking about. We have billions of people with Sagittarius factors – generation EasyJet. The unusual patterns in the heavens, in Gemini, Pisces and with pressure from those born in the Sixties (generation Virgo) means that globalisation is well and truly over.

The future is local. Wales, Ireland, Scotland will close borders against each other and England. Against the world. And they will push to eliminate in 2021.

We’re seeing what the Welsh are calling a ‘fire break’ in October 2020. Well, that doesn’t go far enough. A couple of weeks isn’t going to eliminate the virus. Victorians have shown it takes three months. At least.

Wales – Living it Large and Local

Using The Book of World Horoscopes by Nicholas Campion, it is possible to find ancient astrological charts for Wales, Ireland, Scotland, England and what we now call ‘the United Kingdom.’ In fact I go all the way back to the Roman Invasion of 55 B.C. to look for trends in 2021. Wales will gain from a boom in agriculture, gardening, an investment in the natural world, the land and her own food production in 2021. Slow and steady wins the race for her. She’ll be the bridge between Wales and Ireland. On a clairaudient level I am hearing the word ‘Douglas’ in connection with Wales. I wonder what that means? Maybe you can tell me.

England – the London Border

You can expect a hard border with London and the rest of England, and certainly the rest of the United Kingdom, over the next 12 months. In fact, we’re seeing the same cycles as 1665 and 1666, when astrologer William Lilly was dealing with the plague he had predicted, in his famous vision of swarming rats. No rats this time. But – just as we saw in the 1600’s, Scotland will put up her walls against London. And make no mistake. This is a prosperous Brexit. The bubble may not be real, but it floats.

The United Kingdom chart set for 7th December 1922 (UK Reorganisation) shows abundant Jupiter at 8 Scorpio. Uranus, the planet of freedom, independence and surprises, will oppose Jupiter at 2020 turns into 2021. This is a lucrative divorce.

Some other factors may come into play in 2021. Given that America is about to elect Robin Hood as President, the technology giants may be forced to pay proper tax, and not only that – back-taxes – to England. Another factor? Arrests and asset seizures of foreign money-laundering culprits in London. We’ll see The Magnitsky Amendment to the Money Laundering Act enforced.

rtg1tr6ygb0 600x450 - UK COVID-19 Predictions 2021

Ireland – Working Hard for the Money

Wales has her agriculture and land. England has her ‘New London’ in place. What about Ireland? The picture is productive, positive and shows steady employment. Bitcoin mining, or other cryptocurrency ventures, will be a big part of what comes to Ireland in 2021. Photographer Jason Murphy (above) has captured the unique, colourful, quirky qualities of Ireland in this image above. She goes her own way and does her own thing.

The UK Unification Chart set for 12th July 927 (yes, that long ago) shows Jupiter, the planet of abundance at 7 Scorpio, the banking sign, under opposition from liberating Uranus at 7 Taurus. These charts are in agreement. This is Ireland doing her own thing, keeping the money coming in 2021.

Scotland the Brave

The United Kingdom is no longer united in 2021 as borders close and economic walls go up with the four nations. Scotland may very well leave forever, though, as the old family tree of Wales, England, Ireland and her own Celtic roots, is blown sideways. This is a revolutionary year for the Scots, particularly the young. She will want to go her own way with Europe. There is a terrific astrological chart for Scotland, dating from 16th March 842, which shows Uranus (rebellion, uprising, upheaval, independence) in the fiery sign of Aries at 13 degrees. It’s exactly square fiery Mars at 13 Cancer, a very patriotic sign.

I am predicting a major push for independence from Scotland when the transiting North Node and South Node at 13 Gemini (local borders) and 13 Sagittarius (international borders) cross that point, March 16th t0 28th, 2021.

From March 16th to 28th 2021, Scotland will aggressively strive to cut herself off from the United Kingdom and seek other partners in the post Brexit world. The outcome depends on how it is done.

Life as a Television Show

download - UK COVID-19 Predictions 2021If you think about The Good Life, or Gavin and Stacey, you’re getting close to the atmosphere and feeling of the year 2021. The Good Life was about something that will be absolutely huge in the United Kingdom next year; city farms and suburban home gardens. Allotments and crowdsourced communal gardens. This is part of the earth cycle (Taurus and Capricorn weather) picking up the charts of Generation Virgo. The gardeners born in the Sixties.

Gavin and Stacey brings us back to Wales, and England, and the idea of social and family bubbles. Family and friends. We are going to see announcements and rules about Christmas 2020 that make your bubble watertight.

With better, faster, easier and more affordable (eventually free) COVID-19 testing, the reality is – in the years 2021, 2022 and particularly from 2023 – friends become like family. That’s part of the Aquarius cycle.

Keep Calm and Carry On

Keep Calm and Carry On - UK COVID-19 Predictions 2021

The other cycles taking place here are really about the Taurus patterns of the 1940’s. So the feeling in the United Kingdom, and her rapidly separating four nations, is basically ‘Keep Calm and Carry On.’ Other wartime slogans – ‘Dig For Victory’ and ‘Make Do and Mend’ will also reverberate in our consciousness.

The truth is, in the new world, you can feel abundant without globalisation. Without heavy tourism, immigration and global high streets. That is part of the gift of the long Uranus in Taurus cycle in the year 2021.

You know, it is astrology’s job to reassure, as much as it is to warn. I gave two warnings about a virus on this website in 2019, with specific dates, because I needed my readers to be aware of what was coming and to take it seriously when it did arrive! As I told This Morning, I packed my bags and left for Tasmania after I saw the situation in Wuhan on January 10th, 2020. What about the reassurance? Well, you have to trust those old horoscopes for the four nations. What we are seeing is a strange combination of strength through unity (a cross-party cabinet) but also isolated independence (the walls go up separating London from the rest of the nation). We’re also seeing genuine global collaboration and co-operation with a big nod to Australia and New Zealand. I’ve been asked ‘Will there be Christmas?’ One look at the historic entry of Jupiter and Saturn into Aquarius, the sign of community, and friends-as-family, and the answer is yes. It is also the beginning of the New Age of Aquarius, which intensifies from the year 2023.


Images courtesy of unless noted otherwise.

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16 Responses

  1. Thank you so much for these predictions, Jessica! I wonder how COVID-19 will affect me (Gemini) and my boyfriend (Aquarius)?

    We’ve been in a long distance relationship for 2 years (he lives in England and I live in Belgium). We were planning to live together from summer 2020, but the pandemic changed our plans. Add to this my fear of returning to the UK (I lived there for a decade before) due to the evident collapse of the NHS. I have some health issues, and I wouldn’t feel safe having to rely on the NHS.

    Add to this the Brexit. My British boyfriend is eligible for an Irish passport, which would make the process of him moving to Belgium run more smoothly. That said, because of COVID-19, applications are temporarily closed. Waiting times are up to 18 months! We both miss each other so much, it hurts. We haven’t met in person for over 8 months, and I can’t take the risk of visiting him or him visiting me due to the ever changing measures and restrictions surrounding travels between the two countries. I wish I could go and see him even just for a couple of weeks, but I refuse to be a potential COVID spreader. I want this living nightmare to be over for everyone in the world. It would also be problematic regarding my work. And also because I live and look after my elderly father who is in a high risk group for the virus. So I can’t stay away for too long, and we can’t have my boyfriend over. I’m hoping to move nearby soon so I can still help my dad with his daily tasks, and have my boyfriend live with me. I am launching a new business soon and I hope it will buy me a house. However, when can all of this finally happen? The virus, as well as travel restrictions and delays in Irish passports deliveries make us feel like the world is against us finally living under the same roof.

    Thank you!

    1. Your boyfriend is in England and you are in Belgium. You miss each other badly. Well done on refusing to be the woman to spread COVID-19 and keeping yourself in Belgium. If everyone did what you are doing, we would not have the disaster now unfolding. Your father is also elderly and at risk, and you also need to be with him, to help him. Okay, so you have past life karma with your boyfriend and this separation is part of promises or soul contracts you made to each other, between lives. This is partly to do with him being a father, or not being a father. It’s about babies, for him. For you, it is about marriage and separation. I am sure neither of you would be surprised to hear this enforced separation feels familiar. Correct. You have done it many times. The karma ends when the Nodes change signs on January 18th, 2022. That does not mean you both have to be apart until then, but you also have karma with your father. In fact it would not surprise me if all three of you were linked back in time. Nothing will sort itself out with England, Belgium or Ireland until we are past the critical January 24th to 27th period in early 2021. That will be the beginning of new coalition or cross-party government in Westminster, drawing in leaders from all parties and the four nations. From there it will be decided to eliminate and have a master plan, copying New Zealand and Australia. This is going to mean a brand new set of rules for visas, passports and flights which I can’t go into now, but I hope you can see that 2021 is full of questions not answers. You would not be the first couple separated by circumstances; couples in the 1940s did it for years. When we look even further ahead in time we can see that what is happening now for both you and your boyfriend, is actually about the revolution which begins in your approach to love, sex, marriage, commitment and children from the year 2026, so in a way, being apart now, is part of the radical, liberating, exciting changes to come from that year, past 2030. Everything has a reason. Keep on protecting your father and your fellow Belgians from this virus. That is a deal you make with yourself and nobody else. And actually, that is at the heart of the matter. Self-karma.

  2. Hi Jessica
    Thank you for this article. Please could you give me some advice on a situation ( involving me in London, UK a company in Scotland and a company in Israel….also the FDA in the US) that’s been ongoing with my businesses, since the Brexit vote…the 2 situations…mine and Brexit have been uncannily similar and I still don’t have resolution with my situation…but am continuing to pursue it until there is a final resolution.
    I would really appreciate your take on this.
    Take care and stay safe and please keep guiding us through these times x

    1. The international situation is in flux, particularly with Brexit, until Italy sorts herself out, and that could take us through the winter. Obviously the USA is also in tremendous flux at the moment. You have been caught with a few retrograde or backwards-moving planets, and without knowing details it’s hard to say more, but in general January moves things forward. Mars moves direct then, and there is a sense of massive momentum as we see Saturn (finally) out of Capricorn.

  3. Thank you so much for detailed predictions, Jessica! I wonder how COVID-19 will affect my family and our finances. We moved back to India to be near to the family. Had no luck in selling our house in London and now we both are having no jobs. Wondering what would be our financial situation and career in this challenging times.

    1. Thank you. I just don’t have a chart for you I’m afraid so I can only comment in a general way. You are in India. You can’t sell your house and you lack jobs. It sounds to me as if you probably have Cancer and/or Capricorn chart factors (Cancer rules home and country; Capricorn rules career). If so, you have been through the toughest cycle of your life, as you have had the Nodes, Pluto and Saturn right across that point of your chart. It eases up tremendously at Christmas, if this is the case, when Saturn quits Capricorn. Again, if you do have these placements, 2021 will be so much easier with both home and work.

  4. Hi Jessica,

    I know it probably shouldn’t be seen as a worry, but I really want to go abroad next year – I’m a Gemini Sun, with Sag Neptune – travel is my dream! I hate being stuck in one place, and find this lockdown really hard – is there any hope this will stop?

    1. The United Kingdom will separate into Wales, England, Scotland and Ireland to eliminate the virus, but it will take time. Within England we will also see London and other cities, like Manchester, subject to border control. The good news is, eventually each nation will open up to each other. Think local. I’m afraid you don’t even need to be an astrologer to take one look at France, for example, and see it is dangerously out of control. There is hope though: Australia, New Zealand and Taiwan have done it.

  5. Hello Jessica,

    Ive been thinking a lot about this report and in particular why i am so connected to London even though I was born in Sydney and have lived in other coutries too – the Middle East, Zambia and USA. It feels like whatever destiny is ahead for London is my destiny too and like this is familar to me. The idea of leaving London pops up occasionally but it doesnt seem to be an option that I want to choose. Instead, I wonder what i can or should be doing to make the best use of this time. Whenever I ask this question I get a sense that all that can be done is hunker down and weather the storm. Do you see any other patterns?
    Thank you so much for your vision.

    1. Thank you. The geography here is still turning so radically, that you won’t actually know the path pursued by the United Kingdom until she is past the pressure of late January 2021. From that point forward there are lots of decisions to be made about the closure of borders between the four nations in the U.K. and then the gradual reopening of them, to each other first. Travel as a whole will be utterly transformed by 2021 and you may find the USA is off limits entirely. London herself will eventually create a system where she can run her numbers, the way Melbourne did.

  6. Hello Jessica,
    Thank you for sharing your fab knowledge.
    If London is going to have its own borders, What’s going to happen with the rest of England? Thank you for your time.

    1. I expect that the PM and the new cross-party cabinet or government, will decide that ‘local is local’ and it may come down to the Mayors and Councils or Boroughs, in liason with the counties. There is such a massive difference between, say, Kent with its open border to France – and the North. This idea of tailoring and customising The Melbourne Model as it will probably be known, will take off in leaps and bounds as 2021 goes on. The Melbourne Model relied on what they called ‘the ring of steel’ with police and army road blocks on the highways. That will be something to think about as the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland eventually moves towards elimination.

  7. Dear Jessica,

    I am Welsh and have been fascinated by mundane astrology for years. Douglas is indeed the capital of the Isle of Man, a crown dependency. Could Wales have this status one day?

    A sincere thank you for all of your insight, patience and kind words to all of your followers. I noticed in the news today that Meghan Markle has indeed invested in a new kind of coffee with Oprah Winfrey on board, just like you predicted!

    Stay safe and keep going!


    1. Thanks so much Mathew and I didn’t know that prediction about Meghan Markle had just come true, I appreciate the news. It looks like ‘Douglas’ is the Isle of Man capital, unless a real Douglas turns up. Wales is just waiting to separate and eliminate, isn’t she. Then the four nations can come back together again when they have eliminated the virus. Luckily New Zealand and Australia already have the template or model for this.

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