The Scorpio Birthday Horoscope 2020-2021

Ceres in Aquarius is with you until the 9th of November, then the pressure is off. Until then, there will be a process of division, sharing, territorial claim.

As you read this, there is a big compromise (a forced compromise) taking place with a family member, flatmate, live-in partner, tenant, landlady, council, or government decision on residency/citizenship. There is then quite a long gap before you go to Sunday, December 20th, which kickstarts a life-changing cycle not over until 2043. This is exclusively about your house, apartment, town, country, family, household and will utterly transform every aspect of your existence. But let’s start small, Scorpio and zero in on 2020-2021. Premium members, read on…

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30 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica,

    i’ve done an interview on a podcast that will come out early November. The podcast is followed all over the world.

    Aside from that it sounds like you are saying there might be a change in relationship or change in residence. What I want most in my life now is financial freedom.


    1. Congratulations on the podcast. If you want financial freedom then Scorpio factors at 3-28 in your Eighth House of ‘other people’s money’ are parked firmly on the radar until the years 2025-2026. Uranus, the economic shock felt in America and around the world, will oppose your Scorpio factors for many years. So Scorpio is a fixed sign, but if you want to be free, you will have to unfix what is fixed. Scorpio rules sex and money (classically marriage and mortgage) but also family and property (legacies and wills). If you do want to be free, you will need to start working with the Uranus oppositions to ‘meet change with change’ and radically so. The old models and systems will increasingly not apply, so CG, the time has come to be open to what comes, no matter how dramatically different that will be.

  2. Hi Jessica..The last section really spot on for me..My brain injury was may 2017,but my first statement against the culprit who caused it was December 2017,.He did everything to avoid the police,even leaving the country,although hes back now,I lost hearing in one ear and have memory issues,got hearing aid,which is brilliant but memory issues I will always have…I have legal case ,against me,on 3rd Nov,mercury retrograde meeting diana in has being back and forth.but finally got the recognition from different supervisors that really boosted my confidence, after the injury.. ,I’ve a Pisces girlfriend 15 degrees,who has stood by me the last year ,and we are talking about saving for a house next year,We stay between her mam and my mam,both are gemini..but,she wants to start a family,I want to wait for a proper home for baby,she wants to live in a town,I want countryside,.I’m not sure what to think now .because even though Saturn is finally leaving Capricorn and my cancer stellium it’s going into my 4th house,and opposite my Leo stellium..not too mention pluto squaring all my Scorpio and opposite leo in years to I’m going from frying pan into the fire,and will probably burn when Saturn goes into pisces, Saturn there anything on my side in the next year? Thanks Jessica.

    1. December 2017 was the arrival of Saturn in Capricorn, I’m afraid. You lost hearing in one ear, so you are in the Scorpio group whose basic communication was affected by a physical problem. I am so sorry. You also have memory issues to live with (though these will improve: I will talk more about that in a moment). You have a lovely sensitive Pisces girlfriend and you two are talking about the future, though you sound worried. Okay, so to begin with your memory, you have until a few days before Christmas Eve to take advantage of an opportunity to improve that. It will be free to you, or affordable. You will get really good results very quickly; enough to persuade you that this is the way forward. From Christmas itself, the anxiety around communication will fade, or the issues you have had with remembering will actually begin to subside. This is the end of the toughest cycle in years – Saturn, Pluto, the South Node and Jupiter in Capricorn! Jupiter and Saturn go into your solar Fourth House in December so 2021 really is the year of life-changing decisions about where to live, how to live, and how to be part of a family but perhaps start one. You’ll be in a really great position throughout, and should be able to find the blend of town and country that works for you. A nice compromise. The harder question is a baby. Figuring out how to have children in your life is the big one, and that will take some time to sort out. It’s not impossible but it will be a challenge. I would suggest that you have as many options open on the table as you can; give yourselves lots of wiggle room.

  3. Hi Jessica, my moon is at 11 degrees in Scorpio and ascendant at 12 degrees. Does this horoscope apply to me?

  4. Good morning Jessica
    My husband of 15 years is a sun scorpio whose birthday is today. Hes a super husband, friend and father to our kids, Though work and finances challanged us over the last few years our marraige has always remained strong and happy. He has had depression since his early 20s and I was wondering is there a way I could make his life a little easier in the year ahead? I see from the forecast that his partners actions seem to be involved greatly in his year ahead. He lost his career as a DJ in March, retrained as a chef and lost his job again on Tuesday due to Covid closing the business. I understand you can only see my birthchart but I would do anything to help support his happiness and would love if you could see if my actions in the next year help or hinder his ?
    Thank you for your amazing insights

    1. Good morning. I am at my desk in Australia and it’s 6.35am – just putting the kettle on. I am so sorry your Scorpio husband has long-term depression. Very tough for him to lose his job as a DJ and then as a chef. Depression is obviously an illness which can be there even if you are very successful, but loss does not help. You sound like a wonderful wife. I’ve filed a couple of pieces on depression which you can read. One is about Ceres and her cycles, and the other is about Virgo. I would suspect your husband has Virgo patterns, or Ceres patterns. Any decisions and discussions involving him are Mercury Retrograde affected, so expect the talk or judgement from September to change, be delayed or even come to nothing by November 10th. Just let the wheels spin around (John Lennon: Watching the Wheels!) In fact that song could have meaning for him. John Lennon sang “I just had to let it go.” I have spirit with me as I write this message for both of you. So you are both being looked after by family or friends in the spirit world, who know what is happening. As I don’t have a chart for him, but I do for you, I can tell you that both his talents, in music and cooking, will be re-routed into other roles in 2021 and beyond. He will also pursue a third talent he has, and monetise it. If you have not already seen the excellent Australian depression websites, Black Dog and Beyond Blue, now is the time. Even though his doctor will have obviously treated him for this illness, or a range of doctors over many years, there are always new discoveries and new possibilities. You also need support, because you are supporting him. The outlook for him with work and finance is solid, but beyond that, he has to find ways to stay well. Reiki distance healing works across time and space and the testimonials online will show you just how powerful it is. Please try these free Reiki videos on YouTube. No matter how long ago they were recorded, the Reiki (as you can see from the readers) still works. Seek out Reiki Grandmaster Sandip Jain. Tara McGillicuddy. Tarek Bibi. Marla Mervis-Hartman. Lara Waldman. They are all recommended to me, and I hope one of them, or maybe all of them, can assist.

  5. Hi Jessica,

    I am hoping with the nde transit that there will be some windfalls coming my way, when I think of financial freedom, that is my thinking.

    I am not married and do not have a mortgage.


  6. Hello Jessica! Every birthday I’ve had since about 2017 has not been the greatest… also my relationship with my live in but not married partner ( no children) has had ups and downs since then too….. financially things are more so on my shoulder and again have been since that time period as well, and last but not least … I’m working towards buying a home hopefully in the winter months next year…. Please tell me you see some sort of freedom coming my way from the doom that’s been held over my head since 2017… thank you!

    1. The worst of your problems from 2018 and 2019 are behind you so be grateful for who/what went out of your life in 2020 even though I know it was a big loss for you. Sometimes you have to cut your losses and let go of what was there. You will feel a great deal more relaxed about life from just before Christmas Eve. The hardest and heaviest cycle in years is over. Saturn is out of Capricorn. You will have more financial freedom when you radically change your life budget. That means putting a higher value on what money cannot buy and spending less (or nothing) on what you now realise costs you, what you cannot afford. May is a good time to do that.

  7. Hi Jessica,

    I made significant financial improvements when Jupiter went through Sag in the last year or two, and also when Jupiter went through Scorpio.

    I have read a few times you said for Sun Scorpios with this node transit, south node in Sag, this might be a fruitful time financially through 2021. With my stellium there I hope that is the case. 2002 was a good year for me.


    1. You are a Sun Scorpio with Sagittarius ruling your Second House of money and did well, when Jupiter transited Sagittarius. That makes perfect sense. The South Node in Sagittarius until January 2022 is really about karma from 19 years ago, and in 19 year cycles before that – so it really depends on what you did for others. If you were generous; donated money; waived bills; gave people cash in kind favours (free accommodation for example) and so on, it will now come back to you in spades, CG.

  8. Hi Jessica
    You have been my light in the darkness at various times over the Past 5 years. I am a Scorpio born 11/4/59 at 10:58 pm in New York. A single parent I raised 2 children, struggled, bought a home finally, went back to school late in life for a career. Job offers took me across the country and I left one of my Adult children who had disability in the home while I have been renting for the last 8 years. There were times when I nearly lost the home, and then made crazy compromises to keep my Child in it. Now it is time for me to sell that house and buy Where I am now so in my golden years I can stop being a renter. Of course this involves uprooting my Son. I will happily make a way for him because he is in need but I am done with New York, that house and that chapter. Is this what you have been indicating in your recent horoscopes? My year 2020 horoscope certainly seems to fit! Hope I am on the right path

    1. Thank you. Congratulations on being a single parent to two children, one of whom is disabled. You also saved enough money to buy your home. Very impressive. You are sick of New York. Yes, you should move. Please begin looking online or just mentioning what you want, as often as you can, in conversation. You will be amazed at how many good things come from just talking about what you want to do. Start on Sunday 20th December and keep looking in 2021. January 16th to March 13th is Mercury Retrograde so if you do find somewhere, get it in writing, have Plan B and C at that time. Apart from that, you may well find that Spring is your time. Read the fine print on the house or apartment paperwork with one eye on 2022, though, as that is more challenging than 2021, which is so often joyful. For example, check to see outcomes for 2022 should X, Y or Z come to pass, with the house, garden, apartment or local area. That’s common sense but also good astrology.

  9. Thank you for this birthday horoscope, Jessica. An awesome read, as always.
    Can you please tell me, as a scorpio sun, should I be reading this horoscope, or wait until my Rising sign (Pisces) horoscope?

  10. Hi Jessica, Thank you for the birthday horoscope 🙂 Ever since selling my home in 2012 there’s been nothing but problems with housing and moving around a lot with not long periods of stability. Could 2021 bring that stability in my home life? Would love to be a homeowner again. Thank you!

  11. Hello Jessica. Thank you for the birthday horoscope – I always read it with great interest. The frustration I’ve experienced since 2017 certainly rings true, particularly in terms of relationship. I’m single since separating from a 25 year marriage back in 2014/15. After some earlier dating success (up until May 2017), I’ve felt like I’m in an old fashioned pinball machine, being endlessly pinged around and occasionally blindsided. Is this going to continue?

    1. I am sorry you are finding dating stressful. Have you taken a break from it? Your chart shows you need some space and time to radically rethink how you view love, sex, relationships, dating and marriage. This might mean stopping what you have been doing (internet dating for example) or even just thinking differently about how you see yourself in terms of partnerships and friendships. That takes inner work so it is more than just quitting RSVP or whatever. And inner work takes time. You’ll be happy again but after a fair amount of transformation on the inside, and a little bit on the outside. I think you probably know that.

  12. Jessica

    I have had a very rough six months with my business and had a fall out with my business partner late August. Since the fall out I have had to pay out huge sum of money. I hope that there is some good time ahead.


    1. I am really sorry about the financial loss, Sue. And of course the loss of a business partner is personal pressure as well as financial. You will no longer have issues after the second week of January 2020. Later on in 2021, with stunning patterns from Chiron to Jupiter, you should be able to pull off something quite amazing with money, a house, apartment, valuables, business, charity, possessions and the material world. It would be mentored or guided for you. You would have an advisor who is also an outsider. Choice is there if you want it. Next year will be so very much easier than 2020!

    1. Saturn 8 Scorpio, Uranus 8 Sagittarius really stand out in your chart. It is unusual for these planets to be in exact aspect and it suggests financial life lessons (Saturn in Scorpio in the Eighth House) usually accompany sex and money (marriage and mortgage for example) or property and legacy (family wills, for example). They always go hand-in-hand with radical changes in the way you travel, study, teach, use the worldwide web or deal with foreign people and places. In fact there is another revolution coming up in 2021 as Saturn in transit goes to 8 Aquarius and Jupiter in transit goes to 8 Aquarius, too. In 2021 you will likely find huge decisions to be made about the money, business, house or apartment, at exactly the same time you realise you must ‘meet change with change’ regarding a foreign place or person, or perhaps foreign ideas, subjects and intellectual challenges.

  13. Hi Jessica,
    It would be my 36 birthday in next week, in Chinese, it is the end of the 3rd 12-year cycle. The past few years were not easy, may I have some suggestions from you in order to get some improvements?
    Thank you!

    1. Happy 36th birthday. I am sorry you have had a rough trot. You know, the fastest way to get a better life, is to space clear, or energy clear (Spark Joy) your apartment or house. Have you already done that? Maybe do it again, and pick up the guide from this website on how to do that. You could also look at Marie Kondo’s videos and definitely the website of Space Clearing and Feng Shui expert Karen Kingston. You are going into a really great new cycle for property, family, home town and homeland just before Christmas. To welcome in what you want, clear the space. Make notes or draw what you’d love to happen. It’s all about home.

  14. Hi Jessica,

    Thankyou for the birthday horoscope. I recently had my 41st bday and my husband and I a Gemini 17.06.76 have 3 lovely children but have had a lot of financial difficulties. We rent and cannot afford to save a deposit to buy our own home. It appears there is change in the horizon
    Just wondering if our lives are going to get a little easier.
    Thanks Mel

    1. Happy 41st birthday, Mel. Your husband is almost at the end of the toughest financial, property and budget cycle of his life, with solutions appearing next week, and a sign-off moment just before Christmas Eve. Meanwhile you have some financial karma to complete by January 2022 when you will pick up rewards from around 19 years ago, but also settle some spiritual or literal debts. This is the great balancing, and it takes time but you will get there. He will see faster progress than that. I suspect the family will help and/or the property situation will be to your advantage, again a few days before Christmas. So state what you need when you gather with his relatives or your own. You would be amazed at what can happen on this cycle, which is to your total advantage in terms of a house, apartment or other space in 2021. Chat away and see what comes your way.

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