Free Weekly Astrology Lesson: All About Pluto

Pluto was dwarfed, as we all know. By sign and house in your natal chart, he shows where you want it all, temporarily have it all, then have to be cut down to size by life, other people or organisations.

P is for Pluto

Percival Lowell 456x600 - Free Weekly Astrology Lesson: All About PlutoThe symbol for Pluto in your horoscope is P for Percival. He was Percival Lowell (pictured left). His wife Constance (pictured below, right) thought Pluto should have been called after him. That’s right. We could have Percival in Capricorn right now. Percy searched for Pluto first, then about 15 years after he died, the geeky lab assistant Claude Tombaugh found it.

The discovery of a planet and its naming gives astrologers the first clue they need about the meaning of a horoscope symbol.

The Astrological Method that stargazers have been using since 1781 is about those powerful moments of synchronicity when you realise astronomers (who generally loathe horoscopes) have just done everyone a favour, by surrounding the new planet with the exact same issues as the old myth which gives the planet its name! The first clues are detected!

Constance Lowell - Free Weekly Astrology Lesson: All About PlutoOriginally, the Lowells called the mysterious piece of rock beyond Neptune, Planet X. Astronomy-watcher Michael Byers is a fabulous goldmine of information on the Lowells – who looked for Pluto first – and tell us so much about this planet’s association with power struggles. Byers writes that Constance, Percival’s wife, was a real estate queen who married P for Percival when everyone thought he’d choose his secretary instead. When Percival died, Constance fought over his fortune. Hard. Constance was interested in astrology, although she was hopeless at it. She also appears to be a bit of a control freak, as might expect from the astronomical midwife of Pluto – and I mean that in a nice way.

Constance’s letters at reveal this exchange, as they were trying to sort out what the new planet should be called. Percival, X or something else?

“Dr. Slipher (she wrote), Roger Putnam has written me about the intensely interesting observation that you are experiencing – that it may be Planet X I pray. Mr. Putnam asked me if I had any thoughts about the name. He said he had thought of Diana. But no. If it is not to be Lowell or Percival, my choice is Zeus. Zeus being the father of Aries – Aries being identified with Mars – it seemed appropriate- and Dr. Lowell was born in the sign of Aries – it is Dr. Lowell’s planet after all these years of looking for it. And it is only right that it was his to name after himself and now my right as he is dead and gone, in the Air of the Universe – and he was like a Zeus. Sincerely yours, Constance Lowell.”

People Politics and Pluto

All that passion, all that need to control – that’s Pluto. Note her name, too. Constance. Constant Craving is a famous k.d. lang song but it’s also Pluto’s theme song. Pluto shows where you constantly crave someone or something until you have to go and get it. It’s the way you go and get it that can cause you issues if you’re not careful!

Everyone can identify with Constance and her obsession about the new planet and her husband because everybody has Pluto somewhere in their chart, with all the famous intense longing, power and need to dominate everything and everybody, that comes with the symbol.

Pluto was dwarfed, as we all know. By sign and house in your natal chart, he shows where you want it all, temporarily have it all, then have to be cut down to size by life, other people or organisations. The bigger the power trip the worse the comedown. You can be a superstar all through the Seventies, abusing every privilege you get, but eventually you will fall off your platform shoes and be downsized. Thrown out of the star system, in fact.

Naming Pluto At Last

In the end, NASA sent its New Horizons mission to Pluto with geeky Clyde Tombaugh’s ashes on board, and poor Percival and Constance remain a footnote in history. The people politics surrounding the name we ended up with are fascinating and so typical of this planet.

Pluto was suggested by Venetia Burney in Oxford. She was eleven years old. She told her grandfather, (who had already suggested names for the moons of Mars) who passed it on to the right people. There was nothing political about Venetia.

Except – in the original myth of Pluto, Proserpina and Ceres – it is a young girl, her mother’s pride and joy, who is seized by Pluto and taken to Hades where she grows up to become his bride. Proserpina becomes a go-between in the myth, a human bridge between her powerful mother and her powerful husband. It’s hard not to see little Venetia in the same light. The girl was given five quid for her trouble and astrologers learned why the asteroid Proserpina matters. Pluto and Ceres are your inner power-trippers. Proserpina is your inner go-between.


The Contemporary Astrologer’s Handbook - Free Weekly Astrology Lesson: All About PlutoWalt Disney immortalised Pluto by naming Mickey’s dog after him. Pluto had a dog called Cerberus who had three heads and guarded Hades/Hell, the underworld where souls went after death. Sue Tompkins takes up the story in The Contemporary Astrologer’s Handbook.

“During the year in which the planet was discovered (1930), Walt Disney’s Mickey Mouse character acquired a pet dog. He was given the name Pluto a year later and appeared in 48 films.”

Sue made the connection between Pluto the planet and people who work with dogs, or keep them, when she was looking at charts.

I love this connection between Pluto and dogs and everyone who is learning astrology finds it an easy memory trigger. See Pluto? Think of Walt Disney cartoons.

cole keister qNJpGSCv Jc unsplash 400x600 - Free Weekly Astrology Lesson: All About PlutoDogs are highly political. They are obsessed with who is ‘top dog’ or stuck out in the doghouse. You only have to walk your dog in the park, and you can see all the power plays going on, not only between animals but also their owners.

Pluto is always about control. Dogs are kept tightly under control on leads, but you may also wonder who is actually in control when you yet again have to fish around for a plastic bag in your raincoat pocket and scoop up their excrement. We live to serve, and I’m talking to you, Kipper and Boo.

Dogs are powerful or powerless, depending on what we do to them. As guard dogs they can save the house from fire or burglary, raising the alarm. Sniffer dogs can get you arrested at the airport, or when they sit down next to you in the streets of Soho, when they smell your drugs. A sweet little dog with a police coat can put you into jail. They have the law on their side, but they can also be thrown into pounds, which for them I suspect are like dog jails, even though the volunteers at dog homes try to save their lives.

The phrase ‘dog eat dog’ springs to mind when we think of Pluto and also these animals. Pluto in your chart by sign and house shows where you can potentially encounter this in your life.

Dogs raise issues about willpower and self-control. Obeying our commands wins them affection and food. Disobeying us at puppy school sends them into the doghouse.

Dogs have so much to teach us in general, as my friends at our charity Dogstar in Sri Lanka know. They are good Pluto coaches. Why?

Self-Control is Control

matt nelson aI3EBLvcyu4 unsplash 600x400 - Free Weekly Astrology Lesson: All About PlutoPluto transits and natal placements teach us that self-control is total control. Unless you want to feel dominated and overpowered by something/someone that ‘owns’ you, then you must learn to keep yourself on a tight leash. Use your iron will to submit to whatever you must do, in order to have a balance of power with who/what is in charge. Mastering yourself helps you cut a deal with your master, your masters or whatever trend out there seems to have total mastery of your situation.

Almost as soon as Pluto arrived in 1930, we began to see the rise of the Nazis and world leaders who wanted world domination and were chasing the weapons to do it. I find it really interesting that German Shepherds, also known as Alsatians, became so strongly identified with the Nazis. They are beautiful dogs, strong and brave, and of course, dogs are what we make them. They were highly trained, as they are today, for security work.

Dogs learn to master their instincts and follow the rules. What beat the Pluto madness that was well and truly unleashed during the war? Iron discipline. Steely self-control. In a word, blackouts, rationing, army drill and patience. When a dog is told off by its owner for harassing other dogs (or cats, which shoot up the nearest tree) the animal often cowers and usually shrinks in size, backing down on the floor.

We associate Pluto with something very big becoming something rather small and the idea of downsizing, putting someone in their place, shrinking people’s positions, lowering their status, dwarfing their importance and so on, is tied to all Pluto transits. Pluto is a large dog, Mickey is his mouse owner, but in reality, the mouse would be far smaller than a dog and in fact be his prey. Disney saw the joke.

People who are beginners in astrology often tremble when they see Pluto in their charts. I don’t know why. It’s always powerful but it is through finding your willpower and using it that you can succeed with this planet. Power trippers are common on tricky transits, but they are always cut down to size in the end. It works the other way too. Don’t be a power-tripper and play people politics, regarding the areas of life covered by Pluto in your chart.

I get a lot of comments on my website from people born in the Sixties with Pluto in Virgo and they have work issues galore. Sometimes you have to look at your own chart and ask yourself the embarrassing question, ‘Could I, in fact, be the Mickey Mouse in this particular Pluto situation at the office, this week?’


Extract from 2020 Astrology: Your Five-Year Horoscope Guide by Jessica Adams

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40 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica

    Can you tell me how my Pluto at 20 Libra works in my chart. There’s not much happening in my relationship zone, literally.

    Thanks, H

    1. You will have an opportunity to go into a new relationship or a fling in the second half of 2021 when Jupiter at 20 Aquarius trines natal Pluto. Your world will open up with friends and/or a group bringing growth and expansion in your social life and with clubs, teams, or other circles and that is the gateway for you to begin something new. Pluto is unaspected so that means you don’t have regular, recurring relationships (or even big marriage phases) but you tend to fall in love, or have other people want to date you, or sleep with you, when you get transits to Pluto. Much, much later on in your life when Uranus goes to 20 Gemini (2030) you will marry, remarry or create a partnership with someone.

  2. Hi Jessica, this post is particularly intriguing to me as I have Pluto in Libra, yet it is in Retrograde. I know I’m deep in this ‘power based’ relationship with my partner of 25years, which is loveless and miserable. But how does the retrograde play into this? It looks like from my chart that I’ve only got one other choice (Uranus in Libra), at a long term romantic relationship, I feel like I’ve really lucked out in this lifetime! Many thanks x

    1. If you two are going to split, it would be by January 2022 at the latest, which I may have told you before. The issue is money, the house and/or the apartment and if you do not make a decision by January 2022, it would then go to the year 2026 and onwards. Have a look at the financial legal commitments on paper, now.

  3. Morning Jessica, I do find Pluto fascinating, thinking of it as the power behind the scenes. As a 60s Pluto in Virgo child, I saw your comment on work issues. Certainly in my case, I have almost always struggled with control issues in the work environment, and i know its often all me, me, me. I like to do my job (well), but am hopeless with reporting to anyone at all. Feeling peaceful comes with self direction, and I feel my free spirit quashed in most work environments. Yet again, I am currently trying to manage a return to self employment (finances permitting the transition). Does my chart indicate any trends or transformations there? Wishing you well.

    1. Thank you. Self-employment suits Pluto and Uranus in Virgo people. You have Uranus conjunct Pluto at 15 Virgo. Vesta at 15 Cancer is involved, in the Fourth House. That suggests a family or household pattern where one male dominates, or dominated, more than one female. So, harem situations at home affect how you feel about housework (Virgo, Sixth House) but also unpaid work, and then paid work – your career. Dad, Mum and one girl will do it, so will two sisters. Later on it can be husband, wife and daughter. I just saw a reader with a husband, their daughter, son, his ex-wife who would not leave the scene, and his two daughters from the first marriage – heavy Vesta. Have a look not just at work but also housework. And figure out if your household or family situations have historically contributed to how you function in a career. Do you compete with other women for a male boss’s approval, for example? Vesta is a trip.


  4. Jessica, here’s a Plutonian question. Trump, U.S.A., democracy. Your past predictions state Trump is done next month. Polls don’t back that up. He’s fibbing about mail -in-votes and gaining each day. Now, he gets to replace Ruth Bader GInsburg, our last hope. This Pluto is not losing. Why are you so sure otherwise?

  5. Hi Jessica you are amazing thank you so much for all your knowledge and spreading it .. Jessica my question is I haven’t talk to my daughter in three years she was born August 19, 1992 at 4:17 PM in Tucson Arizona . can shed some light on our relationship thank you again Jessica for all you do ..

    1. I answered you elsewhere but now have your chart to see. It is very important that once the lines of communication are free again (this is all about the emails, the texts, the letters or the telephone calls) that you set firm boundaries with her and get things nice and clear. There is a great deal of confusion and muddle here, but the outlook is good. I take nature omens quite seriously especially if they occur right as I am writing a reply. The sorrow will go.

  6. Hello Jessica, So grateful for your wonderful website. I always learn so much from your articles. Your knowledge, wisdom and generosity is so appreciated. Yes, a Pluto in Virgo sixties baby. I have four placements close in degree to my natal Pluto in Virgo. Can you please shine a light on my opposing Bacchus in Pisces? Namaste.

    1. Thank you so much. Namaste. Pluto at 11 Virgo in your Sixth House is opposite Bacchus at 11 Pisces in your Twelfth House. You live with this every month as the Moon goes to 11 Pisces and 11 Virgo every four weeks. So, it’s part of who you are. You find pleasure (Bacchus) by inhabiting another reality (Twelfth House) which can be religion (Pisces) or astrology, mediumship, Tarot, Buddhism. You are at your most self-indulgent with others (Bacchus) when you give in to natural and unnatural highs which are hidden from view (Twelfth House) inside you. The idea of tripping is close to Bacchus in the Twelfth House. Meditation, dreams, astral travelling are also Twelfth House. Cults are Twelfth House. The opposition to Pluto in your Sixth House of work, health, fitness, mental health and wellbeing speaks for itself. You want to control work and be your own boss, even if you are on the payroll. You also want and need to control your food, drink, drugs, doctors, healers, fitness. There is tension between that and the other side of your personality. Resolving it comes down to creative compromises.

  7. Morning Jessica, I have already asked one question, but am curious in general whether Pluto tells us anything in the chart in regards to reincarnation. Regards V

    1. Pluto tells us why a generation reincarnates as a group, and what they hope to advance for the human race. So, the generation born in the 1960s with Pluto in Virgo, have come onto the planet to challenge the old ideas about sickness, health, hospitals, doctors, pandemics and viruses. They may have been alive on the planet during other times of plague, like the Black Death in the 1300s, for example. Here they are again and they have now been living with AIDS since the 1980s when they were in their first relationships or getting married. Now they are living with COVID-19.

  8. Hi Jess!
    So many amazing and informative articles – I don’t know how you keep up!

    I have Pluto in Libra in my 7th house (which coincidently sits on my eldest son’s natal moon) and is un-aspected in my natal chart

    I was married very early at 23 and had 4 children but that ended in divorce, unfortunately, 17 years ago. I always put my husband first, usually at the expense of my needs, probably because I never really said or knew what my needs were. All I wanted was a happy and peaceful family life.

    I’ve had a casual (but secret) long term relationship with a Pisces (14th Mar 1976) for 10 years. This has allowed me a lot of freedom and a kind of relationship but I feel I would like more than this now (as in an actual relationship and spending time with someone)

    I’m wondering if I’ll be in a relationship in the near future? Any other advice you may have about this placement would be appreciated.

    Funnily enough, my parents gave me a golden retriever puppy in January this year (her dob 27/10/19) and I’m really devoted to her. She has a wonderful life with the children and me and is such great company- she’s definitely running the show!

    Much love

    1. Thank you Jen. Pluto in Libra in the Seventh House is about finding empowerment and influence, control and clout, by discovering your willpower and self-control, with or without your former husband. And also, of course, with your Pisces. You have Jupiter in Aquarius trine Pluto in Libra in 2021 so yes, the opportunity is there for a new phase with Pisces, or another lover, who would give you the reins. Enjoy your Scorpio dog friend. I have a dog at my feet now who is enjoying the heater.

  9. Hi Jessica,

    Thanks for the interesting article. I have Pluto in my 5th house in libra at 23 degrees. Pluto also trines my mercury in my ninth house. I just wondered how this plays out in my life?

    Many thanks for your insights!

    1. Pluto is in your Seventh House at 23 degrees presumably trine Mercury at 23 Sagittarius in your Ninth House? Hard to say without a chart. Pluto in Libra is about powerful partnerships – work or sex. Trine Mercury, the two of you together (there will be different pairs throughout your life) help you with writing, the internet, the media, education or public speaking. Simple!

  10. Hi Jessica thank you for all your wisdom and insight.. Your Amazing.. I was wondering if you could help me out? I haven’t spoke to my daughter in three years we had a falling out her birthdate is 8/19/92 Born in Tucson Arizona at 4:17 PM . Just wondering if you can look at her chart maybe see were her and my relationship will be in the future I miss her so much thank you so much Jessica .

    1. I am sorry about the lack of communication with your daughter. Avoid October, first half of November as Mercury Retrograde (communication backwards) in Scorpio in her family zone is not going to help. As I write this a lone magpie is on the electricity that connects my home to the internet and telephone. A symbol of sorrow, except I just saluted him, so he’s powerless. It is also raining here and he’s having a really good clean-up. There is a major piece of symbolism here. He’s just flown off and gone free. This situation will be cleaned up, the sorrow gone, and freedom return. It’s about communication. Try again second half of November. Thanksgiving and/or Christmas is a good excuse – Christmas is a time of Christian forgiveness and it is also time to give thanks in some way.

  11. Brilliant insight, Jessica. I absolutely LOVE the dog correlation. Now if we can just send a certain Plutocrat from the White House to the dog house – (or is that the pound?) then the world will be a better place. Interesting in my own chart when Pluto entered Capricorn and hit first my IC and then my natal Venus my brilliant, rockstar career went bung and nothing i did would re-boot it! Did I fall off my Manolos? Probably. Pluto cut me down to size and I had to reinvent myself. Such a shocker as I thought I was oh-so-special as everyone told me I was. Pluto put on his helmet of invisibility and blindsided me. Also aside from a mega flirtation with a certain Hollywood ‘A’ lister which went nowhere, it seemed to kill my love mojo too. Is that it? Mind you, totally get the self-control part. Pluto has shown me the power of working that one!

    1. Donald is not long for this world – watch October. Pluto in Capricorn conjunct your IC and then your Venus in your Tenth House would transform your career, give you power or control issues to deal with, and the relationship with the Hollywood A-List person was part of that. Clout, influence, fame, popularity are all part of the Pluto pathway and you test yourself against other people or organisations to see who really has the controls. You have discovered your own power but you will be pleased to see the back of Saturn in Capricorn, which exits near Christmas Day. Merry Christmas. You will never go through anything like this again.

  12. Hi Jessica
    Going through all that you have mentioned above. Played some dirty politics secretly and it is out. Someone else is now playing dirty politics of this secret of mine.

    I have ops at 22 libra and salacia at 22 aquarius. I am not only dwarfed and humiliated but deeply broken and sorry. Please send some healing my way. Thank you.

    1. I left you a note about Grand Master Jain who is a distance Reiki healer and so far the testimonials show good results. Try. I am very sorry you are so heartbroken, but there is help. Try not to buy into this emotionally or energetically more than you have to. Don’t overdo it. Let it come and go. It will pass. You will be very happy in the second half of 2021 with the chance of another relationship.

  13. Hi Jessica
    I wonder if you can advise me on my pilot square Venus . It seems like I struggle with romantic relationships, they can be intense but ultimately I scare them away, or the romance dies and I’m left with a “friend” without the passion.
    Any clues on how to harness this placement?

  14. Hi Jessica
    Can you give me some advice on how to manage my Venus Pluto square.? I find myself drawn to to intense relationships/ friendships and then their gone and I’m left lost, or I’m drawn into friendsHips that bore me .

    1. Pluto at 5 Virgo in your Sixth House is square Venus at 5 Sagittarius in your Ninth House. That is about an inner conflict between your relationships (Venus) with foreigners (Sagittarius) and your need to control (Pluto) your work (Virgo). So why are you having problems with intense relationships or friendships which disappear? And why do friendships also bore you? Chiron at 24 Aquarius in your Eleventh House of friends and groups is a sign you need to see what you can get away with, with people. Sextile Mars at 24 Sagittarius it again involves foreigners. You also have Bacchus at 9 Aquarius in your Eleventh House of friends and groups. That’s hedonism, drink, possibly drugs, definitely sex. Cupido at 9 Capricorn is semi-sextile, in your Tenth House of career. You can get crushes on staff, employers, colleagues, clients but Cupido is as short-term as Bacchus! Romping and rock’n’roll, not steady trust and love. That’s perfectly fine as astrology does not judge. Uranus at 20 Leo in your Fifth House of pregnancy, parenthood and contraception rejects pregnancies, or babies, or children – or is rejected by them. The result is always freedom, space and independence. Jupiter at 20 Sagittarius in your Ninth House is exactly trine. Again, we are talking about ‘foreigners’ (Sagittarius, Ninth House) but likely, people from different backgrounds with different accents, passports or perhaps languages. I have a feeling you are following other people’s rules and regulations for what friendship or love should be, when in fact you are more suited to a Jim Morrison lifestyle. Feeling lost or bored suggests you are trying to make your peg fit into the wrong hole, so to speak. Try different ways of being a friend or lover that don’t repeat the old formula that has failed you before. This is a pirate’s chart or a rock’n’roller’s chart.

  15. Hi,
    Just curious. Why did the Astrologers named newly found planet Pluto as the co-ruler of Scorpio sign?

    1. Scorpio used to be ruled by Mars and then Pluto was found in 1930 and given the name of the god of the underworld, who was driven by sexual obsession. Scorpions are also sexually obsessed and will risk death (being eaten or stung) in order to breed. In 1930 astrologers decided to take away Mars and provide Pluto. That’s how astrology works. It’s synchronicity.

  16. Hi Jessica
    Can you suggest measures for heart chakra healing? I have had a lot of tower moments since august and this particular energy centre is achy and in grief. Thank you.

    1. I just had a very good experience with distant healing from Reiki Grand Master Jain on YouTube. I was testing him for all of you. Two issues I had disappeared. Please try his channel. You need to use the videos daily for 40 days.

  17. Hi Jessica! I loved the dog parallel to Pluto – very true! I feel like my father is like a dog at this point of his life. A dog running the show – actually almost all men I feel are a version of Pluto with their egos running the show. I am sad that I have Pluto in libra. Makes sense. I keep getting told I’m like Persephone (my mom one time and another astrologer the other). Why? What makes Pluto so heavy in my life with relationships? When will I find that cool guy that can be with me?

    1. You could spend years working with Pluto in Libra in the Seventh House. The path for Pluto is to learn to share. It is easy when young to want absolute control over everything and everybody, and it’s born from passion. Yet, as you grow older, you will gain by delegating the passion and understanding that others also want to be obsessive. That makes life a lot easier.

  18. Hello Jessica
    You have a lot of mastery with astrology. I have a natal opposition of Pluto 3 libra to Moon 8 aries 1st and 8th house respectively. Mother and I had a strained relationship but I think we worked it out in the end and I cared for her as she died. Is mother daughter issues the major theme of this opposition which is t-squared by jupiter 8 capricorn fifth house (dob: 18/11/1972 at 12:21am Brisbane Australia).

    1. Thank you. Kristina, I do not use any orb over 1 degree so would not count your Pluto-Moon square. Mother daughter issues? Your whole concern here is Ceres at 17 Scorpio in the Eighth House, which of course rules death and inheritance, property and legacy, finances and family. Ceres is an ancient symbol of mother-daughter tension. Ceres at 17 Scorpio is closely quincunx Saturn at 16 Gemini in your Third House. You can see I also use a different house system to you. I would recommend you get your chart done properly, it can help a lot.

  19. Pluto is one of the most palpable energies in a chart, I think. I felt this when Pluto transited my 4th house. It dredged up all the dysfunctional problems in my family and mother issues. I have a natal Moon square Pluto and my mother has always had a controlling aspect over my emotional wellbeing, plus I guess I feel things at a deep level. It’s a heavy and intense energy emotionally.

    I also have Mercury conjunct Pluto. I’m good at reading people energy-wise and quite good at getting to the truth. My mother used to get frustrated at me as a kid and say, “You always want to know the ins and outs of a fart and which way it blows!” If I recall, I think Mercury conjunct Pluto implies anger too? I’m not an angry person, but when I do get frustrated my anger scares me. It feels volcanic. Fortunately, I write so it’s one outlet, though I have heard with this aspect its best to focus it on something physical like a martial art?

    Jessica, I wanted to ask, I’m about to release a self-illustrated children’s chapter book series I’ve written (I have 3 almost ready to go) but Mercury is still in retrograde and Jupiter and Pluto (which I assume is good in combination) is also in the company of debbie-downer, Saturn, which occupy my career 10th house. Looking on at the House system you use, though I can’t see the transit aspects, they look like they are in trine to some of my 6th & 7th house Virgo/Libra planets? Hopefully, this time publishing will go far better as I had no clue how to market last time or build an email list! I need a bloody a break as I have been unemployed for a long time but I want to work for myself on my own clock bringing in a decent wage to support myself for the rest of my days and be able to do it from wherever (though this pandemic has put the kybosh on being a digital nomad anywhere in the world for some time to come, so UK it is). Hope you can clarify 🙂

    1. You’ve written and illustrated a children’s book and you do your own astrology (using your own system, which I don’t use). You have been unemployed for a long time and want to know if you can make money from your book. I’m going to flip your chart and use a house system which I trust. First of all, you need to work (any work at all, even voluntary work, even poorly paid work) because you have that sort of chart. Even if you are jobless I hope you are at least volunteering. Without a daily routine and part-time jobs, study and so on you won’t really make your life go round. The wheels have to go round and you are here to serve. So if you create stories for children maybe you can also Zoom-read stories for children who need to learn English as a second language; that kind of thing. In general you have three books ready to sell in a market which depends on authors with their own fan base but marketing and mailing lists are not your thing. This is all practical stuff. You begin with a long comment on your mother, but I would not count your Moon-Pluto aspect as a square; it is too wide. Your mother problems are Ceres 5 Pisces square Neptune 6 Sagittarius. Ceres is mothering, which is difficult for you, you cannot square it with writing, which is your escape from the real world. You may never have had children at all as a result, or have had them, but really had inner conflict about that. You have Ceres in the Twelfth House of introversion, belief (your belief in astrology) and the spirit, square Neptune (escaping from reality) in the Ninth House of publishing. Your mother was unkind to you when you were a child and now you want to write for children. You also have anger to deal with which can be really hard unless you get to the core of where it comes from (probably her). I would focus less on getting published and more on children. What can you do for children/with children which works, even if you are not paid? Start there and then go back to the three books. They are not going anywhere and in fact many professional writers of podcasts, radio shows, theatre, paperbacks, ebooks, television, film – have bottom drawer books which they keep for years and return to, on and off. And sometimes you just throw the book out. I have written many books for the likes of Penguin and HarperCollins, and just threw out a 30,000 word book from years ago that my agent never bothered with. I can see why, it’s utterly dreadful, but just putting it in the trash has relieved me and given me energy for something else, far better! You need to do something drastic, that’s for sure. You are stuck. Your frustration with no job and no publishing deal is taking you around in circles. Break the circuit. Just work at something – anything – and let go of your old system of astrology if you want to be really radical!

  20. Thanks for the reply, Jessica. I wouldn’t say I do my own astrology. I do have an interest in it but can’t quite put it together. A bit like tarot. I’ll read 3 cards for example but can’t intuitively tie it together. I can generally read people but not astrology or tarot! What’s that about? I take my hat off to what you do. Knowledge only goes so far, but there is definitely an intuitive talent that binds it together and you have been blessed! Btw, do you use the Whole (1= Aries) house? If so, I’ll study that more. I notice that puts my Jupiter in the 12th. I prefer that placement there than in my 6th/7th! It says far more about me from that planet alone, so I think the system you use is more on the ball. I wonder why other astrologers don’t use this system when you are having more accurate hits with it?

    I have volunteered on and off regularly over the years, but just as I was about to start again, along came the pandemic! But it’s always something that has interested me. I’m into conservation and animals. Not children funnily enough! You’re right about not having children, but would abandoned and abused animals come under that energy to allow mothering? I often take them in and nurture them. I have 4 at the moment and feel it helps bring out my maternal side and I actually enjoy it.

    I’m not sure I could be in front of the camera as I am so deeply introverted. I’m waiting for an appointment to see if I am on the spectrum (high functioning autism) which might finally explain a LOT of things and possibly why my mother finds it hard to relate to me, but I do struggle to be around a lot of people, including children, (though until this recent long-term unemployment, I have always held a job down). In future, I’ll get back into volunteering, get a part-time job, hopefully, do well enough with my writing and art (btw, I paid a lot for a course that also covers mailing lists and marketing in a way I couldn’t find free on the net and it looks a lot easier than I previously thought, so I’m pretty serious about building a multi-book series around my pet adventures), plus have my pet family around. Other than that, I like the simple, quiet life with my fur-babies. I’m not really a career-focused workaholic or materialistic.

    I just want to thank you for the time and effort you put into this extremely informative site, as well as finding the time to reply to many people’s posts! It’s one of the best astrology websites out there, and I actually look forward to many of your predictions coming true. It shows there is magic out there in the universe 🙂 And I apologize for my long posts, I know I can ‘talk’ the legs off a Queen Anne chair sometimes!

    1. Thank you. The Natural House system uses whole-sign houses and puts Aries 0 on the cusp of the First House. It goes under a couple of other names. Other astrologers do not use this house system because they were trained to use Placidus or Koch, sometimes Equal House – they don’t like to change. How lovely that you look after animals. That is a good use of your chart. It’s good you are going to go back into volunteering and have your animals – that is suitably Sixth House, which you need. You are strongly Sixth/Virgo which is why I suggested you need to work hard at something – anything. I’m sure your animal friends love you.

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