The Libra Birthday Horoscope 2020-2021

Happy Birthday Libra! What does the next year (and beyond) hold for you?

Libra, you have been coping with hearing (or reading) the word ‘No’ in September, and this has left you dealing with disappointment or disenchantment, with a particular person or organisation. This has gone way beyond the money, business, house, possessions, apartment, sales, purchases or charity into your emotions, as it’s likely a former, current or potential partner was involved. Perhaps a family member. Maybe a bank, government or insurance department that intruded into your personal life. A classic example would be asking for a pay raise and being rejected or approaching your husband about home renovations and being turned down.

Where is all this leading? To a state of independence. Independence Day. In fact, you will be far better off in the long run, Libra, as I will explain in a moment.

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28 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica,
    I have been looking forward to this birthday scope for the past week! I was grateful when I saw this as I logged on today. I always look at my birthday as another New Years day, a reset and restart. I have also been using this time of Covid as a reset as well, taking better care of myself (or trying). I am wondering if you see anything in my chart that will help me along with this birthday scope for the coming year. I am single, no children. I feel like a change is coming and as I read the daily scopes I know November is a month to be aware of. I would love to know anything you might see for me.

    1. Ah, thank you N. You want to get married and have children. You could easily date a person with children in 2021 with the signs there at Christmas. You would know for sure in the first week of January when Jupiter starts to move from 3, 9, 11, 21 degrees, which triggers everything in Libra, the partnership sign, in your Seventh House of marriage. Saturn does much the same thing in 2021. That’s in your personal chart. In your Libra chart, you also have Jupiter and Saturn in your chart of stepmother status and pregnancy. So 2021 is the year you will be given firm choices.

  2. Hi Jessica and team
    Many thanks for the birthday horoscope! Interesting read… I am already feeling the Mars retrograde influence with my partner (who is Virgo but also heavily Libran) so the advice to have another outlet is timely and appreciated! This week I have not and it’s been testing.
    I’ve been contemplating a relocation to another part of the country to be nearer family and I wonder if the node stuff you mention might refer to this also? I’m still unsure if it’s the right move for me and/or if it will involve my partner too. Any insight Would be appreciated!

    1. Thank you. You want to move to another part of the country and are unsure about it, and also about your partner joining you (or not). You may want to avoid October, through 20th November, as Mercury Retrograde is stuck communication and connections, in Libra (partnership) and then Scorpio (sex and money). So your partner is the issue and the story would change or get stuck. You would be better off deciding after November 20th astrologically when Mercury has stoped the loop as he goes right over your Apollo at 3 Scorpio in the Eighth House of marriage and mortgage, lovers and leases. He does this on October 1st, again on October 25th and on November 14th so you may find you are held up anyway, with your partner. The situation with family and property is much, much easier from Christmas and the turning point is December 18th. That’s the astrology, plain and simple.

  3. Hi Jessica, interesting to read the focus on children in 2021. I am a single parent to a little girl. Would you please share what I should expect next year?

    1. Your little girl will both test you (Saturn) and give you wonderful solutions (Jupiter) in 2021 and it begins at Christmas so you’d have to suspect that her father, either or both sides of the family, and/or her new school year are involved. Maybe all at once. December will show you the opportunity and the light at the end of the tunnel (Jupiter) but also the necessary patience and hard work (Saturn). From 2023 she becomes central to questions about how much power and control you have, and we’d have to suspect this is about her father or your in-laws. Starting at December get everything in writing if there are new arrangements about her, child support, custody, holidays, school and so on. And when they are in writing get them checked by a professional if there is anything there that is legally binding or financially binding. Just common sense on this long cycle.

  4. Hello!! Thank you for this beautiful birthday present every year! You are right about the “no” I’ve been hearing asking to continue my “work from home” status )protecting my parents) and forced To get back into our school for a horrible hybrid model. How is this good for the kids and/or parents!? Not at all. The only good thing for me is for that “escape” from my situation with my dad with Alzheimer’s leaning my sis to take care of him by herself. I would have taken a leave of absence but I am the bread winner of this family. My life has flipped upside down and I hate it. Of course I see beauty in it every now and then, but where’s MY LIFE?! Omg I just don’t know what to do. What can you tell me about my year personally? I appreciate it all. Thank you again!

    1. You are going through a tough time and it gets better in stages. October, then November, then Christmas. One of the problems has been the constant clash between Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn and the Moon in Cancer, in your Fourth House of family and home, every four weeks (since January 2018). That vanishes at Christmas and actually, one of your biggest problems rolls away in the next three months.

  5. Hi, I have no children and no nieces, nephews or step children, how might this manifest for me, thanks, Cheers

    1. Probably through those born 1982 and later, so people old enough to be the children you never had. If you have godchildren, it’s about them. If you do not have godchildren, it is about paid or unpaid efforts involving Millennials, for example, and sorting out that generation gap.

  6. Hi Jessica,

    You have answered my question in Libra stellium, I didn’t provide required information in the question so I follow up here and looking for any direction for next coming year, especially with respect to my kids/spouse/parents..

    Thank you, Jessica. Yes, I’ve been happily married to an Aries for 25year(an astrologer when checking kundali during arranged marriage said we’ve been parters in past life). Have two teenage daughters, an Aquarius 19yrs old and a Gemini 16yrs old. Been in same job in high tech for 26 years with good success. I migrated to US 31yrs back, lately worried about aging parents in India. I feel it’s my karmic duty to attend to them during their old age. Quitting job and moving alone to India weighs heavily on my thought process but going from two house hold income to one is scary. If finances/travel permits, my idea is to shuttle between both countries/homes every few months but I have to figure out how to replace my income, investing in stocks is one. Bringing parent to US is one idea but I feel accessibility to doctors/hospitals when needed is much easier in India than in US.

    1. There is no shuttling between India and America I’m afraid. We are heading for a T-Square and Grand Cross in 2021 which will see airlines and cruises companies collapse, fares skyrocket and many governments placing a complete ban on travel. If you want to move back to India to look after your parents that is completely understandable but you need to move on that as soon as possible.

  7. Hi Jessica – I always look forward to your birthday posts and stellium Q&A’s as they offer a good road map for the year ahead. Hoping you can expand a bit for me. I am a single mom to a 13 year old girl (7/14/07) and although we have a generally loving and close relationship, we have had some tough times together emotionally – especially this year with power struggles of some sort . As a single mom I have to be good cop (my default setting- but too permissive at times) and bad cop (very hard for me and leaves me feeling guilty). I love her so much and just want to be the best mom I can be to her – I worry that I have failed her in the area of a normal nuclear family unit. I have also been separated from my husband since Mothers Day’s 2019 (that’s the day he moved out) but have not started the divorce filings (for many reasons) although I desperately wish to be free of the legally binding aspect of the partnership. I started working at a law frim as the HR Director and would like to ask for a raise near my 11/4 one year anniversary but have always had a hard time asking and feeling worthy. Lastly on Friday 9/25, I invested in a kids yoga teacher training that will provide me with more tools and certified to teach kids yoga by my birthday this year. In doing my best to follow the breadcrumbs and synchronicities I am praying for even more clarity, patience, peace and trust that it is all coming together. Thank you for your guidance and insights you are very much appreciated.

    1. Thank you very much. It’s so hard to be a single parent and you deserve a medal for caring this much and also working so hard at every aspect of your life, from being a good mom, dealing with the aftermath of a break-up and also studying too. So much going on. This works out for you really well in 2021 as yoga for children is empowering and also gives the children the power too. You are in a classic Libra job as a Human Resources Director. Ask and keep on asking for a raise, even if you find yourself going round in circles for a while. You could go back in the final week of November again, for discussion, or first two weeks of December, if you absolutely had to. Solutions with/for your daughter will come at Christmas and continue throughout 2021 so use every one of them.

  8. Reading what you said about family power trips, I didn’t even need to look up my sister’s chart to know that she’d have a chart factor at 22 Cap! (AC as it turns out when I did look). It won’t surprise you that we have barely been able to have a simple conversation without arguing for the past couple of years, having previously been close.

    I also have a horrible feeling that this Mars retro is going to hit my chart hard, especially given my Aries husband (Sun 10, SN11, Jupiter 7 Aries). I hope your prediction of being on one’s own in 2022-3 isn’t as literal for me this time as some of your other predictions have been, but as I’ll be at home with a newborn baby my outlets will be quite limited. Can I ask if there is any connection to the astro we saw back in 2017? That was a tricky relationship spell for us & I’m seeing lots of themes & even people from that time that had drifted off the radar start to reappear. I also remember the talk of the Great American Eclipse that summer too which also seems pertinent currently.

    I’m also really interested in Ceres being so prominent since I have a (second) daughter due this coming autumn (my guess is that she’ll hang on until Venus is back in Libra, just like her big sister waited for Sun 1 Libra – we’ll see!). So many astrologers seem to be so full of doom & gloom about the rest of 2020. I know she’ll miss the proper start of the Aquarius era but is there anything positive to take from the coming month’s Astro for the babies that will be born then?

    I know that’s tons of different questions but it’s hard not to find your text so rich & informative, I’d be so grateful for any elaboration. Thank you Lx

    1. You read your sister’s chart before you even checked. Don’t have a horrible feeling about astrology. Mars Retrograde is a circular strategy. Tin soldiers being moved back and forth on the game board. You two have to figure it out until January 6th 2020. Self-help is good. So is a therapist. So is astrology. It need not be what you fear and it should not be. The whole purpose of astrology is to sidestep potential issues. Ignore astrologers who say 2020 is doom and gloom. What a load of rubbish. The best is yet to come in terms of solutions. Babies are ruled by Leo and the Fifth House in your chart so irrelevant right now. Nothing really matters until the Full Moon in Leo on 28th January. A useful bridge to cross with all your children.

  9. Hello Jessica,
    Fascinated your predictions are coming so close with reference to White House, Mr. & Mrs. Trump. Eagerly waiting Nov. how elections are going to unfold in US and the change in the leadership? Earlier I have tried to join your premium membership but there is an issue with my Paypal a/c. Raised this issue with your support in response they said PayPal is the only way to join the subscriptions. I haven’t looked back later but i will try to create a new email a/c exclusive to paypal. May be that can resolve this payment issue.
    Jessica I need your help to figure out the day/date to reach out to an VIP – VP executive in an Iron and Steel Company in India regarding my job. I am an American citizen moved to India after 2nd marriage and since last 1.5 years have been trying hard to get into this company in their I.T department. 2 weeks back with lot of incumberence I somehow managed to reach out to this VP. He coordinated with HR & arranged an interview for a role that I have not been doing lately since last 6 years. I managed to send him a message that the role doesn’t suit my existing skill and experience And that job satisfaction is very important; but they went ahead with the interview.
    Received a mail from HR that my skills doesn’t match the existing criteria and hence I am not selected.
    After following up same VP sent a mail and said that they don’t have any vacancies to suit my skill sets at present however if they have anything in future they will let me know.
    I need a job in this company desperately as I am in great financial difficulty. After Father passed away Have to look after mother and my in laws but besides that I want my freedom and empowerment which I get only by working. I have had worked in At&t in US since 2008 till 2018 in the capacity of a Project Manager.
    I want to write to this gentleman VP asking him again to reconsider me for the interviewed post even if the job satisfaction won’t be there. Here I want to compromise on getting pay checks on time to pay up my bills and support parents from both the side.
    Please tell me if I should call/write to this VP ? If yes when?
    Or pls. Tell me when I will get back to workforce again?
    My sincere thanks to you if you can really help me to come out of this big worry of mine. My Personal chart below; with lot of thanks & gratitude Kamini

    Kamini Sharma (female)
    born on 19 October 1979 local time: 3:32 pm
    in Jamshedpur, INDIA U.T.: 10:02
    86e11, 22n48 sid. time: 17:35:53

    Planetary positions
    planet sign degree motion
    Sun Libra 25°25’18 in house 7 direct
    Moon Libra 6°38’15 in house 7 direct
    Mercury Scorpio 17°18’13 in house 8 direct
    Venus Scorpio 9°58’37 in house 8 direct
    Mars Leo 14°06’42 in house 5 direct
    Jupiter Virgo 3°41’28 in house 6 direct
    Saturn Virgo 21°57’00 in house 6 direct
    Uranus Scorpio 19°43’43 in house 8 direct
    Neptune Sagittarius 18°23’01 in house 9 direct
    Pluto Libra 19°23’18 in house 7 direct
    True Node Virgo 7°39’58 in house 6 retrograde

    1. First things first. Mercury Retrograde is with us until 20th November and is passing through Scorpio. Mercury is communication, applications, telephone calls and the post. Standing still, moving backwards then retracing his steps until 20th November, he achieves much the same for you with finance, business, charity, property. You were also born with Mercury, Venus and Uranus in Scorpio, so your Eighth House is already packed. You may want to use this time for more research, more study, more homework on the companies, fields and industries you are interested in. If you are not already volunteering in unpaid job (s) and also training, or updating your skills, you should be. You have Jupiter in Virgo in the Sixth House at 3 degrees and Jupiter in Aquarius at 3 degrees will aspect that, from Christmas into January 2021. That is an opportunity to take advantage of your natural gift, which is service, duty and hard work. You may want to focus on Christmas and January as your deadlines and aim to have a new C.V. by then. Nothing stops you going back to this company, but you are far better off making yourself a fake Virgo. If you don’t know what a Virgo is and does, hit Search.

  10. I personally dont have kids and my relationship with a aquarius female is off and on. She has a boy of which i love as if he was my own. Do you see any career changes in my future and also will i finally settle down with this girl.

    1. It’s about your girlfriend’s Aquarius son. This is more important than either of you, actually. The decisions can and should be about him, and they begin at Christmas, slowly, with a decision from her by February. Your career will be helped by reshuffles in your chosen field in November when there will be demotions, promotions and departures so gaps will open up in your profession and perhaps in a second one that you could work in.

  11. Hi Jessica,
    Happy to be back as a premium member. . Thank you for the Birthday Horoscope !
    Back in March, I tried to shave down my every expense at the beginning of the pandemic, as I was unaware how it might affect my finances.
    My question is regarding my finances and living space.
    I love where I live. It’s been a dream come true to live on an island. I currently rent a lovely townhome but there have been issues for years with rude, noisy neighbors which make me want to move elsewhere.
    Do you see my finances changing enough to purchase a home here or elsewhere ?
    I really want a feeling of solitude in my own space.
    I’m not sure if that would allow me to stay here on this island or move somewhere completely different.
    As I said it has been a life long dream to live here, I’ve been here for 7 years. Do you see me putting down roots And purchasing a property here?
    I am going to receive an inheritance but (being a libra) Im not sure it will be fairly divided between my sister, her sons and myself.
    I never had children so I was regarded by my parents as less than equal to my sister and her sons.
    So I guess the question is threefold
    Inheritance, Purchase of home here or elsewhere.
    Thank you

    1. Thank you. You rent on an island but have awful neighbours. I am sorry about that. You want to buy a home of your own, but may have to leave the island to do that. You are going to get an inheritance and don’t know what your parents intended for you, Suzi. Well, this is a Cancer/Scorpio and Fourth House/Eighth House question and October, November and December will answer it for you in three parts. In October, you will find a solution; the first of three. In fact it’s already in front of you and I hope you are taking it. This is a way to escape the real world on a day-to-day basis (housework, work) while taking full advantage of really big, sweeping answers involving the family, your home, or your wider home (the island or local area). It sets you up very nicely for November when the whole family will be sorted out, including your sister and her sons, and you will all find out where you stand. By Christmas, when presumably you and your sister will get together, or at least have a proper conversation about everything, you will find that your biggest problem (the neighbours, the financing of your lifestyle) goes. You either no longer care for whatever reason or it just disappears. I think the latter. You will move or your neighbours will move. But don’t hang around waiting. Use your Astrology Oracle and the guidebook to figure out what is going on, as your choices are your own choices. The end of 2020 is the end of so many ‘habitat’ problems which you have been putting up with for years.

  12. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for the birthday horoscope! I’m interested in learning astrology and I have been learning a lot from your site. Lately I have been thinking when the contract of my day job ends in May 2021, I’m not going to renew it. Instead I want to have more time and freedom to do what I enjoy to do – i.e. become an astrologer. Do you think it’s possible? I haven’t been honest to myself for a while. Would you be able to share what I should expect next year? Much appreciated.

    Many thanks,

    1. Cherry, the world needs good astrologers. If you want to learn, then we look to Sagittarius factors in your chart and the Ninth House to see if you’ve got what it takes. You have Neptune at 20 Sagittarius in the Ninth House so learning is a holiday from reality for you. You could do it, but you would need to ground your studies in the real world. Otherwise you’ll float off with your astrology into another space entirely. This does not make you any less of a potential astrologer; far from it. Yet, if you are going to make money from astrology you have to keep it real. You are also a Sun Libra person going through Neptune’s long transit of your Sixth House of work, so you are not exactly on terra firma at the moment. In fact you won’t see work in a normal way until 2026. That’s okay, but what might help you is to have two lives. One earns your keep and is probably routine, everyday, normal and a bit too heavy on service and duty for you. That’s fine, grit your teeth and get on with it. The other life will be like a vacation from the ordinary. That may well end up being the astrology. Have your pavlova with sparklers and also your bread with butter. That will work nicely for you.

  13. Hi Jessica,

    Thanks as always for your work. Cb you give me a little insight as I have Chiron at 8 Taurus, Uranus hovering around here what can I be expecting?



    1. Chiron is a symbol of audacity, chutzpah, temerity. He is the gadfly or heretic in yourself, ever willing to push past the barriers of tradition, convention or mainstream tastes. He was found in 1977 in the year that the first baby was developed in a test tube. It was also the year that the Sex Pistols reached #1 in the charts in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland with a song called ‘God Save the Queen’ – in the year of the Silver Jubilee. I am sure you are getting a feeling for Chiron now. He is often mistakenly referred to as ‘the wounded healer’ by some astrologers, but a quick look at Roman history and you will see they hardly thought of him as a healer at all. To the Romans (who give us modern astrology) Chiron was a teacher, and particularly a music teacher. He was also a centaur, so half-man, half-horse. Thus, in your chart, Chiron is all that is unorthodox, unusual, challenging. Placed in Taurus in your Second House, this is about your life with money, property, business, charity and possessions. We find Chiron in Taurus in the charts of daring bank-robbers but also ambitious charity fundraisers. When you reach Halloween, Chiron will rock on his heels. Uranus at 8 Taurus is in conjunction with Chiron. There is also a Full Moon. Get ahead of the game by stepping back from your financial affairs and asking a professional for her or his angle on your situation. You may prefer not to rock a boat further, when it is already rocking, but there is a part of you which just longs to upset convention. Your main concern should be – what does this cost you?

  14. Hello Jessica,

    I have Sun 25° Libra 25′ 18″ – What changes will this bring wrt to mercury, Venus & other planets in my current personal & Professional situation?
    Thank you Kamini Balsara

    1. Babies, children, teenagers and young adults (young enough to be your own offspring) are your path to breakthroughs, solutions and massive change in 2021, Kamini, beginning at Christmas.

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