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The Full Corn Moon in Pisces

The Full Corn Moon in Pisces on Wednesday, September 2nd, 2020, triggers workload, housework, unpaid work and study issues for you. It also triggers health, wellbeing, food, drink, medical and fitness questions. How can you work the Virgo-Pisces weather in 2020? How can you best use the Virgo New Moon two weeks later?

The Full Corn Moon in Pisces

The first thing to say about the Full Corn Moon in Pisces is that it may trigger your personal birth chart. If you are a Premium Member, take a closer look now and see if you were born with anything at 10 Virgo in your Sixth House of work, housework, staff, colleagues, employers, unpaid work, study and health. If you were, then you have a substantial decision to make, but you may want to make it later. A Full Moon is just too much of a stretch. The Sun at 10 Virgo is opposite the Moon at 10 Pisces in a separation. A solar-lunar clash. Feel what you have to feel – but act on the 17th instead. Here’s why…

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The Full Moon and the New Moon

This is a really important month for life gardening. What or who is at odds with you, does not fit for you, is a bad ‘fit’ in the jigsaw of your life – comes together again when we have a New Moon in Virgo on 17th September. So don’t regret any time or energy you have to devote to the wrong jigsaw pieces in the puzzle, on Wednesday 2nd September or Thursday 3rd September. It’s part of a plan.

The New Moon in Virgo on 17th September is a gift. It’s a new beginning, and it could not possibly come about, unless you had been faced with such a big stretch about two weeks prior. That New Moon falls at 25 Virgo and again, it’s in your Sixth House of work, housework, study and wellbeing, using the Natural House System, which is best for accurate prediction.

Do you have factors at 25 Virgo? You will be given a new job at that time, near 17th September, or a new project. You will be offered a new way of eating, drinking, exercising or taking care of your health. The two will go together. New lifestyle.

This photograph by Paul Carmona of the Sydney Opera House neatly sums up what Australia experiences on the Pisces Full Moon of 2nd September 2020. It’s the day of an official recession – day one. Now, the Prime Minister Scott Morrison hardly planned that! In fact as a member of a Pentecostal church, he probably doesn’t believe in astrology at all. But the astrology is correct anyway, as it always is. A Full Moon is always D-Day, and in fact one fell on the real D-Day in 1944. It’s a day for difficult decisions. This Full Moon falls in Pisces, opposite the Sun in Virgo, which rules work and also unemployment benefits.

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The Good News About September 2020

What falls apart with COVID-19 on 2nd, 3rd September will come together again in a new way on September 17th, 18th. You can also count on job and employment issues falling apart on September 2nd, 3rd and coming together in a new way, about tow weeks later. So it’s the storm before the calm, with a two-week gap.

This is a huge leap forward. That New Moon a couple of weeks after the Full Pisces Corn Moon is an excellent launching pad.

So, for example, job-share schemes where you halve your income and only work 3.5 days a week will come into mass acceptance in many countries on 17th September, following news of job losses on 2nd, 3rd September. This is Virgo territory. Virgo always has, always will, rule work. We are also going to see new plans for unemployment benefits, further education and all the usual Virgo concerns like hours, shifts and schedules.

You’ll see major incentives for people to exercise in new and different ways, and eat more vegetables and less meat, channelled by government and big business on that New Moon in Virgo on the 17th of September 2020. We will see government backing of home farming and local food production.

This is a really important New Moon because it falls on the Virgo-Pisces axis of the March 2020 Full Moon. And that was the COVID-19 pandemic declaration Full Moon. So we are coming full circle. This is finally some kind of response to that crisis. Everything we have seen so far has been chaotic, frequently mistaken (there is no herd immunity) and feels very Virgo-Pisces, in that it’s been an attempt at ordering chaos.

Now, we go into this Virgo New Moon on September 17th and everyone from WHO to your employer or staff, colleagues or professor, will at last be in a new and organised headspace. Expect new plans and proposals. Perfectly timed.

Why the Virgo New Moon is Special

The Virgo New Moon with the Sun and Moon both at 25 degrees of Virgo, on 17th September climbs high in the sky and trines (the best possible flow aspect) Jupiter in Capricorn, Saturn in Capricorn, Uranus in Taurus and Pluto in Capricorn.

As it slowly crawls through 0-29 degrees of Virgo it will form a stunning angle with all the outer planets in turn. So it’s a really important date on your calendar, because it’s a supercharged, super-powered New Moon. It has trines all over the place.

The Moon in Virgo (taking care of your work situation, lifestyle, daily routine and health) is supported by Jupiter in Capricorn (improvements in politics and business), Saturn in Capricorn (structured building in politics and business), Uranus in Taurus (a liberating revolution in the economy) and finally Pluto in Capricorn (empowerment in politics and business.)

Predicting September 17th 2020 with the Virgo New Moon

This date, or close to it, will see the election of, or arrival of (following sackings or resignations) some important people. This may happen in your industry or just with your government. You might see a politician stepping down to be replaced with a superior candidate. Demotions and promotions. We’re going to see news of promotions and launches, right across the board, on the 17th of September, perhaps going into the 18th of September, depending your time zone.

Some of this will be because business people are increasingly using astrology to time their decisions. So this Virgo New Moon with all her trines, will be ‘the chosen one’ on lots of corporate calendars. Politics, too.

fnttu2t mvc 600x400 - The Full Corn Moon in Pisces

Do You Have Factors at 10 Degrees in Your Chart?

If you have any factors at 10 degrees in your chart at all, in any zodiac signs and houses at lal, the splits or polar opposites you see with work, family, relationships on the Full Corn Moon in Pisces on 2nd September will be felt quite strongly.

You will be affected by his/her/their issues, as well as your own. It is not a good time to start anything or judge anything, because you’ll be doing it on a clash between the Sun at 10 Virgo and Moon at 10 Pisces. You don’t really need that kind of stretched atmosphere. You’d be far better off waiting for the New Moon in Virgo on 17th September. This is particularly true if your concern is work, unpaid work, university at this time – or health, doctors, surgeons and so on. Why choose on a Full Moon? You can take mental notes on what/who is not working for you, but you can take your time with a solution.

Do You Have Factors at 25 Degrees In Your Chart?

You will benefit from the big new beginning made by big business, politics and corporates on 17th September, in an indirect way. The actual kind of benefits you receive depends on your personal birth chart. So, the planets, asteroids, points or angles you actually have at 25 degrees tells the core story. The New Moon just brings it all to life.

Whatever you have at 25 degrees will be triggered, so even if actually has nothing to do with jobs at all (it may be love and sex, so let’s say you have Venus at 25 Libra in the Seventh House) the ‘wave’ out there will somehow help you. This is when your boyfriend or husband might get a new gig, and that in turn helps you both rent a better apartment. It’s on that level.

That New Moon at 25 Virgo is in a perfect trine to Saturn at 25 Capricorn and Minerva at 25 Leo on the same day, so it’s part of a larger pattern. So, even though the month starts on a difficult note with that Pisces Corn Full Moon, it ends up with a spectacular launch pad for you and everyone you know, later on. Big turnaround. Long time coming. Prepare for it.

If you are a Premium Member, you have a free 2020 Moon Journal to use for just such an occasion. Use your Astrology Oracle Cards and guidebook as well to give you a second opinion on what is possible on September 17th following the challenges of September 2nd.


Image Credits
Featured Image – Full Corn Moon photograph: Alexis Antonio via Unsplash.
Australia Full Moon – Image by Paul Carmona via Unsplash
Fall Moon – Image by Lee Panidara via Unsplash

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91 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica..Thank you so much for this ,I’m reading it at 7 o’clock on a horrible lashing rain morning, and I cant believe theres hope on the way,After a disaster of 3 years on the home front.it was so good to wake up to good news..I have Pluto 24 virgo,Jupiter 26 libra,Mercury 25 Taurus Panacrea 26 Aries…My dad has Sun 26 liba,Hes due a little operation on 16 September, and my brother 26 Sun in cancer,26 Jupiter in Scorpio, has now problem with stomach, My Scorpio Son,has Chiron 24 Virgo,Jupiter 26 Scorpio, Juno 27 Scorpio, Diana 25 libra,..trying to get his health on track..will things improve in 2 weeks?..Thanks so much Jessica..

    1. September is a fresh start for all of you actually, but it comes after a week or two of sorting out problems that have arisen slowly but surely over this year and also last year too. Your Dad has an operation on the New Moon in Virgo, which is typical, and your brother has issues with his stomach and son is also trying to be healthier. If all of you snap up what is obviously a solution and actually follow through, you’ll end September feeling a great deal better.

  2. My ASC and DESC are both at 25 degrees. What does it mean? How will the new moon effect me?

  3. Dear Jessica,

    I am a Virgo but with only Sun in 27deg. Is it too far away to be impacted? Is it more important my Venus in 25deg Leo and Bacchus in 26deg Saggitarius? What should be the eventual outcome for me as for this New Moon?

    Thank you:-)

    1. Yes, 27 degrees is too wide. Venus at 25 Leo is about your children, godchildren, stepchildren, nieces or nephews. It is also about paid or unpaid work involving people old enough to be your children. Complicated relationships are common. This will be triggered by the Moon cycle in September but it won’t change your life.

  4. Hi Jessica

    Thanks for the article. I have my Ceres at 10 Taurus & Mars at 25 Leo. Just wondering how this will affect me.

    Thank you, H

    1. Ceres at 10 Taurus is the most important factor here. You are quite powerful when it comes to money, houses, possessions, apartments, charity or business. Yet you also go through these extremes in your life when you have to give up, or give in. When you have to step back or step down. These sorts of downswings are unforgettable and for all that you have had some real highs, you have also experienced what it’s like to feel disempowered, as well as all-powerful. Thinking about your values, not so much the actual bank account, house or apartment – is what 2020, 2021 is all about. Uranus is in Taurus for the first and last time in your adult life. So this is about the price tags you accept, or the price you pay for what you cannot actually purchase. This brings us to your value system and what you honour most. Will you go without X to have Y and if so, why? September really frames this for you. Mars at 25 Leo is about your children, nieces, nephews, godchildren or stepchildren. Perhaps about paid or unpaid efforts involving people old enough to be your children. Slow down and cool down. Mars overheats.

  5. Hi Jessica
    New moon on 17th will be in my first house but I don’t have anything @ 25 in any house. How will it be affecting me?
    Thank you.

    1. It will be in your Sixth House, not your First House. I use the Natural House system for date-stamped, accurate prediction. This is a new beginning for you with your fitness, exercise, meditation or yoga – and certainly with how you eat and what you eat. There will be a new paid or unpaid work project, or perhaps a course.

  6. Another great article thank you. i have already started to implement changes to my diet , focusing on vegetables and overall health and well being now , so your article really resinated with my current situation. Work is also in a constant state of change and what next? …. a theme for the last few years , back and forth and no movement forward or up the ladder … which is very frustrating. how do i know when to make my next move is and if its right for me. any advice is welcome. I have factors at 25 and 10.

    1. Thank you. So you want promotion where you are? Or do you want a new job? You could get away with something pretty amazing, actually, but it would be closer to April 2021 than now. It’s a question of looking at what you can do and asking yourself how much you are going to experiment. I think your odds are pretty good, either with a project, a role or another position – perhaps even with another field of endeavour. If you don’t have anything stopping you from ‘giving life a red hot go’ as they say in Australia, then you’ll gain. You might make mistakes on the way, or find the other people are not up to scratch (for whatever reason), or be let down in some way. However, if you are utterly determined on some kind of achievement or outcome, you will stay the course, and you’ll get there, in stages, with a bigger leap around Easter next year. Without knowing what you do for a living, I can’t be more specific than that.

  7. Hi Jessica, I have Virgo at 11 degrees and 4 planets at 25 degrees. What could this mean for me – if you have time to look at my birth chart? Many thanks as always 🙂

    1. September is really about understanding the impact of particular drugs (prescribed or not), food (like sugar or wheat), other substances (alcohol or cigarettes) has on your state of mind as well as your body. You’re going to have to talk to a doctor, healer or fitness expert to get some answers. You will chase up what you have been putting off, in terms of appointments or checks – or may have had to put off because of Rona. You will in fact gain a huge amount from researching Rona (no point in putting this off) and finding out what is true, according to the science, in September 2020. Getting back to old work options you considered and rejected before, some months ago, is a smart idea as things may look quite different to you now, and there is no point in sticking with what you decided earlier this year, just because it’s there! Change is a good idea – around the 17th.

  8. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for this article.
    I have a promotion interview coming up on 8th September. I have Ops at 10 Sagittarius, Proserpina at 25 Pisces and Vulcano at 25 Aquarius. Please can you share insights on what this all means for me.
    Thanks and best wishes,

    1. Congratulations on being considered for promotion, Agnes. You will end up exactly where you are supposed to be, for your peace of mind and life balance. You will know the outcome close to September 17th.

  9. Jessica, you have mentioned Asc and Desc are about appearances so not going into that – Desc 25 Virgo . Asc 25 Pisces. But this Saturn in Capricorn is sitting on Juno natal which is at 26 deg. and natal Saturn is at 24 deg 43′ Leo. And MC and IC are at 26 deg in Sagi and Gemi. Kindly, what do these signify Jessica. Thank you for all you do.

    1. You have Juno at 26 Capricorn so transiting Saturn is conjunct Juno. Juno is about who or what you commit yourself to, or ‘marry’ for life. For better or worse. Juno in Capricorn is in your Tenth House of success, status, achievement and ambition. It is usually about career, though it can be about a useful marriage. Saturn conjunct Juno is a big stretch. It’s almost over. You only have to get through September, October, November and then by Christmas he’s gone. Later on Pluto will be conjunct Juno at 26 Capricorn, though, so if you are going to stay the course with a particular role, goal or project you have to really mean it. That is way more important than anything else in your chart. You will be given an opportunity to go further in, or get right out, by Christmas. Choose carefully.

  10. Hi Jessica,
    I have Venus at 25 in Aquarius ..Neptune, Pluto Asc and Dsc all at 24 and Hygeia at 26. I’d love to know how this new moon will affect me please.
    Thank you!

    1. Sure. The New Moon will be quincunx your Venus in Aquarius in the Eleventh House of friends and groups. A new beginning in the work, business and career world for a friend, or perhaps his/her partner or family member, affects the chemistry of that friendship or group. An example would be David Beckham hearing that someone else on the football team just found out his wife was going into politics. That affects the team. Another example would be, the drummer in your band telling you that she’s going to leave, because her husband just lost his job. Again, the band has to reform. There is more to this New Moon than meets the eye, because in 2021, Jupiter moves to 25 Aquarius and you have a Jupiter-Venus conjunction in your Eleventh House for the first time in 12 years. That is huge, in terms of the rewards and expansion, the growth and hope, connected with this circle of people. It’s about a friendship which feels more like a marriage, within its ranks. This New Moon is a tiny seed for that future burgeoning in your life.

  11. Thank you for this article, Jessica. I love your insightful and detailed posts.

    I have Jupiter at 09 Virgo (is that too far out?)
    Minerva at 10 Taurus
    Hygeia at 10 Aries
    Northnode at 10 Aries
    SouthNode at 10 Libra
    I also have Saturn at 25 Aries
    ASC at 25 Aries
    DESC at 25 Libra
    and Salacia at 25 Capricorn.

    Please could you advise on how this will affect me?

    Thank you. xx

    1. Than you. You have Uranus at 10 Taurus in your Second House at the moment, trine your Jupiter at 9 Virgo in your Sixth House, and in conjunction with Minerva at 10 Taurus in your Second House. The Full Moon just picked that up. In plain English, the economic shock of the pandemic is also liberating people from rent (they are not being evicted, they are allowed to live rent free) and liberating them from work (they are being furloughed). People are learning to swap free time for salary. This is the ‘weather’ of September 2020 and we’re also seeing people being let off repayments on credit cards or loans, overdrafts and so on by the banks. This is creating wave after wave of change where you live and it is affecting how you work, why you work and where you work – indirectly. You are always protected with work and employment by Jupiter and that is the case now. No matter how tough things ever become, you always have guardian angels to save the day, or inbuilt protection. The Aries focus at 10 degrees is about self-promotion, your reputation and profile, your wardrobe and personal appearance, your life as the front end of something bigger than you are. People in uniform often have it. So do rock stars who front a band. The biggest message here is about Uranus at 10 Taurus conjunct Minerva at 10 Taurus in your Second House. You have financial, property and business wisdom and knowledge to tap in 2020. You are waking up in an unprecedented and unique world. Uranus rules all the U words. It is unorthodox, unexpected and unlikely. It is unusual and catches people unawares. I hear the word ‘China’ clairaudiently as I write this for you. Your role should you accept it, is to play your part in the new local and global economy.

  12. I’m so glad you talk about the new moon and full moon and the advantages/disadvantages and how to use the energies around them.
    I have Vulcano in Scorpio/8th house at 10 degrees. Can you help with understanding this a bit better? I am currently doing my Msc online in psychology, but I feel that’s all going ok… unless I’m about to hit a brick wall. Kids are back to school this week!

    1. Vulcano in Scorpio in the Eighth House is about your self-control (Vulcano) in matters of sex and money (Scorpio, typically marriage and mortgage) but also death and property (Scorpio) typically the contents of your own or other people’s legacies. Houses and apartments, or jewellery. Vulcano is a symbol of powerful self-restraint and self-mastery. Scorpions can eat each other, or sting each other, when they mate! This is where the ancient association of money, sex and death comes from. Not because scorpions have a last will and testament, but because to the ancient astrologers, they were symbols of a dowry between new husband and wife. They had a creaking sense of humour, but the idea of ‘kiss and kill’ amused them as the reality of marriage centuries ago, was that you could in fact vow to marry ‘until death do us part’ and find it was real. Today we are far more civilised than that, aren’t we, and so Scorpio and the Eighth House are much more about interest rates on mortgages or what happens to possessions when you live together and break up. Vulcano was the husband of Venus and he was cuckolded by her, as she slept with Mars. Rather than lash out, he made a net and threw it over Venus and Mars so the gods could laugh at them. Thus, the reputation for self-control. I would not normally go into this much detail about a placement just on a lunar transit, but Uranus at 10 Taurus is hovering in opposition to Vulcano at 10 Scorpio, so on the most basic level, you need to make sure your will is updated (not because anything is going to happen, but because you should be tracking property, shares or pensions/superannuation). This is long-term, so we’re talking about much more than September, although what happens this month will probably point you in that direction.

  13. Hi Jessica,
    I’ve been planning a house move and this week it looked like things were finally moving in that direction and i’m doubting it all now – you said a while ago to avoid anything regarding this around this full moon. I’m now wondering if I need to wait until after Mercury retrograde finishes later in the year. I have a few factors at both 10 degrees and 25 and trying to piece it all together – health focus kicked off on Monday. Any advice on how this will affect me? Also the monthly horoscope is amazing; lots of food for thought. Thanks so much.

    1. The Full Moon is in Pisces opposite the Sun in Virgo and neither of those rule property. Your house move is ruled by Cancer and the Fourth House. Virgo rules your health and you just started something on Monday. That will have already hit a bridge to cross, and there may be two by today. Your property ambitions are completely separate and if you read your Gemini prediction again for September (or even next week’s stars, or the following week’s) you will see that you are perfectly in tune with what is going on and will have things in place by the end of the month.

  14. Hi Jessica, I love your articles. I have Pluto at 25 degrees Virgo. Can you see how this plays out around the New Moon on Sept 17th. I also have Bacchus at12 degrees Virgo and I believe this may also be triggered later in September? Thank you

    1. Thank you. The stage is set for Pluto at 25 Capricorn to slowly trine your Pluto at 25 Virgo, and the New Moon on 17th September is a preview. You will eventually experience Uranus at 25 Taurus trine your Pluto at 25 Virgo, too. To be born with Pluto in Virgo in the Sixth House, is to be blessed with occasional obsessive tendencies – wanting to perfect a project or plan – no matter how long it takes. This is behind the frequent accusation of workaholism associated with Pluto in Virgo, but it’s really about tremendous passion for ‘a job done well.’ You are no doubt one of those people who carry on with work-related emails after hours, on your mobile phone or computer, or don’t see any huge contradiction with checking before breakfast or during breakfast! Building your paid work and also any unpaid work into a new, towering structure takes time and energy, but you have it. If you don’t, then the time has come (in September) to really address the mind, body and spirit as a whole and see exactly what results you are getting, and why you are getting them – mentally or physically. You need to be Sherlock but you will take a magnifying glass to that and come up with a new approach, just in time for October. Long-term you will reshape your success and perhaps move into another field, or sideline. You may be doing that now.

  15. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for such a positive outlook for the next few weeks.
    I have Uranus at 25 Virgo and my son has Mars at 25 Aquarius.
    For me I was looking to promote and sell the British gardeners diary 2021 to shops in my area then.
    For my son its school or home learning.

    Thanks again

  16. Hi Jessica,

    Big thank you for this article. It reminded me of an old article by you where you’d explained how to set intentions for a new moon. I am planning to do this for the September 17 new moon. I want to get on a new diet, also want to start meditating again. I am also about to get a new project that I am really excited about. I have Sun in Virgo at 26 degrees. Do you think it’s close enough to benefit me?

    I am also waiting to get my Permanent Residency (I am on a visa currently that expires in February 2021) – I am scared I won’t get it before Feb. Can you tell me if it’ll work out soon for me or not?

    I have Sun at 26 Virgo, Minerva at 24 Taurus, Salacia at 26 Aquarius. Would love to get your insight, please.

    Thank you again 🙂

    1. Thank you. Not every New Moon is good for setting intentions (someone tell the internet amateur astrologers!) but now and then we get a New Moon which is in the right place in your chart, at the right time. This Virgo New Moon is exceptional because it arrives with a trine from Uranus in Taurus, but also a trine from Jupiter in Capricorn. The former has not been possible in your adult life, and the latter – not for 12 years. Of itself, the Virgo New Moon is just a catalyst for bigger things, but your new project qualifies for that. In fact, projects and plans which are pulled together on 17th September will benefit from larger changes in business and government. Wheels go round. You are a Sun Virgo so you shine when you have a routine. Your path is to look after yourself, on a daily basis, but also to look after other people (or creatures) and make sure everything is shipshape. Your question about residency is a different kettle of fish. Meditating will help you step outside the situation to see that it is bigger than you are. I don’t know where your visa application is. That makes a huge difference as the final week of January will bring strict new rules and regulations on airlines, residency, visas, passports, quarantine and the movement of people. You have put your application in, far ahead of that, but you also need to be a realist about COVID-19 in 2021. The T-Square between the North Node, South Node and Neptune in the final week of January will make it necessary to marry your country the way you marry a person.

  17. Hey Jessica, thank you for another wonderful insightful post. I was born under a Full moon in Pisces(moon & rising) so this lunar event as well as the Virgo(Sun) New moon is always significant to me, whether inward or outwardly. I look forward to this journey, the open door, one foot in front of the other. I doubt that anything right now can be as difficult as 2018-2019. I remain grateful. Thank you again and kind regards. JC

  18. Hi Jessica, would you be able to tell me what I can expect this new moon with the Sextile of Neptune in my chart? I would be so grateful for your insight.

    1. It’s really about understanding that you need some cornerstones of a daily routine that never go away. The Virgo New Moon is about accepting that there are 2-3 rules to live by, every single day, and they hold everything together. It may be time to build that into your life. You also need to look at any medication or other substance (like alcohol) which affects your mental and physical health. Virgo rules the trivial and the tiny, which affects the larger whole. The small but important things which are central to existence. What you are really doing is attending to the nitty-gritty of what grounds you in normal and ordinary life (Virgo, Sixth House, Mercury, Earth) in order to take off (Neptune). If you want to lose yourself in the dream, do the boring regular stuff. You’ll achieve this by October.

  19. Hi Jessica,

    Looking forward to this.
    Libra 1 degree rising at my current location.
    Jupiter at 8 degrees of Pisces in the 6th house.
    Moon in Virgo 15 degrees in the 12 house, I actually have a civil service position which I started in 2016.
    Minerva at 25 Leo in the 11th house.

    Due to the eclipses in Cancer/Capricorn in the last few years as well as Saturn I won an apartment in a lottery, and I was able to move my work location. I am now able to walk to work. If my hours etc were reduced, I think I may still be able to get by.

    1. Jupiter is in your Twelfth House not your Sixth House, according to the Natural House System. Your Virgo Moon is very happy in the Civil Service, no doubt. That is the most important factor here. Changes at work in September with staff, employers, colleagues and you’ll be adapting to that later this month.

  20. Hi Jessica! Thank you so much for this. It is wonderfully reassuring to have this breakdown – specifically that devoting time to potentially wrong pieces of the puzzle is part of a larger plan, so no need to rush to a solution, just take notes of the opposition. I have Venus, Psyche, and Diana being aspected by this Pisces Full Moon, and then my natal moon and Aesculapia aspected on the September 17th New Moon. Could you let me know how these aspects might play out for me?? Thank you so, so much!

    1. You are over the Full Moon now, or almost over it (depending on your time zone, which I don’t know). It’s always wise to let the lunar opposition pass, because the idea you have, or the impulse you have, tends to go away or at least be reshaped. The Full Moon usually offers up answers which do not seem right at the time, but fall into place later. So everything and everybody that suggested itself to you over the last day or two should be given a week or two to fall into place, so that you can start the new plan around the 17th. In fact, you will have new information near the 17th which you will be pleased you waited for, as others have something to share, or you need to hear from a larger organisation or entity, which is yet to make its plans public. This will definitely find you steering in a different direction, as September draws to a close.

  21. Jessica may I ask please – being a Gemini and reading both my weekly, monthly and corn moon in pisces forecast for September, you speak of Virgo at 10 degrees – I have 10 Virgo Uranus, 10 cancer Minerva, MC Gemini 10. And, IC Sagittarius 10 – please Jessica, does this form a square and if so what should I be looking for? Also, at the same time you mentioned Virgo 19 degrees – I have Virgo 19 degrees in Mars -with the corn moon I have Leo 25 Cupido and Pisces 25 Ceres – moon close at Leo 24 – As I am currently trying to set up a new business am I best to wait until September 17th to launch please. – thank you Jessica and am very grateful of your talents and, any advice you may offer – thank you.
    All the best Sheri

    1. Sheri, you are trying to set up a new business and so in tune with your chart. You are going to enjoy the first two weeks of October as a result of everything you are doing in September. You are now slowly coming out of this Full Moon, which typically presents you with a choice you would rather not make, as well as solutions you have mixed feelings about. It is typically a real bridge to cross when you must work for the answers, and this would have been on the level of not only work, but also unpaid work, and very likely your entire mind, body and spirit. Well, you’re coming out of this now, and towards the Virgo New Moon. Yes, launch on September 17th. I have no idea about your time zone but check your nearest city on Google, with ‘New Moon September 17th’ and see if it’s 4.00am or 4.00pm – allow a day either side for the world to catch up with you. Essentially what you are creating in your life is an alternative reality, workwise. It has nothing to do with what most people would call a regular career, and yet it has its own reality. It’s like building a bubble. You can’t really do that without also rethinking the home front, so your house or apartment, your family or household. They go together, perhaps because you are running your business at home. Something you may already have done (but if not, think about it) is look into your neighbourhood, village or suburb. Things have changed there and will go on changing, quite profoundly, for some months. Look at how best to work with your local area in its new form, because it’s going to be reshaped in September, October and this of course affects your entire lifestyle and work style too.

  22. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you again for another great article. I have Mercury at 25 Virgo, MC at 25 Cancer, IC at 25 Capricorn. Not sure if Pluto at 26 Virgo counts. And at 10 I have Bacchus in Libra. I am committed to a new calling – not career – I think perhaps this means that things are lined up in my favour? I appreciate any insights you have as always Jessica!
    Thanks so much,
    Joanne 🙂

    1. Thank you Joanne. You are hearing a new calling and that is right on time with your personal birth chart. Yes, your Pluto at 26 Virgo is also drawn into the pattern. You are quite right to identify your vocation as separate from your career. In astrology, Capricorn rules achievement, ambition and aspiration – not necessarily tied to any job. You are in the right time, and place, and I think that the New Moon in Virgo on the 16th, 17th, 18th of September will be quite pivotal for you. Ongoing, the fleeting trines over that period will be etched more deeply into your chart, as you find Pluto at 25 Capricorn eventually trine your Mercury in Virgo but also trine your natal Pluto in Virgo as well. You will become empowered and find you are holding the reins. Due diligence and a potent understanding of your responsibility to others will give you that power, because you are not handling it lightly. This is going to alter your life and make you who you are, but along the way it will be helpful to find outlets or activities that give you time out. You might need something where you are allowed to be as free as a bird, for example, or something where you can (even) be anonymous. Yet, what you do long-term will play its part in restructuring and rebuilding an important part of other people’s lives.

  23. Hi Jessica
    Today’s full moon definitely feels like a positive pull in the right direction! Albeit, we had our hot water unit in need of some TLC (no hot water due to a yucky & broken heating element). So I took it as a sign to also rest, repair and clear out some stuck/broken energy ✨
    That said, I’ve got 19 Virgo in Cupido in my chart and was wondering how this might affect my 11th & 17th September?
    Would also love to know if the universe will bring more massive life lessons/changes for me or if I might finally move forward soon? It’s been an extremely rough few-6 years! But admittedly, these last few months have been a breeze (I guess I was being prepared for 2020 in the years leading up ‍♀️) as I feel like I’ve finally shed that skin…
    When it comes to career, if you have any suggestions on what I should focus on, that would be wonderful ✨ not much lights me up these days unfortunately.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you too btw I’m so thrilled I found your website! (Just need to learn more about astrology now). Which reminds me, please can you tell me where I might find the 2020 Moon Journal?
    Many thanks in advance, Vicky

    1. Thanks Vicky – your 2020 Moon Journal is tucked away in the Members’ Lounge for you to download. You are going through the slow process of reinvention necessary for a new beginning in 2021. It takes time and rushing these things never really works. In fact, the entire planet is on a stop-start-slow for the next five or six years. You too. We are very used to munching through restaurants and cafes, and ploughing through department stores, but the machine is grinding to a halt. You are now in research mode and can use September to find out what is on offer, where it is, who is offering it, and what you might be doing in 2021. You’ll come across a course (part-time, probably) which appeals and can be done at home. That is one clue. What you ultimately end up doing will mix your old skills with new skills.

  24. Hi Jessica,

    I have factors at Psyche11Virgo/Minerva11Pisces & 24Deg factors along South & North nodes also at 26Deg in Cancer/Capricorn. I have applied for a job, sometime back and there has been no movement as concern people have been on leave .

    How is the new moon & full moon effecting the job application and career ?? Should I check with the company on 3rd or wait ,,,

    Also with Uranus10Taurus transit does it changes the Full moon effect as it trine/sextile the natal chart factors.


  25. Hi Jessica, I always love the full moon articles, thankyou. I can see my north and south nodes at Taurus and Scorpio, and ceres 10 taurus. I do have distribution imminent on my late parents estate, which will be closing and opening of doors for that era of family and now my own family, both resource wise and emotionally. I would be curious to hear your wise comments. On a side note, I appreciated your Gardening terminology, this week I have had some stressful moments remote working, and when that occurs I have been getting into the garden for a few minutes with a pick and turning over impacted soil. Covid has returned me to my garden. Thanking you

    1. Thank you. You have a 24 and 25 degree pattern which is being triggered in September, and the signs of Taurus and Scorpio are prominent, so it’s no surprise that you are dealing with your late parents’ estate. This is quite literally a once-in-a-lifetime event. You will do what they wanted, and recycle what is there into something new, using the past to sow for the future. The current gardening interest is part of that, as you are in a classic Taurean phase of your life when necessity becomes the mother of invention and some old wartime phrases come back to mean more: ‘Make Do and Mend’ and ‘Dig for Victory.’ I am not sure if either parent was of that generation, but the cycle is coming back. Your gardening will not be by the book, but it will be successful. In fact, you are now doing some of the most important life gardening in years and this goes beyond the soil!

  26. Hi Jessica, I love your blogs! I have various aspects at 9 e.g north and south nodes, I also have Venus at 25 Pisces. Please can you tell me what this may mean for me? There’s lots of changes going on at work eg promotions and reshuffles (I work in the NHS) and I’m trying to figure out what’s best for me longer term. I feel like I should perhaps take on more challenges (Qualifications) if it means I could have more freedom in work later down the line, but at the same time, I’m worried about biting off more than I can chew. Many thanks for your time.

    1. Thank you very much. Venus at 25 Pisces in the Twelfth House is about your relationship with God, religion, spirituality, astrology, psychologists, psychics and psychiatrists. It’s the personal stuff. Even Einstein, that great man of science, had a relationship with ‘the Old One’ as he called God. The New Moon will oppose Venus so you will quite obviously have ‘a moment’ about the church, or perhaps your Tarot deck. It’s unusual and important. Long-term you want a future with the NHS but you do not want to study if it over-stretches you. Take a golden opportunity by Christmas, please. It will either appear in November or you’ll reach for it that month. If your birth time is accurate, this chance will not happen again for 12 years.

  27. Hi Jessica,

    Thanks for this great post. The Full-Moon definitely was a stretch. I really had an awful day and it really affected me. I don’t have any factors at exactly 10 degrees, though I do have Ceres in Taurus at 25 degrees. I’m wondering how the 17th of September might look for me with that in mind? I do have a few other factors close to both 10 (Neptune in Sagittarius at 09 and Vulcano in Cancer at 11) and 25 (Psyche in Taurus at24 and Proserpina in Aquarius at 26).
    I hope you’re faring well in this wild world weather we are experiencing 🙂
    Blessings xxx

    1. I am sorry the Full Moon was awful for you. I saw on Twitter that so many people had a difficult two days (and two nights). You will rethink your budget compromises (Ceres in Taurus) owing to new announcements about COVID-19 and also your chosen industry, field, business or work space (New Moon in Virgo). It’s that simple. Psyche is very close, so this new way of handling money, your home, shares, bank and so on – will last for a long time, Din P. Thank you.

  28. Hi Jessica
    The premium member journal mentions the trines from jupiter in cap in 2020 and pluto in 2021 to the degree of this new moon. I am very much seeing this new moon as a sort of foundation. I have natal aesculapia at 26 sagittarius. Literally resurrecting a career aspiration (foreign: 9th house+ administration:10th house) which I had failed at earlier. Right now it involves studying daily for long hours(6th house).
    What intention should I set on this new moon? Thank you.

    1. That will all work very nicely for you. Just set the basic Virgo intention on the Virgo New Moon. Say it loud and tell the mirror. ‘I want to work on this (project or role) until the next New Moon in Virgo in 2021, and deliver the best possible service to others that I can, and do my duty by my profession.’ Wheels will turn shortly afterwards!

  29. Appreciate you replying Jessica. Thank you. Hmmm, yes I am on this course as Juno and Saturn ask, although it isn’t a job as in a career office job, but academic that I am pursuing. Sometimes I get so confused between House 10 and House 9, especially when I want to make acads my career. I’m just going to do what I have to do now, get back to emails, profs, applc’ns.

    And this, I just saw your tweet and gosh,

    ‘If life has a Mercury Retrograde feel at the moment (computer, internet, media, post deadlines being pulled backwards) it’s Saturn Retrograde aspecting the North Node Retrograde in Gemini. Reverse and restart. It works.’

    I had an application to submit by Sept 1st morn. I submitted it on 30th Aug, just felt i had to.just .submit. And whoa , since the 31st , internet and phone are down. The service providers are not taking my calls saying they have no idea when will this get completely proper.

    Of course it has me very worried as I have acads emails and working on applications and writings that I have to resume. Apart from the fact that I got a mini heart attack regarding my this application and I had to immediately resend them my document again. I just about managed with barely any internet. It mentally exhausted me so much, I just was laying about on bed hoping to recharge my energy.

    I just kept wondering it isn’t that blessed Mercury Retro so what is this I am in now.

    And then your tweet. Frankly it was a relief to read that you were talking about this.

    At this time I have Juno in Capri at 26, Saturn is kissing it at 25, and my MC and IC are 26 Sagi and Gemi, the nodes are kissing them. Jupiter is far away though at 27 in Gemi. I’ve told you this. So is this why this is happening…gosh, no words..

    I do hope the service ppl respond and get this done right soon, it is an economical one that I just need at present. Does it mean that when all these are not aspected by one degree orb Jessica all will be ok?.

    Thank you for sharing so much, I still am in surprise about your tweet. :). I do hope this message gets you well. Thank you.

    1. Yes, the Twitter message about the North Node in Gemini aspecting Saturn in Capricorn was very much about a faux Mercury Retrograde week. So now you know why you are being made to wait, or go over things again. There may be a third rehearsal. This will pan out as it is mean to so don’t do head miles. It sounds as if you are living with anxiety. Find the right YouTube video for that, and play it often. There is no point living in your head. I also don’t have your chart. I can only talk to you in a general way.

    1. It never rains but it pours for you, and this New Moon is a new beginning with your government’s COVID-19 policy which will indirectly affect many areas of your life at once. For example, your government may close the borders, open them, partly open them and so on. There may be a new order from your employer to work from home. Virgo rules work, lifestyle, food, drugs, drink, fitness, sleep, anxiety, depression and…health insurance. It also rules general mental health but also doctors, surgeons, nurses and spiritual healing. It very much rules yoga and meditation. Depending on your personal lifestyle, there will be an important new beginning on Thursday 17th September which is particularly important as Saturn is at 25 Capricorn (big business, government) trine the New Moon. Later on in September, Mars moves backwards to 26, 25, 24 Aries (by the first week of October) so what you are going to experience is a slow-down and a stop-start with work or COVID-19 rules. Try to get in synch with time, then. You may be going backwards and forwards for a while, but it does sort itself out.

  30. Hi Jessica,
    I have my sun at 25 Leo as well as Chiron at 25 Aquarius. I’m very curious about as the next day, September 18th I’ll fly to London for the 2nd weekend with my Chiron man (Leo, ASC Cancer, Moon 22 Libra world traveller). I have Juno in 22 Libra.
    I kindly ask for some insight.

    Thank you very much!


    1. Christiane you are moving towards a New Moon at 25 Virgo in your Sixth House on Thursday 17th September. It will semi-sextile your Sun at 25 Leo in the Fifth House and quincunx your Chiron at 25 Aquarius in your Eleventh House. This is really easy to interpret. There will be new rules and new announcements about COVID-19 near 17th September. This will indirectly affect your plans for the sexual relationship (Leo, Fifth House) with your boyfriend. It will also involve your social life, friendships and any groups you belong to (Aquarius, Eleventh House). It is neither good, nor bad, it is what it is. For example, you are running the risk of having the government suddenly require quarantine for two weeks in either of those departure cities. It happens. Be aware of the COVID-19 story then.

  31. Dear Jessica,
    Today at 5:24 pm September 4, 2020 I came from work and I park my car I turned around just to see under right back seat of my SUV two cards:

    First Card- Eight of Clubs was facing up and could see it right away…

    Second Card – Four of Spades was facing down and I was able to see red and white color back design and two Angels riding bicycle.

    What is the meaning off this event. I took photo and I placed all 3 cards to my valet. I was kissing cards as I was happy but I don’t know what my brother wants to say to me.

    This is second time that is happening ever since my brother born June 7, 1977 passed away on April 30 2020.

    So any feedback will be appreciated Jessica…
    I don’t know meaning from first time and I don’t know meaning this time… No clue about the cards but I was happy my brother is contacting me in this way to let me know he is ok in Heaven.

    Thank You

    1. The Eight of Clubs and Four of Spades are connected with your Tarot card for September. This card is the Three of Cups which is about a group, team, club, society, association, party, charity, community. The clue is in the ‘clubs’ card. You are being guided to join a circle of people, or rejoin them with more time and energy. The spades suggest gardening, planting, reaping, sowing – and in fact the Three of Cups shows pumpkins on the ground. If you plant yourself in that group now you will reap the rewards at the end of October (October 31st – Halloween). Go back to that cluster of people, or join the one you have done nothing about.

  32. Hi Jessica,
    As always I totally enjoy your insights. I have Chiron and Jupiter both at 10 degrees in Aries and Sagitarrius and Bacchus at 26 Scorpio. It has been work wilderness for me these last two years. Personal losses too which left me questions that I will keep trying to answer for the rest of my life, but they left me satiated too with love and gratitude. The future looks without any milestones or goalposts. Any thoughts for me?
    On a separate note, in India we have had the death of a charismatic film star who has caused a rage across the world among Indians. It is bringing down film royalty (and perhaps powerful Politicians) with a massive cleanup of the drugs scene in this country. Maybe you could look at that in one of your future posts. It is ringing a lot of your predictions true.
    Lots of love.

    1. Thank you. The situation in India is interesting and I was in Delhi this time last year. Let me look at the Indian chart again and the drug problem, which is always shown by Neptune. The work situation is not your fault as people were operating behind your back during the Leo eclipse years 2017, 2018, 2019. You will find ways to triumph over who/what has been operating in the shadows and will pull that off by January if you put the work in now. You are in a really good position to get away with the most audacious or outrageous plans for work, if you experiment but also get yourself a mentor, guide, tutor or guru of some kind. In fact you could achieve something ‘they’ say should not, or could not, be done in April 2021. Your love and sex life is about freedom, space, independence and room to move from this point on. Forget 20th century ideas about weddings and marriage. Yet, if you choose people or arrangements which set you free, and allow them to be free as well, you’ll enjoy the occasional madness. In fact April 2021 and May 2021 could produce that for you, along with new work, unpaid work or study options. Don’t sit around waiting for it though. Use that as your deadline and move towards it.

  33. Hello Jessica,

    I have North Node at 26 Virgo. I know it’s not an exact hit but I am expecting some weather from the new moon on the 17th. That day I will be launching a new class through out China do I am hoping this is all fated.

    Any insight you can see from my chart?

    Thanks in advance


    1. Great timing Kane. You do have Saturn in Virgo in the Sixth House along with the rest of the stellium, but ‘Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway’ to quote the book. You are strongly Sixth House/Virgo and have a sense of great duty to your students, and also do the work. Your attention to detail might stretch you, but it will also be really good for you, as your success depends on meeting minds which are pretty exacting and demanding. You may have to put more work in than you intended but you also happen to enjoy it. That’s a win. (Watch out for computer/internet/phone issues on Mercury Retrograde, though, October and November).

  34. Oooh, I have both Uranus and Apollo at 25 Virgo. I’d love to know what this means… stepping into leadership, shaking up leadership or perhaps rejecting it? I’ve had an interesting year of factors being triggered but am still so blocked. Thank you for any insights, Jessica.

    1. You have been blocked because you needed to be far more radical than you allowed yourself to be, and you are in fact being shoehorned into a much more independent existence, finding innovative new ways to achieve better results, actually, from the same kinds of projects or plans. The new technology will assist you there, so if you are not across the massive leaps taken in the last year or two, update yourself. Nothing has happened because part of you has not been sure about just doing the same old thing. There is another part of you which very much wants to break new ground and you could be extremely successful if you were daring enough to try.

  35. HI Jessica, I have my moon at 24 Taurus, aesculapia at 25 taurus, Cupido at 25 scorpio, Apollo at 10 pisces, mercury at 9 pisces, ceres at 11 virgo, asc at 9 sagittarius, Juno at 11 Sagittarius, pscyhe at 9 gemini, descendant at 9 gemini. How will the full moon and new moon play out for me? Thank you, stay safe in beautiful Tassie (you are the envy of the world right now in your COVID free state!), Aquarius Dreamer.

    1. You’re now moving towards the New Moon in Virgo, which is a revamped project, a reborn idea or a new role for you, ventured in the third week of September and a firm reality by December if you move quickly enough. Thank you.

  36. Hi Jessica
    I have Pluto at 10 virgo (ugh! Pluto) and some things at 9 and 24 which I am unsure whether will be effected. Having some trying things happening that are holding me back and stressing me out. Can You please have a look? Thank you

    1. You are now over the Full Moon which really stretched you. Fortunately you have been trying little experiments to see what works and you should have nailed one or two solutions as I look at the calendar now (Tuesday 8th September). This is a highly experimental phase in your life when you discover you have had enough of guessing or ‘just coasting’ and you want some facts. Please keep going as you will hit pay dirt on 17th September and realise who/what actually serves you best after so many months of either not looking, or randomly theorising. Virgo is about facts and evidence. This is where the New Moon at 25 picks up your chart factors at 24.

  37. Oh my goodness Jessica, after an absolutely crap Tuesday and Wednesday I was so happy to see this! I don’t have anything at 10 or 25 (though I do have a stellium in virgo – all 8 degrees or below!), but my partner whom I am most concerned about (job-wise) has uranus in libra at 10 degrees and Virgo factors at 22 (Minerva) and 28 (pluto) so too wide an orb, I know. However, I glommed onto your discussion of powerful people falling and thought to look at my adopted country, forever unfulfilling its potential – South Africa. And what do you know – the president, Cyril Ramaphosa’s sun is at 25 Scorpio! (If I read it right!) And Mars at 26 cap. And then SA’s Uranus at 26 Cap (again, if I read right!). Exciting! the president has been fighting factional battles within his party, and just this week came out with specific anti-corruption party policy which signals that he’s won some of the internal battles and has strengthened his position. The country is desperate for some high profile action on corruption, and previously there has been mention by prosecuting authorities that a big fish may fall in Sept. For SA’s sake we hope! And how fun to see the astrology line up. Now to see what happens and hope for a strengthened state. xxxx

    1. I am sorry Tuesday and Wednesday were rubbish for you. The transits this year are really hard work. A huge stretch, actually, as so many people have Gemini, Sagittarius, Pisces and/or Virgo placements, and they are experiencing the full squeeze of the mutable squares and oppositions. In astrology we have cardinal signs (Aries, Libra, Capricorn, Cancer) and fixed signs (Taurus, Aquarius, Leo, Scorpio) and mutable signs (Gemini, Sagittarius, Pisces Virgo). At the moment we have billions of people born with mutable placements, experiencing unusual pressure. So you are in that category. Thank you for letting me know about South Africa, the astrological chart, and the President’s chart. Pluto at 25 Capricorn is going to change your leadership there. You are waiting for the final week of January 2021 or the whole month of February 2021, just because we have not only Pluto at 25 Capricorn, but Ceres at 25 Pisces. Expect a reshuffle or a changeover.

  38. Hi Jessica,

    I have couple of planets at 25. Can you please suggest what to expect, how can I benefit/harness the situation positively?

    Salacia  25°  Capricorn 05′ 37″ R
    Psyche  25°  Scorpio 16′ 20″


    1. This is about success and money for you. Ambition and finance (or cash in kind). The New Moon on 17th September brings global change in public health (WHO), employment (job sharing, unemployment benefits), new economic green incentives (electric cars and bicycles, solar power, wind farms) and with other Virgo-ruled aspects of life, including mental health (depression and anxiety). We have a New Moon in Virgo every year and I would not normally care so much, but for the first time in 12 years, this one will trine Jupiter in Capricorn, on the way. You are going to move into two different worlds, professionally, between then and 2021. Or, it may involve unpaid work. There will be nothing real about it. It’s an escape from reality. It’s very far from ordinary, but you find success there. There is a pay-off or a payment to be made, likely in cash, but possibly through assets or property. It’s just the start of the story Venu. It rolls into 2021 when Pluto also goes to 25 Capricorn. Your C.V. is clearly transforming.

  39. Dear Jessica,

    First of all, I must compliment you on all the beautiful images you have chosen to illustrate this article – they are spell-binding,! I especially love the one with the moon illuminating the pampas grasses – gorgeous!
    This article was fascinating and enlightening, with its “two-hander” approach of how the energies of the Full and New Moons will compliment each other. I have to admit to being one of the people for whom the Full Moon was powerful in a challenging way, (Ceres at 10 degrees Capricorn; Chiron at 9 degrees Taurus), but I still hope that it will bode well for my efforts to “step into my own power” (as a friend recommended I do recently) – is this likely or overly optimistic? (I mentioned this when I thanked you for drawing a card for me (Queen of Swords) for the September Tarot , but I think my reply to you must have got lost in the wash somehow… I’ll re-post in the relevant section, but would like to thank you again for the Tarot card insight here, just in case it doesn’t get through!)
    I’m also hopeful that the upcoming New Moon will be great for me – I’m a natal Virgo (0 degrees), with Juno at 25 degrees Capricorn and Lillith at 24 degrees Cancer. Please could you shed some light on what this might mean for me?
    Thank you in advance. Stay safe and well!
    Lots of love, light and blessings,


    1. Thank you, Angelina. Jodi designed this story and she always brings so much creativity and stylishness to the features. I will pass this on to her. The New Moon is part of your empowerment. Your friend was correct. Don’t worry about Lilith, as she is a Jewish symbol and is not part of the Roman family tree of modern astrology which began with Mercury, Jupiter, Mars and the rest. Your Juno at 25 Capricorn in the Tenth House is the key. On 17th September there will be a new beginning in your field of work, unpaid work or housework. It will resonate with your career, unpaid vocation or calling and role, in 2020-2021 for quite some time. Juno is about commitment. You will ‘marry’ a gig, position, ambition or project and when Pluto goes to 25 Capricorn in February 2021 you have a life-changing decision to make.

  40. Hi jessica can you please have a look at my chart with Apollo 24 deg Gemini cupido 26 deg leo fortuna 26 deg Virgo and Venus Bacchus 9 deg Descendant 10deg Scorpio. Sun 10 deg saggitarius Vesta 9 deg Pisces I appreciate any insights you have on this. Thank you

    1. You are coming up to this rather important New Moon in Virgo on Thursday 17th September, at 25 degrees of the sign, in the Sixth House of your chart, which picks up anything at 24, 25, 26 degrees. It lands on your Fortuna, so there is a new beginning that day, with work or your health and fitness. There may be new personnel, a fresh project, a change or diet or a medical switch by your doctor. Fortuna describes how you influence the lives of people with your work, housework and unpaid work, without realising what you are doing. So I should have thought that you were about to steer them in a different direction, but not be aware of it. You’ve moved on from the Full Moon now, which showed you very clearly what was not working (with work) and also your mental or physical health. Now you can move forward to a new beginning on the 17th of September.

  41. Hi jessica, im still learning how to read my own chart. I seem to have a few factors at 10’ Most notably my nodes, and Many at 25’ Like pluti, ic, mc, etc. Does any of this strikeyou as interesting?
    Im going to do some reading in the meantime, but id love to be able to compare what i come upwith with what youre ableto tell me, For learning purposes of course.
    Looking forward to hearing back from you, thank you so much for yourtime,

    1. Lori, the most important thing about 2020, 2021 is the world of children and young people. You are going through the biggest changes in your life as a parent, step-parent, godparent or aunt. As a prospective parent. So, even in the world of very short-term sexual relationships as well as marriage, with all its potential for babies. The changes wind down by Christmas 2020 following a tremendous breakthrough in November. So, this might be about your son, or it may be about a football team you coach. This cycle can be about children or teenagers, en masse. It really depends on the life choices you made, or make, and I have no idea if you had children or not, or want them or not, or can have them or not! Having said that, you will be pleased to see the end of a very heavy situation which has given you very little room to move in 2018, 2019 – round about now. In fact, once you make a sign-off decision in November you can take your feet off the pedals and free-wheel down the hill to a very different future. Sometimes this cycle turns up when women date men who do not want babies (and they do) or they are lesbians who date other women who want to adopt children (and they do not!) It’s intensely personal, Lori.

  42. Dear Jessica Adams,
    Thank you for your words, they are always a pleasure to read. May it be possible to provide some insight to the significance of this in my chart at all? I have been finding it difficult to navigate this period of time after being aware at the moment of this alignment between the Moon and Sun in Pisces/Virgo I had sadly experienced the passing of my father in hospital. I am not sure where to go from here thereby any information would be deeply appreciated. I was hoping to finally begin a course of education but due to this situation I feel it may not be the right time to do so. Thank you for your consideration of this message, it is much appreciated and I look forward to hearing from you. Take care, kindest regards, Bea xx

    1. I am so sorry your father passed away, Bea. That is a huge loss in your life. You can and will study by January 2022 so don’t worry if the chance is not immediately here or the timing is wrong. The New Moon in Virgo on 17th September is the restart for the family as a whole and what is decided on or close to that date will relaunch the family without him. Of course he goes on in spirit, as I am sure you know. Long-term you will realise that your Panacea at 24 Cancer in the Fourth House of family was aspected by the North Node at 24 Gemini in your Third House of writing and South Node at 24 Sagittarius in your Ninth House of academia when your father passed away. That pattern cannot happen more than once every 19 years. I will leave it to you to look up what that means, with your guidebooks. Have a look at foreign or regional connections (people or places) which surrounded September as they are important.

  43. Hi Jessica, Aug went Grieving, lost my Dear father on 9th. Still there is a sense of emptiness. It’s difficult to imagine life without him. I have been dealing with lot of financial issues.New moon on 17th, How will it be affecting me?

    Planetary positions
    planet sign degree motion
    Sun Libra 25°25’18 in house 7 direct
    Moon Libra 6°38’15 in house 7 direct
    Mercury Scorpio 17°18’13 in house 8 direct
    Venus Scorpio 9°58’37 in house 8 direct
    Mars Leo 14°06’42 in house 5 direct
    Jupiter Virgo 3°41’28 in house 6 direct
    Saturn Virgo 21°57’00 in house 6 direct
    Uranus Scorpio 19°43’43 in house 8 direct
    Neptune Sagittarius 18°23’01 in house 9 direct
    Pluto Libra 19°23’18 in house 7 direct
    True Node Virgo 7°39’58 in house 6 retrograde

    House positions (Placidus)
    Ascendant Pisces 21°58’29
    2nd House Aries 29°12’09
    3rd House Taurus 29°06’47
    Imum Coeli Gemini 24°27’49
    5th House Cancer 19°07’05
    6th House Leo 16°58’47
    Descendant Virgo 21°58’29
    8th House Libra 29°12’09
    9th House Scorpio 29°06’47
    Medium Coeli Sagittarius 24°27’49
    11th House Capricorn 19°07’05
    12th House Aquarius 16°58’47

    Thank you.
    Kamini Balsara

    1. Kamini, I am sorry to hear you lost your father to spirit, but you know he is now on the other side of life, and in a different existence. You still feel the massive loss, but you should know he is spiritually fine. I don’t use Placidus so I will spin your chart to Natural House system. Financially, keep life as simple as you can until 2026. Try not to get involved in complicated agreements about money, houses, apartments, business or charity if you can possibly avoid it, as the less you have to juggle on your calculator, the better. You are going to be better off by being extremely flexible with the minimum amount of debt you can afford, and the least amount of obligations. You will need to meet change with change, for about 5 or 6 more years, on the Uranus in Taurus cycle which opposes your Scorpio factors. The New Moon is about work, unpaid work and housework. In fact it will relaunch the way you think about work and achieve it. However you also need to get the work/health/fitness/mental health balance right and that means being quite firm with yourself about relaxation, sleep, exercise and so on.

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