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Virgo Planets and Depression

Many of the questions I receive every day come from people living with depression. Astrology has answers for you.

Chances are, if you have had depression recently, you have Virgo planets, asteroids, points or angles in your chart. I’ll explain why in a moment and give you proven solutions.

First Up? Talk to Your Doctor

Astrology is complementary to good mental and physical health but never a substitute for a doctor. Your first stop is always a medical professional. Sometimes depression is a symptom of an undiagnosed thyroid problem. You need to find out. Depression can be a symptom with even prescribed medication.  

Always make an immediate appointment with your GP. Especially (of course) if you feel dangerously depressed. Yet – the majority of people who ask me questions about their astrology chart on this website have what’s called ‘walking depression.’ They’re walking around, getting on with their lives, but feel flat. Low. They can’t be bothered doing anything. They feel bleak.

Of course, we are all under huge pressure in 2020 for obvious reasons and that’s not helping!

Yet, astrology can and does help. It always has. And astrology helps, because we know that the Sixth House of your chart is ruled by Virgo, and Mercury – and that the Sixth House of your chart is very specifically about the inter-relationship between mind and body.

What I Know

If you have depression, you need help, and it has to be fast and it has to be free. When you feel flat, can’t be bothered doing anything, and have very low energy, you can’t wait.

Virgo rules the body, the mind and the spirit. Now, if you have planets, asteroids, the Nodes or the angles in Virgo, you are currently under pressure.

Why? A rare line-up of mutable sign weather. In plain English, the mutable signs are Gemini, Sagittarius and Pisces, and when we see patterns in those signs by the slow-moving Nodes, or planets, you are challenged. Or the Virgo part of yourself (mind, body, spirit) certainly is. That can chime with depression.

Check Your Chart for Virgo Factors

How about you? Check your personal birth chart now, on the screen, if you are a Premium Member.

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Mutable Sign Weather in Your Chart

We have challenging mutable sign weather in 2020, 2021, January 2022. The mutable signs are Gemini, Sagittarius, Pisces and Virgo. If you have quite a lot of factors in those four signs as a whole, you are being challenged to change.

It won’t be easy, but you will do it. And the change starts with your mind, body and spirit, because (Virgo factors) that is what is being pushed so hard by the mutable sign weather.

Checking Virgo Factors by Degrees

Look at the first number, in front of anything in your chart in Virgo – which shows the degree. Ignore the second number.

What degree is your Virgo planet (like the Sun) or asteroid (like Vesta) or point (like the South Node) or angle (like the Ascendant)? Perhaps you have the Sun at 8 Virgo 04, or Panacea at 12 Virgo 33, or the Midheaven at 22 Virgo 02, or the North Node at 26 Virgo 47.

Just read the first number. You have the Sun at 8 Virgo, Panacea at 12 Virgo, Midheaven at 22 Virgo and North Node at 26 Virgo.

Example – Oppositions to Virgo Factors in 2020 – This means, in 2020, you’ve had Ceres at 8 Pisces opposite your Sun, Ceres at 12 Pisces opposite your Panacea, and you are experiencing the North Node at 26 Gemini and South Node at 26 Sagittarius, both square your own North Node.

The whole point of oppositions and squares in astrology is to intensify, deepen and enrich your Virgo side. So rather than ignoring your mind, body and spirit (or assuming they will take care of themselves) you now need to explore. Virgo also rules meaningful work – duty and service with a purpose. That is also up for inspection.

Virgo Factors at 23-29 in 2020, 2021, 2022

If you have anything at 29, 28, 27, 26, 25, 24, 23 then May-August 2020 has already squeezed you really hard, as the North Node at 29-23 Gemini has (or will) square your Virgo factors, at the same time that the South Node at 29-23 Sagittarius does the same.

In fact, you’ll be ‘squared’ or squeezed by degrees, as the Nodes keep on moving 23, 22, 21, 20, 19, 18, 17, 16, 15, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0 (Gemini and Sagittarius) until January 18th 2022.

What are squares? They show what can’t be squared or made to fit so easily. They bring out your best. You change, to meet change.

Ceres in Pisces

Becoming by Michelle Obama - Virgo Planets and DepressionMichelle Obama admitted (in August 2020) she had a mild form of depression. She has Uranus and Pluto in Virgo, in common with everyone born in the 1960’s. Michelle Obama’s Virgo side (mind, body, spirit) has been pressured and pushed by Ceres in Pisces this year. She was born with Uranus at 9 Virgo and Pluto at 13 Virgo. Ceres has been at 9 Pisces and 13 Pisces repeatedly in 2020, right opposite.

We also have this long, drawn-out Ceres cycle in Pisces, another mutable sign, which as you’ve seen has affected the birth chart of Michelle Obama (courtesy of here).

Ceres is retrograde, or going backwards in 2020 and early 2021, so if you have Virgo factors at 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 you have already experienced Ceres opposite your Virgo planets and so on. She returns to 0 Pisces on the 10th of November 2020 and moves through 1, 2, 3, 4 Pisces and so on, all the way to 29 degrees of Pisces, by February 21st, 2021. That’s why, in this feature, I am going to show you some proven techniques to protect and help your Virgo side, which is all about the mind, body and spirit.

astro 2atw michelle obama.77694.158585 407x600 - Virgo Planets and Depression

Neptune in Pisces to 2021

Neptune, an extremely slow-moving planet, is stuck at 19, 20 Pisces in 2020 while he moves retrograde, or backwards. So, if you have anything at 19, 20 Virgo, congratulations for getting through the year to date. This is an historic challenge for you.

Robert Hand Planets in Transit - Virgo Planets and DepressionNeptune goes to 18 Pisces, still backwards, on 3rd October 2020. He then goes to 19 Pisces again from January 24th, 2021 and then goes to 20, 21, 22, 23 Pisces in 2021.

Robert Hand (Planets in Transit) is one of many master astrologers who would suggest you look at your drug and alcohol intake. Even prescribed drugs. Why? Neptune rules these substances.

If you are in the Virgo zone being affected by these Gemini, Sagittarius or Pisces transits, you might also want to read an extended feature I posted on Virgo planets, points, asteroids and angles back in March 2020 – available here.

Virgo is Ruled by Mercury

Mercury, the planet of the mind rules the sign of Virgo, which in turn rules the Sixth House – the body. So physical fitness and mental health cannot be separated in astrology. What you do with your mind can change your body. What you do with your body can change your state of mind.

Virgo is about pharmaceutical companies, but also health food shops. It is about mineral water and the gym. Jogging and vegetarianism. Yoga and meditation.

Meaningful Work or Unpaid Work

Your Work During COVID-19 – It is really no surprise to know that your work has been interrupted, stopped, or radically changed in 2020. More so, if you have Virgo factors in your chart, because you have this mutable sign weather sweeping through. Work is stopped or blocked.

As an astrologer of many years, answering thousands of questions about depression, I know that the Virgo connection in your chart is really about work. Paid or unpaid work. Housework, as well.

If it is meaningless, or you don’t like it, or the people are toxic – well, you may find that your mental health or physical health starts dominating, so that the work itself stops.

It is extremely important that you ‘do the work’ on your work and how to fix that core issue. If you are a Premium Member, you can use your own natural psychic ability to go into these big questions in more detail, using The Astrology Oracle, Your Oracle and The Astrology Oracle cards which are in your online download library. Break the loop, shake up your thinking and find solutions by using your Astrology Oracle cards and guidebook available for Premium members under Downloads in your member section.

Virgo rules routine. You can end up stuck in a routine (or rut, a rut-tine) where you expect the same outcomes from your housework, paid work or unpaid work, and end up in a very heavy loop. Virgo rules work, and study, as well as mental and physical health. So if you don’t have a job, or you dislike your job, in the eyes of astrology – that is going to overlap with your wellbeing.

The classic outcome is an illness or condition which stops you going to work, because it very specifically affects what you need to do the job. Housemaid’s Knee used to stop chambermaids from kneeling to polish the floorboards.

emma matthews digital content production p6g6S kXkFc unsplash 600x400 - Virgo Planets and Depression

Virgo Thinking – One Task a Day

Virgo is the sign we associate with maids, butlers, valets, cleaners, cooks and the housework. It’s always been that way in astrology, even since the Middle Ages.

Why little by little works – Virgo is also about daily routine, diaries, lists, schedules and rosters. When you are depressed and your Virgo side is under pressure, you can become messy, chaotic, random – all of that. It can help to ‘do’ your Virgo at a reduced rate. As long as you do it. One tiny thing a day.

  • Hanging out one load of laundry.
  • Doing one bag of washing.
  • Doing the washing-up.
  • Cleaning the floor in one room.
  • Making some vegetable soup.
  • Organising one drawer.
  • Flossing your teeth.
  • Giving yourself a hair conditioner treatment.
  • Putting on a face mask.
  • Doing ten minutes of meditation.

It’s funny how often you can limit yourself to one task a day then find you are motivated to do more. Virgo rules the little things.

Virgo and Over-Thinking

The old NIKE slogan ‘Just do it’ is a good antidote for Virgo over-thinking. Don’t spend ages lying on your bed thinking about going for a walk. Just go for the walk. Every zodiac sign in astrology has a sliding scale, and down on the Virgo scale, we find rumination.

This is also known as dwelling on things. The BBC has a good story on rumination, which is the term doctors use, available here.

Your Virgo Side and Perfectionism

Perfectionism has long been associated with Virgo. However, this can get in the way of having a life. Setting yourself huge targets can mean they never happen. Such as, “I’m going to clean the whole shed down to the last detail today then cook an immaculate dinner.”

Or, you go part of the way there, and never finish. That makes you feel you’ve let yourself down. Negative thinking. One way around this is to do one small thing well enough – and finish it.

This is all part of brain retraining. The Virgo type’s best approach, along with daily walks – or other exercise, like cycling.

kate stone matheson uy5t CJuIK4 unsplash 600x405 - Virgo Planets and Depression

Sleep and Depression

Sleep is a Virgo concern. Progressive muscle relaxation (tensing and releasing muscles) can help your body and mind relax so you drift off more easily. A regular sleep schedule honours your Virgo side. YouTube has some good progressive muscle relaxation free features. You may prefer to listen in your home accent, so here are three American, British and Australian voices.

Here is another little thing that you can fix now. According to this Time Magazine article, Being Exposed to Even a Small Amount of Light During Sleep is Linked to Depression, Nara Medical University in Japan found that sleeping in total darkness prevents depression.

Here are some resources that can help you relax and, therefore, help you sleep better:

  • Guided Progressive Muscle Relaxation with music from Classical Minnesota Public Radio and HealthPartners – A soothing American voice via YouTube here. Description: “Guided progressive muscle relaxation is an exercise that helps improve awareness in your body by consciously tightening and relaxing muscles from head to toe. You will be guided through the process while working on calm breathing and focusing your thoughts on your muscles and how they feel.”
  • Progressive Muscle Relaxation – A calming British female voice from  Newcastle Hospital NHS available on YouTube here. Description: “Progressive Muscular Relaxation (PMR) is useful for relaxing your body when your muscles are tense, perhaps as a result of stress.  This relaxation involves tensing up a group of muscles so that they are as tightly contracted as possible, holding them in a state of tension for a few seconds, and then relaxing the muscle.”
  • Progressive Muscle Relaxation courtesy of The Epworth Clinic, Australia is a terrific way to relax your body and mind. Available on YouTube here. Description: “Relax the body, quiet the mind & focus on the present with Moments of Mindfulness by Epworth Clinic.”

Dream Coaching

Jane Teresa Anderson is an old friend of mine and one of the world’s leading experts on dreams. Working with your dreams can help depression. You can consult her, take a course, buy a book or watch one of her clips. She frequently appears on television and radio and is both a therapist, mentor and coach to some very happy clients. Take a look at her website.

Wild Swimming

Now, this is really interesting from an astrological point of view. Swimming is ruled by Pisces and its own planetary ruler, Neptune. Pisces the fishes and Neptune the ocean. In your chart, Pisces is always opposite Virgo. It is possible that if you have some useful, helpful Pisces placements, but not so helpful Virgo placements, they can push back.

Thus, wild swimming. Now, wild swimming (river, ocean, lake) is being much discussed in recent years, as a possible treatment for depression. Find out more here.


In astrology, Virgo is about words. Mercury, the ruler of Virgo, is the planet we associate with scripts, dictionaries and vocabulary. Words really matter with mental health and physical fitness. Using the word ‘quarantine’ or ‘lockdown’ is quite heavy and hard self-talk.

If you’ve ever seen a hypnotist on television make people do astonishing things, you will know how powerful ‘talk’ can be.

Here are some excellent resources:

    • For Premium Members – Hypnotherapist and leading astrologer Natalie Delahaye created this for you to try and I have had excellent feedback from Premium Members.

Science Backs Hypnosis for Depression

A 2019 study from the University of Hartford: “Hypnosis is a very effective way of alleviating the symptoms of depression. Clinicians may wish to give serious consideration to hypnosis as a treatment option when working with clients and patients who are depressed.”

British hypnotherapist Jill Langford

 Jill Langford DHP (Diploma of Hypnotherapy) MNCH (Member National Council for Hypnotherapy) lived on an ashram in India for many years and wrote this script with Nicolas Croll, a survivor of depression, who has also studied meditation.
Their website is The Way of Sunshine and it has several complimentary videos to use for your mental health and spiritual wellbeing.  The free guided hypnosis for depression has over 700 recommendations and many rave reviews from listeners. Try it now on YouTube and let me know how you get on, in my comments section.

Happiness Hypnosis

Paul McKenna PhD is the most famous and critically acclaimed hypnotherapist in the world. His books have sold over 1o million copies. Former clients include David Bowie, Roger Daltrey and James Corden. He is Britain’s most successful non-fiction author and like me, his work is published by Penguin around the world.  Paul McKenna has had impressive results with his book/audio program designed to help people lose weight and the photographs on his website of Before/After are impressive. So how does Paul McKenna’s free YouTube video rate with your depression? Have you tried this YouTube session, aimed to make you happier?

Paul McKenna - Virgo Planets and Depression
Paul McKenna hypnosis for depression
  • More Free Hypnosis – Award-Winning Hypnosis – The acclaimed British hypnotherapist Marisa Peer has some brilliant angles on COVID-19. Instead of ‘lockdown’ she suggests using the phrase ‘safe at home.’ Her YouTube video “Coronavirus Outbreak: How to Cope With Anxiety and Self-Isolation” can be found here.
  • In addition, Marisa suggests using a different form of self-talk. Try “I have a retreat indoors” (not lock down!) and even if you are in a small apartment, try “I only need an area the size of a bath towel to work out on.” Changing your mindset is a Virgo skill. The work of Marisa Peer, named ‘Best British Therapist’ in 2007 by Tatler really addresses self-talk and she has a hypnosis session for you to try, just like Paul McKenna. Find “Experience Marisa Peer’s Hypnosis To Lift Depression, Overcome Fear And Thrive In Any Times” on YouTube here.


Mindfulness Meditation

People reduce their depression when they use mindfulness, shown here in a study at Kings College. And mindfulness comes from Buddhist meditation. So, if you feel that hypnosis from professionals like Paul McKenna is not for you, perhaps you were meant for mindfulness meditation instead. 

Famous Buddhist teacher, author, nun and mother, Pema Chodron has a free guided meditation “Guided Meditation) Increase Mindfulness, Awareness, Calm Abiding & Special Insight” here for you. Oprah Winfrey is one of her many fans.

The Pisces-Virgo Chart and Depression

If you have a number of Pisces and Virgo factors in your personal birth chart, you may find that your unconscious mind (Pisces, Twelfth House) is at odds with your mental health and physical health (Virgo). It makes sense that if you uncover your unconscious or work with it, through therapy, dream interpretation and/or hypnosis – you will go to the core of the issue. This is even more so, if you have oppositions between your Virgo and Pisces planets, asteroids, nodes or angles. So, if they are at the same degree (number) but in opposite signs. Resolving that kind of inner conflict may well be helped by some of the (free) YouTube videos I am suggesting here. There is only one way to find out.

Food and Depression

louis hansel shotsoflouis HF16IxB tO4 unsplash 600x474 - Virgo Planets and DepressionHarvard University tells us that fruit, vegetables, fish, lentils, olive oil, chickpeas, cannellini beans, rice, pasta, nuts (and less cheese, milk, sugar, meat, chicken, lamb) lowers the risk of depression. In fact, this way of eating – The Mediterranean Diet – protects one in three people against becoming depressed. Harvard Medical School has a great article worth reading on Diet and Depression.

CNN reported in their article Mediterranean diet could prevent depression, new study finds that 41 studies prove it. People who followed a strict Mediterranean diet had a 33% lower risk of being diagnosed with depression.”

Reverse Your Depression with “The real Mediterranean diet: What you can expect” – good reading. A Deakin University study found that after three months, one-third of people eating a Mediterranean Diet reversed their depression. So, eating the traditional peasant cook way in Italy, Greece, Spain and Portugal is a key.

Think fresh, not packets, cans or frozen. One glass of wine a day for women, and two glasses of wine a day for men. Here is a good website to use.

Walking Twenty Minutes a Day

The biggest study on exercise and depression in history found that just 20 minutes a day of fast walking (for example) protects people from depression.

So, you should now be building up a toolkit for your Virgo side – against the pressures of this mutable sign weather (Gemini, Pisces, Sagittarius). Try hypnosis and meditation. Try working with your dreams. It’s all free. Walk! Keep your curtains or blinds tightly closed. Do most of your shopping in the fruit and vegetable section of the supermarket or just skip it and shop at your local greengrocer.

Simon N. Young, Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry, McGill University confirms the walking theory hereExercise increases brain serotonin function in the human brain. And – Bright light is an effective treatment for depression.

neonbrand m rrkduuHkU unsplash 600x385 - Virgo Planets and Depression

Visit the Black Dog Institute

black dog logo.1bb9afd2 - Virgo Planets and DepressionOne of the fastest, free ways to reduce depression is to go for a half-hour walk as soon as you finish reading this, to get your brain chemicals (serotonin and endorphins) up. The Black Dog Institute is an excellent website to use if you have depression. Check out their fact sheet on Exercise & Depression here.

This idea of walking to help your state of mind, completely backs the astrological idea that Virgo is the sign which rules the mind as well as the body. In fact, Mercury rules Virgo and he was the messenger of the Gods. He walked or ran everywhere. He rode on horseback. He flew with his winged sandals and helmet. You need to move.

Free Audiobooks to Walk With

More Virgo thinking. Podcasts, language lessons and lectures and free audiobooks are good walking companions. Lost Connections by Johann Hari - Virgo Planets and Depression

  • Try Open Culture to find Margaret Atwood, Joseph Campbell, Jane Austen (read by Kate Beckinsale), Toni Morrison, Emily Bronte, Sherlock Holmes, Brideshead Revisited (Sir John Gielgud) and so much more.
  • Elton John’s Favourite Depression Book – an audio (via Audible) copy of Lost Connections, which is the only book on depression endorsed by Elton John. He said, “This amazing book will change your life.” Download now, narrated by the author, Johann Hari. You can see Johann Hari’s TED Talk here via his website. Fans of his book, quite apart from Elton John, also include Russell Brand, Hillary Clinton, Brian Eno and Emma Thompson.
  • Don’t forget you can play YouTube audio content through the headphones on your phone too – and just walk. Here is my astrology channel.

Walking on the Grass – Grounding and Earthing

This is very interesting. And it’s free viewing on Vimeo. The Earthing Movie explains why walking barefoot on the grass (earthing or grounding) can heal. So don’t just walk in the local park, or walk around your garden. Take your shoes off.

For sceptics? Professor Gaetan Chevalier has a strictly scientific background at UCLA and joins Dr. Deepak Chopra and Mariel Hemingway on this documentary. Report back. How is your depression if you walk barefoot? This study backs the theory.

Comedy and Depression

Comedy on YouTube is good for – feeling good. Harvard University talks about the ‘feel good’ dopamine, serotonin and endorphins which are released with laughter. The New York Times has a good story on why comedy works so well – Scientists Hint at Why Laughter Feels So Good.

The BBC has an amazing range of comedy to choose from, and you can listen to it when you go for your walk. The rest is up to you, but try one comedy video, film, podcast or radio show every day.

felicia buitenwerf iMmPDuqjEgQ unsplash 600x400 - Virgo Planets and Depression

Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy

Hard to say, easy to try. It’s best-known as CBT. Again, this is a Virgo or Sixth House approach. Using the mind to solve issues affecting the body which are typical of depression (sluggishness, tiredness, lack of energy).

CBT looks at how your thoughts, beliefs and attitudes affect your feelings. You then learn ways to stop your self-critical voice. Virgo has long been associated with criticism. CBT stops your negative thinking. This is usually a habit, and again, Virgo rules habitual behaviour. Therapists who use CBT treat depression professionally.

This YouTube video is a good explanation of this ‘talking therapy’ with a professional.

What about doing it yourself? You can start a CBT journal or diary, or pick up an app. A CBT daily Thought Record is another option. Try this worksheet from Pinterest.

Serotonin, Endorphins, Oxytocin, Dopamine

Here is some more Virgo thinking. The feel-good chemicals are serotonin, endorphins, oxytocin and dopamine. Professor Loretta Graziano Breuning has written a good book called Habits of a Happy Brain (Simon and Schuster) explaining how to increase your happy chemicals.

Professor Breuning is also big on avoiding cortisol, which makes you feel threatened. This is her website where you can find seven videos explaining what each happy chemical is and how to increase them.

fabian moller gI7zgb80QWY unsplash 600x400 - Virgo Planets and Depression

The Body Rules the Mind Rules the Body

You likely know this already, even intuitively. You don’t have to be a genius to work out that when David Beckham’s foot problems kicked in, it prevented him from playing football. This is ‘the body rules the mind rules the body’ and round it goes.

Finding meaningful part-time or full-time work, or study (which can train you into a different job) is essential to your Virgo side. If you have to work at a job you dislike, temporarily, make sure you volunteer or study, after-hours or on the weekends, with something you love. That feeds your inner Virgo until you can find something better.

I’ve mentioned how using The Astrology Oracle cards and guidebook, together with Your Oracle (free with Premium Membership) can help.

More resources:

  • 1500 free online courses from Harvard, Oxford, Yale Universities.
  • Free guided audio can be picked up at The Healing Trust, one of the best-known and best-respected organisations in Britain. Try Fountain of Light or Healing Meditation.
  • Yoga and Depression – Adriene has over 1 million views for this excellent YouTube online class, treating depression with yoga. It takes 15 minutes. This is the science – evidence from Jackson State University that yoga does reduce depression.

Summing Up – Your Virgo Factors and Depression

Virgo rules the Sixth House of mind, body and spirit in astrology. It also rules work and housework. If you have anything in Virgo, you are powerfully affected by mutable sign weather, when we see slow-moving cycles in Gemini, Sagittarius, Pisces.

This is the case in 2020 and beyond. You are being challenged to change. To explore your mind, body and spirit more deeply. Depression is a very common challenge of such a cycle.

Work and housework also need a review at this time. Everything in this feature (above) is worth trying.

And If You Need Help Now?

Call now if you need immediate help. Someone to talk to – a trained good listener. The Samaritans.

In America – Find here.
In Great Britain – Find here.
In Australia – Find here.

bb logo - Virgo Planets and Depression


Visit Beyond Blue – Another good website. Beyond Blue has a depression test and a long list of organisations and people who can help.



Please leave your thoughts, suggestions, resources and feedback in Comments. Thank you.



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82 Responses

  1. Thanks Jessica. On occasion I face depression. Rather than a black dog, for me it’s much more like a grey fog which turns to concrete. Before I know it, I’m surrounded and immobilized. Fortunately for me, I already practice many of your suggestions and they prove effective. Now rarely now having to face a dangerous bout.
    A daily bowl of oatmeal is essential for me. As is the tidying up at least one thing, a freshly scrubbed tub is particularly transformative. Physical activities have altered since the virus has been widespread, but I still make a point of something (NHS ten minute work outs for instance). Due to my experience with depression I have enough supplies on hand generally, for the times when I cannot face the outside world. That habit served me well when some supply chains were breaking.
    It seems I’ve got 22 planets and points in the houses you mentioned. I consider myself forewarned and now forearmed.

  2. Hi Jessica

    What can I say but wow! The pressure that has been building up this year is huge and I feel like a tree on a hill needing to withstand extreme winds. I saw that my Ceres was pinged this week by Mars and Ceres was pinging my nodes and was gobsmacked to read that relates to women with “grief/anger/loss/control issues to heal. Sharing power. The challenge of letting go”. This current struggle is real and while I am controlling my controllable (diet, Acupuncture, massage, exercise, rest, etc) I’m scared about the trauma several members of my family are dealing with will blow my tree over. Another couple of years of this? Bugger me.

    I’m keen to get my teeth full time into a vocation after stepping back into part time work for the last 4 years for caring responsibilities (that’s me, sandwich gen) but am concerned I won’t have the focus or stamina to do it with all that’s going on. Can you see any bright spots in the next couple of years with this mutable weather and my annoying Virgo factors?

    Thanks in advance


    1. Thank you Sharlene. Your family is going through the worst and it does not continue. This is intense but it will pass. We have Cancer-Capricorn weather as August ends and September begins. Breathe through it and move through it; they and you are almost over the hill and down the slope to Christmas now. You want to get stuck into a career? You will and have a new life by 2026. It will happen very suddenly, out of the blue, and pick you up and put you down again in a different place. It will be tied to the internet or new technology. No point in sitting around waiting for it. Until then learn new tricks or study new subjects, or go back to an old subject and do it once more with feeling. Those chances will be reaching you all year.

  3. Oh wow, Jessica. You wrote this article like you know me! I got quite a lot of planets in Virgo. Covid turns my career up side down and its the first time ever I started to doubt about my business whether I should continue or stop it all. I looked up about depression recently. I just googled last Friday about how to be happy, told my hubby that I need to overhaul my well-being and already started a new routine of meditation and exercise. I even done my first walk in Box Hill today!

    My BD is 9/9/1982 at 11.20am, Bangkok. Could you share some insight if this depression will stay on til 2022? I hope this cycle would be kind to me..

    1. Thank you. Well done on walking and meditation. You will become a really good meditator and broaden your walking program into other kinds of exercise as well. In fact you are going to reshape body and mind over many years and will conquer not only Box Hill but the world of alternative health and fitness. You are helping yourself to change, and will do quite radically in a way that sets you free. I hope you’ve also seen your doctor as you need to eliminate every factor. You are allowed to be depressed because of your business situation but actually, this is also the gateway to a very different kind of work and by 2026 you will look back and realise 2020 was the start. And you won’t regret it.

  4. Wow Jessica you’ve hit the nail on the head again! As a Virgo sun at 20 degrees I’ve been helped by engaging as a premium member & more widely with astrology to deal with many of my ‘Virgo’ elements. For example unlike in the past, I post comments & qs when I read a blog post that resonates. V different to the ‘private’ guarded person I used to be!!!
    Q- How do us Virgo’s limit alcohol, & comfort eating by learning more about the ‘rules of the game’ to manage the challenges you describe ahead in 2020-2022? How do I gain my concentration & enthusiasm back to read & write as part of my job when I’m ‘mentally spinning out’ and over analysing???

    1. Thank you so much, and also for your comments, which add to the group hive mind discussion. Not all of us want to have our face online and talk that way. It can be nice to be anonymous but join in. You have alcohol and comfort eating issues because unfortunately the mega-companies and food/drink corporations have spent billions in laboratories figuring out how to keep you buying. You are over thinking, over drinking and over eating, which is really common with Virgo patterns like yours. You now need to use some brilliant aspects in 2020, 2021, 2022 to test and try what works. This may not be yoga, or it may not be the kind of yoga you’ve seen before. It may not be hypnosis, but it may be dream therapy which is DIY and highly effective. You can use your mind to help your body, in other words. You also need to flip it, so your body helps your mind. Find a way to move your body that gives you what your mind needs. This is a testing process as you need to find what you actually enjoy and will do once or twice every day. For so many people this is walking to music or audiobooks – but you’ll figure out what you like. Never say no to anything until you have written it off! With the trines from Uranus long-term, though, I can promise you it will change your life.

  5. Hello, Jessica

    This post is really helpful with lots of resources, thank you very much.

    I started to understand Virgo side of me after reading this. I am a sun sign Virgo and have a stellium in Virgo but I’ve always felt that I don’t fit in to Virgo.
    But your description of Virgo really fits me. I need meaning for my work. And being full time mother has been a very tough work for me. I was telling my husband that I’m depressed that I need more “me time”. This whole article is describing about me right now in so many ways. It Is good that I noticed that I’m depressed. I don’t hesitate to look for help when I need. I think I just wanted to say thank you. This is liberating.

    1. Thank you so much. I have chills which usually means a spirit family member or friend (yours) is here to back you. Call the doctor as your first move. I’m really pleased it feels liberating for you. Only way is up.

  6. Jessica, thank you for this blog post. I have suffered from debilitating depression for many years and have been in therapy for the last 10. Things have been challenging of late especially with Covid, I want and need to loose a considerable amount of weight, I know that contributes to depression. Is it possible to get healthy again with my chart and current planetary positions. Most days it feels like I/we are stuck with too much negativity, are there any positive things coming my way.


    1. Well done on sticking with therapy for ten years. I am very sorry you have ongoing depression and I know Covid is not helping. You are overweight and know you need to lose a lot of fat and you also get the connection with your state of mind. Pluto at 27 Virgo in your Sixth House is important. If you use self control with food and drink, you feel in control. Yet you also feel controlled by your addiction to eating and/or drinking. If you use your willpower with the fridge, you feel empowered. Yet you feel overpowered by the food or drink. Ops at 27 Aries in your First House, Salacia at 27 Capricorn in your Tenth House, Vulcano at 27 Gemini in your Third House, create a pattern. There is so much going on here. Do you have a sibling and did you babysit each other as children? Words matter. What messaging did you get from a sibling about yourself, if so, or about food/body? A cousin can sometimes be the issue too, if you basically taught each other vocabulary. If not, then turn to the television, magazines and (these days) the internet for clues about the way you talk to yourself today. This is Vulcano in Gemini. Salacia in Capricorn is about work. Does this affect the sorts of work you can and cannot take on? Not too many overweight ballet dancers, obviously. Perhaps success is something to look at. The whole issue of jobs. Ops in your First House of image says it all in terms of the rest of the story. There is a stack of information about all this in your guidebooks and on Search if you want to really get stuck into this quite rare pattern in your chart which is about being fat but also about being depressed. The 27 degree pattern is wonderfully triggered by Jupiter at 27 Capricorn in December 2020 and again at 27 Aquarius in April 2021. Your mind and body will be transformed completely by Pluto at 27 Capricorn in February 2022 and again July that year with the final pass December 2022 and January 2023. One of your issues is you over-think to avoid physically moving or taking action. Do you live near a river or even the sea? If you are lucky enough to do that, look at wild swimming. Some very overweight, very depressed women have fantastic results with it. If you don’t, start walking. You may already be doing that/have tried it and got nowhere. Your brain gets bored, so you need to listen to short stories (try Audible for free samples) or even astrology podcasts. Keep a journal and record how you feel before/after walks. Make them proper walks so you puff and pant. All this comes from your Vulcano in Gemini which leads your chart. You’ll do this.

  7. Hi Jessica,

    As you rightly mentioned, I have bunch of factors in Sagittarius and have been having a difficult 2020 especially finding a good job. I do not have any factors in Pisces (opposite Virgo in which I have two). How long will it take to settle and become stable. I am tired of living in uncertainty, and starting to lose faith that things will become better. Is there anything I can do? Thanks

    1. If you are strongly Sagittarian you are in the new knowledge economy of 2020, 2021, 2022 and if you are not already picking up new skills online, think about it. A great many of these are free (language courses for example) and we are going to see new trade and travel agreements with particular regions and countries spring up all over the place in 2021. These will need translators. Beyond that, there are other skills, assets and talents to learn, online (free) which will help you become marketable. A really simple trick is to look at Fiverr and see who’s busy! That is what people want. Uncertainty is the new normal but ‘the future is tutor.’ If you feel you have any ability at all to be a Zoom tutor, nanny, babysitter, mentor, coach or actual teacher – use your Sagittarius factors and pursue, as the South Node in Sagittarius is here to tell you – you did this before. You can do it again.

  8. Hi Jessica! Thank you, I always look forward to your interesting astrology insights. Since I have six planets in Virgo ( born in the sixties) 5 of those planets are in retrograde. Is there a special meaning to retrograde? I also have four planets in Pieces, some in Gemini and one in Sagittarius.
    So I guess I will be strongly effective by the Mutable weather until January, 2022. Any insight? Many thanks!!

    1. Retrograde planets are triggered by transits, so you won’t really notice the classic forwards/stop/backwards/repeat response until you hit a cycle where mutable planets in motion, are at the same degree as your own. You will be watching that for years actually as Uranus is in Gemini from 2026. Long-term mutable weather will bring out some pretty obvious pause and rewind buttons for you, so it’s worth keeping the journal that comes with membership and tracking the transits.

  9. Thank you for this Jessica, surely it will help many people.

    A lot of my students are struggling right now, and I have been strongly encouraging meditation. Even just 3-5 minutes a day! We all need to focus on taking really good care of ourselves and being gentle with ourselves – that is also what I tell my students.

    And funnily enough, I have been tempted to request that you look into the current weather as it relates to alcohol consumption. It seems like in the last few weeks just one drink packs the punch of several (for me anyway). I am tapering off alcohol and may give it up totally for a while, which would have been utterly unthinkable just a few months ago. Now, it just feels like it doesn’t fit me. I feel that we will be needing all our wits about us.

    I didn’t have any other major questions pertaining to me – more or less just wanted to say thanks and offer some encouragement! And I hope you are taking care of you too Jessica!

    1. Thank you. Yes, even five minutes of meditation is great at reminding people that they are not their thoughts. They are not their condition of anxiety, or depression, or whatever. It’s separate from their very selves, like the black dog that follows people around, room to room! It’s interesting about alcohol and its impact on you. I think your survival instincts are kicking in. Quite right. You need your wits about you. You have Salacia at 20 Capricorn, Neptune’s wife, and she is sextile Neptune himself at 20 Pisces now. That is a great deal of escapism and floating, and alcohol would intensify it. So no wonder you are feeling one drink packs the punch of several. Salacia is an interesting trans-Neptunian object if you want to take a closer look at her. She’s showing up in relation to your position, mission and ambition.

  10. I just wanted to Thank You, Jessica for writing such a beautiful blog and using your influence to globally help others.

    Personally, I know, that when I’ve been tested to the mettle over the past years, I have found so much solace from the wisdom which you share by the answers to your reader’s questions, your blogs and overall the sites content. It’s very obvious, that you take this community of people who follow you, who are being challenged and tested beyond measure, and genuinely modelling what we all should be doing in our communities. Giving a S*IT. Having HEART and offering yourself to SERVE is a way that’s more powerful than just collecting the money from your site. It’s easy for people to forget that this is your business and your income. But it’s so much more than that for so many people, and its a credit to you. It’s a breathing space. A place you can learn, if you wish. A place to find wisdom when you need it. lost. A space to breathe. A space to connect. Most importantly, a space to remember who you really are and that we are all interconnected on this planet.

    Thank you from the bottom on my heart. x

  11. Thanks Jessica,

    Excellent article with a lot of great advice.

    I imagine lots of children of the sixties will be affected. I have 4 factors in Virgo, 3 Pisces and lots of Sagittarius and Gemini. And in particular Uranus 19 Pluto opp Ceres 20 Pisces and Minerva 9 Virgo opp Saturn 10 Pisces plus the my Gemini Sagittarian nodal return. I really appreciate being made aware of the risk and suggested solutions.

    Kindest regards,

    1. Thank you. Yes, children of the Sixties are in the ‘squeeze and pressure’ zone during not only the long opposition of Neptune in Pisces, but also the tight squares from the North Node in Gemini and South Node in Sagittarius. You have a couple of oppositions to work with and work around. Action will speak louder than words; in fact with this kind of chart, you can get lost in the computer, the bookshelf or talking – but not acting. So if you do not already have a physical sport, discipline or exercise that science tells you, helps with mental health – now is the time.

  12. Dear Jessica

    Thanks so much for a very thorough and enjoyable article.

    I have 6 planets and asteroids in Virgo including Mercury, Venus, Uranus and Pluto. NN in Gemini, Asc in Gemini, Jupiter in Gemini, SN in Sagittarius, Saturn and Chiron in Pisces.

    Interesting that I’ve not felt any depression (don’t think I’ve ever felt depressed as such, anxious yes) but I’ve definitely embraced physical exercise (I exercise twice a day every day including walking), meditation (almost every day) and change (about to be back on my own with my husband after 25 years with kids).

    For me, maturity has been all about not being obsessed with routine and learning to be flexible… it’s alright not to hover on a Saturday morning and do something else. I take to discipline far too well although I’m good at embracing change

    For me the problem is to try not to plan ahead in too many details and learn to let go and embrace mystery.

    What will 2021 bring me as I feel my Virgo points will be triggered next year?

    Thanks so much for all you’re doing to help all of us.

    Xxxx Natalie

    1. Your Virgo 0-22 range of horoscope factors will be picked up by Uranus in Taurus for many years, actually, so the global new economy (actually the end of globalisation) will indirectly affect the work you do. What you say will help other people who are heavily Virgo. You exercise twice a day, and meditate almost every day.It works. The Uranus in Taurus revolution means a series of trines from Uranus to your Virgo factors and 2021 is important, in the sense that you set it up in 2020. You have used/will use Jupiter in Capricorn (the other trine) to take advantage of new opportunities for success, achievement and ambition. Weirdly, some people are doing fine from all this. The shift to come will involve working part-time or perhaps 3.5 days a week, job-sharing. You can say yes or no but I think you will be tempted.

  13. Jessica
    This is such a valuable blog for so many people! I want to tell you that I know I speak for many, if not all of the people that subscribe to your site when I say, you are invaluable. Your personal touch and words of wisdom mean more than you can possibly imagine. Thank you for teaching us, consoling us and for all the very many kind and compassionate things you. . All of this above blog resonates with me. I have always walked and done yoga 6 days a week,, ate mediterranean diet etc but lately with the heavy, heavy crap that is happening to me right now, I have been unable to even force myself to do these things. I got ready for a walk yesterday and got to the door and just froze, unable to bring myself to go outside.. Back on the couch again with a million excuses. I tried to meditate but became thoroughly irritated and had to stop as my mind kept wandering off to many problems and challenges I have right now. Couldn’t even force down a forkful of dinner. This pressure has been going on for awhile (since about end of Dec 2019) strongly. Even in the last few years, I have felt this unsettled feeling inside me like something was happening.. Then something pretty upsetting happened end of December and I have been dealing with it but it has recently intensified. I feel like I don’t even know myself. Last night my husband said “I just want my wife back”. I hate how this makes him sad. Today is our anniversary and when I woke up I decided I will force myself to get outside and walk and pick up something nice to make for dinner.This article was a confirmation that this needed to happen. Synchronicity! When will this sea of sh*t go away for me? OR shall I just brace myself for more rocky roads ahead?

    1. Thank you so much. I am sorry you are being put through these massive challenges, which are stopping you from yoga, walking and proper food. It is clearly a serious illness and your husband is telling you that you are not the wife he knows. So there are two things going on here. Your marriage to him and yourself. Start with yourself. You are strongly Virgo and so ‘habitual/ritual’ is your way of life. You must now find new habits. For whatever reason even walking is not working. Go to the doctor first and be honest. From there look at what you might try that is utterly new to you. If something upsetting happened last December you may also need to tell your doctor. The synchronicity of you finding this article and also hitting what sounds like classic depression is important. Pick up the phone, even if you don’t want to. The idea ‘fake it until you make it’ can be very useful at times like this. Go through the motions and just do it. You can and will get better, based on your chart, but this is quite revolutionary change, make no mistake, and it will actually set you free from something/someone necessary.

  14. Hey Jessica, is wow thank you sooo much for this in depth article. I am Virgo Sun at 8*, was born under a Pisces full moon. Gemini and Sagittarius are very important signs in my birth chart indeed. I look forward to rereading your insights again and again. Here’s hoping this melancholy will dissipate soon enough. I am sooo ready for a level up in my love and work life! On my birthday I will vow to myself to create a better life, future, hoping that Jupiter and Saturn will dance in a more manageable way for me LOL. Thanks again, JC from Cape Town

    1. Melancholy is a good example of a body/mind circuit which can become habitual. Virgo is the sign that rules daily repetition and you have to watch what you do every single day. The good news is, Virgo rules new discoveries about body and mind that set us free. In fact Elon Musk has just tried to do that, in new Virgo weather, with his ‘fitbit for the brain.’ Your own chart, if it carries Gemini and Virgo, is heavily Mercury influenced, as this planet rules both signs. So your mind drives your body. What you think, living in your head, being cut off below the neck – is pretty typical. Cape Town has some incredible places to swim, and that is turning up in research as a potential depression cure for some people. Read the first-person stories on the BBC; they are impressive.

  15. Hi Jessica
    Been living with depression it’s something I live with,part of my life has been that way but I never thought to have the Moon 21° Virgo or DESC at 24° on Virgo has something to do with that.

    1. Your Virgo Moon can be linked to depression if you have factors in Pisces, Sagittarius and/or Gemini which create squares or oppositions. Even a trine, sextile or conjunction can be hard, if it’s a planet like Saturn or Pluto. I don’t have your chart so I can’t say more. In general, you ‘need to be needed’ by working hard, doing the housework, being of service, doing your duty. That’s perfectly fine but if you overdo it you will hit imbalance.

  16. I read your article earlier today and was going to comment…..but as I was laid in bed thinking about going for a walk….I did just that and went for a woodland walk. Cheers! My natal chart has been hit a few times in last couple of weeks. I’m trying to roll with the groundhog day stuff that comes from not enjoying my work, covid, WFH and mentoring my young Aquarian son of 22 (or him at times mentoring me). I’m still processing the leo weather which I think is due to my Virgo stellium of over thinking. The times they are a changing I hope.

    1. Well done on going for a woodland walk instead of lying in bed thinking about it. Over-thinking is just a classic Virgo habit and if you replace it with the habit of daily walking you will be far better off than doing head miles. You could do more, actually, once you want to. So, learning how to manage your emotions even if you are not in the perfect job ,or dealing with a 22-year-old. You have that kind of chart where you can learn techniques to manage mind and body, in a loop.

  17. Hi Jessica

    Well that explains a lot. I only had to read the first line to know I have a stellium in Virgo. I fought depression a few years ago. I will never let myself go back. I felt myself going there a few months back but refused to let it. I lost my dad during lockdown we weren’t allowed to visit him for weeks. Mentally tough on us all & ive struggles with my family a bit. I’ve also just said a goodbye to a friend this month whom I have great feelings for. I could no longer keep up the written communication as it was ‘doing my head in’. I’m guessing that’s my Gemini in The third house you told me about recently. You are right with the one job at a time, one foot in front of the other. Change takes time. Though I’m at the point were I need great change. I will get there thru self live self care and the choice to find the positive no matter how small. I can only hope 2021 is going to be a great year. Never give up hope.

    Thank you, H

    1. Okay. Well done on using your control over your own mind to refuse to let yourself slide back into depression. You are really lucky to be able to do that. You are also clever enough (Gemini) to step back from a difficult situation and find a solution. So, you have farewelled a friend who affected you emotionally. You’ll have a fantastic trine from Jupiter in Aquarius to your Gemini side, in 2021.

  18. When I read your reply, I also felt chills from my left hand holding mobile to read it. I am not psychic at all but I felt it really strong. Are they (spirit) from my family including who passed away long time ago? I’m not even into spiritual world but still asking! Why??? Thank you for letting me know that my families are with me.

    1. Chills mean a spirit person is in your aura or field. I don’t know who the person was, but ask before you fall asleep and eventually you may dream the face or name and have an unusually vivid dream encounter.

  19. Thanks Jessica

    That is such a great insight into what I’m feeling now. 2020 is indeed a year when I’m setting up the scene for what’s to come.

    I have my own business and I’ve done so for 13 years. I’m now finding that working with intention is starting to produce amazing results. I use to work long hours for little results. This would appear to the outside world that I’m doing almost nothing but the sales are really starting to increase (I’m a jewellery designer with an online presence).

    I was actually wondering the other day why I’m working 5 days a week but saying that I have big dreams of really expanding my business.

    But after 2020 there’s no going back, my day has to include exercise, meditation and some creative activity then it all flows.

    Many thanks.

    Xxx Natalie

    1. That is fascinating and useful for other people to read. Working with intention. I often tell people, to tell the mirror. Feel it and say it. It’s such a simple thing to do but it makes a massive difference. You are a jewellery designer who is now increasing her sales. The other handy thing is that you can switch your intention later if you want something else. Mirror talk is recommended by Louise Hay but I have seen people doing it for years. Eye contact and speech. Say the words. Congratulations on your business.

  20. I was actually diagnosed with depression this year and am being actively treated for it.
    I have so many Sag factors, and in Virgo, Mars 26 Virgo and Cupido 19 Virgo and Psyche 15 Virgo.
    I read a post of yours a few years back about how having a one sided chart (I.e., like mine) can read mental health issues. It really helped me understand myself, and that post was actually what kick started my interest in astrology.
    Is there anything you can tell me about my Virgo factors and my depression (I’d swear it was the recent ghosting my Pisces did on me, but no, this goes way back, I just never realized it.)
    Thank you for this post, your insight and this website.

    1. It’s good you have been diagnosed and have treatment. The ghosting Pisces has been at odds with your Virgo side. Pisces men can disappear – vanish – and slip away. Elusive, like two fish. It hurts but you actually do not need someone with Pisces planets in your life with a chart like that. He carried the Neptune transit for you. Wasted his time and your own. Forget it – Neptune people are actually really easy to forget, because they are so insubstantial anyway! Mars at 26 Virgo in your Sixth House is semi-sextile Pluto at 26 Libra in your Seventh House. Figure out those placements with your journal and guidebooks. Minerva is at 26 Aquarius and she is your answer. Head for friends and groups. In fact your Minerva knows how to solve your issues, both with depression and with lovers. She is usually seen with an owl and is the Roman goddess of wisdom. If you are not in a group of other people with depression for support/therapy you should be. Try to find out more about Pluto as in Libra he often works best when you time-share your lover. When you compromise and let a lover have his own life/space/place/power away from the relationship. There is a ton of work you can do on just those three factors in your chart, actually. 2021 will be hugely healing as Jupiter goes to 26 Aquarius later next year. Again, it’s about the group (it involves one or more friends).

  21. Thank you for this timely article, Jessica. Despite having only two Virgo factors, I feel they’ve influenced my life hugely. I have Diana at 22 degrees Virgo, conjunct my Cap Sun – and also Ceres at Virgo 15, conjunct my Cap MC. I’ve also suffered from not only regular mild depression, but also debilitating OCD since late childhood, centered around perfectionism and fear of loss.

    In reading these conditions through the lens of Diana/Ceres and Virgo, it’s interesting to note corresponding themes of lack of mental freedom, compromise, fear of letting go, loss issues, obsession, perfectionism/need for order and control. It’s so interesting how these archetypes play out in life.

    Interestingly, I’ve been making a concerted effort to beat the OCD since January this year. If you have time, is there anything else you see related to these issues in my chart?

    Stay safe and thank you as always,

    1. That is enough for you to be led by your Sixth House (ruled by Virgo) which is about work, mental health and physical health and wellbeing. Close aspects can dominate a chart and you can have two factors and find they follow you round. You can take the two of them apart, separately and see what answers they give you. Diana is that part of you which does not want to commit, could marry and have children but find unconscious ways to ‘not have them’ (for example marrying a philanderer whom you divorce, or having illness which prevents mothering). Diana is a free spirit, wild, uncompromising and rejected marriage and motherhood for a life spent on the hunt. Have you looked at your use of the Pill? We associate that with Diana in Virgo. If you do not have a space for Diana in your chart she will act up, so you find yourself with all sorts of problems that get you what she wants, but not in an easy way. Diana, Princess of Wales never let herself do what her own Diana wanted, and so she chose a man and a life which made it inevitable she would bolt for freedom. It’s better to be honest with yourself about these things! Ceres in Virgo is also about ‘the maiden’ archetype of the Virgin and again, we come back to the Pill. (It went on sale in 1969 when Uranus and Pluto were both in Virgo making history). Ceres is about power, control and learning to share and compromise. You’d have to expect that menstruation or losing your virginity were triggers and perhaps ‘My body’ as a whole, versus what having a female body means in patriarchy. There is a ton of stuff to work on. Sometimes the art will make it very simple. Find paintings of Ceres and Diana online (Rubens has a few) and gaze at them. What are they telling you? Dreams can also be very, very useful for breakthroughs and these two goddesses are potent archetypes who may well help you make some shifts. Clearly you are at war with yourself and you need to figure out why Ceres and all her rage, and Diana with all her bows and arrows, have actually got you in a battle with yourself, and not something/someone outside yourself. Have to say, it’s the chart of an activist, who finds work or unpaid work where she gets to be a warrior. Women Who Run With the Wolves could be useful!

  22. Thanks Jessica and no need to respond.

    I was previously fascinated with the possibilities of astrology to help people with mental health issues when you wrote the Bipolar blog.

    I think you work with Astrofire software. Building on that, I was wondering if they were able to build software to include your projections and match astrological conditions to individual birth charts so that people could for example ‘buy’ their annual projections of when they need to be cautious with mental and physical health throughout the year like a project plan month by month with suggestions to exercise/meditate and so forth.

    Absolutely love the learnings but I still feel as if I am beginner to intermediate learning a foreign language at times.

    However as an example of how far I have come, I married on 16/2/2001 in Sydney and both husband and I were focused on ensuring that everyone had a really fun day because that would make it a great day for us i.e. all about the group. Feedback was best wedding that people had ever been to. I looked up the planets on that day a couple of weeks ago and was completely astounded to see that there was so much activity in Aquarius and also Libra. We must have been guided to pick that day.

    Hope Tassie warms up a little soon.

    Kindest regards,

    1. That is really interesting Patricia and I just literally left a Zoom quiz with people from Solar Fire. I think they can customise a program for people who want to track hard aspects to their Virgo factors, as they are called, and they are extremely helpful if you wanted to ping them a question. You chose a really great day to get married and Aquarius (friends) and Libra (your husband) were at lovely angles. What you wrote into all time, has those qualities for all time.

  23. Hi Jessica, I believe I was depressed from about 2001 to 2020. I never took any medication for depression because I was afraid it would make me feel nothing. I’d rather feel things than not. However, I recently tried TMS treatment – Transcranial magnetic stimulation. In the United States insurance covers it. After this treatment, my low-grade depression was completely gone. I feel like I’m 14 years old, it’s incredible. There is a lot of information about TMS treatment online and I swear by it.

  24. Hi Jessica,
    As always, a perfectly timed article. I am really feeling my body and mind, dragging each other around at the moment. And feeling stuck in a bit of a loop, ‘I feel unmotivated which is causing sluggishness, and feeling sluggish drives further lack of motivation’ 🙁
    I have Venus at 00, Minerva at 06 and Cupido at 03 in Virgo. I’m trying to keep my mind active firstly, and hoping that turning a corner soon, will help me with the physical side of things.
    The effects of Depression in my life are extensive, unfortunately. Though I didn’t really realise or acknowledge it until a while back. I see a Dr monthly, and have done for over 6 years. She helps enormously. I have also engaged in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, and my Dr is now introducing me to Schema Therapy (a form of CBT) which is very interesting.
    A huge help though, cognitively, has been to study Jung and The Tarot, together. Its time consuming, and deeply rewarding, and I suspect, will be a lifelong education. But they spark ideas, memories, connections and thoughts, that help keep the darkness at bay. And help to feel a little bit more in control of myself.
    I’m just looking forward to the end of the year. One foot in front of the other, one day at a time.
    Any advice you can offer would be greatly appreciated 🙂
    So much in this article for me to explore and learn – Thank you again.
    DinP xxx

    1. You have nailed the problem which is classic Virgo – living in your head and not being physically active. You are also living with depression which is a serious illness as you know. It’s great you are trying CBT and also using the work of Jung and the Tarot. You can disappear into your head so easily though make sure you are doing 1-2 hours of exercise every day. There is classically a lot of preparation, over-thinking, self-talking, worrying and inner debate before something as simple as just going for a walk, with close Virgo patterns (which you have). Remove any obstacles to walking, as it is the fastest, most simple, most effective way to huff and puff and start your body working properly. CBT is super but if you are sluggish you are not moving your body fast enough or often enough, the science tells us. Try it and see what happens to your mood straight after.

  25. A fabulous array of goodies you have shared with us. Thank you Jessica.
    All the best,

  26. Jessica, thanks for the reply. Yes the narrative from my father when I was growing up caused quite a few issues.
    On a positive note, I live in the beautiful Pacific northwest of the usa so there is no shortage of beautiful trails and places to go hiking. My husband even got me a puppy so that I would go for walks, all I need to do is get off my rear and do it, and that is so hard.
    Thanks again.

  27. Great article Jessica! Heeded your advice prior to 2020 about simplifying lifestyle and reducing debt. I also moved to Tasmania 18mths ago. With a birth chart 18/07/67 12.40pm Springvale Vic Aus, I too identify with this Gen Virgo – Uranus, Pluto, Venus and have been feeling it lately now we are in Virgo season. Health has been an occupation and personal passion and now find the habits that have always served me so well are no longer working. We are all being asked, pushed to change but am failing to get any clarity on the big issues -seem to be overthinking everything.
    Would appreciate your thoughts.

    1. Thank you. I am happy to hear you downsized and simplified. Tasmania is the place to do it. We are incredibly lucky to be here and have to protect the island. If you were born on 18th July 1967 then you are all about the finance from Christmas 2020 into 2021 and even more so from 2023. So, the time is approaching when you will need to look at your bank account, house or apartment, superannuation, shares, any business interests and so on. In fact 2021 could be an unforgettable year.

  28. Jessica, such wonderful information and so helpful and mindful of Virgo’s. I have bout 20 of the mutable signs in my chart. I am currently taking care of my mother and sister and have for the past 13 years. It has completely taken over my life….this is my work. I love them but am getting a little tired of this. I got sick at the end of last year and have drawn back some, but still have the responsibility. I actually need to be thinking about how to shore up my finances and not theirs. I do many of the things that you mention but will cycle in and out of it. I guess I should make a more concerted effort to make this part of my routine. I will read about the diet you suggested….I already eat a large part that way. Thank you so much for your kind suggestions. I am touched by your care for your readers….thank you!

    1. Thank you so much. You have been bound to duty and service, like a second job, with your mother and sister, for 13 years. Getting sick is usually a sign that your body is intervening so your soul can get what it needs. Drawing back a little is a useful thing to do. You are also quite rightly thinking about your own money, never mind theirs. The wheel will turn slowly but surely for change here, as Uranus in Taurus will trine your Virgo factors over a number of years.

  29. Hi Jessica,
    I have Virgo in Pluto, Venus and Mars. How does your newsletter “Virgo and Depression” affect me. I have been out of work (personal assistant) full time since the end of 2016 and have been working part time since then. I feel like I’m not following MY bliss but I don’t know what that is. I have always been a caretaker for my family and in my job. I feel like I’ve spent most of my life caring for others and distracting myself from myself. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
    Peace and blessings,

    1. Well, Joyce, you just read your own chart. Venus, Mars, Pluto, Vesta and Vulcano are all in Virgo in the Sixth House of your chart. You have worked as a Personal Assistant and housewife (a job by itself) and you are now starting to feel the full weight of being overly Virgo. September is the month of the turnaround, actually. You have until Christmas and the trines from Jupiter to the Moon in Virgo, every four weeks, to carry you across the line to the results you want. You have a stellium, or unusually high count, of Virgo factors. Virgo is the maiden, the virgin, who did the housework to pay for her keep at home. She could be the Old Maid of the playing card deck who was a spinster/housekeeper to her ageing family. These are pretty old archetypes. Another one is the valet to the French nobles, who was also their doctor, as well as their butler and manservant. He would risk his own health, perhaps with plague, to attend to his sick master. As you can see, Virgo has some negative connotations as well as some quite noble ones. Without Virgo the house is a mess. Without Virgo people are sick. Yet, one can overdo anything, and come to the end of the line with a particular role. The time has come to do Virgo for yourself. The answer is self-care. Work for yourself, work on yourself, take care of yourself, look after yourself. Being so strongly Virgo you need to schedule that. Enjoy the luxury of exploring the internet this weekend to find out what you can have – what you can take. So much of it is free, because the internet is based on freeconomics. (Half free, half paywalled). You get to enjoy the free part and cherrypick the right treats and treatments to tend to yourself. Your entire issue has been a lack of time for yourself. You have no idea who you are, or what feels good, until you experiment, and September is the month.

  30. Hello Jessica!

    This was a great read! I have just a couple of Virgo placements, but I have noticed how important they are when determining the state of my mental and physical health. Since December 2019 I feel as I have just been on a downward spiral to rock bottom. From multiple job failures, two disabilities, debit, and major depression. I was wonder if there was anything in my chart that would point to these hardships? or if when anything will get just the tiniest bit better?
    Thank you!

    1. I am really sorry you are doing it so tough with work, money, disability and of course depression. The number of Virgo placements is immaterial. If they are heavily aspected, then they tie up the whole chart, from the Sixth House of mental and physical health. Your Ascendant is 6 Virgo so your mental health or physical condition/physical state is your image. You walk out of the front door, showing it. Mercury at 6 Pisces in the Twelfth House is right opposite. You are the third person I have just replied to, with Twelfth House/Pisces issues. This is the part of yourself which is quite unconscious. It is best accessed through dreams. I am going to recommend Jane Teresa Anderson for the third time today! I’m not talking those ridiculous lists of dream interpretation where ‘missing teeth’ means X. Proper dream enquiry means it’s personal and you need a journal. It doesn’t have to cost. A great deal of who you are, and how you operate, is not always known to you. It’s like the iceberg below the surface. Dreams can show you what is going on. Mars is close by at 7 Scorpio. That’s money and property. Juno at 7 Sagittarius. That’s foreign people and places, the worldwide web, education and academia and books. I hope you can see how just one placement is tied up with so much else in your chart. The MC at 5 Gemini and IC at 5 Sagittarius are also really close. The Descendant at 6 Pisces gives you what is known as a Grand Cross. (The MC is your vocation, in Gemini, it is about writing or using your voice, media or the internet – the IC is your family tree – in Sagittarius you have migrants in there). Salacia at 6 Pisces in your Twelfth House is conjunct Mercury and also tied into this whopping pattern. Salacia is about two worlds, neither real, which co-exist. In the Twelfth House, again, this is quite unconscious. Work with your dreams. Your sleeping or unconscious self drives the bus. You are also very likely a natural medium who picks up information from all parts of time and space. If you have not already admitted that to yourself, it may be time for some research. Linda Williamson has an excellent book on managing mediumship, which you can request from your library. In general have a look at your chakras and aura and their correct protection and upkeep. That’s a rule for any Twelfth House type!

  31. Hi Jessica – thank you for this practical and caring article. This type of proactive concern for others is what the world needs more of right now. I have a history of depression and anxiety, although the depression does seem a lot better than previous years, which is a pleasant surprise given the times we are in and the fact that I admittedly do not put exercise, diet, and my health generally first (that is changing). The anxiety has been plenty bad with COVID, workload, and what seems to be a forced return to work despite a request for medical accommodation (I’m consulting with a lawyer on that point, as I am awaiting testing in a few months for autoimmune disease). I have Juno 06° Virgo and Aesculapia 18° Virgo. Any insights on bumps in the road I should watch out for? Thank you for all you do, and hope you are doing well despite the topsy-turvy world we are in.

    1. Thank you. Yes, I’m doing well, in Tasmania, which has zero cases. Juno at 6 Virgo in the Sixth House is the ‘wife’ (even if you are not married) who is committed to her work. She marries the job. She can also wed her housework. And of course she can pledge herself to her own mental health and physical health too. Venus at 5 Pisces in the Twelfth House is right opposite. Look at your unconscious or secret, hidden relationships, either with yourself, or with some kind of confessor or confidante. That gets in the way of Juno. There is something about dreams which can often unlock that, because dreams speak the unconscious. Uranus at 6 Scorpio in the Eighth House is tied into the pattern. The plot thickens. Part of you is a catalyst for revolution, radical change and upheaval, with finance, property or business. This has all been triggered by transiting Uranus at 6 Taurus, of course, so no wonder you are talking to a lawyer about your job. Cupido at 6 Sagittarius is also tied into the pattern. You fall in love with foreign places and people, education and academia, the worldwide web, books and knowledge. You can also inspire love in others for the same things. What is going on here, is likely a bunch of inner conflicts and mixed feelings which your unconscious mind resolves by setting you up for depression and anxiety. Both stop you going to work. Both mean you can shut the door on other people and the world. It only takes a transit of a slow-moving planet like Uranus at 6, and the pattern is triggered. So, you would gain from sitting down with your chart and taking it apart. Aesculapia at 18 Virgo is unaspected, but I am sure you know he was Rome’s best-loved healing god. He brought you back from the brink. You are the second person I have just written a long reply to, who has this placement. You are both directing your considerable powers towards yourselves. Yet you have what it takes to heal others – animals or people. That would be really interesting for you, long-term. It is quite common for gifted healers to practise on themselves first, or to have a medical condition which forces them to discover new answers. Vicky Wall (Aura Soma) was blind and channelled healing colours for the aura and chakra system.

  32. Hi Jessica mam,
    i have been living with depression, OCD, anxiety issues from more than like 15 years and it has affected all areas of my life, no career, no family life, living with my mom thriving on her savings and pension. I have never felt so relieved that it is not at all my fault (because my mom says you are too sensitive or particular etc and that’s why you are depressed) but now I know its all in my stars. I have a stellium in Virgo, Gemini, Pisces and Sagittarius, a total of 15 factors in mutable signs. COVID-19 is more like an icing on the cake.
    I came across your site around the time chiron moved into Aries last year and I never needed a psychologists session after that, yes I am taking my medicines regularly but I have never felt like I do now- “MUCH BETTER” but still on medicines. I had always felt astrology has some relation to my circumstances. I have been trying to decode myself on my own from more than a year based on astrology and this article finally gave some answers. But still I am far away from being healed. Please provide me your expert guidance on how I can or what I need to do to live a better life.
    Thanks a lot.
    P.S. You don’t know how much you have helped me and people like me.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words. I am very sorry you have been living with anxiety, depression and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder for such a long time. Let’s take your chart apart. You have Apollo at 14 Virgo in the Sixth House. You have Aesculapia at 3 Virgo in the Sixth House. You also have Psyche at 15 Virgo in the Sixth House. That is what they call a stellium. Three or more horoscope factors, in just one zodiac sign. September is the month to really tackle your depression, anxiety and OCD as the Sun will pass over Aesculapia, Apollo and Psyche, in that order and shed light on what is going on, and what you can do about it. You were born with a conjunction. Apollo at 14 Virgo is conjunct Psyche at 15 Virgo in the Sixth House of work, housework, mental health and physical health. Apollo was actually a healer. Did you know? You have self-healing or other-healing abilities, either with people or animals. Of course you have had to become your own doctor, but there are other things you can do to help your condition which don’t involve drugs. What you do for yourself, you can show others by example and they will copy you. Have a look at the sculpture and art of Apollo, Jupiter’s son. You were also born to work, actually, and if you don’t have a career, you will become a kind of super maid for your mother. Virgo is the virgin, the maiden, who earns her keep by doing the chores at home. You are actually living out the archetype to the life. Psyche is the woman who was subjected to tests and trials by Venus, who was jealous of her. Venus resented Psyche for her youthful beauty and so she sent her to Hell and back (literally sent her to Hades) and also set her impossible tasks, like cleaning an entire barn overnight. Psyche was helped by Mother Nature and she fulfilled all the tasks. Eventually she was united with her lover Cupid and they both became immortal. Have a look at the Psyche sculpture and art, too. Jupiter is at 14 Pisces in your chart, in the Twelfth House, right opposite. Your dreams will help you so much. I hope your medication does not stop you dreaming. Have a look at the work of Carl Jung on dreams, but in a practical way, have a look at the work of Jane Teresa Anderson, the dreams expert. Hypnosis could also help you. Have you tried that? Jupiter in the Twelfth House is a picture of someone who gains from her/his unconscious mind. There is a ton of stuff going on here about the way your unconscious mind is keeping you at home, doing the housework, but you are the best person to judge that. Finally – Aesculapia at 3 Virgo is important too. This is another healing symbol. In fact, Apollo was his father. He was the Roman god you called on, in your dreams (dreams, again!) to cure you of plague or bring you back from the brink with other illnesses or injuries. The Romans trusted this god so much they built temples to him – virtually hospitals -all over the Empire. I think there is a healer in you just longing to break out.

  33. Echoing the comments of others, thank you for this well-timed article Jessica. I have long struggled with the why of my low/depressive moods, and how to help myself. It’s the feeling of overwhelm at work and at home that gets me every time, and no amount of walking, meditating, yoga or healthy eating shifts it once it kicks in. Just one thing can tip me over the edge and undo all the good work. 2020 has been a year of trying to figure out what my joy is, I went into 1 January trying to notice the moments when I feel light, to learn from those moments, and to this day I am still at a loss – the niggling feeling that something is just out of my reach/awareness. Is there anything you can suggest that might be an area I could explore specifically?

    1. Thank you. Overwhelm at work, and overwhelm with housework, is usually a Virgo/Sixth House problem. Saturn at 10 Virgo is automatically challenging. We all have to have Saturn somewhere (learning experiences, tests of patience, strenuous building) and you actually have it in your house of jobs and domestic chores. Mercury is at 9 Scorpio so very much involved (finances, rent, taxation, insurance, mortgage). Diana is at 10 Sagittarius so part of you wants to be free, zero commitments, wild, and released to roam. This does not square with work and housework – at all – because Diana 10 Sagittarius is square Saturn 10 Virgo. Bacchus at 11 Sagittarius is pretty close. Similar thing. Pure pleasure, hedonism and indulgence in Sagittarius things, in the Ninth House. So, travel, travel in the mind, study, involvement with foreign people and places. Ops at 11 Scorpio is also close, and of course you already have Mercury in Scorpio. You are ‘doing’ your Virgo very well by walking, meditating, taking yoga classes or avoiding bad food. You are probably overdoing your Virgo which is why you feel overwhelm. Perfecting the details and being the good Virgo maiden does not make Diana happy. Money is involved so you may have to ask yourself if you would pay the price, to be free for some of the time. Diana is a huntress and a wild swimmer. She has no interest in marriage or children and roams where wants to (like the B52’s song). Have a look at the paintings of Diana to get a feel for her. Part of you just wants to be running around in a foreign country. Can you find a place for Diana in your life?

  34. Wow, you’re so generous Jessica, thank you for your reply. Just wanted to validate your reading of my chart – at 34, though happily married, I’m child-free not just for environmental reasons but due to a need to protect my freedom and time, and to some extent I’ve used my mental health issues as a kind of excuse too. Interesting you mention activism too; I have a lot of rage and grief over ecological/animal issues which I’ve written and protested over, but always feel I should spend more time on.

    Thanks so much for giving me more great insights to think over!

    LT x

    1. Thank you for validating the astrology. Your activism will be easy and much reduced from 2021 as the planet replacement (Uranus in Taurus) is coming. New leaders and new politics all over the world. At last you will be able to enjoy nature rather than constantly have to fight for her. The dinosaurs are going over the cliff…

  35. What a great article, thank you for shedding light Jessica. I’m actually surprised by the lack of Virgo action in my chart – I only have Vesta at 0 Virgo and you have mentioned the Vesta/Uranus square I have. I have fought significant bouts of depression since I was a teenager, which with work and increasing knowledge of self (and lots of different alternative therapies over the years) seem to have receded like the tide. I’m not sure that it ever goes away completely but the awareness helps tackle it early if it starts to rise up. Interestingly my Mum mentioned recently that when I was 8yo I was extremely unhappy and they didn’t know what to do with me. Back in those days there wasn’t really a roadmap for unhappy kids! Is there anything in my chart or other planet interactions that might indicate those depressive/anxiety tendencies? I think it’s mainly iron will and enforced self control that has pumped the brakes on any self-destructive inclinations! It wasn’t always that way.
    Thanks for your time Jessica 🙂

    1. Thank you. I am sorry you have been living with depression since you were eight years old. This is clearly organic depression or perhaps it began because of something that happened when you were about seven or eight years old. Let’s have a look at your chart. Vesta at 0 Virgo in your Sixth House is exactly square Uranus at 0 Sagittarius in your Ninth House. You were born in 1981 so you were eight years old in 1989. Sure enough, that year we find the North Node at 0 Pisces and South Node at 0 Virgo, so you experienced a T-Square in the mutable signs of Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces. We can pinpoint this to May 18th to 22nd 1989. Taking apart the original pattern, to have Vesta in Virgo in the Sixth House, is to deal with gender politics. Vestal Virgins were young women of good birth in Ancient Rome who were required to leave the family, and live together in The Temple of the Vestales, under the rulership of the Pontifex Maximus. It’s rather like nuns and the Pope today. If any of them had sex they were buried alive and their lover was also killed. So we have to ask about the family. Was it you and your mother, with your father? (That’s a Vesta situation – majority female, minority male). You and your mother, and a sister, and your father? It can happen at school. You are in an all-girl class with a male teacher. The square involves the Ninth House, of foreigners, travel, tourism, immigrants, emigration, education, relocation, academia, books and publishing. A square is always what you cannot square, or make good, or make fit. When that happens depression can be the way out because you can shut the door and avoid school or work. I will leave it to you to investigate further, as you know your life story best. But the problem did begin when your mother said, and it involved the Vesta-Uranus square triggered by the Nodes. A Sagittarius-Virgo-Pisces T-Square always, always involves the unconscious (Pisces, Twelfth House) so your dreams could help you dig away at what is happening. Jane Teresa Anderson is a very good dream counsellor, online.

  36. Hi Jessica, thank you for all the invaluable information, I find myself always coming back to my member page to keep myself well informed of the planets activity. May to August has been pretty heavy going with my employer at work to the point where he has become quite toxic. I have six factors in Virgo at 0, 12, 21 and 26 plus I have a factor in Pisces, Sagittarius and Gemini. I have a yin yoga and yoga nidra practice that keeps my mind and body grounded and restored. I have certainly lacked motivation of late to go on my walks but am trying to maintain a mostly plant based diet.

    1. Your yoga/mostly vegan eating plan is keeping you grounded and centred even with a toxic boss. The toxic boss will be out of your life at Christmas, or will still be there, but detoxed. You are going through this Saturn and Pluto transit in Capricorn (heavy going) in your Tenth House of career, so it is quite common to feel weighed down, or pinned down, by someone you do not respect, who also has no long-term place in your life. Remember that last part. You will sort out your lifestyle to your total advantage in September, jumping two hurdles on the 2nd and 11th and coming up with a new plan on the 17th. This will sustain you until November when you begin to see a real time of reckoning at work. In 2021 you just will not have that issue.

  37. Thanks Jessica for another fantastic piece of advice about using the mirror.

    Never thought about it and will now use this to set my intentions every day.

    I am also hoping to be of service in any way I can to tackling the climate change issues in Australia. I was part of the Zali Steggall’s group in March distributing leaflets around my neighbourhood and in North Sydney.

    Hoping that having to delay the introduction of the bill from 25 March to November will have been a blessing in disguise as lots of businesses and individuals are waking up to the climate emergency. What do you see happening in terms of Australia, the federal government and climate change?

    I think we are poised to become a renewable energy super power and we will show the world how to do it!

    xxxx Natalie

    1. Natalie, you are backing a winner in Zali Steggall. Some politicians are about to rise, and she is one of them (November) as the astrological chart for Australia shows a comedown and takedown for corruption and the ascent of people who want to take over (and fast). Yes, Australia will partner with New Zealand and become a new superpower. That obviously cannot happen with fossil fools in charge so we’re looking at a massive exchange of the controls set for Christmas 2020. You’d have to expect that class action lawsuits dominate 2021 and in fact, just as some Victorian businesses are taking that up against Premier Daniel Andrews, there will be huge class actions against PM Morrison, Peter Dutton and the rest. The aged care tragedy and cruise ship scandal is going nowhere.

  38. I have marriage of Psyche and Cupido at my Virgo 17 degree, harems organised by Vesta and expansion, big organisations by Jupiter. Please Jessica, help me to understand how can I use my Virgo planets and especially Jupiter for good. I do not wan to allow my imagination go wild. Haha. Especially, how can my Jupiter benefit everyone and not only me?

    1. The whole point of Jupiter by zodiac sign and house in your personal birth chart, is to give back. Jupiter at 14 Virgo in your Sixth House trine Uranus at 14 Capricorn in your Tenth House is about work. You are always protected with work matters (Jupiter) and periodically have huge lucky breaks or deserved opportunities. This usually happens when there are transits to your natal Jupiter. In general, the Moon in Virgo once every four weeks is a hotspot for you. As Jupiter makes a perfect trine to Uranus in Capricorn (the revolution on your C.V. writ large) you will find that every time you gain, you also become a catalyst for change. The changes happen to you, and around you, but they also bring exciting liberation, new technology and tremendous freedom and independence for yourself and those around you. You will never have a career without upheaval but it will always work in your favour. In fact once Donald and friends have collapsed in America, along with China, you will play a part in the replacement world economy and the new trade agreements. Micro economy meets macro economy.

  39. Thank you Jessica for your explanation. Interesting enough, I was working with trade and free trade agreements before my biggest life-career upheaval (due to unfair people of old generation). After one year of wilderness I got back to civil service but in different field of finances. So far, my work has related to fairness (fair trade before, fair use of finances now). Your article is super helpful and it is pity I had to find out self-care methods by myself when needed. One of the most interesting books I found in this topic was by Constance Stellas The Little Book of Self‑Care for Capricorns (or any other sign as there are 12 separate books). As a person with huge Capricorn Stellium and Virgo planets, sometimes I even have to force myself to relax, pamper myself and set daily yoga as an equal goal to work. Otherwise, Capricornian energy refuses to “waste time for relaxing instead of working”, which is the biggest mistake. Thank you very much once again, Jessica for your explanation and uplifting words! I cannot wait for the new era to come and feel beneficial again.

  40. Hi Jessica – thank you for the gift of this article, it’s so insightful and offers so many incredible resources! So much of what you’ve written, I can relate to as I’ve had many bouts with depression throughout my life – even as a young child I can recall feeling melancholy quite often. In 2014 I found myself home and facing the worst bout in my entire life – I could only peel myself off the couch to take and pick-up my daughter from school and to activities. During that time I began a mediation practice which I feel saved my life. If I were to take inventory of my toolbox of self-care practice I know exactly where I can make improvements, little by little 🙂 Sleep, I have no problem sleeping, just a problem putting myself to sleep as I tend to have a hard time “turning off” which results in me only getting on average 5 hours of sleep a night. I can also work on the Virgo perfectionism as I realize it actually hinders progress. Last night in fact I decided I would only clean one space of my home instead of my usually overly ambitious approach- it morphed very naturally into more than the once space and when I was done I felt so good having cleaned and organized in fact I moved all my yoga books into a new space with all my yoga mats and props – it feels good this way 🙂 I guess I wonder even if I got all my habits in order, does my chart suggest I am just prone to depression? Also I don’t have any Pisces placements and wonder if that has anything to do with it. If depression is not my fate, is there a time when I can look forward to not having to be so vigilant about it? Thank you Jessica, you and all the work you put into the world are very much appreciated.

    1. Childhood is the clue. Patterns in the chart begin under the age of thirteen, and can be useful, actually, as you remember what worked for you when you were very young. Your meditation has saved your life for six years. The Virgo overload is usually behind depression and anxiety. Taking your chart apart, you have Hygiea at 22 Virgo in the Sixth House in aspect to Saturn at 23 Libra in the Seventh House, Fortuna at 22 Aries in the First House, Aesculapia at 23 Scorpio in the Eighth House. This is a pattern about work, housework, health and mental health (Sixth House). It also pulls in the relationship you have with former, current or potential partners (Seventh House). Your image, brand, self-promotion and reputation – the way you look and appear (First House). It is also about sex and money, and death and money (usually marriage and mortgage, or the family wills and legacies) with the Eighth House as part of the chart pattern. There is a ton of stuff going on here and I suggest you pick up all the guidebooks and extended features that come with membership (use Search) and decode it. Hygiea was the Roman goddess of prevention. Prevention was better than cure. She lends her name to hygiene. They discovered her in the year of a cholera outbreak and realised the disease was in the water. By cleaning up water supply they prevented cholera. This goddess is a big part of who you are. You have created a routine for yourself and a way of life that shields you from the sort of depression you had in 2014. There is more to it than this, though. You could solve the puzzle by looking at work and housework. Sometimes just looking at a painting or sculpture of Hygiea can unlock clues. Gustav Klimt painted her. The other Virgo/Sixth House placement in your chart is Proserpina at 29 Virgo in the Sixth House. She is unaspected so less of a big deal. She was Pluto’s wife and the daughter of Ceres. There may be issues there about your mother and your husband or partner (the father of your daughter, presumably). Have a look at the paintings and sculpture of Proserpina as well. You mentioned 2014 as the year of your worst depression and you had Saturn at 22 Scorpio, the North Node at 22 Libra and South Node at 22 Aries that year. Your Hygiea at 22 Virgo was under heavy transit and so was your Saturn at 23 Libra. In fact, you had a transit not possible in 19 years. It’s really obvious that 2014 was about your daughter’s father as much as anything else. Everything feeds into everything else. Use your journal to figure out the patterns. The most common Virgo ‘trick’ (if we can call it that) is to activate depression, anxiety, illness or pain, in order to get out of housework or work. This is often a self-preservation tool. It works really well and it can rescue us from chores, jobs or roles our soul rejects – but it’s a fairly silly way to operate. Conscious living, honesty with oneself and a good talk with the mirror, or a long writing session in a diary (shred it later) can go a really long way to solving that Virgo trick. Anyway. You have a lot to work with, but the clue was there all along in 2014. It is Hygiea in your chart.

      and Proserpina at 29 Virgo in the Sixth House.

  41. Hi Jessica

    This article totally resonated with me – I have faced every one of the issues – overthinking, just laying in bed, anxiety etc etc. this however has been going on for awhile and I did quit work in 2018 end as I could not carry on anymore – I had been suffering from IBS & candida for a couple of years and it creates havoc body and mind.

    I have 8 Virgo factors and have been working on getting mentally and physically better – I do think I have made much progress even though there was a big setback when I broke up with my partner in may this year; Covid has really not helped.

    Accupuncture, kickboxing, therapy, meditation are all helping – but I have now been without a job for near 2 years and am low on finances.

    With Covid around – can you tell me if you see a job breakthrough anytime soon? I need to make money and not dip into my savings if I am to move out of my parents house – it’s a toxic situation – living with them is also contributing I feel to my mental health issues and hindering progress.

    So all roads now seem to lead me to – first finding a job ( and make money) before I can make any Further progress on any front of my life including having my own space, dating again, even having a proper social life with my bubble.

    Specific timeframes which I can look forward to a breakthrough with resume applications Or interviews would be of real help. I am
    Basically I guess looking for some hope that it does get better!

    On a separate note, I can’t thank you enough for all the advice you have given over the years – and the feeling of community that comes with being part of your website/membership – the work you do and the care you show in responding to me and to all of us – I have always felt it but for some reason today I realized I had never expressed this in so many words as to how grateful I am – so thank you for your kindness.

    God bless

    1. Thank you so much for your kind comments (right at the end) and I will share that with Alicia, James, Justin, Jodi and Kerry. You have a lot going on in your head, which is typical of a Virgo stellium. Eight factors in Virgo in your Sixth House is unusual. You are doing the right things in terms of meditation, therapy and so on, but you need a job and you need to make money. You are at home with your parents and that does not help your state of mind, so you feel stuck in a vicious circle. You have to get work to move out, but you feel stuck with interviews, resumes and so on. Chase every opportunity and solution you have been given in 2020 which you bypassed. Go back and try again if the application date is still open. You also need to chase down every chance you see, to make money or get a grant, or be funded to study – whatever you can do – by Christmas 2020. Your odds are extremely good and you would have a breakthrough in November if you went for it now. You are obviously depressed and I assume you have seen a doctor. Something you do a lot is block yourself and stop yourself. The cure for that is to go mad with applications for anything and everything. If you throw enough mud at a wall, some of it will stick. And it will. This is a Pisces approach to a Virgo problem but it is often enough to break up a stuck pattern. Just have a go. Perfectionism, over-thinking and head-rehearsal (without any action) is a Virgo stellium trait and it is fixed by messy, Pisces, scattered, random, inspired, somewhat chaotic thinking. You have no idea at all what is going to work until you have tried it. I am going to end with Einstein’s advice, that if you repeat the same old formula and expect a different result, you’re mad. (Something like that, anyway). Ditch your formula. Throw it out, it’s failed you and you are running out of time with Jupiter in Capricorn – he’s gone at Christmas.

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