Free Weekly Astrology Lesson: Apollo in Modern Astrology

Apollo is a symbol of leaders. People who are influential and frequently imitated. By zodiac sign and house, he shows you where you lead others.

Apollo the Golden Boy

Apollo is Jupiter’s son and an important asteroid in your personal birth chart, or as a factor in the horoscope ‘weather’ in your life as he passes through. Son of Jupiter Optimus Maximus (the greatest and best of Roman gods), Apollo was associated with the Sun. He was always shown as an older teenager or youth in his early twenties.

In the Roman Empire, he was known as Apollo the horseman, bright/brilliant, lord of hounds, healer and benefactor of humankind. His many names reveal how endowed with special talents and qualities he was. In your chart, the sign and house of Apollo will reveal where you’ve got it all.

If you are a Premium Member, you can add to your free weekly astrology lesson by checking your chart now. Where is Apollo? What sign and house is he in? What aspects is he making?

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Apollo in Famous Charts

He is asteroid 1862 in your chart and was found in 1932. He had rulership over fine arts, medicine, music, poetry, oratory and prophecy. He is often shown with the healing serpent associated with his father Aesculapia.

We associate Apollo with leadership because he was an all-rounder, brilliantly skilled at many things. In 1932, Franklin D. Roosevelt won a landslide election to become president and was the longest-serving leader in American history. Together with Sir Winston Churchill, he won the Second World War for the allies.

Sir Winston Churchill had Apollo at 28 Libra opposite Neptune at 28 Aries. Aries rules war and of course Libra rules partnerships, like the one he had with Roosevelt.

Charles de Gaulle had Apollo at 14 Libra and the Nodes at 14 Gemini and Sagittarius. Martin Luther King had Apollo at 10 Pisces and Venus at 10 Pisces in a perfect conjunction. Henry Kissinger had Apollo at 4 Virgo, and the Sun at 4 Gemini. Malcolm X had Apollo at 29 Aries and the Moon at 29 Aries, with an IC at 29 Aries.

Apollo in Modern Astrology

Modern astrology is based on the principle that when astronomers discover a new heavenly body, like Uranus or Pluto, it is incorporated into a chart, if the name given, places it in the Roman family tree that began with Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn and the rest.

The Music of the Spheres – Apollo and the Lyre

346px Apollo with lyre   Museo Chiaramonti   Vatican Museums   DSC00883 e1598400990339 - Free Weekly Astrology Lesson: Apollo in Modern AstrologyThe Music of the Spheres - Free Weekly Astrology Lesson: Apollo in Modern AstrologyThis is the case with Apollo and, in fact, in Renaissance Italy he was associated with ‘the music of the spheres’ as you can see in this engraving. Mars and Saturn are there, familiar from 20th century astrology, but we also find Apollo taking pride of place. The lyre is associated with Apollo.

Just as rock stars have fans, Apollo had followers too. In some sculptures, he looks for all the world like Robert Plant.

This is another clue to this asteroid in your chart. It is where others gather to hear you or look at you. The sign shows the ‘why’ of that. If you have Apollo in Virgo in the Sixth House of work, for example, people might tune into your job. They may want to copy the way you approach your career. If you have Apollo in Taurus in the Second House, perhaps your gift for saving money is music to their ears.

Long Hair and Apollo

You will usually see Apollo with long, curly hair. He sometimes resembles a rock star. He protected young men and children, and as long hair was the prerogative of boys in Rome, it was always cut when they came of age, and the locks were dedicated to Apollo.

Ruthless Apollo

Marsyas and Apollo Charles Andre van Loo - Free Weekly Astrology Lesson: Apollo in Modern AstrologySome famous military leaders have Apollo precisely placed in their charts. Apollo shows where you are ruthless. Where you take no prisoners. For all that he is linked to psychic ability, music and healing – he can be lethal.

Marsyas, who mocked him, was skinned alive. There is a particularly gruesome sculpture of this on the ground floor of the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

This painting by Charles-Andre van Loo shows the Apollo attitude. It’s rather like Churchill or Roosevelt giving the order for D-Day against the Nazis. You can see the light shining around him, which suggests his rulership of the sun.

Don’t mistake Apollo for the Sun in your chart, though. The Romans linked him to sunlight as his sister Diana was linked to  moonlight (she always has the Moon in her hair) – but the asteroids and the ‘lights’ as they are called, have very different roles in your horoscope.

Diana and Apollo

mateus campos felipe OhThddppdnY unsplash 400x600 - Free Weekly Astrology Lesson: Apollo in Modern AstrologyWhile we are talking about the Jupiter family of asteroids in astrology, it is important to note that Diana was Apollo’s sister. Their astrological DNA is positive (Jupiter is greatest and best) and these two are heroic in Roman literature and art. She is a fierce, feminist hunter. Both of them are associated with the bow and arrow, and archery.

Apollo is a born leader. In fact, he had shrines at both Delos and Delphi. At Delphi, he spoke through the oracle. The Pythia (female medium) would channel Apollo’s words in reply to questions from the public. This idea of hitting targets is close to Apollo in your chart. He hit the target as an oracle, but also hit pythons with his arrow and bow.

The Romans did rely on him, and his famous healer son, to deal with plague and after one visited Rome in 433 BC set up the Temple of Apollo Medicus.

Apollo and Asclepius/Aesculapia/Aesculapius

Apollo by Fritz Graf - Free Weekly Astrology Lesson: Apollo in Modern AstrologyApollo was a healer in Ancient Rome, partly because of his father, Aesculapia/us (in Greek, Asclepius) which is also an asteroid in your chart.

Apollo, by Fritz Graf, tells the story: “Sanctuaries of Apollo the Healer were indistinguishable from those of other gods; they all had an altar, a temple, and a retaining wall as their main architectural elements. There were no special cures in these sanctuaries, prayers and sacrifices were enough to bring divine assistance. This was different with Asclepius. The main ritual in all his sanctuaries was incubation, a ritual that made the god appear in a dream; he would either advise the dreamer as to therapy, or actually heal him.”

Apollo the Multi-Tasker

In later Greece, where Rome took its astrology from, Apollo was far better known as a patron of music and divination, than healing. Yet he was a multi-tasker. Apollo, son of Jupiter, is a positive in your chart as you might expect. His own son Asclepius, known by three varied names (above) actually took his father’s healing powers and was celebrated in temples all over the Roman Empire.

Epidemic in Rome

In 293 BC, when Rome was swept by an epidemic, the senate sent an embassy to Epidaurus to request an image of the all-healing god Asclepius. A snake slithered onto the ship instead. As they passed the Tiber on the way home, the Romans saw the snake slip onto Tiber island.

The Romans believed that Aesculapius/a (Asclepius) was that snake. Today, the symbol of the snake wrapped around a staff, is associated with modern medicine. This is where it comes from.

The story goes that the god promised to bring a man named Glaucus back to life. He went into the woods to contemplate a cure. As he did so, a snake wrapped itself around his staff, or walking stick. Angered, the god killed the snake. Another arrived and revived its friend with an herb. Asclepius/Aesculapia/us then used the herb to save the life of Glaucus.

What is really interesting to us today is that the staff/snake symbol looks like the DNA spiral. And also like the Indian chakra system.

Chiron, Apollo and Asclepius

Apollo entrusting Chiron with the Education of Asclepius 1589 Hendrick Goltzius - Free Weekly Astrology Lesson: Apollo in Modern AstrologyChiron is mistakenly associated with ‘wounded healing’ and ‘wounded healers’ but the Romans were far more interested in other gods. In your birth chart, if you are looking for healing, think about Asclepius/Aesculapia/us before you race for Chiron.

This engraving by Hendrick Goltzius shows the symbolism. This is Apollo entrusting Chiron (the centaur) with the education of Asclepius, his son.

Chiron would teach the child (here seen as a baby) some of his herbal medicine, but eventually the infant grew to become an all-powerful god who the Romans entrusted with their temples – their versions of hospitals.

Yet, each of them have an association with healing, remedies, cures, fixes, answers and solutions in a chart. The asteroids work with Chiron.

Reviving the Dead

Apollo Victorious Over the Python Pietro Francavilla - Free Weekly Astrology Lesson: Apollo in Modern AstrologyYou can’t really interpret Chiron or Apollo in your chart without also understanding Asclepius/Aesculapia/us. If you wander into The British Museum, or look online, you will find a curious array of Roman copies of ailing body parts. There are lone feet, and ears – and even a womb.

They were offered up to the god in his temples. Asclepius was the best physician of all, to the Romans. He resuscitated the dead and infuriated Jupiter.

His cult spread in the Sixth Century BC to a shrine near that belonging to his father, Apollo, near Epidaurus. The two gods and horoscope symbols are linked in history.

Victorious over the Python

Snakes are associated with Apollo through his son, but he was also the slayer of pythons, as you can see in this sculpture by Pietro Francavilla from 1591. The python is dead at his feet and the famous bow and arrow is in his hand. You can also see the curly, long hair.

The Louvre Apollo

The Louvre Apollo - Free Weekly Astrology Lesson: Apollo in Modern AstrologyOf all the Apollo sculptures around the world, the Louvre Apollo Sauroctonos speaks most eloquently to our understanding of this symbol in your horoscope.

Here we have a god in charge. His body language is authoritative. He is psychic, tuning into the lizard on the tree, and some unseen spirit guides who appear to bend his ear. He is listening, but we do not know who or what he is hearing.

He looks as if he should be holding a musical instrument. For all the world, he could be a 1970’s guitar god like Jimi Hendrix, holding his axe sideways to thrill the crowd. He is part-dancing or tapping his foot to music.

The famous curly hair is there, wrapped up on his head, and we can see how effeminate he is – he loved men as well as women, as a woman loves a man. He is also strong, masculine and a serious warrior. A fascinating symbol in your chart.

Bisexual Apollo

Just as Apollo was a multi-tasker to the Romans, he was also bisexual. For most people this is purely symbolic. Apollo in your chart shows where you can do two things at once. Of course, if you are bisexual, you should look at the aspects involving Apollo by sign and house, to give you more information. If you have Apollo at 14 Gemini in the Third House sextile Venus at 14 Leo in the Fifth House, for example, you may fall in love with people who are already parents (Leo, Fifth House) but do it all online (Gemini, Third House) and flirt with both mothers and fathers. Astrology is poetry.

Apollo’s great gay love was Hyacinth and there are many paintings of the two men together.

The Apollo Space Program

Leading the way in widely imitated space exploration, the Apollo program is a good way to think about this horoscope symbol.

history in hd 0B4BECR9nGM unsplash 600x450 - Free Weekly Astrology Lesson: Apollo in Modern Astrology

Apollo in Transit

Apollo transits show where leaders or ‘leading lights’ move through your life. These people, usually men, are multi-taskers who are good at many things simultaneously. People copy them and they inspire hero-worship.

When Apollo is in transit in the same sign as house as other planets and asteroids, he will add to the story. And it will be quite a story.



Image Credits:

Featured Image – Photo by Rampal Singh via Unsplash
Apollo & the Lyre – Photo courtesy of Vatican Museums
Apollo Astronauts – Photo by History in HD via Unsplash
Marsyas and Apollo – Painting by Charles-Andre van Loo
Apollo Sauroctonos – Photo courtesy of The Louvre
Apollo and Daphne – Photo by Mateus Campos Filipe via Unsplash

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50 Responses

  1. Jessica
    Hi. Can you take a look at my chart? I am going thru a bit of personal hell right now and am looking for when all of this pressure will be relieved. I posed a question in the Virgo stellium but I may have been a bit late to the party. Thank you

    1. I am really sorry you are going through hell. Pluto at 22 Capricorn in your Tenth House opposite your Sun at 22 Cancer in your Fourth House can only take place once in your lifetime. This will not happen again for another 248 years. You have the North Node in Cancer and South Node in Capricorn, too. Same signs. So there is a massive question here about where you belong, where you should live, how you should identify yourself (with your family? with your old town or country, or your old region?) It immediately sets up a conflict with the need to achieve, to do well, to ascend high society, to aim higher and all the rest. The pressure is off at the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction in November when massive solutions appear. The worst is over at Christmas. You are being thrown into a new life and it can be very difficult to adjust and adapt. Get more sleep and meditate. Use healing, progressive relaxation and find exercise you love. Nobody expects you to carry on as usual when this is going on so treat yourself differently for August-December at the very least. You will ultimately get a stronger, more authentic, more honest, more powerful sense of who you are, where you belong, and what or who matters most. None of this happens without loss and letting go. When you feel strong enough go through old letters, photographs, diaries and so on and try to reconcile your past with your present and potential future. But first look after yourself please. You are depleted and need to find ways to treat your mind, body and spirit.

  2. Hi Jessica,

    You pack so much information into your articles, will have to read it a few times to take it all in.

    In my natal chart I have 13 degrees of Libra rising, Pluto at 8 degrees of Libra and Apollo at 6 degrees of Libra. My relocated ascendant is still Libra at 1 degree. I also have the Sun and Venus conjunct in Scorpio in my second house at slightly less than a degree.

    The arts and venusian things resonate deeply, but honestly, life often been traumatic with difficult circumstances and many people trying to cause me harm. The last two years since 2018 have actually been the easiest in many ways. People have often assumed that my life is much easier than it has actually been. I know that life is easy for no one by the way and that in many ways that I am blessed.

    The arts aside astrology actually turned out to be my greatest and most abiding passion. Anyway was wondering what you think the best use of that configuration might be.

    Many thanks.

    1. Pluto at 8 Libra in your Seventh House is almost conjunct Apollo at 6 Libra – a bit wide for modern astrology. I don’t work with relocation and I don’t know if I could use your Sun-Venus conjunction as you don’t say what the orb is. It is enough to talk about Pluto and Apollo in Libra in the Seventh House. Power and control issues with your ex (or exes, plural) and possibly as a life pattern, to be resolved. I don’t see any major transits in Libra coming up so you honestly don’t have too much pressure there. Apollo was bisexual. Pluto was obsessive. Apollo loved both men and women. Pluto seized Proserpina from her mother because he had to have her. Have a look at the paintings and sculpture of these two. They are alive in your Seventh House.

  3. Jessica, great blog that really resonates with me as I have an Apollo sextile with both Jupiter and Aesculapius. I would love to hear your thoughts on how you see this pattern working in my chart. Thanks for everything you do!

    1. Thank you. Jupiter was father of Apollo and Apollo was the father of Aesculapius. This is a healing trifecta. You are here to help, heal or make whole – people or animals. You can bring people back from the brink, or perhaps creatures. You are the light at the end of the tunnel for others. Not all the time, but when the pattern is triggered by transits, you assume the responsibility.

  4. Hi Jessica – thank you for this lesson: ) If I am to interpret my Apollo placement at 10 degrees Leo (children, youth mentor-ship, parent potential partnerships). Does this mean people may look to my mothering skills to see how I do it, or that children will look to me for guidance. I will say I absolutely love being a mom (I always say its the best assignment I’ve ever been given) and hope to have more children of my own, even if not my own I see myself having a lot of love to share with children ( I heard, healing and supporting victims of childhood trauma). I have a wonderful relationship with my nieces and nephews and kids seem to gravitate to me, always have. I also have my Moon at 10 degrees Taurus (money, economy, property, charity) and Mars at 10 degrees Sagittarius (travel, education, publishing) and am not sure if that has any significance in relation to my Apollo placement. Thank you in advance for connecting the astrological dots for me!

    1. You are a mother who sees it as an assignment, so you are living your Apollo in Leo in the Fifth House. You will work with children professionally, as you say, to heal trauma. You are the aunt par excellence as part of your Apollo in Leo birthright, too. Yes, your Moon in Taurus and Mars in Sagittarius are hugely important and once the South Node goes to 10 Sagittarius and Uranus goes to 10 Taurus you are in life-changing territory. Over the next few years you will mother the world.

  5. I learn so much about Romans through your posts, Jessica!

    What does Apollo in Leo mean? He is almost at 4 degrees there and I have my moon at 4 in Scorpio and my Ops at 4 Capricorn.
    Thanks a lot!

    1. Thank you. I must admit I am a bit Roman-obsessed, having edited a travel book about the place, but also seen how their way of thinking about reality (through the eyes of astrology) shaped today’s world. Apollo in Leo in your Fifth House is your past, present and potential future as a – mentor, teacher, guide, parent, godparent, aunt and ‘Queen to a younger court.’ We also see this placement with people who take a leading role in youth related organisations, either for money or for charity. Children’s authors have it too. There is a clash with your ‘need to be needed’ financially. You are an economic or property mother hen, but it does not square with the rest of your chart. It’s always a stretch. If you have children then the money/accommodation side of it becomes a challenge. It does affect your career and also your social status or position. You will find or have found a creative way to make it all work.

  6. Thank you for posting this it was brilliant. I have Apollo in my seventh house libra I think and I have Diana in my seventh house both at 06, so I believe they are opposite each other? Whatever the correct definition I’m sure it’s trying to tell me a story about how things are playing out with partners and enemies.

    1. Apollo and Diana at 6 Libra and your Sun at 6 Sagittarius are tightly entwined. You have Apollo at 6 Libra in your Seventh House of former, current and potential partners, conjunct his sister Diana. He was bisexual and she rejected marriage and children! The Sun in your Ninth House reveals how you shine as a student, teacher, traveller, publisher, author, migrant tourist. Put all that together and you have a story. It all kicks off when transiting Jupiter goes to 6 Aquarius in January 2021.

  7. Hi Jessica, I always enjoy reading your articles about the asteroids. I am relating Apollo to my 2 teen/young men sons , and In my own chart i saw that Apollo, Aesculapia, Bacchus and Minerva are all in Leo. Certainly my absolute priority right now is support for my sons diligently working independently on senior studies under covid remote learning (and ensuring adequate provision of stocked pantry and snacks and meals, together with a warm smile!), Would be interested to hear your comments particularly on how you see Chiron working in my chart as I still have that wounded healer narrative entrenched in my psyche! Thanking you and hope you are well.

    1. Thank you so much. You are strongly Leo and Fifth House and you are supporting your son, which is one Leo stellium path. Throughout your life you will also play the role of precious godmother; teenage life coach; work experience mentor. Queen to a younger court, actually. Chiron is not a wounded healer. He was actually a teacher, and did some herbal medicine, but that was it. If you are curious about Chiron look him up on Search on this website. At 24 Pisces he hooks up with three other chart factors at 24/25 so he’s important. Chiron in Pisces in the Twelfth House gets away with all kinds of things in the name of religion, spirituality, astrology, the psychic world and all that we would call invisible. It’s an experiment. It is occasionally punk rock. It is also a major part of your finances and property (Taurus-Scorpio) so it’s not just airy-fairy or nebulous. Your religion as a child is important to the whole life story, or your rejection of God. You may be psychic, or mediumistic, as the Twelfth House is about the boundaries that separate the material world from the unseen one, and of course Chiron wants to gallop across the line and cross it, too. This idea of ‘Crossing Over’ was made famous by my Twitter amigo, John Edwards.

  8. Hi Jessica, Thank you for this article. I have Apollo at 23 in Aquarius. How does this placement affect my chart? Thank you, as always.

    1. Ever since school or university/college you have been thrown leading positions with groups, clubs, teams, associations, societies. All your life you will be copied by your friends, because you know how to lead a collective. You will join or rejoin a hugely important circle in 2021 and find that people power jet propels you.

  9. Hello Jessica

    I have both Apollo (8 deg) and Diana (1 deg) in Virgo (health, lifestyle, food). I also have Ops at 8 deg Gemini and Sun at 8 Cancer.

    I have always been interested in ‘home, beauty, health and wellness’ matters. I recently started a home based food business making, packaging and selling healthy food products, I’m currently having my website done.

    I hope I am using my birthchart placements well.

    Jessica is there any other thing you can tell me from my chart please?

    (I think I may also some have attraction to same sex as well. I guess with my chart it is inevitable 🙂 )



    1. Great use of your chart, and you have the right timing in Virgo weather. Virgo-Gemini-Cancer is all about online lifestyle and home ‘perfection’ or the pursuit of it, anyway. Diana was not a lesbian but she did avoid marriage and children. She spent a lot of time swimming naked with the nymphs! She made love to Endymion who was asleep when it happened. Her brother Apollo was obviously bisexual. You have both brother and sister in Virgo in your Sixth House. Most interesting. Have a look at the myths around that DQ.

  10. Hi Jessica,

    I’ve been wondering about Apollo for a long time. I have Apollo In Scorpio exactly squaring my sun in a Aquarius and opposite vesta in Taurus. Any thoughts on how to interpret this?

    Thank you!

    1. Sun in Aquarius in the Eleventh House is being well-known for being part of a movement, community or circle without being in it. Barry Humphries has it and he is ‘in’ the world of transvestites and cross-dressers without actually being there (Dame Edna Everage). Germaine Greer has it and supplies feminism but is not particularly in any group. She is famous for women’s liberation but she is a solo artist. Yoko Ono has it and was ‘in’ The Beatles but not in The Beatles! Your Apollo in Scorpio in the Eighth House of finance, property, charity and business is square your Sun, so you cannot square your financial leadership with your very particular relationship with a group or movement. Vesta in Taurus in the Second House is about feminist issues in financial patriarchy. There you go, Ellen.

  11. Loving these lessons, the images and your exploration of the myths. It gives us such a holistic view to the horoscope. I have Apollo 20º35″ Cancer, trine Diana 19º 56″ Pisces. The rest of the family lines up in those same two houses – Aesculapia 8º and Chiron 27º (Pisces) and Jupiter 25º (Cancer)
    Aesculapia trines Ceres in Cancer, I think she is related? I’m wondering if this would make these two houses dominant in my chart?
    Thanks for sharing this all for us! x

    1. Thank you, I will pass that on to Alicia, James, Justin and Jodi. Apollo in Cancer in the Fourth House of family, property, town and country is about your core leadership regarding the same. You could be a National Trust volunteer who is head of the family, or a brilliant home renovator who is also a patriotic campaigner. The trine to Diana in Pisces in your Twelfth House is about your relationship with your God, but very likely astrology. Perhaps – Buddhism or spirituality. It’s a very watery chart with much irrational emotion and deep feeling. You don’t care, because you feel, what you feel. This is the chart of someone who risks their life in wartime for their God and their country.

  12. Hello Jessica!
    Am I interpreting this correctly in my chart? Does Apollo in Aries sextile my 6 degrees at Gemini and Libra? How does this work? Does this imply I have a imitable way of communication in relationships? I’m guessing this is insanely wrong but I don’t know how to make sense of it. Thank you!

    1. You have an exact pattern with Apollo at 6 Aries in the First House of self-promotion, image and personal advertising – with Mercury at 6 Gemini in the Third House of internet and domestic travel, Pluto at 6 Libra in the Seventh House of former, current and potential partners, Vulcano at 6 Gemini exactly conjunct Mercury in the Third House of internet and domestic travel, Salacia at 6 Aquarius in the Eleventh House of friends and groups. You can take that apart by using your guides and the Premium Member features. You can play it any way you like. Any time a planet transiting or travelling goes to 6 degrees the whole pattern goes off with much ‘Me’ in the equation, lots of email and Twitter, or phone calls – lots of localised travel – your other half or ex in the picture – and your social circle. The next time you will notice this is when Jupiter goes to 6 Aquarius in January 2021. Huge.

  13. Hi Jessica

    Really inspiring stuff – as usual.

    Before lockdown, back at the begining of March, I was struck down with the coronavirus – though at the time there was no testing in the UK. As I lay in my lonely room struggling to breathe and wondering whether to call an ambulance, I had what is euphemistically called a ‘near death experience’. My mind flooded with a sense of peace and love and light.

    Whilst embracing the experience, I heard my innermost voice (my spiritual guide!) saying that life and death didn’t matter; I will heal and the world will heal. I don’t know how long the state lasted but I eventually fell asleep. I can’t say I was healed when I woke in the morning but at least I was no worse and didn’t need to be hospitalised.

    I am still suffering the after effects of the virus. Being a Cancerian, I am also still suffering the after effects of the last three years which, as you warned, would be difficult. However I know, in my deepest being, that I will recover from both. I am less sure though as to how the world will heal – or even what that means. Maybe you have some suggestions.

    With Metta


    1. Thank you Liz, I really appreciate it. This is enormous for you – you had COVID-19 in March and had a near-death experience. Your guide told you that both ou and the world would heal. Correct. By the way, as a Sun Cancer person, you were going through the cycle of the South Node in Sagittarius in your Sixth House of illness and health. A repeat of the same cycle as The Black Death, The Great Plague, The Spanish Flu and AIDS. You have probably been in plagues before and now you have gone through another one and your immune system and very soul, have got you through. In your own chart you also have Neptune transiting the Twelfth House in Pisces so this was a spiritual gateway and in fact you will spend until 2026 in this cycle. Six more years of meditation, healing, perhaps dreams, mediumship, hypnosis which are all Twelfth House pursuits. You may want to look at reincarnation. The COVID-19 pandemic will heal the world. System crash, saving of the planet. Mother Nature is smarter and older than Donald and friends. I don’t say this lightly because two friends of mine have died since March, but the random, stop-start, go-slow nature of life for at least another 20 years, means an end to constant shopping, driving, flying, eating, breeding, working. It’s a slowdown. It’s not even a reset, it is a complete replacement and we will look back at 2008-2023 (this Pluto in Capricorn cycle) and wonder how on earth we put up with it.

  14. Hi Jessica,
    I have Apollo at 2 Aquarius making sextiles with NN/Moon in Sagittarius and Jupiter in Aries. And squaring Uranus in Scorpio. How would you start interpreting this pattern? With the tightest aspect and then add the others?

    And how would you interpret the transit with Jupiter first and then Saturn? Thanks 🙂

    1. Apollo at 2 Aquarius in your Eleventh House is the crucial placement. Jupiter moves to 2 Aquarius after Boxing Day 2020 and begins January 2021 for you. Friends and groups open up your world. At the same time Saturn is headed to 2 Aquarius in January 2021, so this is very clearly about old and new friends, and organised teams, clubs, societies and so on. Circles of people. 2021 is an opportunity and a commitment. Feel the fear and do it anyway. It will change your life when Pluto goes to 2 Aquarius in 2025. I would say the future is calling to the present. You also have your current bout of Sagittarius weather around you. It will be a learning experience and knowledge exchange, actually.

  15. Hi Jessica,

    Am an Aries with Pisces rising and I have Apollo @ 1 degree of Cancer in the 4th house in my natal chart (Pluto is also at 14 degrees Virgo). My year so far has been worst ever, the pandemic and associated lock downs has caused all my work (gigs, touring etc) as a musician to disappear and I am currently suffering from a heavy bout of Shingles. Your interpretation of this would be much appreciated, health and career wise.

    Many thanks,

    1. I am so sorry about the shingles which are enormously painful. You must be completely fed up with 2020. Take a deep breath because the music business will thrive and prosper. It will take years to become a replacement of itself, but it will do so, and you will be involved. We are going to see the equivalent of Dylan going electric, but it will involve cutting edge televisual and internet technology. It’s a long way off but it’s coming. Until then you need to honour your Pluto in Virgo in the Sixth House by understanding this is a total replacement, also, of the lifestyle you had. The time has come to accept that you are being told, by your body, very loudly, to treat yourself with kid gloves. You also need totally new routines, from exercise, to meditation, to (you name it). New food, new drink, the lot. I expect you know this on some level. Your family is so central to you, past and present. I have a grandmother or great-grandmother in spirit who has you in mind, so if you get stuck, close your eyes, see her in your mind or get a sense of her, and ask for help with what you need. You will be very firmly guided. I am being shown boxing gloves. I have no idea why!

  16. Hi Jessica, Thank you for your lesson of Apollo. I never thought He was so important to me. I have a package of 6 stellium in Libra including Apollo, along with Aesculapia, Neptune, Proserpina, Minerva, Diana. I can’t wait for Libra forum to get your precious advise. So please let me ask now.
    I have been asking you for the whole year about my business- the Chinese contract to sell my technology and intellectual property of noval yeasts to produce health foods in China. It started rather long ago in 2017. The negotiation restarted in last September. The implementation plan discussed in late January this year. Since then, as Covid cresis happened, the plan were delayed and I have not yet signed the contract. Nor have I got the opportunity to go to work in China.
    China side assures the contract but says to wait as the travel and immigration to China from Japan plus the situation there to get a grant for a new business has become strict. We both sides are waiting when the strict rules will be eased.
    My problem is to adjust my work schedule in Japan in accordance with possible long stay in China. Here in Japan I am teaching as a part time lecturer. How should I draw my time table for next semester? Should I finish all of the lectures before Christmas so that I can go to China next year? Or, seeing that I can go to China within this year, should I put the lectures next year?
    I assume that October when the most packed stellium in my chart is activated will be decisive in many respects in my life. May I get your profesional forcasts? Thank you for granting me to ask a very long question.

    1. Yes, I remember your Chinese business interests. Now do you realise why I was telling you about the obstacle course? You are in Japan and are teaching part-time, which is great. You are still thinking about China for 2021 but please understand: there are no guarantees at all with that country. The future for you is tutoring, teaching, mentoring and guiding. Online and in the real world. The entire world trade situation will shift dramatically in 2021 and there will be a great need for people who can speak and write Japanese, Chinese and English. That’s you. Try to keep developing that. Your Libra stellium will love 2021 as Jupiter trines it, and that year you will get into one or two quite deep partnerships, or develop existing partnerships, to your total advantage. Romantic and business.

  17. Hi Jessica – thank you so much for expanding, after scouring the net to find dates I was unable and hoping you could tell me when will the south node be at 10 degrees Sag and Uranus at 10 degree Taurus? You made me feel there is hope/relief after all and perhaps soon, just have to push past this last bit of mental, emotional and physical exhaustion.

    Quick update (since I’ve asked you about it so much over the last two years), I quite smoking cigarettes which feels like for good!!! It happened on 8/8 – I woke up and was done. The night before I had a dream with a lion and my mom who had tamed the lion. My mom unfortunately was admitted to the hospital on 8/8 and was forced to give up her life long habits (she is 60 4/28/60) of smoking and drinking. Days prior we promised each other we would quit smoking together. Neither of us have had one since that day. On the same day 8/8, I decided to pull a card from my Star Tarot and thought wouldn’t that be funny if the number 8 card Strength came out and sure enough it did!! I was blown away but not really as this all feels so fated for lack of a better word. You said I would quit soon, I am so thankful you were right! thank you again so so so much 🙂

    1. Your dream is fascinating. You dreamed Leo and of course that is ‘heirs to the throne’ and your Mom gave up smoking with you. Dreams are so powerful. And then you found the Strength card. I’m very glad you are quitting, as the astrology predicted. Smokers spend a long time dying and regretting and nobody on those cigarette company boards gives a damn. Okay, so the South Node at 10 Sagittarius and Uranus at 10 Taurus are as follows – South Node, May and June 2021. I quite like May, actually, because Uranus is at 10 Taurus in the first week of that month. Uranus goes back and forth with the last stand in February 2022. Plenty of time.

  18. Thanks Jessica,

    I am learning so much (so much still to learn) and had not taken notice of my 10/11/12 factors with Apollo 11 Libra before.

    Just to share something I have found useful. I copy my chart in Microsoft Paint [Print Screen] and then it is easy to draw the connections without wasting paper.

    Kind regards,

  19. Hello Jessica, thank you for taking the time and putting together another lesson. Although I have read over and over all the nice examples and explanations you kindly wrote for us, Apollo still is a mystery to me. I can put a finger on almost all the asteroids you have in my chart now, I learned over the years how to feel and understand them when certain things happen, but Apollo leaves me blank. I have it in Leo, it is 1 degree away from Cupido and exactly opposite Panacea. What does that tell you? My Leo house is very weak, I only have those two asteroids there and I just don’t know what to think of it, if anything at all. Thank you.

    1. Apollo in Leo in the Fifth House makes you a leader with babies, children, teenagers or Millennials. This can be personal (you are a godparent) or professional (you are a teacher) or voluntary (you coach a teenage football team). Conjunct Cupido at 14 Leo this is about short-term passion for the world of babies, children and teenagers. It can show up as one-night stands or flings which result in pregnancy, or perhaps with people who have children from a previous marriage.

  20. Hi! This is so awesome! I have 8 degrees in Apollo, Salacia, and Fortuna. Will you help me understand my Apollo better? Thank you.

    1. Apollo in Scorpio in the Eighth House is just one resident of that house of your chart. It’s like a crowded house, full of flatmates, all figuring out the money, the family, the relationships, the mortgage, the shares, the business interests, the valuable possessions, the sex, the wills and legacies. Most of the time they live on your street and you don’t notice them, but under transits (we have one now until 2026) you become aware of who the residents are and how they function in your psyche. Apollo is the flatmate who is followed by the rest of them, in this house. He sets an example to imitate. So do you, in those areas of life.

  21. Hi Jessica, This is interesting as Ive never really noticed that Apollo is exactly conjunct my sun at 23 degrees Taurus, can you tell me how that would play out… I am an artist and also interested in herbalism etc. also astrology and tarot. Have never thought of myself as a leader, Sun Apollo is square Pluto,
    and Pluto will be trining this conjunction this year (has done in July already) Can you tell me would this free up and expand the sun’s expression and how do you see Apollo’s relationship to Pluto. Any insights welcome. Thank you. S

    1. Art is ruled by Taurus because it is currency – it holds its value against mere gold. People typically buy art cheaply and then it goes up in value (or that is the theory) and of course if you bought an Omega screen last century for a pittance you are now very glad you did! Herbalism, astrology and Tarot have nothing to do with Taurus, but your art work certainly does. There is no square to Pluto. There is a square to Proserpina at 23 Leo which blocks you. (In modern astrology we use 0-1 orbs and what you say is a Pluto square is too wide.) The conflict between shining your light, leading the way, and being a star in the art world (Sun 23 Taurus) is with parenthood (Proserpina 23 Leo) or perhaps life as an aunt or godmother. The conflict can also be with a paid or unpaid involvement with children. So, you may be an art teacher who never has enough energy to be a star in the art world. This question of time and energy usually turns up with squares because people cannot ‘square’ one part of their life with another. The issue often lies with a hard choice. You can’t have it all, so do you want to be a mother or a painter? Squares are productive conflicts. Sometimes it works the other way. Leo is personal so I won’t go any further with that. But you can decode the square.

  22. Hi Jessica, loving your in depth posts about the asteroids- fascinating stuff. I have Apollo at 19 Taurus but don’t feel any affinity- I have Bacchus at 19 Aquarius and Mercury 19 Gemini plus a whole host of things at 18 degrees throughout my chart. I don’t feel like I’m ‘doing’ my Apollo at all! Would love your thoughts.

    1. Your Apollo at 19 Taurus is blocked and stopped by a range of patterns clustering around 19 degrees in your chart (we allow one degree’s difference in modern astrology). You were born to take the lead and set the example with money, charity, business, property, possessions – but it’s very hard work. That does not mean you should not attempt it. In fact, when Uranus transits to 19 Taurus and conjuncts your Apollo, there will be a revolution in your economy locally which calls you to action. That is a few years away now but it may involve digital currency, for example, or an entirely new system of taxation. For personal or professional reasons, you would lead the revolution. May 2023 also finds the Sun at 19 Taurus so it will take place very close to the 10th of May 2023.

  23. Hi Jessica,
    Hope you’re keeping well and thanks for all your wonderful blogs.
    Can you help explain my apollo in libra (Which is also close to my panacea) opposite my Chiron in Aires?
    Thank you
    Kind regards

    1. Thank you Jen. The Apollo in Libra in the Seventh House placement at 13 degrees forms an exact opposition to Chiron in Aries in the First House at 13 degrees. The relationships you have with your former, current or potential partners (love or work) put you in a leading role where you reveal all your multi-tasking glory to the other person, or to those looking on. In fact you are often imitated as a wife or girlfriend, because you do it so well. It also means you take the lead within a partnership or marriage and so the other person needs to want that. The tension comes from matters of image, reputation, name or profile. There would be issues about getting married and taking your husband’s surname. You are here to experiment with your projected personality online, and also the way you look. You are here to see what you can get away with. So far so good, but that automatically triggers conflict with partners, or conflict because within a marriage, for example, you cannot really exist as a separate individual. Internet dating will be tense as it depends on the superficial (First House) and yet is about the deep (commitment). You would be far better off avoiding it and going for proper friendship.

  24. Thank you so much for your timely reply!
    I’ve just started with online dating.
    You have confirmed my sneaking suspicion that’s it’s not right for me.
    I’m not meeting potential partners at work either. Any advice or helpful hints Jessica?
    FYI, Guys are always surprised to hear that I’m not in a relationship

    1. Timing is all. You need to get past October, November and the Mercury Retrogrades in Libra (partnership) and Scorpio (sex) so that you are in the best place. Once you’re further into November you’ll be in a much better position. You could start something sooner but it would go backwards and forwards, which Mercury does.

  25. Hi Jessica,

    I have Apollo in Libra. I have never thought that I play a leading role in the partnership. Quite the opposite – I am allowing myself to sit back. My romantic relationship area is very quiet, nothing is happening. Should I take the lead in order to bring the relationship?


    1. Justina, your Apollo in Libra needs to wake up, and he is asleep at the moment. He’ll wake up when the Sun enters Libra from the third week of September onwards into October. There is no should or should not here – just what happens quite naturally.

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