Free Weekly Astrology Class: Predicting the British Economy

The economy in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland can be decided by a few factors. One of them is the ‘birth’ chart of decimal currency. Pounds and pence.

Everything Has a Birth Chart

Everything has a birth chart in astrology, including money. The Irish pound was decimalised on February 15th, 1971, the same date as the British pound so both have the same prediction and outcome.

Under the new system, the pound was retained but was divided into 100 new pence, denoted by the symbol p. So, will we see cryptocurrency replace the old paper and metal?

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How the Chart Shows the Currency

I remember when this strange-fangled new money arrived in London when I was a child. Everybody had to adjust to saying, ‘new pence’ although it was quickly changed to ‘pee’ (Forget the ‘new’).

This advertisement shows what you can see in the chart. Aesculapia in Scorpio (banks) at 24 degrees. Aesculapia is a symbol for what lives forever. Even though this is advertisement is an antique, the fact is, we are still using pounds fifty years or so later.

The Taurus Stellium

A stellium or unusually high number of horoscope factors, can be found in Taurus. Taurus rules money. In fact, Her Majesty the Queen, whose head is on the currency, is a Sun Taurus.

Taurus the bull is hidden in gold bullion and bull markets. I don’t think the British government of 1971 had a clue about astrology, but they chose a day when Ceres, Cupido, Panacea, Saturn and Juno were all in Taurus.

Uranus in Taurus

Uranus, the planet of revolution, can only pass through Taurus once in your adult life. Uranus entered the sign of the bull, and England’s currency, in May 2018.

Uranus is about shock, radical change, new freedom, independence, uncertainty, new inventions, innovation and rebellion.

Uranus is about revolution and the word ‘No.’ As I write this in June 2020, Uranus is at 8 Taurus so he has already passed Cupido at 1 Taurus and Ceres at 4 Taurus.

Test Yourself

If you have been following these classes from the start (you can always catch up, by the way) you will now be able to back-predict what you assume would have happened when Uranus passed 1 and 4 Taurus. He was at 1 Taurus in June 2018, back there in September, October 2018 then came back again to 1 Taurus in March and April 2019.

He moved to 4 Taurus in May and June 2019 and was back there in October and November that year. (As Britain voted for a landslide Conservative government). In March 2020, as Britain coped with the shock of COVID-19 Uranus was again at 4 Taurus.

That is the end of this particular ‘run’ with Uranus going over Cupido and then onto Ceres. Using news headlines from those months, make notes in your journal and back-predict.

This is a long story. Uranus will take years to go over Panacea, Saturn and Juno.

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Predicting the UK Economy in 2022

Fear of change, and fear of ‘the new change’ are in that Saturn at 16 Taurus position in the chart. Watching transiting Uranus go to 16 Taurus for the revolution, we could speculate that the pound would be devalued, replaced or challenged.

It would be historic (it can only happen once in your adult life). The Queen’s head on the notes and coins would no doubt be overturned. You might expect new currency to be minted, or (most likely) cryptocurrency to be launched.

Just before and after this, Uranus goes to 15 Taurus to square Diana at 15 Aquarius, then moves on to 17 Taurus to square Bacchus at 17 Aquarius. This is about the group, friends and communities. It suggests crowdfunding but also the old ‘Friendly Societies’ of Northern England. The people’s banks.

Narrowing Down the Dates

Using software or the free Ephemerides at you would be searching for the year 2022 and looking for the dates that Uranus goes across 15, 16, 17 Taurus, perhaps with other cycles in the same time-frame, also hitting 15, 16, 17.

This makes it May and June 2022 by my watch. Uranus then goes backwards to 15, 16, 17 Taurus in November and December 2022.

As if that weren’t enough, in the same year we find the North Node in Taurus and South Node in Scorpio.

The Nodes in Taurus and Scorpio

The Nodes take us backwards in time, in 19-year loops, so we can learn lessons from the past. The Node at 15, 16, 17 Taurus appears in August and September 2022.

Currency Revolution in the UK in 2022

In the year 2022, the pounds and notes we know in 2020 will suddenly become a thing of the past in the United Kingdom, as they are replaced with new paper currency, or more likely, digital or cryptocurrency. Banks more in line with the old ‘friendly societies’ of the industrial North will emerge, online, as people seek to borrow and lend the new currency as a community. Crowdfunding will evolve to the next stage. The Treasurer will be a revolutionary in 2022 and there will be shock, new freedom, and untethered, untied currency. We would expect May, June, August, September, November, December 2022 to be ‘mad money months’ when the piggy banks will shake.

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Featured Image: Steve Smith via Unsplash
British Pound – Brett Jordan via Unsplash
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12 Responses

  1. This was all very interesting to read and indeed, the end of currency as we know it has been slowly happening for a while now. It was only two years ago that card payments outnumbered cash for the first time in the UK. Now with the COVID-19 situation, that’s been sped up as the contactless limit increased to £45 and a lot of large stores went completely cashless. I do wonder what a completely cashless society would look like. At the moment, if my phone died, I wouldn’t be able to make a payment without carrying some money with me as backup.

    I wanted to ask you a question related to Britain’s economy because I came across an interesting concept recently. Have you heard about CANZUK? It looks like a very good way for the UK to survive after Brexit. I wonder if the astrology says anything about that. I would love to hear your thoughts!

    1. Thank you. Of course COVID-19 and our new preoccupation with our hands, has led to the disappearance of cash. You are right to pick up on the phone issue, that is a huge issue with this cashless world we live in. I haven’t heard of CANZUK but will take a look. In general the astrology is about the end of globalisation and the start of local economies, but also new trade partnerships which favour the local. It’s certainly the end of America-China and those charts really talked about that a long time ago (I made a virus prediction in 2019, about 2020, and it was clear that China but also New Zealand were part of the story). The end of globalisation is the push back against Generation Sagittarius who were all born with Uranus, Neptune or Pluto in Sagittarius. It is coming from action in the opposite sign of Gemini, for many years ahead, but also from squares involving Pisces – and actually, the resistance of Generation Virgo, who are older, and were born with Uranus and Pluto in Virgo. So this is about a complete turnaround, really, away from everything and everybody being shipped/flown everywhere, all the time – to things being tightly tied to your neighbours. The North Node in Gemini in 2020, 2021 and January 2022 is all about that.

  2. Interesting article Jessica and something I am conscious of. Monzo in the uk are rapidly getting bigger and now have a strand that is moving towards crowdfunding. My question is the future of building society’s. Not quite in line with friendly societies but are Mutuals, for the benefit of an owned by their members, too often understated how do you see their future?

    1. Thank you. I’m not aware of Monzo but I’ll have a look. The astrology is very close to the old model of working-class people looking after each other in their own communities. We are already seeing a massive gap between London and the rest of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (!) and it’s widening with the spread of the pandemic and different rates of increase in different regions, like Scotland. We are also seeing a huge divide between Leave/Conservative voters and Remain/Labour/Liberal Democrat voters. The future is local not global. That is particularly likely from 2026 when Uranus (the revolution) moves to Gemini (the neighbourhood, the neighbours). Throw in Pluto in Aquarius, and Jupiter and Saturn there in 2021 – it is the sign of community – and it is really obvious that people will want to crowdfund their own self-owned, self-driven banks, based on what they want, not what someone in a Swiss bank thinks of a London broker!

  3. Jessica & team,
    Firstly, thank you for a fab website, packed with new informative articles. Your writing style of ‘plain English’ always makes the articles ‘flow’. I also love the videos & images you use to illustrate your points.

    Now, as a Brit, I’m particularly ‘invested’ in the prediction of British currency change. I’m a single full-time working parent with savings & I’m paying a mortgage…
    My question is , can you share any predictions of practical tips on how I can prepare / ‘future proof’ better for any currency changes??
    Thanks in advance

    1. Thank you so much, I will pass that on to everyone here. Your best bet is to read the fine print on your mortgage and bank account to see just how locked in you happen to be. On a cycle like this, with Uranus in Taurus (astrology predicted the economic instability a long time ago with this cycle) you need to be as flexible as you can, so that you can zig-zag when life zig-zags around you. This is particularly true on Saturday 31st October 2020 when the Full Moon at 8 Taurus opposite the Sun at 8 Scorpio falls in line with Uranus at 8 Taurus too. This is unusual and you would expect pre and post Halloween to turn the world upside down, in astrology. Thus the need to be able to twist and turn. The old globalisation economy based on America-China is going, going, gone according to the horoscopes and so the best position to be in is super-flexible. Portable and light on your feet. Read widely around this subject and see what the experts are saying about the risk of the end of globalisation long term. Then use astrology as another tool in your tool kit and talk to your financial advisor who should come first!

    1. This is great, thank you. The Economist doesn’t do astrology but the sub-editor has found a heading which is basically just what the North Node and South Node cycle are telling us, for the next 20 years. Think local not global. Global is over!

  4. Hi there Jessica, thank you for a very interesting article. It’s got me thinking though, what will happen to the millions of people who have work pensions that they pay into? These pensions are heavily invested in the global stock markets – predominantly American company stocks – and the millions who have them are unable to access their pensions until they reach the required pension age, which for vast numbers of workers is years or decades away. Are they going to see the loss and disappearance of their pension pot savings which they have – and are – working hard to save for retirement? That brings up a question too with regards to mortgages, what will happen to hard working people who are currently locked into mortgage products for 5 or 10 years and have no flexibility to change or sell? Are millions of working people going to lose out on mortgages and pensions? It’s exciting what you state about the financial changes that are rapidly approaching, but it’s also worrying. Are these changes going to be a bad thing that will hit the average and low income workers hard, with loss of homes and pensions savings? Or will these changes from the get go be positive that will help and benefit them? Thank you again.

    1. Thank you. I know, the pensions are a central concern. Mortgages and credit cards too. As the next election depends on how people are treated, you can be sure the government will find a way through! What we are seeing in the British chart is not new. These questions always come around and the people are always okay over the long term, but what is different now, is the end of money laundering, which props up the property market and the banks. That is coming in slow stages. The other big change to come by 2026 is the end of paper and metal currency, tied to any particular country. If you think about the war, you’ll see what is coming. Same cycle. In fact, the North Node in Taurus and South Node in Scorpio in 2022, 2023 alongside Uranus in Taurus – are a mirror image of 1938, 1939 when we also saw the North Node in Scorpio and South Node in Taurus, and Uranus in Taurus. Reverse flip. Same but different. If your mind goes back to meaningless German bank notes in wheelbarrows you are correct. Then as now, what matters is what is grown in the ground, or laid by a chicken. Local food economy. Dig For Victory and all that. Keeping it real is a very good idea. Making do and mend, recycling are all 1939 ideas which were tremendously important on the first day of war in September 1939 along with (of course) rationing. So we’re back to that for different reasons. What is different about this new cycle to 2026 is the Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in Aquarius cycle. That is people power. So this goes beyond the government or big business telling you what to do. You will join with other locals and connected friends online and do your own thing: pooling resources. The old system of paying heavy taxes on just about everything, into a system that was propping up the top elite 1% is disappearing fast. The pandemic is one reason for that, and Ghislaine Maxwell will be the other. House of cards.

  5. Hi Jessica, I hope posting this message is not too late and you have time to answer. Are you saying in 2022 the pound will devalue greatly? We are sending Australian dollars over to the UK for property investment and possibly mortgage repayments by 2022. Will we get more for our money in 2022? Thanks for you time 🙂

    1. You are in unpredictable territory until 2026 and I do not know how long you have committed to this plan for. We are going into some really unusual cycles here and the less tightly tied down you are, the better, in astrological terms. You need to speak to your accountants in both countries. The astrology says – Uranus in Taurus is an economic revolution right around the world – and what you thought you knew pre May 2018 is not the way things will look in 2022, 2023 in particular. This is the most radical change we have seen since the Thirties. Try to get yourself into a super flexible position if you can.

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