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Free Weekly Astrology Class: Sextiles and Trines

A sextile in your personal birth chart takes place when two horoscope factors are 60 degrees apart. For example, the Sun at 5 Aries and Moon at 5 Gemini. Or Proserpina at 28 Aquarius and your Ascendant at 28 Aries. What you are looking for (in modern astrology) is the same number or degree.  Quickly scan your natal chart now if you are a Premium Member and check. If the two planets, Asteroids, angles or points are two signs apart (this is the most common example) then you have a sextile.

What Sextiles What?

Read this in vice-versa fashion.

Aries factors sextile Gemini factors. Taurus factors sextile Cancer factors. Gemini factors sextile factors.
Cancer factors sextile Virgo factors. Leo factors sextile Scorpio factors. Virgo factors sextile Scorpio factors.
Libra factors sextile Sagittarius factors. Scorpio factors sextile Capricorn factors. Sagittarius factors sextiles
Aquarius factors. Capricorn factors sextiles Pisces factors. Aquarius factors sextile Aries factors. Pisces factors sextiles
Taurus factors. And round it goes.

What Sextiles Do

They create flow. They show what comes easily to you. What is natural and simple and requires very little effort.
The ‘what’ is really the planet, asteroid, point or angle. The ‘where’ comes from the signs involved and the houses or life departments they rule.

Refer to your guidebooks to decode the houses and life departments that show up, if you’re a member, or hit Search.

Sextiles in the J.K. Rowling Natal Chart

Lacking a confirmed birth time for J.K. Rowling we use 12.00pm noon for July 31st 1965 and don’t bother using the angles (Ascendant, Descendant, Midheaven and Immum Coeli) as the AC, DC, MC and IC – as they are known – require a minute-accurate birth time. We ignore the Moon as well as she moves so fast.

The rest of the chart is pretty safe and it wouldn’t make a huge difference if J.K. Rowling was born in the wee hours of the morning or the end of the day.

The degrees (numbers) are always shown first, in big numbers, next to the squiggle that shows the sign. What you are doing here is looking fo r matching numbers that are 60 degrees or (easy method) two signs apart.

Another really easy way is just to look at each sign on the surrounding circle and then eyeball two signs along.
Does anything match?


J.K.Rowling Birth Chart 600x571 - Free Weekly Astrology Class: Sextiles and Trines

Psyche 1 Gemini and Minerva 1 Leo

Well done if you found Psyche at 1 Gemini in the Third House sextile Minerva at 1 Leo in the Fifth House.

Psyche is what lives forever. Gemini is words. The Third House is media, film and television. Minerva is wisdom.

Leo is children. The Fifth House is a parent or teacher role. Here is someone who has used that sextiles well.

We know J.K. Rowling wrote a personal horoscope for a friend, but did she create Minerva because of the asteroid Minerva?

More marks if you ignored the MC (Midheaven) at 19 Cancer even though it is sextiles Apollo at 19 Leo.

Why? The birth time is unknown so we can’t possibly know the MC or Midheaven to use it.

In fact this is the only sextile in the chart (using modern astrology we use 0 degree orb, or zero difference patterns).

If you really want to take this further, look up Psyche, Gemini, Third House, Minerva, Leo, Fifth House and write notes.

A bigger stretch still would be to look at the months and years that the Harry Potter books and films hit number one.

You can use the free ephemeris selection at astro.com to do this. If you spot slow-moving outer planet or Nodes at the same degree?

Hitting the sextiles at 1 Gemini and 1 Leo? You’ll be watching real-time astrology in action, because the weather/climate passing by matters.

If it hits the same degree or number as the sextiles, and particularly the same signs, magic happens. Even without Hogwarts.

Trines and Super Flow

Trines are really interesting because they show super flow. People tend to ‘do’ their sextiles because it is all so damn easy.

J.K. Rowling used to write her bestsellers while drinking tea or travelling on a train. Trines are even more powerful as they are rare.

So, if you have one (or more than one) you are a rare bird in some aspect of your life. Perhaps you are an outstanding volunteer for charity.

You may be beautiful. You may be a brilliant home renovator.

Trines are triangles and you never have to tri/try hard with a trine on your side. They are pyramid shaped and show what is impressive.

Just like all those wonders in Ancient Egypt.

You are looking for horoscope factors which are 120 degrees apart. So, four signs. Same degree or number, but in a triangle shape. Vice-versa rules.

Aries trines Leo.
Taurus trines Virgo.
Gemini trines Libra.
Cancer trines Scorpio.
Leo trines Sagittarius.
Virgo trines Capricorn.
Libra trines Aquarius.
Scorpio trines Pisces.
Pisces trines Cancer.

J.K. Rowling and Her Trine

Again, looking for numbers that are identical, you can eyeball this chart very quickly.

Look for Proserpina at 21 Virgo in the Sixth House. She is trine Salacia at 21 Capricorn in the Tenth House.

Taking it apart, using your guidebooks, Proserpina is the go-between who acts as a bridge between two powerful people or organisations.

In Virgo and the Sixth House this is about work. Salacia is about existing in two worlds, neither of which are real.
Salacia in Capricorn in the Tenth House is about career, success and ambition.

You could have looked at this birth chart long before Harry Potter was created and seen this sextile and trine working with fate.

Of course you have to make it happen and J.K. Rowling did.

Now, do you have a sextile or trine in your personal birth chart (natal chart) and what are you doing with it?
Remember, transits or astrological weather/climate can help you activate your sextiles and trines.

Again, if you want to stretch this lesson, use the free Ephemeris library at tro.com to locate years when Harry Potter skyrocketed.

If you find a year when slow-moving outer planets, Nodes or Chiron hit not only the sextile degree of 1, but the trine degree of 21? Bingo.

Harry Potter and the Sextile and Trine Year

Harry Potter Wikimedia Commons - Free Weekly Astrology Class: Sextiles and TrinesHarry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone began the series in 1997. Jupiter (good fortune) was at 1 Aquarius as the year began.
Chiron was at 1 Scorpio. The North Node was at 1 Libra. The South Node was at 1 Aries.

In 1997 the Gemini-Leo sextile at 1 degree was triggered not just once, but four times.

What about the trine at 21 degrees? In 1997, year one of the Potter phenomenon, J.K.Rowling got off to a flying start.

Jupiter was at 21 Aquarius. The North Node was at 21 Virgo. The South Node was at 21 Pisces.

It takes the North Node 19 years to reach 21 Virgo and J.K. Rowling was born with Proserpina at 21 Virgo.

1997 was part of her destiny. What’s yours?



Article feature image: Richard Cohen



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51 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica! I found this so very interesting- took time to not go blurry eyed at all the numbers, but so worth it.
    I found an Sextile in my chart: Jupiter in Scorpio; Prosperina in Leo; Moon in Taurus all at 2 degrees.
    I also found a trine of Chiron in Taurus; Cupido in Virgo; IC in Capricorn all at 19 degrees. As a matter of fact, I have A LOT of factors at 19 degrees.
    Does having a lot of factors at 19 degrees mean anything, and does it mean anything when there are three planets/asteroids in a trine and/or sextile?
    Thank you!

    1. Yes, you have a chart where it never rains but it pours, so when life is good, it’s very, very good indeed. The 19 degree placement is important as Jupiter goes to 19 Capricorn in August and will make nice angles to your chart. Essentially you are going to see improvements, solutions, remedies and good outcomes in the world of work and business, which have a domino effect on your own life, helping you to pursue what or who you want.

  2. Hi Jessica, Hope all is well with you & your team! I thoroughly enjoyed reading this article & working out the Sextiles & Trines in my Natal Chart. Great fun!
    I am somewhat surprised to discover I have five Sextiles (only one is an exact 0° Orb though). And FOUR Trines! (One is +01°Orb). I have interpreted them using your website. But could you please cast your expert eye over them?

    Diana 01° Pisces Sextile Psyche 01° Taurus
    Apollo 17° Aries Sextile Mercury 16° Gemini
    Psyche 01° Taurus Sextile Aesculapia 02° Cancer
    Sun 24° Taurus Sextile Moon 25° Cancer
    Hygeia 29° Taurus Sextile Immum Coeli 28° Cancer
    Bacchus 12° Aquarius Sextile Jupiter 13° Aries
    I have not included my Midheaven (MC 28° Capricorn Sextile Panacea 27° Pisces) as it is -01° Orb & you stated it has to be a 0° Orb for the MC!

    Jupiter 13° Aries Trines Cupido 13°Leo
    Juno 06° Gemini Trines Pluto 06° Libra
    Pluto 06° Libra Trines 06° Aquarius
    Diana 01° Pisces Trines Aesculapia 02° Cancer

    Thank you! JT1605

    1. You have a ton of flow aspects in your chart and the most relevant at the moment is the Juno-Pluto trine as Jupiter will trigger that soon after he changes signs to Aquarius at Christmas 2020. This also picks up your Aquarius-Libra patterns. This is a strong online friendship or relationship within a wider circle of people that makes waves in all the right ways when it goes into your real life. In fact it will change your life.

  3. Hi Jessica! I count 6 trines and 7 sextiles
    in my chart (autocorrected to sextuplets! Let’s hope not…). Are there stronger placements in there for me or are they more timestamps for opportunity or a sliding doors moment if you will? The Venus-Juno trine doesn’t surprise me at all! When time permits I’ll definitely try and look up some key dates in my past and see what panned out, in the meantime I’d love your input if your time permits 🙂

    1. Lots of trines and sextiles in a chart means you do what comes easily and naturally and in fact have set up most of your patterns since childhood. What/who you like and what you are good at – where you prefer to be – lasts into adulthood and even when you take a break from it, you will go back to it. If you work with your astrology journal you will come to identify transits which pick up on your flow patterns, and also identify which you like best. You can actually plan your life around that. So if you want to Neptune-Pluto your life (Sagittarius-Libra) you would get in touch with foreigners on the worldwide web (Sagittarius) to find a partner (Libra). That kind of thing.

  4. Hello Jessica, JK’s chart above – there is nothing in Taurus but she has made her own billions££££. So how come this house of money is empty for her please? Thank you for sharing your insights.

    1. J.K. Rowling has Neptune in Scorpio in the Eighth House of finance, charity, business and property and at 17 degrees it makes exact (or one-degree orb difference) to a number of chart factors that add up. Neptune is an escape from the real world, and she has well and truly gone on a Magical Mystery Tour with money.

  5. Hmm… my Minerva in Cap sextile with Mars in Pisces intrigues me… I’m yet to feel accomplished or wise at all in a work/career sense. A moving feast so far.
    I am guessing that Jupiter in Aquarius will be hitting my Aquarius stellium (and my Salacia/Psyche/Apollo trines) and also my Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn in Libra? I’m looking forward to next year and also when Jupiter hits Pisces 🙂

    1. Jupiter in Aquarius will change your life as you will be drawn into one or more new groups of people where you find like-minded souls and minds (at last!) and a sense of progress and growth through your new friends. One or more of these friends will involve you in a shared goal where you benefit in ways that would have seemed impossible a few years ago. The work starts in 2020.

  6. Hello Jessica,

    Hope this finds you well.

    I have 5 trines in my chart and 3 of them are with my MC. Is there any significance with this?

    Thanks a lot.


    1. Yes, Kane, if your birth time is 100% accurate as the MC or Midheaven depends on the clock time when the cord was cut. If this is the case then you will have career flow all your life and in fact, even as a child, would have won awards or been voted into positions of influence, like team captain. As you grow older you pick up more awards, honours, positions or prizes and then as an adult you can draw on those skills and talents from childhood and adolescence and use them in the real world, for a solid lifestyle and career trajectory!

  7. Dear Jessica:
    If karmic relationships rekindle after node changes and the eclipses, are they meant to stay?
    You told me previously (before Corona) that the change of Nodes in May would likely show where our family is going, living between two continents. Similarly for my daughter’s (sun Sag Cap Moon and Acq Asc) rather tormented, node-conjuncting relarionship with a male Aries (Asc Scorpio Moon Scorpio). The breakup was sudden and cruel to her( shocking really), and he kept distance. Just as the permant closure was all but sure, and only 2 days after the nodes shifted (laugh) he showed up again. Wanted to reunite for a loving spell, however this time to tell her he is moving back home, perhaps for good, on eclipse. Love was then rekindled but hurt is back now and confusion…
    Please let me know what you see coming for her, she is far from us and alone. Your help is very special to me.
    Blessings —

    1. The node shift saw this man turning up again. There is still no closure here. This has to be from her side as well as his. These two souls go back a very long way and have had quite a few incarnations together. It may be time for the wheel to turn once and for all, so that both sides feel life is fair to them, but you cannot make that happen. Only she can do that. Of course, you are supporting her throughout. That’s good.

  8. Hey Jessica,
    I counted 6 trines and 1 sextile with neptune/pluto at first glance. Can you give me your insight on what these aspects mean in my chart? Thanks for all you do- always a pleasure to read and learn 🙂

    1. You have a flow chart, as opposed to a ‘flow chart’ which usually appears on diagrams. You are lucky enough to have woken up in a life where some people will always just work for you, no matter what. You can always count on certain faces being loyal to you, standing by you and easing your journey. That’s karmic. You can also bank on particular talents, skills or abilities always working for you. Even if the chips are down in any way, you can always turn around and lean hard on what you know, or what you can do – to earn income or just to feel better about yourself. The flow also works with places. Come rain or shine there will always be particular cities, villages or even whole countries, where things just roll for you. They work. All of this makes your life not a perfect dream ticket, but it does help to make it rewarding and enjoyable. There is classically a sense of safety nets and soft cushions with this kind of chart and you’re lucky to have it.

  9. Hi Jessica ,

    This is so interesting, so I have Fortuna trine Uranus in Scorpio at the exact same degree. I won’t feel much then this year I guess from that? I am experiencing Saturn now the hardest . Cant say it here but these last days were brutal and it shook me to my core and made me very scared. I haven’t slept for two days and I’m not the suicidal type . But I can tell you that I type the squares as the hardest. You told me to work on myself, but something happened that is asking my full attention to prevent situations from getting worse or out of hand. I hope with all my heart my turn around will come, because my heart is breaking at the moment. If I didn’t have my dear BF I would have gone mad. I read everything here to learn. Never was a person to give up, but I feel so worn down. I hope some transits this month when it goes to Leo will light things up. Have a nice day . CC

    1. I am very sorry you have had sleepless nights. Saturn transits can be very hard work. You may need more sleep CC and if you can organise your life that way try to do it. Saturn transits are heavy, associated with lead, and can have a physical outcome for some people. They seem to demand more patience from us, and that can weigh us down, so even the occasional power nap can help to lighten the load. You cannot work on yourself unless you feel okay physically so if there is a way to switch off, either through more sleep or through meditation, turn to that while you are going through the heaviest part of the Saturn cycle.

  10. Hi Jessica this is so interesting. I had a look at my chart and if I interpret itvcorrectly I have
    3 Trines
    Moon in Leo at 18 degrees, Saturn in Aries 18 degrees
    Moon in Leo at 18 degrees, Sun in Sagittarius at 18 degrees
    Pluto 25 degrees Virgo, Salacia at 25 degrees Capricorn

    2 Sextiles
    Sun in Sagittarius at 18 degrees, Mars in Libra at 18 degrees
    Ceres 19 degrees Sagittarius, Cupido 19 degrees

    I have a lot in my chart at 18- 20 degrees mark.
    How should I interpret this?
    Thank you

    1. You have extreme flow in your chart, so are very lucky. When you hit the right cycles of time, life just carries you along, as if you were surfing in Belgian chocolate. The Sun-Moon trine is important as in 2020-2022 we have the South Node in Sagittarius triggering that. It will also trigger your Ceres. So, what you are going to experience is a combination of learning and teaching. You will be shown, mentored, enlightened, illuminated, guided and educated. However, you will also be sharing, steering, coaching, informing and also – educating. This may be formal, so through a University. It is more likely to be informal, so through Meetup groups, websites, blogs or just important phases in a friendship. From this comes, perhaps, a qualification by 2022 and certainly a massive achievement.

  11. Hi Jessica,

    hopefully i have mapped this out correctly, I did put one degree difference for some, hope that’s ok.

    i have 4 sextiles
    pluto in scorpio sextile MC in Capricorn
    Moon in Scorpio sextile Uranus in Capricorn
    Juno in Capricorn sextile Venus in pisces
    Psyche in Gemini sextile Jupiter in Leo

    And 2 Trines
    Fortuna in Gemini trine Desc. in libra
    Diana in Sagittarius trine Cupido in Aries

    Are there more that i have missed?
    What are some things i can look forward to this year or where are the flows in my life? Currently finding some flow, more like small streams … but overall corona has made more uncertainty in life, especially in my career and romance. any of the above i should be looking into to find some direction in my life? Thank you

    1. You have the Gemini-Sagittarius combination you need to learn new skills or acquire new knowledge, that will secure your income. You will be offered classes, courses, workshops or formal academic education in 2020, 2021 and find that everything falls in place for you to learn. You can then teach, mentor or guide others, or you can add this to your C.V. and acquire a more certain career outlook as a result. This hooks into the financial revolution you are experiencing with Uranus opposite your Scorpio factors. The financial revolution for you is a radically different way of making money. But it begins with education.

  12. hi Jessica
    I read your answers to others to see what i can learn. Coco_carmen say she is “experiencing Saturn now the hardest” and I was wondering how one know when saturn effects them and predicts that in their chart? Also, I found 3 trines and 3 sextiles and am trying to decipher the meanings. Like J.K. Rowling I have Neptune in Scorpio but at 12degrees in a trine with Cancer at Op 12. Anything interesting there?

    1. You could just focus on your Neptune in Scorpio placement in the Eighth House and get a lot from that, now and for some years to come, as we are seeing transits there. Neptune in Scorpio is about borrowing money. Living on the Never-Never. You will find a way to do that (a new way to do that) in 2020. In fact you may find that by 2026 you are able to buy into purely digital currency, or a barter/exchange system in your local area. Ops in Cancer is about the hard work involved in conquering issues connected to houses, mortgages, tenants, landlords, landladies, apartments, property prices and leases. The perfect trine describes a lifetime of borrowing money to purchase or renovate, and perhaps – invest. You have a little of the J.K. Rowling pattern in your chart, as she was famously a single parent living with a tough budget and housing was a huge concern for her. Beyond that you are two completely different human beings of course and she has a wildly different chart to your own. Yet, one thing you both have in common is that by 2026 you will be living in a different world economy with brand new rules. The more you can research now about what is going on out there – the better. The new world will be secondhand, recycled and different values will emerge. People will place a high price on what used to be priced so much lower – and ‘valuable’ assets like mink coats or expensive (petrol) cars will be worth very little indeed. So as I said, the more widely you can read about the world and what is going on out there, the better. That helps your own life budget as you see the slow-moving outer planets aspect your Neptune in Scorpio in the Eighth House. I expect you will also change your will. That happens on this cycle too!

  13. Hi Jessica ,

    I would love to sleep better. But my worries are keeping me awake. I hope the trines in my horoscope help me out. I’m afraid for the loss of someone who is having difficulties with life at the moment. I try to meditate but my fear is disturbing. I have to step up now to keep everything afloat. I pray every night before i go to sleep, hoping anyone hears me. And some miracle happens and keep the damage minimal. Like i said my heart is breaking. Do you see better transits in the near future? I’m sorry for this but rant. Thank you. Coco

    1. You are worried about someone taking his or her own life? I hope by now you have called Samaritans or a similar emergency suicide hotline. This goes beyond astrology, Coco. If you know a person having difficulties who is thinking about suicide you need to pick up the phone right now and talk to the experts. Please.

  14. Hey Jessica!
    Thanks for both replies in the Cancer birthday post. Also wanted to say thanks for this article. It was very well written, and simplified things. I tend to get a bit bogged down sometimes, especially with something that I am interested in. This article was a great foundation and will make it so much easier when I have time to study my chart in detail. My chart is so strange to me. Tons of stelliums, and then a few houses that are completely empty. So sextiles and trines. I think I have a few. I haven’t checked it out yet .I have to take a Practical on Monday, so I am knee deep in Anatomy and Phys. this weekend. ( Happy 4th. To me. Lol)
    If you have a second and can look at my chart that would be awesome
    So the eclipse is at 13 degrees Cancer.
    My sun sign is Cancer at 13 degrees.
    So, yeah, I will not be making any major decisions this weekend.
    Thank you again—
    Stay safe and healthy over there.

  15. I have some interesting trines and would love just a hint of how I can use them to benefit my life or to know what I should be focussing on. Thank you

    1. You just need to watch the planets and asteroids (this website has a list of them changing day to day) and use the journal that comes with membership, to spot when a trine is activated. Then you jump in. Trines don’t do anything much until they are triggered so you use astrology to make a big leap when you see planets arriving at the same degree and sign as your trine (one leg of it) or even filling the spare leg in a trine to make a grand trine. You can look up the feature I wrote on Sacred Geometry to find out more about that.

  16. Hello Jessica! Beautiful article!! I would like, if I may, to do a correction at the “what sextiles what” paragraph where it says “Leo factors sextile Scorpio factors” which I believe is a square?
    I am really trying hard to get all the aspects and since I am a premium member, my chart is so easily available for research. I noted some sextile and trine aspects and I would love your insight. I have a feeling that flowing energy in my chart sometimes brings a certain boredom which I regret to admit.
    Hygeia in Aries trine moon-Uranus conjunction in Sagittarius and sextile Salacia –Jupiter conjunction in Aquarius
    Aesculapia in Taurus trine Diana in Virgo trine Vesta in Capricorn
    Fortuna in Aquarius sextile Saturn in Sagittarius
    Mars-Cupido conjuction in Scorpio sextile Ceres in Virgo and Venus in Capricorn.
    Today is a Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn, very close to my Venus (2 degrees declinations and 4 degrees declination from my Sun). What should I or should not expect?
    I am applying for a new job –trying to avoid the traditional business hierarchy and I hope I will soon find a job in a more employee friendly environment. For many companies Covid is an excuse not to pay the salaries etc and I want to take the most of the Jupiter Saturn conjunction in Aquarius, which I believe will be far more collectively inspirational besides the financial insecurity persistence of Uranus in Taurus.
    I also tried to comment on the tarot for the month article but I assume that the comments are too many already. Do you think this is the time for opportunities and changes for me?
    Thank you very much!

    1. Thank you. You have picked up a Mercury Retrograde mistake which I will correct. (Leo does not sextile Scorpio, it squares it – correct). Your aspects are all about foreign people and places, regional differences and cultural gaps. This is where life flows for you. It may be online or in the real world but it works for you when you travel or become friends/partners/colleagues with people on the other side of the globe. The eclipse? Skip the weekend. It’s a classic blind spot, distraction or diversion. Kanye West is a good example of that. So is Nigel Farage. In your own life you will have your attention taken in one direction while you miss the real story. It’s rather like the media attention on Prince Andrew at the expense of Bill Clinton. Smoke and mirrors! This applies to your new job, career search and the rest. So what/who took your eyes away from the other story this weekend, professionally, should be taken on board. Life will make more sense next week and once Mercury Retrograde finishes in late July you will be a lot clearer about your next job.

  17. Hi Jessica,

    I did call professionals for help, and I feel it’s out of my hands now. I can only hope this person finds its way back to the light and can let go of the burdens that is causing the depression. I guess it’s Saturn square moon that’s in transit .

    Thanks for hearing me out.
    Love Coco

  18. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for this. I have several sextiles at the same degree, 1 trine at the same degree and 1 trine with degree difference, I am truly fascinated but I am wrecking my brain attempting to decode it all. May you provide me with some insight?

    00 Libra (Cupido), Sag (Uranus)
    01/02 Virgo (Proserpina), Scorpio (Jupiter)
    06 Scorpio (MC), Capricorn (Moon)
    17 Leo (Mercury), Libra (Saturn)
    28 Leo (Hygeia), Libra (Saturn)

    24 Gemini (Apollo), Libra (Pluto)
    22/23 Virgo (Proserpina), Capricorn (Vulcano)

    1. Thank you. Libra leads your ‘flow’ so you have a lifetime of slipping easily into pairs, duets, duos and couples (Libra rules marriage, love, sex, business partnership, professional partnership, ice-skating duets, and all pairs). It works when you travel or use the worldwide web. It works when you are involved with children, teenagers, younger people – either for personal reasons or through paid or unpaid work. So two is your magic number and always will be.

  19. HI Jessica. This is next level – thanks for explaining this.
    A few observations:

    I’m not sure if I have completely nailed sextiles. Are the following sextiles?:
    08 Libra (Cupido) and Leo (Apollo)
    09 Sagittarius (Ops and Neptune) with Libra (Sun, Minerva and PLuto)

    However, I can confidently say that I have a sextile between 21 Aries (Jupiter) and Aquarius (Diana).
    I actually feel this and believe I have been living this for the past couple of years. When you discussed the asteroid Diana a few weeks back, It resonated so strongly. I was so excited as the puzzle feel into place and my chart began to come alive. Now I see why!

    I would really appreciate it if you could find the time to please explain more fully how the relationship between my following trines will be best expressed:
    21 Aries (Jupiter – again) and Leo (Juno)
    28 Leo (Aesculapia) and Sagittarius (Ascendent).
    Jupiter trining Juno with Aesculapia trining my Ascendent seems counter-intuitive doesn’t it?
    Fascinating article, I’ve learnt so much from you already.
    Thank you so much! Xxx

    1. I am glad you have found Diana in your birth chart. Diana was liberated by her father Jupiter and she also liberates women who do not want to get married or have children. She also liberates women who are very happy to have married and become mothers, but want a different life within the home, and outside it too – than their mothers knew, or society suggests. Knowing your Diana sign and house is really important and of course she is in a stunning position in your chart. The signs which are flowing in your chart (you can allow one degree’s difference) are really about learning and teaching, with younger people. Leo is the younger people, Aries is the fronting up to the classroom or the Zoom room, Sagittarius is the knowledge exchange. If you are not already engaged in that you will be by 2022 as the North Node in Gemini and South Node in Sagittarius trigger your sextiles and trines. It can be casual and informal, like a social group where you all learn or teach a language, or more structured, like a higher degree within academia. The social side is what draws you and these are also intensely sociable signs, involving former, current or potential partners (Libra) but also younger people (Leo). This holds all your life but is triggered until January 2022.

  20. HI Jessica,
    I have 11’s freaking EVERYWHERE throughout my chart! It’s doing my head in trying to piece it altogether!
    I’m curious as to whether I’m living my ‘purpose’; all I know is that I’m so unbelievably satisfied being a parent; it brings a warmth to my soul and a light to my heart. I’m a huge advocate of conscious holistic parenting and am now studying childcare although truthfully, it doesn’t interest me that much. What gives here? My partner keeps pushing me to find paid work but I can’t seem to find anything that sparks as much joy as being a mother does. What’s wrong with me?! I know I don’t like doing traditional things or following a set path so it’s hard for me to reconcile a job where I’m not beating to my own drum, if that makes sense? xx

    1. Work is Virgo and money is Taurus. You have nothing in Virgo in the Sixth House of your chart so you do not want to work. But you do want money. Somewhere along the line you will have to figure out bread and butter, plus cake. You can fake being a Virgo. People learn to fake a zodiac sign they do not possess!

  21. Hello, Jessica

    I am enjoying this lesson, thank you. I found only a few sextile and only one trine.
    There are more if you would include 1 degree difference but not sure if that’s you would do? Acknowledging there are many with one degree difference, makes me feel even more unlucky. Never perfectly go smooth : I
    Noticed that the only trine I have is going to be hit by Jupiter when he pass 24 degree (difference sign and house). My only trine is this:
    Panacea at 24 Sagittarius trine Chiron at 24 Aries. When I searched Chiron, an article you wrote not so long ago came up. I am not sure how to read this trine and Chrion in Aries together. I am feeling very stressed with never ending, energy consuming childcare! Could you give me your insight with this trine, please? How can I use it?

    Hope it is not too late, finger crossed.

    1. You can allow up to one degree’s orb (one degree’s difference) and the sacred geometry still works. You can look up a piece I posted on Sacred Geometry to find out more about that. The shapes still hold and astrology is rather like that William Blake drawing of God measuring reality with a compass. It’s all about how you measure your chart and then see yourself and your life. You are obviously a good astrologer and can see that Jupiter aspect coming. I am sorry you are being stretched so far with childcare; this is an incredibly challenging time for you, with Venus in Leo (Venus in the Fifth House of children) as for the first time in 29 years we have Saturn in Aquarius, slowly moving up to oppose your Venus. That makes parenting a bigger stretch than usual. However, you are also a natural student and teacher and there will be a way to organise your life so that you have time, peace and quiet and space for that in 2020-2022, even with children. You are actually the kind of person who will have a lifetime of constantly learning and passing on the knowledge, no matter if that is a formal course or job, or not. It can be quite informal and involve a large home library, for example. Panacea is the daughter of Aesculapia, the Roman god who performed miracles of healing. In fact, the Romans imported him from Greece to cure a plague. They believed he arrived in the form of a snake and they set up a temple to him and priests would spend nights with patients, carrying snakes, and also surrounded by dogs. It worked and there were so many cures (and people also dreamed remedies or diagnosis) that many of these places were built right around the Roman empire. You can still see plaster casts of feet and even wombs (!) in The British Museum today as the Romans would leave effigies of the body part that was in trouble, at the temples, as a sacrifice to Aescuapia/us (he has different endings to his name). His daughter Panacea was about cures with an ethical or moral component. Right, wrong, black, white and grey area. So abortion is one today. Euthanasia is another. Medical marijuana is another. In Sagittarius in your Ninth House, Panacea is about education, academia, travel, tourism, foreign people and places, the worldwide web and the publishing industry. This is where you have cures, remedies, solutions, answers – but there is a moral or ethical grey area. It goes hand-in-hand with your need to promote yourself (Chiron in Aries) and project a particular name, image, title or qualification. The last time I saw a chart like this was with a teacher who volunteered teaching English to people who could not speak or write the language – but she herself was not qualified. So there you go. Grey area! I am sure your situation is completely different. Yet the trine will be there all your life and of course you have the South Node of karma going over 24 Sagittarius and so activating it. What were you doing 19 years ago? That’s a clue.

  22. Hi, Jessica! I know you are super busy, so I completely understand if you don’t have time to take a look at this. I have a bunch of trines and sextiles in my chart, and probably some that I’m missing. I’m having a hard time understanding how this all comes together. Any insight you have would be greatly, greatly appreciated.

    Uranus in Sag sextile Juno in Libra (0′ orb)
    Venus in Cancer sextile NN in Taurus (0′ orb)
    Chiron in Gemini trine Juno in Libra (0′ orb) and Ops in Libra (1′ orb)

    Apollo in Virgo trine NN in Taurus (0’orb)
    Cupido in Virgo trine NN in Taurus (0′ orb)
    Salacia in Aquarius trine Prosperina in Gemini (0′ orb)
    Venus in Cancer trine SN in Scorpio (0′ orb)
    Asc in Aquarius trine Aesculpia in Gemini (0′ orb)

    Neptune in Cap sextile Pluto in Scorpio (1′ orb)
    Mars in Leo sextile Juno in Libra (1′ orb)
    Mars in Leo sextile Chiron in Gemini (1′ orb)

    Mars in Leo trine Uranus and Fortuna in Sag (1′ orb)
    Moon in Cancer trine Saturn and Minerva in Scorpio (1′ orb)

    1. You have some stunning sextiles and trines there and were born at just the right time. It’s funny how these things work out. You probably have family members born with the Sun in Taurus, Capricorn, Virgo as babies often ‘choose’ to come into a family tree with zodiac sign branches which grow with their own. You are reshaping your home life, domestic routine (house and garden, for example, or apartment and local area) for some years to come, starting in 2020, as we have stelliums in Capricorn picking up your chart until Christmas. There will also be a reshape of the way you eat and drink, smoke (if you do that) and exercise or use your body (yoga for example or meditation). This goes hand-in-hand with a different approach to shopping, earning, spending and saving money which will increase until 2026, as you experiment with one wave of change after another. You will find some options irresistible, actually. Trines mean ‘no resistance’ as everything flows. I wrote a piece on Sacred Geometry on this website you may want to look at, for more information. You could kick off a charity fundraiser, for example, and find it just rolls very easily with precious little resistance from people. They just say yes. Another way of looking at this, is a classic Cancer-Taurus-Virgo-Scorpio-Capricorn ‘roll’ involving ways to make money, save money or just spend it very differently. Chances are high that other people with a big signature in these signs would be involved. Perhaps it has already begun for you. But you’ll get so much from 2020-2026 as you surf each wave of change.

  23. Thank you, Jessica

    I’m definately astrology follower but not astrologer! It’s just that the way you teach (only with text) is great, not me.
    I am reading your post, sacred geometry and ebook, 2020, which I bought last year. Its very fascinating but I am not sure if I understood how to use geometry. Is it to see the “flow” and involve someone if the “flow” is not welcome one?
    I am looking for your another post.


    1. Yes Sacred Geometry is flow. Trines are really like pyramids and they have held up in Egypt long enough. Squares are like two people trying to cross the street at the same time and running into each other at right angles. Oppositions are tug-of-war contests or clashes. Sextiles are flowing. You don’t have to be an astrologer to see what flows, clashes or sticks inside yourself. Or what does that for you with other people. Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, Aquarius flow together. Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn flow together. Opposite signs clash: Aries and Libra, Taurus and Scorpio, Gemini and Sagittarius, Cancer and Capricorn, Leo and Aquarius, Virgo and Pisces. Just thinking about your life you’ll see how that works!

  24. Forgot to say,
    19 years ago, I was in NYC, Brooklyn. One morning, woke up being disturbed by room mate’s screeming. It was 911. Soon, I went out and looked for public pay phone cos’ line wasn’t working. then I saw black smoke coming out from the otherside of the river. On my way back home, I saw many people covered with ashes were crossing a bridge towrds Brooklyn. Since then, I started to wonder why this happened. I learnt about Islam. Learnt about America’s behaviour in the world. It was an eye opening event. I still love and miss NYC and its culture.

    1. I saw the Twin Towers get hit too. To be honest, I missed the first one (I was in the shower) but got dressed and ran down to Greenwich Street with my friend Emma, to see the second plane hit the second tower. Unforgettable and awful but yes, I miss the old New York too.

  25. It’s interesting that you say “2” is my magic number. I’m an only child who grew up not wanting siblings. I have challenging, but very transformative relationships. Both platonic and romantic. I am noticing now, how I desire companionship and that one person to do life with. Now I’m more confused. I’m a Leo and just the brief visit from Saturn in Aquarius truly put a strain in my relationships. Le sigh…

  26. Thank you for your reply.
    I’ll spend a bit more time on geometry. I love your idea, 3D horoscope. Please work on it!

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