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Mars and Chiron in Aries

The new Aries weather will speed up (and heat up) one area of your life. From Monday 29th June 2020 until Wednesday 6th February 2021 you will experience both Mars and Chiron in Aries. Here’s how it affects your sign, and your birth chart.

Mars in Aries, Chiron in Aries

From Monday the 29th of June 2020 until Wednesday the 6th of February 2021, you will be living with both Mars and Chiron in Aries, which will ‘load’ one area of your life with repeated calls to action – and challenges to push the usual boundaries. Here is what to expect, from both your regular horoscope and your natal chart. (You can check that now as a Premium Member. Do you have any Aries factors?)

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Aries the Ram

gks33ewr1c0 scaled e1593375618413 600x380 - Mars and Chiron in Aries

Aries the ram is a fire sign, ruled by Mars the Roman god of war. Aries is masculine, and rules the First House of ‘me first’ thinking and action. Aries is fearless, energetic, assertive. Aries can be aggressive and even violent. Aries is certainly competitive and combative.

Mars the red planet (it even appears red without a telescope) is associated with red fire engines, the red stop button on a traffic light which impatient people and drivers ignore – and red alerts.

Chiron is a symbol of audacity, chutzpah and temerity. Chiron is the gadfly or heretic. The late, great astrologer Dennis Elwell gave us a great definition for Chiron – as does Zane Stein. Chiron is a maverick. Now, if you can imagine all that, with Aries attitude – you get a sense of what July-January will be like! (Photograph: Annie Spratt).

July to January and Your Sign

Where is the heat, the speed and the encouragement to experiment? Where are the obvious risks if you go too far and too fast?

  • ARIES Image, brand, appearance, self-interest, self-promotion, profile, reputation, publicity, packaging. Name, face, wardrobe, style, brand.
  • PISCES Money, business, charity, value, communism, socialism, economy, possessions, property, charity. Shares, ethics, business, theft.
  • AQUARIUS Multimedia, publishing, internet, words, ideas, images, journalism, books, public speaking. Commuting, short-distance travel.
  • CAPRICORN Mothers, home, family, home town, country, patriotism, roots, heritage, houses, apartments, home exchanges. Ancestors.
  • SAGITTARIUS Children, babies, young adults. Youth projects. Junior generations. Lovers who could make you a parent/aunt/uncle. Millennials and Generation Y. Teaching, mentoring, guiding.
  • SCORPIO The Body. Daily routine, lifestyle, work ethic, service, duty, food, drink, drugs, doctors, healers, surgery, exercise. The COVID-19 factor.
  • LIBRA Partners. Partnerships. Former, current and potential partners. Sexuality and love. Commitment. Gender politics and feminism.
  • VIRGO Power and money. Sex and money. Death and money. Basically – property/finance in power-based ties. Life insurance, wills and mortgages.
  • LEO Travel. Travel in the mind. Academia, education, publishing, beliefs, foreign or regional differences, the internet. Ebooks and websites.
  • CANCER Ambition. Social climbing. Social status. Achievement. Being at the top of the hierarchy. ‘Making it.’ Success, status, position and mission.
  • GEMINI Groups. Friends. People power. Clubs, societies, associations, political parties, bands, teams, Twitter networks. Acquaintances, allies.
  • TAURUS Drugs and alcohol. Meditation. Mediumship. Secrets. Operating behind the scenes without any credit/visibility. Religion.

Chiron, Mars and You

It’s unusual to see Mars staying such a long time in his own sign, Aries. Mars is the old Roman symbol of the warrior and is a warning (like a red light) of the potential for conflict. It’s good to be aware of that. Astrology is about sidestepping battles. In fact, this entire period (29th June to 6th February) is about choosing your battles wisely.

The fact that Mars is in the same sign and house as Chiron, a symbol of ‘shooting for the impossible’ suggests a really important six-month period of extra action, less patience, less time, less tolerance, more heat, more potential for a duel or stand-off. It’s far from dull. But it also has risks.

As I said, you have to pick your battles. You also need to know that Chiron is with you until 2026 so you don’t have to react as if everything was about the next seven days, or even the next seven weeks. This is a situation which requires a strategy. Read more about this Chiron cycle here.

Your Mars Return – Carrying Mars in Aries

e7gsqwtnmwq 1 600x450 - Mars and Chiron in AriesIf you were born with Mars in Aries you will have your Mars Return from July 2020 to January 2021. Be really aware of the potential for your time and energy to be taken up by something you do not need to fight for or against – regarding your image. You are carrying Aries here (Photograph:Foyn). Weigh it up carefully. Read more about Mars in your chart here.

Do You Have Any Aries Factors?

If you were born with Aries planets, asteroids, points or angles in your First House of image, then your profile, reputation, name and appearance will be far more important than usual, in July 2020-January 2021.

You can read more about the First House here.

This may be your profile on Twitter, for example. This cycle is very much about the social me-me-me-me-me-media of Facebook and Instagram. What you are going to experience is a really long call to action. Mars blows the bugle and shoots the starting pistol. However, Mars is also notorious for wasting your time and energy on conflicts. You will need a ‘Me’ plan for a substantial part of this new cycle. A thoughtful approach which honours the fact that this is not going to be a short burst of energy over 1-2 weeks. You may have to revisit what is said or done, later. That may help to slow you down. When dealing with people or organisations which push too hard and too fast, in matters of image, reputation, appearance (yours!) remember you can set the agenda. You do not have to respond in the heat of the moment.

Chiron in your First House is about what you can get away with. Experiments. Risks. Stretching the known limits of what is possible, or acceptable, or ‘the done thing.’ Just remember that what goes on the internet, stays on the internet. And this is your photograph or your name.

The Aries Weather of 2020

If you were born with Uranus or Pluto in Libra, the sign of sex, marriage, dating and partnerships – you are in a challenging new cycle June 29th, 2020, until February 6th, 2021.

Uranus in Libra People

hh27plu8hjk 600x398 - Mars and Chiron in AriesAged around to 45 to 52 you have a history of unpredictable breaks, and breakthroughs, in your partnerships. You were born with Uranus, a symbol of radical change, revolution and independence, in the sign of Libra – in the Seventh House of marriage and common law marriage (living together)

You will experience oppositions from Mars (Mars opposite Uranus) as he moves from 0 to 28 Aries, then backwards from 28 Aries to 15 Aries, and then over old ground, from 15 Aries to 29 Aries.

If there are already ‘me’ issues versus ‘we’ issues in your partnership, then you will be challenged to change, if you were born in these date brackets.

Have a look at the marriage or relationship patterns in your parents’ partnership, particularly if it involved divorce or a change in gender/sexual preference. That can be useful in 2020-2021, if you want to figure out your own patterns. This is not. the usual wedding cake, the same old recipe or the regular ingredients. You will be dividing relationships differently.

  • Sep 28, 1968, to May 20, 1969
  • Jun 24, 1969, to Nov 21, 1974
  • May  1, 1975, to Sep  8, 1975

Born with Uranus at 9 Libra?

You have Chiron in Aries and also Mars in Aries in July 2020 – clashing with Uranus in your love, sex and commitment zone. Try to slow down and cool down. You will need strategies, not your first thought and best thought. Yet, you will need to sort things out with/for your former, current or potential partner in a way that honours the need for freedom. Yours, his or hers.

Born with Pluto at 9 Libra?

You have Chiron and Mars passing 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 Aries in July 2020 making an unusual opposition to your natal Pluto. Look carefully at your need to over-control things with/for your former, current or potential partner. Power and empowerment will be major questions then.

Pluto in Libra People

If you were born with Pluto in Libra in the Seventh House of marriage, partnership and dating, then you need to control what happens in your relationship, more than most people. You can be obsessive, dominating and take over. Aged 36 to 49 some of you will also have Uranus in Libra too. (For example, if you were born in 1973).

If you want to analyse what is going on with love and sex in 2020-2021 begin with your childhood and adolescence and look at the impact that your parents’ relationship with each other had on you. You are going to experience Mars opposite your Pluto (and perhaps for an unusually long time, depending on your birth chart) in 2020-2021.

  • Oct 5, 1971, to Apr 17, 1972
  • Jul 30, 1972, to Nov 5, 1983
  • May 18, 1984, to Aug 28, 1984

Prediction – Transgender Wars

If you have been following the controversy on Twitter involving J.K. Rowling, Graham Linehan and the transgender wars, you’ll know how things have been heating up. We have billions born with Uranus and/or Pluto in Libra, the sign that rules male and female equality in marriage. If you factor in oppositions from Mars and/or Chiron in Aries, July 2020 to January 2021, you will quickly see how this could run on. And on. Mars is about white-hot anger and action and it is usually with us for just a few days or weeks, in a particular hotspot. Here we have Mars Retrograde so it’s like a fire that never quite goes out.

mib2s5z8vjo 600x394 - Mars and Chiron in Aries

How the United States Chart is Triggered

You don’t really need to be an astrologer to know that we are going to see war risks from July 2020 through January 2021. In fact, the chart for the old Civil War in America is triggered. Nothing to do with men dressed as women (above). Everything to do with some very old charts which show the civil war and also the war against Great Britain.

We have more than one chart for the United States, because she has a number of different ‘beginnings’ and restarts in her history. They all show hotspots around that Aries point that’s being pushed July through January.

She has Mars at 13 Aries and again at 14 Aries in three separate charts, at least – and that’s an overheated hotspot. In fact, Aries surfaces consistently in the American charts, which may explain the gun and war culture. Packing heat.

This data is from The Book of World Horoscopes by Nicholas Campion (The Wessex Astrologer, 2004).

Trouble in the USA 2020

The chart set for April 30th, 1789 at 12.45 LMT in New York shows the swearing in of the first President, George Washington. It’s the final act in the creation of the United States of America and it took place at Federal Hall. This chart shows Mars at 13 Aries.

This is in opposition to Neptune at 13 Libra in the USA Pilgrim Fathers’ chart set for December 21st, 1620 at 6.00am in Plymouth, MA. This was the start of British colonisation. The alternative reality of the Special Relationship is shown here.

There is a link with the Moon at 13 Sagittarius in the Battle of Lexington chart set for April 19th, 1775 at 5.00am in Lexington MA. This is the war of independence chart. I’m sure you know Sagittarius rules foreigners.

The Special Relationship

We have a chart for the USA set for July 2nd, 1776 at 12.00 LMT in Philadelphia PA which shows serious, sombre Saturn just one degree away from this pattern at 14 Libra. Again, this is the special relationship with Britain. Not so special.

The July 4th, 1776 chart set for 2.17 LMT in Philadelphia shows the Sun at 12 Cancer, which is pretty close. This is the national identity. By the time we get to 10.30am (the alternative time) we are seeing the Sun at 13 Cancer, an exact square to the overheated, aggressive Mars at 13 Aries in 2020. It’s the same for the chart set for 2.00pm the same day and also 4.50pm and 5.10pm! There is no escaping that square.

A square, which you probably know, shows what cannot be squared. What cannot be compromised.

1776 and All That

Throughout 1776 we have Saturn at 14 Libra on key dates for America, so we have troublesome hotspots at 13-14 degrees of Cancer, Capricorn, Libra, Aries to watch in 2020.

It is even picked up in the USA Confederation chart set for November 15th, 1777 at 12.00 LMT in Philadelphia PA. Here Uranus (shock, revolution, independence, upheaval) is at 14 Gemini. This sign rules the worldwide web and media.

The September 3rd, 1783 chart set for 10.30am in Paris, France. The Treaty of Paris is full legal independence.

ro2dfpl7we 600x400 - Mars and Chiron in Aries

The Ghost of Jeffrey Epstein

The ghost of Jeffrey Epstein is hanging over proceedings here. He was notoriously linked to Prince Andrew, son of Her Majesty the Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. He was also linked to Bill Clinton and Donald Trump. Special relationships?

Amazingly we find that 13-14 degree lit up again, in the chart for the USA Federal Constitution on 17th September 1787 with Pluto at 14 Aquarius. You have to wonder if the full narrative involving MI6 and the FBI will ever become public. Perhaps.

The USA Civil War chart set for 12th April 1861 in Charleston SC at 4.30am shows Venus at 14 Aries.

Predicting Trouble in America

America has already seen street protests and some riots in the Black Lives Matter campaigns of 2020. We’ve heard talk of a ‘new Civil War’ and also a ‘Culture War.’ Fortunately astrology is here to warn us from the pages of history.

On Wednesday 22nd, Thursday 23rd, Friday 24th July, Saturday 25th of July 2020, the US risks war and violent protests. These are dates not to pump oxygen into inflammatory situations. There are too many factors in too many of the American charts, primed for trouble. Stay off and stay away – according to astrology.

pypm6ofhi6i 600x424 - Mars and Chiron in Aries

All images via Unsplash

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68 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica
    First I really appreciated read you everyday ,has been a big help to understand what happens on my life.
    Amazing how this post match with so many of my positions and come together on my Birth Chart ..never before!
    I have Mars 27° Aries 52′ 57 ,Chiron 16° Aries 26′ 32″ R ,Uranus 26° Libra 47′ 41 and Pluto 06° Libra 40′ 05″.
    How this positions on today’s sky can affected me in the near future?
    thank you very much Jessica

    1. Thank you. You are strongly Aries-Libra so will be personally affected by these transits in 2020, 2021. Your main issue will be what is fair between men and women. What is fair in terms of gender. This will come up now but it will be on two levels – personal (a particular male or female triggers those questions about sexism, equality, fairness) and also on a wider level, as a trend in society. Figuring out the whole male-female balance in life will take you a few months, involve a bit of reading, quite a lot of discussion and the ability to leave Mars outside in the car park. Mars wants conflict but you do not have to go along with this cycle. Look for what progress might actually mean on both the female and male side. This cycle is primarily about a gigantic leap!

  2. Hi Jessica
    That was SO very interesting and informative. I followed the links and learned so many fascinating things about Chiron and am going to pick up a copy of The Centaur. I have to say though, it all was also a little concerning. I am living in America and what you said towards the end is unsettling to say the least. On top of that, my husband (22Aug1973) has both Pluto and Uranus in Libra. He just got to work at his very new job and texted that he was really happy in his new position and new home and hopes I feel the same. Just when I thought things may finally be smooth sailing……Strangely, last night I had a dream I couldn’t breathe. There were also protests in the dream. My son was with me and he was much younger (he is 22). I don’t remember much more just that I woke up trying to catch my breath.

    1. Thank you. Dreams are starting to enter the conversation on this website, which is interesting. I recently began working with the dream counsellor Jane Teresa Anderson and have been talking to my colleague Kyra Oser about psychic dreams. You can find Jane Teresa and Kyra online at their websites. Your dream was vivid, to the point where you were catching your breath when you woke up. Have a look at that. Sometimes sitting down with a notebook is the way to decode the message. The United States is in the zone for sweeping transformation and will be a different country after 2023. It begins now and there is no ‘permanent’ with work, money, property or anything else. Accepting regular change and working with it, adapting to it and being flexible enough to move around it is a wise thing to do. America is in the same cycle as 1781 when she threw out the British, began the long road to changing the sugar and cotton industry and got a new constitution. The people who did best then were those who ‘met change with change’ and that is exactly what you and your husband are going to have to do.

  3. Dear Jessica, this all spells trouble again..I have been on a not so fun roller coaster ride since 2013 to say the least. In practically every area of life and quite frankly I am not sure how much more I can take. I am so ready for some peace, quiet and steadiness. Can you perhaps give me any pointers of what I can expect on a personal level with my aries stellium (Sun at 13 degrees ) and Pluto in Libra at 7 degrees? Warmest wishes, S

    1. Astrology is useful because it alerts you to situations you avoid, to have just the kind of peaceful life you want. So all you need to do in 2020-2021, S, is to steer clear of potential friction. When you feel irritated or even downright confronted by other people, decide if you actually gain from wading into what could b e a long and drawn-out situation. Do you really need it? These two, Mars and Chiron, in the sign of Aries, are also square the Cancer and Capricorn placements of people around you (the cardinal signs) as well as an entire generation born with Pluto or Uranus in Libra. So be aware of floating heat! You do not have to contribute. Now and again there will be something worth getting involved with. Truly. For most of this period, you can see it, and sidestep it.

  4. Hi Jessica,
    Hope you are well and thank you for this great article.
    I have Mars and Chiron in Aries; as well as both Uranus and Pluto in Libra – so it sounds like an intense half of the year coming up for me. Please could you take a look at my chart and let me know what I should be focusing on.
    Thanks in advance,
    All the best,

    1. Thank you Agnes. Well the basic rule now through 2021 is to feel the annoyance or anger, let it go, and then act later (or maybe not act at all). We are moving through a really challenging time, when we need to pick our battles. And then decide how to fight them, if fight is even the right word. It’s unusual to see Mars hang around like this in your sector of brand, image, name, reputation, appearances and these are the areas where you most need to slow down and cool down. It can and does have an impact on the relationship you share with your former, current or potential partner so when in doubt – don’t. Mars and Chiron together can cut through a lot very quickly, but too quickly and often with too much force. Just bear that in mind especially if you see it in others. It is a natural human feeling to want to push back, when others apply any pressure. What helps with all this? Boundaries. Really strong, firm boundaries. Distance.

  5. Hi Jessica,

    I’m one of those who has Pluto in Libra. Is there anything I should look out for in 2020-2021?


    1. Pluto in Libra in the Seventh House describes your whole generation, Cherry, but you also feel it personally with dating, mating and relating. Also any separating you have done, from lovers and partners. Pluto is a symbol of domination and control. It is a symbol of power. You can imagine how this works in the delicate business of a sexual relationship and while you are experiencing this strong Aries weather in your First House of self-interest, it is really important to try and avoid ‘heavying’ the other person, or being too heavy about matters like marriage, common-law marriage or sexual relationships. If you are curious about Pluto in Libra in the Seventh House, remember your generation was born to parents who had new, radically different laws to love by. No fault divorce is the key one. The pill was another. So you incarnated to experiment with the idea of what love should be. Your generation has made gay and lesbian marriage legal in so many countries. Yet, there are new questions to answer about how men and women are going to make it work together and that will directly affect you by 2021.

  6. Hi Jessica I hope you are well and safe. I have Libra in Uranus and Pluto being 1973 born, my husband was born a week after me on 8th Feb. Interesting times ahead? I would love an insight and how I can navigate it all.

    1. The easiest way to handle Aries-Libra weather is to swap sides. Libra is the scales. Walk over from your side to his, and coax him (or charm him) into doing the same for you. When you are both at each other’s end of the spectrum you get a better idea of what is fair. There has to be that kind of willingness to see it from the other point of view or nothing will really change. In fact you can get stand-off situations. The ultimate result, with any luck, will be a big leap of progress for both of you and a reshaped new world to live in.

  7. Hi Jessica. I have Libra in Uranus and Pluto being 1973 born, my husband was born a week after me on 8th Feb. Interesting times ahead? I would love an insight and how I can navigate it all.

    1. Yes, the two of you will experience the long, slow transits of Mars and Chiron in the First House of ‘myself’ while you are both geared towards finding ‘us’ through your marriage. The next few months, into early 2021, will really be about finding ways to achieve what is fair. There will probably be issues here about your being female and him being male, and the rather unequal world we all live in. Libra is about the scales which need to be balanced by opposing genders. If feminism or the men’s movement has not crept into your marriage it probably will. The trick is how the new situation is negotiated. Mars and Chiron can be impulsive and too overheated. Watch that. Yet, by mid-2021 you will both have negotiated something quite new and different as at the moment there are too many unanswered questions or untackled issues. These can’t really be left hanging so at some point you are both going to have to go in and do the work.

  8. It seems almost unreal that the world has changed so dramatically so quickly. A few months back I mentioned the words of another psychic who long ago spoke of civil unrest in america this year, and my friends laughed at me, it was such an impossible idea. You have pinpointed with science these astrological factors in the usa and just how powerful an understanding of astrology is. On a personal level, this morning I woke from a dramatic dream with my late mother (I never have dreamed of her before), we had had in life a relationship with tension, only after her death did I realise it was due to her ptsd from WW2. But in this dream we were laughing and calm and I felt such peace. It felt so very unworldly. The first thing I did this morning was log on to your site to look at current placements, and your wise words in your latest articles. Thanking you!

    1. Thank you. Kyra Oser saw this very specifically two or three years ago. She is a brilliant clairvoyant. I am really pleased you have come to understand why your mother was, the way she was. Living with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder is so hard for so many people and that war had long-term effects. The dream should be taken seriously as your guides have found a great space where the two of you can meet again and find some peace, healing and closure. Powerful dreams like that are unforgettable and really move things along.

  9. Hi Jessica

    I have 3 Aries planets plus my Mars is at 13 Cancer. Does this mean familial conflict? I desperately hope not because each of our 5 young adult children need healing and not conflict and I’m concerned that with Mars at 13 in Cancer that means conflict at home.

    Also, how does Australia’s chart chime with these patterns? I hope we don’t copy cat the US too much.


    1. Sharlene, astrology is really there to work with, like a tool, and awareness helps you sidestep what you don’t want. Just knowing there is a greater risk of conflict within the family (because there is) will help you avoid it. Rather than go charging into issues involving one of the children, you slow down and cool down. The Australian chart reveals she will be most affected by a global stoppage with travel and international trade at the end of January 2021. If you were planning to fly or sail from Australia that month please be sharply aware of the crossroads that is coming. It will more seriously affect China and America.

  10. Afternoon Jessica! I have Chiron at 13 Aries and my Mars is 13 as well but in Aquarius. I suppose this is case of making sure I think before I speak? Then practice, practice, practice… May I have any suggestions from you on this transit?

    1. It’s a really clear message about the groups you belong to (clubs, teams, societies) but also the main online group you are part of, like Twitter. We have Saturn the planet of learning experiences going through Aquarius and this zone of your chart, so yes – be very mindful of those friends and acquaintances and how it all works with them. Chiron in Aries can move very fast and go in quite hard – you don’t really want that at a period in your life when Saturn is going over Mars in Aquarius in your Eleventh House. If you were in a football team your coach would tell you to go easy!

  11. Hi Jessica,

    Hoping peace will prevail during this transit, thanks for your insights Jessica. Personally I hope to find renewed energy. It seems to be a long influence in one house! I really need to try and make the most of it. In a post on Saturn in the houses (Mar26, 2020), you identified ‘my’ problem in your perfect First House description , specifically “…shy, or funny about appearing on camera, or paranoid about their web profile.”

    Have been dealing with burnout/health issues for decades, have scaled back and simplified (a work in progress over past 12 years) consequently no social media presence (intentionally). Have a marketing background and understand the impact of poor packaging/wrong first impressions.

    Wondering would it be best to launch or not to launch during this transit (after July 26 of course) ?
    Hope you get a chance to read, would love your help.

    Thank you x

    1. You obviously need to exist on the internet (and more than that) if you are going to use your marketing background to bring in business. Even without work as a consideration, you need to be your best self, and that involves being found online, and found as you wish to be found! Wait for Mercury to get out of shadow, and use July to do some research. Pinterest is a very good resource. Step back and have a look at how different parts of the internet serve you, or not. YouTube might be your friend, or perhaps you prefer Twitter or Pinterest itself, which can be wonderful escapism but also very good if you want to quickly survey (say) every single variation on a wardrobe style you like. The Mars and Chiron transit of your First House in Aries will help you consider lessons, guidance or mentorship either from real people (your hairdresser) or in general, from various trends and fashions out there. You will be tempted to see what you can get away with, and that could be quite a lot. Time to experiment, in the last six months of 2020 and first months of 2021.

  12. Any wise words to share with me. The last few years have been a roller coaster. Eloped last year 9-15-2019… A month later my husband deployed to the Middle East and my Pisces/Gem riding hubby’s has a very tough time. Ive been staying with in-laws while my daughter and even my dog have stayed with her father. Hasn’t been the easiest year. We’ve been searching for a house for two years… started on a Retro and now we finally think we found our new home and half the universe is retro. I could use good News.

    1. You have really been through huge upheavals here. A roller coaster ride that has separated you from your husband and found you without a proper home. The good news is, you are over the worst. I am sure you know that Cancer is the sign that rules the Fourth House of your chart, which in turn rules your daughter and her father, but also your husband’s family. Cancer also rules your house or apartment. Whenever people talk about disruption I always suspect quite a lot of factors in Cancer, as since December 2017 you have been put through major oppositions from Capricorn weather (clashing conditions) if so. Sure enough you have a whopping stellium in Cancer, the sign of the crab. Crabs carry their homes on their backs. Their homes are part of them, physically. They also never go far from their tribe. The ancient astrologers chose that memory-jogging device for that constellation very deliberately. So this is you. If you can imagine a crab under attack from other people, organisations, the world outside – you get the picture. You are well past the pressure of having Saturn and the South Node and Pluto all permanently against you! All you are left with now is the last dregs of the Saturn cycle and he is out of your life at Christmas. You are on your way to (at last) some security and stability. Those retrogrades won’t have anything to do with that. Saturn is on his way out and you are on your way to a completely new way of living. Also, a new way of relating to the family. In the year 2022 Jupiter will be in Pisces and make stunning trines to your Cancer factors so that year, you will really find your horoscope rewards you for hanging in there. Every opportunity you need for your home and family life, home town and homeland, is there then.

  13. Excellent article. And what about those of us who have nothing with Aries in our charts? To be honest I’ve had it with the nodes in cancer and all the Capricorn weather and all the other parts of the puzzle the skies played in my life concerning the last five years. I’ll be quite happy to sit with a bag of popcorn and watch how this plays out with the other members in my life around Me. But I do always wonder when I read your articles about those who have nothing in certain signs or houses. What becomes of them? Do they just get a break? From the good and bad.

    1. Thank you. Empty houses or vacant signs (you have no Aries or First House placements) really just mean that area of life is less of a drama. Some people have packed First Houses/Aries stelliums and are very taken up by their appearance. For example, men who want to be women and have cosmetic surgery. Or singers who spend a lot of time in front of a camera! For you, how you look and present is really not such a big deal. You just get on with it. The Aries traffic we have in 2020-2021 will really affect you at a distance, as every other person you know will be going through these questions about appearances, profile, reputation, image, face, name, brand. You are going to see it in a massive worldwide protest against facial recognition technology, for example. But we will also see an entire new industry spring up to replace the old beauty salon/hairdresser. That will certainly affect you! The virus is not going away. Not by a long shot.

  14. Will nyc survive the summer? i live here! The economy is smashed flat with these protests- riots and lockdown .

    1. New York is the city I keep meaning to write about in a longer feature as she is going through a complete transformation in 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023. You will have a replacement economy. People are talking about reshaping what was there, and ‘reset’ but that is not radical enough. When the leadership changes, New York will see an alternative to the old. The chart speaks really strongly.

  15. Wow! Great article! Thank you. After reading this one, I had a dream I was in a fiery fast car that I could barely control. 😉 I am wondering what Mars and Chiron will offer me until January, mostly w/“getting a move on” (or into) a relationship? I remember you told me I have a Chiron/Jupiter square? This pandemic has placed all of our lives on hold, and I am hoping Mars can shake things up a bit. Anyway, hope you are well thank you again for all you do! XX

    1. Dreams are so interesting. In fact I am working on a feature with my friend, Jane Teresa Anderson, who is a dream coach. Be aware of what your unconscious mind is telling you about being too fast and too fiery (or even just literally driving too fast). Mars and Chiron in Aries are not about love and sex. They are about image, appearance and brand. Being at home, not being able to access a hairdresser, dealing with eating pattern changes, exercise changes (all brought about by the new rules) is a really good example of why the rest of 2020 might get you thinking about your presentation, packaging and profile in a brand new way.

  16. Hi Jessica – it appears that my partnerships will be transforming over the next 6 months – by way of some challenging aspects. I’m so tired and lonely. I’m 37 now and wondering when will life really get easier and happier. I want to cry because while my heart remains open, I am in pain and hurting. I feel like I’ve been in the dark for so long with moments of light only teasing me of a better tomorrow. I refuse to be in a partnership solely for practical reasons, I want real long lasting deep love that is also practical. Does my chart suggest this will never happen, if so perhaps I ought to focus on something other than romantic love – but what? Thank you.

    1. I am sorry you are so upset about being single. Marriage and common law marriage are ruled by Libra. You have a huge stellium there so your identity is bound up with having a ring on your finger, or at least a legally binding contract with a partner. You have been through a very long and difficult cycle in recent years with Uranus (radical change, revolution) slowly opposing every Libra factor in turn, from the zodiac sign of Aries. Now he has gone Chiron is in Aries replacing him, as you can see. You are being ‘challenged to change’ and there is no other way of saying it. Oppositions are like parliamentary opposition. They are designed to show the other side the wisdom of a point of view, so that laws can be passed. You are in a new love law-making cycle when listening to people who disagree with you, or with whom you disagree, will help you alter course. So you will not be bored in 2020-2021. Various people or organisations, even whole trends, are going to challenge you to change. Doing that will help you reshape your ideas about marriage or partnership in a way that makes it easier for you to pair off with someone when the transits move on in your favour. That is next year. In fact it begins at Christmas. Jupiter, the planet of opportunity and growth, moves into Aquarius and begins to slowly make a stunning series of trines to your Libra stellium.

  17. Hi Jessica,
    Commenting here about the Chiron in Aries cycle because the comments on that article are closed. I have Chiron in Gemini in my natal chart. I have always loved music and been learning also for some time now. What can we say about the current chiron in aries cycle?

    1. Chiron was a music teacher (in one of his roles) and the most famous image of him we have, shows him with what today we could call a guitar. Certainly its predecessor in the ancient world. Chiron in Aries is about those who encourage you to experiment with your appearance, brand, name or image. So it’s entirely possible that when you go through transiting Chiron sextile natal Chiron you will leap onto YouTube, or alter your look for public appearances, or find a niche in music or theatre where you are upfront.

  18. Gosh. Fascinating as usual Jessica with much food for thought. In particular:

    “The USA Civil War chart set for 12th April 1861 in Charleston SC at 4.30am shows Venus at 14 Aries.”

    It was also the start of a world wide slump in cotton sales. This was exacerbated by the blockade of raw cotton by the US Confederacy and the stockpiling of finished bales by merchants in the UK waiting for prices to rise. The result? The closure of most of the cotton mills in Lancashire and surrounding areas and the destitution of the workers and their families.

    Many Lancastrians, Cestrians (from Cheshire) and Tykes (from Yorkshire) emigrated to the US at this time, with passages paid out of public funds – either to fight in the Civil War for the North or to engage in trade and trade wars!

    Do you see any parallels with world trade in 2020/21 Jessica? For example the US has already started stockpiling one of the two drugs (Remdesivir) known to be effective against the coronavirus – thus depriving the rest of the world of its benefits.

    BTW. I recall you saying that Switzerland, or a Swiss type deal, would figure largely in the Brexit trade talks. Well the UK has just signed a financial deal with Switzerland making/keeping the two countries global financial hubs. The German and French governments don’t seem too pleased – whilst Trump has yet to react.

    With many thanks


    1. That is very interesting about the cotton sales Liz and the global slump. There is karma there with the North of England and America. And of course there is karma with the descendants of slaves. This is a new world economy. Not even a reset or a rebuild. That’s too tame. What is coming is a replacement. It’s not really about America stockpiling drugs. It’s about globalisation and how it ends. Yes, I predicted a Swiss-style Brexit, many years ago now. I didn’t know that Switzerland had just signed a deal with Britain, how interesting! Thank you.

  19. Hi Jessica,
    I’m getting ready to go back to school for a career change into nursing. With my Mars return and Chiron in Aries, is this bad timing/career choice because of the risks for Scorpio? Thank you for any insight!

    1. Thank you for returning to nursing – we need you. You will need a new lifestyle and timetable, very quickly. Did you know that Chiron was a medical herbalist? He gathered healing herbs on Mount Pelion. Mars is of course, emergency. You are going to be in a very active, very live environment with precious little let-up so given that we are talking about your Sixth House of lifestyle and work, it is time to promise yourself you will create a new way of sleeping, relaxing, eating, drinking and the rest. The tiny details. You are going to have to up your speed and sharpen your focus and that means a huge shift in the way you normally live your life. When you look back at this period from 2022 you will be stunned at how much you did in such a short space of time. Do not burn your candle at both ends, though. As soon as you realise what is actually on offer at work, as opposed to what you assumed, create the new schedule and diary and stick to it. It will get you through.

  20. You may not be aware that Donald Trump has warned Japan’s Hitachi not to sell Wales’s Wylfa’s nuclear power site on Ynys Môn (Isle of Anglesey) to China. Further information can be gleaned from the the BBC Wales’s article – Wylfa nuclear project: Donald Trump plea over site sale dismissed. (https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-politics-53212790)

  21. from zero hedge july 1
    Vanishing Commerce From Cities
    The looting and arson of recent days hugely aggravated a central feature of it: the destruction of small business.

    In Minneapolis alone, the damage stands at $100-million. Things were difficult enough under the strictures of Covid-19, but this guarantees that many cities will not see the return of commerce — and there are only a few other reasons for cities to even exist.

    Not only did the Democratic Party fail to object to the mayhem, but the city governments they controlled abetted, incited, and applauded the anarchy.

    Meanwhile, last Saturday in Tulsa, Mr. Trump made the signal error of bragging on the latest highs in the stock markets. Hasn’t he learned by now what a flimsy representation of reality that is?

    Evidently not. The air may be coming out of that lifebuoy in the next couple of weeks, and his election prospects will sink with it.

    This will happen as the nation approaches the dark moment when the postponement of debt repayments ends. Imagine how many mortgage, car payments, and small business loan defaults will crackle across the land, and how that will thunder through the banking system.

    1. People keep talking about going back to rebuild the economy after COVID-19 but the astrology is really clear that there is no going back, and there is no imminent cure or innoculation. So what we are looking at is a new world. A replacement economy. The old model of massively over-borrowing to buy more products (and eating the planet) is not going to survive 2021. Radical new economy for the whole world is on the way: I already predicted Donald would be over in October.

  22. Hi Jessica, I was like a sloth while Mars was transiting Pisces (natal Mars 26° Pisces!) Was delighted it has moved into Aries but after reading your article, am quite concerned.
    If you don’t mind, could you please answer a couple of questions I have.
    With Mars & Chiron in Aries for seven months, I am concerned with regard to a neighbour (born 07/06/73) who drinks too much several times a year & disturbs me by knocking on my door & yelling in the early hours of the morning. This has been going on since 10th February 2017 & I have always looked after her, concerned for her safety. On 19th April 2020, my patience finally snapped & I called the Police. She was given a written Police warning & will be arrested in future. It will in all likelihood happen again. Do you have any insights going forward, please?

    With Mars been retrograde in Aries until February 2021 & Mercury going retrograde in Libra & Scorpio in October & November 2020. Is it more likely a partner from the past can return during the autumn here in the UK?

    I have the following placements,
    Jupiter 13° Aries
    Apollo 17° Aries
    Chiron 25° Aries
    Pluto 06° Libra
    Uranus 29° Libra.

    Thank you! J

    1. Your neighbour sounds dreadful J and you have had 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020 to put up with this. Boundaries have been installed and actually she is a COVID-19 risk if she touches your door so there are even heavier boundaries and rules than there used to be. This is one of the weirder examples of how the current planetary cycles work in your favour. She is not social distancing, she is actually legally crossing a massive line. Do some research in July and you will have a final answer in the closing days of July and early August when Mercury goes forward into Cancer, which rules your home and also the council. Make boundaries if you do not already. She does not have to be your responsibility but it is your choice. You are strongly Aries and need conflict to feel alive. Also strange but true. If you are not already playing a mean game of tennis, or part of a vociferous football supporters’ fan base, you need something to beat, or something to yell about. This is even more so as you go through your Chiron return. Make sure you are up to speed with new legal rulings on invasive neighbours, hand it over to the authorities, then get on with your life without her in your head. Yes, you do need something to get your teeth into in 2020-2021 but you are far, far better off waving a flag for a team, or getting powerfully involved in protest movements or campaigns, than wasting your time on someone who needs help but cares very little for you!

  23. Oh boy. My on-off lover who doesn’t want to be tied down is from the Uranus in Libra generation (not sure what degree, since I don’t have his birth time). I have Pluto 10 degree Libra. My read is that I have to tread carefully in July otherwise a quarrel could take down the friendship. Do your insights match mine? Thank you, Jessica.

    1. You both need lots of chopping and changing in any relationship in order to stay interested so you would not actually be happy with anything too safe and predictable. I don’t see a quarrel as people have to make it and astrology does not control your free will. You are on stormy seas but that can make for a more thrilling adventure. It’s really up to you. But he wants freedom and space. And you want control. You’ll have to figure that out.

  24. Hello Jessica, I have Chiron in Taurus 8, AC in Aries 13 and IC in Cancer 13, what can I expect in the coming weeks / months?

    1. Chiron at 8 Taurus trine Saturn at 7 Virgo in your chart is about money and work (or money and unpaid work – or study). Panacea at 7 Sagittarius and Psyche at 8 Aquarius are also in that pattern, so you are already in ‘the revolution’ as Uranus passed across 7, 8 Taurus in May and June 2020. Meanwhile Chiron was also at 8 Aries in June. The revolution also involves foreign people and places (Sagittarius), together with friends and groups (Aquarius) so radical change in 2020 affects not just two areas of your life, but four. Uranus goes back to 8 Taurus from October 24th and Chiron is at 7 Aries then. So that’s the next turning point, through to mid-December. Then in 2021 the story kicks off again in February as Saturn goes to 7, 8 Aquarius and Uranus is at 7 Taurus, with Chiron again at 7 Aries with these two at 7, 8 Taurus and 8 Aquarius in March 2021. This is a total transformation of your social life, social media, money, work (unpaid work or study) and also your connections with people from other nationalities and countries. It goes in stages, like rolling waves and is led by the new stop-start economy in your country which in turn is affected by supply chain shortages and retail/business volatility, as the virus is going nowhere. To make the most of this period in your life get yourself into a position where you are as flexible as possible so you can quickly adapt to what changes, because at some point it will be every other day. You will be given the chance to see what you can get away with, experiment, twist, turn and pivot as the world also spins around you. In return you win freedom, independence, relief from restrictive situations, release from people who tied you down, space, autonomy, excitement and exhilaration!

  25. Of course – karmic links between the former slaves and the emigrants to New York from the North of England but also the prosperity/destitution of those northern emigants being based on the slave trade. It is complicated.

    My apologies re the signing of a deal between the UK and Switzerland. The two governments have as yet only signed a joint committment to work towards a deal. As Sunak stated:

    “Today’s agreement is about our vision of the world economy as open, global and free – a vision shared by Switzerland, with our long history of trade and finance.”


    Thank you Jessica for helping me see the bigger picture.

  26. Hi Jessica – you may have missed seeing my comment from June 30th. Would you please respond to it.

    1. I’m afraid I have 10,105 comments in the queue today so it’s not possible to answer or even see every question. If you are asking about Mars and Chiron in Aries and the impact on your horoscope, you will work hard on your style and wardrobe in 2020-2021 and put tremendous energy and effort into one or more looks. This in turn leads you to think more about your body shape and type and how best to eat, drink and exercise to get the right clothes hanger! This has started in a very small way just this last week but by 2021 it will be a really interesting new development for you. You will become your own stylist and model. For whatever reason.

  27. Hi Jessica, Is there another Democratic candidate who will enter the presidential race? I thought I read somewhere (many months ago) that the eventual Democratic nominee still hadn’t entered the race. That coincided with Mr. Bloomberg getting on the debate stage one time, but then he dropped out immediately afterwards. Just wondering if Mr. Biden is the nominee or if someone else will challenge at the convention (if it’s even possible to hold a convention given the pandemic)?

    1. You have reminded me I need to write about this again. I am not convinced that Joe Biden will end up being the Democrats’ candidate. All this Democrat negotiation took place on Mercury Retrograde at the start of the year. Of course it is possible he rises to become President but does so in a team which is made up of other former candidates, like Mike Bloomberg and Bernie Sanders and her supporter AOC. A group of stars would lend itself to leadership more than one star! It is very hard to call, as we lack proper birth data for most of these people. But the future belongs to the Democrats. The only question for voters is, how much of a landslide do you want and how much of a mandate do you want? Astrology should not stop anyone from voting, ever, but this is not a Trump or even a Pence led future. It’s Aquarian. Gender equality, community, diversity of background and race. People power going across, not elite power from the top down.

  28. Wow wow wow…
    What is next Dear Divine Holly Powers…
    Ufff ufff ufff
    I can’t take this year any longer…

    I have:
    Uranus in Libra
    Pluto in Libra
    Mars in Scorpio
    Chiron in Aries

    Oh my Divine Powers what’s next coming for me… I am in USA and will I survive civil war…

    Thank You

    1. You will find the relationship with a past, present or potential partner (perhaps more than one man) will educate you about ‘me’ versus ‘he’ or even ‘we’ in quite an intense way. Libra is about the two of you. Aries is about just you and your self-interest. Figuring that out will take a long time. Try to keep the stakes low by keeping your personal life as simple as possible. This would not be the time to develop an online flirtation with a married man, for example. Yet, one way or another one particular man will become your top priority between now and 2021. As for America – protect yourself, look after yourself, secure yourself and your situation at all times. America is going through an extremely dangerous period for COVID-19 transmission and gun violence. You know what to do. Please don’t worry, as forewarned is forearmed, and I know that all my American readers are still social distancing, using hand gel and soap, and avoiding large crowds! Your greatest friend of all is powerful, strong immunity so look after that too.

  29. Hello Jessica,

    Thank You for your in depth look at the transits of Mars and Chiron in Aries and especially for taking the time with so much else going on in the world!

    It seems as though in times like this we are adrift alone in a lifeboat, on the open seas, occasionally peeking above the sides to scan the horizon for the next approaching storm and the hope that land may soon arrive.

    On and around July 12th transiting Chiron,Mars and moon conjoin in Aries to oppose my natal Venus. Soon thereafter Mercury stations direct in Cancer to square my natal Venus. That’s a lot of action to Venus.

    Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.



    1. Well GB your Venus is really interested in complicated relationships and in mythology she was the seductress of Mars, outside her marriage. You also have an interest in complicated relationships of many different kinds, not necessarily sexual. These multi-layered connections in your life will be put to the test as you experience the aspects to Venus in your chart. Liz Greene gave a brilliant lecture on Venus many years ago at Oxford University and spoke about how Venus transits tend to make us choose who/what we feel most passionate about. So they are highly educational even though they can be personally quite painful on occasion. Venus is usually present in a love triangle for example, or in highly political situations with in-laws. Yet through this dance in your chart with others you will find out who and what matters most to you. Hopefully without the heavier or more dramatic manifestations of the cycle.

  30. Thanks for this interesting article Jessica! I will have my Chiron return (Aries – 28 degrees). I also have Jupiter in Aries (13 degrees), Vesta in Aries (2 degrees) and Panacea in Aries (15 degrees). My Chiron is opposed by Uranus in Libra (28 degrees) and Pluto in Libra (6 degrees). My Sun and Aesculapia in Cancer are also both 28 degrees, and my Saturn in Cancer is 23 degrees. Lastly my Moon is in Capricorn (18 degrees). Can you please tell me how you see the astrological weather playing out for me? Is it still regarded as a Grand Cross when three factors are at 28 degrees and one is 18 degrees? If so, how can I combat this tension? I really appreciate your insight! Stay safe at this tricky time.

    1. Aries stellium people being triggered by Aries stelliums are in the life education zone in 2020-2021. If you want to know more about Aries as a zodiac sign use Search to find out how to proceed when the cycles of time want you to learn – what to do – and what not to do. You don’t have a Grand Cross with those degrees.

  31. Hi Jessica,

    Was not aware of US’ connection to the 13 degree… so prevalent in my chart. Was born outside US, but live here for many years, and could not imagine living anywhere else. Just applied for citizenship too, before Mercury retrograde.

    I’m involved in something regarding property/real estate (and a future home) right now, and it’s very challenging and stressful. I am also strongly considering getting my real estate license.

    Also, no wonder I started the most restrictive diet I ever followed, on June 30th, considering Mars and Chiron in Aries, lol. :/

    What else should I be aware of now, especially that I have Pluto in Libra at 10 and my MC in Leo at 8?

    Thank you so much!!!

    1. You are pursuing property and real estate on Mercury Retrograde in Cancer in your Fourth House of houses, apartments and realty. The cycle ends in the final days of July. You have also been trying to do this through eclipses at either end of Cancer – again – ruling property. You also started a diet on Mercury Retrograde! So what should you be aware of? Mercury Retrograde. The dates have been posted on this site for some years now. Your Pluto in Libra is a separate issue and is about the relationship you have with your former, current or potential partner, which will be challenged and changed.

  32. Hi Jessica,
    I do not even know where to begin with my question. My world exploded, in a good way, starting in January just as Covid hit the west coast of the US. Between getting approved for a loan so that I could rebuilt my website and renew and expand my branding, I am a photographer and decided to finally do something about my wild horse photography and build a business selling my work, I am hoping to stop doing client based photography and focus on my love of wild horses.
    On march 9th I connected for the first time with some of my biological family, something I never thought would happen and felt a really strong bond with my aunt and uncle.
    Through a connection from a friend late last year, this past May I had a trip of a lifetime to photograph a very hard to find herd of wild horses in Oregon and then on my drive home June 30th I learned all hell had broken loose in the US.
    Since that date every bit of momentum I had has come to an almost standstill, with a few fits and starts, my website has yet to launch and I am now second guessing whether it should or when it should and whether my photography will take off, I am hoping you have some insight into this and it would be so very much appreciated.
    I have Chiron and Aesculapia in Aries, a super stellium (my term since there are 5 or more planets/asteroids) in Sagittarius and Aquarius and with Uranus in Libra which after reading this post now has me wondering if I need to be concerned about my 20 year marriage. All of a sudden I am feeling overwhelmed and scared for my future, as I know may people are scared for theirs as well, I have been so ready for my work and recognition for it to take off so that I can make a living and take care of my family. The one comfort is that this upcoming cycle will get rid of DT,
    Stay Healthy and Well,

    1. I am sorry your life has been disrupted by COVID-19. It has happened to most people. I am not sure why you would be concerned about your marriage, having read this astrology information. Uranus in Libra natally does not mean divorce! It means change. You are a wild horse photographer who will have to pivot, spin and twist. Your Moon in Scorpio (income) is opposed by Uranus in Taurus, for the first and last time in your adult life. That is a revolution in the way you earn, save and think about money, houses, apartments, business, investments. One thing you may end up doing is separating your cake from your bread and butter. So if photographing horses is your cake, you will need bread and butter. Uranus is about radical differences – all that is new. So you will make or save money by doing the last thing you expected you would do. Those are the rules with a Uranus in Taurus transit to the Moon in Scorpio. It will involve the marriage because Scorpio rules sex and money. The creative aspects of rethinking and recreating your life are up to you. But don’t be scared. Experiment. Bread and butter means you can have your cake and eat it too, even during a revolution.

  33. Hope every thing is well with you Jessica . I have been looking at this information about Mars and Chiron in Aries I have nothing in Aries at all but a lot in Libra ……….. Fortuna at 5 LIbra …… Mars at 6 Libra and Bacchus at 5 …… as well as Proserpina at 27 Libra …. I am a Sun Virgo with a lot in Leo and Scorpio could you please illuminate what this means for me personally ? Thank you very much in advance .

    1. Thank you. Yes, life in Tasmania is good, I have to say. We are very lucky here, with no cases for almost two months. We have eradicated Covid. You are strongly Libra with a stellium in the sign of the scales in the Seventh House of love, sex, relationships, marriage, divorce and separation! Also work partnerships. You find out who you are through balancing the scales with one other person and you do it on a repeated basis. So I just saw a reader with this pattern who was with one woman for years, but never married or had children. They had a stormy relationship and he married someone else. Again, no children. They divorced and he had a baby out of wedlock with a woman – they brokeup! So making and breaking partnerships is part of the journey. It gets easier as you grow older and in fact you will make friends with exes, go into business with them, or perhaps get back together with one of them. I don’t know if you are married or single.

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