Full Moon Eclipse – June 5th and 6th, 2020

How will you be affected by the Full Moon Eclipse of June 5th, 6th in the sign of Sagittarius opposite the Sun in Gemini? In astrology this is also a Strawberry Moon. It's a point of tension. It's also a cover-up. Here's what to do.

What Not To Do on the Sagittarius Full Moon Eclipse June 5th-6th

Avoid judging or acting dramatically, in a way that decides the future. You will see a fork in the road involving one or two areas of your life on June 5th and 6th. Why would you take a fork in the road when your torch isn’t working? An eclipse interferes with the normal light of the Sun and Moon. Don’t go further without a working torch in your life! To be across the world, as the world is 24 hours, allow the full extent of  the Full Moon on June 5th and 6th, for timing.

This is particularly important if you have Gemini or Sagittarius factors in your birth chart and are involved with travel, vacations, holidays, cars, bicycles, motorbikes, buses, coaches, commuting, tourism – or television, radio, the worldwide web, newspapers, magazines, academia, publishing, education. A Full Moon Eclipse – a Lunar Eclipse – conceals it does not reveal.

Personal Chart Factors at 15 Degrees?

The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse falls with the Sun at 15 Gemini and Moon at 15 Sagittarius on Friday the 5th of June 2020 at 7.12pm UT. If you have personal birth chart factors at 15 degrees, the planet, asteroid, angle or point which is triggered and its zodiac sign and house, tell you the ‘what’ of the story for you. There will be a blind spot or cover-up around you which affects you.

Fortuna at 15 Pisces and Proserpina at 15 Gemini are involved in the pattern on the 6th of June at 1.49am in an exact square, so just a few hours later. There will be a fated, random quality to what spins around then and Proserpina always describes a go-between.

Telephones, Apps, Tracking Questions

Gemini rules your mobile or cell phone, the apps you use and it also rules tracking. Be aware of what you cannot see and do not know on this Lunar Eclipse Full Moon, June 5th-6th 2020.

Lunar Eclipse. Full Moon. Strawberry Moon.

The Full Moon has fascinated people for centuries. Leonardo da Vinci sketched the Moon in his notebooks. Elias Ashmole, who founded the Ashmolean Museum at Oxford, gathered his plants at Full Moon.

The police in Brighton made world headlines a few years ago when they were revealed to be moon-watchers too. When the Sun is opposite the Moon, but there is also an eclipse, it’s a point of tension. A big stretch. Find out more here.

Moon eclipse 5 600x300 - Full Moon Eclipse - June 5th and 6th, 2020

Lunacy, Trouble and the Full Moon

Not every Full Moon Eclipse like this one – also a Strawberry Moon – is tense. This one is tense, however, because of the patterns it makes involving Gemini, the sign which rules the media. We also see plans made in the dark on a Full Moon.

This Full Moon is About the Media
There will be a cover-up involving television, internet, radio, newspapers or magazines. We will only wake up to the fact that we were left in the dark later. Months or years later people will still be asking about what really happened.

The Lunar Eclipse is Sagittarius
Sagittarius is opposite Gemini in astrology. The media. An eclipse Full Moon is like a full stop but with somebody’s hand covering the final words. We cannot see, and will not know.

Travel Cover-Ups and Airline Cover-Ups
This Full Moon Eclipse is also about what is obscured or concealed regarding the travel industry, tourism, border control, visas, passports, airlines. Your vacation/holiday of 2020. Be aware that you are not aware. It will be months or even years before you realise what was going on.

Are You a Taurus or Scorpio? It is a time of inner financial conflict, because the Sun is opposite the Moon. They are in opposition, like the Democrats and Republicans. They clash, so your money, house, apartment, business or charity (perhaps your possessions) puts you at a crossroads.They disagree. 

Are You a Leo or Gemini? This is about relationships. Former, current or potential partners. The world of babies, children or grown-up adult children. Pregnancies past, present or potential. Love – gone – here – waiting. You cannot see and do not know. A Full Moon is an unsuitable time to begin anything new because so many people, in such large numbers, are under pressure. Only go in if you absolutely must. Why? The chain reaction of stress which ricochets around the planet on a Full Moon might just touch your plans too.

Are you Aries or Libra? This is very specifically about your commuting, travel, vacation, holidays, foreign or regional connections, visitors from afar or your own visit to somewhere else.

gogoms1ahk8 600x400 - Full Moon Eclipse - June 5th and 6th, 2020

Traffic Jams, Frustration, Potential Violence
Derek and Julia Parker (writing in Parker’s Astrology New Edition) note that Full Moons accompany traffic jams, frustration and violence – they have discovered that the worst tragedies in Northern Ireland have occurred on or near Full Moons. The curfews across the United States during looting and rioting (quite separate to genuine protestors) should be kept during the Full Moon Eclipse from Friday through the weekend. But will they be? An eclipse leaves us in the dark.

Cancer and Capricorn and the Eclipse
An eclipse in astrology is simple to understand. It obscures what would normally be seen. Situations are in shadow. There may be a cover-up. Details may be hidden. For Cancer this is about work, daily routine, lifestyle. For Capricorn this is about religion, astrology, mediumship, psychics, Tarot, psychology, counselling. This is why astrologers advise against acting or judging dramatically.

u0vgcioqg08 600x402 - Full Moon Eclipse - June 5th and 6th, 2020

Don’t Drive Blind
Any eclipse is like driving up a pathway with two forks in the road (the Sun and Moon are opposite) with no working headlight on the car and no working street. Choose later. This penumbral lunar eclipse in Sagittarius/Gemini is specifically about cars, buses, planes, trains, coaches, buses. It’s also specifically about education, academia, publishing, the media, the worldwide web.

Sagittarius or Gemini Birth Chart Factors
Do you have Sagittarius or Gemini personal chart factors? Be aware that you won’t be aware on Friday June 5th and Saturday June 6th. Experienced astrologers have always warned their readers and clients to avoid the eclipse period (allow one day before, and one day later, for world time zones to catch up) for decision making or action plans.

Virgo, Aquarius, Pisces
It is typical of eclipses that months or even years later, there is always mystery, lack of information, lack of insight or lack of detail surrounding an event. An eclipse does what it says on the label. It blots out what would normally be seen. Here we have particular situations which you won’t see in full or very clearly, as follows:

Virgo – The Full Moon Eclipse is about what you cannot see and do not know, regarding the family, your apartment or house, about your home town or homeland. It is about what is obscured regarding your place in the world, employment, status, career, unpaid work or studies.

Aquarius – This Eclipse on June 5th in astrology is about your friendships and group involvements, no matter if it’s a protest group or a football team. It is very much about what cannot be seen or known. It is also about younger people, children, sexual relationships, teenagers.

Pisces – This obscured or concealed part of your life is about your career, position, status, mission, ambition. Where you stand now and where you are going. You are also going to find it pulls in your family, your household or country, your town or property – rented, owned or invested in.

New Moon 600x368 - Full Moon Eclipse - June 5th and 6th, 2020

How Long Does the June 5th Eclipse Last? 

How long does a Full Moon last for? The Moon is only technically full (right opposite the Sun) for a moment. ‘A minute in the monthly life of the Moon,’ says Dava Sobel in her book, The Planets.

For astrologers, the full, Full Moon/Eclipse impact begins the moment the Moon enters the zodiac sign which stands opposite the Sun, in the sky.

You can track that online. My Twitter friends are very good at Full Moon spotting and announce it in real time, the moment the Moon slips into her new sign. Use the hashtag #astrology or #FullMoon to find them. 

A Full Moon Seen on June 5th and 6th

If you are in Australia, you’ll see the Full Moon Eclipse (or not see it!) on 6th June, starting in Melbourne, Sydney, Hobart at 3.45am and ending at 7.04am. Adjust for your time zone.

The Gemini Season and the Eclipse

Watch my YouTube channel for more on Gemini Season now. See more from me, Penny Thornton and Kyra Oser about this Gemini Season in June 2020 and how you can navigate. It’s not just an eclipse opposite the Sun in Gemini, it’s also the North Node in Gemini too. So there are specific things to watch out for. Watch and ask me questions @jessicacadams.

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36 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica,

    Can you please give me insights to this time and the future with my teenage daughter 15/10/2004, Australia?
    The full moon seems to have already had it’s effect and I would love some navigation tools.


    1. Your teenage daughter will do pretty much what you expected all those years ago when you realised you had a little baby girl who would one day grow up to learn boy lessons. The boy in question may already be there, which is why you are experiencing some issues with her, or she is having them by herself. This too shall pass. Her old boyfriend or a potential new boyfriend (switch that to girl if she is a lesbian) will be at the centre of every high and low, now through Christmas. This what all the great rock’n’roll songs are written about, and the poems, and all the novels. Let her get on with it but if there is one thing she needs to remember, it is to count to 100 before putting anything on the internet. Really, really remember that. But she will learn so much and eventually have better partnerships, for it.

  2. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for your regular insights and articles, I am avid reader. Love your work!

    I am 55 year old Aries (Pisces Ascendent) and I have my True Node at 15 degrees in my Natal chart, what affect will this Full moon Eclipse have my life and career?


    1. Paul the eclipse has passed you by now so hopefully you just let it go – you would have been unaware/blind/fooled by what was going on, specific to mobile phones, cell phones, apps, tracing, Facebook and so on. Hundreds of thousands of people just walked straight into that in various protests so I hope you read your horoscope.

  3. Jessica,
    How will I be affected by the Full Moon Eclipse of June 5th, 6th in the sign of Sagittarius opposite the Sun in Gemini?
    I am going back to work on Monday….
    Hope I will be able to work after trauma grief and loss I am going trough…. Hope I will not loose my job…,
    Thank You

    1. If you followed the usual astrology rules about the eclipse Friday-Sunday you will be fine. If you are worried about your ability to work while you are mourning your loss, you need to set up a meeting with a sympathetic colleague or employer and be honest. But you know that.

  4. hi Jessica
    can you do a tarot reading for me please. thank you. dkb 27/6/1967 @ 1145pm sydney Au 67

    1. Your Tarot card is the Two of Staves, symbolised by the logo for Gemini. Gemini rules commuting and short-distance travel (regional or interstate). It can also mean the distance between opposite sides of a river, so the journey can be just one or two kilometres. There are ideas here, and a great need to talk or email. There is also a pause or waiting game. Everything is set up for the connection, the plan or project and for the trip or regular map-crossing. The standstill or freeze-frame does not last but while nothing is happening and your or they are held up – use this time to figure out who or what you really, really, really need.

  5. Jessica and team thank you so much for your consistent insightful writing and for helping all of us make sense of a complex world. I had a sudden situation at work today – an account I was asked to take over at my organization – met the key contact Wednesday, shared resume the week before, and things were moving forward. Today surprisingly she let us all know that it was her last day (friday) She quit – not RIF. So now I’m taking over a big account, transitioning other work that has given good visibility to leaders (but may have run its course)….it’s all so sudden and fast that I am compelled to write and see what you think given my chart…. also I am single, not dating (but would like to be) …coronavirus not helping! Any hope in the chart you can provide would be welcome. thanks to you all and be safe and well.

    1. Thank you I will pass that on. You are not logged in so I can’t see your chart, unfortunately, but as she quit on an eclipse, your chart will tell the story.

  6. Hi Jessica! I’m trying to understand my chart and astrology better. So I only see 15 Ops in Cap in my chart. As a novice I’m interpreting that to watch for effects on strategies, solutions and positive women and being in cap is related to monetary or status issues? Currently professionally I am under enormous pressure to get a ton of items done in 6 weeks and personally am extremely invested in supporting BLM and the change we need to see. So this eclipse highlights these energies in my life or I should be aware of challenges to succeed in my current focuses? Just trying to better understand how I should be interpreting. Thank you!

    1. Yes, Ops at 15 Capricorn in your Tenth House is about career and status (not money) but Ops is yourself, not anyone else. You are the woman with the solutions for career matters. You are seeing this right now. You have six weeks to get work done and you are part of Black Lives Matter, which has become a global phenomenon. The eclipse has now gone. Hopefully you did not do or say too much near June 5th as there have been cover-ups in most countries regarding the internet, phone apps and mobile phones in general. I posted my concern about the Trump International Hotel in Washington on Twitter, because it used to be a Post Office. The Sun in Gemini, the sign that rules post offices and mail, was opposed by the Eclipse Moon in Sagittarius, which rules international people and places, and tourism. The eclipse has now gone and I am assuming you followed the eclipse rules. What is important long-term is your life as ‘Ops in Capricorn.’ You are here to solve problems, come up with clever solutions, defeat pessimism and fear, and help bring about improvements – in your chosen career or unpaid work sphere. That will be with you all your life. For more on Ops look her up in your guidebooks and on Search.

  7. This FM eclipse is conjunct my Sag IC+Uranus at 16 degrees. Wondering what changes it will bring. So far nothing intense happened, except me having pretty weird random dreams last couple of nights. I was looking into flights next month overseas trough the past few days though and the time tables of the airlines are changing every day, seems like they have no idea when and where they will fly. Or maybe more immigration politics is going on behind the scenes.

    1. The eclipse is a cover-up and blind spot so nothing intense happens. You do not see, or are fooled by, what occurs. You noticed the timetables of the airlines changing every day, and they seem to have no idea when and where they will fly. That is your answer. I hope you just let this weekend go!

  8. Hi Jessica,

    Great article! Could you please tell me how these eclipses will affect me? I have Fortuna @ 15 in Taurus and my sun in Aries and moon in Leo @ 16 degrees.

    Thanks A

    1. The eclipse that’s just passed with the Sun in Gemini and Moon in Sagittarius was really about internet privacy and of course this affects others’ ability to look at your bank account or tax returns online as well as your identity as a whole – and your personal life. Taurus, Aries and Leo rule all of these. If you are not already completely up to date with the way contact tracing apps can be a privacy concern, or the way Facebook (if you are even on it at all) has a history of privacy invasion, then now is the time to find out. I’ve posted this on Twitter but the marches #BlackLivesMatter took place on an eclipse, and were very much about mobile phone use and lack of privacy. Anyone who is not aware of that now has a classic eclipse blind spot. Yet, I am sure you are up to speed with it all and know what not to do. Read widely around the matter as not all media is the same.

  9. Hi Jessica, its been a powerful start to eclipse season. I discovered on the 4th June that they will be installing 5G in my area, within 200yards from my house in Brighton UK !! I find this very disturbing as in spite of petitions for Brighton and my locality they have steamed ahead. I have been growing veg and feeling much gratitude for my daily walk through local woods and feel quite disturbed that we have toxic cell poisening arriving soon. Also it is very very close to the local schools. Any insight on this would be much appreciated as I dont feel we the people have a say on this anymore. S

  10. I forgot to say that my MC is Sag around 11 degrees and IC Gemini so this is a very powerful discovery regarding my foundation and home. S

    1. The debate over 5G is global and shows no sign of stopping S and it sounds as if you just hit a classic Gemini-Sagittarius Eclipse cover-up, as both these signs rule telephones and global communication, and the 5G installation near your house was announced very close to that eclipse. One of the issues with an eclipse is that it is also a blind spot. So you need to find out what you have not seen, do not know, and are not aware of – about the entire 5G debate. On both sides, I hasten to add. You will find that more information comes in 2020, 2021 and early 2022 as the North Node in Gemini and South Node in Sagittarius complete their cycle. It is possible there is more to the whole story that you do not know and it’s wise to find out the facts rather than just assume, on this kind of eclipse weather.

  11. I am feeling this intense urge to “go inwards” by reducing all socializing to 10% of the usual. Then I get a small anxiety that I will alienate family and friends. Can I blame this on the eclipse? What should I do?

    1. You can’t blame anything on an eclipse and especially not that one (Gemini-Sagittarius opposition) which has nothing to do with socializing. You are just experiencing Neptune in Pisces in your Twelfth House of solitude, meditation, dreams, Tarot, astrology, sleep, hibernation and cocooning. This is quite normal but it needs a bit of balance. Schedule in ‘we’ time as well as ‘me’ time and you will not have any issues with your Neptune transit.

  12. Hi Jessica, Thank you for the articles and insights.
    I am expecting this eclipse would have a major effect on me with the nature of planets involved in my chart. I have Mercury 15 Scorpio, Uranus 15 Sag along with Chiron 14 Gemini and Ops 16 scorpio.
    I don’t know if you noticed it or not, but the weekly Lenormand card for Libras was and is Clover for two consecutive weeks, I am taking it as a good sign:)
    Have a great rest of the day.

    1. Thank you – yes the Lenormand cards can repeat over two weeks (or more) so you need to sit with your Clover image. An eclipse conceals it never reveals. It is only later that you realise how blind you were, or what you did not see at the time. Nothing ‘happens’ in any obvious way. This is why I always warn my readers never to act dramatically, or make a key choice, on an eclipse. Hopefully you did exactly that, on June 5th and 6th. I will give you an example of what I mean. Even though they were warned not to march, protestors in #BlackLivesMatter did so, over the eclipse. What they did not know and could not see was the virus ( of course, which is invisible). What they also did not know, and could not see, is that companies like IBM have been approached to offer face ID technology for ‘security’ reasons in the last few days (and rejected that). I could say more, but I will just assume you didn’t do or say anything particularly dramatic on the eclipse.

  13. Hi Jessica,
    My DOB: 27/6/1967 at 11:45pm Sydney, NSW.
    I am newly engaged do you see marriage near the future with my libra sun Gemini moon lady?
    Thank you so much,

  14. Dear Jessica.. Really need your help. Back on Sep 21, 2017 I sent you a comment on a compensation claim for an injury I sustained while in the military. The Board that makes the final decision will be looking at my records/claim soon. My problem is that I was assigned to a group that is suppose to help veterans like me. It is making me nervous that the outcome of my case maybe determined by someone that knows nothing about me. The DAV will review my file and speak on my behalf. My question is shall I reject the DAV assistance And just let the Board make the decision based on my input and records? Thanks in advance. Mc

    1. You are doing this on Mercury Retrograde in Cancer which rules patriotism, your nationality, residency and homeland security. Mercury is about paperwork and red tape. Mercury will not be out of this cycle, notorious for delays, changes and flux, until the very end of July. When you say ‘soon’ I assume that is in the ballpark? It really depends on how much longer you want to wait, as you have been waiting since 2017. It may be much more simple to let things go as they are, particularly if you have all the medical documents you need and your case is really clear. I don’t actually know what your case is so can’t comment on that.

  15. Hiya from across the globe in new york. I read in the daily horoscope that “Let’s look at Saturn in your body, mind and spirit zone.” Did you mean 6th house? Also, can you tell me what is the Saturn placement currently, how it affects me personally and when will it change? By the way, yes, I have been feeling this Saturn cycle a little too heavily. I have been losing weight steadily but the minute I cheat is the minute everything falls apart. It is like Saturn daddy is the mood for strict discipline.

    1. Yes, the Sixth House is about the body, mind and spirit. You are losing weight and cheating at the same time – that is a Sixth House matter! Use your journal and hte days that the Moon is in Virgo in your natal (birth) Sixth House to see how your mood affects your eating, and your eating affects your mood. That can be a revelation. You may find that sugar triggers a low mood for example, or that you are channelling anger, boredom or other hard work emotions into eating. Your journal is here for you to use, as a Premium Member, as is the Moon Journal supplement.

  16. Hi Jessica
    Just noticed aesculpia also at 0 leo, along with saturn at 0 aquarius and the eclipse at 0 cancer. What will this mean for my natala mars at 0 aries?

    1. Hopefully you have neither said nor acted too dramatically on this eclipse as you just cannot see, and do not know, the full story or complete picture. It’s no big deal, it’s just common sense. Don’t judge or be too drastic about things, when we have a ring of fire New Moon, with the light obscured. It’s too hard to see.

  17. Hi Jessica,
    I followed your suggestion and noted the days when the Moon is in Virgo in my natal (birth) Sixth House. June 26-27. How the food affected my mood and how my mood affected foods I craved. It seemed to me that I wanted super “nutrition heavy” food those days. I could not forget the multi-vitamin even if I wanted on these days. So Virgo of me. Ha!

    Even so, liposuction will need to be scheduled when we get out of Merc Retro. I can lose all the weight but the body contour will need a minor procedure. Thanks, as always, for your valuable insights.

    1. I’m really interested in your results, tracking the Moon in Virgo. If you wanted nutrition-heavy food on the Moon in Virgo transits of your Sixth House that is something to discuss with your doctor or similar. Your body is talking to you.

  18. Hi again,
    I am going back and forth in my mind about the liposuction procedure. While I have an approved credit line, I have small niggling worries about finances. Uranus in Taurus has opened up multiple income possibilities but of course none (other than the main day job) are stable sources of income yet. The day job seems stable but, you know, with the economy the way it is does not add to my confidence of borrowing $$$. The issue of weight is a constant stream of thoughts so I want to address it but something is holding me back. Do you see this comment itself going around in circles? Ha!

    Share your thoughts about all this with me, please, Jessica. May be it will help. Thanks in advance.

    1. Have a look at the after photos of women who paid a lot of money for liposuction. The fat did not go away and neither did the cellulite. You are better off finding something you enjoy that will work for you. You don’t have a regular or mainstream chart. You need your own way of doing things, actually. You are going through some unusual Virgo-Pisces-Sagittarius-Gemini weather in your Sixth House of food, exercise and drink. Also alternative remedies like hypnosis. What you end up doing is unique but it works for you and you will lose a lot of fat. Until then if you really want liposuction go for it, but your future self may see it as a waste of cash.

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