Free Weekly Astrology Class: All About Cupido (Cupid) in Astrology

Cupido is about short-term passion. The kind that lasts as long as an arrow wound.

randalyn hill Z1HXJQ2aWIA unsplash 600x400 - Free Weekly Astrology Class: All About Cupido (Cupid) in Astrology

The son of Venus is an asteroid that is easy to recognise, if you stumble across him in paintings or sculpture.

In your personal birth chart, he reveals (by zodiac sign and house, or life department) where you inspire passion, but can also succumb to passion.

This does not necessarily mean love and sex – at all. (Though this is more likely if you have Cupido in Leo, or Libra). If so, you have Cupido in your Fifth House of pregnancy-potential relationships (in Leo) or in your Seventh House of marriage (in Libra).

For most people, Cupido will turn up in a non-relationship house.

The London Stock Exchange

London Stock Exchange Shuts T Uranus 21 Taurus conjunct Psyche 20 Taurus T Cupid 20 Scorpio 600x401 - Free Weekly Astrology Class: All About Cupido (Cupid) in Astrology

Are you surprised to see him in Scorpio (marriage and mortgage, sex and money) in the chart for the day that The London Stock Exchange shut? People are surprised when an organisation has a horoscope too, but this one was set for the foundation of the L.S.E. and shows some interesting things on the day it all closed down – September 1st, 1939 (the start of the war).

The passion for finance is Cupido in Scorpio. Look at the right-hand column of degrees – the numbers tell you where the patterns are. Here we see Cupido at 20 Scorpio 46. He is aspecting Mercury at 20 Leo 04. And very close to an opposition with Uranus at 21 Taurus 57. (He’s just one degree away from being right opposite the planet of shock, revolution, freedom, liberation and independence).

Cupido is telling us about the separation of husbands and wives, and, in some cases, children. Male breadwinner salary disappeared. Women were dealing with the shock (Uranus) of war and the conversations (Mercury) were about the children (Leo).

In Your Personal Birth Chart

Decode Cupido (Cupid) for yourself. If you’re a Premium Member, you can pick up guidebooks here under Downloads to find out more.

If he is in Aries and your First House, you may have a passion for hairdressing or make-up. Weight loss, fashion or other aspects of presentation and packaging. Uniforms, maybe.

If he is in Gemini and your Third House, you may be in love with the internet, but your way with words, ideas and images means the internet is also in love with you.

In Art and Sculpture

A really good way to get inside the symbols of the chart is to look at art. Below, Alphonse Legros (right) and Karoly Brocky (left) have both left us their versions of Cupid, also known as asteroid Cupido.

Karoly Brocky Cupid and Psyche - Free Weekly Astrology Class: All About Cupido (Cupid) in Astrology   Alphonse Legros CUPID AND PSYCHE - Free Weekly Astrology Class: All About Cupido (Cupid) in Astrology

The British Museum allows you to see him from all angles (below). A really good way to remember this asteroid is not only as the son of Venus, the goddess of seduction, but also as the god with the bow and arrow.

Cupid British Museum A 448x600 - Free Weekly Astrology Class: All About Cupido (Cupid) in Astrology Cupid British Museum F 448x600 - Free Weekly Astrology Class: All About Cupido (Cupid) in Astrology

Cupido is about short-term passion. The kind that lasts as long as an arrow wound. We’re soon over it no matter if we’re in love with shopping (Cupido in Taurus in the Second House) or just mad about being successful (Cupido in Capricorn in the Tenth House).

It is the other asteroids, planets, angles and points also in the same zodiac sign and house, that will make the picture more complex, interesting and multi-layered, though, so don’t forget those!


Image Credits:
Featured Image: Photo by Ian Schneider via Unsplash
Fuel Your Passion by Randalyn Hill via Unsplash
Cupid and Psyche by Karoly Brocky (Pinterest)
CUPID AND PSYCHE by Alphonse Legros (Pinterest)
Cupid Statue – British Museum (Jessica Adams)

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19 Responses

  1. Hello Jessica,

    Thanks for the article. I always confused Cupido with sexual attraction so I have always been confused by Cupido’s placement in Virgo and my 6th house.

    I also have Saturn in my 6th house.

    Can you please give me some ideas how Cupido is working in my chart.



    1. Sure. Cupido is desire, longing, lust, craving. This asteroid can be in any zodiac sign and house of the chart, and most of the time it has nothing to do with love and sex. Cupido in Virgo in the Sixth House of work and health, is about your desire to serve and do your duty. You can fall in love with your job, or even (strange but true) in love with housework, or walking the dog, or feeding the cat. These are all Virgo and Sixth House chores. We associate Virgo and the Sixth House with a valet or servant, and the health connection comes from the fact that a valet also used to be a nobleman’s physician. Health is also about food and drink, and a valet would prepare and serve everything from supper to a hangover cure. You have Saturn, Vulcano and the North Node in Virgo in the Sixth House as well as Cupido. You were probably in service in a previous incarnation. The North Node describes one or more past lives. This is a really big cluster or stellium in Virgo in your Sixth House, so you may have several lifetimes where you were required to serve. Being in the army, navy or air force is typical, but so is (unfortunately) slavery in some cases! Saturn is your test or challenge in this life. Vulcano is your power, which comes from self-control. Cupido is your desire. The North Node is your karma. There is a great deal going on here, when it comes to your job and even your housework. It probably manifests in your body as well, either because you have health issues to deal with, or because your relationship with your own body is central to you. This is a complex pattern and the issue of work is complicated. You want to serve and need to serve others, but it is also where you have quite justifiable fears, given all you have experienced in your life with employers, clients, colleagues. And of course, Cupido means you occasionally fall in love with your boss, or a senior colleague, or a client, or a customer. That can happen too. Look up what I’ve just mentioned here in your guidebooks and on Search to find out more.

  2. Hello Jessica, thank you for all these free lessons! I have a quick question, if you have time to answer it. I have a friend with a birthdate of September 30th, 1976 with his Mars at 24° Libra and his Bacchus at 22° Sagittarius. My Cupido is at 23°Libra. I’m sure you will guess that I am head over heals for this guy. His sun opposes my chiron within 1°. Is it my Cupid that is making me like him more than just friends? Are we destined to be friends forever?
    Please stay safe and thank you so much for your time

    1. Cupido in Libra in your Seventh House of love, sex and marriage is with you for life, and so you will fall madly in love on a regular basis. This can be great in a long-standing relationship because it means Valentine’s Day will never go away for you. Your Cupido is conjunct your friend’s Mars by just one degree. His Bacchus is also conjunct by one degree. The Sun-Chiron opposition is also important. This is not easy or smooth, but it is passionate and potent. The only issue here is that Cupido is short-term desire. It lasts about as long as Cupid’s arrow wounds take to heal – months! Bacchus is also about short-term pleasure and was in fact associated with orgies in Rome (Bacchanalia). Looking at your full chart, with him (or another) you have several opportunities in 2020 to form a great partnership. In fact your timing is great until December. What you experience with him or another lover who comes along, is intense. It will transform you actually. Is it good for you? Yes. Will it last? Put it this way. If he wants children then 2021 gives him that opportunity. If you are head over heels, that is wonderful and I wish you all the luck in the world. The experience with him, or someone else you choose this year, will fix one problem you had for many years, actually, in the world of dating, mating and relating. I expect you know you’ve already fixed it. Good luck.

  3. Thank you for these mini lessons that offer so much insight! I have Venus and Cupido in Libra! My husband whom I am separated from (wanting to start the divorce process but for some reason I havent) lost his job today and my daughter from a previous relationship has been in Arizona since March – you mentioned this above! I imagine the Venus and Cupido placements are the reason why I feel so strongly that I was meant to share my life with my twin soul… But I wonder what other placements/transits have made that very difficult. I pray the weather changes soon , I long for my person and I deeply desire another child ( a son). I imagine a cozy, loving, nurturing home and life.

    1. Thank you, I’m glad you are enjoying this weekly tour around astrology. Venus and Cupido in Libra are both tremendously romantic and passionate in your Seventh House of marriage. You’ll find that this makes your love life dramatic, never boring, complicated, and – the real thing. Whenever you get aspects to this (patterns in your chart) it all happens for you again. As a general rule, the Sun in Libra from the final week of September through the third week of October of any year will wake you up to your need for ‘interesting complexity’ with former, current or potential partners. Have a look at Venus and Cupido on Search and in your guidebooks as these two are really fascinating.

  4. Jessica,
    My Cupido is in 13° Leo 14′ 31″ does that mean he will be Leo…
    Thank You for article…

    1. It doesn’t mean Leo lovers necessarily, but it does mean a special connection with children, nieces, nephews, stepchildren, and just children and teenagers in general – not your own.

  5. Hi Jessica, Like another reader I have Cupido in Virgo (8 degrees). I serve in that I like to do paid work that I feel makes a difference such as teaching and I met a former partner while doing volunteer work. I’ve also had some testing to find out whether I have a health issue. In addition to Cupido, I have Venus in Virgo at 7 degrees and Minerva in Virgo at 10 degrees. Can you please tell me a bit about the interaction between these placements? e.g. Do I feel short-term passion (Cupido) and then genuinely love partners (Venus)? Thanks!

    1. That’s textbook Cupid in Virgo in the Sixth House, and Venus is his mother – she is right next to her son in your chart. Minerva is a bit wide, but you may find you have quite literal Venus-Cupid stories playing out with colleagues, employers, staff, clients. Have a look at the art about these two and also the original myths. Minerva helps offset the pure passion, emotional and drama of these two, as she is a symbol of tremendous wisdom. Transits by the Moon to Virgo 7, 8 every four weeks will trigger the pattern for a few hours – you’ll notice it.

  6. Hello! I read the comments where other readers also have Cupido in the 6th house, like myself. I also, love my job- I AM my work ethic and my duty to serve both here and at home. I am nothing but lost without my daily routines. I also have dated my boss, and thankfully this turned out fine even after we split- we are actually friends and there is no shortage of loyalty, even though I am his subordinate.
    My question lies in the current transit of Cupido at 29 Cap- exact sign and degree on where by Venus lies. Can you provide some insight?

    1. Cupido in Virgo in the Sixth House so often manifests as a sexual relationship with the boss, and of course, tremendous passion for the job. Cupido and Venus together, by transit, tend to operate just as you might expect. Mother and son work as a team to generate short-term desire, frequently ‘wrong’ passion and often, relationships which are intensely physical or emotional, but essentially a law unto themselves. In Capricorn it is always about professional life, work, and some kind of duty or service to other people. So the stage is set for colleagues, employers-staff and clients to become enamoured of each other. There is jealousy when Venus is around and also possessiveness. Cupid (Cupido) tends to stir it up.

  7. Hi Jess,

    I’m really enjoying this little courses. I have Cupido in Capricorn in the 10th House, alongside Diana, Aesculapia and my IC. Does that paint the picture of someone who falls in and out of love with what they do, loves to work independently and no matter what setbacks occur, I just get right back up better than before? Or am I imprinting what I think is my work style on the stars?

    Reading the comments above and it’s interesting you say that Cupido in the 6th House could mean falling in love with your boss at work. I’m finding quite a few of my relationships have started out as work relationships – but that’s not necessarily attributable to Cupido in my chart?

    Thanks so much again!

    1. You have interpreted your chart correctly T and yes, when sexual relationships begin as work relationships, you are experiencing Cupido in Capricorn in the Tenth House of career. Diana also in Capricorn in your Tenth House of career does not want to get married or have children. All Cupido wants is desire fulfilled over the short-term, so having a one-night stand or a brief fling with your colleague, client or employer is an excellent way of satisfying both Diana and Cupido!

  8. Hello Jessica, this is about the US riots ongoing please, not Cupido. You say, on twitter, Washington is dangerous, as a psychic you read this.
    Are more people going to get hurt / die because of the evil orange in White House? What is going to happen there?…Thank you.

    1. I woke up in Australia with full alarm bells ringing as a psychic. This rarely happens. I went straight to Twitter to see what was happening in Washington and was very worried about the protestors outside the White House. We now find out what the leader was thinking. He was thinking about dogs and weapons. I kept watch on Twitter using a Periscope access account run by Yahoo Washington, because when the world bears witness, it helps. I am still worried about Washington for this entire weekend. All you can do as a psychic is join the other voices sounding alarm on Twitter.

    1. Cupido (Cupid) at 21 Pisces in your Twelfth House is about your desire for God, astrology, the Tarot, psychics, mediums, Buddhism, spirituality, self-help, psychology or psychiatry. Your passion for solitude, self-discovery and the relationship with your own soul. Keep your feet on the ground, though, as Neptune (confusion) is moving through Pisces, as he has been for many years, and if you are going to pursue anything of this nature, like dream counselling or hypnosis (the inner world) you need to keep it real and step back every so often to see what effect someone or something is having on your real life! It can be an unforgettable, inspiring and life-changing cycle but it is notorious for leading us into confused situations. If you are going to do any work that takes you into your sixth sense, you also need to ground, protect and know the rules with your precious chakra system and aura.

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