How to Skip June and July Mercury Chaos

Mercury Retrograde in Cancer (your house, apartment, holiday accommodation, family, roommate/flatmate, tradesmen, mortgage, lease) needs management in June and July 2020. Here are the dates and details.

How to Skip June and July Mercury Chaos 

From around Tuesday 2nd June (allow for your time zone) until Sunday 26th July 2020 you will experience Mercury Retrograde in Cancer, which rules your home, family, household, home town, homeland.

If you have your personal birth chart here, as a Premium Member, check to see if you have any factors in your Fourth House, which rules accommodation, property, relatives, flatmates/roommates, residency and nationality.

If you have any planets, asteroids, angles or points at Cancer 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 then you will find that the information, communication, transportation or negotiation either stands still, stops and starts, or reverses.

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Waves Upon Waves

I posted the Mercury Retrograde dates for 2020 many years ago for those of you who like to forward-plan. However, I am concerned that we are seeing situations being set up on the day I write this, Sunday 24th May 2020, which are encouraging waves upon waves of virus impact. By that I mean – rescheduling, refunds, retracted statements, product recall. Mercury Retrograde is always about the ‘re’ prefix on a word, and we will see a lot of rethinking in June and July.


House resting on calculator 600x400 - How to Skip June and July Mercury Chaos
Mercury Retrograde in Cancer in June and July 2020 spells flux for home prices/mortgage rates.

What To Do On Mercury Retrograde in Cancer

Get everything in writing if you intend to buy or sell a property, rent one, reshuffle your flatmates/roomates, renovate, rebuild or rethink the family occupancy. Get it in writing, read the fine print and have Plan B, C and D as your back-up.

If you have freedom of choice, and you find astrology works reliably for you (there are plenty of validated news headline predictions on this website, including two about the virus itself) then just postpone. Use June and July as dress rehearsal, beta testing, research and homework months.

Avoid the Eclipse, Please

We also have an eclipse at 0 Cancer on Sunday 21st June. It’s an Annular Solar Eclipse. A very misleading New Moon. It is a new beginning, or fresh start, involving the family, property, town, region or country. Involving the household, landlord, landlady, roommate/flatmate, tenant.

Yet, like all eclipses it conceals, it does not reveal. It obscures it does not clarify. It covers up, it does not show. Be aware of that and use your common sense. The great astrologer Debbi Kempton-Smith used to say ‘Don’t mess with eclipses’ and in fact refused to meet me in New York, once, because an eclipse was overhead.

Watching history and astrology, I have to say she was right. Would you turn down an unknown new road in a car with broken headlights with a street lamp that was also broken? Of course not.

Double that message if the issue is home or family, and you have factors at 0 Cancer in the Fourth House of your chart.

How June and July 2020 May Play Out

Mercury Retrograde starts earlier and ends later than Google tells you. It begins and ends with a shadow. This is the planet that rules the mail, the post office, your computer, your telephone, the train, the bus, traffic, flights, motorbikes, bicycles, ferries and yachts. It rules the media, from newspapers to television and radio, and it also rules couriers. We associate it with information technology, code and speech. Language and translation. Oratory and debating. Songwriting and recital. Mercury is also associated with deal-making, trading and marketing. Advertising and paperwork of all kinds.

When Mercury moves normally, he goes in a straight line, one degree (number) a day, as if he was covering one kilometre a day. On Mercury Retrograde, he begins what he already knows is a loop.

Be sharply aware of a heightened risk of this happening to you in June and July 2020. If you are planning a family reunion at your home, be more aware of the chance of disorderly progress than usual. Cancer the sign, rules both.

June and July 2020 may bring –

*A record number of Air BnB cancellations, refunds and rescheduling.
*Border closures and traffic jams at short notice with long tailbacks.
*Extreme heatwaves across Europe and the United States resulting in over-use of air-conditioning and power cuts.
*Over-use of the internet, television and other appliances at home resulting in electricity issues.
*Cancer rules mothers and children – not every school which opens is going to remain that way in June, July.
*In the Southern Hemisphere, an increased risk of flooding.
*Extremely unstable house and apartment prices, mortgage and home loan interest rates.
*Supply shortages on equipment and whitegoods for your house or apartment.
*Chaos at airports over visa and passport issues which mean long delays or reversals.
*Building sites on new property developments with outbreaks resulting in multi-million dollar losses.
*Evacuation and desertion of high-rise apartments and offices in overcrowded urban city areas*

*This last point is related to the Jupiter and Pluto transit of Capricorn which rules high-rise towers and was predicted in my 2016 book, 2020 Astrology: Your Five Year Horoscope Guide.

Family 600x289 - How to Skip June and July Mercury Chaos

The Mercury Loop of June and July

Something I explain to my students at The Sun Sign School  

“Mercury is like a Roman messenger, setting out on horseback, to use their postal system, which was a relay of horses and riders, designed to get a message from Rome to Naples. Conditions like extreme weather, sick horses, sick riders, misunderstandings, bad roads and so on, meant that sometimes the messenger would set out from Rome hearing from ‘up the line’ that there would be a problem further up. This affected his journey from the very beginning. Mercury Retrograde is exactly the same.”

How Mercury Moves in June and July 2020

Mercury in Cancer moves across 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 degrees from around Tuesday June 2nd until Thursday 18th June. He staggers and stands still at that time. This is where we get the standstills and delays, from.

From 18th June, Mercury pauses before he goes back over the road he arrived on.

Mercury in Cancer 14, 13, 12, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5 is what you are watching here. On Sunday July 12th Mercury then decides to move forwards again (but still covering his tracks again, backwards) as he proceeds through Cancer 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 and the big loop finishes.

What To Do

It is a very good two-month period to keep on washing your hands, social distancing, avoiding Facebook-organised large group gatherings, reading the books you love, researching the apartment or house improvements you’d prefer, carefully watching trends with rent and purchase/sale prices, bank and mortgage lender announcements and the rest.

Some people do well from Mercury Retrograde with all his twists and turns, but you have to know what you are doing. In general, what I am seeing on Sunday 24th May 2020 concerns me as an astrologer, because there is rebellion in the air in Great Britain, a lot of sudden relaxed rules in Australia and in the United States, Facebook is promoting large vacation gatherings, while the leader is promoting dangerous ‘cures.’

You are completely free to ignore this astrology, because it is your life not mine, but as I have had so many people asking me about COVID-19 and the future, it is only fair to pass on what I know, that I am using for myself and my friends who use astrology too.

Mercury Retrograde is chaotic. In Cancer, it is chaotic for families and property, and vacation/holiday accommodation.

It is also chaotic in terms of residency, nationality, visas, passport control (Cancer rules your country and region as well as your home). Normal transmission will be resumed in August. Now, let’s talk about radio and television.

2y325tnj3m 400x600 - How to Skip June and July Mercury Chaos

CBS and NBC and American Television

The birth of CBS and NBC as American commercial television was authorised on 1st July 1941 on a previous Mercury Retrograde in Cancer cycle. This was a step towards the most important piece of furniture in the home – the television set. Cancer, of course, rules all home furnishings. Both television stations chopped, changed – and chopped and changed again. In June and July 2020 CBS and NBC will experiment with two months of stop-start, changeable results. Because both television stations were ‘born’ on Mercury Retrograde they are more sensitive to the cycle. If you have any involvement there, you would be backing Plan B, C and D and treat June-July as time for slow, stuck evolution.

The Natural World and Mercury Retrograde

Make sure your home insurance is up to date.
Heatwaves and wildfires. Storms and flooding. We need to be realists about Mercury Retrograde in Cancer, because the ultimate ‘home’ is Mother Earth. Beyond that, we have our own houses, apartments and gardens to think about. You would do this anyway, but give it even more thought before Mercury Retrograde Shadow begins in June. Update. Check.

Be completely aware of the insurance companies you deal with, their current status, and the word on the street (on the internet) as well as all you see in the media. That’s Mercury Retrograde common sense.

Climate Emergency Initiatives and Mercury Retrograde

Climate Emergency fightback – for our home, the earth – and global action plans will unroll, roll backwards then roll forwards again in June and July with a huge amount of energy and attention. Concerts like Live Earth, or action on emissions, now go backwards and forwards or make stop-start progress. This is evolving. It’s a work in progress.

The Good News About Mercury Retrograde in Cancer 2020

Mercury’s normal transmission after retrograde means you can benefit from a period of research, beta-testing, first takes, first tries and so on. This is specific to Cancerian-ruled areas of your life, so (for example) renovating a room or starting a garden. Attempting window box planting or putting a Climate Emergency web campaign together.

What you are waiting for is Mercury to go past his ‘stuck’ position, worldwide. Allowing for different time zones around the world, it looks like this:

Monday 27th July to Wednesday 5th August 2020

This race through the zodiac sign of Cancer and the Fourth House of your personal birth chart by Mercury is there for around one week. And there is more to develop, a few days later. This time without backwards-forwards, stop-start.

Family Matters – Venus in Cancer From August 8th to September 6th

What is also really useful is that Venus moves into Cancer from around Saturday 8th August so if you need to work on family or household relationships (Venus rules relationships between mothers and sons, husbands and wives and in-laws) that will allow time for figuring out the details. That Venus in Cancer cycle ends around Sunday 6th September, so there is about one month to sort out anything that was stuck, reversing or otherwise rescheduled in June-July.

And On A Lighter Note – Bend It Like Beckham

Cancer rules patriotism and international games of flag-waving fans. Footballers tend to get recalled and make returns for their home team – this happened to David Beckham and Michael Owen in June 2007 during Mercury Retrograde in Cancer. You’d have to be betting on a big Beckham return and re-entry all these years later, on the same cycle in 2020. Michael Owen is involved too, so it’s time to ponder what the England football team might be up to. Re-runs and replays of the greatest games we’ve ever seen? Re-edited or reanimated? This can be an intensely creative cycle too. We’ll do this.




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68 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica
    I have a more than a few things in Cancer and plan on staying close to home during this time. I am not listening to the President in the USA nor any of the people so desperately trying to get “back to normal”. I am a little concerned because my son (2/10/98) lives in another state and his lease is up August 1. He will need to look for another apartment and that period will be the time he will probably be searching. I also have another question that I had asked before but will post again here: I wasn’t sure where to post this question and it just came up for me again when i read my horoscope this morning. I originally sent it to website after not being sure where to send it after seeing a similar example in sun sign school blog and support suggested I ask on the astrology blog so here it is……when you say for example “The North Node is in your Twelfth House” , is that calculated by looking at my sign (Cancer) as 1st house even though we are using a natural chart? Gemini on Natural Natal chart is the Third House but are transits done by looking at my sun sign being the first house as this would put the north node of Gemini in my 12th house because it is the last house before Cancer (being first house) when talking about transits? I hope that question makes sense. And, if so what am I meant to do because I am supposed to “ACT” and i don’t want to screw this up, lol. Thank you so much!

    1. We are going to see a lot more of this – people taking full responsibility for their own lives and creating their own way of dealing with the new realities. I have a friend whose M.A. was in Epidemiology and even though her rules have been relaxed, she is continuing to work from home, use Zoom to socialise and sticks to one hour of exercise a day, at 6.00am when nobody is on the street. There is no law that says you have to do what your President tells you to do. Your son has to move by August 1st but needs to have alternatives (always wise to have back-up plans) and most of all, to get every single thing in writing about the apartment and have it checked. Your question about the North Node is easily explained. You have two charts. One is your sun sign (solar) chart which is based on your regular sign. Your other is your personal birth chart, or natal chart, based on your time, place and date of birth. I alternate between both. They both work together. Your sign chart shows the headlines of your life. Your birth chart shows the full story. As a Sun Cancer person the North Node is transiting your Twelfth House – that is the headline story. It is about religion, astrology, psychics, psychology and old patterns. Yet, in your personal birth chart, the North Node is transiting your Third House – the internet, the media, publishing, education. One will influence the other.

  2. Hi Jessica,

    If I take in the retrograde and the stagnant movement in career during this time, there is so much to take in and thank you. I still have a few questions. I have no factors at all in Gemini. So am I less affected by the karma of 19 years ago now that retrograde is upon us? And how do you see things unfolding for me in relation to career through retrograde — or is the focus more on family unity and groups than my workplace?


    1. Chrissie, your career is ruled by Capricorn in your chart and the Tenth House of ambition, achievement, promotion, head-hunting, self-employment and so on. Capricorn the mountain goat climbs to the top. In 2020 you have a really unusual transit, with both Jupiter and Pluto in this sign. Pluto requires you to use self-control and willpower in your profession in order to push back against forces or people which seem so controlling and powerful. In fact you have already done this in 2018 or 2019 when you had to deal with people politics and a person or organisation which you felt was taking over, or trying to dominate you. Now you have gone into phase two, which is really welcome. There are some incredible opportunities for you this year, to do well in your existing line of work, or take on a second income stream or skill area. Jupiter is about ‘more, more, more’. If you can really take the reins here and run your own success, you will do amazing things. The next chance is very close to June 30th and there is a grand finale in November. So this has nothing to do with Mercury Retrograde in Cancer or the North Node in Gemini, but everything to do with Pluto and Jupiter in Capricorn transiting your Tenth House.

  3. Thank You Jessica so so much…
    I think we must practice precautions but people relax a lot I see one percent wearing masks…

    I only have Saturn 18° Cancer 53′ 53″ R and God knows only what this position means for me…

    Will do my best to stay healthy and protect myself…

    Thank You again…


    1. Saturn in Cancer is about your family, Rose, and how you deal with the things you cannot change, about family members. This goes right back to your childhood. You have just sadly lost your brother, and this has happened in 2020, a year when we have an eclipse in Cancer, and have also seen the end of the North Node in Cancer as well. So it’s all been about your relatives. It can and does get better. The virus is a different issue, but we know the rules. Doctor’s orders. Bow to science!

  4. Hello! The only aspect I’ve got in Cancer is my north node, at 23 degrees- I am not sure how this plays into the Mercury in Cancer retrograde. I’ve been absolutely dying to move apartments, but I will definitely sit back and watch what happens with the rents around me, (they’ve been skyrocketing let couple of months) and lay low until August.
    Can you provide some of your marvelous and eerily accurate insight?

    1. Thank you. The North Node in Cancer in your Fourth House is a statement about recurring patterns, every 19 years, involving the family, your town and country, your house or apartment, your household. The Cancer weather in June and July, with Mercury Retrograde and the Eclipse, will allow you to look at your family circle in particular, as it was in 2001. The North Node in Cancer is about past lives and karma, so you knew your parents, siblings or other relatives in at least one prior existence and possibly more. You have made agreements in your ‘life between lives’ and these soul contracts are being met in this lifetime. This is likely to become so much more obvious to you in June and July. It’s a good couple of months to look back into the past and really examine what is there, without necessarily doing anything dramatic about it. You want to move apartments and the rent has gone up. That situation is going to change at least once, perhaps twice, maybe three times, as Mercury completes his circuit in Cancer. We also have Uranus (all that is unpredictable and changeable) in Taurus, which rules rent, the banks, mortgages. Put all that together and it’s a really good time for research and checking. It’s the kind of cycle when tradesmen, builders, landlords, landladies, property investors are on a massive pivot, and this does trickle down to tenants. We are also going to see the domino effect, worldwide, of extreme weather (wild fires and floods) on economies, and of course – the American mortgage market. All this adds up to a whole lot of zig-zag for you, if you are thinking of moving into a new apartment in your area. Some people do really well on this cycle, but they are Mercury Retrograde experts and have got it down to a fine art. They buy bargains and then watch the price go up – and down – and up again. You will have to make your own decisions, but you can use your Astrology Oracle cards to help. Ask ‘What is the outcome of Mercury Retrograde in Cancer for me in June and July 2020?’ When you get the answer go back to your chart, because the cards will back up what your chart is telling you, most of the time.

  5. I agree the relaxation of all the restrictions as we are going into so many retrogrades is concerning! I’ll be working from home in Sydney for the foreseeable future. However my 5 year old will be returning to kindy full time. She has quite a few factors in Cancer being triggered – Apollo at 7 Cancer, Hygeia at 9 Cancer and Cupido at 2 Cancer. Sheesh! Can you imagine trying to get 35 kindy kids to remain socially distant all day? Not. Going. To. Happen. I’ll be keeping my distance from my parents and grandparents for a while longer I think!

    1. The timing politicians are using in Australia, but also in Great Britain and the United States, is extraordinary as the crowding we are seeing on beaches, in classrooms, shopping centres increases the statistical risk of contagion, going right into Mercury Retrograde in June and July. We also have to remember that most people recover from the virus, of course. Our own choices about how we deal with the situation are coming through, very strongly, as the big story of 2020. It will come down to the individual and her decisions, tailored to suit her own circumstances. Your daughter’s chart is really about her family, her home, her local area and perhaps her country. At the age of five she will experience Mercury Retrograde in a very simple way, so it will likely be about your house or apartment, and the family circle. Plans around her will change or be held up. My colleague in astrology Stephanie Johnson thinks politicians are relaxing the rules too early, and too much. She also has her eye on Mercury Retrograde. One thing you can do is just have the kind of diary where everything is pencilled in and the eraser is nearby. This cycle is very good for researching options for your family or home, though. So if you wanted to renovate, you’d gather your inspiration on Pinterest in June and July and sort things out later, according to the astrology. Just skip that June 21 eclipse.

  6. Hi Jessica,

    This is a very informative article. I have many Cancer factors in my chart, and I have been contemplating many changes. Now, I know that what I cannot feasibly get complete by June 2, will have to wait until after my bday in August. I also wanted to thank you for posting about the tarot reading this past Thursday. I signed up out of curiousity and was blessed to get 3 readings that brought me to tears. They didn’t know about your website so I told them all about it and they were extremely thankful that you shared the information. Thank you again for providing resources.

    1. Thank you. I am glad you got so much from the Tarot and appreciate you telling me this. And thanks so much for passing the website on to people who need it.

  7. Hello, Jessica

    Thank you very much for this reminder article. And thank you for your advice on my house sell/purchase matter. I am not knowledgeable about astrology but since I read your article, I noticed a few things might happen in my life. And now, I really feel I’m gonna have troubles which have domino effect in the area showed in my chart (again, I’m not familiar with chart so I may not talking what I think I’m talking about)

    For example, my house project seems to move forward soon next week starting by exchange of contract *_* (I heard that news on 19th close to new moon by the way) If I tell my husband to postpone or delay the process, then, partnership problem will come up as he won’t use astrology. I never push my opinion when it comes to really important matter, especially with my husband as I respect mutual understanding. So if I want to keep us away from troubles regarding house, I’ll have partnership problems. If I let go of house project, then I’ll have big house/family problem. -/- .
    Then nodes comes in…

    I’ll keep try what you’ve advised me in previous and this post. Could you give me knowledge that possibly showed in my chart about how to navigate this difficult time ahead of me, please? Will it be one core thing that has domino effect or a few things I need to tackle? I hope this house matter will be delayed until mercury and Venus retrograde finishes.

    Thank you again for your time. I hope I will hear from you.

    Best wishes,

    1. You are exchanging house contracts next week and your husband does not use or like astrology. There is nothing I can do about that, unfortunately. We have Mercury Retrograde in Cancer, the planet ruling contracts, in the sign ruling property – and retrograde means slow, stuck, backwards. More importantly we have an eclipse on June 21st so be aware of that. Without your husband’s chart or consent it is impossible to say how this will end up for you, as it’s obviously half his property, or half his money (or perhaps more than half). You can do your part, by reading the contract very carefully, checking to see what plans the council has for your local area, being updated on the real estate market, the mortgage market and so on. Check the insurance too. Have contingency plans and don’t just walk into something. People change their minds on Mercury Retrograde so ask yourself about the different scenarios here. I hope this works out for you, with the minimum of delay, reversal or standstill, but as your husband is half the story, I can only give you patchy information.

  8. Two questions – my ASC is 0 Cancer, so I do wonder how this eclipse will impact me.

    I’m never certain how Mercury Retro impacts me as I was born with it in Retro.

    I’d appreciate your response. Thank you for all your useful information.

    1. If your birth time is verified to the minute (the Ascendant depends on strictly accurate time) and you have 0 Cancer rising, then Mercury Retrograde will pass you by, but the eclipse and New Moon at 0 Cancer must be taken into account. Avoid drawing important conclusions about yourself and your life, or making judgement calls which lead you on a fork in the road, on the day before, the day of, and the day after the eclipse. (Allow the world to catch up with itself on different time zones). You also have Aesculapia at 0 Cancer, again in the Fourth House of your chart, which rules your family, house, apartment, household, town, region, country. An eclipse is rather like driving with broken headlights, as I say in this feature. Try to avoid ‘driving’ these matters when we have this famous astrological phenomenon. People who take firm action towards one thing or another, on an eclipse, can be on the wrong road for years as all that they should (by rights) see and know about a place, situation or person is off their screen. Just be aware. And swerve around that curve.

  9. Hello Jessica,

    Thank you for this great article as usual.
    I have Minerva at 02 Cancer and Jupiter at 25 Cancer. I was wondering how I will be affected by this eclipse.
    I learn yesterday that I will probably loose my job very soon and with this climate in US right now, I’m worried about my capacity to find another one especially during Mercury retrograde.
    Thank you in advance for your insight,

    1. I am very sorry you may lose your job. I am hearing from so many readers about job loss, especially in America, and you are not alone. June and July is really about your home, household or family – not your career – so just be aware of that. When things are going backwards and forwards with relatives, flatmates or roommates, your apartment or house, any live-in partner – you need to skate around rather than expect everything to go in a straight line. Let me look at work. You are in a good position all year, right up until December, to make changes with your job situation that will benefit you. This may be about accepting furloughing, which is what is happening in Britain. It may be about staying where you are, but finding you are given new duties or different tasks, which you prefer to the old set-up. It is also possible you will gain another job, or begin to juggle more than one way to earn income, from home. This sounds like a lot of choices, but you have them. Jupiter (multiple choice) is on your side in 2020 and will in fact oppose your natal Jupiter, the planet of timing, natural luck, opportunity, growth, hope and improvement. This can only happen once in 12 years so even though you have been given this news, you are in the right time and place in 2020 to make ‘the new lifestyle, the new way of working’ – work really well for you. Be prepared to change. You need to be really open to doing things differently, doing them quickly and embracing who and what just lands in your lap. Keep breathing through it because life will often move so quickly it will take your breath away, but you will be fine. By 2026 you will have a completely different career. And you will be free. So free. For now – balance what is happening with some meditation or yoga which grounds and centres you. YouTube is a really fantastic source.

  10. 6stellium

    Thank you, Jessica for your quick response to my question.
    I purchased a membership for another before but couldn’t connect it with mine when ask you a question.

    Wish there’s such a function in the future but I think I’m asking too much!


  11. My chart has matching factors (ASC/DESC) at 29 Gemini/29 Sag with current planetary factors (North and South nodes). Please can you tell me the significance of this alignment? Many thanks in advance.

    1. Yes, of course. The Ascendant and Descendant depend on a strictly accurate birth time. Assuming you have that, the North Node and South Node working together in your chart, profoundly alter your travel agenda in 2020, 2021 and January 2022. This would happen without Rona or the collapse of the airlines. You will find that travel destinations open up which you knew many years ago, but this time you experience them in a new and different way. There will also be some karmic closure. By that, I mean, particular relationships you have had with other regions, countries, nationalities will return to you, and what you put in will be paid back, and if there is anything you must repay, that will also happen. In 2020-2022 you will also be involved with new ways to communicate and get your message across. New technology and gear will be very important to that. Some of this you already know about, but the rest is yet to come.

  12. I think that you are unbelievably right Jessica that Saturn in Cancer is about family, and how to deal with the things I cannot change, about family members and yes this does goes right back to my childhood.
    I have another older brother (born March 8, 1966) and we were not that close even though he lives very close but event off losing our youngest in family and my youngest brother brought us together again and we probably didn’t see each other for 19 to 22 years.
    My older brother lives with his wife and kids but I was not in contact because of his disorder that I don’t understand and don’t know what it is exactly possible panic aggressive controlling so when he seriously scream than you must listen and do it exactly as he asked.
    I am facing that again after 19 to 22 years that I have not been in contact. But am happy to see that his wife is taking him to doctors for his disorder.
    In younger age I was scared of his reaction but now is all about how to psychologically take it understand it and move on as you are right it’s hard to live with facts about family members and not being able to help so everyone is healthy.
    Now I really do wish the man you predicted for me is some strong reasonable person who will help me carry on as I really need it.
    And move to another town and another job will really do me well.
    Thank You

    1. Rose, I am sorry you have to deal with these challenges in your family. Yes, Saturn in Cancer is exactly about that. If you go online and look up Saturn in the Fourth House, or just look at some astrology books, you will see written down, exactly what you are dealing with. Not seeing family for years is common. Also having relatives with problems (like your older brother) is common. It’s good his wife is taking him to get medical help. Try not to solve all the issues in your mind, all at once. You have had a huge shock. Be kind to yourself and try to minimise the stress. One thing at a time. Homes and relationships are big decisions and so are jobs. For now, focus on recovering, resting, repairing and relaxing. Reduce the load on your mind. There are years ahead for everything.

  13. Hi Jessica

    I have my moon at 11 degrees cancer – not only mercury retrograde passing through on it – mercury will also oppose my Ceres in my 10th house.

    Further I have the eclipse on July 5 falling on my moon & aeuscupalia conjunctions my descendant. I know eclipses are cover ups and somehow involved my home/family/property but how do I interpret this and mercury retrograde vis a vis the Ceres opposition and Vesta close by and aeusceplia on descendant ( an ex partner coming back from the brink of no return?)

    As you can see I am trying to learn along via your website on interpretation but baby steps right now – and your help would be appreciated.

    I am hoping miraculously a job would mterialise, you had earlier suggested not to think of any entrepreneurial ventures in April – now seeing how India is going – I agree! It looks like it may take till
    End of year to figure out What the new India looks like after the storm has calmed down.

    Thanks so much !

    1. I am glad you avoided April for big new ventures as India was always at risk. Please don’t worry about the Cancer season. Don’t over-think this. You just need to use astrology’s timing to sidestep any decisions or action plans on the eclipse and allow a day before and after. A total lack of awareness and insight is very common so try not to choose anything or anybody too dramatic then. Mercury’s retrograde in your Fourth House is really about understanding how quickly things can be rescheduled or cancelled. I would say this anyway, even if Rona was not in our lives, but just be aware of the need to have a fallback position or alternative.

  14. Hi Jessica, Sorry to hear about the terrible weather affecting Australia. Hope you & everyone down under are ok.
    I would appreciate if you could cast your expert eye, over both Mercury Retrograde in Cancer & my weekly Taurus horoscope for 26th – 31st May.
    I have Venus 07° Cancer & Saturn 15° Cancer (+01° Orb). I am in the process of re-decorating my rented house & beautifying the garden, so with Venus, I think it would be best to stop during all the coming stages of Mercury Retrograde. I am a little lost on how to interpret Saturn, given that I live alone & have no contact with any relatives!

    I have the following eight horoscope factors that will be aspected by Gemini this coming week.
    Immum Coeli 28° Cancer, Midheaven 28° Capricorn, Hygeia 29° Taurus, Uranus 29° Libra, Ascendant 00° Gemini, South Node 00° Gemini, Descendant 00° Sagittarius & North Node 00° Sagittarius. The first four were relatively easy to interpret. But I am hitting a brick wall regarding the last four! Please can you help me? Thank you. JT1605

    1. Thank you. We are in Climate Emergency here but the leadership which has taken us into extreme weather will be replaced so carbon emissions will drop and normal temperatures will return. JT, your redecoration and gardening this Cancer season (June-July) will be stop-start, as Mercury Retrograde dances backwards. Sometimes it’s extreme weather, so you plant, only to find that conditions were not reliable. You live alone and have no contact with your relatives? That’s Saturn in Cancer in the Fourth House. It’s very common and there are very good reasons why you do not speak to your family. (Have a look at Saturn in the Fourth House on this website and also online, it will be very revealing). Should anything come up with the family, the council, your nationality/residency and so on, be aware of the dates I have given. Your chart is very tightly woven at 28, 29, 0 degrees and even more important than June 2020, is December 2020, when we find Jupiter (opportunity, growth, improvement, expansion, optimism) going over 28, 29 Capricorn and onto 0 degrees Aquarius. That will change your life. You will have welcome new choices with places and people miles away, or different time zones away. They will come to you, or you could go to them. You could even relocate, if your birth time was minute-accurate.

  15. Hi Jessica,
    Very good article and will of course follow your advice. I only have 2 factors in cancer so not sure which area of my life will be impacted? For sure I’ve got my eyes on buying a property at the moment so won’t commit but will research. On a personal level, like love life and career, is there anything I should expect?
    Thank you

    1. The Cancer weather of June-July 2020 is not about love or work, only about the purchase of a house or apartment, and you know what is happening there. Your love life until 2026 will be unpredictable, change direction rapidly and suddenly, encourage you to experiment and above all – urge you to blaze an independent trail. The old 20th century idea of marriage, a white picket fence and 2.5 children is not relevant 2020-2026 for you. You will be set free, exhilarated but also be moving in a new world, emotionally and sexually, where there is no map. No compass, except the one you have on the day, or that month! Yet, if you can ski this path, zig-zagging along, you will have an unforgettable time. One path will open up like this in September, October, November.

      1. Thank you Jessica. Better get my skies out then 🙂 Will it be with an existing lover or there’s potential for a new one?

          1. Slow and steady wins the race, in his book, but he has to believe in the race. His finances will rule much of what he does in 2020, 2021 and from 2023 especially.

  16. Hi Jessica

    Well done on the prediction:

    *Evacuation and desertion of high-rise apartments and offices in overcrowded urban city areas*

    *This last point is related to the Jupiter and Pluto transit of Capricorn which rules high-rise towers and was predicted in my 2016 book, 2020 Astrology: Your Five Year Horoscope Guide.

    For I have just read in the SMH the trouble plagued Mascot Towers home owners are looking to sell the whole block. It looks like you have another one right! I’m sure there will be others as NSW has other troubled apartment blocks (Opal Tower for one).

    Now, as for me, my Sun is 0 Cancer and last week I booked a weekend away for my 50th on the exact weekend in question, the 21st June. I also have many of the other degrees in Cancer you mention.

    Should I prepare for life to be a little bit shit for while?

    Thanks again,

    1. Thank you. Yes, the high-rise apartments (represented by Capricorn in astrology) were always in question and I’m actually thinking, too, of predictions made in The Capricorn Effect, a few years ago now. I must try and find the original forecast. Of course, at the time, I had no idea that a pandemic would be behind it. And it hasn’t even started, really (though thank you for the heads-up on the Sydney Morning Herald article). You’re heading for your 50th birthday with an eclipse at 0 Cancer on your Sun at 0 Cancer in the Fourth House, which rules the family, your house or apartment, your household. Sharlene, you can have a happy birthday and a relaxing weekend away, because the astrology is not really about parties or vacations. It’s actually about trying to avoid big judgement calls or action plans about (specifically) close relatives, roommates/flatmates/live-in partners, the domestic scene and property. That’s easily done! Astrology is about avoidance as much as it is about snapping up opportunities. An eclipse isn’t negative or positive, it’s just lack of awareness or knowledge. So that’s why we say, don’t act on an eclipse (and the day before, and day after, for good measure). Mercury Retrograde will also certainly go over your Fourth House in the middle of 2020, and so once again, you’d have to be making allowances for discussion, paperwork, news, planning regarding family/household/home/accommodation/property to swing back and forth. Thus we say Plan B, C and D. By the way, by December this year you will have seen the most incredible progress and improvement with/for your partner, former partner or potential partner. So happy birthday!

  17. Hi Jessica, I wish you and everyone the best during these times. I have definitely found all of your comments in the past so amazingly accurate. I placed my late parents home on the auction market in March for an April auction, but the covid lockdown created its own story there. With the reducing of restrictions, an auction has been hurriedly rescheduled for June 13, and with my Desc at 08 Cancer I have just read this article and adjusted my expectations to be even more flexible with how it turns out. Fingers crossed for the Melbourne property market! At the end of the day, as long as everyone around me can stay well I will be happy. I for one am walking the dog early morning out of the crowds, avoiding face to face socialising, and am going with grocery deliveries and amazingly long hair (apologies to my hairdresser for my absence, I will make it up later!), until I feel the risk of this pandemic is much lessened.

    1. You placed your late parents’ home on the market, during Mercury Retrograde. The auction has been rescheduled for Mercury Retrograde. The usual rules apply. Walking the dog early is a really good idea – sunrise in Melbourne is so beautiful in winter. And long hair is always fun. If you are curious about how Mercury Retrograde pans out, please use Search to see thousands of reader comments over the years. Thank you.

  18. Hi Jessica, thank you for your amazing insights. The last retrograde was quite the ride. I have Cancer in the North Node at 29 degrees. Lots of stuff happening both at home and at work. As you said, there are multiple work streams (even though I am not sure how one would pan out as I don’t want to make any commitments during Venus retrograde), I would like to know how the upcoming retrograde will affect my chart. Any insight on both personal (family) and professional areas is much appreciated. Thank you!

    1. The family circle has at least one face within, perhaps two or three, offering no firm guarantees and quite a lot of rethinking and perhaps some rescheduling. So you may find a relative makes a ‘definite’ plan to move or travel, only to find that changes within a few weeks. You may have a family member suggest a visit but that winds up being later than you thought or much earlier. Watch issues like telephones, emails, Twitter, your computers, the post as these are always worth checking or double-checking if family arrangements are made. News tends to be ‘not news’ on this cycle. We have to allow for people to change their minds.

  19. hey Jessica, this all seems to concern me very much. I have many planets in those degrees, including Sun and Mercury. Do I need to worry? I live near Naples and continue to work from home. And I have no intention of planning my holidays (which we Italians usually do in August).
    Meanwhile, I send you a hug at a great distance, as Covid wants :))
    You are of great help to all of us readers

    1. Thank you so much and I hope the new Italy will be a good place for you – she is going through such a huge transformation in 2020, 2021 and January 2022. Just remember the Mercury Retrograde rules. If your family plans a visit, for example, or you plan to visit them, there may need to be a Plan B with the transport, or there could be rescheduling. I don’t think too many astrologers who use the Mercury Retrograde Shadow rules would personally sign a lease for a new apartment on this cycle. It can be very useful if you have two months to oversee negotiations for the sale of a residence, even if it is a houseboat, because while people dither and delay, the price can go up. In Italy in general, you are going to see a huge amount of flux with the price of Air BnB apartments, holiday homes, yachts, and actual apartments and houses and what you see with your council and government is not the final story, regarding residency, visas, the actual nation itself. I suspect that is really the story here: Italy is under construction.

  20. Hi Jessica – I am a Cancer rising and have been dreaming of purchasing a home and can actually feel it becoming a reality very soon. When I say soon I am not sure if that means by end of 2020 or this time next year. Either way this is the first time in my 37 years that I can feel how possible it is for me and my soon to be teenage daughter a Cancer sun, Libra rising (7.14.07) – who I really want this for more than anything! I feel stronger and the most independent I have ever felt. I say this because after separating from my husband last year and becoming a single mom again, I have amazed myself at my own fortitude, resolve and resourcefulness. I am thinking about things and feeling for the first time what I once thought was impossible or far off for me could happen in the blink of an eye. In the meantime I am purging and de-cluttering and only keeping items that spark joy and would want to have in my new space – it’s made a world of difference in my current space! I would love your psychic astrological insights and would be so appreciate of any direction you can offer. Gratefully Nena

    1. Nena your chances are excellent until December 2020, partly because you are going to see home prices fall in areas you are interested in. There will be an opportunity at the end of June 2020 and you may also find unusual circumstances that get you what you need (a new space for yourself and your teenage daughter) without necessarily having to go for a conventional purchase and mortgage. In fact, every month that the Moon goes through Capricorn, she makes an angle to Uranus, the planet of all that is unique, highly unusual, unplanned, unexpected and all the ‘u’ words that turn things around. I saw a reader once with a similar chart pattern who was asked to move herself and her two teenage daughters into a huge house in the English countryside, rent free, in exchange for cooking and cleaning for the elderly owner who lived upstairs. While she was there, she did in fact save enough money for her own home, many years later, and when he passed on, she and they both relocated. So ‘never say never to anything’ is a good tip for this transit you are in. I hope you will be very happy. That reminds me, we must re-edit that book I wrote on energy clearing, to suit our new world! Thank you.

  21. Thank you so much Jessica, this is very exciting news, perhaps this is the victory you forecast for me earlier this year! I can’t wait for your update on energy-clearing, I would imagine is goes beyond sparking joy but perhaps a re-focus on consuming and keeping only that which is needed and sustainable for humans, the planet and all the other beautiful sentient beings we share the planet with. Thank you again for always shinning a light for me and so many others 🙂

    1. Thank you very much, for your thank you. And yes, by 2026 we will be living on a reborn planet with the end of politicians and businessmen and businesswomen who are currently destroying it. Uranus in Taurus, Jupiter in Taurus are coming.

  22. Thank you Jessica for your response Fortunately, I do have my time of birth to within a few minutes. According to my mother, I was born on a Wednesday “just before midnight, almost on Thursday”. For this reason I have placed my time of birth at 11.55pm. Not sure if that is accurate enough for the ASC/DESC coordinates?
    Do you offer detailed individual readings/reports that explains a birth chart more fully?
    I have a current membership with you but not able to interpret my birth chart as to what the placement of planets and asteroids are telling me in relation to each other and would deeply appreciate a meaningful interpretation of this is a service you offer.

    1. You need to log in so I can see your chart, please. I don’t give private readings (except for charity, or as an occasional competition prize) but I do have a waiting list for written reports for 2021, and that includes monthly forums. Thank you for asking! Your 11.55pm birth time has been recorded by your mother and that is a good, specific time to give you an accurate Ascendant. Next time, log in, and I will look at the planets and asteroids in your personal horoscope.

  23. Hi Jessica,
    Thanks for your advice in the What to Do section. At the same time Gah!!!! Things have been so chaotic that I forgot this was coming. I’ve been house hunting so I guess I put the brakes on again??? Based on the retro and my chart I’m wondering should I be looking at after July 12 or should I do it in a different way? Also what affect does this have on the asteroids in my chart if any? I do still have some loose ties to well tie up but the longer it goes on the more ties accumulate. As I’ve been travelling back and forth until I find somewhere suitable it’s been getting a bit much. I guess it’s all about reworking my needs regarding home that I thought I had finally figured out but maybe there is more I need to analyse. As I know the answers are in the question somewhere I’ll check out the oracle cards – and the suggestion you gave to Melissa – to see if that also sheds some light. Thanks.

    1. Take a break from astrology and oracles, because you have asked quite a few questions and need to pause, then come back. Put the kettle on, make a nice cup of tea, and wait until you feel more focussed. You are house hunting and obviously this is something you need advice on. You need a home. Fortunately you are in a blessed financial position in 2020, as you will either make money or save it. Relax in that knowledge. You will either have enough money to be in a position to choose (a nice luxury) exactly what you want from an apartment or house – or you will find that a property situation arrives which saves you a small fortune. I had a reader with a similar chart, who ended up living rent-free in a house, because she cooked, fed and walked the animals and was considered a friend not a co-tenant. Use your oracle to ask useful questions and set a date or time limit. You are your own best judge. But in general you are very protected in 2020.

  24. Hi Jessica,
    I had to add this as it shows how good the oracle is. Brilliant! I received Fortuna and the 8th house. Now I’m not sure whether to see it as a positive or a negative but it is certainly accurate. I have some digging to do regarding this as my move will involve sharing a house and of course the inevitable power struggles that can occur. Would this relate to my asteroids in Cancer as well?

    1. The Astrology Oracle cards and guidebook works quite smoothly once you prove to yourself that it works, repeatedly, so you can relax about the process. Fortuna shows ups and downs. The Eighth House is about a house, and also money. Fortuna is highs and lows, swings and roundabouts. So you have a choice here.

  25. Parliamentary elections are scheduled to be held in Serbia on 21 June 2020 Right on the eclipse
    What do you make of that(our system is extremely corrupt, votes are bought, people blackmailed/coerced into voting for the ruling party)? Does this eclipse mean the end of this government? Or something more sinister?

    1. If Serbia has a corrupt government (I will have to take your word for it, because I don’t know the facts) then like any bad rulership it will cover things up on the eclipse, but they will be brought to light later. Eclipses tend to occur neither negatively nor positively, they just do what you would expect. They conceal and hide. As people tend to do this when they have something illegal or wrong to conceal, eclipses do rather cluster around dark acts or shady situations! In general, though, if you have a government which is rotten, the Jupiter-Pluto cycle of 2020 will replace it. We are going to see the last of the dinosaurs go crashing over the cliff this year, as Jupiter (new system, better system) in the sign of the elite (Capricorn) will beat Pluto (power abuse) in Capricorn, every time. In fact we saw the end of the Fascist dictator Mussolini on this cycle and of course the Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler was nearly killed in a bomb blast. In any case, in exactly the same cycle, D-Day polished off their causes. Have a look at Jupiter Pluto on Search. This is the same cycle that ended apartheid in South Africa for good, and of course Barack Obama was elected on it, ending exclusively white rulership in the White House. Jupiter always beats Pluto even when you think there is no hope. Many, many Prime Ministers, Presidents and Premiers around the world who are corrupt will be replaced by Christmas, either because they resign, retire, are arrested or leave the planet. Never underestimate what happens when Jupiter goes into the same sign as Pluto.

  26. Thank you again Jessica. I have logged in as suggested and would love you to look at the planets and asteroids in my personal horoscope. Kindest regards

    1. You are a Sun Virgo with a stellium (unusually high number of factors) in Virgo, all in your Sixth House, which rules your lifetime of duty and service to other people, both at home and at work – so from housework to paid work, and volunteer work as well. The Sixth House is also about your physical and mental health, and your ‘fitness for duty’ because you are a delicate piece of machinery who must perform quite a few functions. You make the wheels go round for other people by respecting the bigger machine of your chosen field or business, your industry or trade, your profession or calling. You also know very well that without you, your home doesn’t really function, as you make the cogs fit and whirr. Thus it is really important, in 2020 and beyond (as Uranus and Jupiter both slowly move into trines with your Virgo factors) that you focus on the 24 hours in every day. How you handle that is more important than anything else, be it love, money, family, friendship. The path of a Super Virgo is not necessarily an easy one but it is incredibly rewarding because you are here to perfect the tiny details of what you do for others, paying years of attention to the small things and dutifully ‘showing up’ when others slack off or don’t do the hard Yakka, as they say in Australia. It is very important that you reserve eight hours for sleep and eight hours for relaxation, though, as you too easily have border creep with work, especially because it is not really clear on your computer or mobile phone what is duty and what is off-duty. Watch that border creep. You will find that your entire routine, lifestyle, approach to food, drink, drugs, prescribed medication – your ideas about your body – evolves in 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023 as we are going to see not only Jupiter in Capricorn trine your Virgo factors, one by one, but eventually the North Node in Taurus will do the same thing, over a two-year period, while the South Node in Scorpio will form the sextile. So this is a portrait of someone who is going to go to the next level in terms of paid or unpaid work and produce some really incredible results. At the same time you will reshape your body, quite literally from the inside, but also perhaps on the outside. It’s a slow revolution.

  27. Wow, wow, wow, Jessica. Thank you SO much for looking at my chart and taking the time to give me personal feedback ❤️. . You have a healing gift/ability and the necessary knowledge…Thank you for sharing it through astrology this way.

  28. Hi Jessica, hope this message finds you well. I haven’t been following this website for a while. Life just seems to slow down a lot due to the lockdown. However, due to more time in hand, and encouragement from friends, I started a YouTube channel as a fun project. It is about educating people how to improve well-being by using Chinese herbs at home, such as making herbal tea , herbal soup etc. I am a Chinese medicine practitioner and pharmacist. We met before in Melbourne recently and you did a tarot card reading for me (thank you!). The YouTube channel kind of take off in an unexpected way, then I thought I might as well start a business around it.

    My question is, I was planning to set up the company with ATO on July 3rd as it is new financial year. But it is right in the middle of this Mercury retrograde. Do you think I should postpone it till end of July ? I also have a minor surgery on 23rd July. Should I also postpone it for one week to avoid the shadow of retrograde?

    I remember how you talked about Aries’ branding in internet. When I read it , although I am a heavily Aries person, I thought it won’t be me. I never ever thought I would ever put my face to the world. But somehow that YouTube channel did just that! I want to ‘scream out loud ‘ how accurate astrology can be! In fact, I did it before as I had a blog that did quite well in China about 10 years ago. But it was just some photos in the blog, nothing like me talking in front of camera in YouTube. It feels so weird but the right thing to do, especially I re-read your articles about Aries in this cycle! WOW! Thank you and thank you ! Would love to hear more tips from you about how to make this cycle works for me. Millions thanks again.

    1. I’m really pleased you have found your way on YouTube with your Chinese medicine practice and I’m glad I was able to read Tarot for you that day in Melbourne. Don’t set up your company during Mercury Retrograde, if you can avoid it. Make your own decision about the surgery using your Astrology Oracle cards and guidebook, or your Tarot, if you now have a deck, as I don’t have any data for the surgeon! Aries is very much about self-promotion, using oneself as the face of a movement, brand, cause or product. With Chiron in Aries in the First House in 2020 you can get away with some amazing things. If you are curious about this look up Chiron, First House on here when you have finished reading this.

  29. Thanks Jessica for your reply and tips! I I have indeed read the article about Chiron yesterday! Just wondering if there is any date that you think would be good for me to set up the company and officially launch the business after mercury retrograde? Also, I just read your Moon Guide for this year. You mentioned about Karma is back during this Gemini season and look back 19 years ago for clues. It was 19 years ago that I gave up my full time job as pharmacist and started volunteer as an assistant for an independent filmmaker. I have always wanted to be involved in filmmaking. It is now coming back in the form of YouTube. Wow! Astrology works! Last but not least, hope you are doing well and thankfully you are in Australia not in UK now. Take care and stay safe! Thank you again!

    1. Wait until at least August and use your Astrology Oracle cards and guidebook. That is very interesting about your life making films 19 years ago. That is coming back to you via YouTube as the astrology predicts. Yes, it really does work!

  30. What are the signs for the USA, with all the rioting and looting and trump egging them on and threatening at the same time? Thank you

    1. Have a look at a prediction from February 2020 about Jupiter, Pluto and the cycle we are in now – which saw the end of Mussolini, the beginning of the end of Adolf Hitler, the rise of Nelson Mandela, Barack Obama and Mahatma Gandhi. Exactly the same patterns – Jupiter in the same sign as Pluto. This is significant because Jupiter is always the remedy, solution and new world. Pluto is the abuse of power.

  31. Hi Jessica,
    I have only Cancer at 7degrees Hygeia however I was finally hoping to begin quotes and doing some minor renovations around my new home of one year. Instinct is telling me – as much as I’m itching to get started – to just sit in my hands for a little while longer. Any advice about when this should pass and how Hygeia specifically is affected? Also, I have an ex who has sun & moon in Cancer. Thanks for the tip!

    1. We have Mercury Retrograde in Cancer in the Fourth House which rules renovations, houses and apartments. Mercury rules paperwork, planning and deal making. He appears to go backwards and get stuck from now through the end of July. We also have an eclipse, which is always a blind spot, on 21st June – in Cancer, in the Fourth House. If you want an easy life you’ll wait until August and later, astrologically speaking. But it is your choice, not astrology’s!

  32. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for amazing insight. I’m always reading comments to help me learn about astrology as I’m abit ropey but I’m learning slowly.

    Would it be possible to share any insight looking at my chart? I am have a stellium in Cancer, Gemini and Sagittarious so I’m expecting a rocky ride.

    If it helps, I’m not sure where home is! I’m a homebody so I’ve actually enjoyed having the time to be at home during lockdown. I’ve considered buying a property but I’ve never felt like where I currently live is home so I’ve never quite acheived this. Saying that I absolutely love home renovations and interiors and the idea of owning a home, so I’m a complete contradiction. Does my chart show anything to help me on my journey?

    Thank you in advance : )


    1. No need for worries about a rocky road K as you are actually being put on a smooth one. Your rocky road with home, home town, household, family, houses, apartments, homeland was actually at its hardest and sharpest in 2018-2019 and 2020 is the slow recovery. I have had readers presenting with all sorts of painful issues, from very bad neighbours, to a struggle for their own nationality/nationhood, to chronic problems with plumbing, electricity – or just the overpriced nature of the homes they wanted! You do not feel as if you have a space you can call home and you dislike where you are, yet you want to own and renovate. It gets better in stages. Skip the 21st June eclipse and the 5th July eclipse. Think about August as the last ‘stand’ in sorting out any complications with particular people. Reserve the second week of September as the time to just be, without constantly having to think about these things, then welcome Christmas as the turning point when Saturn leaves for good. 2021 is going to be so much easier and you will find a home to feel at home with, or make the one you are in, feel like home!

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