The Gemini Season with Kyra Oser, Penny Thornton and Jessica Adams - a Special Youtube Event


The Gemini Season – Premiere YouTube Event

On Wednesday, May 20th, 2020, you can attend a YouTube Premiere of a special event – Gemini Season – with Jessica Adams, Kyra Oser and Penny Thornton. This will draw on some of the issues about this Gemini New Moon and the high count of Gemini factors.

Premiere Event Start Time

  • Auckland, New Zealand – Thursday, May 21st, 2020 at 7:00 am NZST
  • Denver, USA – Wednesday, May 20th, 2020 at 1:00 pm MDT
  • Hong Kong, Hong Kong – Thursday, May 21st, 2020 at 3:00 am HKT
  • Johannesburg, South Africa – Wednesday, May 20th, 2020 at 9:00 pm SAST
  • London, United Kingdom – Wednesday, May 20th,2020 at 8:00 pm BST
  • Melbourne, Australia – Thursday, May 21st, 2020 at 5:00 am AEST
  • New York, USA – Wednesday, May 20th, 2020 at 3:00 pm EDT
  • Paris, France – Wednesday, May 20th, 2020 at 9:00 pm CEST
  • Perth, Australia – Thursday, May 21st, 2020 at 3:00 am AWST
  • Seattle, USA – Wednesday, May 20th, 2020 at 12:00 noon PDT
  • Seoul, South Korea – Thursday, May 21st, 2020 at 4:00 am KST
  • Tokyo, Japan – Thursday, May 21st, 2020 at 4:00 am JST

The New Moon in Gemini on Friday, May 22nd, 2020

The New Moon in Gemini on Friday, May 22nd, 2020, is a new beginning in your life, and in your relationships. The Moon rules emotions and feelings. The ‘need to be needed’ as well as the neediness we all have. It’s an important New Moon because it falls in the same zodiac sign as the North Node of karma. So, a great deal of what you experience near Friday the 22nd will be about unfinished karmic business from the last time we saw the North Node in Gemini. Here, we are talking specifically about October 2001, which is the last time the North Node went to 29 Gemini, the degree we find it at now.

1983 and May 2020

Karma goes back in 19 year loops in astrology, as the North Node travels back through the zodiac signs. So you may also be experiencing soul debts and credits from March 1983, which is the previous circuit of the North Node in Gemini. Back then, the North Node of settlement and closure, was also at 29 Gemini.

Do You Have Factors at 29 of Any Sign?

If you have anything in your chart at 29 degrees, then there may be one, two or three ‘moments in time’ which all connect, symbolically. The themes will be similar or even the same, in terms of relationships. The idea is to put in as much time and energy as you can towards achieving settlement, balance or closure. If you are a Premium Member, check your chart (at the top of this page, if you are logged in) a second time.

August 1964 and the Gemini North Node

Depending on your age, you may experience this as the strangest feeling of past life déjà vu, or there may be a real episode from August 1964 which returns. Why? In August and September 1964, we once again saw the North Node at 29 Gemini.

Podcast on the North Node and South Node

Listen now on YouTube if you haven’t yet caught up with this detailed explanation of the North Node in Gemini in 2020, 2021, 2022 – and the South Node in Sagittarius, too.

Further Reading on Your Moon Sign

Your Moon Sign in Astrology

Moon Sign Astrology Secrets

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102 Responses

  1. Hello,

    Sorry I was a little bit confused here – can I still post my questions and get answered here, or I should wait for the event? Anyway I’ll post here and if I’m supposed to do something else instead, I’m happy to follow your rules.

    I was wondering what will happen to me as I have my Sun and some planets around 29 degrees. I just lost my job recently (again) and usual worries about jobs, finance and relationships return. Life is stressful recently due to coronavirus outbreak (well, who isn’t?) and, I actually put a lot of effort in my last job but I still can’t get a firm grip on it after a long time, and I lost it eventually, so I still feeling sad about it now. The coming Solar Eclipse further worries me as I was not in luck with money matters in summer mostly and I was wondering if the coming Solar Eclipse further exaggerates that. Thanks.

    1. You can post a question here early – sure – and I will go into detail with your answer. If you would also like Kyra Oser and Penny Thornton to give you their views, please go onto Twitter and follow @kyraoser and @astrolutely and use #GeminiSeason to Live Tweet when the program runs. I am so sorry you lost your job. I am sure you are feeling really stretched and wondering what is going to happen. Please do not worry about the eclipse as it will have no impact at all on your money. Just avoid acting/judging on eclipse day, itself, about anything really important, though. You have a strong Gemini-Sagittarius signature in your birth chart and that is always about language, nationality, travel, residency, travellers, passports, visas, the worldwide web. This is being reshaped for you until January 2022. So, you may find that what you need from work is actually in quite a different location, and that it would pay you to do some research about that particular marketplace. The 29 degree placements suggest that the really big choice will come as 2020 closes and Jupiter moves across 29 Capricorn, in your Tenth House of success. So, you could pick up work between now and then, part-time or full-time, but the really big open door comes as 2020 closes. The Gemini Season right across your Third House and Ninth House is about finding new and different ways to do what you were doing 19 years ago. Use what you achieved then and recreate it or reshape it for 2020. June and July are months to have Plan B, C and D with your money, the house or apartment and related issues like your possessions. You may find you have to do a lot of waiting around or changing your plans, but you can use that time to do some research and homework for your goals, particularly if you can see they would involve a different location, nationality or language. August will help you move forward again. To make life simple try and get as much financial paperwork out of the way as you can by June 1st. If it goes on beyond that date, allow for things to be a little stop-start. The bigger picture of your life is fantastic so please do not worry. In fact I think you will be in a totally different country from 2023 with the build-up for that in 2021. Lean on a friend, too. You have very good friends. It’s time for them to do for you, what you have always done for them. Be the rock!

  2. Hi Jessica mam!
    I have been following your site from more than a year and am a premium member from many months but I have never got the guts to ask any question, actually I have too many questions, but now since the north node is in gemini and I have many factors there and in sagittarius too, so I thought it best to ask. Please if you can tell me anything that can help me sort my life in any way it would be greatly helpful. Thanks for reading and hoping for a reply.

    1. Yes, you should definitely ask me about this transit of the North Node in Gemini and South Node in Sagittarius. Look up Third House and Ninth House on Search when you finish, as that will show you a bigger picture of which areas of your life are affected. Basically until January 2022 you will go through travel and relocation restrictions (valid now but ongoing until the Node changes signs as 2022 begins). This means closed doors to some places, but new doors will also open to destinations you never seriously thought about as places to visit, work/study in before. You will also radically alter the way you communicate, use the internet, your phone, multimedia and so on. Having memories of doing something similar 19 years ago will help you. You will also commute differently. If you have a brother or sister your connection with them will also shift. All of this is marked P for Progress but it will be quite slow. Remembering what was happening in 2001, 2002 will help you a lot. You can borrow from that.

  3. I am so glad I read this post. When I joined the Meetup group I added the event to my calendar but instead of 5am AEST it was automatically added as 10am – I think for the GMT+10! I’ll set my alarm for much much earlier now.

    Really looking forward to this session. My North Node is at 19 Gemini and I have Chiron being triggered this weekend at 2 Gemini. Ops might get a look in at 1 Gemini.

    From the above I can see Vesta is in Gemini as well. I have Vesta at 25 Gemini, in close proximity to Mercury next week.

    Before I read this I also sent an email to Kyra about a reading. I’ve been thinking about doing one since Kyra started featuring on your website. I love the wider community you introduce us to, Jessica.

    Looking forward to the early morning on Thursday!

    1. Thank you so much. What we are doing is serving each time zone, as people will be watching us on YouTube from New York to London, and onto Sydney. Just log onto Twitter #GeminiSeason at the time that suits you, either as you are watching, or once the clip is up on YouTube permanently. Obviously if you can get up at 5.00am in Australia you will benefit from Kyra and Penny on Twitter for the Live Tweet too. I’m glad you are having Kyra read for you, she is exceptional among psychics. The Gemini Season for you is also mixed up with Saturn in Aquarius, which is about groups. These can be Facebook groups, if you have anything to do with that, or just general clusters of people. Gemini is cunning, clever and quick. When it comes to some situations, be all that. Remove the potential for any issues before it happens, with a sense of humour and that light Gemini touch you have. Vesta is about groups of girls or women, and the games played between them, usually because a man is involved. That may be your issue as your Vesta return is on the way. This would be right across now through the end of July. We can talk more about questions on Twitter. In general, keep an eye on teams, clubs, societies, social circles, associations, bands, charities and the like. Just be aware of what is in the background. If you feel there is anything at all which would mean wasting time and energy on ‘thrust and parry’ as Shakespeare used to call it, get rid of it. You have better things to do than that. Just make sure you are not so fast on your feet doing it, that you miss the important details. Be fast but not that fast. Look where you are going and check what you are doing. But you are very good at strategy and will later congratulate yourself on having nipped in and out of a situation and moved along to other, more interesting things!

  4. Dear Jessica,hello!
    I have my Saturn at 2 degrees in Gemini in my first house.
    I would like to know how this New Moon in Gemini will affect me.
    Thank you

    1. A dazzling new idea, one of the biggest brainwaves for quite some time, arrives with the Gemini Season. Marina, you need to act quickly and ground this by the end of May if possible. In June and July it will go back and forth. That’s okay, but if you can possibly plant this quickly in the right place (the right organisation, website, region, city or ‘home’ for it) then it will grow and thrive. Make this real. So many big ideas remain in the imagination. Everything is potential until you reach firmly for it and plant it in the real world. You can double that message if this concept has anything at all to do with different nationalities, cultures or races finding balance together, side by side. That’s the Sagittarius South Node coming into it, Marina.

  5. Hi Jessica
    I have natal jupiter in gemini at 3 degrees. Can you please tell me what intention I should make around the new moon.
    Thank you.

    1. Give yourself until the end of July for a first, second or possibly a third attempt at a new and better way to communicate. It will involve an aspect of the internet or multimedia you have bypassed before. Perhaps – something more old-fashioned like spoken-word or theatre. Yet, the new technology will be astonishing between now and January 2022 so this is the time to ask ‘How can I communicate most effectively, for my good, and the good of others?’

  6. Hello! Thanks for directing me here.
    I wanted to ask how the nodes in Gemini / Sag (I have a stellium in Sag, not so much Gemini) would affect my current relationship. I cannot recall much from 2001/2002 due to PTSD and 19 years before that I was a toddler.
    I know I have a lot of big stuff during this new moon, mostly involving my fifth house. Could you please give me some insight?


    1. Of course you were a toddler in 2001 and 2002, you are too funny. You remind me that not everybody is in our generation (the psychics and astrologers online this week, myself, Penny and Kyra). Often these things are past life so you are being taken back to 1854, perhaps! You have a relationship to make decisions about, so let’s go further. You have some choices to make about money, actually, and everything that you might think is about love and sex, romance and relating, is actually about your financial situation, first of all. We currently have Uranus (change) in Taurus (money) in your Second House of security. Sex is in the picture, and so is possible pregnancy. That is a real consideration, and so is your ambition, because great success and very high status is possible, in the years ahead. I have seen clients like this before who have some money in their hands, which is good, but a snap decision to have a one-night stand has resulted in an unplanned pregnancy and their resources have gone on the baby, and without any future lasting marriage, eventually single parenthood. I am going to leave that with you. It is possible that there is past life karma around a baby you once had, or a pregnancy which was lost, and that may be why you are now making these decisions about what is in the bank. It’s not just the money it’s also what is in the soul bank, or spiritual bank. You are being rewarded now, at a time when others are feeling financial hardship. So you are very lucky but you have also earned it, karmically. I think you need the best advice you can afford about your money. Tried, tested and trusted advice. Ask yourself what is growing – what could grow more? Think about your long term goals and how to achieve them, no matter how very high they might seem. You are also living in a long Pluto (empowerment) in Capricorn (ambition) transit in your Tenth House of success, until the year 2023. Sex is important and so are children, naturally, but you have time. You have resources, a strong position, security and what I think you would benefit from is a bit of wider research and reading. The ultimate choice is your own, of course, not mine, because it is your life. I do get the sense you are at a fated crossroads, though. Look at issues like fertility, long-term, the realities of having children or not having them, and so on – as well.

  7. Hi Jessica, Thank you for arranging this event and for giving us (premium members) the advantage to attend. Although it might be quite late to rethink my career path, but I want to ask you this central question based on my chart, which career field/path should I pursue from this point on?
    I studied in foreign countries, now also working with foreign people in a foreign country and communicating with a language other than my mother tongue. I am potentially a health care provider by degree, but working in academia now, doing medical research, and publishing my findings through experiments. Isn’t it so fantastic how all the keywords match with what you wrote above for a Libra?
    I want to know should i wear the white coat again and treat patients? Or leave all the medical life and go to law school, study diplomacy, or international relation? Or maybe none of the above and something else in my chart.
    Thank you. will see you on Wednesday.

    1. Should you wear the white coat again and treat patients, or leave medicine? Well, I think the world would say you are needed, desperately, for quite obvious reasons in 2020 and beyond. But let’s see what is going on, both in your Libra chart and your personal birth chart. There is a fair bit of confusion here and also paralysis – not being able to take action. This is typical of Neptune in Pisces going through your Sixth House of work and study. In your personal birth chart, Neptune is also playing a part (in the watery sign of Pisces) and there is a great need to ground, centre and focus. Yet also to travel or relocate. You are going into the South Node in Sagittarius in your Ninth House which rules other places and spaces. Rather than constantly puzzling and pondering over what you have here, which is rather unusual, but also rather precious, do the research to find out the best place for it. You are in the wrong place to do anything practical or useful with what you have in your hands. It’s solid gold but it’s been bolted on. It’s rather like a curiosity on The Antiques’ Roadshow which is priceless but stuck in someone’s attic, when it should be sold for a museum where it can be put to use. You need to be active, practical and decisive. May is useful. June and July could be harder work. August is useful. Take what you’ve got, and head for the right environment, with the right people, where things can at last be given a chance to work for you. You can reject this advice entirely and I won’t mind, but this would be my personal view. Yoga postures which ground and centre you, with your base chakra or sacral chakra aligned to the earth, will really help. So will actually moving – walking – feeling your feet on the ground. You seem rather stuck to me. That’s normal on this cycle but I don’t want the timing to be wrong for you, so I’d prefer you were decisive, sooner. Internet research will help you figure out, rapidly, the best possible places for what you have, which is quite a lot. It just doesn’t fit any normal category. Use your Astrology Oracle cards and guidebook to give yourself a reading too. You are your own best guide.

  8. Hi Jessica
    Looking forward to this event particularly as I have five gemini in my chart. The covid 19 has probably helped my struggling business or at least given it a breather, but there has been some pain with a close relative passing away. I feel this all comes as a reset for me in both business and personal relationships and habits, and would be interested if you have any observations from my chart. Best regards

    1. I am really sorry you have lost a family member. You are correct about 2020. It is a total reset. There are health issues here, both in terms of physical health and mental health (possibly depression) that need help. There is also, quite obviously, this long hard winter of financial reality that people are only just starting to come out of. My first comment is, throw money at the problem. It’s there. This needs professional support and help, and perhaps treatment, which costs. There is finance. Perhaps it can be borrowed, applied for, or cracked some other way. It is within sight and within reach. The issue is realising it and believing in it, then physically going in to get it. An immediate way to help the situation is to find some healing meditations or videos on YouTube (free and easy, a click away) and for anyone who is feeling the struggle of dealing with their body issues, or their emotions, to just sink into it and let go. Do this every day as often as is possible. It’s just breathing space and a chance for mind, body and spirit to repair. Some people have a really astonishing response to some of the generous free YouTube healers and helpers. I am not going to discount that. I don’t feel that there is enough energy there for one person to support the other. It might seem like the obvious thing to do, but each person can barely look after themselves, let alone take on the other. It should be possible to keep in step, be there, but to conserve energy, try to be independent – until it is possible to request help. I am a great believer in charity and philanthropy. I am also a great believer in tax. You or others have no doubt given generously over the years and now it is time to approach those who are in a position to lend, give or donate. That is literally the bottom line. It’s what these people or departments do.

  9. Hi Jessica,

    I don’t expect you to read this, but I’m giving it a go. I’m just wondering how I will be affected as I have some Gemini factors. I’m working in a job I hate while I try and finish my studies. In honesty, I hate my life and wish I’d never been born with all the downturns and bad luck that have plagued me since early childhood. People not much older than myself are preparing for retirement while I’m still trying to scratch out a career by taking on tertiary studies. My life has consisted of being told I’m a disappointment, not intelligent, death of a child, losing my home, my inheritance, life savings, a big chunk of my life was spent with an emotionally abusive ex partner, being told I’m wasting my time with my studies … the bitter list goes on and on. I’m worn out with constantly fighting with a life that slaps me down when I try to achieve a better future for myself and family. People often dream of winning lotto; I dream of winning just one opportunity. Please, if my chart doesn’t read favourably, I’d rather not know.

    1. I am so sorry you feel like this and completely understand why you are really at a low ebb. Beyond astrology you are living with depression. I am sure you know that and have found the Beyond Blue website and its resources. It is very important to speak to someone when you feel this fed up, and sometimes a stranger on the phone is the right person. Beyond Blue has some very good phone numbers to offer you, all free. You have been stretched beyond belief in the last two months by being made to put up with all the pressures of our strange new world, at the same time that you are working and studying, and remembering (by yourself) some pretty hard things to take. I am going to use Tarot and astrology for you together and when I tell you the card I would like you to find it on Google Images by searching for Smith-Waite Tarot Deck and then put it on your computer or phone. Okay, so you need to do yoga or meditation. Are you already doing that, because if not, it’s not working for you and you need to get a different YouTube channel or library book to help. If you are doing nothing that approaches that, please begin and find both a yoga ritual and meditation routine that you can grow to like, or even end up loving. You need to ground yourself on planet earth and your body needs to unlock. You are defensive, tense and yet strangely not grounded at the same time. Yoga will really help you. Even one posture. One meditation track will help you. Natalie Delahaye, the amazing hypnotherapist, just gave us something quite new and powerful, for Premium Members, so please download it and use it. There are other meditations on YouTube that will get your chakras and aura back into alignment because your anger has moved up from your sacral or base chakra into your top half and become blocked. What you end up with is feeling just as you feel now. Empty, dissatisfied, fed up. You have three solid gold and very precious people in front of you. Family? You don’t feel it or see it. You are also not in a position to fulfil their needs when you are so tightly bound up with yourself. You are being offered (by your spirit guides) another excellent new friendship or relationship but you are not even seeing it. Not only can you not reach for it and welcome it (this person is priceless) you are quite blind to it. Lose the defensiveness. This is a little bit of childishness, or teenage sulkiness. ‘Not interested, can’t do anything, stuck, nothing good is there, don’t get it’ and so on. It’s in your body. If you change your body you will change your headspace. If you’ve not seen a doctor to check for physical reasons why you might be depressed you should. On a practical level just moving your body and doing grounding exercises to connect you to Mother Earth and the real world will really help. If there is any substance, legal or illegal, that is contributing to this ungrounded-ness, look at it. The solution is also in the family tree. You have moved right away from one side of the family tree, to the other. You need to own where you come from on both sides and if you find it easier to go back two, three, four generations – do that. Fortuna at 24 Cancer square Minerva at 24 Aries, exactly, in your horoscope is rare. You were born with Fortuna (how you affect other people without seeing what you do) in Cancer (Fourth House, the family). So please be aware of the impact you have on the family you have created. The square to Minerva is what you can’t square. It feels disjointed or disconnected, hard to make it work, hard to make it all smooth. This is pretty normal with this pattern. The answer is body wisdom. Beyond yoga postures or meditation, look at Tai Chi, Pilates, whatever does it for you. Minerva in Aries in the First House is about using female warrior wisdom through the body. Coming to terms with both sides of the family tree you came from will hugely help. Work on yourself first, then get to a point where you can tackle what is there. It will be fruitful eventually. It will bear fruit. When you are feeling unwound, unbent, free, strong, energised and the rest, you can get those three special people and give them what they need – they will also fulfil you too. There is another family tree behind yours (a partner’s perhaps) to uncover later and in the next few years an ambition you will easily knock off. I love what life holds for you once you sort this out. And I think you’ll even make that fourth solid gold connection real. Take a deep breath and go at your own pace.

  10. Hi Jessica, thank you as always. I have Gemini in DESC at 5 and Cancer/Capricorn at 29. Big stuff happened in 1983 and October 2001. How do you see this period with Gemini season affect my chart – personally and professionally. Thank you!

    1. I am sure big things did happen on those 19 year cycles, backwards in time. Some developments are karmic and were set up lifetimes ago, for a higher soul purpose that takes a great deal of uncovering – if you ever want to. Okay, so Gemini Season is here and your Gemini Descendant is really about two people, two sides, a duet and sometimes the duelling that goes on in a duet. We are always talking about male-female, black-white, rich-poor, young-old and how to make two very different people absolutely evenly balanced. There is something greater than you and another at work here and it is the North Node in Gemini approaching your Descendant, which of course only happens once in 19 years. There may be legal aspects to this; it happens sometimes. In general it is a higher power deciding how to make 1+1 = 2 and make the two of you symmetrically and harmoniously levelled. This is really important and in many ways you may feel you have to bow to what is going on. You both have to do the work, of course, but you are in the hands of something quite powerful here which has a very strong intention that you are both fairly and evenly calibrated. Justice rules, on this cycle.

  11. Hi Jessica, I’m hoping to catch this session live tomorrow (small children willing!) but in case i am unable I’d like to ask about my Gemini placements – Apollo and Psyche at 13 degrees and what this might indicate for me. I asked on the retrogrades post a few days back re: my Cancer and Gemini factors (and the ‘stuckness’ of late- but wasn’t selected so hope it’s ok I ask here.
    Thank you 🙂

    1. Let’s hope the small children let you join us, as Kyra and Penny will have some really interesting second and third expert opinions for you. I am sorry I missed your question before. There is a great need to use the ‘me’ time of being alone at home, even with those little knocks on the door, to get right into your emotions and to go through a process of quiet, slow change. You have a lot to think about here. Not every connection in your life was ever going to last, and perhaps some should not have done. At the same time, if you spend your time focussing on who or what has gone, you miss who and what is still there for you. Solid gold is one way to describe it. You could easily move or get a holiday home in the new few years, and what would take you there is partly the desire to follow the same direction as a friend, within a larger group. This would involve a bridge to cross, but it would allow you to enjoy the rewards of being free from the past. It feels as if you are hibernating or even hiding under clothes, or just tucked away undercover, emotionally. This is fine up to a point and we can thank the Neptune in Pisces transit of your Twelfth House for that, but eventually you should be looking onwards and upwards towards an environment you can make your own. Take who and what is precious with you and leave the rest. By the way, the right friends in the right group can be very healing and cleansing, once you are ready to start again and find yourself.

  12. Hi Jessica. Excited re: #GeminiSeason Utube & Twitter with Penny & Kyra. ThankU! My first time to Twitter so it’s a nice new for me to begin @ such a exciting & ‘new world’ event.
    I’m in my karma paying for my debts now & even though it’s tough, it’s what I deserve & I’m owning it, he is worth fighting for & I’m ready for resolution & to evolve. I’m extremely lucky (he is a 1973 Sag) he’s giving me the chance as he keeps saying, I’m a good giving helpful person.
    I’ve had the time to rethink my career & want to give back to our community. I’m studying Aged care & Dementia, & for $ I’m in the process of a buskers registration as i was a part time musician also.
    Would U suggest other career best suited for me to do for our community? Also – I’m putting in the hard yards for my partner as that’s the least I can do – it hurts that he can’t remember the good, lovely little things i did for us in the past & pray once he’s over the hurt I’ve caused, he remembers & see I’m still doing the lil ‘thoughtful kind’ things still. Will he stay? Will we be unto death do us part?
    I’m grateful if U are able to reply. Cu 2moro! Kind regards me

    1. I’m glad you can join Kyra, Penny and I on Twitter and YouTube in a few hours. Kyra and Penny can give you useful second and third opinions on what I am about to say, too. The most important thing here is the partnership. I hear ‘sacrifice’ clairaudiently for you. The scales must be balanced. You are concerned about your career but what matters most here is you and your Sagittarius. Why? Because he has the North Node of karma in Gemini, right now (this is Gemini Season) in his Seventh House of fairness, equality, legality and 50-50 balance. If there is any legal issue at all then justice will prevail. If the issue is more personal, and you are just concerned with the two of you being weighed together, the same – then this is already happening. It’s past life for him and may go back 19 years actually, to 2001, with a person he was with then (you?) or another lover. Possibly 2002 as I don’t have his birthdate. This is really big for you. This is an historic chance for he and you to get absolutely even, karmically. What’s fair? Well, the universe knows and it wants that fairness to rule.

  13. Hi Jessica,
    Hope you are doing well and are healthy. I already asked about the Gemini- Sagittarus cycle in the last article but was unable to understand how that will affect me. I have many factors in Sagittarus, in that case how does the Gemini season affect me? As someone mentioned, what intentions should I set for this new moon? I am struggling to find a life path.
    Thank you so much for your guidance. Take care!

    1. You have a stellium in Cancer in the Fourth House of home, garden, interior design, domestic comfort, the natural surroundings in your local area, your sense of grounding, being connected to where you live and sleep – I am sure you feel it. Part Nigella Lawson part you. Even though you do have this Sagittarius signature your Cancer side is more important and Venus and her transit through Cancer, once you are into the full middle of the year, will show you how to enjoy yourself at home. There is a Sagittarius leaning towards knowledge, study, learning and the bigger picture – subjects like astrology, astronomy or other academic pursuits call one part of you. You can have that and really embrace it. Yet there is this other part of you which just wants to enjoy what she has achieved in making a home – a home. The only issue here is to make sure you do not waste a couple of benefits, resources or assets. You may already know what they are. This might be the local area, if there is a river and some property developer wants to turn it into a fish farm! It may be your own four walls and roof, in that it is an asset, but needs to be used and managed for tomorrow. Reap what you have and stash it away, that is the message here. It may also apply to your garden if you have one.

  14. HI Jessica
    I don’t have anything at 29 but i do have a couple at 28 (28 Minerva in Pisces and 28 Apollo in Cancer). Since they are close, are they affected? What about the two factors I have in gemini (19 Bacchus and 15 Aesculpia). Will these have any relevance? Thanks and looking forward to the event.

    1. Apollo in Cancer in your Fourth House of. home, garden, local surrounds (parks, for example) and domesticity is the key, here. The reason for that is your entry into the world of Venus in Cancer, once she has finally left Gemini. So this lovely phase for you is set up in stages. The only thing to remember about your Apollo in Cancer (she leads the way at home and in the garden) is that there is also work to be done. You do enjoy the peace and quiet of solitude (Minerva in Pisces in the Twelfth House wisely meditates and does her astrology). Yet, you must prepare for the future. Pisces can also be rather random and a little chaotic. There is something here that needs to be kept in check, used, contained, controlled and managed – at home or in the local area. You could let it run on and on, but that would be a waste. You are lucky to have this blissful Venus in Cancer transit to look forward to, as the summer hits the Northern Hemisphere but don’t just wallow in it, roll your sleeves up and use what you have for the future, and maintain and keep in check what you know for sure, is running away with you.

  15. Hi Jessica I’ve just watched your YouTube presentation on the Gemini Season, it was excellent, thank you. I am experiencing terrible noise issues from my next door neighbour, he has a booming loud voice and doesn’t have the slightest bit of care of how this affects our lives here, especially during lockdown in our garden. He has taken to online teaching for primary school children he is a retired headmaster in his late 70’s but still very fit both mentally and physically. He is now doing this with his back door wide open it’s driving me nuts! We’ve had a number of issues with him and his wife since we arrived here 31/2 years ago, the last one concerning their car. So we don’t have a good enough relationship with them to even attempt to raise this. It’s all very Mercury Gemini issues to me, cars, school children, teaching, loud voices! I was hoping you could give me some astrological guidance to help me get through this period of time please and whether you see this sorting itself out for us living here.

    1. I am so sorry about the intense irritation and annoyance you must feel about your neighbour. He may be deaf. Let me see what you can do. Immediately, for relief, get industrial strength earplugs online with a decibel rating. The kind construction workers and roadies use. This will give you a little brief respite and order them now, before Mercury goes retrograde in June. Do you have children? If so, your child is the key. As a retired headmaster he will respond to you asking for the door to be closed so your own child can learn. If you don’t have children then consider having a godchild, niece or nephew around – to also distance learn from the computer or television. Have your doors and windows open too. It’s warm – it’s spring getting onto summer – something he and his wife can both identify with (with you) is the need for ventilation at home, but also the importance of children learning from home. You could (I will be cheeky here) take the child with you and say hello – just as an introduction. Later on, move it on up to ‘My child/godchild/niece is trying to learn her maths/his English class and we can’t hear as you are also teaching. Can we figure out an arrangement please?’ That is one idea. Stick with the idea of it being warm weather and – everyone loves children – and work with that. Brainstorm it as you will have even better ideas than that. This will work. Why? Children always win.

  16. Hi again Ms. Adams!
    Loved the live video on YouTube. Thank you for that!
    I have another question for you- my Venus is at 29 Cap and Ceres is at 29 Libra. I see that on it around the 28th of May, Mercury and Vesta conjunct the North Node. What aspect of my life will be affected and how? From where I stand, all I feel is stuck!
    Thanks in advance!

    1. Thank you, I will pass that on to Kyra, Penny and Asporea. You are a really good natural astrologer, by the way. I mentioned children to you in another reply and that answer holds. Ceres was the mother of Proserpina (a passionate mother) and was also involved in the fate of another child. Ceres in Libra in your Seventh House is about marriage, or a legally recognised partnership. Everything you need to decide comes from that question about parenthood, adoption, stepchildren and so on. You have an exact Proserpina-Jupiter square from Leo, the Fifth House. Look up the Fifth House when you finish reading this, as you ‘live’ there and right after things are on 29 degrees they move to 1, then 2 degrees. That point is triggered in your chart.

  17. I just watched the YouTube, thank you! If I understand correctly how stelliums works, I have one in Scorpio (Saturn, Pluto, Vesta, Minerva, South Node), Sagittarius (Uranus, Fortuna, Bacchus, ASC) and Gemini. I’m a Leo sun born in 1985 and no factors at 29. My Gemini factors are
    13°  Gemini 22′ 24″
    16°  Gemini 27′ 12″
    04°  Gemini 42′ 14″
    13°  Gemini 30′ 59″

    As things start to reopen in the U.S. I’m planning to move across country (it’s been in the works for over a year, and was put on hold when things got crazy in March). I’m wondering if this is good or bad timing in Gemini season?

    1. Thank you. Yes, you have a stellium in Gemini so Gemini Season strongly affects you. You want to move across America and are thinking about timing – good question. Avoid June and July. Mercury Retrograde, from shadow to shadow, brings delays, standstills and reversals for virtually both months. There will be great uncertainty about housing prices and mortgage interest rates as Mercury is going backwards in Cancer and the Fourth House of your chart which rules property and real estate. Rentals too. June and July are a really big ask! August is much better. But let’s look at what else is going on. Do you have children? You don’t say. Yet, children or teenagers are an important part of the story now. Perhaps you have godchildren, nieces, nephews or you have work involving young school or college students. I don’t think you can get to the house or apartment question without looking at this first. As a Leo your Sun is in the Fifth House, which rules parenting, teaching, substitute parenting, the entertainment and needs of a younger generation, children’s charities, the education of teenagers or young adults and so on. You shine here. There is something so precious and special about these younger faces. You need to go into their world and really start to weigh the value of what they represent to you, before you get to this substantial question about where to live, and how to live. All in good time. But as I said, there is something sliding or unstable about property as Mercury backtracks. Be aware of that. Astrology is just one tool in the toolkit of your life, though, so the ultimate choices should be made with a financial or realty professional and your own instincts.

  18. ThankU so much Jessica. U are correct and have given me straight answers. I really appreciate your insightful and professional astrology help. BlessU. Kind regards merez

  19. I have been fascinated for a long time with country and global astrology. 19 years ago, the last Gemini node season started in October(?) when the world was reacting to Sept11th. That period led to major changes in airline security/travel, new terrorism and big brother laws (patriot act), new concepts and language – “war on terror”. Those areas resonate with what you have highlighted as relevant to Gemini. The global reaction to the corona virus will last for many months/years and bring long term changes. Of particular interest to me is what the Gemini node season can tell us about international relations will they move in a positive or challenging direction. Hoping for collaboration #TeamAquarius .

    1. Absolutely right about the 9/11 terrorist attacks in Gemini Season last time, and the huge impact on domestic short-haul flights across America (where the problems began). Gemini rules that kind of travel. The full Gemini cycle of 2001 ran from October 14th that year, so about one month after the attacks. It did not stop until April 14th 2003. What happened led to a global security crackdown at airports, as we know. I am beginning to wonder if the boom in cheap domestic flights was not a reaction to that, as the airlines dropped prices to encourage people to fly again. I need to check on that because you have got me thinking. If a plethora of cheap flights, globally, on airlines like EasyJet and Ryan Air and so on, saw the Climate Emergency ramp up, because of Carbon Emissions, we are now at a time of reckoning. The other issue I am thinking about here, and I do thank you for your comment, is – the longitude and latitude lines of the COVID-19 outbreak. Scientists have been looking at this in a story covered by the South China Morning Post. If you know airline routes then you’re looking at a really intriguing map. Gemini rules mapping. A previous Gemini North Node cycle in 1854 saw the cholera pandemic solved, in London, by a doctor who was also using cartography to track the outbreak. Maybe #TeamAquarius can help us…

  20. Thanks Jessica. No kids, though I hope to have them some day and have wondered if that’s a piece of why I’m being called to move. I will be moving away from family (mom and grandparents). I do think the place I will be moving will have great changes in rental properties in the near future – I just feel as though it keeps getting pushed back and I feel behind in some way. Thank you for the reply – I would love more episodes likes this in the future!

    1. Thank you. Join us for the Stonehenge Eclipse Astrology event on 20th, 21st June – on YouTube again, Twitter and Meetups. You’d be very welcome.

  21. Jessica
    is it true that there is a chance for Premium Members to win a reading with you? If so (then yay!! so amazing!) and how do we sign up? Also, I wanted to know if the Aesculpia i have at 15 Gemini will be triggered on June 5 specifically in some way because the sun is 15 Gemini?

    1. Yes, you can go into the running to win a reading with me – you need to enter at The Great Big Book Club. I hope I have that link correct. Yes, your Aesculapia will be highlighted so an old project or piece of equipment may come back from the brink, or even an old means of transport (Gemini rules your Third House of plans, paperwork, computers, multimedia but also cars, trains and buses). This actually happens every year in June.

  22. Hi Jessica
    Can you please tell me how these placements will affect me going forward?
    Also, I applied for a completely different job on 25/3/20 , the day after our boss just stood us down without any warnings!
    Eventually about a month later I received an email stating he was applying for the Jobkeeper allowance.
    However it’s just come to the point where I just don’t want to work there any more. We will,probably have to return to work in a couple of weeks I think. He made it clear that anyone who didn’t turn up when he said would not have a job.
    Sorry to ramble on, but I got a very good feeling with this new part time casual job (and I am happy to say that I do meet the criteria], but obviously because of covid19 I have not heard anything yet.
    Could this be all part of what is going on?
    Many many thanks Jessica for your wonderful effort in everything that you do.

    1. Maria, you are in the change zone of Uranus in Taurus (salary) in a major way. You are also having Pluto and Jupiter (transformation and long-term improvement) in your career zone. So, double whammy. You have to ask yourself how you feel about changes at the top. This is not real yet, but it could be. There could so easily be a dramatic reshuffle. Sometimes people just go, or are moved sideways. This is really about your boss (the old one) or the new boss (at the new casual job) or – if the position makes you in charge, it will be about you yourself, replacing someone else. Whenever that kind of switch happens there is always a scattered group. Life hands people lemons on such occasions and they have to make lemonade. Yet it is your choice. It’s only a possibility out there. Ask yourself what you would do if the top job changed hands and how you would feel. That’s in the air.

  23. Hi Jessica, it was great to hear you and Penny on You Tube. Listening to Penny’s thoughts on how the Gemini season will affect the Cardinal signs and when she discussed the Cancer/Cap, she mentioned about a health issue that will be made aware so that it can be taken care of. Looking back at what happened in October 2001, I remember not feeling well one day and going to the ER and getting 4 units of blood as I was no anemic and would have not known how serious it was. Someone saw me and asked if I was ok because my pupils seemed different and I was not focused when conducting a meeting. That is what made me go to the doc then if I vaguely remember the details. Is this something you see in my chart as we cross a similar period?

    1. Thank you. Penny is a very good astrologer. Will your anaemia return? You saw a doctor and presumably you have treated it and been careful about avoiding any more episodes. Health and wellness in general? Yes, you have the North Node in Gemini in your solar Sixth House of health so you will be taken back to 2001, 2002 by January 2022. Yet, these returns are usually not literal. So you don’t get anaemia again, because you had it treated and are now using preventative health care. But a similar issue about not being aware, not being alert – about a body issue – may indeed be your return lesson. Hopefully you learned that last time, so if something does come up now, you’ll be the first to investigate. I have to say, if you can get a general check-up now you may as well; we all need to get one, if we can!

  24. Hi Jessica are you able to give me some insights in what the Gemini weather could mean for my personal chart … thank you ,

    1. Born with Fortuna and Cupido in Leo in the Fifth House you benefit from the natural brilliance and radiance of children – and even grown-up children, actually, so born from 1988 or thereabouts onwards. This period, with the South Node in Sagittarius (trine your Leo factors) may actually be about a baby, though, or a small child’s success. The cycle is over by January 2022, but as the South Node in Sagittarius forms these patterns, you could be at a dazzling turning point. I have seen daughters achieve great school results for proud mothers on these cycles, and godchildren being appointed. There is also the prospect of teaching, mentoring, coaching or guiding a younger face, to tremendous success.

  25. Hi Jessica! Very happy to have joined your Gemini Season YouTube presentation today as it was superb with you having Penny Thornton and Kyra Oser to round out the astrology and tarot for May June. I salute you in providing this astrology meeting for free to the world. I have a plethora of planets in Gemini and I know throughout my life that certain years are lit up for me and based on following you I know see why. I am having a nodal return this year and with those planets being pinged over the next 18 months what can you see happening? I can tell you in the past month with working from home very isolated has affected my ability to be productive and happy with my work.

    1. Thanks so much for joining us and I am grateful for the salute. I bet you are really feeling the massive pressure of being at home by yourself. You have that kind of chart and it has not been easy. Fortunately we are having gentle waves of lifted restrictions, hopefully with the result that we’re not going to blow the second wave by doing too much, too soon. Okay. You need to negotiate with a man who is representative of Pluto and Jupiter in Capricorn. He’s the boss. He may be your boss, actually. You have Ops and Salacia, two key horoscope factors, also in Capricorn (achievement, goals, ambition, position) in your Tenth House. Pluto and Jupiter are orbiting there. In fact Jupiter is the son of Ops, so there’s a mythological story taking place. The Romans tell us that Ops was clever and cunning enough to get what she wanted from her husband, in her own interests, and in the interests of her son. You are now being asked to lean on Ops in Capricorn in the Tenth House of your chart and box clever with a heavyweight. Be really clear about what you want. He is accessible. Formidable but accessible. Strike a deal. Jupiter is here. There is an opportunity, and in fact more than one, until November 2020. If you don’t get what you want from him the first time, find another mountain to climb and go for that peak instead. Yet – you’ll find a listening ear there. You just need to see life as he sees it. What does he want?

  26. Hi Jessica,
    I’ve just watched the Premiere event on Youtube – thank you for that. I have the Moon and Psyche in Gemini, Sun in Sagittarius and 29 Virgo factor in Pluto. I’m definitely feeling the pressure in a marriage relationship – like something has to happen, or something has to give: stay or go, make it work or give it up. Feels like it has been building incrementally since 2001 when our first child was born. I crave freedom, but is fleeing wise? Do you have any insights for me?

    1. Thank you, I will pass that on to James, Justin, Kyra and Penny. The South Node just moved into Sagittarius and your Ninth House of travel and relocation. You were born with the Sun and Neptune in Sagittarius, the sign of The Happy Wanderer. (‘I love to go a wandering, my knapsack on my back’) If you are going to take a big leap into the unknown please listen to that little voice that suggests you watch where you are going. You crave freedom and want to flee. I think you are practically at the bags packed stage. You have not had this cycle for 19 years and if leaving makes you feel this liberated, confident, alive, connected, joyous – then leave. You must be sensible though. Don’t just go blindly (Neptune can be rather dreamy) into an unknown future. Voices of caution are not boring and do not cramp your style. They go with you. You may have a friend like this or family member who can keep up with you on the phone or online, once you’re off. I do not want you to get this wrong, so please look at the many, many different ways there are, for you to get the space you need and the new places. Above all, the new places. If life is a map there is more than one route and way more than just one destination. I also think you need to look at baggage you are carrying. Only take what you need. Give yourself a second opinion please as it’s your life not mine – use your Astrology Oracle cards and guidebook to help you make this massive decision.

  27. Hi Jessica, just wondering if you could take a look at my chart please? I’m a premium member and would love to know more on this. Thanks

    1. Sure. You have Mars and Hygiea in Aquarius in the Eleventh House of your horoscope which rules groups, involving friends. I am sure you have one in particular full of precious people, all so valuable in their own way. A good World Cup football team can be like that. Saturn has moved into Aquarius and your Eleventh House for the first time in 29 years. Maintenance is required. One person may be thinking of leaving or slipping away. This may affect the next person along, and so on. A domino effect. Hygiea is about taking care of situations so you prevent things from happening, before there is any chance they can. So connect and communicate. Look at each of these people in turn and ask yourself what they need to be fulfilled. A bit of work and effort is required with this particular circle, and I would suggest some reconstruction and rearrangement. That way you’ll love 2021 more.

  28. Hi Jessica, I have conjunctions both nodes. Chiron exact north and Uranus wide south which is then wide conjunct moon. I get a feeling this is going to potentially be big. I work in healthcare, was a trauma instructor (taught advanced first aid courses) now considering studying next few years as want to do further postgrad research in trauma/psychology. Intuitively I feel this is a good time for research as can draw on my experience and insights; however wondering if sensible given financial climate. I’m very lucky as comfortable enough at the moment: however research would mean going into debt (unless I manage to gain a scholarship), and therefore risk personal security to contribute to helping many others heal from trauma in the long term through developing new treatment protocols that aren’t only based on physical trauma and suppressive medication…. and hopefully change the way we approach trauma. I may have the answer from Chiron: blazing success or crash and burn! Am I on the right track with my interpretation? Decisions! Thank you if you are able to respond.

    1. There is a great deal of speed and heat in the situation around you at the moment. Mars is at 5 Pisces and you have a huge cluster at 6 degrees. Mars is racing towards 6 Pisces and so this is a useful time to breathe, slow down and encourage others to do the same. It’s action stations now but that is not always wise. There is a family tree involved here. I am not sure if it is yours or somebody else’s but there is strong change affecting that family. We are racing towards an eclipse in Cancer in your Fourth House, on the Summer Solstice around June 20th, 21st as well. Before you even get to these questions about a research career which involves debt – and involves work you completely believe in, with trauma survivors – you need to deal with Mars. You also have natal Mars at 14 Scorpio in your Eighth House of banks, loans and income and Uranus (stormy weather) is moving towards an opposition with Mars when he gets to 14 Taurus. That’s not far off. In stormy weather, economically, it is best to centre, focus and ground. I can also see how the arrival of the South Node in Sagittarius in your Ninth House of academia is affecting things. You have Uranus and Neptune in Sagittarius and so are as gripped by a vision, as you are by a mission. Passion is a fantastic thing and the world needs heroines to fight the good fight. At the same time what we have here is an unstable, unpredictable and wild atmosphere. You only get Uranus opposing your Mars once in your lifetime. I would put the kettle on, light a candle and use your journal and your Astrology Oracle cards to really get to the bottom of this. The family tree being basically blown sideways is an issue all by itself, no matter if it’s yours or another person’s. The atmosphere in your world now, is much too Mars-y and a little bit Uranus! I am sure you know all about Mars. Look at your core intentions again. Check in with what is going on around you, because it’s like the start of some kind of cyclone. I am not sure if you have stirred this up or somebody else has. Get to the absolute heart of what you are going for and ask yourself if there are other ways to get there, or if you do in fact have the luxury of waiting for smoother and calmer conditions to decide.

  29. Jessica!
    When I asked you for the new moon intention as it lands on my natal jupiter, you replied- this is the time to ask ‘How can I communicate most effectively, for my good, and the good of others?’
    Interesting, with jupiter in my solar third house and pluto being resident there for so many years, I have sure learnt this lesson about communication! What is intetesting is the ascendant of my social media platform is at 2 gemini and I am using it to work on a specific purpose but most importantly use my voice impactfully which many a plutonians tried to crush.
    Thank you.

    1. Your voice is the key – and forget the Pluto people. They are going nowhere fast or have already exited stage left. Keep your voice strong and keep developing it, across different mediums and media.

  30. Hi

    Thank you for the event, Jessica.

    I have a stellium in Gemini. What do you predict for me?

    This time in 2001, I have just started my married life in Sydney. I now understand that there were a lot of things concealed from me, especially where my husband (ex now) went away at nights. Once my marriage was over mother in law told me to stop him going out at night. She got upset that he still slipped out at nights. A new wife didn’t make him stay at home. Something outside seemed attractive to him. She was very mean to me about me not being able to stop him from going out at night.

    Now, when I think about his family, it was more like a cult, very conservative. The mother (Scorpio Asc, Pluto in Leo, Moon in Sag opposite my Gemini moon, Venus in Aquarius opposite my Leo Venue & Sun in Pisces) broke me down to fit in her cult. I was young and I had a child-like naive quality. Years later I figured out that he had a chronic gambling addiction. 10+ years I suffered with him all alone, brought him to WA, helped him to get over the habit and helped him to establish a decent lifestyle, found a federal gov job etc. I have been the life force to make him grow.

    He never was appreciative of me for anything. He belittled me. His family and he repeatedly said: “all happened after he married you.” I put so much effort for nothing into this man, Jessica. I ditched him finally. Time to time I write to you about this. I have a lot of questions circling my mind. How I contribute to this misery is shocking. I never uttered a word to my family about what was going on. I concealed the shame. I did not ask for help. It was self-sabotage.

    When I first moved to Australia in Aug 2001, I wanted to bring my parents and continue to study. None of it happened. I had to mother another woman’s child who never grew up. It is a regret that I could not do a lot for my kids as I was so broken by this man and his family saga.

    Hell hath no fury like a scorned woman. I had him evicted by police with a restraining order and separated since 2017.

    First thing I did, care for the real children I had and care for myself. I had symptoms of PTSD for a while and I felt the road to recovery is long.

    Now, I am making arrangments to bring my mother here and to look after her. Before dying my father said to take her with me. I finally get to fulfil that wish. I want to study too, a degree in communication was in my mind. What do you see for me?

    You are somehow related to my growth since 2015 that’s when I found Jessica Adams. You said a few words, I have taken it seriously. They never failed me. Thank you. Saru

    1. Saru, I am sorry you have been put through this and I am not surprised you had PTSD. You want to study – good – and you are past the horrid mother-son situation now. You must have been so scared and have been so brave. Well done. Keep looking after yourself with meditation and some kind of daily exercise. And funny books and DVDs. And music. Let’s look at your chart in Gemini Season. The world is switched to ‘restart’ in 2020 and so are you. The South Node is in Sagittarius and your Ninth House, which you can look up after you finish reading this. You have Neptune at 3 Sagittarius – a symbol of escaping from the real world into a special and different space – the stuff of which dreams are made of – certainly vacations for the mind. For the first time in 19 years (about when you went through that saga with your former partner) this cycle is back to reward you. It is very important that you look at who and what succeeds. Right now. This may be you. It may be a colleague, employer, lecturer or contemporary. Whenever we see tremendous success – victory – we need to learn from it and repeat it. This is happening now. If you have been accepted into a course, celebrate it and learn to repeat what you did right. If someone else has won a promotion or award, use them as a role model, guide or mentor. You can and will achieve everything you want to in the world of ideas, books, communication, and related areas. You will do it by making the most of what you have achieved right now, or what someone else has just achieved. It’s a champagne moment. Look at Neptune in Sagittarius in your Ninth House too because living that out, brings you the dream. There is a touch of Dead Poet’s Society about this. That is a hugely inspiring film for students and teachers. And thank you for being here for the last five years, that is an enormous compliment!

  31. Afternoon Jessica, Penny and Kyra. Thank you for a great show! Like the reader above, I am eternally grateful to have found you around the same time. In the last 10 days, I’ve been revisiting my past career as a trainer, coach and all the work I was doing circa 2001 – 2003 onwards. This was a dynamic time, travelling the world, making a difference, and standing in my power. I think back and think I really did have balls of steel to take on the man’s world, and be training and coaching them.

    The last 7 years, circumstances coupled with fear, have let me playing very very small. I’m the first to honest and acknowledge I’m nearly invisible really, hiding out in the grey hairs, security of my home since re-locating in 2015 with my little one, as you know. Partly healing from the PTSD from the ex, and never wanting to be so public that someone could take my identity down again. A story, you have shared wisdom on over the years.

    An observation I made was during official lockdown was that it wasn’t at all restrictive, or limiting because I have been living like this for years. In a tiny bubble, safe, and a world away from toxicity that does invade my life every now and again. The last ten days, as I mentioned, I have been a flurry of consuming what’s out there in my old workspace on the web. I am hungry to ‘ be more’, reach more, teaching and making an impact and difference like I used to. Leaving the questions I left on the forum to one side, about launching a business on the 30th June 20, today after listening to your podcast I sat, asked my guides/ ancestors to help me pull a Tarot card to take what community I would serve if I pulled back the covers, and exposed myself to the world; training, leading and serving and empowering others online in a virtual training community on Facebook either for single mothers who want to be entrepreneurs or any female entrepreneur. The first thing that I heard in my mind were the words “Becoming again’. I wrote that down. The card I pulled was Nine of Pentacles. Second time in two weeks I’ve pulled the same card. Staring deeply into the image, I can see that I like many woman business entrepreneurs & single mothers can get lost in the reverie of their daydreams of wishing, wanting more, wanting to get out of their stuckness, wanting to be free. To be more. To be empowered. To stand up and own their spot at the table. To re-build their identity. To be who they think and know they could be but are plagued, riddled and challenged with questions self worth, self loathing, not being sure who they are any more. They don’t have a community, to really share, be nutured, to be restored, a space to breathe where the community and connection could combust them into a better place. Whatever that is for them. This was a space I craved on my journey that wasn’t there. I needed someone to hear me, get me, see me, serve me to re-build, be stronger, to help me process my shame, grief, self -loathing, judgement, to believe in myself again. That’s what your site did for me. It served as a breathing space, no matter where you are in the world, that reminded me of the common human experiences we all share. While I was staring at the Nine of Pentacles I became aware of a song playing that continually repeated. ” Let me give you One please of Advice. BE HONEST “.

    So, I wrote that down that little nugget of gold. I think the song is telling me I need to tell elements of my story to connect, share, empower and transform others who have potentially lost themselves in the identity trap of who they think they are, being told they are, or any other identity trap they believe to be true. Some of the most successful people I’ve met and worked with over the years, with all the external success, money in the world were not always being honest with themselves and owning their own lostness, self- loathing, and self- judgement that rages within.

    Am I heading in the right direction with my Gem/ Sag, to explore relaunching my identity, and others, helping to serve them globally via the new technology that weren’t possible to use to build, share human connection. That fact that I can teach without having to FLY anywhere and be in my own home, but still be as high touch as the work I was doing one: one and one- to-many in 2001- 2003, is amazing. I just get the leave behind the slog of security, jetlag, the sameness of hotels and living out a suitcase for weeks at a time. I can BE home, free to stand up and serve from the heart to help others re-define who they are, re-launch, re-discover and pivot in this new world we are all in together.

    1. Thank you. You are setting sail on the Sagittarius-Gemini currents, which are very new, designed to educate millions, actually, in a brand new way – and totally going to change the agenda. People who used to value shopping will value learning. Your chart is connected to that. This peculiar year is really a perfect storm of Uranus in Taurus (global economic shock) and Neptune in Pisces (the bubble you are so used to, which others are just discovering). It is also about the North Node in Gemini and South Node in Sagittarius, so the computer and telephone innovations, like Google Meet, paired with Sagittarius and all its knowledge and ‘travel in the mind. Your Diana and Vulcano in Leo in the Fifth House are the key. You could easily educate, inform, mentor, guide and entertain children or young people. I don’t know if you have pinpointed that, but younger faces (young enough, or old enough, to be your own children) are the key. Be Queen to a younger court. You need to ground this in the right place and that will take research. Think about where this is going to grow. Facebook may be quite wrong as so many parents are unhappy to let teenagers on there and of course, small children. You need to own your throne, do your Leo, and use the stunning trines from the South Node in Sagittarius and Chiron in Aries, to the Moon in Leo, every month until January 2022. This goes straight through your Fifth House of mentoring and teaching, substitute parenting and influencing. I am sure you realise the market is students and schoolchildren. This is global – Scotland has just ruled that no children are to go back to school for months. A second wave in any country will ensure home education or tutoring becomes liquid gold! Yet – there are so many ways to do this. It doesn’t have to bear a particular label. You can create it. Look up Leo, Fifth House, Diana, Vulcano, and go from there. But I think – Diana.

  32. Hi Jessica, I would really appreciate your insight on my chart please. I am most concerned about my oldest child and the social impact on lockdown (she’ll be 14 in Nov). She is where my mind is going more than anything elseI would so value some insight from you. Thank you xx

    1. Absolutely. It is so tough for a thirteen-year-old girl to deal with being at home and also being so curtailed in the outside world. There is a boy, a good student, who is never far from a good book as well. He has some money to spend or donate and he’s the key. This is a friendship, perhaps even a dashing knight in shining armour (crush worthy). Don’t worry. He has good ideas and some quite strong goals and she could easily become involved. The environment, gardening, the great outdoors are all slowly becoming accessible in 2020 (space!) and he is really interested in that.

  33. Hi Jessica,

    Not sure if you saw my question, it’s still awaiting moderation?
    Thanks 🙂

    1. Just going through these new questions now, with a cup of tea – hopefully it will be a little further down, thank you for your patience.

  34. Hi Jessica, my first time on the Meetup. Thanks to all 3 of you for the YouTube on Gemini season. So clearly explained, each of you complementing the others style.

    So in a nutshell, Ive worked hard on recovering from an old relationship with a narcissist ex who is father to my child.
    The time feels right to move on. I’m thinking of committing to a new relationship and possibly moving abroad to my ancestors homeland. I work in adult education so I wonder if I’ll be able to maintain financial independence. Also we’d be merging 2 families. I have 1 child, he has 4 teens.

    Q Should I bite the bullet, do it or am I likely to be going down a rabbit hole with my child becoming a casualty? Any helpful strategies so I stay true to myself and finally make a relationship decision that is good for my wellbeing and all involved!
    Sending love and light x

    1. Thank you so much, I will pass that on to Penny and Kyra. I am sorry you have had the very hard work of dealing with a narcissist. We’ve all had them in our lives, male and female, and it’s beyond belief, isn’t it, until you realise it’s a condition! You are wondering about a new relationship, moving, keeping your job and merging two families. You are concerned about your child. Okay let’s look at this now. The project, idea or plan is the most important thing. You can figure out the rest later. Is this a course you have been teaching in adult education, or a concept or proposal? It needs to be grounded in the right environment as soon as possible. Sometimes grant applications are like this or job applications. You have so much potential abundance here but it needs to be made real, grounded and brought down to earth. Finding the right home for what is so promising is crucial. Some situations can feel like a gift from the gods; you have Minerva at 15 Gemini in the Third House and you are in a cycle not seen in 19 years when the North Node is going to cross right over that. In fact by the end of July just about everything will have triggered Minerva, a symbol of wisdom and brilliance – in Gemini – always online or in writing, sometimes behind a microphone. Do the research to find out where something special can land safely and take root, because it will thrive and prosper. It may indeed be in your ancestors’ homeland or perhaps another location entirely but time is of the essence. This Gemini weather is racing ahead now.

  35. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for all your work. You are amazing.
    Could you, please tell me how the Gemini season will influence my life? On February 4th I was laid off and with this pandemic nobody is hiring yet. Plus, I am alone, separated which makes my life even harder…

    Thank you,

    1. Alina I am so sorry you were laid off in February. I completely understand how you must be feeling, and very sorry you are doing this by yourself at the moment. Let’s see what is going on, and what you can do. You have Aesculapia at 29 Gemini and the North Node is passing 29 Gemini for the first time in 19 years. In fact just about everything goes across there. Aesculapia is that side of you which can work miracles and revive what was on its way out. In Gemini, in the Third House, you will be at your most resourceful with the world of ideas. This feels to me like you will be teaching or learning. Perhaps both at the same time. Don’t worry about being by yourself just for now. You are actually better off without the distraction of a relationship as you have a really demanding but rewarding couple of months ahead. Something about yourself or what you do, online, with words, images, ideas, communication in all its forms – was never over. You are connected to something greater than yourself. You could call it semi-channelling actually. Own your power. Set your desk or table up for work, please, and also for money coming in. I have absolutely no idea what you do for a living, or have been trained in or educated in…but you only get one transit like this once in 19 years. Aesculapia in Gemini in the Third House is your focus now. You can look that up on Search or in your guidebooks when you’ve finished reading this. There will be one very fulfilling relationship, perhaps a solid gold friendship, perhaps something more, but it will only be as important as the idea, the plan, and the money. You are going to spring back to life and you have what it takes to command respect and also to interest and intrigue others. A natural teacher actually.

  36. Hi Jessica,
    I have Saturn in Gemini. Please can you look at my chart and see how the New Moon will affect me.

    1. Of course, Agnes. You are actually picking up Saturn in Aquarius in your Eleventh House of friendships and groups. You have a huge stellium there and so female friendship in particular is central to your life. The New Moon in Gemini in your Third House of connection and communication is ideally placed here, and Saturn tells you this is more than just a Twitter tribe or a social cluster. You have serious purpose here. This feels like a commitment, or a re-commitment. It’s solid. It will also take you into 2021 which could be incredible for this group. You are all very different but give each other space. Of course one of you may be male, but this feels female to me. Take this as far as it can go, you can do all sorts of things.

  37. Hi Jessica

    Thanks for all the content you’re pumping out the moment. I love it!

    In 1983 I started high school and my dad and step mum married, nothing else major stands out. In May 2001 I had my 3rd daughter in a space of 4 years, was in a chaotic relationship and I think (I was very sleep deprived, so don’t quote me) in October 2001 my middle daughter was diagnosed with a speech problem making communication difficult. Even though she can speak perfectly now, expressing herself can often be tough for her. This is the only Gemini thing I can think of.

    Personally though, do you see much for me? Life has felt for while, even pre COVID, like I’m in a holding pattern.


    1. Sharlene, your previous North Node in Gemini transit in 2001 resulted in a daughter with a speech problem. You had to be her teacher and mentor, along with (presumably) a speech therapist. That is karma and you knew each other in a previous life. It is possible that last time round the issue between you was about talking, being silenced, communication, deafness and so on. There is now karma coming back the other way. It is her turn to help you. Perhaps your middle daughter is the one to assist with the ever-changing internet! But you are ‘owed’ karmically and something will be settled by 2022.

  38. Hi Jessica,
    I have a lot of planets and asteroids in Gemini and I was born with venus retrograde in gemini, too. Can you please take a look at my chart?
    Thank you very much and congratulations for the beautiful podcast

    1. Thank you! What you will find is that the project, plan, concept, course or idea which took off (in your mind, anyway) in April 2020, goes through twists and turns until the end of July. Venus rules women, so one woman in particular may have been twisting and turning, or slow, or stuck. She may have thwarted a process. What I would say about your Gemini stellium and this current Venus Retrograde is that this is the best dress rehearsal you will ever experience. April-July is about your first, second, third and possibly fourth attempt. Be patient and kind to yourself. Ultimately what you end up with after July will be part of your long-term karma and destiny. It will also bring some kind of closure or full circle with a loop that began in 2001, 2002 and also involved your way with words, ideas or images.

  39. Hi Jessica
    Couldn’t make it yesterday but just watched it now on YouTube. It’s brilliant! Love the 3 of you together. Jessica how will this Gemini season impact me pls?
    Thank you x

    1. Thank you! We are the Bananarama of astrology and Tarot. Let’s see what is in store for you on Gemini Season. Neptune in Pisces is actually a bigger deal, in your personal birth chart. Sometimes a relationship can be so precious but so confusing. In fact, solid gold relationships often do not fit any category. Rather than wasting time and energy pondering the imponderables, it’s so much better to act! To change, to move, to take the relationship and put it somewhere that it might actually be really valuable. There is a tremendous amount of escapism in distraction. It can go on for years but the tide of time creeps up. Life is too short, isn’t it? Far better to go for what is real, grounded, normal and ordinary – reality is sometimes far, far better than a vacation from reality, which is what this particular relationship is.

  40. Thank you Jessica for taking the time to have a look at my chart! Wow! Was not expecting that.. completely missed my radar. I don’t have children unless count the fur variety? I consider raising kids an very important responsibility so have been really fussy with partners and how they want to raise kids, so I cannot relate to the family tree unless there won’t be any new additions? I’m happy either way. This pandemic ‘weather’ is affecting everyone but my living family are healthy and still working so siblings finding it tough with mortgages but financially just doing ok (hmmm nodes.. my mother died in May 2000, 19 years ago when I was still at school.. I was the rock of the family holding everyone together as even extended family were totally dis-functional at the time but with a bit of effort and understanding over the years we respect each other and now are very close: so hopefully have built up positive karma now! I even work with my sister! Hence ‘passion’ for helping people overcome trauma because it is possible!!!!). The only ’Mars’ I can relate a cyclone effect to might be my ex? He left a few years ago and has married since but that isn’t going well as he has PTSD and doesn’t cope with change. He rang early this year as was really struggling after the sudden death of a friend but then after contacting me decided to block me a month later as didn’t want to upset his separated wife fearing he might jeopardise custody of their daughter??!! I don’t know if he is still separated or trying to give his marriage another go? I wished him the best of luck and was excited for him when he got married, however his life has spun out of control since. I wouldn’t wish what he has gone through in his life on anyone and I was really hoping he finally had a happy little family. I don’t know how to get in contact so cannot check in on this ‘unpredictable’ mars… if indeed it might be him? I hope everything is ok. This is a challenging time for a lot of people. I don’t think there is anything I can do so agree with put the kettle on, I have quite the tea collection! No point worrying about something you have zero control over.. Unless something totally unexpected is coming… In which case thank you for the alert!!! I’ll be extra cautious the next few months and make sure I am the calm in the eye of the storm. If a cyclone is coming, won’t be me creating unnecessary drama stirring things up. A few bonus extra few things to think about. Nameste.

    1. The family tree is the issue here, because your mother passed away 19 years ago, and now we have the North Node in Gemini and South Node in Sagittarius, for the first time in 19 years. I hope you can see how important this is. You work with your sister. Your former partner is also ‘family’ I guess and here we have a man who rang you a few months ago then blocked you. I think he is probably your Mars transit. I don’t have your full birth chart in front of me so the timing may be slightly out – I am predicting what is going to happen, not what is happening. But your mother is the key. The Node cycle.

  41. Hi Jessica,

    Love the events and community you have created. I’m a bit late to the comments, if you do get to read this I am wondering what an IC at 24 Gemini would mean for this season, my other Gemini factors are at 7º and 13º so not affected by the dates above. Also have Sun at 29º Aries.

    Also, just looked up 1854 in Australia (wikipedia) – there was revolution in technology – first telegraph line, two major newspapers start plus rebellion and riots, the present looks very much like the past revisiting. It is amazing how this works!

    All the best for Gemini season x

    1. Thank you so much. You must come back for our Stonehenge Eclipse Astrology 2020 event on YouTube and we will be answering more questions on June 20th and 21st as well. Maggie Hyde will lend her thoughts to that, which will be very interesting as she is a bestselling author as well as one of the world’s most accomplished astrologers and lecturers. Thank you for checking 1854 in Australia – I had no idea about those newspapers and the telegraph line. Textbook astrology for a North Node in Gemini cycle. Your stellium in Gemini in the Third House is less important than your Leo factors, being opposed by Saturn for the first time in 29 years, and then Jupiter, and then finally Pluto. So it’s your Fifth House, which rules babies, infants, schoolchildren, teenagers and younger people as a whole – Millennials or Gen Y. This Leo pattern is also about to be trined by the South Node in Sagittarius for the first time in 19 years and sextiled by the North Node in Gemini. The brilliance and importance of younger faces is a huge story.

  42. Hello Jessica, thank you for these node podcasts and writes. Just wondering , is it unusual to have nodes not at the same degree to any other planet or asteroid. Do their effects become minimised then? I have N and S nodes in Libra and Aries and they hang alone at together at 5.54 degrees. No other planet / asteroid is at that degree , not even at an orb of one. Is this strange please? Thank you.

    1. Just for anyone else reading the comments about our YouTube Premiere here – we did talk a lot about the North Node in Gemini and South Node in Sagittarius. The Nodes show past lives, repetition in this lifetime, karma and a lifetime of closure. Unless they are aspected, or at the same degree, as other chart factors, they don’t dominate.

  43. Hello Jessica, thank you for these node podcasts and writes.
    Just wondering , is it unusual to have nodes not at the same degree to any other planet or asteroid. Do their effects become minimised then? I have N and S nodes in Libra and Aries and they hang alone at together at 5.54 degrees. No other planet / asteroid is at that degree , not even at an orb of one. Is this strange please? Thank you.

    1. North Node and South Node, unaspected, tend not to be so important – just because you don’t get all-encompassing events. The patterns in the chart which are tightly connected across more than one zodiac sign and house, tell a story. It is often a dramatic story and it repeats. Unaspected planets, nodes, angles or points are just like unconnected chapters!

  44. Thank you so much Jessica, I think I know who it is…he’s lovely. Relief. Thank you.

  45. Yes!! So much of what you write makes sense – we plan to relocate in the next 12 months and hopefully find our people and a sense of belonging there. I’ve definitely closed off and processed after sitting with disappointment and hurt (and a dash of anger) particularly last year and early 2020 around one-way friendships. It’s been a profoundly lonely time but I’m choosing to only invest wisely now, in thoughts and people, which I think is positive… Life within my four walls (or the people at least, esp my Taurus other half ) is as you say ‘solid gold’. Although the disruption and stop-start on a material level has been a challenge, I have to say I’m feeling a sense of peace I have struggled to find at times in my life. My newborn Pisces has helped me tap into that zen. Thank you kindly Jessica, you’re the best 🙂

    1. Well done for making it through these cycles as unfortunately you have to find out who your real friends are. On the plus side – you really do! The solid gold people are worth it. Thank you, for your thank you.The future looks so interesting with your new property – you will treat it as a challenge and a reward – lots of time and energy required, but so worth it.

  46. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you so much for this site, it’s the first thing I do when I wake up and I can’t tell you how much comfort your forecasts have given me in some really tough times. So thank you, I download every report, and so look forward to the weekly forecasts with the Lenormand cards. And I mark all the dates in the calendar, but I have just generally come to enjoy learning more about astrology!

    My question: I had a reading by an American astrologer recently and I asked if my husband and I would have children, she told me she would be surprised if I have kids because of my 5th house. I have definitely been in a bit of a stuck cycle for the last 19 years—but hopefully nearing the end by the time May finishes. I can feel a bit of a shift.

    I would love to know if you see children for me—as I am so ready for it. I feel like my husband and I are at a bit of a pivitol point, where I want to settle and have kids. Anything you see with the upcoming gemini season and how it will affect this would be much appreciated!

    1. Thank you so much, I will pass that on to Jodi who designs so many of those features you are reading. You would like to have children and will have two opportunities. One by January 2022. Another, after the year 2026, when you can ‘have’ children in your life without necessarily giving birth to them. So, godchildren or young nieces and nephews. The 2026 period is revolutionary and from 2030 you realise younger faces are the radical change you needed to liberate you. Yet, if you have children by January 2022, strangely enough, you are taken back to the karma of 2001, and get some soul closure then.

  47. Thank you Jessica. So I don’t have past influences which is yay but I think I opened a box of unknowns here. I am a 0 deg Aries Sun and I saw that my Sun is unaspected, (apart from Chiron and Minerva in Taurus both each floating solo as well). I’m shaken.

    I’ve spent years after graduating, to figure out my identity, my purpose in life and who am I , now I feel I am on the path with a primary knowing of who I am , only to find Sun alone. It has a 1 degree orb with Diana at 1 deg in Saggi but still Diana is one small asteroid….

    You’ve put it so succinctly:
    “Unaspected planets, nodes, angles or points are just like unconnected chapters!”

    But for me my identity is what I have to know first, not in complete naturally, am still making discoveries, yet my identity, me drives me. How is this a side chapter…. My chart is so strange and I am so taken aback by these findings. But onward and upward I ought to go I think, no matter this.

  48. Dear Jessica – my loss that I missed this event. Back in October you had mentioned that my North Node going through Cancer, the sign of family and home, and it does not end until May 2020. After May, I will be no longer stuck in a loop. now with all Gemini movement, should I be worried this karmic loop will continue. Please guide.

    1. You can still ask Penny, Kyra and I questions on Twitter #GeminiSeason @jessicacadams @astrolutely @kyraoser if you would like more information. No need to worry about a karmic loop. The North Node in Cancer in your Fourth House of home and family has moved on. The clean-up takes time and you will go backwards and forwards in June and July with Mercury Retrograde in Cancer, but from the end of July any last details have been sorted out, once and for all and the karma from previous years is well and truly closed.

  49. WOW! How do you know my thoughts on planning B, C, D on money? Can you give me some hints on which of my chart is reflecting this? Also I’m amazed with your prediction that I’ll relocate before 2023. Can you give me more hints on that, like where my new home is? How far and which direction it is from my current location? And I now remember why the coming Solar Eclipse worries me so much apart from money – last time the Solar Eclipse fell on that position, my father died two months later. Can you tell me if my family will be affected as well? I know it’s a lot of questions so thank you so much!

    1. You can use your Astrology Oracle cards and guidebook to find specific details on your money options. Ask the cards to explain where the choices are for you financially in 2020 (now) through January 2022. I have no idea where your new home will be, I’m sorry. The Solar Eclipse had nothing to do with your father passing, so please relax. Thank you for your question and I hope you find the answers you are searching for.

  50. Dear Jessica,

    Thanks to you, Penny Thornton and Kyra Oser for this morning’s presentation – and everyone behind the scenes who make these things happen. [Although I was worried about that stack of books behind you, lest it tumble onto you].

    As I still have a job, I feel I am in a much better position than many, in the current environment.

    That said, I would welcome your insights about actions I should be taking and when, around vocation, money, and love-life through Gemini Season.

    My thanks in advance.


    1. I wondered when somebody would spot the books wobbling. Too funny. I left it in the video, because I felt it added something – we are in a shaky situation in June and July! I am glad you still have a job and I also feel blessed to be in this lucky position. All hands on deck, to do what we can, to help. I will pass on your thanks to Penny Thornton and Kyra Oser, too. Gemini Season is not really about vocation, but it is about embracing new technology, innovations and inventions – and updating. It is really easy to assume that things stay static, with Gemini-ruled areas like the worldwide web, publishing, education, academia, travel and transport. In fact we are now in a cycle when life moves at lightning speed and you have to be across the changes as they will land in seconds and profoundly alter everything. Being ahead of the curve with the internet, the book world, university/college/school life – not to mention the airlines – is ‘the new normal’ for you on this cycle, which picks up the Third House of your chart but also the Ninth House too. Love? Not so much. Money? not so much. Yet ultimately, of course, your new information and communication H.Q. for 2021 will pull those areas of your life in. June and July are good months to do your research and some beta testing. Beyond the airlines, which will be non-options very soon, look at electric cars, electric bikes, alternative vacation/holiday options (for example, combined boat-train excursions) and so on. Waiting lists and mailing lists are free. And useful, later.

  51. Hi Jessica,
    Hopefully you will be able to see in my chart that I have Moon, Diana and Proserpina in Gemini. Is this a significant in any way during our Gemini season? I’ve been trying to work this out for myself but I just can’t get my head around it. I’d appreciate your knowledge on this. Many thanks.

    1. Yes, of course. What is happening out there with the internet, education, the media, public transport and travel (on a big national and global scale) will affect you at home. Normally the massive changes in business and government don’t have any bearing on how you feel, or what you do, or how you live your life. This Gemini Season is different because you will be offered quite new, inventive and innovative ways to use the worldwide web. The old world is crumbling. We all woke up in March and suddenly had Zoom meetings. That is just one example. By the end of July when this cycle closes, you will be drawn towards a rather exciting and quite radically different kind of media or internet use. And in terms of commuting and travel, you’ll be offered options you never thought of in 2019, which are a huge improvement for you. Be open to clues. A chance conversation, a news item that grabs your attention (and so on) are meant to be.

  52. Hi Jessica- love reading your post! Please would you take a look at my chart. I feel the upcoming eclipses will impact on my MC at 1 degree Cancer and lunar eclipse on my Mars 15 degree Gemini opp Saturn. I am now retired but looking for a fulfilling way to keep teaching, adults this time , not children. And I’m so into art at the moment. Have already tried giving a zoom tutorial to friends but still a bit new to me. Wondering if these eclipses will offer a new path? Thank you so much.

    1. An eclipse is a blind spot (you cannot see and do not know) and often, a cover-up. If your time of birth was right, exactly, then the eclipse at 0 Cancer for you is about your family, household and home – the basics – and all that affects you there. It can sometimes be about your town and country. An eclipse does not have to be negative. In fact, the one we saw at 0 Cancer in 1722 was about a hoax – a book called A Journal of the Plague Year by Daniel Defoe. It was propaganda aimed at reminding the British public how dangerous plague was and it helped the leadership of the day put a quarantine act in, successfully. So you see, what happens is certainly misleading and pulls the wool over your eyes but it can be a good idea. We had another one, also at 0 Cancer, in 2001, when the United Nations made its declaration of commitment on AIDS. If you are a teacher, you may want to look at history in both years. Make the global, personal. Eclipses do offer a new path on a New Moon, such as you have at 0 Cancer on June 20th, 21st. Yet, it will be a new path that is misleading. Does that make it wrong? Not necessarily. It can help you, as the propaganda of Daniel Defoe’s novel (which pretended to be written by someone living through The Great PLague of 1665) helped the British people put up with quarantine laws. He was right to do it, because France was consumed by the Marseilles plague and the British were at risk; quarantine saved them. Now, the Mars-Saturn opposition in your horoscope is very hard work, across the Third House of internet and Ninth House of teaching, without an eclipse! It may take you some time to find out what works for you. Mars in Gemini prefers to teach quickly and is well-suited to physical teaching, as Mars is a physical planet. Saturn is about what you do to make yourself feel protected and less vulnerable in unavoidable and difficult situations. So in Sagittarius, we obviously have the risks of being exposed to people in a classroom and vice versa. That is a bit of tension in the chart you need to find a creative solution to, and you will, but avoid the eclipse as you cannot see/do not know at that point…

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