The Nodes in Astrology Podcast


The Nodes in Astrology Podcast

We are days away now from the historic change of the North Node and South Node into new zodiac signs. In astrology this takes place every 19 years.

Welcome to this edition of  Transformation Tuesday on Today I will look at the North Node and South Node in your horoscope.

We are days away now from the historic change of the North Node and South Node into new zodiac signs. In astrology this takes place every 19 years.

On Wednesday 6th May 2020,  the North Node leaves Cancer for the last time in 19 years and goes backwards into Gemini. The South Node leave Capricorn for the last time in 19 years and moves backwards into Sagittarius.

What does this mean? Well, the Nodes work as a pair. They take us back in time, and we see repetition, or past life loops, according to the signs they are in.

We just had a Cancer-Capricorn loop which we are completing now. Cancer rules your house, apartment, family, household, town or country. Capricorn rules big business and the government.

We are slowly coming out of this circuit, which means there is settlement, closure, karma credits and debts in hand.

For example you may have seen an important episode with a relative, this last year or two, which involved money. A family member you felt you had to pay, or whom had to pay you income way – maybe not with money, but with energy or time.

It goes with flatmates and roommates too. Cancer rules these and we’ve just had quite a long stretch of the North Node in Cancer. What did you have to settle up?

Capricorn, as I’ve mentioned, rules big business and the government. So many people have had issues with real estate agents, landlords, landladies, property developers, the council, the government, even.

I mentioned town and country. Perhaps residency, visa, nationality has been a karmic issue for you. Maybe you have spent November 7th 2018 through May 5th 2020 (current now as I read this) dealing with age-old issues about you, versus the men in suits, or the women in suits.

Maybe it’s been about Brexit for you if you are British. Perhaps it’s been about America and Trump’s immigration rules.

I hope you can see how the Nodes work in time. Nothing is new with them. You are always taken back to issues which go as far back, in this case, as the Second World War. And maybe into past lives as well.

This is especially true if you know for a fact you have Cancer and or Capricorn personal birth chart factors.

Let’s look back at this cycle, ending within days as you hear this.

The North Node was in Cancer from November 7th, 2018 and will be there until May 5th, 2020. If you have horoscope factors in Cancer in your Fourth House, you could have  expect your house, apartment, family, household, home town or homeland situation  from November 7th, 2018 to May 5th, 2020, to take you back to the years 2000 and 2001.

That was the last time we saw the loop. The North Node in Cancer.

The story in late 2018 to mid 2020 may have even take you back as far as these previous North Node in Cancer cycles. We are straying into past life territory here. If you do have Cancer factors in your personal birth chart, which you’ll have as a Premium Member, check now. The asteroids in Cancer are particularly important.

The Nodes describe previous incarnations. You will notice the last cycle I’m about to mention, covers the end of the Second World War .

In astrology, we look at the Nodes to discover more about old debts and credits from previous lives, but also the recent past. For many people with Cancer factors in their charts, this is about the way things were with home and family in 1981, 1982, 1883.

Yet, we can go back even further in time. Do you and a family member, landlady, landlord, roommate or flatmate share karma going back to the Sixties or even the Forties? Maybe this is all very, very familiar indeed for past life reasons.

Here are more dates

  • September 21st and 25th 1981 to March 16th, 1983.
  • December 24th, 1962 to August 25th, 1964
  • May 12th, 1944 to December 2nd, 1945
  • December 12th, 13th 1945.

Those are key dates for family karma picked up from a previous life. Experts believe that we create soul contracts in our lives, between lives, with these people. Others connected to the home, too, like a landlady or even a builder, believe it or not.

Then there is group karma about the zodiac sign Cancer. Patriotism. Nationality. Heritage, roots, culture, origins. Cancer rules all these things, so while the North Node has been in that sign, we’ve seen massive global questions about those concerns, and they have pushed buttons for people going back to the Second World War.

Let’s talk about the Nodes in more detail now before I also look at the impact of the South Node in Capricorn, this whole time, which may also have triggered your chart.

I’m also going to give you some predictions about what the North Node in Gemini and South Node in Sagittarius will bring, for the rest of 2020 and also 2021, into early 2022.

Now, let’s go way back.

The Nodes were known at Stonehenge. The Aubrey Holes in the outer circle are an eclipse-reckoner and thus a node-reckoner, too, as the invisible path of the Nodes chimes with eclipses. The number 19 as a whole features hugely in so many cultures for this reason.

Here’s some more on Stonehenge and the Nodes:

This 19 year cycle is very close to 235 lunations. This is the famous Metonic Cycle.

The Metonic cycle was known to the Ancient Greeks who helped found the basics of the astrology we use today. The Metonic Cycle is a period of 19 years after which the phases of the moon occur on the same day of the year.

Our ancestors were well aware of the North Node and South Node cycle, even thousands of years ago. The Aubrey Circle at Stonehenge is very likely the remains of a North Node, South Node and eclipse ‘computer’.

As Robin Heath says in his book Stonehenge (Wooden Books), ‘who nodes how holds power.’ The astronomers/astrologers who could track the Node cycle were clearly in charge of privileged information. Who else could have made the rest of the tribe do all that work?

Because the Nodes move backwards through the signs and back to front in time, we associate them with karma, past lives and reincarnation. They even turn up in a coded section of  Winnie-the-Pooh but they are best known to the Indian astrologers as Rahu and Ketu. Dragon’s Head and Dragon’s Tail.

I’ll leave it with you to decode Covid 19. The Corona Virus literally is numbered with the North Node and South Node cycle.

Logic says, we need to look at any other virus, minus 19 years, or even a further 19 years back, to see if it hooked up with Covid 19.

Yes it does. In 1981, in the month of September, the North Node entered Cancer for the first time. That year, cases of a rare lung infection in young, white, previously healthy gay men in Los Angeles began to alert the medical profession. This was, of course, the beginning of HIV and AIDS.

Covid 19 was never named for the North Node and South Node cycle of 19 years, but if we are to use history and astrology (and anyway, astrology certainly is history) we can immediately see the tragic recurrence of a virus.

Okay, let’s get away from talking about this for a moment, even though it’s important. I’ll go into detail about the North Node and South Node in your personal birth chart, based on your time, place and date of birth.

To give you an example, Prince William was born on June 21st, 1982 with the North Node in Cancer (family, mothers, home, homeland) and the South Node in Capricorn (ambition, career, position, social status, achievement).  We’ve seen how Cancer is about your people and place, and Capricorn is about the head of government, big business and so on. We might also add the head of the royal family. All the authorities.

The loop of the two signs your Nodes are in, tells you what karma you must complete. So, William has done this before in another life. He’s probably been a British leader before. He has Cancer and Capricorn issues to work out. He comes from a broken home because his parents divorced. Very Cancerian and very karmic.

Diana, Princess of Wales would not tolerate Camilla Parker-Bowles. Cancer rules relatives and mothers. In a moment we’ll see why these two women are also part of his karmic pattern.

William cannot escape his destiny as King because he was born into the Royal Family. Capricorn rules ambition and position. Cancer rules the family. He was born to this.

Both nodes in opposite signs shaped Prince William from the moment he was born. His destiny as King is Capricorn. Capricorn rules career. His mother Diana was Cancer. He married a Capricorn in Kate Middleton. His stepmother Camilla is a Cancer. William did not make this happen. This happened to William.

You are what you are. You are what destiny has decreed. This brings us to Her Majesty the Queen who has a validated birth date, time and place so she’s often used in astrology examples as a ‘How to’ person.

Her Majesty’s Cancer/Capricorn Nodal Axis reflects Prince William’s – and it works in both directions. We’ve seen how her family (Cancer) and her country (Cancer) made her career (Capricorn) and status (Capricorn) unavoidable. Yet, if Her Majesty wants to stay at the top (Capricorn) she also has to put up with her family dramas (Cancer) so the Nodes really do ‘ping’ off each other. If you’re a fan of The Crown then you’ll have watched all this on screen.

What does your Nodal Axis say about your fate? There is a lot of extra material on my website about your Nodes by sign and house, if you want to use Search after you finish listening to this podcast.

By the way, you will notice I use the Royal Family a lot in my astrology examples. It’s primarily because, like all astrologers, I need accurate birth times and very public life histories to do research and the Royal Family has both in abundance.

I could also point you to the examples of Princess Anne, who has the South Node in Virgo and North Node in Pisces Anne works behind the scenes (Pisces) doing a great deal of good work (Virgo) for charities and other causes which need her dedication to duty and service (Virgo).

The North Node and South Node work together as a pair. You sometimes read that you ‘should’ do one and not the other. This is really ducking the question of fate. This idea of ‘you must do the south node and take in more experience’ and ‘you must reject the north node and let it go’ comes from something pretty basic.

Some astrologers believe the south node is the head, and the north node is the tail. So you devour, consume, eat, absorb the sign of your north node and eliminate, release, discard, let go, maybe even excrete – you’re south node.

Dragon’s head and Dragon’s tail. Is it really that basic though? No. My experience as an astrologer tells me this is way too simplistic. It’s also a little crude.

In fact, when you look at your chart, you find you cannot escape living out the meaning, themes and stories of both your North Node and South Node together and they work as a pair.

The Nodes show what we cannot escape. Her Majesty the Queen has a Cancer/Capricorn Nodal Axis. A Nodal Axis is the ‘paired up’ North Node and South Node, going across each other in the horoscope. Do you think she had any choice about doing/not doing either of those signs in her life? Her family (Cancer) made her career (Capricorn) fated! Her father passed away and she was the eldest child. Born to be Queen.

She has not been able to walk away because of the abdication crisis which put her father on the throne. Since then, the British royal family has depended on the monarch staying put. You cannot escape your fate when the Nodes are at large. Transits or travelling planets, asteroids, Nodes over your own Nodes will trigger that fate. William has inherited his grandmother’s fate.

This is classic astrology and history. Sure, Diana, the Princess of Wales, used astrology. In fact two of her personal astrologers are tutors at our Sun Sign School, right here on my website. The amazing careers of Debbie Frank and Penny Thornton, royal astrologers, is something you can find out more about, at their websites.

So, let’s ask a daring question. Given this uncanny repetition of the Cancer-Capricorn karma themes in the Queen’s chart, as well as her grandson’s,  did astrology fan Diana secretly plan William’s arrival for the year that the Nodes would be passing through Cancer and Capricorn, just like his grandmother, the Queen? Well, the answer to that one is…nobody knows. Or if they do , they ‘re not saying.

Knowing the North Node and South Node zodiac signs and houses in your birth chart can help your awareness. That feeling of ‘I’ve seen this before’ or ‘I’m watching the same film of my life twice’ (below) is correct! Your birth chart can show you the story and that gives you the ability to step outside yourself and remember what works – or does not work – from last time.

Let’s look at Charles

Charles, Prince of Wales has the North Node in Taurus and South Node in Scorpio, the money, property, business, charity and possessions signs.

He was born rich. He was born to inherit a fortune. He has ‘worked’ his Nodes by a deep involvement with The Prince’s Trust and also, an organic business for the Waitrose supermarket chain in Britain. Could he have avoided the divorce pay-out to Princess Diana? Perhaps not. He can certainly never escape being rich – it’s part of his job contract with The Firm as Her Majesty the Queen calls it.

From 2018 to 2026 when Uranus, the planet of shock, revolution, radical change and independence goes through Taurus, it will pass the Nodes in Prince Charles’s personal birth chart. For my Sun Sign School students, you can make a prediction about that, any time.

Diana, Princess of Wales, was born with the North Node in Leo and South Node in Aquarius. She was given excellent advice and counselling by her two astrologers, my colleagues at the Sun Sign School, Penny Thornton and Debbie Frank, so although she was fated to become a princess (Leo is the royal sign) with charity (Aquarius) work that came with the job – she pushed her Aquarius node much further and ended up being involved in causes that helped to change the planet; notably involving AIDS and landmines. She was strongly Aquarian and Eleventh House, with Jupiter and the Moon in that sign, as well as the South Node.

So – away from the Royals and back to your chart.

You have a North Node and South Node sign which shows your past life.

Yet you also have karmic weather. The travelling (transiting) Nodes also show karma just completed and new settlement or closure ahead. So there are two things going on with your chart.

At the end of this podcast I’ll look at the Sun Sign aspect of all this so if you want to keep your predictions basic, on a general weather level, that’s easy for us to look at too.

Astrology is based on the personal and the general. The weather where you live – is your personal chart. The general climate for you, is your Sun Sign horoscope.

The South Node by transit shows old karma coming back, as familiar situations repeat and old stories return to us. It feels comfortable, and we can take it or leave it. That’s what my research shows, after a long career at just about every magazine there is, from Elle to Vogue.

We can do what we always did, one more time, or we can watch from a distance. In your birth chart, the South Node shows ‘Been there, done that, written the screenplay, read the book, seen the film, acted the parts.’ You may or may not want to do it all over again.

The South Node is always in the opposite sign to the North Node as we’ve seen. By transit, or travelling through, the North Node shows a more stuck kind of karma. This is where you try to do or say things to effect change – but get nowhere. Why? Because people are going through the motions, the same old way every single time. They don’t appear to respond to change.

You’ll sometimes see the Nodes called True or Mean. Astrologers use this slight difference, according to personal preference. True is the real sign and degree position of the Node. Mean is the average.

The True North Node and True South Node

Let’s talk about the true aspect of these nodes, not the mean or average.

The  True North Node by sign and house in your birth chart shows stuck, repetitive situations which teach you how to be philosophical. The only way to cope when nothing ever changes, is to change your response. This makes you philosophical. It develops your sense of humour. It teaches you wisdom.

The True South Node by sign and house is easier to work with. You also get déjà vu (‘Been there, done that, seen the film’) but you can relax about it all. You can repeat yourself, in this area of life, or leave it alone. Both are connected to each other in a loop, so issues about the North Node trigger issues about the South Node.

By transit, the True Nodes show you where history repeats. When Theresa May became the second female Prime Minister to stand on the steps of 10 Downing Street, the True Nodes were repeating in the same zodiac signs, that ruled the skies when Margaret Thatcher took power. Astrology is history and history is astrology.

Here’s another example. When the Tasmanian government voted to dam the beautiful Franklin River the True North Node was in Cancer (the sign which rules home, land and homeland). The Tasmanians were facing a replay of a familiar scenario – the damming of Lake Pedder, years before.

Here we are in 2020 and Bob Brown, who led the campaign to save both Pedder and the Franklin, is at the heart of a new push to rediscover Lake Pedder and relaunch it – rescue it from the tragic damming on another Node cycle.

The Nodes in astrology are deeply fated and extremely mysterious and time spent looking at them in your birth chart, is well worth it.

As I say in my book 2020 Astrology: Your Five Year Horoscope Guide, the Nodes remind me of Groundhog Day, the famous cult film with Bill Murray playing the reporter stuck in the same day, every day. The only way he could cope with the stuck-record life was by altering his perspective. He used the repetition as training wheels, to make himself more philosophical, more tolerant, more accepting.

He learned compassion by reading the hearts and minds of people who said and did the same things, every single day. If you have exact aspects involving the Nodes, watch Groundhog Day. The world expert on Nodes, by the way, is Jan Spiller who has devoted herself to them.

Jan Spiller is easily the world’s leading authority on the Nodes and if you are really serious about exploring these points in your chart, do start with her books.


Now, let’s make some predictions.

Between May 6th, 2020, and January 18th, 2022, we will see the South Node of karma move into Sagittarius, the sign which rules the history of NASA, Pakistan and India and Hong Kong. Get ready for some ‘giant leaps’ in space, with women in charge. Prepare for a completely new world of trade and travel too.

The North Node will go into Gemini, the sign that rules multimedia and the internet. Again, prepare for huge leaps in the publishing and worldwide web industries.

Now that Rona is with us, we can already see technology being wrapped around the idea of group communication.

So, right on cue, as astrology is history, we are heading for a major Sagittarius-Gemini node cycle with all its focus on travel, tourism (which Sagittarius rules) but also foreign policy, immigration, visas and border control. Sagittarius rules that too. It also rules education and academia and more on that in a moment.

The Gemini side of the equation is the faster stuff .Commuting and short-haul travel. Emails and Twitter. The media.

No wonder it feels like this is some kind of development stage in a very long story that began with the invention of television and radio. It truly is.

December 1945 saw the North Node going into Gemini and Out Node going into Sagittarius. The end of the war. The start of the United Nations and the New World Order. The start of the new travel, international trade and …yes, you’re correct. We have been here before.

1945 and 1946 were also key years for radio, which had kept Great Britain in particular, afloat, during the hard years of the war. Again we are being sent back to the past, as Zoom (if you like) is modern 21st century radio.

Is Your Personal Birth Chart Affected?

[contentblock id=51 img=html.png]

If you have factors in Sagittarius in the Ninth House of your chart, then for a good part of May 2020 to January 2022, you will be surrounded by foreign cultures and nationalities from your past. You may travel to, or even move to, the country or region concerned. Good karma you created for yourself between these dates, returns.

In 1947, on a previous South Node in Sagittarius cycle, the world saw the Partition of India, as Pakistan and India were  given independence from Great Britain. Time’s up for that deal, and after Britain is free from the European Union, there will be new trade and business deals with both nations. You might say, Britain is due to collect, but also to pay back.

By the way I predicted this in August 2019 if you want to check my website. I am quoting from a psychic astrology prediction made three months before we were informed about Covid 19, the Corona Virus.

So let’s backtrack again to that prediction about what the new North Node and South Node Cycle from May 2020 would bring. A flashback to, and development of…

The Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 also known as the Hart–Celler Act, was a federal law passed by President Lyndon B. Johnson on  another South Node in Sagittarius cycle.

As this act reaches its ‘South Node Return’ we can expect to see a substantial update on America’s immigration rules and laws by 2022. As I record this Trump is already on that path.

I predicted Hong Kong would go back to her old ‘mother country’ Britain when the time was right – following fierce democracy protests. That prediction on my website is available on Search if you are curious

I’m going to stick to that astrology forecast, based on horoscopes for both nations. You saw it here first on 22nd August 2019, if you are a regular reader. This fits with the Gemini-Sagittarius node action. It’s my believe Hong Kong will go back to Britain in the next few years.

Here is another reason we’re going to see a massive shift back to Britain for Hong Kong. The South Node in Sagittarius is repeating some old karma. In fact, The British Nationality Act of 1981, which came into force in 1983 (in a heavily Sagittarius year) will be replaced.

How is Your Sign Affected by 1983 Karma?

In the years 2020, 2021 and 2022, as the South Node in Sagittarius brings back the year 1983, you’ll notice something. You’ve been here before!

I promised a look at the general weather for your sign and here it is. Sun Sign astrology or solar chart astrology is just as good as a basic weather report. It’s useful and handy. Your personal birth chart gives you the detail, but for now, let’s look at your sign.

Where is the karma in 2020, 2020 and early 2022? Take a look.

Aries: Themes around travel, emigration, foreign people and places, publishing, academia and education return. Themes around multiculturalism, globalisation, tourism, immigration and migrants return.

Taurus: Themes around finance, insurance, taxation and property return. You could also include a symbolic return of themes based around valuables, property, the share market, corporations, companies, charity and philanthropy.

Gemini: Themes around partnerships of all kinds return, from professional duets and double acts, to marriages and sexual relationships. Other kinds of partnerships return, thematically. Feuds, disputes, battles or ‘wars’ from 1983 return, symbolically.

Cancer: Themes around lifestyle, workload, service and duty return. So do themes which revolve around your food, doctor, drugs, drink, healers and fitness from that year. An actual job or unpaid job may return, symbolically.

Leo: Themes around pregnancy, babies, infants, schoolchildren, teenagers, younger generations and parenthood-potential sexual relationships return. Themes around teaching, guiding, mentoring or leading younger people return.

Virgo: Themes around the family tree on either side (mother’s or father’s side) come back. Symbolically, expect repeated themes about houses and apartments, your hometown or homeland, relatives, flatmates and roommates.

Libra: Themes based around language, writing, public speaking, television, newspapers, magazines, debating, translation, spoken-word presentations, acting, songwriting and singing (and all communication) return. This also covers graphic design, advertising, copywriting and so on.

Scorpio: Themes around money, charity, philanthropy, high finance, big business, sales, purchases, taxation, houses, apartments, investments, shares, government benefits, inheritance, legacies return. Themes around mortgages, divorce settlements, banks return.

Sagittarius: Themes around image, identity, personal appearance return to you, as the South Node crosses over your Sun in Sagittarius. The way you look and appear. Your public reputation. The labels people give you. Your role, title and persona. All these 1983 stories in your life are about to be retold.

Capricorn: The returning themes in your life in 2020-2022 are based on all that you covered up and kept private in 1983. This may have been your religious belief. Your sessions with a psychiatrist or psychologist. Your diary. Your use of astrology or the Tarot. Your experiences with a psychic. Karma is coming around again and you must ‘deal.’

Aquarius: Themes from 1983 embracing the friends you had then, the groups you belonged to, and the groups you had an impact on, are returning. Old friendships may return to you, even if they have been lost, in 2020, 2021 or 2022. Political parties, rock bands, secret societies, environmental organisations suggest a return.

Pisces: Your old schooldays, college or university education, unpaid work or full-time career is coming back to you, thematically. You may find your old course or qualification coming back to haunt you (nicely) in 2020-2022. Former colleagues, staff, employees may boomerang, or the same story from the year 1983 is retold with new faces.

So that’s it for Transformation Tuesday today. Alicia and I explore a different kind of transformation for you every week at The Astrology Show. Follow us on Twitter at astrology show.  Please also take the time to subscribe to my new Youtube channel too, as I’ll be developing content in this space over the months to come.

6FFB660B FB07 4671 8EF1 CA680138E97B 1 201 a 536x600 - The Nodes in Astrology PodcastAbout the Author: Alicia Fulton is a lifestyle writer currently based in Sydney with more than twenty years’ experience working with titles and firms in New York and Sydney, including ELLE US and Australia, The Knot Magazine, John Brown Publishing, Bloomingdales, Williams Sonoma, Westfield and Moët Hennessy. Alicia devotes her life to her two beautiful sons and family, with whom she has travelled extensively on adventures throughout Europe, Asia and the US, and to her life-long passions – astrology, travel and music. Alicia’s current projects include websites Jessica Adams, Holiday Goddess &

Thanks for listening.

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  1. Thanks for this article, Jessica! I have noticed my daughter’s progress through her twenties mirroring my own for no good reason, certainly not by our design or intention. I just realised through your article that 1981-3 were my years of marriage breakdown, new career path, new relationship and coming back home to settle down. The last couple of years have seen my daughter going through all this, just like deja vue. Her north node is also conjunct my descendant ( 24 Capricorn). Stay safe and many thanks.

  2. Thank you Jessica for this information. I have my south node in Sagittarius and north node in Gemini. I have been living in a different country fro lately two year. What can I expect when these nodes return to where they were when I was born. I 1985 I left my home to go and study in the US for 7 years and I. 2020 I find myself in another country (same continent) for work. Any insights from you would be most welcome.

    1. You’re living out a lifetime karma loop by travelling, moving and emigrating. You probably have unfinished business from a previous life and have made a soul contract in between lives, with your spirit guides, to return and see something through. You will have your Node Return from May 6th/7th 2020 depending on your current nearest city. It remains through 2020, 2021 and finishes in early 2022. During this time you will be able to fulfil karmic obligations and spiritual debts to people, places, spaces or faces that you are indebted to in some way. This completes a circle. You are also owed. And others may have more to settle with you, on the karmic balance sheet. All this will be really obvious in May and June 2020, to begin with. Tune into my YouTube Premiere Event about The Gemini Weather 2020 later on in May – I’ll live Tweet – so you can ask more questions then. You will be directly affected. See more in your Premium Member newsletter.

  3. Hi Jessica that is fascinating . I am curious to know when the nodes were the same in 1983 they were the same in 2001 and both these years were featured education for me even though I have no personal aspects in Sag and only Vesta in Gemini 00 I want to avoid my partner playing out Vesta but that is his decision obviously and we cant alter anything just watch is that right I am not looking forward to the next few years . just when I was hoping my personal life might receive some joy I have the Nodes In Leo and Aquarius . am a Sun Virgo with Scorpio ASC and Taurus DESC

    1. The Nodes in Leo (Fifth House) and Aquarius (Eleventh House) will be transited by Saturn in Aquarius, then Jupiter, and finally Pluto. These three will oppose your Leo Node and conjunct your Aquarius Node. Thus, we can say that 2020, 2021, and certainly life after 2023 are very much about the children. You don’t say if you have them or not. Leo also rules stepchildren, godchildren, young nieces and nephews, grandchildren and often young in-laws. Saturn will make you work harder on these issues in 2020. This pays off in 2021 when Jupiter rewards you for your patience and staying power. From 2023 you realise how powerful it is to be a parent, or parent figure (mentor, guide, teacher). At the other end of your chart, in the Eleventh House of friends and groups, we have some really intense and quite deep questions about loyalty, friendship, team spirit, group psychology and so on. It’s not a bad time to look up Eleventh House, Fifth House on Search and also North Node, South Node, to update yourself.

  4. What does my chart say, what advice I should follow, things I should or should not do?
    Quick background.. I live in California, US. Increased my monthly expenses in 2018 with purchase of new home. Both me and my spouse(Aries) are able to keep our jobs amidst layoff’s, daughters(Gemini and Aquarius) at home with online school/college. What change should I be ready for or adopt? I wanted to trade stocks full time for long time, any scope there? What is my prarabdha karma(purpose this life) or sanchitta karma (coming to fruition), how to know. Thanks.

    PS: I posted same question in April stellium post April 15.

    1. I’m sorry you have had to post twice – I have just checked the number of comments and questions and it’s risen to 9,816 – I guess because so many people have time at home right now (and so many pressures). I don’t use Indian (Vedic) astrology but suggest you look up Sonal Sachdeva on Google after you finish reading this, as she is a well-known London astrologer using the Vedic method. If you want to make money on the sharemarket then look at previous posts I’ve filed here on Uranus in Taurus. (That’s the search term). Your daughters will gain from being bilingual in the next two years, so if they are not already fluently writing and speaking at least two languages, it may interest them to learn.

  5. Hi Jessica,

    In my new weekly you talked about sun Opposition Ops and factors at 9 degree of taurus/Scorpio in the birth chart. for me, these factors are the north and south nodes. So I was curious whether there is a message for me before May 6 and if yes what is that?

    Thank you very much.

    1. It’s about values. What you hold dear and won’t sell out for. So, for example, some people will take ‘the dollar’ and do their business with an unethical organisation, and others refuse to. There are also really tricky personal issues about the relationships, partnerships, friendships, family ties and so on that people have – in respect to money. A house or apartment, superannuation or pension, a bank account, debts and the rest. You are going to find with Uranus in Taurus in your Second House, opposing your Eighth House, that life from this point forward, even as late as 2025, is very much about your core values, ethics and morals. Because those have a price. And you ‘count the worth of your own soul’ in these years. Most of all, though, you’re going to discover that total independence can be exhilarating and liberating, and in fact you’d probably pay good money to have it.

  6. Hi Jessica,
    Thanks for this podcast – so much more for me to research now. I have looked at The Nodes, and read a number of your articles about them. I guess I need to dig a little bit deeper. 1983 doesn’t really chime for me in any significant way – but I was 7 for most of it, so perhaps a lot went on that I wasn’t aware of. And perhaps I need to look further back.
    My Nodes are at 29 Scorpio North Node and 29 Taurus South Node – I only have 1 other Scorpio factor (Ops 13) and a stellium in Taurus. I have Mars at 6 Taurus (and after your recent post about Taurus weather at 6 and Scorpio 10, I’m going to look at that a bit closer!) Ceres at 25 Taurus and Psyche 24 Taurus.
    As a Sun Cancer, I’m looking forward to the Nodes leaving Cancer/Capricorn 😉
    Very interesting times we are living in, that’s for certain.
    Blessings to you, and thank you once again.
    DinP xx

  7. Hi Jessica
    As I have nothing in Sagittarius and only the moon in Gemini what does that mean for me karma wise in the next couple of years.
    Thank you

    1. Lisa, the Moon in Gemini in your Third House is important, particularly as you are a woman. You ‘mother the others’ by using your way with words, ideas and images. You would be a good children’s librarian, for example, or a teenage agony aunt, writing your replies online. You use your vocabulary to soothe, comfort and ‘hold’ people and your voice may be something others find comforting, or perhaps you are a natural telephone counsellor who would be very good with The Samaritans. You also take care of people by informing them. So, a paid or unpaid role passing on knowledge, news, information is another way of taking care of others. As early as May 7th this part of your life starts to have a different feel or atmosphere because the North Node has moved in, bringing the year 2001-2002 with it and some key experiences and memories, relevant to the above. You may have been a student, for example, or had a project that involved handling information, writing or public speaking. When the Node is actually conjunct your Moon, or at the same degree and sign, the most astonishing piece of karma will come around. It may even go back a further 19 years in time. It can happen. For more, look up Third House, North Node, Moon on Search.

  8. Hi Jessica. Thank you so much for this. My north node is Gemini and south, obviously, sagg. I wondered if yhis means I get a double dose of the nodes? Thanks again.

    1. You are set to experience a North Node and South Node return, in your Third House and Ninth House respectively. Life as it was in 2001, 2002 will slowly come back to you throughout 2020-2021. The Third House describes multimedia, the worldwide web, short-haul travel and commuting. It is often associated with siblings and cousins, because you learn language from them, and fundamental communication. In fact, communication and connection is what your next two-year cyclical trend is all about. You’ve been there, done that, written the screenplay, directed the film and watched it before. Now you’re on a re-run with different actors but the plot harks back to 2001-2002. The Ninth House is about travel and travellers, foreign and regional differences, education and academia, publishing in both digital and traditional formats. Again, you’ll be returned to life 19 years ago. In both cases, though, we are also talking about past lives, so you have incarnated with prior experience and knowledge of issues like: libraries, schools, tourism, emigration, books, radio, writing, public speaking and even good old horseback. You were born to complete some old cycles. Ancient debts and credits, spiritually, will start to be collected from about May 7th 2020. I wonder if your nickname has anything to do with it. That’s rather an exotic creature you have chosen! I’ll leave it with you. But one pin on the map is part of your past life.

  9. Thanks Jessica for the very informative and intriguing podcast. I very much loved it.

    It would be interesting to see what comes up after the 6th of May. I myself have Scorpio/Taurus nodes.


  10. Hi Jessica, thanks for this great info. I remember reading some of those predictions you made last year and in 2018. I read a similar thing in one of the previous comments by one of your readers here – looking at the recurring themes from 1983 I’m seeing my daughter repeating some experiences I had at that time, this does feel like deja vu. I’ve certainly been experiencing uncertainty and changes with my home and home town for quite a while now, I’m hoping that will end soon. Sun in Virgo, I have Hygeia and Desc in Sagittarius, can you tell me what this means for me? Thanks – stay safe and well.

    1. You have the transiting South Node in Sagittarius going into your solar Fourth House of family, home, home town. It starts around May 6th 2020 and lasts until January 18th 2022. So, you are going to pick up karma from 19 years ago, specifically from 14th October 2001 until 13th April 2003. Your daughter would be at the heart of this, but very likely her father. Perhaps – grandparents, aunts or uncles. You owe, and are owed, spiritually. For more on this transit listen to the podcast, but also look up North Node, South Node, Fourth House on this website. Thank you.

  11. Hi Jessica,

    Hope you are staying healthy. I have a lot of Sagittarius factors In my chart. How Do you see these transits affecting me personally?
    Thank you.

    1. You will be taken back to the last South Node in Sagittarius transit, October 14th 2001 through 13th April 2003. So, your memories of 2001, 2002, 2003 in terms of living or working in a foreign country (or a region in your own country which felt foreign) will be very important. You may have emigrated then, and if so, there is karma with that place, and its residents. We could also add in academia, education, publishing or the worldwide web. Those years were about reshaping your life, as you also lived with Pluto in Sagittarius, again in your Ninth House, which makes you a natural explorer, student of life and perpetual traveller. Pluto is not exactly a walk in the park. You also had Saturn in Gemini, as well as the North Node in Gemini, from 14th October 2001 until 13th April 2003, so it was a very slow, serious, heavy period in your life. You owe, and are also owed. Perhaps financially. More likely, in terms of energy, time and commitment. Events in the outside world this year (starting around May 6th-7th 2020) and lasting until January 18th 2022, will see fate at work. Fate and fortune will require you to gratefully receive, for what you did, without any expectation of reward. If you also need to settle up, make good and balance the karmic books, then again, fate will also ask you to do that. It will be quite profound, unmistakeable, and stare you in the face in May and June 2020, with further developments later. If you take someone like Richard Branson, and Virgin, you are talking karma that not only affects him and his troubled airline, but the entire world. We also have to remember the man has a Virgin phone business. Gemini rules phones, Sagittarius rules flights! You will have your own story, intensely personal to you. The Nodes keep us rather stuck on a loop, so that we become better people. More tolerant, accepting, philosophical. Along the way we ‘do’ our karma and at a certain point, the Groundhog Day alarm clock rings and we realise – wow – we’re released. I expect this is about a foreign country and its residents for you. It depends on what you call foreign. It’s a distant pin on the map, connected by string, to another pin!

  12. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you.
    I have North node in Scorpio and South node in Taurus. What can I expect?
    Thanks again.

    1. You have spent several lifetimes knowing what it means to be poor, and also wealthy. You have also experienced the usual Second House and Eighth House karma, so making your own will or legacy (and making some very big decisions about people or organisations). Also, making life choices about what, or whom, you refuse to sell your soul for, even if you need the money. Pride comes into that, but also integrity and values. The typical North Node and South Node path in Taurus (Second House) and Scorpio (Eighth House) involves both receiving charity and giving it. If any period in history, or place, has ever rung bells with you, in a dramatic and obvious way, you very likely have a past life there, or in that time. Strong feelings of love/loathe are usually the first sign. What you will experience as Uranus transits Taurus and opposes Scorpio is really like having a professor come to stay, with a bag of files, containing your Akashic Records, or karmic files. (Look that up on Google when you leave this website). Until 2025-2026 you will be given some exams, theory tests and practical examinations too. The subject will be your value system. This takes you into ethical and moral considerations, but with a price tag. Once you have finished, with the most intense years being your Node Return years of 19th January 2022 through 17th July 2023, you will have radically changed your life budget, in a way that sets you free. You will be far more independent of people, organisations or situations which kept you so restricted, for such a long time. Look up Scorpio, Eighth House, Taurus, Second House on this website and in the guidebooks that come with premium membership. Thank you.

  13. Thank you Jessica. I’m counting down the days to 5/6th of May 2020. What a ride the last few years have been. But, now thanks to your gorgeous self sharing this post, I have noted that I have loads of Sag and Gemini factors in my chart. Could you kindly give me a snapshot of what karma I will be closing, completing and finishing up in this wave! I feel like I was put through the deep wash, long soak, extra rinse and loooonnnnngest spin cycle under the Cap/ Cancer cycle.

    I was just hoping for a light breeze and some sunshine, given I thought everything had been hung out to dry and done and dusted. Well, I was ever hopeful of that with my ex factor, which you have given me much guidance and insight on over the years. 🙂
    Sending love. x

    1. A lot of people can’t wait for that North Node to shift from Cancer. The karma people have been cycling through with relatives, property questions, home town/homeland concerns has been intense. As you are strongly Sagittarius (Ninth House) and Gemini (Third House) you will be taken back to life in 2001-2002, starting in May 2020 and finishing up in early 2022. If you think about the choices you made then, regarding academia, education, travel, tourism, the worldwide web, books or publishing, then you will see a pattern. Everything old is new again, thematically. Unfinished business, which even you may have forgotten about, must now be accounted for, on a soul or spiritual level. Of course, it may involve money. Often it concerns burying the hatchet – forgiveness. You also receive a return, or reward, on the new cycle, as the North Node goes through Gemini, the sign of the internet, multimedia and communication (and short journeys and commuting). The South Node in Sagittarius, which is about the larger picture of travel, and travel in the mind, will also give back to you. It really depends on what you put in, about 19 years ago. We might also go back in time, a further 19 years. The more you did for others from the heart, without any expectation of a particular return, the more abundant the universe will be with you. Astrology and history tell us that. And if you need to make good with someone? You will be handed that opportunity. For more, look up Third House and Ninth House. I would expect the central issue to be right in front of your eyes, by late June 2020.

  14. Dear Jessica,
    Thank you for this interesting post!
    I guess that this new Nodes cycle coming in May will be very significatif for me, as I have the North Node & Sun in Sagittarius, and the South Node & Moon in Gemini (along with other factors in both signs).
    Any insight from you would be appreciated.
    Thank you in advance!

    1. In May and June 2020 you will be returned to a foreign country and its people (as foreign as Britain is to America, or Australia is to Britain) and come to terms with what was started there, in 2001-2002. By 2021 you will have had the chance to complete karma, with the place and its people. And of course, you may be owed. It may be that what should have happened (but never did) will come to pass. There is a sense of settling up, closure and symmetry here. Yet it will take time.

  15. Hi Jessica, thank you for this article. So insightful and revealing as alway. I am hugely Capricorn and just experienced the nodes in cap/cancer. Now as the nodes are moving out of cap/cancer I am also experiencing my Saturn return. And in addition to this I have many factors at 0 degrees including both Saturn and the moon at 0 degrees Aquarius. What does all mean for me?

    1. You’re going through Capricorn and Aquarius weather in 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023 and beyond. What is happening is, the end of power and control coming from the top down. Instead it is shared horizontally. Anyone who is still in that mindset, where they adhere to a system where ‘the boss’ or ‘the company’ or ‘the government’ has to be respected, feared and bowed down to, is really on the way out. Capricorn thinking (the mountain goats who have climbed to the top of the peak and gather together in a small elite, to look down on the masses below) is finished. It takes until November for some organisations and people to get it, but the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn is the beginning of the end of that way of operating. In its place comes something radically different, which is people power, shared across, between very different and independent faces, but with mutual respect and tolerance. This is where the new ‘Olympics thinking’ of 2021 will come from. Those interlinked circles are an analogy for your own life. You are going to find that the old system which dominated your entire life, especially at work, in 2016, 2017,2018, 2019 is ancient history. In fact it’s already coming apart at the seams. In its place what you are discovering, and what will be so empowering after 2023, is that if you set aside competition, differences and the rest – to find your level with others who want the same things as you – you can all share the task and collectively gain from the outcome. That is radically, radically new. December, when Jupiter moves to 0 Aquarius alongside Saturn, also at 0 Aquarius, will transform your life in just that way. Yet the process is evident now.

  16. Hi Jessica,
    My North Node is in Aries and South node in Libra. I am not sure whether this means balance more or self develop more. Although I find myself doing both. My brother’s nodes are in Capricorn (N) and Cancer(S). How is that different from Cancer in (N) and Capricorn in (S) ?


    1. Shatabdi, the North Node is harder work, because it involves more repetition, which can be challenging, until you learn to develop a sense of humour, tolerance and patience. The South Node is easier, because you can choose to repeat yourself (or not). In both cases there is always a sense of ‘Been there, done that, seen the television series, and watched the repeat.’ Aries-Libra is about ‘Me’ versus ‘Us’ and it can show up in sexual relationships or work partnerships. Anyone who has Aries or Libra factors at the same degree (number) as your Nodes will be a karmic trigger for you. Your brother’s Nodes are now being transited, by conjunction and opposition, from the North Node in Cancer and South Node in Capricorn. It ends around 6th May. He will be taken back to 2001, as the cycle finishes. There is often past life replay involving one’s home town, country, or homeland. There is certainly karma with at least one family member, possibly more. Settlement and closure, as far as possible (and it often involves money) is a good idea, just in this first week of May.

  17. Hi Jessica,
    Thanks, as always. I was born in 1964. I have South Node in Gemini, South Node in Sagittarius. I am also a Sagittarius ascendant. So far, I think it has only brought me grim experiences with some Gemini people, that ´s all. Could you please see what I can expect, in general, with the change of nodes?, how these transits affecting me personally? Thank you so much. Hope you are staying healthy. Blessings.

    1. You were born in 1964 with the North Node in Gemini and South Node in Sagittarius. Don’t worry so much about the Sagittarius Ascendant. People place far too much emphasis on the Rising Sign, which is only about appearances, not the person on the inside. Starting in May, and finishing in January 2022, you will go through the 19-year cycle of the Nodes in your Third House of internet, commuting and short-haul travel, and Ninth House of publishing, books, foreign and regional differences, academia and education. You have been here before. Look back to life as it was in 2001, 2002 over the next couple of years. You have some karma points to collect. You may also need to settle up, or make good, with people whom you owe on some level. And this goes into past lives, actually. It will be obvious in May and June.

  18. Thank you, Jessica for your detailled astro-weather!

    Gemini factors: ASC 22* – Vulcano 26* – Hygeia 13*
    Saggi factors: DESC 22* – Pallas Athene 28*

    Transiting nodes Gemini/Saggi will square my:
    House 11= NN Pisces 21* (Moon 4* Pisces , house 10)
    House 5 = SN Virgo 21* conjunct Proseserpina 23* conjunct PLUTO Virgo 25* (+Venus 1*}

    Transit NEPTUNE = approaching conjunct NN Pisces = opposite VIRGO SN +factors
    Transit VENUS RX = conjunct ASC squaring transit NEPTUNE (house 1) and my nodal axis…..

    Age 50 (House 11= Chiron return Aries RX versus house 5 Libra factors = Sun 0, Uranus 4, Apollo 8, Merc RX 12, Jupiter 13). INTERCEPTED LIBRA-ARIES AXIS. All angular rulers in house 5 + SN conjunct Proserpina conjunct Pluto in Virgo!

    What is your view on these transits in my natal BC? I am a little concerned about my health and also doubting my inner guidance about a relationship. I am in a process of inner child work.

    Thank you again for your precious time and energy. BIG hug!

    1. You use a different system to me, so I need to spin your chart. I use the Natural House system which I have found to be the most accurate for prediction. The Moon in Pisces is in your Twelfth House, not your Tenth House, in my system, which is radically different. I also never use Pallas Athene, because she is Greek, and modern astrology is Roman. (She was replaced by Minerva, just as Zeus was replaced by Jupiter). Okay, so I’m going to start again with the whole horoscope. The entrance of the North Node into Gemini (short journeys, the internet) and the North Node into Sagittarius (foreign places and people, big ideas) is the key to your chart. This takes place around May 6th. You have one project or concept to export. That’s fine, but do not forget the second one. Gemini rules twins. There are twin books, websites, qualifications, products, plans here. You also need to ground yourself. Moon in Pisces in the Twelfth House makes you psychic, and you can pick up what others are thinking/doing, in other regions or countries. This helps you. Yet, you need to have ‘a leg to stand on.’ This means centring yourself in the real world and getting down to earth, practical, about yourself – before you even dream about shipping your brainwaves, expertise or concepts to another country. This is sometimes about a different city in your own country, or a distant region, but it commonly reveals another part of the world. One thing I would say – your current location is wrong. Nothing grows there. You need to shift this. The Nodes will help you do that, but I strongly recommend you try yoga or meditation where your sacral or base chakra is connected to Mother Earth. Otherwise this may come to nothing. ‘You may say I’m a dreamer,’ John Lennon sang in Imagine. Well, dreaming must becoming doing or you may find both the first and second idea come to nothing and that would be a shame, in terms of the potential.

  19. Morning
    My N node is 25 Sagittarius and my S node 25 Gemini
    I’m reading with interest some of your other replies about Karma, travel etc.
    I’m firmly back in the UK but have many of my clothes and books etc back in the USA and, Karma wise, I’m sure you will not be surprised that my youngest daughter left home unexpectedly around 2001 and ( all resolved quickly and we talk every day ) is now living in the US and this time round I feel I am leaving her, not her leaving me.
    Am I reading that right, as the Karma coming round?
    In theory I need to go back to move my possessions out of a house that is up for sale and I didn’t think it would or could easily happen ( flying) but now I’m not so sure. I am not sure I even want to fly anytime.
    I have loved seeing how the planet has been recovering and it opened my eyes to my selfish behaviour around travel. My daughter can pack my old life up and store it temporarily so It is doable.
    But, I still have a nagging push that I need to go back to complete something though….(besides closing bank accounts and hat chapter of my life)

    1. Thank you for letting me know this about your daughter. She is, of course, your past life karmic connection, and right on cue, she left home in 2001. Yes, this is the ancient cycle of debts and credits in your soul’s bank account, coming around again – and hers too. Families are the best place for souls to gather, in order to figure things out together, even if they were not related before. Families are forced together so there is often no way out – the karma must be sorted out. If you feel you need to go back to complete, then of course you must do that. It will be pretty clear to you once the Nodes have left Cancer and Capricorn next week, and moved into new signs.

  20. Hello Jessica I hope you are keeping well
    My chart says north node is in Sagittarius so I’m curious what this transit means for me in terms of what I should be focusing on All the best

    1. You are in an unforgettable cycle which begins around May 6th and takes you throughout 2020, 2021 and into January 2022. Very early on you will realise that a particular part of the world, and its people, is front-and-centre. It may have been the case 19 years ago too, or 19 years before that. Think back to about 2001-2002. We are also talking about past lives here, so it may be that you lived and worked in the place in question. This may explain why it has come back into your life, or why there is a certain core appeal about (say) the food, or the culture, or the history. Sometimes the issue with a Sagittarius Ninth House Node Return is not a foreign country and its locals, but a part of town that feels foreign to you. So, in a city like London for example, we might be talking about wealthy Kensington as opposed to less wealthy Brixton. It can feel foreign. There are sometimes regions of your own country, which similarly can feel very far away, along with those who live there. So let’s allow for that. The intense Gemini weather of May, June 2020 which triggers the Sagittarius Ninth House and Gemini Third House angles of your chart suggests to me, whatever/wherever this is, you’ll be dealing with it very rapidly, and in the most intense way, by the end of June. You have something to give, perhaps. Maybe a reward to find. There is usually a spiritual balance sheet or a soul ‘bank account’ in the Akashic Records and suddenly, when the Nodes change sign, there is a need to settle up. Look up Ninth House on Search when you finish reading this, and also North Node, South Node. I hope this helps. You were there before, and you will ‘go there’ again. Maybe even literally, by January 2022.

  21. Hi Jessica
    I have the nodes in Cancer and Capricorn but I just wanted to feed back to you that you predicted that as a Gemini I would be set free around 1st May and indeed my Dad, who I have been caring for over the last 3 years, and who is also a Gemini, passed away on the morning of 2nd May after 4 weeks in hospital and at the age of almost 90. So we have both been set free and I am spending time working at home on my own and thinking about how to sort out his affairs under lockdown and what my life will look forward knowing that I don’t have to worry about his needs any more. It’s liberating and scary at the same time. I have been writing a journal of letters to him to help sort out my thoughts. It’a an extraordinary time and thankyou for your horoscopes that help me find a way through.
    Pauline x

    1. Pauline, I am so sorry that your father has passed away. The 1st of May prediction was made using the cycles of the planet Uranus, which is about freedom as you have seen. It has been associated with liberty and liberation since 1781 in fact. This does not take away from the fact that you have lost your dad. You did so much for him, I know, from reading your questions over the years. In fact there is a second cycle of time here, and that is the end of the North Node (karma) in Cancer (family) which is just days away now. So you have completed the agreement between both your souls, or spirits, and that is huge. Writing the journal is a brilliant way to make things clear for himself and for you. In fact, Gemini rules journal writing as I am sure you know. The scary and extraordinary side of Uranus transits (like this one, where our lives have radically changed) is also something I can tell you about. Astrologers have had over 200 years to watch these patterns and see how best to deal with them. The fear is common. I am going to write a longer post about this, because you have inspired me, but whenever we have a Uranus transit, we actually get Saturn too. (Uranus was Saturn’s father). Saturn always brings cowardice with him! (He is pale yellow like cowardy custard, if you look at him through a telescope). Whenever we face tremendous change but also make changes – we feel the cowardy custard. So it’s actually a really good sign that you’re on track! They felt it back in 1781 when the planet Uranus was actually discovered. The Americans threw out King George III (mad King George) as their ruler, gave British taxes the boot and also started to get rid of black slavery. Even the people who were set free by that felt scared. Change is always a bit custard! Yet, the benefits are powerful and you are allowed to feel them too. You have been set free. Your Dad has been set free. You don’t have to worry about him any longer. Now, invent your future, Pauline. But keep writing the journal. Thank you for your kind comments xx

  22. Hi Jessica:

    I have a question about settlement of debt (all values in USD).

    Four years ago, I had new hardwood flooring installed in my home, which has failed. The issue was inspected by an expert who concluded the failure was due to the contractor’s improper installation. The cost to repair and replace is $77K.

    The contractor’s insurance won’t cover the damage and his attorney has repeatedly refused my requests for settlement. Contractor says he has no money to offer and his attorney keeps saying that he doesn’t owe me anything.

    I’ve spent four years and thousands of dollars on my own attorney fees – with no results. The only money recovered to-date is $15K from the contractor’s bond, which I pursued on my own.

    It would be wrong to let this contractor off scot-free and leave me on the hook for $65K.

    It seems the only recourse is to file a lawsuit, which will cost more money than I have available.

    I need clarity on this situation as the statute of limitations to file a lawsuit is very near.

    Should I file a lawsuit or give up at this point and no longer pursue this against my contractor?

    Is there any other recourse that I might follow?

    Do you see my contractor paying me any money at all?

    Your thoughts would be very appreciated.

    Thank you so much 🙂

    1. I am very sorry about this situation which sounds so stressful for you. You don’t give a birth time, date or place so I’m afraid I can’t answer this. Something I would point out, though, is that with Uranus (radical change, liberation, freedom) in Taurus (money, property) you are genuinely free to let this go. I’m afraid that there will always be people and organisations who rip us off. It’s theft, essentially, and they will pay karmically, in this life and the next. Let me ask a question. What price is your peace of mind? If you can remove the idea that you are letting your contractor off scot-free and you on the hook for $65,000 and frame it differently – you are buying $65,000 worth of calm – would you pay? Where does the calm come from? Well, from knowing that in the course of the rest of your life, you will somehow make or get that amount back. And maybe more. You know it, don’t you? Money comes in like the tide, as much as it goes out. You have spent four years of your life on this. Put a price on a year of calm and energetic productivity without this on your shoulders. You’ve made $15,000. A lawsuit will cost more time and energy. To quote Keith Richards, ‘Shit happens.’ It really does. The question we all have to deal with in our lives, is to put a proper costing/price on what money cannot buy: our minds. Your contractor has rented space in your head and paid nothing for it. You have given him and his attorney two rooms for nothing in your brain, along with the actual money paid out. Evict them. That would be my advice. And price freedom. What would you pay to feel free?

  23. Hello Jessica! Hope you are well! Thank you so much for helping us make the best, out of this difficult period with all your articles, podcasts etc. Yesterday I had a couple of Sag – Gem news. My professional contract will continue to be temporary inactive and I was also informed that some governmental funding seminars I was interested about will start on Saturday. Yesterday’s headline could be the bliss of solitude and e-learn however I wanted to ask you to have a look on my chart and advise in which way the new position of the nodes will help the improvement of my life (and love life maybe) and what should I do for the best outcome. Back in 2001 I started a three year counselling and therapy circle as my teenage years were the opposite to joyful. My moon-Uranus conjunction-opposition to Proserpina and square to Diana, as well as the square from transiting Neptune in Pisces really brings thick fog in matters of communication and understanding the needs of nourishment of my own core. I would love to hear your insight. Thank you!

    1. Thank you – I will pass that on to my colleagues too. You had news, right on cue, on the same day the North Node went into Gemini and your Third House of seminars and self-education, and the South Node went into Sagittarius, which rules foreign people and places. The counselling and therapy 19 years ago were part of your education too. It is very likely that in 2020, 2021, early 2022 you will somehow reuse or draw on what you experienced back then, in the circle. This is very early in the cycle – literally the first week. It will take time (May and June) to find your path. It’s really interesting – often the skills, experience, knowledge and talents we have, we don’t rate highly enough, yet it is just these things that others want to learn from us, or receive in the form of tutoring or mentorship. It is also true that we can forget budding talents or recognised abilities from years ago, dismiss them and yet – this is where the next wave of progress, achievement and reward comes from. In May you have a lot of traffic in your Third and Ninth houses, designed to wake you up to this. July and August may be back and forth (Mercury Retrograde) but August and September will move things on again. Communication is the magic word. If you are bilingual or multilingual that is a crucial skill over the next couple of years.

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