Free Weekly Astrology Class: Ceres and Proserpina

A symbol of ‘the bridge’ between two powerful people or organisations. Just as she was a bridge between her controlling husband Pluto and her controlling mother, Ceres! In fact Proserpina ended up with more control than either of them, because they wanted her both.

Track Ceres and Proserpina in your birth chart to find out how to manage life.

This important dwarf planet and her daughter, the asteroid Proserpina, describe issues about power, control, compromise and ‘new deals’.

The sign and house they are in, in your personal birth chart, shows you where you are born with tremendous natural control, productivity and creativity. Also, where you benefit by negotiating the territory with other people and learning that everything has a rhythm. Sometimes it’s down time for you with Ceres.

You can also look Ceres up on Search on this website for more information about her. And how about her daughter Proserpina?

She is a symbol of ‘the bridge’ between two powerful people or organisations. Just as she was a bridge between her controlling husband Pluto and her controlling mother, Ceres! In fact Proserpina ended up with more control than either of them, because they wanted her both.


This Week’s Lesson – Managing the Controls

As you are becoming accustomed to watching planets in transit (travelling) and the zodiac signs and houses they are in, as they pass through, you can see for yourself what Ceres and Proserpina are up to.

You can do this any time on the front page (home page) of my website which shows planetary positions.

What’s up in your world? If it’s about sharing control then Proserpina and Ceres will be there.

For a natal or birth chart interpretation, just find the sign and house these two were in, on the day you were born. If you are a Premium Member you’ll have that chart to hand, clearly showing both Ceres and Proserpina (not every astrology chart does that).

How Do Astrologers Discover Meaning?

I have mentioned this before in astrology events and classes online but it is worth repeating.

How do astrologers find out what a planet or other heavenly body represents? Since the 18th century, astrologers look at the Roman myth surrounding the god or goddess, after whom a heavenly body is named. What does it mean? And how does it tally with the biggest, most remarkable, memorable events in its year of discovery? Where is the synchronicity? (That’s crucial  – it is how astrological symbols are defined). 

Carl Jung popularised this word synchronicity (along with Sting, and The Police) and it describes powerful, meaningful coincidence. The kind that leaves your jaw on the floor. The kind of synched-up connection that might make you yelp in wonder at the universe’s general cleverness. Synchronicity is just one explanation for why astrology works. So here’s the score with your Pluto cycles…

In 1930 Claude Tombaugh discovered Pluto in Arizona. It was named by an eleven-year-old girl in Oxford, England named Venetia Burney. She became one of the most powerful girls in history, as to this day, she is the only young female to have ever named a planet. In the famous Roman myth about Pluto, we learn how he makes a girl called Proserpina powerful by promoting her to Queen.

To understand Ceres and Proserpina in your chart, by transit or natally, you need to know about Pluto. And it works the other way too. Pluto is never understood in depth until you understand his wife and mother-in-law.


franz harvin aceituna vkfrFrAIO4o unsplash 600x400 - Free Weekly Astrology Class: Ceres and Proserpina


Power, Control, Ceres, Pluto and Proserpina

Colossal Statue Of Ceres Vati 400x600 - Free Weekly Astrology Class: Ceres and Proserpina

This gives us the first statement about Pluto in your horoscope.  By house, it shows where deepening levels of control, potency, influence and effectiveness develop over your lifetime. That’s how Pluto works. Those who  had no power, like young girls, get it. Those who have too much power, like Pluto, are forced to hand it over. The same goes for Ceres, Proserpina’s mother. Nobody and nothing can have total control in this cycle and that’s the whole story.

Consider 1930, the year this planet was discovered. The rules of astrology tell us that the year of discovery is crucial to understanding what a planet means. There are parallels between 1930 on the world stage and what has been happening in your own life too – for all of your life – in the house where you find Pluto.

In 1930, Mahatma Gandhi led India against British rule. British control weakened. The old balance of power began to transform, giving rise to modern India.

In 1930, the German election results put Adolf Hitler on the road to power and the foundations of World War Two, the U.N. and the new world order began.

In 1930, Walther Bothe and Herbert Becker obtained a new form of radiation, leading to the discovery of the neutron – the key to nuclear power.

Pluto is about changing the reins. A reshuffle in the hierarchy. A switch in status, authority and control – up, down and sideways. It is also about the release of a huge amount of power. This is exactly what has been happening for all of your life, in the houses where you find this  transiting planet. Or, should we way, dwarf planet. That last part is important.

As you may know, Pluto was demoted in 2006. The International Astronomical Union reclassified him, not only shrinking him in importance, but also removing him from the Solar System. In the same year, Ceres, the famous asteroid, was also given dwarf planet status, suddenly making her Pluto’s equal. This is perfect synchronicity. Why? Because the Pluto story also involves Ceres, as you know.

I don’t know too many astronomers who like astrology. But they can’t argue with us this time. Their decision to demote Pluto and promote Ceres in 2006 mirrors the original Roman myth in an uncanny way. That story (told in Lempriere’s Classical Encyclopaedia of Greek and Roman Mythology)  is also about the dramatic and irrevocable change in status of Pluto and Ceres.

Ceres had a daughter called Proserpina. Pluto abducted her to Hades (Hell). Proserpina then became Pluto’s queen. Ceres demanded the return of her daughter from Jupiter, Pluto’s brother. Jupiter agreed, provided that Proserpina had not eaten anything in Hell. As she had eaten half a pomegranate, though,. Jupiter ruled that Ceres should spend half the year with Pluto, then Ceres.

Pluto and Proserpina II VA April 2013 600x338 - Free Weekly Astrology Class: Ceres and Proserpina

Pluto and Proserpina

All About Proserpina

Proserpina, the struggling maiden (abducted by Pluto) shows how others individually or collectively will operate as a go-between, trying to please two powerful people, organisations or other entities at the same time. They found Proserpina in a very big year for bridges and tunnels. She reveals how others will ‘bridge’ the gaps between anyone or anything in control, during a cycle.

The famous sculpture of the pair, usually found bolted to the floor of The Victoria and Albert Museum in London shows Pluto with his back to us, apparently overwhelming the wriggling, struggling figure of Proserpina. In the Roman myth, she was taken by him – all the way to Hell – where he made her his Queen. Thus, Pluto made Proserpina very powerful.

Don’t be fooled by Proserpina passing through your horoscope. She may indicate where you or anyone else is ‘taken’ or taken over by someone/something overwhelming. Before too long, though, there will be a shift in the balance of power which means someone plays piggy-in-the-middle, between two dominating people, places, organisations or situations. Just like Pluto and Ceres, who as you’ve read previously, fought over the right to have Proserpina for half the year.

There may be a ‘custody’ issue where you find Proserpina in your chart. Who gets the most of what/whom for how much time? How is he, she to be shared? Or something else entirely, like money? This is where you will find a people-pleaser, skilled at the art of satisfying  potent entities. The irony of this situation is that this person or organisation will  hold the strings. Superficially he, she or they may look like pawns in this transit. No. Players.

If they hang onto resentment against him, her, them or the world in general (and even you) these people or organisations will find themselves fighting nature.

They found Ceres in the same year Haydn released The Four Seasons. In Roman myth she ruled spring, summer, autumn and winter. The smart way for people and organisations (even entire nations) to handle Ceres is to practise acceptance, tolerance and understanding. And to realise that periodically losing is not a disaster. Winter and Autumn can be as enjoyable as Spring and Summer.

By transit Ceres brings the need for a win-win agreement and a new arrangement. There will always be control and power issues and tremendous passion. It’s an emotional cycle. If you can play your part in assisting the process of change and ensuring that you also gain from the new balance (the sharing of the reins, the redistribution of emotional or psychological territory) it’s a manageable cycle.

Something to take away from your free Thursday astrology lesson: the world is a more interesting, varied and richer place once Ceres, Pluto and Proserpina have sorted out their concerns about who or what is in charge. Would you agree?



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Natalie Delahaye

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48 Responses

  1. I enjoyed this! I have both Ceres and Pluto in Libra and Prosperina In Leo. Can you enlighten me as to how this plays into my chart?
    Thank you!

    1. Thank you. Blessed is the peacemaker. That is your role. Ceres and Pluto in Libra is often about balancing two sides, two opponents, two enemies, and so on. Proserpina in Leo is the person who closes the gaps and builds the bridges. You would be a superb marriage guidance counsellor during a divorce or separation. Have a look at Proserpina in particular. You really play that role quite a lot and may have done it as a child. You would be a good U.N. Peacekeeping Force leader as well. You are fiery, thanks to Proserpina in Leo. Energetic, dynamic, confident and good at shifting the energy. People who resolve their issues with each other have you to thank a lot of the time because you cleverly remove the potential for any more trouble. You’re much needed on this planet.

      1. This is is exactly why I went into the law profession. I truly enjoy what I do. Makes so much sense. Thank you!’n

  2. This was a great lesson in understanding these heavenly bodies as this scenario is playing out in my life right now. To prepare myself for the impending change of situation I am signing up (New moon new start)for courses in Herbal Medicine. Thanks for another wonderful lesson!

  3. Hi Jessica, you are one of the few astrologers that seem to include asteroids..I have Pluto/Venus and Ceres conjunct my Leo ascendant at 28 it the Ceres energy/archetype that constantly brings people into my life men and women who need mothering or nurturing in some way ?
    Strangely people always say they feel safe with me and calm, if only they knew what inner turbulence I have how is it possible for me to project peace and calm outwards ?

    1. Yes, I began using asteroids in 2008 when astronomers demoted Pluto and promoted Ceres. The whole sky changed for astrologers then! None of what you say is about Ceres. It sounds much more like the Moon actually. I can’t see a personal chart so I can’t comment more than that – but I would expect your Moon by sign, house and aspect makes supportive patterns with the charts of those who say you mother them, or nurture them. A Cancer stellium can sometimes do that too.

  4. So it’s synchronicity that my mother is an Aquarius and my partner is a Scorpio to see that I struggle/d so much with them?

  5. Hello, hope you are happy and safe while in quarantine.
    After reading this, I checked my premium chart and see that I have Pluto in Scorpio, Ceres in Virgo and Prosperina in Gemini. These are in such vastly different signs. How might these affect my birth chart?

    1. Very well thank you. And I hope, the same for you. You are currently having a Saturn in Aquarius transit (in your Eleventh House of friends and groups) which is picking up on this pattern, and so much more, in your chart. It is time to do some work on individual friends in the wider circle, community or network. You are really lucky to have these people behind you. They are individually and collectively solid gold. Yet, all is not stable there. Rather than assume everybody and everything is fine, really look at each person in turn and pay separate attention to them. It would not take much for one friend or person in the group to go…or change position…and that could create a domino effect. There is so much here that is precious, tune in, change your current stance, and start tending to the person and really getting as far into her/his situation and personality as you can. Of course it may be that you don’t have time. Well, if so, it may be time to create a different system in your life around groups. Too many people here? Maybe. Possibly. It’s your call.

  6. Hi Jessica,

    This is a fascinating and informative post. In looking at my chart I have:

    Ceres 15 degrees Sagittarius
    Proserpina 17 degrees Taurus
    Pluto 13 degree Virgo, in retrograde

    What I am piecing together as a narrative from my own life starts to make sense. My parents moved away when I was in college (is that the Ceres in Sag factor?), many years ago, and I have spent the last few decades bouncing from my preferred geography, several hundred miles to visit them (Proserpina in Taurus factor, bouncing between two homes?), usually twice a year. In fact, growing up, we moved several times due to my father’s work and each move was rather traumatic for me (and my father is a Taurus…) Anyways, I am so tired of this arrangement. I do not care for the state they live in, the weather and politics do not suit me, and yet my mother is constantly begging me to move there and live with them. This causes me a huge amount of grief, guilt, and stress – really not healthy for me (Pluto in Virgo retrograde?). Is there ever any resolution to this type of situation? I am sick of it and am at a point where I can no longer spend all my spare funds to fly to visit them. It all makes me so sad, there seems to be no resolution here, and I am desperate to make peace with this situation and with them. Any advice much appreciated, thank you.

    1. You are doing a good job here with your astrological birth chart. And thank you for the compliment. You are using astrology to take the right path off a crossroads you only just reached. You’ve seen the road you have been on, understand the map and want a different sort of journey. You feel guilty and stressed by your mother’s ‘begging’ as you say. You are sick of it. You can’t afford it. I am sorry that you are also so sad about it and desperate to make the peace – which I completely understand! More than anything else in 2020 we need strong immune systems, and strong immune systems are created when we sleep and relax properly. Okay, you need time out. Don’t even ask for it, just tell them – you need to look after yourself, take a few months off to be alone, to repair your mind, body and spirit. No more travelling – the old arrangement is off. It’s a different world out there. I am sure if you went to see a therapist, doctor or healer she would say the same thing. You need to do a Doctor Who. You need to transform and regenerate! When the time is right you will do that. Meditation will really, really help you so please find something you can absorb and make part of your life. When the time is right you will emerge, to discover a terrific parent-child relationship. I don’t know if you have godchildren, nieces, sons, daughters, nephews – or if a younger generation is written in your future because of paid or unpaid efforts with them. But I do see this as your potential brand new day. This alters the dynamic and chemistry with your parents. When you become drawn into this crucial parent-child relationship, in some way, you are utterly changing things. No longer your parents’ daughter you are now there with somebody else’s childhood, or perhaps their adolescence.

      1. Many thanks for the insights Jessica.

        And a little more context to throw into the mix:

        -I have 12 nieces and nephews (!)
        -I have care responsibility for an aunt (my mother’s sister) and am toying with the idea of us moving in together to economize and so I can help her a bit more
        -I am already teaching yoga and meditation, I am in the midst of taking a class on kids yoga, and will soon start a formal, years-long course soon on meditation training
        -I also know a young woman in her 20’s that I would consider a “daughter from another mother” – she is the daughter of one of my best friends. She is much like me when I was younger and rebellious. I sometimes wonder if she figures into my future relationships/work in some way….

  7. Hi Jessica, Interesting read and thank you as always for your great insights. Looking at my chart, how you see these factors and transits affecting my chart. Thank you!

    1. Thank you. This is really about people leaving their old situation behind in search of what they hope will be better days. A better life. This may be you, or it may be those who are on their way to you. This is not just about Ceres, Proserpina and Pluto. It is about a whole lot of other factors sweeping your chart – Aquarius weather (Saturn in Aquarius) but also the new Sagittarius-Gemini Nodes weather too. The future can bring anything. When one emigrates, moves, travels, relocates – for family reasons, work, business, property or just lifestyle – there needs to zero baggage on arrival. The new life is absolutely unknown and has to be coloured in with beautiful colours. That is what you and anyone else involved should be thinking about here. And groups of friends and like-minded people are, as always, essential. They can carry us!

  8. Thanks again, Jessica, for an interesting and thought provoking article! I manage my mother’s real estate since she is quite elderly. I do not take any
    income for this. My brother in law (a Leo) has consistently made it known that he would have liked to have the control of the property by his many
    horrible actions and words. I have Pluto in Leo, Ceres in Sagittarius and Proserpina in Taurus. Does my situation seem to be reflected by these
    placements? Is there something I should consider in the handling of the real estate…..or, in the handling of my own finances? Thanks so much for
    all your generous information.

    1. I’m sorry about your brother. Your issues were probably more complicated in February and March, because your brother was going through a confused and confusing cycle with the money, house, apartment, and so on. Nothing was really clear, firm or final. This would have been about his own affairs, not your mother’s property – though that was part of it. You will need to quickly remove any potential for future conflict. You can do this. You may be dealing with more than just your brother. Again, this would probably date from February-March when Mercury Retrograde in Pisces was with us, but also Neptune in Pisces – very misty, cloudy, unclear, foggy weather. It is very important that you rapidly get rid of anything at all that could be used as a weapon. Really get rid of everything you can! Think about what might be used to create issues and keeping your wits about you, destroy it or throw it as far away as possible from yourself. I then suggest you leave the scene. Depart the situation. Does this make sense to you? Put as much huge distance between yourself and anyone you suspect may be part of potential trouble, including your brother – as you possibly can. Look where you’re going and time it right. But do it.

  9. Happy Quarantine New Moon, Jessica and thank you for an interesting article.
    It’s safe to say that I am the go between at home with my family. It can be quite intense and draining. I would like to know how you see these powerful planets playing out in the future of my chart, if you don’t mind.

    1. Happy New Moon. It was a good one. Taurus (practical and productive) and close to Uranus (new freedom). Yes, your family situation is intense and draining. It is probably affecting the quality of your sleep. A great deal of what troubles you is in your head. It is really important that you stop dwelling on past issues, or fearing the future. This is really mental training and there are so many different techniques out there for replacing imagination with reality. If you were to remove what is in your mind – be it a memory, a concern about tomorrow, or something else – you would be a different person. In fact, for all that the family has given you trouble in the past – and it’s really clear you made your bed and now you lie in it – there is actually a really lovely, comfortable existence here. In terms of pure lifestyle, you’re pretty lucky. To really enjoy that, it is time to find the expert and technique that works for you. Have fun trying. Open up YouTube or your favourite online bookstore. Give yourself a leisurely day to explore what appeals. Try it. Try several. I do feel astrology can help you. I am not just saying that because I am an astrologer. So dig into those experts like Penny Thornton. They really know their stuff. Most of all, though, I strongly recommend you look at something like meditation, Reiki, mindfulness, dream coaching or similar. I get that you are trying to rest easy on top of a situation which has conflict etched in it, and that’s really hard. But quite honestly, so much of this isn’t real. Get rid of it.

      1. That you for your very reassuring reply, Jessica. I wonder if you could recommend any authors on Reiki and or the link between astrology and yoga?
        Thanks again x

        1. Astrology and yoga are really linked in Indian or Vedic culture and you might want to ask my friend Sonal Sachdeva, from The Circle of Divine. She’s online and is occasionally on Twitter. Reiki can be found at my friend Kerry McNally’s excellent website.

  10. Hello, Jessica

    This is fascinating story! Thank you.
    I have Pluto and Proserpina in Libra and Ceres in Pisces. Could you interpret this into more understandable way, please? Having Pluto and Proserpina in the same house (and especially in partnership house) sounds unbalanced. And Ceres in Pisces doesn’t sounds powerful but tricky. : l


    1. Ceres in Pisces is something my colleague at The Sun Sign School, Stephanie Johnson, has just created a podcast about, funnily enough. Libra, the sign of balance and partnership, is the gate through which you explore. Pluto and Proserpina in Libra is a permanent invitation to use your natural balance, symmetry and harmony (you on one side, he or she on the other) to find your power and explore what is possible. Ceres in Pisces in the Twelfth House is about what is clouded, hidden or rather mysterious. There’s real power there. But you may not be fully conscious of it. Dreams can sometimes reveal that.

      1. OMG, can’t wait for the podcast!
        Ceres in Pisces is like Jupiter made a mistake and rather than Cares waits to see Proserpina on the ground, Proserpina has to look for her mother in the water. So Proserpina actually doesn’t have much fun to be with her mother. Then in the end, she decides to stay away from both her husband and mother!

        I feel there’s something I need to know.

        Thank you so much for your reply and really look forward to listening to the podcast.

        1. Thank you. Stephanie has sent this along for us, so it won’t be too much longer that you see it. We also have a new YouTube channel where we will be loading work by the tutors at The Sun Sign School, who also appear on The Astrology Show.

  11. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for all your blogs especially the meditation ones they are helping me enormously at night when all the worries of present times surface.
    I must admit I do not understand Ceres in my chart at 2° Aries. I also have Psyche at 2° Gemini and Minerva at 2° Leo. Could you please explain these in my chart. My Proserpina is at 22° Libra which I do understand in my life.

    1. Thank you. I will pass that on to Natalie and Alicia. It’s really about Minerva in Leo – you are the natural guide, teacher figure or mentor of children and younger people. This may be your family life or professional life, and sometimes it’s less obvious. It’s a nice flow. Ceres in Aries, Psyche in Gemini and Minerva in Leo together. There is a sense of the next generation here, coming through. Also the entertainment that appeals to the young, that can be shared with older people – your own generation. There is so much potential here. Hopefully you have already tapped it. We often find that there is a ‘chip off the old block’ situation with this combination,so boys or young adult males might take after a father, or girls/young women may take after you. Gemini is very much about siblings, cousins – and childhood friends who ‘twin’ or pair with each other. Ceres in Aries has a strong sense of entitlement, claim, empowerment. I guess the only issue with Ceres is, always, how is time and energy to be shared? How is space to be divided up? Who is control of what, when and where?

  12. Hi Jessica,
    i have ceres in scorpio and Proserpina in Virgo. i’ve had many of my jobs canceled or pushed back to next year which makes the field of work i do much more of a struggle than it already is. I work in the performing arts. Was wondering if this is a sign that maybe it’s time to look at other industries? or maybe a break in disguise, much needed time for reflection and deep thought? it’s been a long and tumultuous journey of trying to find financial stability.

    1. It’s time to get to work. You have Proserpina in Virgo in the Sixth House and you do better when you are rolling up your sleeves and working. Performing Arts is on hold for perhaps longer than you imagine, or it will involve more funding than anyone anticipated. You are experiencing Uranus in Taurus (money) opposite your Ceres in Scorpio (financing your lifestyle and home). That’s a command to change. Fortunately for you, Uranus makes a stunning trine to Proserpina in Virgo. Look up Sixth House when you finish reading this because it’s where you should be living now. A good question for Sixth House Proserpina people is, ‘Who needs what, and how do I meet their need?’ Even if it’s not for a mountain of gold. There are new needs all over the place now in 2020. See what you can do. You’re about to discover abilities you did not know you had, although your soul always knew. Next, look online, and on community noticeboards.

  13. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for the astrology lessons, it is a really great time to be reflecting and going deeper and these are really valued.
    Although I think I understand the myths of Ceres and Proserpina I’m unsure about how they work in my chart, particularly as they make exact aspects to other planets. (Ceres is in exact aspect to 4 planets/nodes at 7º). Proserpina (which I have closely conjunct Chiron in Pisces) I particularly struggle to apply/understand in my chart. Your thoughts or insights would be much appreciated.

    Thanks and stay well x

    1. Proserpina and Chiron are really about solitude. Are you a hermit? You look for the link between heaven and earth. Mediums who live alone and work alone sometimes have this placement. It is certainly the mark of a loner. Not just a loner for the sake of it. Someone who goes looking for God, or Goddess, or the spirit world, or the world of the Buddhists – through retreating. That is exaggerated now as Neptune goes through Pisces too. For more on this look up Pisces and Twelfth House.

      1. Hi Jessica, that’s interesting. I’m not a hermit, although I live alone since my daughter moved out. As I grew up in a big family being alone doesn’t bother me, I love people and group work. However I do need to retreat to find balance. The spirit or goddess I seek is beauty, mostly the creative expression of humans (the arts) and nature. I’m curious that Ceres with so many exact contacts wouldn’t express stronger than Proserpina in my chart? Thank you so much for taking the time to respond to my question, I enjoy reading all your responses! x

  14. Hello Jessica, this is off this free class topic. Did a search on this website for Grand Trine and did not find anything on it so asking here – is there a one degree orb for a grand trine as well or all the degrees are exact please?. It’ll be nice if you would share with us what Grand Trine is. Thank you.

    1. A grand trine is a pyramid shape in the horoscope, with all three elements connected by three heavenly bodies in an exact pattern, or at least within one degree’s difference. So Aries, Leo, Sagittarius planets and asteroids at 2, 3, 3 degrees are in a grand trine in the element of fire. A grand trine is rare. It’s super flow. Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn factors at 29, 29, 29 would be in a grand trine. Gemini, Libra, Aquarius planets, angles, points or asteroids at 7, 7, 6 are in grand trine. Cancer, Pisces, Scorpio factors at 17, 18, 16 (I would allow that) are in grand trine. For more on this look up Sacred Geometry on Search.

  15. Hi Jessica,
    Hope you are coping with lockdown in a mostly sane fashion.
    I seem to have Pluto in Libra (conjunct Saturn and Ascendant), Ceres in Aquarius at 27 in trine of all 3 in Libra, and Prosperina in Scorpio (which trines Fortuna in Cancer at 17). I tried but couldn’t piece it together. Could you please explain how it all does play out?

    1. Ceres in Aquarius is the key here. When it comes to groups and friends (Aquarius, where you find Ceres in the Eleventh House of communities, circles and friendships) you are a battler. Ceres always is, especially when Pluto is in the mix. You have a pattern of fighting FOR causes, goals, visions (with friends in the group) or actually against them. This is the signature of someone who might have been in the R.A.F. during the war, for example, or with King Henry V at Agincourt. The best use of Ceres in Aquarius is to push fiercely for your rights/their rights in a situation. The worst use of it is to fight with friends who should be on your side, or to get yourself into a situation where it’s one person against the whole crew. The Libra side of this is about justice, fairness. Equality. What is fair/unfair is a big concern of Libra. So in a perfect world you would be with Sea Shepherd battling for sea creatures. For more look up Ceres and Aquarius and Eleventh House. She’s activated now. Why? Saturn moved into Aquarius and into your Eleventh House. I hope that helps.

      1. How interesting! This times in perfectly with my new job at a blue-chip high growth startup in the early stages. Hopefully, I am working together there to bring a product to the world that is fairer for the consumer. And not fighting my own friends/ crew.

  16. Thank you Jessica. As you mention in the example of Aries, Leo, Sagittarius planets and asteroids at 2, 3, 3 degrees are in a grand trine in the element of fire. Only change is that I have it as

    Mercury 17 deg 55 Aries,
    Moon 16 deg 55 Leo, and
    Neptune 18 deg 19 Saggi.

    So it would be as you say – 18 17 18 – a Grand Trine. Didn’t know this for sure. Thank you for this confirmation.

  17. Great article, Jessica. Had not thought about the linkage of Pluto, Ceres and Prosperina the way you have put. So I went looking into my chart for their placements. I have Pluto in Libra (I am a libra sun), Ceres in Aries (7th house) and Prosperina in Capricorn, which is my ascendant.

    I wonder what this placement implies with respect to the recent devastation I had in my life as I and my daughter left my abusive husband and went through series of very turbulent times. In hindsight, I cannot be more thankful for what happened no matter how emotionally difficult as else I would have been in a lockdown with him and possibly suffered serious ramifications.

    What should I be aware of as I forge ahead in custody battle with my ex.

    Best wishes

    1. I am so sorry that you and your daughter had to leave your husband – and now you have a custody battle. I hope you are taking time out from thinking about this, to meditate or use guided hypnotherapy for sleep. I strongly recommend you use Natalie Delahaye’s soothing relaxation podcasts, free to you, on this website. You need time out and so does your daughter, and should do that, or something like it, every day. Okay, so let’s look at the astrology. What can you do right now? First of all, there is a great love of money here. It’s not a huge amount of money in the picture, but it’s enough to finish what was started with business, property or another project. It’s rather like being Mr. Cadbury at the invention of chocolate, and realising you can take a little plot of land and create an empire with just $10,000. Of course, when one only has eyes for cash, it’s a problem. I feel this must be your former husband. There is something here that is really ‘off’ for want of a better word. Will you get the money from him? Only if you could persuade him that you can help his desire for an investment, or to finish what he started. Then he’d talk. Unfortunately what we have here is someone who is blind to everything in April 2020 except the cash. Okay, on your side – you have his family tree. On his father’s or mother’s side there is a really healthy, together bunch of people. Go to them. Try to make him see that you and your daughter are part of that family tree and try to talk to them. He could be persuaded to put that money into the family, or part of it. Or the family could step up (one relative, perhaps?) and suggest a deal, whereby he puts a little into them (and thus your daughter) and they somehow benefit him, and his business or whatever it is. Sometimes there are tax breaks or government ‘deals’ on this sort of arrangement. Have a look at what other wives and mothers in your situation have done, in terms of this. I believe the French have a word for this man. It is merde. But think about what’s healthy and good, here. It’s one side of his family tree. Or it may even be your family tree, but I think it’s his. He is halfway there already – part of him knows he should go back there, and go back to them. It’s calling him. I would also light a candle and ask the spirit world (your relatives and his) to help bring about wholeness, peace and healing to the situation. That can sometimes work miracles.

  18. Thanks Jessica. These are very helpful suggestions. I am taking a look at the podcast. Definitely can do with some calming. Thanks again

  19. Hi Jessica love the Astrology free classes thank you .I have Pluto in Virgo 7 deg / Control of body and lifestyle /work = Power ? I have Minerva at 9 deg Virgo as well Trine my Neptune in Scorpio at 8 deg ……….which is in opposition to Uranus now at 8 Deg . Then Ceres in Taurus 24 and Saturn 24 deg
    Capricorn opposite Diana at 23 in Scorpio and Diana is in Virgo right now at that same degree does that translate as Power with money against power with Sex and Money in other worlds ( Neptune ) and I have . Proserpina 27 deg Libra and Uranus 26 Leo and South Node 27 Aquarius is that Power in relationships as a bridge in cycles ( South Node ) Opposite Freedom with Lovers (Leo ) . My mother a Piscean took me away from my father who was a Taurus when I was 11 = Ceres and I was the link ? Proserpina ? Is this a correct interpretation ? Thank you very much Is the Uranus 8 Taurus opposite my Neptune at 8 degrees meaning the world conditions are against my leaving Nursing for …… Counselling and Hypnotherapy Business (Neptune at 8 ) even though I am /can doing Zoom ? Now I am confused If I have Jupiter in Capricorn 28 deg and I am a Virgo 3 deg am I reaching success in Business only to fall ? OR am I reaching to success with children and lovers only to fall ?

    1. Thank you. I am glad the free weekly astrology classes are resonating with you. You have an almost exact Pluto and Minerva conjunction in Virgo in the Sixth House, which describes your need for total control, as well as your wisdom, about your own body, and the way your physical fitness, mental health and overall wellbeing must be factored into every decision you make about your workload, your duty to others and your work ethic. The tie-up with Neptune in Scorpio brings in questions about your finances. You have a busy chart, but could get a lot from just focussing on what is clustered at 7 and 8 degrees – so Pluto 7 Virgo, Neptune 8 Scorpio, Minerva 9 Virgo are really about your bank account and your job/s. Daily routine, lifestyle, and your health and wellbeing. What you eat and drink, the prescribed or illegal drugs that go into your system. You have been drawn to nursing, which is not unusual with this pattern, and counselling and hypnotherapy are calling you, also not unusual. Pluto is about empowerment. He empowered his wife Proserpina. Before he married her and made her his Queen, she was just the powerless daughter of Ceres. Minerva is a Boadicea or Cleopatra archetype – perhaps Queen Elizabeth I or our own current Queen. You have what it takes to do extremely well in business or in nursing. You have an excellent concept of boundaries and are firm but fair. You are also spiritual. You know what money is worth and you also know what is priceless for the soul. This is a very good combination for someone who needs to negotiate, deal, organise. Minerva and Pluto together are formidable. You can look them up on Search when you finish reading this. Allied to Neptune, they favour surgery actually, or the ‘cutting out’ or ‘cutting back’ or anything that needs a firm hand – and of course that may be people who come to you with all sorts of issues that need axing. Phobias, for example. You can do a lot with this, but of course it is your life and your chart. Use your Astrology Oracle cards and guidebook to help enlighten you.

  20. Thank you Jessica for your interesting reply this gives me more conviction about my ability to proceed I have been disheartened by a few things my family resent my achievements and are against me practicing Hypnotherapy/ denigrating my Diploma in Counseling and Clinical Hypnotherapy and the death of 3 family members have shaken my foundations .My mother Pisces told me that people who have higher education are just boring and told me I was a poser big argument ensued and with in that conversation what I had left of my family was wiped away . I will rise from the ashes this reply has made me even more determined Thank you so much Jessica have a great long weekend !

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