Free Weekly Astrology Class: Pluto and Jupiter Conjunction in Capricorn

What happens when we see Jupiter and Pluto form a conjunction? Well, at 2.44am UT on 5th April, you’ll find out. That is when Jupiter moves to 24 degrees of Capricorn and 53 minutes, exactly conjunct, or next to, Pluto at 24 degrees of Capricorn and 53 minutes.

hardik sharma CrPAvN29Nhs unsplash e1586389608313 600x567 - Free Weekly Astrology Class: Pluto and Jupiter Conjunction in CapricornWhen two planets are in the same location, at the same degree, in the same zodiac sign, it’s a conjunction. On Sunday 5th April we have a conjunction between Jupiter and Pluto.

You learned about Jupiter in the first lesson in this series with my colleague Stephanie Johnson. As you saw, Jupiter in the sign of Capricorn was having particular impact – helping, hoping, healing – as he passed through.

Photo by Hardik Sharma

The Two Systems of Astrology

In astrology we use two systems. One for everyone, which is the Sun Sign or Solar Sign system. That’s the stuff you know, from your daily, weekly or monthly stars. It’s like a weather forecast. It shows the general temperature for everyone.

We use Solar Houses or Sun Sign Houses for that. (Houses are life departments).

The natal chart or personal birth chart is deeper. That’s the controls on the heating or air-conditioner in your bedroom. You fine-tune it, and it’s exclusive to you.

For that, you can choose quite a few different house systems. I prefer the Natural House system, because it’s natural!

What happens when we see Jupiter and Pluto form a conjunction? Well, at 2.44am UT on 5th April, you’ll find out. That is when Jupiter moves to 24 degrees of Capricorn and 53 minutes, exactly conjunct, or next to, Pluto at 24 degrees of Capricorn and 53 minutes.

If you’re going to test yourself with predictions, please be specific. Do some research on my website and come up with your own dictionary. Good astrology is about detailed, date-stamped forecasting, not vagueness. Keep it clear and precise. Have a go!

Your Sign and the Pluto-Jupiter Conjunction

Which area of your life is affected, in terms of the general weather? Your Sun Sign will tell you as it shows your solar chart.

Free to you in this weekly lesson is a set of astrology cards you can print at home. Line up the Jupiter and Pluto cards together along with the House card (life department card) affecting you now. Make notes. What are you seeing and what might you predict?

There are 12 horoscope houses or life departments and they are all numbered with a particular zodiac sign ruling them. Your own sign will dictate which house Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn are both in this week. Find the card and line it up.

Aries TEN
Taurus NINE
Gemini EIGHT
Cancer SEVEN
Virgo FIVE
Libra FOUR
Scorpio THREE
Sagittarius TWO
Capricorn ONE
Aquarius TWELVE

Focus on Pluto with Penny Thornton

As you learned about Jupiter in your first lesson, we’ll focus on Pluto in this free weekly class.

Penny Thornton is a great friend and astrologer and Diana, Princess of Wales, was helped enormously by her expertise. Penny is also the author of many books, including many of which are on my shelf as I look around my library now.

Enjoy her podcast on Pluto. And see for yourself what happens when Pluto and Jupiter both stand in the same place, in Capricorn, in your own birth chart.

If you have your personal birth chart from me as a Premium Member, this happens in your Tenth House of career, unpaid work and university or college life. Your ambition, position and mission.

Given that you know Jupiter is about expansion, growth, opportunity and hope – what might you expect to see, as this planet continues to transit or travel Capricorn?

Making your own notes is the best way to learn.

Last week, we also saw what it meant to see the end of Saturn in Capricorn. So that house of your horoscope, or area of your life, is really busy as March turns into April.

You’ve got Jupiter there. And this week Jupiter conjuncts, or stands in the same place as, Pluto. Meanwhile Saturn just left there. And as you saw last week, he’d been in residence for quite a long time.

Penny will walk you through Pluto now. By the way, as this is real-time astrology that you’re learning, let’s look at Pluto’s reputation for absolute power and total control.

Esquire magazine recently published a piece on Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google. The magazine was quoted by Michael Miller, on my Twitter feed. “These behemoths enjoy unfettered economic domination and hoard riches on a scale not seen since monopolies of the gilded age.”

You can literally look around you and see Pluto in Capricorn at work. Knowing that Capricorn rules the hierarchy of big business, politics and big power.

Make your own predictions about what you think will happen when Jupiter stands in the same spot as Pluto this week.

Pluto and Proserpina II VA April 2013 600x338 - Free Weekly Astrology Class: Pluto and Jupiter Conjunction in Capricorn


I took this photograph of Pluto in the Victoria and Albert Museum in April 2013, seven years ago. It shows Pluto taking, grabbing, dominating and ‘seizing’ Proserpina.

This gives you a really good idea of what Pluto is all about. Penny can explain more. Here are some notes for you to think about this week, as this unusual Jupiter-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn unfolds.


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Notes on Pluto

How did astrologers decide upon a meaning for Pluto when he was discovered and named in 1930?

Some of the meaning can now be updated, following his demotion in 2006, when astronomers decided he was a dwarf planet and no longer belonged in the solar system.

In astrology, we not only look for the synchronicity with the Roman god/archetype, the year of discovery and events that year – or even in the year of reclassification – we also look to the astronomers involved.

Percival Lowell, whose P initial is in the astrology symbol for Pluto, was the man who found Pluto. Until someone else did.

If you are getting a feeling for Pluto already – as a symbol of status, and status displacement – you are correct. But first, let’s look at Constance Lowell (1863-1954) wife of Percival Lowell.

Power and Pluto

Pluto was found in 1930 when power-mad Hitler came second in the German elections. It is in the way of astrology that the 1930s and 1940s, right after Pluto’s naming and discovery, coincided with the biggest power struggle in the history of the world. The right to drop atomic bombs on other countries.

Constance Lowell, widowed in 1916, fought to stop her husband’s fortune going to an observatory after his death. She believed Pluto should be called Percival or Lowell.

Battles of power and struggles for control are typical of Pluto transits, and Pluto in your natal chart shows where you want to be top dog (Pluto owned a dog named Cerberus). Bitchy behaviour can be Plutonian, if the horoscope is right. This is a male archetype, though, not a female archetype. Pluto’s famous, terrifying dog guarded his domain – Hades – the Underworld.

Clyde Tombaugh and Pluto

In the end, Constance did not get her way, and the right to claim and name Pluto went to Clyde Tombaugh, who took weeks to take images of the night sky before finally confirming Pluto’s existence in a telegram to the Harvard College Observatory on March 13th, 1930. Significantly, the planet was named by an eleven-year-old schoolgirl, Venetia Burney.

She lived in Oxford and suggested the name to her grandfather Falconer Madan, who passed it to Professor Herbert Hall Turner. Pluto was thus named for the Roman god of Hades on March 24th 1930. Venetia was given five pounds by her grandfather.

Why is Venetia significant in the story? Because the story of Pluto is also the tale of Ceres his mother-in-law and Proserpina, her young, maidenly daughter. Pluto took Proserpina and Ceres fought back by going on strike. (She ruled the four seasons). Jupiter intervened and Pluto was forced to hand Proserpina back for half the year.

The symbol unfolds, to go beyond power struggles and battles for control, into other territory: negotiation. The role of a go-between. Sharing. Compromise.

Venetia played Proserpina, the maiden, while Constance played enraged Ceres. In the end, the name was announced on 1st May 1930 and the deal was struck. The compromise was the P-L monogram of Pluto himself, which Percival Lowell never lived to see, but which lives on in any astrology ephemeris.

Pluto is BOOM!

Secrets From a Stargazer’s Notebook by Debbi Kempton Smith 378x600 - Free Weekly Astrology Class: Pluto and Jupiter Conjunction in Capricorn

Debbi Kempton-Smith’s classic book, Secrets From a Stargazer’s Notebook, has a no-nonsense, one-word heading for every tables section. In my scrawled copy of her book, you can see she has chosen BOOM! for the tables of Pluto.

Pluto rules everything underground. Coal. Diamonds. Sharemarket treasures for investors and miners. Gold!

The zodiac sign Pluto passes through often tells you where a boom will be. In Capricorn 2008-2023, Pluto is in the sign of big business and big government.

Just as the BOOM! years of Pluto in a sign can show where a huge amount of money is to be made, or where something is big, popular – so can the BOOM! be rather like a cartoon explosion.

Someone or something is blown out of the water. It is removed. Moved down or moved out.

In 2006, ‘Plutoed’ was voted Word of the Year by the American Dialect Society. To ‘Pluto’ was to demote or devalue someone or something, as when the General Assembly of the International Astronomical Union decided Pluto no longer met its definition of a planet.

Fritz Brunhubner and Pluto

In 1932, two years after Pluto had been claimed and named, German astrologer Fritz Brunhubner published an article, ‘How Does Pluto’ in the magazine Zenit-Zentralblatt. Fritz claimed astrological ownership over Pluto research.

By April 1961 in Frankfurt at the German Astrologers’ Association meeting, Fritz associated the planet with nuclear bombs. BOOM!

He also noted ‘the mechanisation of life’ (wrong), ‘shallowness’ (wrong), ‘the growth in power of violent ideologies’ (right, literally right) and had obviously moved his research forward since identifying Pluto with the Nazis in 1935.

He gave rulership of Scorpio to Pluto. Speaking in 1996, the American astrologer Robert Hand noted that very little about the interpretation of Pluto had changed since Brunhubner’s book on the planet. (Source: Kim Farnell).

What is most interesting about the Germans and Pluto is that after the end of the war, a rather Plutonian compromise was reached. Germany was split in half by the Berlin Wall. In the original myth, Pluto had his wife Proserpina for half the year. Ceres had her for the other half.

Pluto and Passionate Obsession

Pluto certainly felt the fire – he was god of the underworld and the molten lava of Italian volcanoes flowed around his home ground. He broke all the rules of nature, and broke the ground with his trident (he has a fork, like his brother Neptune) to shatter the known world, take Proserpina on his chariot, and drag her down to Hades to become his bride and queen.

Passionate obsession of any kind, be it sexual, financial, political, is a byword for Pluto. It can kill – he was the ruler of the Shades, where the spirits of the departed went.

In the 1960’s Pluto spent the decade in Virgo, the sign which rules drugs and pills. Virgo also rules food and diet. People born with Pluto in Virgo can become obsessive about heroin and overdose. They can become passionate about losing weight and fade from anorexia nervosa.

Pluto is about the need to control, and the need to take back control, and the need to hang onto it. By sign and house, by aspect and transit, Pluto is an absolute essential of astrology, even if astronomers have demoted him.

jack ebnet lZFVzfcjqKA unsplash 600x372 - Free Weekly Astrology Class: Pluto and Jupiter Conjunction in Capricorn   Photo by Jack Ebnet

Golden Rules for Pluto

I think you need to see a few transits of Pluto through the signs before you can really get to know him. Having been born with Pluto in Virgo, I then lived through Pluto in Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius and look forward to the end of his stay in Capricorn.

The rules seem to be, based on what my readers tell me- if you use your self-control and willpower on such cycles, you become more powerful and empowered. You feel in control and emerge with a greater sense of your own potency and ability.

Pluto in Leo

We saw this at the very beginning of Pluto’s tenancy in Leo, back in September 1939, when the war began. He was at 2 Leo and would not be out of that sign (a symbol of Kings, Rulers and Emperors) until long after the war was over.

Leo being the sign to associate with dynasty, heirs to the throne, the heir and the spare, pretenders to the throne – it was a period of tremendous obsession with, and about, children and younger people. Adolf Hitler and his dreadful Nazi Youth. British children in the East End, so vulnerable to bombing, being evacuated with gas masks and suitcases, to Wales.

The real heir to the throne, the young Elizabeth I, next to be Queen, became a national obsession both during the war and long after it, when Princess Elizabeth became Her Majesty.

More on the Conjunction

A conjunction is an aspect. In astrology we give the horoscope wheel 360 degrees and space the planets and other factors apart, or together, under the zodiac sign they happen to be placed in. If two planets like Jupiter and Pluto are 0-1 degree apart, they are in conjunction. Here are the rest of the aspects.

The Aspects

  • Conjunction – 0-1 degree apart.
  • Semi-sextile – 30 degrees apart.
  • Sextile – 60 degrees apart.
  • Square – 90 degrees apart.
  • Trine – 120 degrees apart.
  • Quincunx – 150 degrees apart.
  • Opposition – 180 degrees apart.

Also, so this week I’m going to take you through the twelve houses of the horoscope. Please print out this complimentary set of 12 chart wheels from Stephanie Johnson (Seeing With Stars) or just draw around a biscuit-tin and scribble the zodiac signs in.

Stephanie is a tutor at The Sun Sign School with me and she is a brilliant astrologer, writer, podcaster and businesswoman – in fact she is the brains behind Solar Fire Astrology Software. Professional full-time astrologers could not cope without it!

Astrology Charts Show Horoscope Houses

Astrology works on two levels. Broad and general (Sun Sign columns, zodiac signs, star signs) and personal and private (Natal Charts, birth charts, personal charts – as you might expect). Both use circles divided into twelve slices called houses. Each house rules a different part of your life.

In Sun Sign columns, we put your Sun Sign on the 9pm position of the wheel and work from there. Find your wheel now. You can decode the symbols to find yours using my website, or you may already know.

It’s common sense. Taurus the Bull looks like a bull with a round face and horns. Gemini the twins look like twin stick men. Cancer the crab looks like a crab’s claws and so on. Sagittarius looks like an arrow (the archer). Aquarius the water bearer looks like water.

Stretch yourself by guessing all the 12 chart wheels here and their zodiac signs. What is on the 9pm position? Make notes and scrawl in the names. So, in the first chart, Aries will be on the 9pm position of the chart next to the logo that looks like a ram.

Fill in all the signs that go around the wheel in order, based on your own chart, or all 12 charts.

The order is – Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, Taurus, Gemini – and so on.

The Meaning of the Houses

Starting at the 9pm position, write in First House in that slice of the wheel. So, from 9pm to 8pm, as if the week was a clock face, you have FIRST HOUSE.

Continue round going backwards (anti-clockwise). From 8pm to 7pm (in terms of the position on a clock face) you should have SECOND HOUSE. From 7pm back to 6pm, again, THIRD HOUSE.

Do that until you have FIRST HOUSE round to TWELFTH HOUSE, which if you’ve done it right, will be the very last slice of the wheel, behind the sign you started with. In other words you should have written TWELFTH HOUSE in the 10pm-9pm position, if the wheel was taken as a clock.

Nothing to do with your birth time or anything else by the way. I’m just walking you through a clock-face example.

The meanings of the houses are right through my website with plenty of free explanations or if you want to pick up a digital guidebook you can have that, as a Sun Sign School student. Most websites online will explain the houses to you. Just be careful that you are getting your information from a full-time professional astrologer. I think my colleagues at Sun Sign School are great to learn from.

jukan tateisi bJhT 8nbUA0 unsplash 600x338 - Free Weekly Astrology Class: Pluto and Jupiter Conjunction in Capricorn Photo by Jukan Tateisi

Your Weekly Challenge

Create two chart wheels for yourself. One is your Solar Chart/Sun Sign Chart or regular zodiac sign chart. You can draw it again, big, if you want to. Your Sun Sign will be on the 9pm position and you will have filled in all twelve slices as First House, Second House and so on. Now write in the meanings.

Finally, pop in a transiting planet. Let’s do Jupiter in Capricorn. Write that into the house, or life department, he is triggering. He is transiting or travelling through there. Now make notes on the actual house (the life area) and Jupiter and his impact. Apply it to yourself. What have you seen changing lately since he began to get to work? What could you predict for next week?

Make it more interesting by also adding Pluto in Capricorn, who is also there in 2020. Make notes on the planet and the house and the impact it’s had on you to date. He has been there since 2008. Personalise this and use your own definitions. Your own words. You can find out what Pluto means on my website, and tap digital guides if you are a Premium Member.

Lastly, you can put in the South Node in Capricorn in the same house. Again look it up, make notes, apply it to yourself.  The South Node is going to leave Capricorn and that house, on Tuesday 5th May. What might you expect to see when that happens? Make a prediction for yourself. You’re doing astrology!

Your Personal Birth Chart

[contentblock id=51 img=html.png]

If you want to really stretch yourself this week you will use two horoscopes at once. The general, public one (your star sign or Sun Sign chart) and a personal one.

Your personal one has information you’ll need to grab from your Premium Membership horoscope wheel. In fact you’ll just be copying straight off it, onto these print-out wheels, or these wheels you’ve hand-drawn. Nothing has changed.

You’ll only be working with the first wheel which has Aries in the 9pm position. In astrology we can choose any house system we like for personal charts. I use the Natural House system, because it’s natural and after 30 years in the business, I’ve found it’s best for prediction.

Every single Natural House chart has Aries in the 9pm position. If you’re a Premium Member, you’ll have just this kind of horoscope. Now, fill in the planets, asteroids, angles and so on.

What do you have in Capricorn? It will end up in your Tenth House of career. Now, make notes on what you have in Capricorn, what you were born with, who you are – and then put this together with your thoughts about what it means to have Jupiter, Pluto and the South Node in Capricorn this week!

Listen to My Podcast About Capricorn Factors

You can listen to my podcast about Capricorn factors in your personal birth chart, if you do have them (even one will be obvious now) and go into more detail about what that means.

Download this audio

Then make yourself a nice cup of tea. We’ll see you again next Thursday. Special thanks to Stephanie Johnson @seeingwithstars.

Please Note: Some users with slower or inconsistent internet connections will need to download the podcast file in order to listen to the Podcast properly.

Tip: Does this podcast sound stuck in a loop or cuts off? Download it to your device first.


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    1. Thank you very much. Yes, I had a long interview with ABC guests and presenters and as usual was amazed by how little scientists accept quantum mechanics. We have had evidence that there is no ‘reality’ for a very long time now, after the work of Alain Aspect proved a theory. Nothing is real until it is measured. Something you may find interesting on YouTube is a BBC documentary made about the work of Hugh Everett III and his son ‘E’ (Mark) who explored the nature of his father’s work on quantum reality. It’s about many lives, in short. And it explains mediumship and astrology!

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