Unwind with guided sleep tracks by professional hypnotherapist Natalie Delahaye.

Natalie Delahaye 600x600 - Relaxation Podcasts

Anxious and can’t sleep, unwind with professional hypnotherapist Natalie Delahaye.

It’s important not to be driving or moving around when listening to the track … need to be sitting or lying down with eyes closed. It is great to listen to as you are drifting off to sleep and if you fall asleep while listening to it, it will be still be having the desired, de-stressing effect on the subconscious mind.

Natalie also provided an audio walk for the The London Astrology Walk.


Click on player below to listen to guided sleep tracks.

Guided Sleep Track 1

Guided Sleep Track 2

Please Note: Some users with slower or inconsistent internet connections will need to download the podcast file in order to listen to the Podcast properly.


Download Guided Sleep Track 1

Download Guided Sleep Track 2


Tip: Does this podcast sound stuck in a loop or cuts off? Download it to your device first.


Featured Image Credit: Photo by Valentin Müller

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5 Responses

  1. May All Higher Holly Mighty Powers Bless you and protect you…
    Thank You…
    This is the only thing that helps me with sleep while I am going trough out traumatic stress and anxiety life

  2. Thank You so much I fall in sleep last night again with listening to your voice…
    It’s so helpful while I am going trough loss and grief and physical symptoms of the trauma…
    I am feel so sick…

    1. I will pass that on to Natalie Delahaye who will be very pleased that her work is helping you. Play it as often as you need to and rest up.

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