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Saturn does bring challenges. There are always issues. If you have Sagittarius, Capricorn or Aquarius personal birth chart factors, you will be affected by the cycles, now through 2020. There will be no falling sky, though. Just some work to do.


People are scared of Saturn cycles. They worry that when Saturn conjuncts (or lines up with) their personal horoscope factors, the sky is going to fall.

Saturn does bring challenges. There are always issues. If you have Sagittarius, Capricorn or Aquarius personal birth chart factors, you will be affected by the cycles, now through 2020. There will be no falling sky, though. Just some work to do.

As I write this, Saturn is in Sagittarius. In the year 2017 he will pass over Sagittarius 21-29. If you have astrological birth chart factors at Sagittarius 21-29 then life will move slowly. Expect obstacles or learning experiences with travel and foreigners, publishing, academia and education.

In 2018, Saturn moves over Capricorn 1-11 factors. If you have Capricorn elements in your birth chart this is about your career, unpaid work or course. Then, later in 2018, Saturn moves over Capricorn 11-21 factors. In 2019, Saturn moves over Capricorn 21-29 factors, until March 23rd.

 After this he moves on, temporarily.  Saturn moves from Aquarius 0-1 until July 2nd, 2020. The following day, July 3rd he moves back to 29 Capricorn, then travels through 29, 28, 27, 26, 25 Capricorn until he’s finally gone for good, on December 20th, 2020, when he slips back to Aquarius 0.

Saturn is everything beginning with the letter S that you find difficult. Saturn is slow, stuck, sombre, sometimes sensationally sad – and a serious stretch.

Saturn can turn up as people. You get a new job when Saturn is in Capricorn in your Tenth House of career and your new boss suffers from depression which he handles by getting drunk – and is utterly pessimistic about every project you work on. Great!

What do you do with Saturn people? You work around them. You downplay their importance in your life. You put them in context. You surround yourself with non-Saturn people to remind yourself what normal human beings are actually like.

Clear the Decks

Clear the decks before Saturn hits your personal chart factors when he passes through. Get your affairs down to the bare minimum (regarding the issues ruled by that sign/house) and don’t start anything major. As we’ve seen, in Sagittarius, this means foreign people and places, travel, emigration or moving, publishing, the internet, education, academia and your belief system. In Capricorn this means your career, your course, paid work or unpaid work. In Aquarius this means your friends, and the groups in your life, from political parties, to clubs, teams or bands. Minimise what you have to deal with, then.


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Know the Timing

If you are a Premium Member you can ask me about the timing of the Saturn transits as they come closer. Any professional astrologer can also do this for you. She will look at the degree (number) of your Sagittarius, Capricorn or Aquarius factors and figure out when Saturn will be there. You may need to be aware of Saturn’s return passes. For example – he moves across Sagittarius 21 in January 2017, then returns to Sagittarius 21 in July-September that year. When he returns to the same spot, you face and resolve the old issue. Then it vanishes!

Slow Down and Wait

Saturn usually manifests as stuck, slow situations, people, places or organisations. Do not expect quick or easy answers. Be prepared to drop speed and work your way steadily and patiently through Saturn’s tests and trials. Tip – Be sharply aware of who and what turns up, as Saturn first moves onto the degree of your Sagittarius, Capricorn or Aquarius placement. What or who will you be taking on board? Astrology tells us that destiny is negotiable. You may prefer to walk away.

Use Ops and Jupiter

Use Ops and Jupiter cycles in your chart, as they travel through, and also use your inborn Ops and Jupiter advantages (your birth chart placements). They naturally balance Saturn.

Jupiter is Saturn’s son. Ops is Saturn’s wife and Jupiter’s mother. You will find ‘ops’ hidden in opportunities and optimism. In mythology their hope and healing triumphed over Saturn’s tests and trials. Any professional astrologer with good software can look at Ops and Jupiter for you, or you may be able to do this yourself.

Don’t Overplay Saturn

Don’t overplay Saturn! There are 34 factors in modern astrology and he is just one of them. Saturn gets an awful lot of publicity. If you focus on your Saturn transits at the expense of other cycles then you may end up missing out.

Don’t Deny Saturn

Along with people who overplay Saturn, we also see people who deny Saturn is there, or try to ignore his importance in the birth chart. As I write this in 2016 we are only one-third of the way through the Saturn in Sagittarius cycle (ruling travel) and already seeing major issues for global airport security, the airline industry (those mysterious, vanishing planes) and a change on EU visa and passport rules.

These astrological laws (about Saturn and Sagittarius) are over 2000 years old. That’s reality. It’s also history and astrology. We have to respect it. Saturn is the teacher we dislike but have to learn from, in the University of Hard Knocks.

Michel Gauquelin researched Saturn and found doctors and scientists have significant Saturn placements in their charts.

Medicine and science are a hard slog and students learn the hard way, through one gruelling exam after another. Patience, self-discipline, caution and a willingness to hit the books (and listen to their tutors, lecturers, elders and betters) gets them through.

These are all good Saturn tactics. By house and sign in your birth chart, this is where you attend the University of Life – from the day you are born.

In 2016 and 2017 Saturn is passing over the birth charts of whole generations born with Neptune, Uranus or Pluto in Sagittarius. It is time for the greatest globetrotters the world has ever seen (the Sagittarian generations) to learn new lessons.

Using Your Saturn

Saturn in your birth chart shows where you feel the burdens of life – what you have to put up with, and accept. John Cleese has Saturn in Aries in the First House. He feels the burden of being himself, most of all. He is extremely tall. He has also had to cope with being instantly recognisable, all over the world, all the time.

People who use their Saturn tend to do exceptional things with it. John Cleese used his long legs to invent Monty Python’s Silly Walks and made a fortune.

You have to put Saturn in perspective. What else is in the same sign and house as your Saturn? If there are two or more factors, the story becomes complicated. It’s full of light and shade. Highs and lows. If your Saturn sign is involved in a stellium in your chart, that particular story will rule your life.

Saturn and Fate

Saturn is fate. In your birth chart it shows what happens to you, in your life, that you cannot avoid. It teaches you about being human and the way of the world. When you offer people the chance to use a time machine, they often pick the moments when Saturn gave them their hardest karma.

In astrology, Saturn is what we all have to cope with, even if we did not choose it, and did nothing to cause it. Like John Cleese, we cannot sidestep being born very tall. Like Donatella Versace, below, we cannot change the past, or our brother’s fate.

Donatella Versace is part of the Versace dynasty. Her brother Gianni Versace was murdered in 1997. Saturn is in Scorpio in her Eighth House, which rules the last will and testament, and inheritance. This is hard and heavy karma indeed.

Donatella’s daughter Allegra became a part-heir to Gianni Versace’s company when he passed. Donatella has Juno in Scorpio, along with Saturn in the Eighth house. It’s a complex story for her.


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Photo by Toa Heftiba

Saturn Rules for Your Birth Chart

Saturn is pale yellow, when astronomers peer at him through their telescopes. That’s the colour of fear. The blood drains from our face. Cowardy custard! In your chart, Saturn shows where you quite rightly feel extremely cautious. Even paranoid. Things happen to you, which make you that way. This brings us to the next Saturn Rule.

You can be under-defended or over-defended, in the area of life (ruled by Saturn’s sign and house) which is affected. Saturn has rings. They are like fences, or barricades, or the trenches on a battlefield. These rings reveal how you defend and protect yourself, from who or what you fear most.

Do not avoid or deny Saturn. If you do, you will have nothing to guard you, or shield you. That’s not a wise practise, in astrology. You need sensible advice, and a wise, down-to-earth approach to your Saturn stuff.

What happens if you overdo it? If you have so many barricades, reinforcements, alarms, and all the rest – that you never actually live your life?

In this instance, you find that the thing that you fear the most – whatever that is – is actually far less serious than the tactics you employ to keep it at bay. Saturn can make you paranoid to the point of self-sabotaging.

Criminals are often terrified of going broke. They break the law, get caught, lose everything and indeed end up skint for the rest of their lives.

Be careful what you do to ‘protect’ yourself because it can bring about the very thing that scares you the most. That’s Saturn’s oldest trick.

There is a reason why all the old astrology books go on (and on) about finding older people to consult about your Saturn issues. It’s because they’ve been there, done that and know what’s what. Find the very best advice you can afford.

The Saturn Return

The Saturn Return is something everybody knows about, along with Mercury Retrograde. It happens as you leave your twenties and approach your thirties, and it teaches you about the real world, as Saturn returns to the same sign and degree he occupied, on the very day you were born.

The same advice applies applies to your Saturn Return, as applies to the cycles of Saturn in general. Clear the decks. Minimise the commitments. Be hip to who/what is new in your life, as Saturn starts crossing the same degree and sign. You may want to walk away. You might want to go there – but go there with more information, new research, wise advice or street savvy (from internet forums).

Saturn Changing Signs

When Saturn changes signs, a whole new area of your life becomes a hard-work area. If you have nothing in that sign or house, it’s because of the ripple effect from tough world trends. You may have nothing in Capricorn, for example, yet be affected by the big corporation and business changes ahead.
If you do have one or more horoscope factors in the same sign that Saturn is about to enter, it’s like having someone come to stay in your home.

A new resident has arrived. A house guest. A tenant. He will be a heavy, slow, stuck presence in your world for the two years (or so) that he is in that sign. Sometimes Saturn manifests as people or organisations. You can usually identify them because they are also slow, stuck and rather heavy.

Here are some key dates, which part of the Saturn cycle through Sagittarius, Capricorn and Aquarius.

When you see a Full Moon in the same sign as Saturn, your difficult house guest has company or particular conditions may affect the space. Give yourself time and space on a Full Moon in Sagittarius, Capricorn or Aquarius over the next few years. Avoid those dates (allow 24 hours either side) for major events like launches or weddings.

A New Moon can also be really demanding. Again, it’s like having a new guest move into Saturn’s room. This time there will be a fresh start. A new chapter. You’ll need experience and expertise to lean on, when you have a New Moon alongside Saturn in Sagittarius, Capricorn or Aquarius.

The South Node shows karma. Alongside Saturn, it shows past life debts.  Eclipses are blind spots. Pick another time to make judgements. When Jupiter joins Saturn, opportunities arrive with lessons.


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Matters come to a head near the following dates in each Saturn cycle. The most important Saturn cycle of all, occurs in Capricorn, the sign ruling big business and the top of government and royalty. Why? Because Pluto is there too and that transforms everything. Do you have Capricorn chart factors? Your micro story will be part of the macro story. The macro story will be part of your micro story.

14th December 2016

Full Moon! The Sun in Sagittarius is alongside Saturn and is opposite the Moon in Gemini.

9th June 2017

Full Moon! The Sun in Gemini is opposite the Moon in Sagittarius, alongside Saturn in Sagittarius.

3rd December 2017

Full Moon! The Sun in Sagittarius, alongside Saturn, is opposite the Moon in Gemini.

18th December 2017

New Moon! The Sun and Moon are in Sagittarius, in Saturn’s space.

20th December 2017

Governments and global corporations are about to have two years of serious karma.

2nd January 2018

Full Moon! The Sun is in Capricorn alongside Saturn and opposite the Moon in Cancer.

17th January 2018

New Moon! The Sun and Moon are both in Capricorn alongside Saturn.

28th June 2018

Full Moon! The Sun in Cancer is opposite the Moon in Capricorn alongside Saturn.

 6th November 2018

SOUTH NODE CHANGES SIGNS TO CAPRICORN. The karma for global corporations and governments speeds up.

22nd December 2018

Full Moon! The Sun in Capricorn alongside the South Node and Saturn is opposite the Moon in Cancer.

6th January 2019

Solar Eclipse! New Moon in Capricorn! The Sun and Moon are together in Capricorn alongside Saturn and the South Node.

16th July 2019

Lunar Eclipse! Full Moon! The Sun in Cancer is opposite the Moon in Capricorn alongside Saturn and the South Node.

3rd December 2019

Here come the solutions. All change. From this point forward, the planet goes through a transformation not possible in centuries, with Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto and the South Node all in Capricorn. It’s global restructuring.

26th December 2019

Solar Eclipse! New Moon! The Sun in Capricorn is next to the Moon in Capricorn alongside the South Node, Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter.

10th January 2020

Lunar Eclipse! Full Moon! The Sun in Capricorn, alongside the Capricorn stellium, is opposite the Moon in Cancer.

22nd March 2020

This phase lasts a few months, so be aware. It will affect global allies like the United Nations as Aquarius rules groups and networks.

1st July 2020

Just when you thought it was over…

5th July 2020

Lunar Eclipse! Full Moon! The Sun in Cancer is opposite the Moon in Capricorn, alongside the stellium.

Is This The Dawning of the Age of Aquarius?

Astrologers seldom agree on what defines a particular ‘age’ but let’s hope Christmas 2020 does not involve full-frontal naked musicals with a lot of hairy neo-hippies shaking their wobbly bits at the front of the stage.

Facebook and Millennials boomed in the years that Uranus and Neptune were in Aquarius from 2000-2003. Aquarius rules networks, friends and groups. Time is up in 2020.

The Modern Textbook of Astrology - Free Weekly Astrology Class: SaturnLet’s look at The Modern Textbook of Astrology, by Margaret E. Hone. She was the Principal of the Faculty of Astrological Studies from 1954-1969 and her book was published in 1951. In the year 2020, when Saturn and Jupiter move into Aquarius, her book will be about 70 years old.

Hone associated Saturn with limitation and cold. Caution and security. Enduring difficulties patiently. Bearing the weight of responsibility. Control. Responsibility.
She associated Jupiter with expansion. Preservation. Opportunity. Optimism. Growth. Generosity. Optimism.

Aquarius, in her book, was about the colour electric blue (the colour of the Facebook logo). She also linked Aquarius to friends, the carriers of information and ideas, and groups of people – and waves –  which just has to be the Worldwide Web logo, www. Time for you to make some predictions. What is under the Christmas Tree for Facebook in 2020?


17th December 2020


19th December 2020



 Your Saturn Return

Saturn will probably return twice in your life. This is the infamous Saturn Return which terrifies everybody on Twitter I know, who is leaving their twenties or fifties. It occurs right at the end of both decades. Maturity! Age!

Fortunately astrologers have been living through Saturn Returns, researching them and writing about them for most of the 20th century. We all have it. We all get through it. If you are interested in Saturn read Liz Greene’s book: Saturn – A New Look at An Old Devil.

Saturn by sign and house shows the issues you will face when Saturn goes back to the same degree and sign he occupied, on the day you were born. Some of these are just fate. It’s OK.

Long before this happens, streamline and simplify this area of your life. Clear the decks so you have the bare minimum to deal with. Do not start anything new and major, regarding the affairs of that sign/house on the return.

Use your common-sense. Are you properly protected and defended? Or are you denying and avoiding, so that you’re wide open to issues? No need to be paranoid. Just smart.

Saturn can give you unavoidable issues to deal with. None of it is your fault. You didn’t choose it. His sign and house will teach you the rules of that particular area of life. If you have Saturn in Pisces, like one of my website readers just now, you need to weigh up the value of keeping secrets versus the value of revealing all. You also need to weigh the cost of covering things up from people, then paying the price when all is revealed.

Saturn gives you the heavy nova side of any zodiac sign. It shows you the core issues of the sign and the house, at the deepest level.

The more you read about that sign, the better. Your Saturn sign shows what you have to learn about acting out Pisces, or Aries, or whatever in your life.

This makes your Saturn Returns (both of them) much more manageable. You know the score. As you grow older, you can put your first Saturn event – the one that was so tough for you – in perspective. You move on. Life moves on. Destiny will turn you into a teacher, guide or mentor for others – about this issue.

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At some point in your misty, distant past you can probably remember a bright, shining hour when you were queen or king of your own image. You were on top of all that reputation, brand, personal appearance stuff. The photos and videos. Your name or profile. Since then you have had enough transits to your natal Saturn to guarantee big, scarey moments of truth. Undoubtedly you have built up a whole lot of baggage along the way. Specific psychological tics and reactions which you have trained yourself to adopt for so long that you no longer even realise how much damage they do. The lesson with Saturn in the First House is to get real about the way you look and appear. You know what didn’t work last time – remember? Or did you already forget? Those ‘methods’ were no good then and they’re not much good now. This house position of Saturn becomes easier as you grow older. Once you are past 30 (your Saturn Return) you will realise that when the sky falls in, nothing actually happens. This Saturn position is common with people who are shy, or funny about appearing on camera, or paranoid about their web profile. You know that worst-case scenario? It’s not



Saturn often describes where we don’t know what we’re doing and thus, we do silly, self-defeating, automatic things to take care of what terrifies us. What scares you most (on a recurring basis) is the thought of losing your power over the money, house, charity, possessions, apartment or company. It’s happened before (if you are old enough you will remember it happened aged 28-30). Fortunately the passage of time and the endless revolving-door nature of those financial, property or business ‘moments’ teaches you a few things. Most of all, hopefully, it has taught you to ask for advice from people with a proven track record. Maybe it has also taught you not to be embarrassed about asking stupid questions. Learning from one’s mistakes is a big Saturn theme. In the Second House it is about learning how to handle fear of fear. The base layer of the Second House is about values. Learn what you will/will not sell out for and what scares you about that, and why. It’s the same, in terms of who or what you consider to be priceless and where fear is part of that. Analyse, decode, learn. That paralysis Saturn brings (procrastination or avoidance) requires courage.



The Saturn process for you (repeatedly, over the course of your life) is as follows. You’re Queen or King of the words/voice department. You rule communication in all its forms from the cutting edge of the internet to your facility with the English language. Then comes a moment of truth and you are given an impossible deal by the universe. The sort of hideous vision of the future that means there is only one thing for it. You have to strategise. And strategise you do, as best you can, managing to bring about the one thing that scares you so, in the process. Here’s a common fear – you’re scared of flunking a debate or failing in some internet task so you avoid the preparation that would help you pass because your fear of failure is so immense that you can’t even attempt this thing. And guess what? By not preparing, you (fill in the blanks here). This house placement is all about the screaming meemies that the internet and computer produce in most of us. Or public speaking. Or literacy. Or being heard/read in complex situations revolving around hearing and speech. Time helps a lot. Saturn had to wait until he was middle-aged until he got it. So might you. But you will.



If there is one thing that fill you with fear, it is issues about your mother, or perhaps your family as a whole. So says your horoscope. You practise avoidance with close relatives – and if it’s not your mother then it’s a parent, grandparent or other relative who played a mothering role, but fell short. Be honest, though. There have been moments in your history when you were completely on top of this. When you ruled. So how do you get back there? Facing your fears is a good way to start. And that means analysing what scares you so, about the prospect of being scared. The other issue you are bound to face is naked fear around the subject of property. The house or flat. Maybe the flatmates too, or landlords and landladies. By extension this sometimes includes the home town or homeland. The rule with Saturn holds. Don’t do things to ‘manage’ what/who terrifies you unless you are absolutely sure that they are better than the end result that confronts you. In other words, ask yourself if the way you are managing, is actually good for you (and others) or actually, ironically, a much worse scenario than that which you fear. You have to be able to live, hmm?



The Fifth House is associated with Leo and the Sun in astrology. Leo describes Kings and Queens whose existence depends on their heirs and dynasty, no matter if they have children, adopt them or appoint pretenders to the throne. That is why this horoscope zone is about the next generation as a whole. By extension, the Fifth House is about fertility, pregnancy, termination, adoption, fostering and step-parenting. It is also about any professional or part-time involvement with younger people, from life as a teacher, to fundraising for a young people’s charity. So now, the drum-roll. At what point did you start consciously avoiding and evading the issue which even now you have difficulty with? Of course the ‘issue’ may be your own son or daughter, walking around the place. Or perhaps it is more painful and personal and only suitable for discussion in a personal consultation. The way through with Saturn is tried, tested and trusted, though. Face your fear. Analyse your preferred way of coping. Ask people you trust for their opinion. Remember the times your worst-case scenario happened. Learn from the fact that it was okay, in the end. Even good. And ditch the baggage.



What aspect of your working life do you consciously avoid at all costs or deny on some level? What do you have a system for, no matter if this is about full or part-time employment, charity work, volunteering or student life? The systems are always the clue with Saturn. And the systems are usually self-defeating until you wake up and make changes. Avoidance and denial are classic Saturn reactions to that which you fear. Yet, as anyone in the workforce will tell you, looking the other way or running away is no way to deal with what/who terrifies you You get one reality check after another about work and employment with this Saturn position. Does it become easier with time? Absolutely. The more you deal with the uh-oh moments, the wiser you become about so-called ‘worst-case scenarios’. In other words, they don’t exist, except in your labelling of them. This also applies to your body. The Sixth House is about the mind, body, spirit connection. How can you live with the reality? And live?  Look at the strategies and habitual approaches you use to deal with what frightens you about your own body. Now look at where it got you in the past and what it achieves for you now.



The house of enemies, rivals and opponents, who terrify you. Also the house which rules your former, current or potential partner. And let’s face it, someone you are married to, or living with, can become your foe, a few years later when there are fights over the dog and the Nirvana boxed set…The Seventh House is where you must face your fear and take it apart. An automatic uh-oh response to issues about him or her (or maybe the entire business of marriage, business partnership, de facto commitment or conflict) is normal. You don’t want to go there, because you imagine it’s your worst nightmare, so you avoid it, and try to evade it, by doing something…stupid. In astrology you can learn a lot by taking one layer off fear, then another, until you get to what is probably bothering you most. Low self-esteem? That’s a classic manifestation of Saturn in the Seventh House. Don’t get married or shacked up (or start the lawsuit) aged 28-30 if you can avoid it. That’s your Saturn Return (about which, more later). You will be operating from a scared place and that will hardly charge the atmosphere with positive ions. Those years may test your fears too. Seek tried, tested guidance.



Matters of a joint financial nature, the astrologer Patric Walker used to call them. And they scare the hell out of you. This is where you start off feeling like a supreme being, because of everything you own or earn, then get ‘cursed’ on some level by a dismal vision of your future  reality. And because it’s the real world, it feels like a hard, cold, harsh place which you must do your best to manage, or perhaps run away from. Saturn stories in your life go like this – you realise you’re going to lose your authority over the money, company, house, possessions, charity  or apartment so you start rigid little systems in your life, none of which do you any good. Eventually your worst fear is realised. After which, a benevolent person, organisation or universe gives you a chance. That chance will have nothing to do with your old ideas about ‘what works’ and everything to do with being prepared to start again and learn something. Ironically, it is this very approach that lands you in a Golden Age with the cash, house, business, charity, possessions or apartment. You’re literally golden. The key to money for you is putting a price on peace of mind and acceptance. Pay it.



Look for Saturn in your horoscope by house and sign and you will see how you function as a scared middle-aged man, threatened by the real world, yet desperately trying to manufacture a response that will make him feel safe and in control. This applies no matter if you are an eighteen-year-old woman with a Pussy Riot T-shirt or (genuinely) a chap with collywobbles. Saturn is your inner scaredy-cat and self-saboteur. He is most evident when you learn and teach. Education at all levels can be tough for you. You may avoid exams or try to deny the realities of training/education. Particular lecturers, students, subjects and teachers can scare the hell out of you. The Ninth House also rules travel, foreign places and foreign cultures. This is where you can be downright paranoid. Sometimes with good reason – but is your approach honestly helping too? The Ninth House is also bout publishing, online and in the real world. Publishing embraces big ideas and philosophies, often touching on specific belief systems. Again, Saturn triggers fear here. With all these areas of your life, the key is to find the tried, trusted, tested way of managing what/who scares you. Stick to it.



Saturn can get in early if you have him in the Tenth House. At school, where your ambitions take hold, there may have been some kind of ‘get real’ moment when something your tiny mind always feared, came to pass. The irony is, if you think back, what you were scared of, turned out to be fear of your own fear. That episode at school was not so bad, huh? And yet your entire life since then has been a repeated cycle of some ‘awful’ scenario coming to pass at work, university, college or in the non-profit sector. And whenever it happens, it’s like the world crashes around your ears – except it’s fine, really. Saturn stories are solution stories, and when it comes to your ambition, mission and position, there is always a solution. You know great moments of control and authority here (so leadership positions or tremendous success are usual). However, this is also where you can crash out, and then you start operating from fear. Try to never let  your foreboding about the future or your desperate desire to escape the real world, lead you to engage in the kind of self-sabotage that is worse than your vision of ‘Noooo!’ That’s the bottom line with Saturn. Watch yourself!



Your social life, friendships and group involvements are where the fear is. It may stem from a childhood or schooldays episode when something came along (the real world) and crashed into you, leaving you reeling. From that point forward you could never entirely trust the whole business of groups or friends again. And now here you are, all these years later, and they’ve invented Facebook and (hideous word) ‘unfriending.’ Not to mention the whole notion of friendship manufactured for the sole purpose of selling stuff. And then there’s your Twitter following – being unfollowed has the same effect on you as the clammy hand of fear on a naked shoulder. Maybe you’ve had specific friends who have taught you (the hard way) about the toughest of all real-life lessons. Or maybe it was a team or tribe. Saturn tells you, even now, to get real about your own history and stop painting it grey. There were high points, non? You’ve had quite the elevated position with particular groups or friends in the past. The trick with this horoscope placement is to see through them. Banking it all on what is ‘supposed to’ make you happy or content according to other people’s labels is unwise. And unkind to yourself.



This is a tough position for Saturn because you can’t share your fears. They revolve around a dark secret you are covering up. Or a role you play behind the scenes where you are Miss or Mr Invisible. There may also be classified information which scares you. None of this can be shared, not even with a trusted therapist. One way through is to write your diary on paper then burn it. Or shred it by hand and then bury it in the soil. The more you do this, the more effort it is, and the more the stuff inside your head becomes real, where you can deal with it and manage it. There is a risk of loss of perspective with Saturn in the Twelfth House. Because ‘it’ can’t be shared it remains locked inside your mind, where it surfaces during your dreams. Sometimes it seems only fit for the priest’s confessional box. None of this brings it down to earth, or down to size and the lack of sensible proportion makes the fear grow, when instead it should occupy a reasonably modest part in your horoscope – not the whole damn thing. Unconscious fear is a literal translation of Saturn in the Twelfth House. Tried, tested and trusted counselling may help. And one day? You’ll help others.


adria tormo YEWvMidcKkg unsplash 600x399 - Free Weekly Astrology Class: Saturn

Photo by Adrià Tormo


Saturn transits (when the planet Saturn is travelling through each house of your horoscope, timing different situations in your life) weigh heavily. They bring people, organisations or situations which are loaded down with negativity and fear. If you buy into these individuals, groups or set-ups then you are mad. Why enter into Saturn World? Why get caught up in that way of seeing reality?

As it may be around 29 years since you have handled the particular Saturn challenges that come, though, you will need advice. (And if you’re young, you may be a total newbie at your Saturn cycle). Advice from stoic, sturdy, sensible, savvy people who are relentlessly positive in the face of doom and gloom will get you through. Never, ever, buy into Saturn types.

You can spot them a mile off, once Saturn arrives in a particular house of your horoscope. They suffer from depression or anxiety. Or, they seem cheery enough, but then you find out they have a lot of self-sabotaging, deeply negative little systems, tricks and rituals which they employ to keep the smiles on their faces. All of which have the potential to drag you down. Charming!

To find out where Saturn is, from now through 2017 (you can check dates after 2017 at The Astrology Show) look below. Once you can see the sign, go back to your horoscope to see where Saturn is transiting. Look for the Scorpio and Sagittarius symbols to identify the the horoscope house number, then you can translate, below. Saturn swaps places in both signs through 2017. Allow a day or two either side as astrology has to account for global time zones.


Saturn Tables 450x600 - Free Weekly Astrology Class: Saturn

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Your Aquarius Side and Friendships to 2023

If you have a stellium in Aquarius (more than three factors in that zodiac sign) then your Eleventh House of friendships and groups is unusually packed. What happens to those friendships when Saturn, Jupiter and then Pluto all pass through Aquarius? Have friends been lost, or has the friendship changed? That’s typical of this long cycle.

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Jessica Adams

Astrology Predictions for the NHS

The NHS was founded on 5th July 1948 in London with an astrological chart that shows a complete replacement in 2022 and 2023. The horoscope for the National Health Service reveals a perfect storm that will affect nurses, doctors and patients.

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Jessica Adams

Ghislaine, the Royals, Trump and Leo Eclipses

Astrology forecasts made before an historic chain of eclipses chimed with predictions of drama for the Royal Family, Bill Clinton, Donald Trump – and a strange twist of fate involving Lolita. Published so long ago that Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein were still unknown to the public, they now suggest July-August 2021 is a time of reckoning. Meghan, Harry, Kate and William have also been drawn into the astrological timeline. How do the Leo eclipses pan out in 2021 and 2022?

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23 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica

    I have Saturn in Scorpio – what does that mean and what shall I expect? Thank you

    1. Time to think about a financial, property, business or life budget situation which allows you flexibility. If you can do anything to ‘unfix the fixed’ then please do that now. April is a good time – Mercury is direct and we are still weeks away from the new, new, new changes coming in May. So just pivot, as they say. Go see the experts and ask yourself about how you can be light on your feet, ready to move, zig-zag and so on. That will work for you as Uranus in Taurus opposes Saturn in Scorpio. This is a long cycle but start now and finish up, 2025-ish.

  2. Hi Jessica,

    I hope you’re well

    This is very interesting. I have saturn on the 1st in Aquarius, conjunct lilith, venus and Mars! All opposite quíron on the 7th.

    I am pisces capricorn rising however I will have saturn transit through the AC in capricorn and then conjunct to all these… I hope all goes well. Do you have any tip?

    Thank you very much for all the content!

    1. You use a completely different astrology system to me. Please read the free information and education about astrology on this website and we can talk again. It’s a pleasure.

  3. Hi Jessica, Thank you for your constant insight. I have always taken something from all your teaching/writing. Although, this intro into Saturn has left me. I am not clear on this at all regarding my placements. As I type this from home (like many others around the world and unemployed) feeling unsure of myself and my way forward. I feel the heavy of this Saturn as an Aquarian and a strong Capricorn, I know in my gut I am under construction. Again ! Can you please shed some of your brilliant light ?

    1. I understand what you feel. Yes, you are quite right. You are under construction. And it will work out for you, okay? We are all ‘feeling the fear’ but ‘not doing it anyway’ (to misquote Susan Jeffers’ book, Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway.) Why? A pattern not seen in 29 years, with Mars conjunct Saturn, who is always a symbol of that exact feeling. This will pass. It really will. You need to be a realist and practical, which you are. You have been let down by your government or council, employer or similar, as nothing has been clear. Yet that will come in April and then in May you can step back from it all, and judge – and act. One thing I would say to you: look at what people need. New jobs are springing up all over the place. Suddenly, I need people to get my shopping for me! That never happened before. Cast your eye around Twitter and so on. Where are the gaps? Get in them. Take a deep breath and use Natalie Delahaye’s audio tracks which I am hearing prompt all kinds of ‘Aha!’ moments the next morning…

  4. Hi Jessica,
    Thanks for such an insightful article. I have Saturn 12 Scorpio, Pluto 0 Scorpio and South Node 29 Scorpio and Panacea 17 Scorpio. Surely I have had long & complicated quite sexual but single life for a long time now. Coming from a very conservative background and being a single woman at 35 years age, I often get into heavy conversations about “what is wrong with me and how to fix it?” I have put myself through every solution to get married – crystals, prayers, sacrificing certain foods, eating certain foods, fasting on certain days, keeping myself slim and “desirable” to the male species. Bottom line — every man I meet seems to want only “that one thing” and I keep craving some real intimacy.

    Currently dating a Oct 29, 1984 born Scorpio.

    What would advise – how to use the Jupiter 03 Capricorn and Ops 23 Leo to lighten this burden of singlehood?
    Would really appreciate some guidance.

    1. Strongly Scorpio and very committed to sex and money, actually – marriage and mortgage as we call it these days. Of course Pluto can be obsessive. You have tried to get married. Men want sex not marriage, though. You have *no idea* how much that whole dating situation is going to change to 2025. Toxic male culture (pornography, sexism) is dying. Men are actually dying. Patriarchy is plummeting and will be history by 2025. Within that you can pick who you want as there will be a ton of divorced or separated, constructed, transformed men out there. Trust me on this. There is no ‘burden of single hood’ there is only ‘freedom and choice’ and I strongly recommend you don’t rush into anything. Use your Astrology Oracle and guidebook for more information.

  5. HI Jessica.,
    Lets hope for the best for all the humanity in this difficult times …
    On another note i would like to know when will Saturn in Aquarius pass my degrees in my moon and mars and how am i going to be affected?
    i already had some difficult situations with Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn…and some of them have not finished yet.
    Thank you

    1. Marina, Saturn is best not watched! It’s like watching a pot on ‘low’ come very slowly to the boil. Quite honestly we just have to live with him. What I would watch, though, is the decision you make about a friend, and perhaps a group, which brings April in. You need to be loyal to people but you also have to think about loyalty to everyone, don’t you? You also need to make some really sensible decisions about ‘the greatest good for the greatest number’ while honouring your own need for true friends. Be honest. Has someone been a really true friend or not? Judge actions not words or ‘vibe’ in that regard. Saturn is very, very slow and the conjunction to Mars is an odd one, as it will move so quickly. I really recommend you use your journal, cards, books and so on to judge the new path, but it will involve a friend and/or group and it is very, very important.

  6. Hi Jessica can you please have a look at my chart as i have 29 degrees Saturn in Aquarius is it aspecting my Saturn now or in couple of years? And what do i expect with my sagittarius and Capricorn with all the planets in it. Thank you Jessica

    1. Focus on Saturn in Aquarius in your Eleventh House of friends and groups. Clubs, teams, bands, trade unions, Twitter, old friends, any circular projects (circles of people) past or present belong here. You need to take your time, take good advice from your own Astrology Oracle cards and the guidebook, use the Tarot too if you feel the need, and come to a decision about these faces in your life. Really get a feel for what or who matters most because you are at a crossroads now as you go into April and what you decide will be with you all year, perhaps next year as well. Put yourself in your friend’s shoes, or the others in the group and ask ‘What can I do?’ In 2021 you will be rewarded.

  7. Hi Jessica – no comments?
    I have a stellium in all 3 signs. What does this means for me and what can I be doing at this time?
    Stay well.

    1. Mercury Retrograde – Tasmania has a State of Emergency and I have no electrician to repair the internet connection! We’re okay now. So, you are basically in a new phase (as if you did not know it) when you must decide quite critically and crucially, about friendship. About old friends. About groups of all kinds. They may rest in the past but are important again. We have a Mars-Saturn conjunction in Aquarius in your Eleventh House and you must take a deep breath, take your time, use your Astrology Oracle and figure out what you are doing to do. Friends cross over into all sorts of things now – money, work, personal life, your spirit or soul. There is a bridge to cross and it will put you on a new path for the rest of the year.

    1. Saturn is in Aquarius in your Eleventh House and you are set to experience your Saturn Return, so a fated learning experience involving groups and friends. As a general rule try to minimise and simplify social media, group, community, friendship commitments and involvements in 2020, 2021 as they will demand more than usual. So try to lighten this side of your life. Yet one commitment or connection is destined and you will simply complete it, as it comes, in your own time and own way. Look up Aquarius, Eleventh House on Search and Saturn for more.

  8. Thankyou Jessica. As a saturn in 12th house person, (with also venus and chiron), I actually used to worry how this placement would pan out in my life! I would love to hear about Ops further as this is something I know little about.

    1. Ops is really the solution to Saturn. She was his wife and saved the day. A powerful asteroid which is worth tracking both by transit but also fatally, under transit. So it works two ways for you. You can actually track this in your journal (you have one with membership, to print). Use the front page of my website, which shows Ops by sign and degree, to see where she is in your chart, what she is doing, and so on. You can also look up Ops in the guide to asteroids that comes with membership for more research. She is Margaret Thatcher, rescuing a situation. She was found in the same year as Thatcher’ rise to power. In fact, Baroness Thatcher’s famous speech might as well have been written by Ops. Optimism is the code here.

  9. Hi Jessica
    Thanks for this post on Saturn. Just a quick question about the house systems – should I be using the Solar house or Natural house system to assess Saturn’s transit in my chart? I’m a Cancer sun, so if I use the Solar system then Aquarius is in my 8th house, in Natural it’s in my 11th house.


    1. You use both, for accuracy. The Solar or Sun Sign house system is like a weather forecast on television. It is broad, general but accurate and useful, as a rule. The natal or Natural House system is the detailed, micro-level analysis. When you use both together, you get two angles on the same picture. This can also help you whittle down dates for events. Saturn is transiting your Eighth House for you as a Cancerian, correct. It is simultaneously transiting your Eleventh House, in your natal (birth) chart. There is a story going on here, playing out on two levels. Think about it and you will see the connection. The Eleventh House is friendships and groups of all kinds. Social media, your social life, social circle and acquaintances who are part of some kind of community or team project. The Eighth House is about finance, payments, business, charity, houses, apartments, and so on. I just answered a similar question for a Sun Leo. His Seventh House (former, current and potential partners) was being transited by Saturn, in his Solar Chart system. Yet in his natal, Natural House system, he has Saturn in his Eleventh House, like you. He is part of a collective music project online which involves a second group venture – a film. In order to make it all work, with the friend he’s just made on Twitter, he must hire his ex-boyfriend (he’s gay). So you see, it works on all levels!

  10. Thank you so much for your reply, and that example was very helpful. Looking back at Saturn in Capricorn it coincided with me getting a new job by teaming up with a former business partner. The new job has been great but the red tape has been a significant obstacle. I often felt we were stuck in the slow lane. More than 2 years later I am finally adjusting to it but it’s an ongoing frustration. I’ll have to have a think about what Saturn in Aquarius may hold, but at first glance it does seem to fit with friendships being somewhat on hold for the moment and being held online rather than in person, and of course working from home.

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