Corona Virus COVID19 in Astrology – Part II

Part Two of a special feature by Jessica Adams on astrology and the Corona Virus COVID 19


The COVID 19 virus (also known as the Corona Virus and 2019-CoV) is already being compared to the Spanish Flu of the year 1918.

The astrology shows that there is a connection between the year 2020 and 1918. In the Spanish Flu crisis, which killed 50 million people, we saw the North Node in Sagittarius and South Node in Gemini. Over a century later, we are seeing the North Node in Gemini and South Node in Sagittarius.

Astrology did specifically show a key word for ‘virus’ in the world horoscope and date-stamp it for 10th January 2020. That was the first tragic COVID 19 fatality. Keep reading to see why we are in the same cycle as AIDS and SARS and what it means.

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19 Responses

  1. Thank you for two consecutive posts about the Corona virus. The world is really being tested! I am concerned having so many planets in Virgo (born in the sixties) and also Capricorn and Cancer at 22 degrees. Is it double trouble for me? Many thanks!!

    1. Billions of people have Virgo placements, including Sixties babies like you, and you (and they) have already been through AIDS and SARS and come out of the other end. Both of these crises were also formed during mutable transits in Gemini-Sagittarius triggering Virgo factors in so many charts. While they were and are, still serious, what mostly happened was that Generation Virgo just became focussed on health, strong immune systems, safe sex and fundraising for cures. You might say, obsessively so. That’s going to happen again. Your Capricorn-Cancer axis has really been about your career in 2020 and still will be, for some time to come. All change.

  2. It is so interesting that you write that the virus will trigger Gen Virgo. Early last week or the week before I read a tiny news article mentioning that the virus seemed deadliest for people in their fifties and did not seem so dangerous for children for example. Exactly Gen Virgo! No other news reports that I read picked up on that or even mentioned which people are most at risk apart from the obvious ones.

    1. I haven’t seen any news items about COVID 19 affecting mostly people in their fifties (born in the 1960’s with Uranus and Pluto in Virgo). What you would expect, is that this generation is more motivated to use self-control and willpower to become empowered to control their immune systems (Pluto in Virgo) and more forced to change the way they think about their bodies (Uranus in Virgo) than anyone else. This rings true as this is the generation most affected by AIDS in the early 1980’s when they were in their early twenties and sexually active. Back then, the mutable transits also caught them in a T-Square.

  3. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for the informative articles. I was wondering whether the Olympics will be held this year in Tokyo as planned or London gets to host it instead??

    1. Great Britain will put in a serious bid for it. With tremendous dignity, of course. I’ll be curious to see if we get to hear about it. Her Majesty the Queen, or perhaps Princess Anne, would be involved, if so.

  4. Thanks Jessica for your posts on Covid. The Chinese govt is embarking on action to “spend it’s way out” of the health crisis by instructing banks to release more lending. Many Chinese SME’s in retail, restaurant and travel sector are already struggling and factories will struggle to get and ship supplies with air traffic suspended. The latest news about the banning of trains crossing the Austria/Italy border link so accurately to your transport forecast. I fear the upcoming astrological pattern which mirrors Sept 11 will be linked to Covid19. Global cooperation is so important at this time, do the stars align to indicate anything helpful on communication?

    1. Thank you. The Chinese will go on trying to spend their way out of trouble but I’m afraid this is a very, very difficult year for China’s trade and diplomacy with other nations. Her chart shows isolation and anger. Italy will be pushed to the brink and as the astrology predicted a long time ago, quit the European Union and try to approach America with a new trade deal, away from Europe. Some of these things have been in motion for so many years that they are a foregone conclusion. The good things about Covid 19? I’m sure you would say this, without any astrology at all, but we are going to see a boom in ‘green’ as immunity becomes a massive money-earner and humanity begins looking at fruit, vegetables and organics again with new eyes. Some people will get very, very rich from this pandemic (as it will be declared, I suspect around March 9th). We’re going to see all the classic signs of Uranus (the slow revolution) in Taurus (economy and values). The New Green Deal so beloved by AOC in America is so very close.

    1. That’s okay Fran. I don’t go anywhere near Facebook, but thank you. I know about the astonishing Dean Koontz psychic prediction in his novel, though. There is a really good story about it in the South China Morning Post if you are curious.

  5. Hi Jessica,
    I have 8 planets in Virgo and North node in Gemini and South node in Sagittarius. Am I belong to Generation Virgo? Currently am travelling within U.S(work related). Should I be extra cautious about the COVID-19?


    1. You should take every measure you possibly can to protect yourself against this virus. You are strongly Virgo-Gemini-Sagittarius and need to be sensible. You also need to be hyper-aware of issues about passports, visas, travel insurance, and general work/business across borders, please.

  6. Hi Jessica
    Thank you for keeping us so well informed.

    I am/was about to have a book printed in China, I just read that you said paper can carry the virus? Is this true?
    You have halted me in my steps and now I do not know what to do. This book was supposed to be published in December 2019 its been rolled over for publication by August 2020, but now I don’t know..
    Many Blessings

    1. Thank you. I don’t recall writing anywhere that books with paper printed in China can carry COVID 19, Lou! Turn to WHO for that kind of information. However it is quite true that (as The Guardian reported, among other media) the Chinese are disinfecting paper bank notes. Read more here

      A bigger concern for you is the whole process of business in China. You say you are about to do this – on Mercury Retrograde, I have to point out. (The warning dates have been up for a long time and they are worth checking). You don’t say where you are publishing, which any astrologer would need to know. In America? In Hong Kong? In general, if you are negotiating now, remember Mercury rules books and it’s in total chaos until April. Fantastic for rewriting, rescheduling, rethinking – not so good for rolling out anything. I strongly recommend you use your Astrology Oracle cards and guide, to check every month, March through December this year, even into 2021, to see what you achieve by publishing each month – if you can. Keep on asking more questions, as more arise.

  7. Thank you Jessica,

    I read the article, it is a concern I have a friend who owns a company that print children’s books in China! I will let them know about the Guardian article if they don’t already.

    I have asked the printing company in China, who have an office in the UK who I am in communication with to postpone any acceptance until the end of March as I thought that was when Mercury Retro ended.

    I have also sent the book to a publisher in London which is my preferred option and I am waiting for their offer/proposal to publish, but again I would not accept any thing until the end of Retro Mercury. And I would need to consult a publishing lawyer too before accepting anything
    I did ask the oracle about publishing this with the London book company this morning and I got Psyche and the first house.

    I am now following you on twitter to keep up to date with you.
    Many Thanks and Many Blessings

    1. This will work out Lou and your cards tell you, this branding and author portrait will outlive you, actually. In 100 years from now you’ll still have that profile, enduring…

  8. Hi Jess

    Any chance there is a timeline for NYC and when it will start to even slowly go back to normalcy? As a NY resident, this has been harrowing. Hoping our children can go out and play again sometime soon.


    1. NK I hear you. I have friends in New York with children at home too. You have some karma to complete with the children, your partner, the whole family and New York itself – believe it or not – as the North Node in Cancer rules all those things. The North Node moves out of Cancer in May 2020, for the last time for 19 years. This is a huge deal for you. You all have soul contracts with each other about being a family, dealing with family and home challenges, and also the city itself. In fact there may be years of incarnations in and out of NY as migrants, for example. All you need to know is that whatever you have been feeling, no matter how tough, you will feel completion in May. It will really be like a circle closing. New announcements will be made about the new way of living, working and just being – and this goes beyond NY across the whole country, and other countries. This gets you thinking about your options and now that you have ‘done’ your past life soul debts and credits with the family, you will be free to choose many more options than before. I hope this helps.

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