Corona Virus COVID19 in Astrology – Part I

The astrology China uses (Lunar New Year based) doesn’t really do justice to what we are seeing here. Using Western astrology, China virus/economy trends in 2020-2022 look serious.

Did you see my astrology prediction about a new world order with China – and also a virus, set for 10.01.20, way back on 28th March 2019? The horoscope also showed bugs and hackers. Here it is again. 

The New World Order

Between Monday January 6th and Monday January 13th, 2020, there will be a critical change in the balance of power between the United States, China and Europe.

One Last Note – Post-Millennium Bugs, Hackers and Viruses

As an astrologer, I always deal with American readers who type day, month and year dates in reverse order to British and Australian calendar dates.

Yet, no matter how you key in the date of the eclipse on 10th January 2020, you end up with what looks like a memorable code. I am going to leave this with you. This is not my area. But I need to mention it. Over to you! This eclipse falls right in the extreme Capricorn ‘change’ weather zone.

In astrology, a virus, bug and hack are all shown by one planet. Neptune. By tracking Neptune and other factors, it was possible to see what was coming and date-stamp it.

So what happened around ten months later? The world saw the Microsoft Killer Windows 10 Bug near 10th January. Russian hackers were linked to the Donald Trump impeachment by The New York Times. And worst of all, the first Corona Virus fatality exactly on 10.01.2020 or 01.10.2020 depending on how you read the date.

If you want to know which China horoscope works best for date-stamped prediction check the China astrology chart set for December 25th, 1947, the day that the Constitution of the Republic of China was adopted. I’ve tested this before in 2018 if you want to see what else is in store in 2020.

How seriously should we take the Corona Virus in astrology? Well, it’s spreading on the same zodiac cycle as The Spanish Flu and The Great Plague. That’s the North Node and South Node cycle jumping from Cancer and Capricorn to Gemini and Sagittarius. Just knowing that can tell us more, from an astrologer’s point of view.





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27 Responses

  1. Government handing out cash started in South Korea. It’s a matter of time before China also does it.

    South Korea confirms its 25th case of coronavirus
    From CNN’s Yoonjung Seo in Seoul

    South Korea now has 25 cases of the Wuhan coronavirus across the country, according to the South Korean Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

    It is one of only a few nations that have seen more than 20 cases of the virus, including Japan, Thailand and Singapore.

    The government announced Saturday that it would be reimbursing people who had been hospitalized or quarantined amid the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak.

    The Welfare Ministry said in a press release that families who had been put out for more than 14 days could receive a government subsidy, of varying amounts.

    A family of one will receive approximately $380 per month while a family of four will get approximately $1,030, according to the release.

    1. Thank you for letting me know about the South Korea handouts. Welfare will become the number one issue in China within months and it will completely transform the economy. The old horoscope set for the high ideals of early Communism (levelling, balancing, fairness) is being triggered. The rich Chinese have forgotten that this is actually where the nation comes from. The virus makes them remember. Billions will flow from rich to poor. We’ve not seen triggers to the Taurus-Scorpio axis (economy) of the Chinese chart like this, in 248 years.

  2. Am I correct in assuming that this will be in general a bad year for the Chinese stock market?

    1. It really depends on what you invest in. If you invest in the working class/the poor being supported, that will pay off. If you are investing in the rich getting richer and wealth being kept at the top – no.

  3. Thanks Jessica

    Feel better about our wonderful country Australia after reading this article.

    Can’t see Scott Morrison changing his tune that much but good to know that fires will never happen again on the scale we’ve seen.

    We’re experiencing the floods you predicted! Just hoping that the public outrage after the fires continue to grow until it can’t be ignored.


  4. Good day Jessica – I have been looking forward to reading your insights on the virus and Trump saga – I always enjoy your predictions and learn so much about astrology from your posts. When and how do you see Trump “going down”? Regarding the virus do you see any other countries that will also suffer greatly from the spread of the virus? Apologies if you have already answered my questions in a previous post. Thank you for listening and supporting – you are very much appreciated 🙂

    1. Thank you. The USA astrological chart suggests October is the month that Donald Trump will have a classic Pluto step-down, take-down or complete downfall. If the cycle from 1944 repeats we would be seeing a number of downward steps, or plunges, throughout 2020. We had the first on impeachment. The Corona Virus from Wuhan is something I was discussing last night in Melbourne with a well-known financial astrologer. We both realised that casinos, penthouse suites, high-end prostitution in luxury hotels – where big business and big politics dwells – are breeding grounds for the virus. You might say, globally, it’s going to also take down the men at the top. Old men in suits and ties with millions to gamble are breathing the same air-conditioning. That would be my take on it. That particular global elite is not exclusively Chinese, though of course Chinese patronage of casinos and five-star hotels is well-known. A few astrologers have been looking at the Capricorn transits of 2020 in terms of skyscrapers, towers, and ‘high places’ which of course Capricorn rules. Legionnaire’s Disease, sick building syndrome and certainly the Corona Virus would be prime suspects. You don’t really get through Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, without there being a global swipe at those ugly high-rise apartments and the top floors!

      1. The Tower XVI – for some reason this card image comes to mind as I read your descriptive prediction. This is so very interesting – thank you for expanding. I have to say I enjoy your predictions and insights much better than most news sources.

        1. Thank you. The Tower is certainly on my mind at the moment so I am interested in your vision of this old Tarot card, which shows a tall tower being struck by lightning, throwing the King and royal family out. My conversation with a financial astrologer last night made my mind up. The astrology of the coronavirus is really about high-rise apartments, which belong to rich Asian property developers. What happens when the coronavirus is inside an apartment? It’s also about confined spaces. It doesn’t get more confined than the playgrounds of the super-rich, from First Class air travel to casino high-fliers who stay in the penthouse suites. This is the Capricorn mountain in modern form.

  5. It is the young people who are floating the stock bubble! It’s another dotcom era. Who else buys Tesla cult stock?

  6. Very interesting, thanks again Jessica.
    The virus + mercury retrograde have already had many economic consequences. And in the communication and broad band industry as 2020 is supposed to be the year where the 5G networks is launched in half of Europe and in other part of the world. However, Chinese factories are shutdown for at least 6 weeks, and production of 5G devices is blocked there. The world’s largest mobile event, the world mobile congress in Barcelona, planned at the end of February, ​​is on the verge of cancellation since all companies are withdrawing : Chinese and Japanese companies, followed by Gafa, having been the first to cancel their arrival. Then, the modern symbol of communications, the mobile, sees its main worldwide show on the verge of being canceled. And the launch of 5G new network, very controversial from the health sector and ecology ‘s perspective, is potentially delayed because of the virus, in full mercury retrograde shadow period…

    1. Thanks for this – of course 5G is a classic outcome of both Mercury Retrograde and the current disruption of the China astrology chart. Isn’t it amazing how business does not use astrology? Yet the Mercury Retrograde dates for February-March 2020 were posted years ago…

  7. I am very concerned about the coronavirus – we studied the potential for outbreaks like these in undergrad 20+ years ago. SARS never worried me, but this outbreak does, so much so I cancelled a work trip to Singapore and Japan a few hours before WHO declared the global health emergency on Jan 31. What I find interesting is the Chinese government seems to be incapable of exercising its usual control over criticism. E.g., the Chinese Supreme Court cleared alleged “rumourmongers” about the virus of any wrongdoing ( And there was so much criticism of the Chinese government after the death of Dr. Li ( Will this microbe be the downfall of the Chinese Communist government, and the start of a more open China?

    1. Your instincts were correct about cancelling your Singapore and Japan flights ahead of WHO making its announcement. I am also worried about the Corona Virus, because of the timing. Astrology predicted 10th January 2020 almost a year before the first fatality (which took place on that date). In astrology we ‘read’ the symbols in the chart as similar: bugs and viruses. It now turns out it was both computer and human. My concern is really the Full Moon in Virgo opposite the Sun in Pisces on Monday 9th March which is a new crisis. That was also predicted, specifically about a virus, a few months ago. Further on, thinking about the Chinese in particular, we find an exact T-Square between Neptune at 19 Pisces (airborne invisible viruses) and the North Node at 19 Gemini (flights, short-haul transport)h and South Node at 19 Sagittarius (international relations, foreigners) between January 24th 2021 and January 27th. Ceres is also at 19 Pisces on January 23rd, 24th, 25th! That looks like a very difficult global response to the virus, which may be mutating by then, or is not curable. We have to pay attention to any time the Nodes in Gemini and Sagittarius turn up, because it’s so rare – only every 19 years. Forming a T-Square to Neptune suggests this Corona Virus is not going to be easily sorted out. I believe I predicted the end of Communism in China in another feature. Have a look on Search. Thank you for your information!

  8. When I pull single tarot card for this virus it’s Six of Pentacles. I wonder how this virus will restructure the world economy and businesses. I think we all be effected. What do you think Jessica. Thank you on following up on this virus

    1. The Six of Pentacles, or Six of Coins, shows a wealthy man holding the scales of justice, donating to the poor. This is really the Tarot card version of what we see in the China horoscope. Her old Communism system will be replaced by something new. The massively wealthy top 1% of Chinese will give their money away to the poor and sick. We are also going to see the West invest in a huge charity effort for people who are without money, sick or dying. The wheel of karma is turning, as far back as The Great Plague of 1666. Spiritually, there is about to be a huge exchange. This card is also about the next American President who will not be Donald Trump. This is a picture of a Democrat, either Bloomberg or Sanders, taking the tax dollars of the rich and donating it to the poor – including the sick and dying Chinese.

      1. Interesting. That sounds more like Sanders than Bloomberg to me, I mean I am sure he would give a lot more to the poor. Bloomberg, while now a Democrat, is still all about keeping the very rich, well very rich and the economy going the way it has been – full of unfairness and inequality that is.
        If the West is to start a huge charity effort for the Chinese, can we take that to mean that it will not be significantly affected by the coronavirus? Because if it were, it would probably have its hands more than full helping its own sick people… The truth is no country is truly prepared to be hit by this disease the way China has been. We do not have the capacities for so many sick people and the fact that it seems to be so easily transmissible to health professionals (who are taking certain precautions) makes it even worse.
        Having read many of your posts on the climate, it has occurred to me that the virus has not only halted Chinese production but also dealt a blow to the cruise ship industry and air travel. All of that is good for the environment, of course. But can a positive change for the environment and the general system really only occur through such devastation and suffering?

        1. It’s really a matter of fact, not opinion, in the end – if Sanders or Bloomberg will fulfil the ‘Robin Hood President’ of 2021. And we don’t have the facts yet in February 2020 – though by October we certainly will. The astrology of 2020 is uncannily like so many other years of epidemic or pandemic, including AIDS. I’m updating this story now with those details about the cycles. The issues for humanity are always the same, no matter if we’re talking The Great Plague of 1666 or HIV in San Francisco in the early Eighties. Family loyalty. Family sacrifice. The toll on business. Borders and globalisation. Each time you’d hope the world learns its lesson.

  9. Hi Jessica

    Wondering if I should cancel trip to Thailand-Phuket that’s coming up 6th March to 10th March, quite a short trip and to a country that’s so far low in incidences (33 reported cases and no deaths).

    Then in general, I was going to have a holiday in June to London and Copenhagen, but am also re-thinking it, just a feeling that I should stay out in Sydney for this full year to work on other publishing related things (and travel within Australia). Would I be missing out by not undertaking this June travel?

    Thank you

    1. Shaolee, the best judge of that is you – so use your Astrology Oracle guide and cards, and also Your Oracle. The Tarot is also on this website along with the Pamela’s Tarot guide. You are travelling on Mercury Retrograde so have Plan B and Plan C. There is no perfect solution with travel this year, as you’re going into the South Node in Sagittarius, which rules both publishing and travel, and you have to take what comes. This applies to your June trip as well. As you have so many different options (a map is a rather large thing) you would be better off doing your own readings, and going with different questions about specific cities, departures dates, duration trips and so on. The South Node changes signs in May and to some extent it pulls you into its own currents of time, set 19 years ago. Finding out how to surf is your quest and that’s best done personally.

  10. Hi Jessica, corona virus now appears to be spreading more rapidly outside China. How long think it’ll continue and will it.cause the next gfc? Thanks

    1. We are there, unfortunately, as the Dow Jones hit its lowest ever point hours ago. We began GFC 2 back in 2018 and it goes on. I am not sure where you live, but in Australia in June 2019, the economy slowed to levels not seen since GFC 1. I’m going to post a new piece about this, as my colleague Joanne Madeline Moore (a superb astrologer) has agreed with me for over year now – this is crisis. I’m going to post about it, because crisis is opportunity. The Chinese have that saying! This is a new world. We’ll consume far less, stay closer to home and globalisation stops. Well, you know, some of our threatened animals would say that’s a good thing!

  11. Hi Jessica,
    The coronovirus is spreading around most countries of the world. Some countries are having to defend their borders like as if they are at war, not with each other but against coronovirus. Unbelievable really, people are stockpiling and even stealing hand sanitisers from hospitals. And people are having to isolate themselves in many countries, for example, Italy. I read in one of your articles that last time uranus was in taurus – world war 2, to me this feels like a bit like the world is having to battle coronovirus. You did mention that astrology can predict the future, the position of the planets can repeat similar events, like wars and recessions. I have heard in the news that the older people over 70 will have to isolate themselves for 4 months. Why is it having more effect on older adults? Do you think coronovirus will go away in few months?

    1. Uranus in Taurus was with us during World War Two and it resulted in famous campaigns – Dig For Victory and Make Do And Mend. This is Taurus, the sign which rules gardening, food, vegetables, fruit but also clothes and objects – products. Uranus is a revolution. So starting now, support others who are gardening or growing (even in the kitchen) and mending and preserving! This is literally the way it has to be until 2026. Look at the latest developments with vegetables and herbs and ‘superfoods’ like wheatgrass, which can be grown indoors and stay ahead of that. Older people are at risk, and in Britain the government has let ITV and other media know that they may have to stay at home – avoid going out – for four months. This brings in the Keep Calm and Carry On side of Taurus. Head down and power on through, stubbornly if you have to. Older people (I include my family in this) are superb gardeners and I think if this does come to pass, seed drops, indoor herb drops and the rest will become a huge phenomenon. We’ll win this.

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