True Psychic Astrology Predictions January 2020

Meghan and Harry. The impeachment of Donald Trump. The end of Jeremy Corbyn and Jo Swinson. Australia's koalas-versus-coal bushfires. How astrology predicted date-stamped outcomes, two years before you saw the news.

True Psychic Astrology Predictions – From Meghan to Trump – January 2020

If you’ve made it as far as mid-January 2020, then congratulations.  President Donald Trump has been impeached. Prince Harry and Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, have quit Great Britain. Also in London, Jeremy Corbyn is no longer leader of Labour (as reported by Aljazeera, below) and Jo Swinson just lost her job as leader of the Liberal Democrats.

In Russia, Vladimir Putin just saw his entire government walk out. We have a nuclear crisis with Iran. In Australia, coal has destroyed koalas in the worst fires in recorded history and pro-coal Prime Minister Scott Morrison may be history too.

Corbyn resignss - True Psychic Astrology Predictions January 2020

Okay, Take a Deep Breath
This is The Capricorn Effect and when I first saw it in my astrological charts just before Christmas 2017, I knew we all needed two years’ advance warning. Why? Because the disruption of January 2020 would have a year-long impact on all our careers and finances. What I was looking at, as an astrologer, was critical.

A rare alignment of planets all in one sign, Capricorn, which rules the elite at the top of power, politics and royalty. I’m sure you know Capricorn is the ambitious mountain goat who climbs to the top. Well – in January 2020, it was clear both the mountains and the goats were set to come down.

How the Capricorn Effect saw Nancy Pelosi Coming

The Capricorn Effect was a two-part feature published at this website in December 2017. It date-stamped January 12th 2020 as a critical moment around the world. On January 13th, Nancy Pelosi confirmed she would send Donald Trump’s impeachment articles to the Senate. IMPEACHMENT TRIAL SHOWDOWN was the ABC News television headline, below, just one day after astrology had predicted a crisis at the top, two years previously.

Screen Shot 2020 01 18 at 3.22.03 am e1579484439217 600x481 - True Psychic Astrology Predictions January 2020

Goodbye Old World, Hello New World

Also date-stamp predicted:
“The heavy Capricorn weather of 12th January 2020 is going to topple the old world. In its place we enter this stunning new age on December 20th, 2020 – when both Jupiter and Saturn stand at 0 Aquarius.” 

Going back even further in time all the way back to to 4th April 2017:

With Uranus (revolution) in Taurus as well this looks like deconstruction and reconstruction at the White House, Wall Street, Downing Street and all other power centres…Mercury is there for the paperwork, closures, mergers, start-ups, appointments, resignations and the rest, so we can nail this down to December 30th 2019 to January 16th 2020.

Predicted December 2017:

“How the Historic Capricorn Effect on 12th January 2020 Will Change the World”

“We have an exact line-up of Saturn, Pluto, Ceres and Mercury at 22 Capricorn on 12th January 2020 which signals an unforgettable drama in the power-shift cycle.” 

“So – starting on December 21st 2017, and peaking in major corporate or government headlines close to 12th January 2020, you will see the difficult, historic shift between the old world and the new world of 2020.”  

PUTIN 15 Jan - True Psychic Astrology Predictions January 2020
True psychic astrology predictions

How 12th January 2020 Brings in a New Deal for the New World

Again, from The Capricorn Effect from December 2017: “Jupiter is a welcome sight in this pile-up of such intense, relentless, astrological patterns. Thus, there is hope. In the middle of all the intensity on 12th January 2020 –  the emotion, the tough reality checks and the drama for all those politicians and business people –  there is a better future waiting.”  This is a key point about mid-January 2020 as we go into a new year and check back on old predictions. The planet of repair, remedies, reconstruction and rebuilding – Jupiter – is also in Capricorn, the sign of the elite top 1% who are at the head of world governments (like Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump) and also the royal family.Meghan, Harry and Canada. Now, onto the rest of the predictions from 2017 as they showed the Royal Family…

“Global Brands and Household Names in 2020 – What Changes?”

” It may be that your profession is strongly affected by Canadian-Mexican-American trade, for example, because the chart for their old free trade agreement is well and truly hit. Perhaps you are affected by the House of Windsor, even indirectly. These are just two examples of a number of historic entities which have factors at Capricorn 8, 22, 23, 24 and will be swept into the January 2020 transformation.” (Official photograph released below, through the Sussex social media account).

MEG AND HARRY SUSSEXIT 7 July 2019 ABC news official photo @SussexRoyal Chris Allerton ABC NET AU 600x400 - True Psychic Astrology Predictions January 2020
True psychic astrology predictions for January 2020

Why January 2020 Was Always Going to be About Canada

On 16th January 2020 The New York Times reported the Senate had passed a revised NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement), sending the pact to Trump’s desk. This was days after Harry and Meghan dropped their bombshell about moving to Canada. What was obvious back in 2017 was an overall story about North America, free trade and disruption at Buckingham Palace. What wasn’t so clear was why and how – but now we know. Brexit is here on 31st January, Great Britain can trade freely with Canada, Harry and Meghan have packed their bags and we also have a new NAFTA. Strange but true.

Iran and the New Nuclear World Order

You also read this back in December 2017 in The Capricorn Effect, Part Two:

“In a nuclear reaction, one kind of matter is transformed into another, and tremendous energy is released in the process. Pluto’s transformations in our lives can be like this; and as in nuclear reactions, the released energy needs to be strictly channeled or it can run away with itself and create the havoc and destruction of a nuclear explosion.”

“This brings us back to the ultimate question about January 2020, which is the entire world order. The nuclear weapon hierarchy.”  

“Hiroshima and Nagasaki Karma Repeats in January 2020”

“Jupiter at 8 Capricorn conjunct the South Node at 8 Capricorn from January 7th to 11th 2020 exactly mirrors the South Node at 8 Capricorn on August 6th and 9th, 1945, when Hiroshima and Nagasaki were destroyed and the New World Order (Japan surrendered on 14th August) was born.”

Suleimani, Iran Nuclear Deal Collapse and Astrology

Picture1 - True Psychic Astrology Predictions January 2020

A landmark nuclear deal between Iran and world powers is close to collapse, almost five years after it was agreed (January 14th, 2020 BBC)

Suleimani’s Gone, and the Iran Nuclear Deal May Be Next

The New York Times on the 2nd and 3rd of  January, 2020, confirmed the US military killing of Major-General Soleimani, Iran, and the astrology came to pass. This (at 17th January, 2020) looks like a new nuclear world order.

Prince Andrew and Royal Family Crisis Predicted

Unknown 1 1 - True Psychic Astrology Predictions January 2020This also comes from The Capricorn Effect, filed in December 2017:

We find Ceres in Capricorn – the sign ruling ambition, success, status and social climbing  – from  November 16th 2019 through January 31st 2020, so we are now seeing confirmation of an emerging crisis at the top of government, probably at least one royal family in the world.” Astrology, especially if you use it with proven psychic techniques, is capable of date-stamping trends two years into the future. Nobody ever wanted to see headlines like these (below, in Metro) from 21st November 2019, but they did in fact come to pass. In fact, Metro interviewed me about astrology, for just that reason.

Why We’re Still Waiting for January 31st

I believe this month, January 2020, will be the end of President Donald Trump, as his impeachment is for life. The original prediction ran until January 31st 2020, so at time of publication, we have about another fortnight to go. This hasn’t even started, as I write this update on January 18th 2020.

Again, from December 2017:

It is in the way of these things that famous people act out the story for us in astrology. So, some very famous names at the top of their game will be forced to play a different one. There will be a game of musical chairs at the top of society, the establishment, business and politics across the world which begins on November 16th 2019, peaks on January 12th 2020 and is then over on January 31st, 2020.

White-House Wipe-Out Predicted for January 2020 – in December 2017

“Ceres and Pluto – Demotion and Promotion – White House Wipe-Out?”

“Let’s zero in on the USA and Ceres which hits her chart November 2019 to January 2020. When we see Pluto and Ceres together like this in Capricorn near January 12th 2020 we are going to see the mother of all upheavals at the top. I use the word ‘mother’ advisedly because Ceres tends to put women front and centre. This is the White House, in the future. Which woman and which man? We don’t know.”

Nancy Pelosi on January 12th 2020 on the Cover of Rolling Stone

This is a good example for those of you who are Sun Sign School students about how a psychic approach to the horoscope can fill in the key details! It was possible to intuitively pick up a woman, not a man, showing up in headlines for 12th January 2020. It turned out to be Nancy Pelosi – and the day came to pass as Capricorn extreme weather also rolled in. Rolling Stone ran the story on the exact date predicted back in January 2017.

PELOSI JAN 12 e1579484931776 600x444 - True Psychic Astrology Predictions January 2020
True psychic astrology predictions for January 2020

More from The Capricorn Effect, December 2017 

“You’ll see Presidents, Prime Ministers and C.E.O’s step down or be rather heavily taken down by destiny. We’ll see The System change. Just as Ceres and Pluto were at the heart of Solar System change in 2006, so 2020 will bring a transformation of what we might call the political establishment, and the big business ‘system’.”

“Royal families are also a system, with a hierarchy which has the Queen or King at the top and the civil or public servants down the bottom. The aristocracy is part of that.”

The Trump Impeachment Timing and Astrology

The Guardian - True Psychic Astrology Predictions January 2020
True psychic astrology predictions for January 2020

On November 25th, 2019, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff published a letter stating that next steps towards impeachment against Trump, would be taken after Congress returned from its Thanksgiving vacation. 

Trump was impeached on 18th December 2019, and senators gathered on 17th January 2020.

This is completely in the date range of The Capricorn Effect, which can only sweep the planet once in your lifetime. The Guardian (left) saw newspaper headlines this way. What we’ve been seeing all along, and what is yet to work its way through, is Ceres and Pluto (a change in the balance of power) and Saturn (hard realities) all together in Capricorn, the sign of the 1% on the peak of the mountain.

images - True Psychic Astrology Predictions January 2020The Meghan and Harry Canada Cover-Up Predicted

From The Capricorn Effect, December 2017:

“We have an eclipse on 10th January 2020 which finds the Sun at 20 Capricorn opposite the Moon at 20 Cancer. This is very close to the 22 degree position of the Mercury, Ceres, Saturn and Pluto line-up. It’s important because an eclipse is always a cover-up of some kind. In July 1981 when Lady Diana Spencer married Prince Charles we had two of them, either side of the wedding day. Classically it takes years for the public to find out the deception.”

The End of the European Union as We Know It – January 2020

“The European Union, the EU and the Euro will simply not survive this period as we know them today, because so many of their member countries were written into history on 1st January and thus the horoscopes are all triggered by January 2020 changes.” 

Australia Burns in January 2020 – Coal or Koalas?

Using deep intuition – call it psi – along with an astrological chart, it is possible to see headlines. In fact, I believe Nostradamus used to work like this, and those of you who are students at our Sun Sign School can discover how he did it (and how I do it) in our new term for 2020. I am sure you saw my prediction about the Australian election when coal fan Scott Morrison became Prime Minister.

This prediction (above) comes from April 2019. The election was in May. As I write this on 17th January 2020, the ASX has hit an all-time high so the bankers and share market gurus are celebrating.

Yet, many in Australia, where I spend half the year, are also in tears, as people have died. Houses have burned – whole towns have collapsed. The catastrophe of Climate Emergency has taken our koalas, wombats, possums, kangaroos and wallabies in their millions. From the BBC to The New York Times, Australia made headlines for all the worst reasons in January 2020. It has rocked the Australian government.

ASX All-Time High and Koala All-Time Low – January 2020

With the hindsight of appalling bushfires in January 2020, but an all-time high on the stockmarket, the horoscope last year now makes a lot more sense as we go into the second half of the month. The nation has gained from a US-China deal on January 17th, 2020, but millions are in mourning for their country. Here’s a flashback to that April psychic astrology prediction from last year:

“Selling the Property and Money Dream in May 2019”

“When the nation votes on 18th May 2019, Jupiter (abundance, opportunity) in Sagittarius (foreign countries) will be at 22 Sagittarius, just one degree away from making an exact semi-sextile to that Neptune at 22 Scorpio. That can only happen once every 12 years and it describes a nation of dreamers on 18th May, 2019.”

“Yet again, Australia will be immune to – and even benefit from – turmoil in the European Union, the United States and China. Sagittarius rules foreign people and places and with Jupiter there, our luck is in.” 

ASX hits record high ABC NET AU JAN 17 2020 - True Psychic Astrology Predictions January 2020“The Australian 2019 election is also about values, as we’ve seen – and this includes the values of the environmental and conservation movement, addressing climate change. From the fate of Australia’s koalas to the true price of coal, we are going to see a huge national concern with the cost to the planet, of ventures like Adani. This is the chart for the Australian Stock Exchange (below) and it clearly shows a national preoccupation with the nation’s values – in an overheating world.”

And again – an astrology angle which makes perfect sense now that ABC-TV in Australia (left) is reporting an all-time high on the ASX share markets:

“This election is about the economy…Let us not forget the other economy though – that’s the economy of the Greens and other parties and individuals who value the environment, animal welfare and the planet more than they value profits. For these voters it’s about koalas, not coal.”

James Murdoch, the Murdoch Media Empire and Rupert Murdoch 

Date-stamped April 2019:

“What Australia Votes For – or Against – in Election 2019”

BLOOMBERG MURDOCH - True Psychic Astrology Predictions January 2020“Rupert Murdoch! His newspapers, television stations and media empire are shown by Mercury at 22 Gemini in the 1967 chart. Remember, he is the ‘Australian’ who has dominated the media in the United Kingdom and the United States since the 1960’s. There is an opposition here from Jupiter in Sagittarius, which describes the Worldwide Web. Looks like it’s social media versus mainstream media here. Who wins? Social media. Don’t be surprised if there are more headlines about the Murdochs ahead.

As reported by many online media outlets, ‘James Murdoch slams family over Aussie fires’ (and News Limited’s very limited coverage of what thousands of scientists call Climate Emergency) became a January talking point.

Predictions for 2020 and Beyond

If you are a Sun Sign School student, I’ll talk more to you about how to use your psychic ability along with astrology to look at tomorrow’s news headlines today, in our new term for the new year.

Even if you are just a casual observer of astrology, I hope you can see that there is more to all this than just anticipating a headline. What the ancient business of astrology does, is look at the core issues.

What I think is really important to see, in this extreme Capricorn weather, is the triumph of democracy, after a long period of being hammered. This has nothing to do with politics.

When we remember this ancient symbol is about the mountain goat at the very pinnacle of the mountain (where few can stand) resting on a heap of other goats, 2020 makes a lot more sense.

With the dreadful combination of Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn, alongside the heavy South Node of karma, the world has seen the  denial of majority democracy in 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019. The elite have abused their privilege. The minority leadership has tried to control the rest. On a global level we have seen a tiny handful of men in suits turn up the heating, for the rest of us.

Over the next year or so, I’ll be looking at The New Age of Aquarius which replaces The Bad Old Age of Capricorn. About time!

inaksvk1fg4 600x503 - True Psychic Astrology Predictions January 2020

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44 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica

    Great predictions but I don’t believe Trump will fall. I think he’ll get in again. Yes he’s been impeached but I doubt he’ll be found guilty and lose the presidency.

    1. Thank you. History and astrology tell us that downfall always comes for anyone who misuses power and seeks to dominate, control and take over. This is part of the natural Pluto cycle. The most famous example we have was the suicide of Hitler and end of Mussolini, and the surrender of Emperor Hirohito. Pluto cycles tend to take people out by any means possible. At the moment we have Donald Trump trying to control the world’s temperature. He’s a marked man, as a result of that. He had a minority win, but is trying to dominate a global majority of people with his disastrous climate policy. Keep watching Jeffrey Epstein.

      1. Fascinating stuff. I’m not a Trump supporter by any means but I’m fascinated by how all this will pan out. Thank you for your insights.

        1. Thank you. Astrology goes above politics, but there is this Pluto rule. The same cycle which took out Jeremy Corbyn, Jo Swinson, John Bercow in Great Britain (because they were the minority trying to control the majority, or dictate to the majority) will take out Donald Trump. Again, it’s the same reason. They were left-wing. He is right-wing. He physically lost the election by some two million votes. So he is trying to ‘run’ the majority. Again, in Australia, we have PM Scott Morrison on the right-wing of politics. He is also trying to control the majority. (The whole planet, actually). Same for the Chinese leadership. You can’t rule the world on climate change without a massive downfall. By all the laws of astrology, that is on the way!

          1. Thank you for mentioning about Chinese leadership (government). And, of course, for fascinating blog.
            They are sending Uyghur people to concentration camp, using facial recognition and other technologies. What is going there is something too disgusting to digest in my heart. I am protesting to buy anything made in China though I know it won’t have any impact. I really hope people in China wake up and see dark side of the government and say no to it. Hong Kong people are so brave.

          2. Don’t assume that your one-person protest against China has no impact. As we all know from history, solo protests multiplied by the millions transform the planet. So keep on protesting. Keep on talking about it. Find others who are with you. This is the only way change ever happens. We are heading for Aquarius weather when it is just this kind of action which is going to profoundly transform the entire planet.

    2. The time line for a successful impeachment – specifically – removing Trump from office has no energy behind it whatsoever and will therefore fail.
      Those doing the impeaching however will end up with a lot of egg on their faces.
      Trump will be re-elected.

      1. What energy and what timeline are you talking about? The only timeline we have here is Pluto in Capricorn, and ever since his discovery in 1930, this planet has been a symbol of downfall and demotion. The downfall comes many different ways. Adolf Hitler took his own life. Mussolini met a dreadful fate. Emperor Hirohito surrendered and saw Japan suffer through a nuclear strike. I could go on, but I’ll leave you to look at the Pluto timelines. This is an ancient symbol of despots and tyrants who meet their end. In fact Pluto himself met his downfall in 2006 – removed from the Solar System!

        1. What time line am I talking about? Answer: I ought to have put – what has the most or least energy behind it. This impeachment has virtually no energy behind it (as I intuit it). For anything to manifest in this 3D world it has to have at least 51% energy behind it. Critical mass. This impeachment had just enough energy for a dozen or so Democrats to walk solemnly from one chamber to another to finally hand over their documents garnered from their show trial/kangaroo court in Democrat controlled Congress.
          But why is this impeachment so weak, energetically speaking?
          Answer: There is little or no truth at its core. Deep down we all know the truth.
          It used to be a lot easier to prop up lies, especially political whoppers. The game is to get people to believe it and thereby add their individual energy to it to keep it going. Those days are almost over. Cover-ups, dirty tricks and political lies are being exposed quicker than ever.
          As for time lines, there are infinite numbers, the most powerful and therefore likeliest are those aligned with source energy for the highest and greatest good for all: humanity, the Earth mother and all creatures in and on her, including all flora, fauna etc.

          I enjoy reading your articles and predictions. I noted your prediction concerning the 12 Dec 2020 UK election – ‘watch out for Farage’. When he stood down 317 candidates he destroyed the Lib Dems in one go and opened the way for Boris. I was delighted because I knew deep down it was for the highest good for all. Every one of us was created sovereign beings, gifted with freewill and choice. Brexit, in my opinion, is part of a Divine plan. At higher levels of our being we agreed to it but we have free will and choice to listen or not to its nudging. Farage somehow listened to his. As did millions of others. There is no right or wrong. Just is.

          1. What is really interesting about astrology is that it favours Nigel Farage and not Donald Trump. So it has nothing to do with politics. The Capricorn weather of 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 was about the slow crumbling of systems that allow the minority to control the majority. We saw a Remain Prime Minister, Theresa May, with a Remain opposition leader, Jeremy Corbyn, and a Remain third leader, Jo Swinson, try to dominate Brexit even though the vast majority of people had gone with Farage and Johnson. Donald Trump is part of the same problem. Hillary Clinton toppled him with a vast majority but the system in America got in the way and we now have a minority-elected man controlling the climate of every other country in the world by his refusal to co-operate with the majority of other world leaders! So there you are. There is a natural law in place now called Pluto and as it corrected the wrong and unfair Brexit situation, so too will it correct the wrong and unfair Climate Emergency situation. Goodbye Donald. Sorry!

  2. This is all amazing, Jessica – I’ve been reading your site for many years and it feels like your abilities are deepening exponentially! Two things I observed this week were business/ecology. Microsoft announced a pledge to become carbon negative by 2030, and, Blackrock announced they were divesting from both coal and companies that are not managing in a sustainable way. This brings focus to long term climate change impact on corporate growth and comes along with a growing acceptance of investing responsibly with environment, social and governance focus. It feels like a sea change in my world, managing finances in Seattle.

    1. Thank you. This link is great. The first hard evidence we have seen of Uranus in Taurus coming to pass. We are very early in the cycle, as Uranus (the revolution) is only at 2 Taurus and must proceed to 29 Taurus by April 2026. By then I imagine Blackrock will be seen as a pioneer. We are seeing a lot of pledges outside the zone. They are too slow and too late. Given the scale of Climate Emergency and political change in the world in 2021, I think Microsoft and others will accelerate the carbon negative stance. We’ve not seen anything like this before. Strong Aquarius weather (people power against the business and political elites) with the radical change of Uranus in Taurus (the economy).

      1. Just like LaurieA above, I was shocked when BlackRock and Microsoft announced their commitment to sustainable energy. Few months ago, I would have laughed it off, if someone had said, Trump will be impeached by the end of 2019. It was amazing to see how swiftly the House impeached him. I still have some reservations like most others are about Trump’s early exit from his office. I even think, he will get re-elected for a second term. But I cannot bet against you, after seeing your predictions come true one after another. In terms of “Astrological Predictions”, I am not a complete sceptic or a believer, somewhere between the two. But more of a believer now. Thanks

          1. Hi Jessica, Do you think Don’t Trump may be a sudden departure, or may hebe gone by end of this month January? Thank you.

          2. Donald Trump will go, during any of the Jupiter-Pluto conjunctions in Capricorn which are ahead. We have them spaced out during the year, with April being the next one – we see another in July – and they go on until November. What we are waiting for is the Trump family tree to be taken down, as the issue is not just him, it is also his children and in-laws, of course.

          3. Its ok . I’ve just reread you bit about “Why we’re still waiting for January 31st”. Thank you.

  3. …. aaah yes, you’re such a wonderful guiding light thanks Jessica.

    Having followed your commentary as I have also felt the ping of Pluto on my Cap Asc , I’ve made sure to sit with your insights & check in on how this may not just affect the world at large (always my natural inclination to view through Sagg eyes – global politics and climate change issues no surprise to me ) but also how these events trickle down into my personal life work. Wow it’s been such a long, slow & painful journey.

    Yet I’ve remained positive as you highlight the projected futures …and I’m still here feeling the gratitude that I can see more clearly and breathe once again – feeling that yes the turning point is happening and knowing that the Age of Aquarius is on the horizon.

    Its so comforting to be able to share your wisdom to those who seek me out for guidance – I see this as the Cap knock on effect as I have some interesting (and in themselves influential ) clients…and more of them now believe in astrology! 🙂

    Now let’s wait and see….
    Can’t wait to witness more collaborative people power unite our planet to heal Her.

    Blessings and Thankyou

    1. Thank you! I really appreciate that (just sitting down with a cup of tea on Monday morning, to look through questions and comments from readers). The old Sagittarius-Aquarius patterns are about to be triggered, and the pace of change will feel rapid once Jupiter goes into Aquarius, just a few days before Christmas, and also after Electoral College confirms the new American government. Your Capricorn Ascendant and Sagittarius chart signature will be affected by these transits. We are about to see Capricorn thinking become deeply unfashionable. In fact, it will seem dated and old, very quickly. First the South Node, then Saturn, then from 2023, Pluto himself – all leave the sign of success, suits, ambition, ‘the system’, the establishment and social climbing. Skyscraper thinking! You will personally feel the new Sagittarius-Aquarius weather (South Node in Sagittarius, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in Aquarius) through your increasingly deep involvement with a network of people from all walks of life, many of whom speak two languages or have two passports. Depending on your commitment this will transform your known world, and also a corner of the real world too.

  4. Hi Jessica

    Attended your Sydney workshop on 11 January which was fantastic.

    What about the Amazon rainforest and the indigenous tribes trying to fight Bolsonaro’s terrorizing rein? No one is talking about this anymore

    What about Aboriginal land rights and the fight against climate change being linked?

    I’m interested in a new world where indigenous people traditionally spiritually connected to the land and animals being put in charge of nature and being paid for it?

    I’ve got my MC in Aquarius and maybe it’s my sense of feeling that I’ve not yet found my own tribe but I’d be interested in your views on indigenous rights around the world going forward. I just feel that going forward we’ll need to incorporate new scientific discoveries (lab grown food for example) with putting indigenous tribes in charge as the custodians of our land.

    And .. allowing young people to guide us to a more sustainable, equal and fairer world.

    Xxxx Natalie

    1. Thank you Natalie. And thanks for coming along to that extremely hot, very smokey Sydney workshop. We did a huge amount of good psychic work there. What you are feeling is the end of the Cancer North Node and Capricorn South Node cycle. I am sure you know Cancer is an ancient symbol of home, homeland, family, roots, history, heritage and culture. This describes indigenous people and their native land. Capricorn is also an ancient symbol of Prime Ministers, Presidents, politicians and businessmen/businesswomen. They are opposite signs and they clash. When the Nodes appear like this, they reveal karma going back in 19 year cycles, through time. The closure of Uluru to tourists is part of the karmic cycle. So too is the burning of Australia, as a result of coal mining and Climate Emergency. It can feel very painful and frustrating to go through Cancer-Capricorn clashes at the best of times. This has been the worst one in 248 years. Why? Pluto and Saturn, also in Capricorn, right opposite the Cancer North Node. Anyone who has Cancer factors in her birth chart has been hit by this, and because the Nodes are always stuck in a loop, every single change has been won only with difficulty. The good news is, the New Age of Aquarius is coming. In fact it starts with this New Moon on Friday. People power and planet-wide people power, for minorities as well as majorities, is a fact of life by 2021 and transforms the planet from 2023. Every single rule of astrology we know, proves that this is the last gasp of business and political power attacking the homelands and history of minorities. It might be Queensland property developers trying to take more trees from koalas, or the Amazon – but wave after wave of Aquarius transits are coming in 2020, which intensify in 2021, and take over everything from 2023. The old Capricorn age is dead from 2023. Actually, many of those suits will be dead as well.

  5. Hi Jessica – how will Bernie Sanders go? And what about Scomo? Will our country continue to go backwards under fundamentalist Liberal ideology, because I’m not sure Australia will be able to recover under continual destructive leadership.

    1. We don’t have data for Bernie Sanders or Scott Morrison, so we can’t predict that Bernie will win the election, or that Scott will be deposed in a Liberal Spill, or resign owing to ill health, or be at the heart of a dismissal, and so on. What we absolutely can predict, and this goes beyond political parties, is that the new world leadership of 2020 is about co-operation between nations, be they rich or poor, and a genuine ‘United Nations’ with actual power. You know those old road signs saying FORM ONE LANE which people used to alter, to read FORM ONE PLANET? That is exactly what is happening, throughout the rest of 2020, and certainly by 2021. Given Donald’s dismal track record with global co-operation on climate emergency, and the same with the peculiar climate emergency denial of Scott Morrison, you can safely predict they are dead men walking by next year. Unless a miracle occurs (!) and both men change their way of thinking to align with the rest of the world on coal and other fossil fuels, they are yesterday’s news very fast. We have not see this New Age of Aquarius in our lifetimes. Community, diversity, equality is coming and by no means is that Trump or Morrison, given their stance on women and gay men. That’s another reason why 2021 is coming for them.

  6. Intresting but what about new predictions on Scotland you ain’t done a blog on Scotland for a while and I think things might start to kick off innscotlamd this year and when will independance come for Scotland hope it this year

    1. I haven’t updated my Scotland prediction because it still stands. She will be independent. I made that prediction quite a few years ago now, based on the old astrological charts for the country. What we are seeing in 2020 is the end of the minority trying to control the majority. This has nothing to do with politics (as I keep telling people who are left, as well as right, on this website!) It’s just an astrological law. Pluto in Capricorn is coming for ‘the few’ who would dictate to the many. That is why Liberal Democrat leader Jo Swinson lost her seat. (She was trying to overturn the wishes of the majority who voted Brexit in 2016). Ditto Jeremy Corbyn, standing down from Labour leadership. In Scotland, you have this extreme situation where Chelsea, Kensington and mostly the North of England, have decided Scotland is staying in the United Kingdom. Your original vote was decided on Mercury Retrograde, so it was never going to stick, and eventually, your country will break away. Why? Amazing offers from the European Union. When? You need to wait until after May 2020 when the South Node goes into Sagittarius, which brings back all the karma of England v. Scotland from centuries past!

  7. Jessica,

    I have been following you for years, and it seems that I came across you during the hardest times of my life. I really appreciate your approach as far as combining astrology and intuition. I am motivated to look more into both, so that I too can predict the headlines before they occur. Being a Leo Sun, Cap rising and moon, life has been very interesting the past 11 years, to say the least. Thank you for being so detailed in your explanations and making it easier for us to understand.

    1. Thank you! I’m very flattered that you have been reading my predictions for years. I am sure you know your issues in recent years have been about leading – being number one, or top – but also having to serve. You have experienced what it feels like to wear some kind of ‘crown’ in your professional or personal life. The heavy Capricorn weather has made you carry your crown, for quite some time now, while you find your way. That has been very difficult, but it will become a great deal easier once the South Node of karma leaves Capricorn, on May 6th 2020. One of the reasons you have been spinning your wheels is past life karma. You have made soul contracts with yourself and others, so you can explore what it feels like to be the boss, but also the servant. The Nodes have kept you stuck, because it takes time to achieve closure. You have been in a cycle when your task was to empower people. However you have managed to achieve that, you are going to see a completely different atmosphere after May 2020.

  8. Fascinating analysis and results, just enjoy reading and thinking about this, thank you. You noted in the weekly forecast this week that the new moon on Friday will be a precursor to the inauguration in a year…. there was a news story yesterday that the New York Times has endorsed both Elizabeth Warren and Amy Klobuchar for President on the Democratic ticket. Thinking back to your Mueller/Nostradamus story, I recall considering who could be Amy…..well, if indeed Amy Klobuchar is president (or if she has a big showing somehow in the senate hearings this week)….it could be her after all. I guess we will see as things continue to unfold, but thought it was an interesting point that you may not see quickly in the Aussie news. Also thanks for all you’re doing to promote awareness on climate etc. as well. Necessary, to say the least.

    1. Ah, Amy is interesting! Thank you for letting me know. Yes, she is mentioned in Nostradamus, and I referenced her in the stories on Nostradamus last year. Women will play a big part in the 2020 U.S. election outcome, both as candidates and voters. Money will win it, however, and for that we should be looking at Mike Bloomberg too.

  9. I totally agree with Lee Stevens. I think a lot of socialist leaning astrologers use wishful thinking when casting charts, ignoring the overall mission of the Universe to expose the globalist elite. Who Trump is fighting. Personal distate of his actions is not enough to predict his removal when the good forces of light are using him to deconstruct the globalist mindset. Yiu need someone so thick skinned to show up the undemocratic processes around the world, even if you see him as an agent for these processes. I too will be surprised if he is impeached and not re-elected. To out Democratic Pelosi in place is a huge global mistake. She works for the globalists.

    1. Which astrologers are socialists? Curious about that one. Just to repeat – the astrology here is neither pro-right or pro-left. It is about Capricorn weather, with Pluto, Saturn and the South Node in the sign of the mountain goat who is at the top of the system and looks down upon the majority while being in the minority. Right-wing Remain Prime Minister Theresa May fell from the top. Left-wing Remain Leader Jo Swinson fell from the top. Left-wing Remain Leader Jeremy Corbyn fell from the top. Right-wing President Donald Trump will fall from the top. Watch.

  10. HI Jessica,

    I am watching Brexit and its unravelling from the EU, the Royal Family and it’s entanglement with Epstein, and what could be seen as the Megixt diversion, along with Trump and his impeachment.

    In previous comments I have seen you mention the laws of Pluto and I do not dispute the take down of the elite/Capricorn effect.

    I have included the link to a video that I would be interested to have your opinion on.
    Is it possible to consider that it is not Trump that you see as the majority misusing power, but it is the Central Banks/IMF’s? Pluto is still wielding his iron thumb, yet the powerful entities effected have been confused.
    Looking forward to your thoughts.

    1. Thank you. Astrology doesn’t do politics – but every single time in history we have seen Jupiter in the same sign as Pluto, we have seen a massive shift in the balance of power. The sign itself tells you where the overload of control and power is, and where it will be taken down. So, for example, in 1943 and 1944 we find Mussolini arrested and D-Day. In 1955 and 1956, Sir Winston Churchill stands down as PM and Peron goes. In 1968 Nixon wins. The Australian PM actually goes missing while swimming – Harold Holt. In 1980 Reagan wins. In 1993 and 1994, Mandela wins leadership. Pluto is an ancient symbol of domination, takeover, compromise and then downfall. In the zodiac sign of Capricorn, we once again find Pluto alongside Jupiter and it was within days of this taking place, that Trump was impeached, late last year. Let’s watch this.

      1. Thanks Jessica.
        Perhaps it will come down to a question of:
        Is it the impeacher or the impeached, that Jupiter alongside Pluto reigns supreme over?

        1. It is tricky as Donald Trump’s staff have given conflicting birth dates, and although astrologers keep talking about a ‘birth certificate’ the fact is, we are dealing with someone who confessed fraud even before inauguration. We can only really use the American chart, and also the sheer fact that 2020 is a Jupiter-Pluto conjunction year. The impeached is Donald Trump, who controls world climate by his refusal to carry on the Paris Agreement after November 2020. We go into extreme Aquarius weather soon after, in December. Aquarius rules the majority sharing power and the minority elite having no greater influence than the masses. So – Trump really doesn’t fit that. And he could easily be gone before the election. I’d tip October 2020.

          1. Perhaps the lack of Trump’s birth date is fraud, or it is strategy. We will never really know.
            Taking an objective view, does Trump control climate by refusing to sign the Paris Agreement, or does the EU/Central Bank control the media and the funds that maintains the global debt and drives fossil fuel profit? It requires big picture questioning.

            Many have likened Trump to Cyrus – founder of the Achaemenian Empire.
            I wonder how the planets stack up in comparison in the time of his rule, and that of Trump?

          2. This is all really interesting. I will finish our Melbourne workshop this morning and have a look at the different Pluto-Jupiter cycles. I’m fairly sure Donald Trump is now hitting the same cycle that finished Mussolini and began the end of the war. This is also the same cycle that finished so many other leaders – but in different ways. Arrest, disappearance, death, resignation, illness all seem to arrive when Jupiter finally enters the same sign as Pluto. As Capricorn rules big business, but also big government, I’d say you are correct on both counts. Trump controls the world temperature with his hands. The bankers control the world temperature with their investment in cars and coal. (And cutting down trees). That won’t and can’t last. Watch Scott Morrison and his circle of politicians as we go into the final week of January. That is another man controlling the temperature with his hands. 11,000 scientists would agree with me!

  11. I think people are taking away what they want to believe, although, you have repeated several times that it is about the Capricorn weatherman. I do not believe that it is about Trump the President, as much as it is about Trump and his karmic cycle which also includes the sign he was born under. Looking forward to the new age and people who “awaken” and join those of us who are.

    1. I only wish we had reliable birth data for Donald Trump, but when his own staff have supplied two dates, one making him Gemini and the other Cancer, we just can’t fully trust what we are seeing. In general, world trends are Aquarian. They are heading that way, even now, as the Sun goes through Aquarius. The reason so many people feel frustrated by Climate Emergency deniers is really simple. They tend to be Capricorn types who do not want to give up control. The Aquarius types are already thinking about 2023 and beyond, when the world is no longer suited to the old system!

      1. Dear Jessica,

        The late Canadian/American Astrologer Lois M.Rodden of the Astrodatabank, gave the following information on Donald J. Trump.
        Lois passed over in July 2002. I am fairly certain this information was collected prior to 2000.

        By her rating system she rated the data as AA, or Birth Certificate in hand. Since none of our president’s PR group can be trusted to provide anyone with truthful information, I have been using this data for several years and I believe it is absolutely accurate. Gemini all the way!

        D. J. Trump
        June 1946 at 10:54 (= 10:54 AM )
        Place, Jamaica Hospital Queens (Queens County), New York, 40n42, 73w4859,
        Timezone EDT h4w (US daylight saving time)

        Keep up all your good work!! And the Very Best of fFortune in this New Year!
        Mia A.

        1. Thank you Mia. Lois M. Rodden was a wonderful researcher, but have a look at the delay in getting a birth certificate to the authorities from the Trump office (detailed in various media including The Guardian) and then look at the rejected piece of paper supplied. I’d love to know more about how Lois came by the certificate if anyone in your group remembers. And I quite agree about the lack of truthful information. In any case, it would appear that there will be a change at the top this year, as Jupiter enters the same sign as Pluto. During the war it was Mussolini who met his downfall!

  12. I am wondering about the prediction that Trump would be out as President by January 31, 2020 and a newer post that refers to him still being in office in October 2020. Am I missing something? Thanks so much.

    1. You have to read the actual words, because astrology is about specific words. The original prediction was quite different – it was made in 2017. The second prediction is a take-down, downfall or comedown for October 2020. And that can happen when someone is in power, or out of it. Just think 1944!

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